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When Xiao Wu screamed in fear, Tang San and Bibi Dong had finally collided.

The deaths of Sword Douluo and Bone Douluo weren't wasted. Their attacks couldn't hurt Bibi Dong, but their Title Douluo ranked attacks had distracted her. She had to spend much of divine sense and powers in controlling her Nine Demonic Scythes to kill them.

Bibi Dong didn't expect that Tang San still had powers to strike her again even though he had been pierced through by her Rakshasa Scythe. She then urged her Rakshasa's divine abilities to come in front of Tang San. She respected this young opponent as she wanted to kill him by her own hands just to make it more certain. However, she had to spend a part of her divine sense to control the Nine Demonic Scythes.

It's true that Tang San had done his best in destroying the Solar Angel. His divine power's consumption and his wounds were severe. However, Bibi Dong had forgotten one thing. Before Tang San had become a God, his strongest feature wasn't his spirit abilities, but his mental power. When Tang San had just reached Title Douluo, his mental power had been even stronger than hers, which had been ranked level ninety-nine at that time.

When a spirit master received the god inheritance, the powers he would receive, apparently, were related closely to the powers of that Primary God and that one's competence. If not, how could Tang San oppress Qian Ren Xue altogether? Thus, after receiving the god inheritance, Tang San's divine mental power was stronger than his Sea God's powers.

When Tang San struck Qian Ren Xue, he had already got hurt by the Rakshasa Demonic Scythe. But only his divine power and his body were damaged. His divine mental power hadn't been consumed much, just a small part was used for controlling. His head wasn't hurt.

Gold rays shot out from Tang San's eyes had carried all of his divine mental power, didn't retain any bit. His tremendous divine mental power had reached the level he had never been at before. Moreover, as Tang San saw Sword Douluo and Bone Duolou struggling with Bibi Dong's attack, his worry and indignation had also pushed his divine mental power further. Even if Bibi Dong was in her peak status, this collision would hurt her somehow.

Divine mental power's impact didn't generate sound. However, from Tang San's and Bibi Dong's reaction, it could be seen how intimidating this impact was. It was even more furious than that of the Sea God Afterglow, which had destroyed the Solar Angel.

When Bibi Dong got hit with those gold rays, it seemed she was struck violently, jolted backward then spun two rounds in the air before she could reluctantly balance her body. But she was shivering. Her Rakshasa Armament was also peeled off, turned into a purple halo and disappeared. A purple cloud appeared above her head, screeching distressingly. Then, she seemed to lose her consciousness, falling and hovering unstably in mid-air. From the seven holes on her sinister face, blood was gushing out constantly.

Tang San's situation was more serious. When their divine senses had impacted, even though he had the upper hand since Bibi Dong got distracted, he had been hurt already as his divine soul was damaged.

Gold blood was spewing out from his chest and back where the scythe had pierced through. The Sea God Armament was dissolved, turning into numerous gold dots and vanished. His Sea God Trident had turned into a light beam, getting into the Sea God Trident's mark on his forehead.

The gold blood was gushing out vehemently just like the flood from a broken dam. All aureoles on his body were ceased. He couldn't control his divine power anymore, falling to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

The purple light eventually turned back to Bibi Dong's head. She tried to open her eyes, controlling her body. Bibi Dong then cried loudly as her pair of claws had struck toward Tang San. Abruptly, an illusion of a claw appeared in the sky, chasing after Tang San, stabbing through him again right at his left chest.

A gold heart appeared in mid-air, but it was being held in a demonic purple claw.

Some doleful screams echoed at once. Xiao Wu, Ning Rong Rong, Oscar, Grandmaster, Tang Hao, even Hu Lie Na, who was holding Qian Ren Xue on the other side, cried out at the same time.

Hu Lie Na's face was full of tears, sitting on the ground as if she had lost all of her strength. Qian Ren Xue was awakened from this shake, seeing Tang San's heart that was being held in the Rakshasa's claw.

However, none of them could determine the Rakshasa God's action.

Puff -

Dazzling rays bloomed in the air. Tang San's body was wiggling fiercely when his heart had turned into gold beams, scattering everywhere.

Oscar roared in anger. He then swallowed a Mirror Clone Sausage produced with Ma Hong Jun's blood, soaring up to the sky, taking Tang San's body, which had no heart anymore.

Bibi Dong was shaking violently while descending. Blood was still streaming out from her facial holes. Obviously, Tang San's divine mental power attack had struck her hard.

The icy-cold voice reverberated in the air.

"Listen up, Heaven Dou Empire. I'll give you three days to prepare. You have to declare your surrender after three days. If not, I'll wash your Heaven Dou Empire with blood. Xiao Gang, because of you, I will give your men three days. Talk some sense into your Emperor. Don't be stubborn. You can't resist the powers of the Gods."

Then, Bibi Dong swung her hand. Purple light appeared as she put on her Rakshasa God Armament. A formidable layer of purple light suddenly covered the entire sky. The laughter that was like broken glass echoed in the void. Purple halo flashed again, and she had disappeared from the Spirit Empire's formation, together with Qian Ren Xue and Hu Lie Na.
The Heaven Dou Empire's and Spirit Empire's soldiers, both hadn't been yet awakened at this moment.

The duration of this fight was really short, but the results had stunned and scared both sides.

Just a moment ago, the Heaven Dou Empire still had the upper hand. But now, the wind had changed altogether. Although from the Heaven Dou Empire's side, there were only three people died, including Tang San, just like what Bibi Dong had said, who could resist the God's powers?

Oscar brought Tang San's body descending from the sky. Ning Rong Rong was the first person came to them. Tang Hao got back to the wall. Everybody surrounded Tang San's body.

"Ge —"

Xiao Wu was screaming wildly, stormed over to Tang San. The wounds on his chest looked really terrible. Besides the hole on his right chest, the one on his left chest, as big as half a tchi, was the deadly one. Gold flesh, veins, and bones were exposed. Blood was still gushing out from the wounds. There was no gleam or breath of vitality on his face. It was just a short time, but his body was already cold.

The purple mist had covered the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass quickly. Xue Beng was bewildered, bending down beside Tang San. Tang Hao and Grandmaster were baffled. Just a moment ago, their son was still a noble Sea God, but now he was just a corpse.

No one noticed the Chief of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Ning Feng Zhi, who seemed to have gotten ten years older, halted out of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Although he couldn't collect them fully, he still wanted to collect the Sword Douluo's and Bone Douluo's scattered bodies.

"Ge, how could it be? Why did you leave me like that? You cannot die, cannot die!"

Xiao Wu cried until her voice was hoarse. But Tang San couldn't answer her at this moment.

"Ge, you have promised me. You promised to marry me. You promised to hold the biggest wedding for us. Your promise is not fulfilled, how could you die like that? Please. Please. Wake up. Please wake up! No matter how much I have to pay, as long as you can wake up, I'm willing to do it."

Even a man like Oscar had tears streaming down on his face.

"Yeah. Little San, how could you go like that? We have promised. Wait until the war is over, our Shrek Seven Devils will travel through the Continent. There are so many places we have never been to. Didn't you tell me that you wanted to visit the North Pole? I will get you there. Wake up! I will get you there!"

Puff ~ Grandmaster paled, fell on the ground as he muttered, "Am I truly a jinx? Why have all of my relatives encountered bad luck like that? Even if he has become a God. It's because of me. All because of me. I shouldn't let Tang San take me as his father. No. I should die instead of him. Why didn’t he let me go? Little San, you shouldn't have revived me. I wish I could die. The old men shouldn't deliver the young man."

Liu Er Long hurried to him, hugging him tightly. "Xiao Gang! No, it's not like that. Don't scare me!"

Tang Hao pushed people aside, walking to Tang San. He didn't cry. He was the only one who didn't cry among this crowd. But his eyes were bloodshot. Looking at Tang San in Xiao Wu's embrace, his eyes showed no spirit of the intimidating Clear Sky Douluo.

"Little San, do you remember the time we lived in the Saint Spirit Village? I'd been drunk every day. You'd taken care of me. We had just spent our days like that. You are a good son, but I'm not a good father. All is because of me. I haven't spent one day fulfilling a good father's responsibilities. I have thought that wait until the war ends, your mom and I will make it up for you. But now I have no chance. Your mom doesn't want to see the bloody scene of the war; she is staying in the Heaven Dou City. I have no courage to see her again. Slow down on your way to heaven, wait for your dad. I will join you very soon."

Then, Tang Hao turned around, heading out of the wall.

Oscar's reflex was fast. He jumped, hugging Tang Hao by his waist.

"Uncle, you can't go!"

Tang Hao had to stop. The powers of his Mirror Clone Sausage were still effective; the Title Douluo's strength was strong anyway.

"Let off me. Whoever can return to the Heaven Dou city, please send my words to A Yin. I don't have the face to see her again. Ask her to return to the Star Dou Forest. For my whole life, I haven't done anything for my son. He's gone now. Being his father, should I be a coward turtle retracting its head? Don't stop me. None of you could stop me. Dying on the battlefield is more satisfying than waiting to die."

There was a special aura on Tang Hao's body. No one dared to directly look at him in the eyes. Oscar slowly loosed his grip.

Tang Hao was about to walk away, the stiff voice of Grandmaster arose, "Wait a second. Little San doesn't have only one father. Taking revenge for our son, how could I not join you? Even if we can't take revenge for him, we can follow him. Would they spare our lives after three days? Die on the battlefield. Tang Hao, let's die on the battlefield together."

Tang Hao stared at Grandmaster's eyes with his bloodshot eyes. Grandmaster’s eyes were totally calm now, but that calmness looked more intimidating than Tang Hao's red eyes.

Liu Er Long didn't stop Grandmaster. She just held his hands tightly, "On the way to heaven, take me with you."

"I'll go with you."

Xue Beng took out his long sword, turning to see Marshall Go Long.

"Marshall, after I set off, I leave everything in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass to you. Three days later, you should take our forces to surrender the Spirit Empire. Also, you have to control them, not to let them protest anymore."

"Your Majesty, what are you doing?"

Marshall Go Long was scared, hugging Xue Beng's arm.

Xue Beng shouted indignantly, "This is my order. Do you want to go against me?"
Even thought Go Long got shouted in his face, he didn't let go of Xue Beng's arm.

"I don't. But as long as I'm still breathing, I will not just sit there and see you set off to die."

Xue Beng said faintly, "My teacher has died for this Empire. Whether I'm the Emperor or his disciple, I can't live cowardly. I am the Emperor of the Heaven Dou. Even the time I've been ruling is not too long, being the emperor, I have my responsibilities. I have ordered to start this war. Facing two Gods now we have no chance to claim victory. If so, even if we are stubborn enough to continue fighting against them, we just blow up the casualties. I can't stand letting my soldiers, and my innocent fellows die in vain. Thus, I order you to lead them to surrender. This could reserve our Heaven Dou Empire's last hope. Everybody can surrender but not me. I can't fail my ancestors. I can't fail the previous Emperor. Marshall, you don't need to stop me. When I leave the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, you should lead the generals and soldiers. I only hope that my death could light up a light of hope in your hearts. I strongly believe that one day, our Heaven Dou Empire will come back in glory."

"Your Highness -"

All generals and soldiers on the city wall kneeled down. Their eyes reddened. No doubt that Xue Beng, as their Empire, had conquered their hearts.

"We wish to live or die together with you. There are no cowards in Heaven Dou Empire."

Marshall Go Long kneeled down. "Your Majesty, if you decide to go, please give the surrender mission to someone else, and allow me to go with you."

The heroic aura burst out. Although Tang San had died, atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, the emperor and his men were filled with the powers they had never had before. This is what we called 'Pity soldiers will win'. Vehement spirit was filling their hearts.

"Your Majesty, please order. We have a hundred myriads of soldiers, what if she is a God? We can use our overwhelming number to crush her. We would rather die than surrender."

"Rather die than surrender!"

The indignant roars grumblingly reverberated, even to a further distance of several li around there. People in the Spirit Empire's base could even hear that.

At this moment, inside the Spirit Empire's barrack, Bibi Dong was holding Qian Ren Xue in one hand, her other hand pulling Hu Lie Na. They'd just arrived at the temporary tent.

Having listened to the sound echoed from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, Bibi Dong's ferocious complexion couldn't help but beam out a gleam of disgust.

"Won't surrender? Alright, three days later, I will wash the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass with their blood."

She put Qian Ren Xue and Hu Lie Na to the ground.


Hu Lie Na's voice was trembling. She couldn't help but burst out crying.

"You…you really killed him?"

No matter whom she was facing, even if she was her own daughter, Bibi Dong's face always showed her coldness. Only when she met Hu Lie Na, her cold countenance could be a little bit softer.

"Na Na, I know you like him. However, you've known that you and him would have no future. Yes, Tang San is brilliant. Even I feel dominated. But he is dead now. You have to accept that. I have to destroy him. If not, the ones who would be destroyed are us, the Spirit Empire. I did so also to cut the yearning thought in your heart. Tang San's divine soul and mine are nemeses. His body is broken now. Even if he is a God, he has to die. Let see who could prevent us from uniting the continent."
"If you do not kill me now, perhaps, I'm that person."
Qian Ren Xue's cold voice echoed in Bibi Dong's ears.

Bibi Dong's furrowed her brows, turning to the daughter, whom she had never been close. Qian Ren Xue's complexion showed her boldness. She was pursing her lips, gazing at Bibi Dong. There was only deep resentment in her eyes.

"You? Do you want to stop me? I didn't think that you have such big, bad ambition." Said Bibi Dong.

Qian Ren Xue coldly laughed, "Ambition? Yes, I have ambition. But it doesn't matter now. The most important thing is to stop you. There's something you didn't know. Tang San is the only man I've loved for my whole life."

Bibi Dong bewildered, "You also like him?"

Qian Ren Xue's eyes were covered with a curtain of mist since she had seen Bibi Dong crushed Tang San's heart. She suddenly felt her heart emptied out all the feelings. Just like what had been broken wasn't Tang San's heart, but her heart. The grudge she was holding for him had gone away with his crushed heart, leaving only the deep sorrow. It turned out she had loved him that much. Even they were archenemy, she still loved him. She had not only wanted him to die once. However, now he was dead, and that hurt her heart too much she couldn't breathe.

"He should have died in my hand. But you killed him. Bibi Dong, you should kill me too. If not, I will definitely be your enemy."

Qian Ren Xue gritted her teeth; her tears were rolling down her cheeks quietly.

Bibi Dong's face changed drastically. She even rose her right hand but didn't strike her.

"You do want to go against me? Well, restore your arm first. You've dreamed of fighting against me with this competence? Rakshasa God is one of the two Gods of Slaughter in the God Realm. They could control other Gods to a certain degree. Even when Tang San was at his peak power, he couldn't be my opponent, let alone yourself."

Then, Bibi Dong coldly glanced her daughter, didn't turned around, stepping out of the tent.


At the top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass's city walls.

Right when everybody was bursting out with emotions as they wanted to jump off the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and risk their lives with the arch enemies, Poison Douluo, who was still staring at Tang San's body since they had put him there, spoke for the first time.

"Your Majesty is right. We do not need to die in vain. Even if you have a double number of soldiers, you can't threaten Bibi Dong."

After having listened to his words, everybody placed their eyes on him. Du Gu Bo's face looked calm. But his friends all knew that when his face went like that, it was the time his heart was boiling the most. Du Gu Bo continued, "Before she has become God, her ability in using potions is much stronger than mine. She's God now, of course, this would be enhanced more. She could definitely be able to control her toxins better than I do. Such bad situation wouldn't happen. I think she didn't just say that she would wash the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass with blood, she actually meant it. If you don't want all of your men to die in vain, you should erase that thought of risking your lives out of your heads. Basically, you would have no chance to run to the Spirit Empire's formation."

Du Gu Bo's words convinced people well. No matter what, his Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor's toxins had left a deep impression on everybody's mind.

Poison Douluo slowly walked to Xue Beng, looking to the pairs of eyes that didn't change a bit, belonged to Grandmaster and Tang Hao.

"We shall go. I also want to do something for our Little Monster. We have decided, we should go together."

Oscar stepped forward, said stolidly, "Little San is our brother. Dai-dage isn't here. I'm the oldest in the Shrek Seven Devils, I'll go with you guys."

"Little Ao!"

Ning Rong Rong chased after him. Oscar didn't wait until she spoke, interfered, "Rong Rong, listen to me. You have to stay. You are the one who has a big chance to become a God. Your future mission is to take revenge for us. We could only count on you now."

Ning Rong Rong wasn't willing to let off him.

"Don't you have a chance to become God? You guys shouldn't be too vehement. We should find another solution."

Oscar smirked, "Is there any other solution? Facing two Gods, we are just human, what could we do? Rong Rong, I'm a man. It's like I had come to the North Pole for you. Now it's for my brother, I can't back off. If not, later when we meet again in heaven, how could I face Little San? And Ddage and our brothers?"
Ning Rong Rong's eyes reddened. She took a deep breath.

"Then, why should I stay? Xiao Wu is enough to take care of Tang San's body. You are not afraid of death, and so am I. I will always be by your side."

Then, she held Oscar's sleeve tighter. Her face was telling him that nothing could shake her spirit.

Tang Hao and Grandmaster started to leave the city wall. Xue Beng, Marshal Go Long, and Poison Douluo followed them.

Right when Oscar and Ning Rong Rong were about to follow them, they were both shaking. Their eyes immediately placed on their hands, which was holding each other's hand.

Oscar's arm was covered with a white halo while the nine-colored light was twirling around Ning Rong Rong's arm. White light and nine-colored light tangled together, moving around their arms.

They both became dazed, looking at each other with an unbelievable look.

Suddenly, Oscar shouted loudly.

"Wait a minute!"

Tang Hao, Grandmaster, and other people acted like they didn't hear what he said, firmly stepped forward. The soldiers there looked at them with despising eyes. They thought that Oscar and Ning Rong Rong were afraid, so they wanted to retreat. Then, what Ning Rong Rong said made their faces changed dramatically.
"San-ge will be saved!"

It was just a five-word sentence, but it seemed to pause everything atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, including time. Everybody's countenance changed. Xiao Wu was crying mournfully, jolted her head immediately. Tang Hao was halfway off the wall; it took him a short jump to get back there. All felt surprised. Suddenly, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had become the focus of this place,

Right then, Tang Hao vehemently grabbed Oscar's shoulder.

"What did you say? Little San is saved?"

Oscar's eyes were filled with extreme excitement. His voice was sharper due to extreme emotions.

"Uncle, look at this."

He rose his hand, which was holding Ning Rong Rong's hand.

"Little San will be saved. We know how to revive him."

Grandmaster and the others had come to Oscar and Ning Rong Rong. Listening to their words was a heart tonic to Grandmaster, waking him up immediately.

"How? Which solution do you have?"

Oscar said excitedly, "Teacher, we have joined the battlefield right after we came back from the Sea God Island, we haven't had a chance to tell you our last spirit abilities that we've just received. Do you remember?"

Grandmaster nodded, "Your last spirit rings are all ranked one hundred thousand years. I remember that. What does it have to do with Tang San's resurrection?"

"One hundred thousand years spirit rings, regularly, will grant two spirit abilities. My ninth spirit ability is the Half-Excess Diamond Sausage. Ning Rong Rong got the Nine Treasure Invincible Godly Light. The one hundred thousand years spirit ability, Ning Rong Rong and I just have one each. However, when I held her hand, we have stimulated the second one hundred thousand years spirit ability. Moreover, it requires both of use to activate this spirit ability." Said Oscar.

Grandmaster had spent his whole life to study spirits. The passion was still there. He reacted immediately.

"You are saying that you have a one hundred thousand years spirit ability, which is a fusion one? From spirit ability to spirit fusion?"

Oscar and Ning Rong Rong said at the same time.

Spirit Fusion would only appear when the pair of spirit masters had a really high compatibility. It was same with Zhu Zhu Qing and Dai Mu Bai; their spirits were highly compatible. Moreover, they were innate and able to fuse with each other. However, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong's case was unique. It was even rarer than the innate spirit fusion. Under this circumstance, regularly, the compatibility between them was extremely high.

Tang Hao said hurriedly, "So you are saying that your spirit fusion could resurrect Tang San? What are you waiting for? Start now!"

"No, wait."

Grandmaster stopped him. "We can't carry it out here. Let's get back to the General Palace."

Tang Hao slapped his forehead. "Ugh. I got muddled. Yeah, we should go back to the General Palace."

The Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass's was spacious. Although they didn't know why Oscar and Ning Rong Rong said that they could revive a god, they all hoped that it would come true. Apparently, the resurrection of a god would occur together with some strange phenomenon. If they let the Spirit Empire know about this, they would lose their final chance.

Xiao Wu took Tang San's body and got up. It just took her several steps to come to Oscar and Ning Rong Rong.

"Let's go!"

The hope appeared made her stronger. Xiao Wu was slender, but she was carrying Tang San without spending much effort. She immediately flew to the direction of the General Palace.

Tang Hao, Grandmaster, Liu Er Long, Flender, Oscar and Xue Beng hurried after them. Ning Rong Rong stayed behind for a few seconds. She turned to look at her father, who was collecting Sword Douluo's and Bone Douluo's scattered bodies outside the city walls. She couldn't hold her tears, but let them streamed down her beautiful face. She whispered, "I'm really sorry, Bone Grandpa, Sword Grandpa, I can't help father collect your bodies. If I'm still alive after I revive San-ge, Rong Rong will devote my piety to you."

She firmly turned around, pressing her sorrow and followed other people.

It's impossible to seal the news. Xue Beng also didn't order to keep it on the down low. Soon, the great force inside the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass all knew what had happened atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass's city walls. However, Xue Beng's performance was crucial. He was an emperor, but he was willing to sacrifice himself for the empire. He had convinced every man of his fellows. The crisis among the soldiers, which should have happened, didn't occur. The Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass now was filled with one united attitude towards the enemies.

After Marshall Go Long went to the General Palace together with other people, he immediately declared: "Surrendering is to enslave yourself. For our younger generations, your children and grandchildren of the Heaven Dou Empire, we are the men of the Heaven Dou Empire, we will never back off. Only union could help us fight against the enemies. Master Sea God's not dead. He just got hurt severely. For our hero, I request every single soldier of the Heaven Dou Empire's great force to pray for Master Sea God. Praying for his well-being to lead us defeating the opponents."

After Marshal Go Long's words had been spreading out to the soldiers, there was no protest arose among the Heaven Dou Empire's great force. Quite the contrary, their spirits had been strengthened.

However, Marshall Go Long himself understood that this was just temporary as it could somehow control his soldiers' boiling heart. At some points in the future, it would spread out rapidly just like Du Gu Bo's toxins that day. Don't know how many men would fall on the battlefield. If the situation is going bad, and we have to concede, I will sacrifice my life for the empire, following our Emperor.


The Meeting Hall.

All of the equipment in the hall was put outside. Xiao Wu was holding Tang San's body, standing in the middle of the room. Ning Rong Rong and Oscar stood on her two sides. Everybody else stepped aside, giving them space. At this moment, their visages were filled with worries and anxiety. If Tang San could be revived, they would still have a chance. If he died, not only the Heaven Dou Empire would be destroyed, the same consequence would be given to the Star Lou Empire. Then, the entire continent would be Bibi Dong's world. No matter because of their close relations, their friendship or the feelings they had for the empire, they were all praying for Tang San in silence.

Not only inside the hall, but also the whole Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, one million soldiers, and their generals, under Marshall Go Long's lead, all kneeled down, facing the Master Sea God, whose body was in the meeting hall now, and prayed. In their hearts, Lan Hao Wang was always the God of War. The immortal God of War.


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