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Ning Rong Rong and Oscar exchanged looks. They both saw determinations in their eyes. They didn't tell anybody here that they weren't sure even a small bit about resurrecting Tang San.

When they held each other's hand, the marvelous aureole appeared and rang a bell in their minds. They didn’t lie either. The second spirit ability of their one hundred thousand years ninth spirit ring was a spirit fusion one, the Resurrection God Light.

There were some conditions for this spirit fusion. It had to be performed within two hours after that person had died and his body hasn't been destroyed yet. After having being resurrected, his powers could regain fifty percent. At the same time, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong would temporarily lose their spirit powers for one month.

Needless to say, this is a powerful spirit ability, even the most powerful auxiliary resurrection spirit ability that had ever existed. Well, it was the fusion between the brilliant Food style first-Title-Douluo-ever and the Unrivaled Auxiliary System Title Douluo; how could it be weak?

However, there's something that needed to be clarified. The subject of this Resurrection God Light was just ordinary human being. However, Ning Rong Rong and Oscar wanted to revive a God now, the Sea God Tang San.

They both knew that resurrecting a human and resurrecting a God were totally different. Let alone the Resurrection God Light could be effective in Tang San's case, even if it would work, what they had to pay for resurrecting a human and resurrecting a God couldn't be the same.

Other people would need more time to concern those problems, but at this moment, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong didn't have time to think further. If they hadn't screamed out to hold others, they would all have been corpses by now. This is their last hope. When Oscar and Ning Rong Rong cried, they had already determined.

Their spirit powers would be lost for one month when reviving a human. How about resurrecting a God? Even if they had to lose their spirit powers for the rest of their life, they were now still willing to do it. At most, they were willing to pay with their lives.

This wasn't only their feelings in regards to Tang San, but also the last hope for everyone. If the Heaven Dou Empire surrendered, would they have a chance to survive? It would have been like that if they didn't have any solution; but now they had a light of hope in front of their eyes, how could they let it slide away?

Looking at Tang San's dead body, Ning Rong Rong whispered, "San-ge, you had always been our shelter. You had paid much because of us. What I have today, all are because of you. Today, let Oscar and I compensate for you. At most, we could accompany you on the way to heaven!"

Oscar took a deep breath.

"Xiao Wu, step aside."

Xiao Wu looked up, the desperation in her eyes had vanished, leaving only hope there. Ning Rong Rong and Oscar couldn't help but shudder looking into her eyes. No doubts that if Tang San couldn't come back, Xiao Wu would follow him. Their lives soon had been bound.

"I count on you!"

Xiao Wu lowered her head to kiss Tang San. When she put his body on the ground, she stopped trembling. A special energy was constantly seething in her body just like it wanted to break her body to get out of there. Especially when she kissed him, she felt her body was as cold as ice, and her skin somehow glowed.

Her dear look glued at him as she was putting him down on the ground. Everybody else was concentrating on Tang San. No one noticed Xiao Wu's change.

Xiao Wu got up then stepped aside, balling her hands into fists. That icy-cold energy seemed to be getting stronger by seconds. The only thing she could think of now was going crazy due to distraction. When Bibi Dong had squeezed Tang San's heart, her heart seemed to be crushed at that moment. She had been falling into a state of sorrow that she couldn't explain. This cold current had appeared at that time, and it was getting more furious.

Xiao Wu didn't make a sound, and she didn't even have any concerns as to what was happening to her. In her eyes, there was only Tang San. She gritted her teeth and clenched her hands while looking at Tang San.

Oscar and Ning Rong Rong exchanged looks again. From their eyes, they could see the same answer. A firmly determined one. No matter what they had to pay, no matter how difficult it would be, even they had to exchange their lives for a thin line of hope. They would never give up.

They started to move to Tang San's body. Both hands were raising, holding tight to each other's hands, forming a bridge crossing over Tang San.

Vehement seething spirit power rose instantly as spirit rings appeared one by one from their foot, raising and twirling around them. When the last red spirit rings appeared, everybody felt like they were clinging on the edge.

Even though Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had confirmed, none of them had witnessed a resurrection before. Resurrection was something they had heard for the first time, let alone the revival of a God. Xiao Wu could be resurrected because her body hadn't been hurt. Moreover, her soul had stayed inside Tang San's spirit rings and spirit bones. Through the spirit rings, her spirit bones had come back to her body, together with the treasure herbs, she could be resurrected. In some other aspects, it wasn't a true resurrection.

But at this moment, everybody could see the terrible wounds on Tang San's chest. Moreover, he didn't have a heart anymore. Since his divine soul had collided with Bibi Dong's soul, he had never woken up. His soul could possibly be perished already. Under such circumstances, no one knew how many percents he could be resurrected successfully. It is unbelievable. However, everybody was clinging on Oscar and Ning Rong Rong's words as the string that could be their last hope. They didn't want to believe that Tang San was gone.

Oscar looked at Ning Rong Rong, lowered his voice, "We shall start!"

Ning Rong Rong nodded. Their eyes flared up with holy rays at the same time. Oscar's hands were covered with a white halo while Ning Rong Rong had a more beautiful nine-colored aureole. Everybody in the hall could see the other eight spirit rings on Oscar, and Ning Rong Rong were all dimmed, almost disappeared. Their ninth spirit rings suddenly blazed merrily, blooming in dazzling light. Two red light spheres flew out, covering their body entirely. After the red light spheres had merged together, the aureole on Oscar's hands had changed to cotton pink while the nine-colored light on Ning Rong Rong's hands was white now. Two great beams of pink and white were shining. Immense light suddenly burst out. The interior of the hall was now filled with a strange aura.

This aura didn't contain a fighting intention nor massive pressure. But still, people could feel the tremendous energy it was bringing.

This halo was shining roughly ten meters around, suddenly, it was reduced to the smaller scale of three meters. The gold light covered Ning Rong Rong, Oscar, and Tang San entirely. Just a moment ago, that energy had been seething in the whole area, but now it was contracted, surging within the boundary of that gold halo. Inside the gold halo, something was happening.

Grandmaster frowned, muttered, "They did it on purpose. It is to prevent their aura from spreading out. The children are mature now. They could maintain calm in such situation!"

People surrounded the gold halo, looking in. The gold halo seemed not to prevent only energy but also the other objects. Everybody focused, watching everything happening inside that gold halo. At the same time, Tang Hao, Poison Douluo, the Golden Triangle, and Xiao Wu were alarmed. They were all ready to fight against Bibi Dong, who could possibly pop up at any minute.

The world inside the gold halo was eccentric. Tang San's body, covering in a pink aureole, didn't have any remarkable change. However, Ning Rong Rong and Oscar were changing.

An ethereal shadow appeared behind each of them. The one behind Oscar was gold, clearly a slender man wearing a yellow robe and a crown. His body was covered by a tender yellow layer of energy. The shadow behind Ning Rong Rong was wearing a nine-colored gown; there were numerous nine-colored ribbons floating around her. Apparently, that was a feminine figure.

After those shadows had appeared, the two spirit rings, which were emitting red light, disappeared. Oscar and Ning Rong Rong were still holding each other's hands, closing their eyes.

The shadows behind them started to fuse with their true body. The shadows had become more realistic while Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had gradually disappeared into that halo. They were fully fused with those shadows.

"Grandmaster, what is going on?"

Tang Hao couldn’t help asking.

Grandmaster shook his head, answered him, "I don't know. Spirit Fusion at this level is rare, let alone the spirit fusion that bases on spirit ability. We have to believe in them. Believe that they could create a miracle. We should pray for Little San. Little San will not die. Definitely not!"
Tang Hao nodded, closed his eyes and started to pray in silence.

When the shadows and their real bodies finished fusing, a man wearing a yellow robe and a high crown appeared together with a splendid woman who was wearing a nine-colored long gown. The miraculous thing was, even though their costumes and hairstyle were changed, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong’s faces still remained. At this moment, they were radiating dazzling holy rays that nothing could infringe. Although the gold halo had prevented the seething energy, some Title Douluo's standing outside the halo could still feel the enormous aura of Gods. They even felt that if this energy could get out of the boundary, they would never protest against it.

They gradually retrieved their hands. Ning Rong Rong and Oscar now put their hands in front of their chests, waving. From Oscar's gold hands, a pink light sphere appeared, slowly flying up. When this pink light sphere appeared, the gold light on Oscar's body started to fade out.

Ning Rong Rong's situation was the same with that of Oscar, but the light sphere on her hand was nine-colored. These two light spheres were floating in front of them. Their aureoles interfered with each other, realizing a tender but surging energy.

Among the people who were presented here, Xiao Wu was the one who had more chances to contact with god power. And only Xiao Wu knew what happened to Oscar and Ning Rong Rong after they had finished absorbing the last spirit rings. Xiao Wu now totally forgot the pains inside her body. Ghostly scriptures were constantly flashing on her hands, but she was using her strong will to force that cold energy into her body. She didn't let out a groan or wince.

Are they the Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess? Ge, we have hope! Oscar and Ning Rong Rong's spirit fusion perhaps could summon the two God, using their powers. That's why they said this ability could resurrect Tang San. If they are real gods, it's possible. These two Gods are the auxiliary system God. With their help, my ge would definitely have a chance. Ge, you have to come back!

Xiao Wu was screaming inside. Her faith was bringing her heart, soul, and qi into a strange state. In this state, the ghostly scripture, which had appeared on her skin, was forced to retreat. Even that cold energy had to back off, disappeared into her meridians, releasing Xiao Wu from her pains. However, to her, this wasn't as important as Tang San's resurrection.

The Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess slowly rose their hands. The energy spheres became clearer as marvelous, colorful lightning was constantly surging on the surface of the two spheres as though they were boycotting each other. The Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess looked like they were suffering from pains, but they kept pushing their hands towards.

Seeing the two energy spheres coming nearer, the lightning on the surface were getting denser and more violent. The furious surging power had even made the gold halo tremble, constantly flashing.

Tang Hao balled his hands into fists. Just like other people here, they were all screaming inside. They must succeed!

Eventually, the energy spheres had come to Tang San's body, to the holes in his chest where his heart used to be, to be exact.

Instantly, fierce halo burst out from the Cookery and the Nine-colored Goddess's hands. This was a dazzling white halo. That halo was shining on the two Gods, making their bodies become translucent and airy. A white light column struck out, hitting the large wound on Tang San's chest. Tang San's body, under that shining white light column, started to shake violently as every part of him was contracting. Lightning struck out one by one, hitting and spreading on his body. The tremendous energy condensed in the air. Faint gold light appeared on Tang San's wound. His meridians, which were blocked with dried blood, seemed to be canalized as gold blood was gushing out again.

When blood had spewed out of his body, the white halo devoured them all. No one could see Tang San's wound now as an eccentric white aureole had covered him entirely.

The Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess both frowned. Their hands were covered in white light, but one could see that gold light circles were constantly emitting and rising from his feet; they condensed at his body and transferred to his hands. From the Nine-colored Goddess' side, the nine-colored light was constantly supplying energy to her.

This white light was what Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had mentioned, the Resurrection God Light, also the last hope for Tang San. The longer this Resurrection God Light could be maintained, the bigger the chance Tang San had to be revived.

Then, under the shining white light, the wounds on Tang San's chest started to heal. The first wound that got healed was not the one at his chest, but the one that the Rakshasa Scythe had stabbed through. The wound was trembling as a beam of dark purple was peeled off from there. When that purple beam got into contact with the white light covering Tang San, people standing around him could hear a mournful shriek echoed then faded out.

At the same time, the icy-cold energy that was ceasing in Xiao Wu's body raised again without any prior indications. Even though Xiao Wu had a strong will, this sudden pain almost made her faint. She always stayed alert to prevent any arising problems. The cold aura, which was full of murderous intents, suddenly peaked, bursting out from her heart. As she didn't want any sound to come out from her mouth due to the extreme pain, she raised her right hand and bit it as her body was shrinking in pain. However, she still didn't want to make any sound that could disturb Tang San's resurrection.

Appeared together with that raising icy-cold energy was a faint scarlet light that everybody here and even Xiao Wu had never met before. It was spreading silently from Xiao Wu's feet, reaching every corner of the meeting hall.

Gradually, every place that the scarlet light was covering had been struck by an intimidating, icy-cold energy. However, something had happened outside the meeting hall.

At this moment, one million soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire were looking at the Marshall Palace, praying for Tang San. Suddenly, they saw a scarlet light arose from there. This scarlet light wasn't much tremendous, but it could cover the whole meeting hall of the Marshall Palace.

"Look! What is that?"

A soldier screamed.

"Do you really need to ask? It's the sign that Master Sea God is back. Quick, pray for him! Master Sea God had sacrificed so much for this country, we have to pray for him more. This is for us and also for our families."

As this scarlet light was covering the meeting hall, inside, the gold light which had covered Oscar, Ning Rong Rong and Tang San, was shattered. The immense seething god powers filled the room instantly.

"Not good!"

Grandmaster and Tang Hao paled in fear. Everything became white. They wanted to take action but then realized that they couldn't move their bodies under that white light. They couldn't even see other people standing there.

The bell was ringing inside Xiao Wu, but she realized that she didn't worry much. However, the icy murderous aura was still madly striking deeper inside her body. Xiao Wu's teeth had pierced deeper in her flesh as she didn't want to let any groan come out of her mouth. Although the devilish icy-cold energy was destroying her body, Xiao Wu kept praying for Tang San.

The shattered gold halo meant Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had no extra energy to maintain the protection halo, which was to cover their auras. Grandmaster and Tang Hao, of course, had to worry. If their divine auras were spreading out, Bibi Dong would know soon.

In fact, the whole meeting room had turned into a white hue; nevertheless, that white light couldn't break the scarlet light covering the entire hall. It was totally oppressed and didn't show any sign that it wanted to break out.


Spirit Empire's base.

Sitting neatly in the tent, Bibi Dong was deliberately healing her wounded divine soul. In fact, she looked strong on the outside but vulnerable inside. After she had killed Tang San, she had barely counted on her last beam of divine sense to balance herself. At that moment, if the supreme spirit masters of the Heaven Dou Empire had stormed over, they would have been able to kill her. However, Bibi Dong had covered it well. She took the excuse that it was the respect she had for Grandmaster. She then brought Qian Ren Xue and Hu Lie Na back to the base. At that time, she had a bad feeling that her divine soul was about to crack. The divine soul attack that Tang San had struck before he died was really intimidating. It crushed Bibi Dong's divine soul. She had had to use her second spirit power, also her second divine soul to keep the shattered soul from leaving her body, saving her life. The period of three days that she had given them was, in fact, given to herself and Qian Ren Xue. Within these three days, Qian Ren Xue and her could fully recover. At that time, the Heaven Dou would just be a toy in their hands.

Bibi Dong was meditating to fix her divine soul, suddenly, she opened her eyes. A purple light arose from the bottom of her eyes. After a while, her divine soul was partially recovered.

"Aura disappeared? The Rakshasa divine sense that I had put on Tang San had vanished. This means the host had totally disappeared. Tang San, your divine soul was really strong. I had crushed your soul, and you were dead. Don't think that your divine soul could endure that long time. How unfortunate!"

A gleam of mourn appeared on her sinister green face. Bibi Dong muttered, "Tang San's innate ability was way better than mine. Facing two God at the same time, still, he had almost killed us all. His competence and intelligence were more excellent than mine. Just a little bit more and he could drag my life together with his death. Unfortunately, you still died on my hands."

Bibi Dong closed her eyes again. This time she beamed a satisfying smile. In her mind, Tang San was done. The Rakshasa divine sense that she had left on him didn't send her any alarms. She thought that now she could ease her mind, just focus on healing her divine soul. After three days, she would take the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass back, and then, the entire Heaven Dou Empire.

Bibi Dong didn't know that to hide everything from her and resurrect Tang San, the auras of three gods had appeared at the meeting hall of the Marshall Palace. They not only dissolved her divine sense but also covered all the other divine senses.

The wound that the Rakshasa Scythe left on Tang San's body was healed quickly together with his bones and meridians. Right after the Rakshasa divine sense that got into his body along with the demonic scythe was purified, this wound was healed.

Next, it was the most crucial part, which was to restore Tang San's heart that Bibi Dong had crushed. Moreover, if only this heart should be compatible with his body, he would be revived.

At this moment, the white light created by the Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess had burst to the top of the hall. Under that shining light, Tang San's wound was trembling. The meridians and veins got out from that wound, making a channel.

Those gold meridians looked bizarre while the energy they carried was enormous. Each time this energy surged, the meridians got longer as they gradually met at one point.

The gold light on the Cookery God's body and the nine-colored light on the Nine-colored Goddess' body became dimmer. The light circle rising from their feet were slower. Apparently, the energy from Oscar and Ning Rong Rong's spirit fusion was running out.

The reasons they could use the spirit fusion, besides the instant understanding, their spirits were completely compatible. When they had had the final spirit ring, God had come to adore them. However, they didn't know that the Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess were a couple in the God Realm. It was rare, indeed. That was how they had the spirit fusion when they had become the God's candidate. And, this spirit fusion was one hundred percent matched. If not, how could they summon two Gods?

In fact, Ning Rong Rong had become a candidate because of Oscar. The Cookery God had chosen Oscar, of course, because he was the first Food System Title Douluo of the Continent. The Nine-colored Goddess had reluctantly chosen Ning Rong Rong. Ning Rong Rong was excellent, and her spirit was powerful, but it wasn't enough to be a chosen one. Unless her spirit power could reach level ninety-nine. The Nine-colored Goddess had chosen her because the Cookery God had chosen Oscar; being his wife, she, of course, wouldn't let him impart his inheritance alone. They could only let a couple inherit their powers. Thus, they would be together forever in the God Realm, never be apart.

However, there were some other reasons that Oscar and Ning Rong Rong could be able to summon these two Gods, and performed the Resurrection God Light. No matter what reasons, the energy of the spirit fusion that Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had been pouring to the god-ranked Resurrection God Light couldn't be changed. To be exact, if they couldn't remain this ability with their energy, Tang San wouldn't be revived. Resurrecting a god is not that easy.


Sea God Island.

Seven Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluos were gathering at the Sacred Peak, sitting on their platforms.

At the moment Bibi Dong had killed Tang San, these seven Title Douluos knew it immediately since the beam of divine sense that Tang San left on the Sea God Island had disappeared. Besides death, how could the beam of a God's divine sense vanish? The Seven Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluos were afraid, getting to the Sacred Mount right away. But they didn't even have time to discuss as the Sea God's divine sense was fluctuating again. It seemed there was another force that helped the Sea God's divine sense recover.

The Seven Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluos got the situation immediately. Sea Dragon Douluo was sitting on the central platform, where Tang San had taken his inheritance, while the other Douluos were sitting on those smaller platforms around him. A bright blue nimbus was covering their bodies. It wasn't the energy that Tang San had left them, but the one they had gotten when they had become the Sea God Seven Sacred Guardian Douluos.

The blue light was rising higher. Just in a few seconds, it had covered the Sea God Island entirely. From seven different locations, seven bursting gold lights were plunging up to the sky and converging at one point, creating a light sphere as big as the sun.

Instantaneously, the entire Sea God Island had turned into a gold color. A unique seething energy was spreading to every corner of the ocean from the Sea God Island.

This is the call of Sea God. The last defending ability that the Sea God had left on his island. In case there was a fatal threat happening, the Great Consecrator would lead the Seven Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluos to perform this call.

However, at this moment, the Sea Dragon Douluo was leading his people to activate this last defense not to defend anything, but to call out for every creature in the sea to pray for the Sea God.

The Sea God was a position that had been created by the faith of the creatures living in the sea. Their faith, no doubt, was the best supply for the Sea God's divine sense.

The first ones who started to pray were Xiao Bai and her school of the Great White Shark Devil Spirit. The mightier the creatures were, the more powerful their prayers would be. The Great White Shark Devil Spirits were praying sincerely, making an enormous flow of energy contributing to the gold light defense over the Sea God Island. Then it had turned into the purest soul energy plunging down to the peak of the Sacred Mount. The feeble divine sense that Tang San had left here was slightly surging, receiving that energy.

This was just the beginning. Tang San's declaration when he had become the Sea God had spread out to every corner of the vast ocean. Moreover, the creatures dwelling in the sea had been through many years without having a belief; now they had finally had one. Even without this declaration, how could they not be faithful to their Master Sea God?

If there were some God passing through the vast sea at this moment, he would definitely see the gold waves under the sea moving rapidly to the Sea God Island. Those gold waves were the prayers of millions of creatures living in the ocean.

They were praying for the Sea God, using their faith to restore the last trickle of the divine sense of their Master Sea God.

At the same time, inside the Auspicious Mountain Hill Pass, Tang San's resurrection had come to the critical point.

Oscar's and Ning Rong Rong's true body had gradually appeared inside the bright shadow of the two Gods. The Cookery God and the Nine-colored Goddess had gradually left their bodies. The energy of the spirit fusion was like a lamp running out of oil right now. It was about to disappear.

At this moment, the wounds on Tang San's chest had almost been recovered. People could vaguely see a gold heart was being formed in his chest. Veins and meridians were connecting to it, making the final transformation.

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