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Chapter 32

Part 1

Ning Rongrong at Oscar’s side sobered from her half conscious condition, startled saying:

“Little Ao, what are you doing?”

Ning Rongrong’s voice immediately aroused the others attention, Zhao Wuji was also an intelligent person, and his immediate realization was anything but reassuring. Unfortunately, they were still one step too late.

Tang San became the first person to eat a mushroom sausage, six illusory wings swiftly appeared at his back, and in the split second Zhao Wuji pounced, he brought his body to rise into the air.

“I’m sorry, teacher Zhao. I have to find Xiao Wu, even if she is already dead I still must retrieve her body.”

By now, everyone at last saw Tang San’s blood red eyes. Naturally they understood the extreme grief in his heart.

“Seven Treasure Words, second spoken: Speed.”

Ning Rongrong’s clear voice echoed, a line of brilliantly colored light floated in the air to Tang San, making the six illusory wings on his back immediately beat faster.

“Little San, go quickly. I’ll support you. I’ve increased spirit power output, the accelerating effect should be able to last for one minute outside of my spirit power range. Definitely find Xiao Wu, she’s my roommate as well.”

Ning Rongrong as if not seeing Zhao Wuji’s murderous gaze, spoke in a loud voice to Tang San.

Tang San looked deeply at Ning Rongrong, he did not say anything, because he didn’t know if he still would have an opportunity to thank Ning Rongrong, already under the Soaring effect of the mushroom sausage he faced the direction the Titan Giant Ape had disappeared and flew off.

“You…… You……”

Zhao Wuji looked at Oscar and Ning Rongrong, already so angry he was speechless.

Oscar said with a wry smile:

“Teacher Zhao, you also saw little San’s eyes. If we didn’t let him go, I’m afraid he still would have chased after on foot. I can understand his frame of mind. If you must blame someone, blame me.”

Zhao Wuji furiously said.

“Blame? What blame. Immediately give me your mushroom sausage. As we pursue, everyone go together. Dead or dying. Dying together is fine. Anyone who doesn’t want to go, at once get out of Star Dou Great Forest.”

Although Zhao Wuji’s voice was angry, hearing his words, everyone’s faces all showed expressions of unwavering determination. Even Fatty Ma Hongjun nodded.

Dai Mubai pulling Zhu Zhuqing’s hand strode over, simply saying:

“Oscar. Quick.”

Ever since he crawled out of the hole holding Zhu Zhuqing, he had continuously held her hand. When he saw Xiao Wu being snatched, he all along thought, if the one being snatched wasn’t Xiao Wu but Zhu Zhuqing, how would he act. Perhaps he would be even more emotional than Tang San. Perhaps it was because of the feeling of crisis that he all along held on to Zhu Zhuqing’s ice-cold little hand, no matter how Zhu Zhuqing struggled, he still didn’t let go.

Zhu Zhuqing also hadn’t struggled much, right now, her ice cold face already couldn’t be seen, occasionally glancing at Dai Mubai, her entire person clearly somewhat taciturn.

The Titan Giant Ape ran quickly within the forest, he already seemed completely unhindered by Star Dou Great Forest’s terrain, whatever the obstacle in front it would not slow down at all, and also wouldn’t really bump into anything. The enormous body displayed astonishing agility, each time it leapt it was able to move forward a hundred metres.

Although the quantity and categories of spirit beasts in Star Dou Great Forest was numerous, each and every one could sense its smell, without exception retreating three day’s march[1]. Who would dare obstruct the path of this frightful forest king?

Although Tang San had Oscar’s mushroom sausage’s flying effect and was able to rely on the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s flying speed, compared to this Titan Giant Ape he was still too slow. Furthermore, the Titan Giant Ape didn’t at all advance in a single direction. Tang San basically would not have a chance of catching up.

If everyone from Shrek Academy saw the appearance of the Titan Giant Ape moving forward they would certainly be greatly shocked. Because, currently Xiao Wu already wasn’t held inside its giant hand, but sat upright on the Titan Giant Ape’s broad shoulder, even though the Titan Giant Ape rushed forward quickly, it was still extremely steady: sitting on his shoulder, Xiao Wu didn’t even feel a bit of shaking.

Right now Xiao Wu’s face was completely covered by a worried expression, occasionally glancing in the opposite direction of where the Titan Giant Ape was rushing.

“Er Ming[2], right here. Don’t continue. I have to hurry back as fast as possible. Otherwise, they’ll be worried. Er Ming, you really shouldn’t have come to find me.”

Hearing Xiao Wu’s words, the Titan Giant Ape unexpectedly miraculously halted. Moreover it lay down, letting Xiao Wu drop off his shoulder. The big head shook, in the eyes unexpectedly revealed an innocent expression.

Xiao Wu muttering to herself said:

“Little San was injured. I was taken away, he will definitely be extremely worried. Little San, you mustn’t by any means be impulsive, ah, I will return immediately. Er Ming, the next time you sense my smell you must first watch from a distance, you must by no means act rashly, otherwise, if by chance you injure my friends it will be troublesome.”

Xiao Wu today had seen the extremely towering creature, but she basically couldn’t explain those kinds of circumstances to the Titan Giant Ape before her, and could only use special methods to repeatedly tell it not to injure anyone. But she was finally still brought away by the Titan Giant Ape. Even if Xiao Wu knew it was worried, but, in this situation was still nothing Xiao Wu wanted to see. Especially Tang San’s injuries gave her even greater concern.

The Titan Giant Ape seemed to understand Xiao Wu, the lantern like eyes brilliant, expression exceptionally gentle.

Xiao Wu raised her head to look at the Titan Giant Ape,

“Er Ming, is Da Ming[3] well?”

The Titan Giant Ape nodded.

Xiao Wu said:

“That’s good. I’m afraid my companions are worried, I have to go back immediately. Since I was brought away by you, I might as well complete my third spirit ring and not have to look for an opportunity again next time. I will begin right now. You stand watch for me. I’m sorry, Er Ming, although i wouldn’t help them kill spirit beasts, I also can’t prevent them.”

The Titan Giant Ape Er Ming shook its head, suddenly emitting a deep unhappy growl.

Its voice didn’t sound loud, but transmitted no less than a kilometre, within this range all spirit beasts were terrified, lightning fast leaving their territory to flee outwards.

Xiao Wu was worried about Tang San’s condition and did not dare delay longer, directly sitting cross legged in front of Er Ming. Both hands made graceful pinching hand movements, right hand palm up, resting flat on her thigh, left hand upright at her chest, mouth starting to emit a series of bizarre sounds.

Following this bizarre sound, Xiao Wu’s both eyes gradually became red, two yellow spirit rings quietly appearing, rhythmically moving up and down around her body. Simultaneously, an enormous white empty shadow took shape behind her, unexpectedly exactly the shape of her spirit Jade Rabbit.

Faint red light gradually spread from Xiao Wu’s body, and as time passed, the red light became more and more intense, the scarlet light filling the surroundings like blood.

The Titan Giant Ape Er Ming lay down next to Xiao Wu, watching Xiao Wu within the red light, in both enormous eyes displaying a somewhat longing light.

Time gradually passed, within that intense red light a layer of purple gradually showed, the purple light like points of starlight condensing, awesomely gathering in a round ring.

The purple ring lowered, settling over Xiao Wu’s body. When starting just now, it was still somewhat unable to harmonize together with the other two rings of light, but as the red light strengthened, the purple ring also gradually steadied. Awesomely it was precisely a thousand year spirit ring.

Let alone other people, even if Tang San’s Teacher was here, that regarding spirit research most profound Grandmaster, would perhaps still be unable to understand what had just happened to Xiao Wu, even more unable to understand why she was able to produce her own spirit ring.

Along with the third spirit ring’s appearance, Xiao Wu’s body line seemed to have become even more harmonious, the entire person looking a bit older, whether it was chest or butt, they still appeared somewhat rounder, female characteristics also becoming even more perfect.

Only the childish nature on her face somewhat lessened.

At the same time, that empty white Jade Rabbit shadow behind her became much clearer after the third spirit ring appeared.

Leaning against the side of a tree, Tang San gasped big mouthfuls of breath.

Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage only allowed for one minute of flight, despite Ning Rongrong’s spirit assistance, Tang San could still only fly less than three kilometres before falling out of the air.

Throughout the entire flight, Tang San already used his Purple Demon Eye to the limit, to be able to look for the Titan Giant Ape’s silhouette.

But, everything turned out contrary to expectations, his most extreme eyesight still would not reveal any trace of the Titan Giant Ape.

Tang San was not resigned. He truly was not resigned. Throughout the flight, all kinds of things continuously came and went flashing through his mind.

The lively Xiao Wu, her mysterious Soft Skill, recognizing him as her elder brother, following silently, lovable charming appearance, without exception made Tang San’s heart ache as if cut by knives.

Tang San had previously never believed that this world had gods, but right now he hoped, because he prayed to the gods, prayed Xiao Wu would be able to miraculously survive.

Even though he couldn’t fly further, Tang San still wouldn’t give up, he staked it all on one direction and advanced at full strength, hoping to be able to find spider’s thread and horse tracks[4].

The spirit power within his body helped by the Recovery Sausage gradually recovered, but right now his physical strength was already somewhat overdrafted, with no choice but to stop a moment and catch his breath.

Although the red in his eyes had declined somewhat, it was still unable to in the slightest degree ease his serious mood.

‘Xiao Wu, you are definitely alive. Definitely.’ Tang San continuously told himself this.

Taking a look at the terrain of the surroundings, Tang San sat down leaning against the big tree, he knew that if he wanted to continue searching for Xiao Wu, he first had to recover his strength a bit.

Part 2

From Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges he pulled out a water skin, pouring out big mouthfuls, dampening his body and also preventing sleepiness.

The gasps for breath gradually steadying, Tang San didn’t dare cultivate, because nobody knew when they might encounter a spirit beast. He only wanted to wait for his physical strength to recover a bit before continuing the search.

Suddenly, a burst of unusual sound attracted Tang San’s attention.

A rustling sound as if from a person changing clothes, also like tree leaves rustling. Suddenly alerted, Tang San slowly stood up, cautiously looking in the direction of the sound.

Immediately after, he saw that sound was the origin of evil.

Black, making Tang San full of loathing, this suddenly appearing animal was like the previous Titan Giant Ape, its body also appearing black. However, compared to the Titan Giant Ape, its body was much smaller. But compared to its own kind, it was still extraordinarily big.

Appearing before Tang San was a spider, a monstrously big spider with the diameter of its bulk exceeding one metre fifty, eight spear-like legs exceeding three metres. Entirely covered by a glossy black carapace, the tip of the long legs were slender, and from each step forward noiselessly thrusting into the ground, it could clearly be seen how sharp they were.

As Tang San discovered it, it seemed to also discover Tang San, the eight long legs moving rhythmically at great speed, even leaving behind a string of mirages, in an eyeblink it already arrived before Tang San. The two forelegs lifted in a flash, directly stinging towards Tang San’s head.

Raising the forelegs, it unavoidably also drove its body to rise above, just enough to let Tang San see its abdomen. This glance, let Tang San recognize its kind.

Tang San practically without hesitation dropped to the ground rolling, getting out of the way of the long legged spider’s attack, drawing an unexpected breath, he had not expected he would encounter it in this place.

Under that spider’s belly was a white veined pattern, forming a clear contrast to its black body, and these vein lines formed the shape of a fierce looking human face. Altogether eight flickering faintly bright little eyes sat close together under its abdomen. However among them two eyes had apparently been smashed by something, badly mangled and mutilated, even the carapace under its abdomen had several cracks.

Right now was night, if Tang San didn’t use Purple Demon Eye, he still truly would have been unable to see these.

Seeing that fierce looking man face, Tang San called to mind the name of this spider before him.

The nightmare of small scale spirit beasts, the eater of living prey, the target of all spirit beasts’ hatred, the terrifyingly evil butcher[5].

These names were all used to describe this long legged spider before him. It was known as the Man Faced Demon Spider. Among spirit beasts, it was categorized as a terrifying existence. Of course, compared to the Titan Giant Ape, it clearly wasn’t on the same level. But, this kind of Man Faced Demon Spider was an organism even feared by spirit beasts.

It possessed a solid carapace, a strange incomparable speed, eight long legs possessing powerful piercing power and additionally extreme poison, but most dreadful was its spider web.

Common spiders all formed their webs by spinning it, but it was different, its spiderweb was directly spit out. Not only was it extremely sticky, moreover it was incomparably durable, in addition to its terrifying neurological venom. A spirit beast like Tang San’s first spirit ring Datura Snake, facing this Man Faced Demon Spider before him could only be reduced to food, nothing more.

At the same time, this Man Faced Demon Spider was also one of the top goals Grandmaster had directed Tang San for his third spirit ring. Grandmaster once told him, Man Faced Demon Spider was the most difficult to obtain, and he must not by any means try to look for it. Because meeting a Man Faced Demon Spider, even if he had the assistance of formidably strong Spirit Masters at his side to subdue it, he would still very easily meet danger.

The Man Faced Demon Spider did not only spit out its spider web in an eyeblink, but was also able to cover an area ten times itself, practically impossible to dodge. Even if it was trapped by formidable Spirit Masters, it still required time to be able to struggle free. But this time was enough for it to be very eventful.

Tang San hadn’t expected to encounter a Man Faced Demon Spider under circumstances like these. From looking at its figure, it clearly exceeded thousand years of cultivation. The Man Faced Demon Spider could spit its web three times in one day. Generally speaking, on seeing prey its first action would be to spit its web. But, right now it was relying on its long legs to attack. In addition to the injuries on its abdomen, this let Tang San think of a possibility: this Man Faced Demon Spider had already used up its spider web for today.

Confronting a normal condition Man Faced Demon Spider, Tang San knew he didn’t have any chance, but if it was an injured Man Faced Demon Spider, that wasn’t so certain. After all, he clearly understood the Man Faced Demon Spider’s weak points, precisely its eight eyes. How could it still possibly compare to that previous forest king. If he was able to kill the Man Faced Demon Spider before him, and absorb its spirit ring, then, he could practically be certain that his body’s condition would immediately be able to recover to its peak degree, strength would also increase somewhat, and looking for Xiao Wu would naturally also become a bit easier.

These thoughts flashed through Tang San’s mind. As he flipped over to stand, Blue Silver Grass Binding ability already launched, countless long and thick blades of grass abruptly twined around the Man Faced Demon Spider’s body.

Tang San knew that relying on the Man Faced Demon Spider’s physical strength, cutting open his Blue Silver Grass Binding was not at all a problem. The additional poison on Blue Silver Grass basically had no effect on it, as it had its own highly poisonous nature. The Man Faced Demon Spider apart from neurotoxin also had corrosive poison, the reason why it was so tyrannical. These were all things Tang San wished to have in his Blue Silver Grass. Therefore, obtaining this spirit ring was extremely important to him.

Turning over and up, in Tang San’s left hand were already many black boxes, his right hand lightning quick moved to and fro above the black boxes, issuing a succession of mechanical noises.

The Man Faced Demon Spider was still faster than Tang San imagined, Blue Silver Grass’ restriction clearly made it angry, a faint layer of purple gloss spread from its body, the Blue Silver Grass adhering to its body unexpectedly melting away. In other words, it was corrosive.

As Blue Silver Grass corroded a certain degree, the Man Faced Demon Spider threw it off completely unhindered, once again dashing in Tang San’s direction, this time, its four front limbs were already raised, clearly it was about to deal Tang San a sure kill attack.

Tang San looked extremely cool-headed at the Man Faced Demon Spider, right hand lightning quick stroking from his waist, ten white lights shooting out simultaneously, going straight for the eyes on the Man Faced Demon Spider’s abdomen.

As expected, the Man Faced Demon Spider was extremely protective of its vitals, in addition to already having two eyes suffer injuries, unable to attack Tang San, extremely quickly it crawled on the ground, the hidden weapons striking the carapace on its body, emitting a series of sparks. But at this moment, Tang San also completed the black box mechanisms in his hand.

Tang San could now be completely certain, this Man Faced Demon Spider confronting him had already spit out the spiderweb it could use today. A thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider was able to use spiderweb three times per day, only if it reached the ten thousand year cultivation level would this number increase. Adding the injuries it had already suffered, Tang San could be even more certain in his conjecture. Otherwise, with the Man Faced Demon Spider’s ruthless personality, it would have been sure already to spit out spiderweb when confronted by his provocation, and not use its long legs to attack like right now.

The Man Faced Demon Spider was already thoroughly infuriated by Tang San. After resisting the hidden weapons, the purple shine that previously corroded the Blue Silver Grass appeared once again, before it had even approached, already a smell stinging the nose came through making people feel nauseous.

But right now Tang San didn’t withdraw again, watching the lightning fast eight long legs shoot up, as the Demon Faced Spider pounced, he on the contrary went to meet it.

That in his hand already completely set up black box mechanism moved to his right hand, a black light flickering in his left hand, a decorated with an odd pattern black little Hammer quietly appeared in his grasp. Confronted with a life or death crisis, Tang San finally took out his second spirit.

Even though this second spirit did not have any additional spiri abilities, but, as Tang San’s spirit power increased, its weight also continuously increased, the Hammer itself did not appear to change much, but this little Hammer’s weight had by now already reached a terrifying five hundred jin[6].

Tang San knew that he only had one chance, with his current physical strength, in speed it was absolutely impossible to compare to the Man Faced Demon Spider, consequently escape was impossible.

But directly using hidden weapons to attack, with the Man Faced Demon Spider’s alertness it was still very difficult for him to cause any true injuries.

After all, even if it was armor splitting type hidden weapons they still required the support of profound internal strength, and although Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill already had some progress, the word ‘profound’ was still far away.

Black light pulsing, Tang San dashing forward suddenly came to a complete stop, but the Man Faced Demon Spider’s four forelegs had already lifted, this time, its speed was even faster, on the long legs all adhered that purple gloss brimming with corrosion, adding to its consciousness paralysing poison, let alone being struck directly, even if it was a small infection, it was sufficient to be fatal to Tang San.

Part 3

As the wicked butcher, the Man Faced Demon Spider used this kind of method to devour unknown numbers of spirit beasts and Spirit Masters who penetrated deep into the Star Dou Great Forest. The remaining six little eyes under its abdomen right now already gleamed with faint light.

Just as those four three metre long legs, just like steel tipped pikes abruptly flashed, Tang San moved.

Moving his left hand, Tang San had by now condensed his entire thirtieth ranked spirit power into his left hand, in a moment the spirit power poured into that black little Hammer.

Between eyeblinks, that black little Hammer in his hand swelled to twice its size, the decorative designs on the surface suddenly becoming clear, twinkling with faint blue light.

Swinging his left hand with full strength, that little Hammer whistled out, smashing straight at the Man Faced Demon Spider’s torso.

The Man Faced Demon Spider’s chest was armored and it was the most solid place on it’s entire body. Confronting Tang San’s sudden attack, it habitually did not block.

Spirit Masters were able to sense within a certain range the intensity of a spirit beast’s actual strength, and spirit beasts were equally capable of sensing a Spirit Master’s strength. Originally this Man Faced Demon Spider’s strength was far above Tang San’s, only because of suffering injuries was it not so terrifying. But it was still able to determine that Tang San’s strength wasn’t equal to its own, and that his attack naturally wouldn’t be able to cause any harm to its most powerful carapace.

Consequently, the Man Faced Demon Spider did not take any action against that Hammer flying towards its chest, the eight long legs still pierced straight down, about to dispose of Tang San and have him as its food. Spirit Masters with spirit power and spirit rings, to spirit beasts, were great supplementary food, able to increase cultivation by many years.

Unfortunately, this time the Man Faced Demon Spider miscalculated. After all it didn’t possess the wisdom of higher level spirit beasts, how could its mind still compare to a human’s?

With a dull peng sound, the Man Faced Demon Spider’s downward pouncing body reversed up, its upper body smashed up into the air.

The Man Faced Demon Spider’s judgement was correct, even though that Hammer aggregated Tang San’s full spirit power, the Hammer’s own weight reaching a frightful five hundred jin, but, it was still unable to break open its chest armor. The carapace was intact.

But, the power of this Hammer truly was too great, the black little hammer infused with Tang San’s entire spirit power, the weight of this hit carried a thousand jin[7]. Although it was unable to truly injure the Man Faced Demon Spider, it still managed to smash its body back up.

This strike, was originally the last spirit ability Tang San and Xiao Wu together suffered when they faced the Tie brothers in Spirit Arena ring. At that time the Tie brothers used this All In One Throw to injure Tang San. Pondering about the painful experience, Tang San carefully reflected on this All In One Throw technique. He recalled, he also had the Hammer, although it didn’t have additional spirit rings, couldn’t it use this move? Although he was unable to like the Tie brothers’ spirit ability give the Hammer a pursuing capability, he still had hidden weapon techniques, and regarding precision, in no way would he be inferior to the Tie Brothers’ All in One Throw.

The weight of Tang San’s Hammer already reached a frightful five hundred jin on its own, even if it didn’t absorb his whole spirit power, when thrown it was already absolutely a powerful hidden weapon. Consequently, Tang San since that time had already practiced it several times. Although this black Hammer was heavy, he also wasn’t a child who had just awakened his spirit power. Within ten metres, he could completely control the Hammer’s precision.

Right now, at this most critical moment using this move, although exhausting Tang San’s entire spirit power, it already gave the effect he anticipated.

The Man Faced Demon Spider’s upper body smashed up, automatically revealing its lower abdomen. That white veined pattern like a fierce evil man’s face momentarily enlarged before Tang San, those six still open faintly purple eyes brimming with dense cold and terrible light.

On Tang San’s composed face was not a ripple, he raised his right hand straight up.

What was the strongest advantage to mechanism type hidden weapons? That was not needing to rely on any internal strength support to be able to generate their powerful killing power.

In Tang San’s previous life, an unskilled martial artist once took Tang Sect’s first rate mechanism type hidden weapon Torrential Rain Pear Blossom Needle[8] to easily kill a peak expert. This was Tang Sect’s strongest area. Right now in Tang Sans hand this seemingly unremarkable, only one chi long black box, would use this power on the Man Faced Demon Spider confronting him.

Gabeng, gabeng, gabeng, a series of mechanical cracks echoed from Tang San’s right hand. Lines of jet black shadow shot out together . Tang San’s wrist rocked slightly, partly to dissipate the jolting force from the black box, partly to maintain accuracy. With his skill, in such close range, how could he possibly lose precision?

One must know, the majority of mechanism type hidden weapons Tang San made used noiseless mechanisms, such capability could even easier injure the enemy. But for what reason did the black box mechanism in his hand still make these noises?

Of course the issue wasn’t Tang San’s crafting skill, that could prove only one thing, in order to pursue the might of this black box, Tang San gave up on noiseless mechanisms to make this mechanism type hidden weapon display its most terrifying firepower.

Altogether sixteen shadows flew out, under Tang San’s precise control, the sixteen shadows did not let even the Man Faced Demon Spider’s already injured two eyes escape, each eye was pierced by two shadows, between eyeblinks completely disappearing inside the Man Faced Demon Spider’s body.

Although the Man Faced Demon Spider’s eyes were its weak points, they also weren’t without protection, on the surface of the eyes was a transparent protective layer whose defensive power was also considered pretty good.

But, before the shadows that spit out from the black box in Tang San’s hand, this defensive layer was unexpectedly like rice paper. Without having even the slightest effect, it was clearly seen just how powerful the piercing power of these shadows was.

When previously confronting the Titan Giant Ape, Tang San did consider using this hidden weapon, but the situation at that time changed too rapidly, leaving him without the opportunity to use this hidden weapon. Although this hidden weapon’s might as great, because the mechanism’s launching power was too excessive, as a result each time it was used it had to be prepared on the spot, otherwise, over time the taut mechanism would be damaged.

Consequently, when facing the Titan Giant Ape Tang San didn’t use it, right now confronting the Man Faced Demon Spider, Tang San finally took out this most overbearingly large caliber weapon among all his hidden weapons.

That one chi or more little black box did not look it, but its weight already exceeded thirty jin[9].

Right hand finished shooting, Tang San without hesitation made his next move. Swiftly leaping back, directly into a roll, his body moving away ten metres or more.


An ear piercingly sharp sound mournfully cry called out, in the dark sounding especially clear.

The next moment after those sixteen shadows entered the body of the Man Faced Demon Spider, that black carapace covering its body abruptly stiffened at once, immediately afterward, the whole body abruptly flipped over, violently raging on the ground.

This way, the nearby plants at once toppled like so much large fungi, what is called ‘a centipede dies but never falls down’, although this Man Faced Demon Spider didn’t have a hundred feet, its vitality was still extremely tenacious.

Those sixteen shadows that shot into its eight eyes already completely entered within its head, but unexpectedly not even this kind of injury could let it die on the spot.

Purple light and blue liquid, in addition to its sturdy body, twisted and raged madly on the ground.

Weak plants were corroded in a moment, even bulky trees were shattered when struck by it. Within ten square metres was a complete mess, already without any kind of plant that could stay intact.

After Tang San rolled away ten metres he didn’t stop, resisting the weak feeling in his body he quickly withdrew from the attack range of the Man Faced Demon Spider.

He knew, if this Man Faced Demon Spider hadn’t already suffered fatal injuries, then, even if it couldn’t see, it could still rely on his scent to find his location.

At last he felt he was safe, Tang San’s both legs softened, no longer able to resist, fell down on his butt on the spot, gasping big mouthfuls of breath. Even the black box in his hand he already held somewhat unsteadily.

The flying Hammer without the support of his spirit power had already automatically disappeared, that Hammer completely emptied Tang San’s spirit power, right now he had completely exhausted both his spirit power and physical strength. If it wasn’t for the idea of searching for Xiao Wu supporting his body, perhaps he would already have passed out.

The Man Faced Demon Spider’s churning became smaller and smaller, the carapace all over its body covered with that blue and purple sheen, purple black liquid continuously flowed from the cuts in its eight eyes, soon it was no longer alive.

Tang San knew before setting about the task, even if he used this black box in his hand to shoot the Man Faced Demon Spider, he might not be able to penetrate its carapace armor, but if it was only shooting at its weak points, at the Man Faced Demon Spider’s eyes the defense couldn’t do like the Titan Giant Ape and close its eyes.

Relying on a hidden weapon expert’s cool head and his own made superior quality hidden weapons, he at last could be considered having survived this crisis.

As the Man Faced Demon Spider’s life gradually faded, points of blue purple light began to condense above it, making it possible to absorb its spirit ring.

After a thousand year spirit beast died, the spirit ring could be maintained for one double hour, as long as it was within one double hour it could be absorbed.

Tang San was in no hurry to absorb the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, right now his body’s condition truly was too lacking, he was unable to determine this Man Faced Demon Spider’s precise cultivation age, but could be certain it definitely exceeded a thousand years.

Spirit beasts’ spirit rings also had many differences, the thousand Year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent Oscar previously absorbed, belonged to a comparatively gentle kind of spirit beasts.

Absorbing its spirit ring naturally also wasn’t difficult.

But this Man Faced Demon Spider before him was different, among spirit beasts it was definitely a vicious and ruthless existence, with regard to this, although its spirit ring was able to grant even greater amplification effects, the process of absorbing it was also more dangerous.

In order to support it a Spirit Master had to endure the shock of this kind of ruthless energy, when the body or will was unable to persevere, it was very possible to cause a fatal backlash effect.

[1] Idiom: Give way in the face of superior strength.

[2] (二明) “Second Bright”

[3] (大明) “Big Bright”

[4] Idiom: Tiny hints, clues.

[5] (邪恶杀戮者) “Butcher” is an approximation, more literally it would be “Evil/Wicked Massacreist/Slaughterer”.

[6] 500斤 = 250kg

[7] 1000斤 = 500 kg

[8] (暴雨梨花针)

[9] 30斤 = 15kg

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