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Oscar and Ning Rong Rong were struggling to hold on. They had been burning all that they had, accumulating energy to support the god powers of the two Gods. However, humans had limits. Even though they were stubborn, their energies were running out. Although they could see the chance of resurrection was right in front of them, the spirit powers they were releasing couldn't endure any longer.

The two Gods they had summoned would leave at any minute.

What to do? What to do now? Oscar and Ning Rong Rong exchanged worried looks. They bit their tongues, using the pain it created to gather their last remaining drops of energy.

Then, they had come up with a plan, which was to let the Gods possess their bodies before they left.

It wasn't that Oscar and Ning Rong Rong didn't want to use Oscar's sausages to supply power, but it was like the case of which Ning Rong Rong's Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower couldn't boost Tang San. Their current Spirit Fusion had reached the god level, and god level would the other human boosting abilities become useless. The same thing would happen to Oscar's sausage or Ning Rong Rong's Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower.

At this critical moment, all of a sudden, from every corner of the meeting hall, countless light dots appeared quietly. They then flew to Tang San, who had been laid on the ground.

Outside, the soldiers could see the scarlet light covering the hall was vibrating. And those light dots appeared from that vibration.

Those dots came to Tang San's body and gathered there. Each of them looked feeble, but innumerous dots could create a marvelous force.


The figure of the Gods behind Oscar and Ning Rong Rong finally turned into numerous light dots and vanished. They both trembled. They had put forth all of their energy and devoted everything they had to it. They were like a flickering lamp that had used up its last drop of oil.

Xiao Wu cried mournfully as she wanted to approach him. The wound on his chest wasn't closed yet. His gold heart hadn't been fully connected to the other meridians.

"Don't move!"

Grandmaster shouted to stop Xiao Wu. The physical pains and the mental torture she was enduring had strickened and paled her. She fell down on the ground eventually but was trying to stay conscious as she was looking at Tang San's body. She would definitely not lose her hope. It wasn't the end yet.

Grandmaster stretched both his arms to stop Tang Hao.

"Nobody moves! Don't come near Little San!"

They were all bewildered. Now they saw something was changing on Tang San since those dots had appeared. If they didn't pay full attention, they wouldn't discover it. However, they were all strong spirit masters in the spirit masters world; they could be able to see those small light dots. However, they just thought that it was the effects from Oscar and Ning Rong Rong's Spirit Fusion. But now it seemed not to be true.

Oscar and Ning Rong Rong were fainting now, but the white halo was still there, pouring into Tang San's wound little by little.

The meridians around his heart were still being formed. But the speed was much slower. However, it was still growing, which meant they still had a chance.

"This is…"

Tang Hao's pupils shrank. He had something in mind now, looking at Grandmaster. They almost spoke up at the same time.

"Power of Faith!"

It's true. Those small light dots came from the Power of Faith from a million soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire. One person couldn't generate a significant faith power, but it would be a big difference when it had come from a force of one million soldiers. The faith power that the Heaven Dou Empire's forces had generated for Tang San was truly sincere and significant. The strange scarlet layer outside could purify any impurities. The powers of faith that could get into the hall to contact Tang San's body were all the purest ones.

The energy of the power of faith had continued Oscar and Ning Rong Rong's spirit fusion to heal Tang San.

"Quick, continue to pray for Tang San!"

Grandmaster cried, clasping his hands. His face was full of hope.
Everybody did the same. For the last chance to revive Tang San, they started to pray again with all their hearts.

Time was ticking. The healing speed of the wound on Tang San's chest was significantly slower than that of when the two Gods were releasing their resurrection light. But it didn't stop. If the resurrection didn't stop, they would still have a chance.

Seeing Tang San's heart had restored each of its meridians, people who were present in the hall had forgotten all about the time. During that process, only Xue Beng had gotten out once. He went to deliver his strict order to the great force of the Heaven Dou Empire. As long as Tang San's resurrection hadn't been done yet, they couldn't stop praying for him. He told his men that Tang San was the last hope of the Empire. Only if the Sea God was with them, could they beat their enemy, and preserve their country.

Faint halos flashed in the entire of the hall. During the time that the light was moving, the changes on Tang San's face had startled everybody there.

Sometimes, his body shook, especially at his heart. Each tremor had shaken people's hearts.

It'd been daylight and nighttime. It'd been through darkness and then sunshine. Everybody forgot the time since they were focusing on praying for Tang San. Their power of faith was feeble but never paused. It was constantly healing Tang San.

Finally, the gold heart started to shake. At first, it slightly trembled. When the power of faith had gathered much more, it started to shake vehemently. The wound on Tang San's chest had finally closed. The other wounds on his bones, flesh, meridians, and the most important, his heart, had all healed under the power of everybody's prayers.

Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had wakened up. They were now ordinary people, even weaker. However, they felt contented. They were the ones who had initiated the light of resurrection; they could feel that Tang San's life was coming back as his body was waking up. As long as his divine powers could be wakened up, no matter how severe his wounds were, he could heal them himself.

People's eyes all gazed at his chest now. Seeing his chest was moving up and down as he was breathing, all of them burst out in tears. It worked! They succeeded! His heart was beating, and he was breathing!

Grandmaster and Tang Hao were still as pale as a sheet of paper. Xiao Wu could be unconscious at any minute. They all came closer to Tang San.

Tang Hao carefully checked Tang San's pulse and felt his body's situation.

"How is it?"

Grandmaster asked worriedly.

Tang Hao nodded, "Little San's body has been recovering quickly. Not only because of the power of faith, but his own powers are also almost restored. I could feel the tremendous powers in him. Even my spirit power couldn't enter his body. If he could wake up, then we have succeeded!"

"No, not yet."

Xiao Wu's voice was trembling.

Tang Hao looked at her with doubts.

"What did you say?"

Xiao Wu's eyes were still mournful.
"He has become a God. If it was like what you said, his body would have been almost all recovered; he should wake up by now because he could definitely feel our worries. But he is still in a coma. It means, we have resurrected him, but not wholly. The last attack he had struck Bibi Dong was a soul attack. To a God, it is his divine soul. At that time, Bibi Dong was severely hurt, but he went into a coma instantly. It's possible that Bibi Dong had smashed his divine soul. To a god, breaking his heart couldn't push him to death. But breaking his divine soul…"

"Impossible! Nonsense!"

Tang Hao shouted indignantly.

"Little San is alive. Don't you hear it? He is breathing, and his heart is beating! My son is not dead yet; he's still alive! Little San, wake up, tell them that you're still alive!"

He was shouting, but his tears were streaming down on his face. In his whole life, today was the day his tears had shed the most. Big hopes leads to big disappointments. It'd been two days, and they had almost restored Tang San's body. But what Xiao Wu said was like lightning, directly striking them. They couldn't accept that fact. However, they all knew that Xiao Wu understood Tang San the most as she was always with him. If Xiao Wu said that, it meant…

The meeting hall was suddenly quiet. A deadly quiet. They were looking at Tang San, who was breathing and his heart was beating strongly in his chest. All of his wounds were healed. They could even feel the god aura on him. However, he was still lying there motionlessly. No signs to prove that he had come back.

Unwillingness filled their hearts. They had made their best efforts but still didn't succeed. Such a big strike, surely could break the most gallant warrior.

If they were resurrecting a normal person, they would only use the resurrection light and wake his soul up. Regardless, Tang San wasn't a human. He was a God. The Cookery and the Nine-colored Goddess couldn't wake his divine soul. Moreover, these two Gods couldn't endure until Tang San had been fully restored. At this moment, a boundless disappointment arose in their hearts as they had just lost their last hope.

Then, Tang San's body started to shake violently, dragging people's attention. Tang Hao was holding his son tightly. He was praying inside. At this moment, if he had to take his life to exchange for Tang San's divine soul, he would have been happy to do so.

Then, everyone in the hall suddenly felt that they couldn't breathe. It had now caused them much difficult just to breathe. They were struggling vehemently.

The surroundings started to transform as everything became ethereal.
Blue. It was an immense blue. Although they were detained in the room, what they were seeing was a vast blue area, just like they were standing and watching at somewhere deep under the ocean.

Then, a strange phenomenon appeared in front of them. They saw Tang San. A blue Tang San.

That Tang San was slowly walking toward them from the vast blue area with excitement on his face. He was looking at them, but he didn't speak. When he had come closer, the pressure became stronger to their souls. Everybody glued their eyes on that blue figure as he walked by and got into Tang San's body.


Tang Hao felt his body had just been struck by an invisible force. Tang San, who was in his lap suddenly floated up. From the laying position, he was now floating horizontally in the hall. The white dots all disappeared. No matter who it was, Tang Hao, Grandmaster, Xiao Wu or any other people in the room, and the great force outside, who were still praying for Tang San, they were all screaming inside.

"I'm back!"

Yes, when that blue Tang San had entered the hall, Tang San was back! He's back now! That blue Tang San was his divine soul. When the divine soul had come back, the Sea God came back to life. Tang San had finally completed his resurrection.

Resurrecting a God in the Human Realm was like daydreaming. The level of difficulty of the entire process was unimaginable. However, during the process, Tang San not only had Ning Rong Rong and Oscar's spirit fusion that brought the two Gods and their Resurrection God Light over but also the power of Faith from the prayers of one million soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire during the whole two days. His god-ranked body was recovered. However, his soul had been restored by the last beam of divine sense that he had left on the Sacred Mount with the prayers of the Sea God Seven Sacred Pillars Guardian Douluos and millions of thousands of creatures living in the sea.

The Sea God Palace, the Sacred Mount, anywhere that had the power of the Sea God, it was where the Sea God had left his inheritance. That was the reason why Tang San's divine sense could stay there for a while even though he had died. Of course, it was the effort of the Sea Dragon Douluo, who had been leading the Sea God Seven Sacred Pillars Guardian Douluos to activate the protective formation on the Sea God Island to call for the last beam of his divine sense.

At this moment, Tang San had come back, standing in front of them. The Sea God was revived!
When Tang San opened his eyes, the blue aura in the hall disappeared immediately. The suffocating feeling was lifted.

Xiao Wu eyed Tang San. When she saw the divine light sparked in his eyes, she finally could relax, collapsed in Liu Er Long's chest. At the same time, the scarlet light that had been covering the entire hall disappeared, inaudibly getting into Xiao Wu's body. Tang San didn't notice that cold aura.

Faint halo flashed. Tang San expressed a deep, touching feeling on his face. He looked at each person in the hall, clenching his fists.

"Thank you! Thank you all!"

The immense blue light emitted from Tang San was sweeping through them all. The tender Sea God's power had calmed their body, washed away their worries during these two days.

Xue Beng kneeled down abruptly; tears were rolling on his face.

"Teacher, you are back! It's all my faults. For this Empire, you have paid dearly!"

Tang San descended and rose Xue Beng up.

"Xue Beng, you did well! Although Bibi Dong had killed me, my shattered divine soul could still see everything. You are a true Emperor of the Heaven Dou Empire. You are a great King, the best King that the Heaven Dou Empire ever had!"

Xue Beng shook his head.

"No, I'm not a good king! I don't even have powers to protect my fellows. Teacher, from my heart, I don't want you to come back to the battlefield. However, the Empire needs your protection! I…"

Tang San patted Xue Beng on his shoulder.

"Don't say anything! There's something unavoidable. Everything has an end. Bibi Dong, Qian Ren Xue and me shall have our final results. They won't spare me, neither will I!"

"Little San!"

Tang Hao and Grandmaster walked to Tang San.

"Dads, sorry to make you two worried."

Tang San looked at his two fathers; his lips were trembling. He, of course, understood how lucky he was to be revived again. However, his heart didn't feel more comfortable. He wanted that battle once again. But it's easier said than done when facing two Gods.

From Tang Hao and Grandmaster, Tang San understood many things. Fathers don't want me to take risks. They don't want to lose me again. If I left the battlefield, even Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue couldn't hold me back. But should I leave like that?

"Dads, my second life is given by you. I can't throw their beliefs in me away! Don't say anything. Now, what more important is to think about how to encounter Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue."

While saying, he stepped forward to hug his two fathers to show his determination.

Tang Hao and Grandmaster didn't speak up. They were gazing at Tang San with a complicated look.

Tang San followed his fathers to come in front of Oscar and Ning Rong Rong. After the Sea God's powers had eased them, their visages looked better, but they were still fragile.

Tang San put his hands on them, pouring the pure Sea God energy into their bodies. With his aid, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong could stand up reluctantly.

"Second brother, Rong Rong, your big favor to me couldn't be described with words. Your spirits didn't disappear. I've used the Sea God's powers to wake them up. But they'll need a long time to recover. Even my divine power couldn't restore them immediately. Maybe it would take one year!"

Oscar laughed cheerily, "Saving a human needs one month to recover. Saving a god needs one year. This is a good deal anyway! Much better than my sausages! But it'd be better if it never happens again."

Ning Rong Rong looked at Tang San with her reddish eyes. She wanted to call him brother, but she couldn't utter.

Tang San turned around to look at Xiao Wu lying in Liu Er Long's embrace, trying to press down his feelings. He then talked to everybody else, "Bibi Dong has given us three days. It's only one day and one night now. It was because she had appeared all of a sudden, I didn't know anything about her abilities. Give me one day to fully recover to my peak state. Then I will fight them again. I believe I can destroy them all. Believe me! Xue Beng, you have to console your men well. Tomorrow will be the time of the last fight!"

"Teacher, don't worry. I will tell them this good new. Ease your mind; I will disclose all the information. We will not let the enemy know anything!"

Having heard Tang San showed his belief in destroying the two gods of the opponent’s side, Xue Beng couldn't hide his excitement. He knew that Tang San had never lied. When he said he could, it really meant that he could!

Tang San continued, "Please leave this place for me, I need to meditate to recover my divine power."

Everybody nodded. Xue Beng took his generals out of the hall, then the Poison Douluo and other supreme spirit masters. Grandmaster, Tang Hao, Flender, Liu Er Long, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong stayed back.

Grandmaster couldn't help but ask, "Little San, are you sure? One versus two, at the god level, I don't think parlor tricks would work!"

Tang San smiled with confidence, "Dad, you are also my teacher. You've trained me. Don't you believe in me? Have I ever lied to you? Don't worry. I know Bibi Dong's and Qian Ren Xue's flaws. If I focus, I will defeat them."

Grandmaster felt better now, "It's good. But you have to remember, no matter what, your life is more important! I can't stand losing my son again!"

Then, he waved at Liu Er Long and Flender, walking out of the room.

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu in Liu Er Long's embrace, trying to stave off his boiling feelings.

"Mother, please take care of Xiao Wu!"

Liu Er Long gave Tang San a deep glance then nodded.

When other people had left, Tang Hao still stayed behind. After everybody else had gone, Tang Hao slowly walked to Tang San, "Have you made up your mind?"

Tang San was surprised, "Dad, what happened? What have I decided?"

Tang Hao looked at Tang San with his calm eyes, "You don't need to play with me. You can fool them but not me. You are my son; you resemble me. There's something even you don't know. Although what you've just said, your face or even your confidence have no flaws, but when you tell a lie, your right hand will instinctively clutch the rim of your shirt. It's exactly like what I've done. I didn't notice that because I know, you won't lie. But you just did that recently. One versus two, facing the two Gods, are you sure you would win? Thus, I conclude that your decision isn't to win them but to die with them. It's also the best result you could do, right?"

Tang San looked at his father. He had never thought that his father would understand him that well. Tang San nodded quietly.

"Father, you know, I have no choice. I can't just stand there and see the Heaven Dou Empire being destroyed. Bibi Dong is my parents' enemy, also my teacher and my own enemy. I have no way back! I can be revived thanks to everybody's powers. Now I will do all that I can do. I believe that you guys will understand what I'm going to do. The battlefield is unpredictable. Perhaps it wouldn't be too bad if I couldn't come back!"

"There is no perhaps here!" Tang Hao suddenly shouted indignantly, "Little San, I won’t allow you to do that! Grandmaster and I have only one son. I'm a father, do you want me to see my son die? You can go, but you have to walk over my dead body first!"

Looking at his father's stubborn eyes, Tang San sighed, "Father, I'm sorry."

Blue light was spreading quietly behind Tang San. A blue Tang San appeared behind Tang Hao. Tang Hao screamed out in pain then fell into Tang San's chest.

Tang San smiled faintly, hugging his father.

"No matter it is for you, for Xiao Wu, or everybody else, I can't back off in this battle!"

Blue halo flashed, and that soul form had fused into his body. Having been through his death and resurrection, although Tang San had undergone many difficulties, he had finally activated his Sea God's ascension thoroughly. Now, he could understand well the abilities of the divine soul and his physical body. That was one of the reasons that ensured his belief in victory tomorrow.

He swung his hand, opened a space rift. Tang San put Tang Hao into that rift. A chain of ornamental patterns then covered that rift.

Tang San had used his divine power to make a space which could last for two days. After two days, even if Tang San didn't let Tang Hao go, this space would automatically self-destructed, releasing Tang Hao. At that time, everything would be settled. Tang San had made up his mind; he left himself no way to return.

Tang San sat down cross-legged, then activated his divine soul. A cage made from blue light covered his body. Tang San started to cultivate but didn't release any beam of his divine sense. Even if Bibi Dong was standing in front of him now, she couldn't feel the god power surging on him. Tang San had surpassed Qian Ren Xue and Bibi Dong in this aspect.

One day had gone by quickly. No one came to disturb him. Xiao Wu had wakened up, but she didn't come to see him in the hall. Only Tang San stayed there.

It was like his instinct had wakened him up. When the sun emerged the horizon, Tang San opened his eyes.

There was a shiny layer covered his blue eyes. When he got up from the ground, he looked like an ordinary person. The compatibility between his divine soul and his body was almost perfect. That's why he looked like he had returned to his true self.

He walked to the door. Everybody was waiting for him there when he opened the gate. Xue Beng, Grandmaster and Xiao Wu stood in the front. Everybody was gazing at him.

Tang San smiled, "Don't worry. The battle today will end everything!"

Grandmaster looked at him into his eye, "Little San, remember this. Wherever you are, we will always be with you."

Tang San sighed. He knew that Grandmaster had seen through him. His father had been missing for one day, how could they not know. He couldn't explain now. Tang San looked at the sun shining on a new dawn from farther away. A blue mist arose from the bottom of his eyes. What comes will come. A blue patterned layer appeared around his body.

"Let's go."

A torrential blue aureole was rising, covering everybody. It was like a tsunami, lifting everybody to the air. Lights just flashed, and they were all atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass now. A strange light flared up from Grandmaster's eyes as he could see Tang San's god powers had been increasing, or he had advanced in using his powers. The worry in his heart was reduced a little bit.

Xiao Wu didn't say anything. She just studied Tang San with her calm eyes. Tang San knew what she was thinking. When everyone got atop the walls, he didn't come to see the Spirit Empire's formation right away but walked to Xiao Wu. He touched her by the shoulders, turning her around. Her back was facing him now.

He delicately rose her long braid, unfastened it. Then he hauled out a comb out of nowhere and started to comb Xiao Wu's hair tenderly.

Xiao Wu was trembling slightly. Everyone understood their feelings, so they all turned around, leaving the couple the last moment of peace before the furious storm. The sun was shining on them. Their shadows stretched on the ground. Tang San didn't say anything to Xiao Wu. He just wanted to comb her hair for once.

When he finished, he embraced her tightly. Seeing her teary eyes, he used his forehead to touch hers, then gently said, "Darling, I love you!"

Xiao Wu was shaking, hugging him back tighter, burying her face into his chest.

"If you do love me, please let me be with you. The result will not change. Let me see you until the end."
Tang San was bewildered. He understood that Xiao Wu clearly knew what he wanted to do. He also knew how stubborn she was. He was about to put her into the space rift. But Xiao Wu just told him that no matter what, the result wouldn't change.

Eventually, Tang San didn't do that. Stay together, dead or alive. They had promised each other.

He kissed her forehead tenderly. Tang San's body had turned into blue light, then escaped her embrace. At the same time, from the Spirit Empire's barrack far from there, two people stepped out from a tent.

"Tang San?"

When the Rakshasa God and the Angelic God saw a blue shadow flying on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, they couldn't help but be stunned. Bibi Dong was always discreet; now she couldn't help but tremble. It's true; the Sea God is back! He would definitely declare the fight with the Rakshasa God and the Angelic God. Oscar and Ning Rong Rong had lost their spirit powers temporarily, which meant he had no chance to be resurrected again. This battle would be the last one!


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