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Chapter 31

Part 1

Tang San said:

“Even more influential is aimless massacre. One Spirit Master in his life only needs nine spirit beasts at most, but, how many spirit beasts does one Spirit Master have to hunt and kill in his life? Let alone others, even us, on this journey when encountering some aggressive ten year and hundred year spirit beasts, still can’t help but act. And for those people making a living hunting spirit beasts, the numbers slaughtered are geometrically multiplied. After a long time like this, the vocation of Spirit Master will one day have no rings to use.”

Zhao Wuji said:

“Well, don’t say this. This isn’t something you and me are capable of controlling. At most we can only kill a bit fewer, that’s all. Little San, I’ve decided, if tomorrow we still can’t find you a spirit beast, we will go a bit deeper to search the inner parts of Star Dou Great Forest. There will always be a spirit ring suitable to you. Rest assured.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:

“Teacher Zhao, this problem has actually never worried me. However, I have all along not had the opportunity to apologize to you. That time when competing against you, you all along started off leniently, yet I……”

Zhao Wuji laughed bitterly, shaking his hand towards Tang San,

“It’s all right, you can’t keep carrying that awkward incident, I’ve already forgotten it.”

The two looked at each other, unable to help showing smiling expressions.

At that moment, suddenly, the smiling expression in Zhao Wuji’s eyes faded in a flash, one hand sharply grabbing Tang San’s shoulder to pull him close, cold and severe atmosphere surging from Zhao Wuji’s body, following a deep roar, he directly summoned his spirit, Vigorous Vajra Bear and in a moment finishing Body Transformation.

“Everyone leave the tents. Quickly.”

Zhao Wuji roared deeply, the strong sound reaching the insides of the tents.

After several days of cooperation, the students had long ago reached a certain rapport, lightning quick making their way out of the tents.

“Teacher Zhao, why?”

Dai Mubai reached Zhao Wuji’s side in one sudden big stride, puzzled asking him.

Zhao Wuji did not answer his question,

“Everyone get behind me. If in a moment something happens, you must not distract me. Leave immediately and speak again after first leaving Star Dou Great Forest. Mubai, when I’m not present, I’ll leave the responsibility of protecting everyone to you.”

Whether it was Dai Mubai, Tang San or the others, no one understood what had happened that unexpectedly made the always overly confident in his strength Zhao Wuji this nervous, but at this moment, they suddenly saw a strange scene.

In the direction Zhao Wuji was looking, two large trees suddenly slowly parted to either side, and an enormous silhouette noiselessly walked out.

Seeing this big animal, they all seemed to stop breathing, and everyone finally understood what was actually worrying Zhao Wuji.

This was an existence like a mountain, black fur all over its body faintly twinkling with lustre under the weak illumination of the moon and stars, even though it was four limbed, the height of its shoulders already at least outstripped seven metres.

If it stood upright, the height might be over fifteen metres.

On the surface, this was an existence both like monkeys and a black orangutan, apart from a pair of lantern sized eyes with a yellow crystal like lustre its whole body was pitch black. At night if it didn’t move, even its body would look indistinct.

This big animal’s body was actually too majestic, its condition unimaginably awesome, not only was its body enormous, but all over its entire body it was covered with muscles even tougher than granite, protruding like little hills.

But such an enormous animal did not make any noise while walking, not even the sound of breathing.

Seeing it, the first to recognize it was Tang San, relying on the knowledge Grandmaster instilled in him, he practically immediately distinguished this big animal’s category.

“It’s actually the forest king, Titan Giant Ape[1].”

Even the always calm Tang San, right now had a somewhat shaky voice.

Titan Giant Ape appeared in any spirit beast forest, and all were absolute existences like overlords. There were no spirit beasts that dared offend it, because the result would inevitably be death. Even if it was only a hundred year Titan Giant Ape, it could still measure up against other ten thousand year level spirit beasts.

They possessed incomparable physical strength and speed. Attack and defense were practically without any flaws. But most terrifying, they could even use skills similar to spirit abilities.

No one knew what the Titan Giant Ape’s true ability was, because on seeing these skills humans were already dead.

Similarly for all ten thousand year spirit beasts their actual strength was decided differently, this was in itself a question of properties. But Titan Giant Ape, among all spirit beasts, clearly stood among a small number of types of spirit beasts at the summit of the pyramid. The terror it could produce was the nightmare of practically all Spirit Masters.

Previously an unknown number of Spirit Masters had coveted the power of the Titan Giant Ape, hoping to be able to kill it for their spirit ring. But the people with this kind of notion also strived hard in vain, completely vanishing from this world.

Among known Spirit Masters, apparently only one person had ever killed a Titan Giant Ape, and furthermore alone, that’s all.

Titan Giant Ape did not only have formidable strength, but they even possessed intelligence no less than humans.

Within the forest, it was an absolute king.

Whether it was Tang San or Zhao Wuji, neither had in any way expected, that this kind forest king and spirit beast king, that even if one existed should live at the core of Star Dou Great Forest, would appear here.

“Respected forest king, we did not mean to offend, if this is your territory, we will immediately withdraw.”

Zhao Wuji said in a low voice. He knew that Titan Giant Apes were capable of understanding human speech. Especially such a powerful Titan Giant Ape as this, which clearly already outstripped ten thousand years of cultivation. He really could not imagine a spirit beast more formidable than this one.

The Titan Giant Ape did not take any notice of Zhao Wuji’s words, it only did one simple thing that made everyone’s hearts leap into their throats. Because it took one step forward.

Even though it was only one step, with its majestic body, this step already pulled close the distance to everyone from Shrek Academy.

Zhao Wuji’s brain right now worked at full speed, but at most only four words appeared, ‘what can be done?’

Yes, right now what could be done? Although Zhao Wuji was confident in his strength, he was very clear on, the terror of this Titan Giant Ape was above the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife pair. He would prefer to confront a Title Douluo, but absolutely did not wish to confront a spirit beast king like this.

Just like what Tang San said before, Spirit Masters massacring spirit beasts made all spirit beasts regard humans with hatred. This spirit beast king clearly was no exception.

Facing it, Zhao Wuji knew that even defending himself was an issue, let alone speaking of protecting the others. But, at this moment, how could he still cower back?

Clenching his teeth, Zhao Wuji said in a low voice:

“I’ll hold it off, you immediately eat Oscar’s mushroom sausage and leave. I’m afraid I won’t last long. You must act quickly.”

Leaving behind these words, Zhao Wuji took a deep breath, over his body seven rings of light releasing a great radiance, rushing to meet the Titan Giant Ape.

The first, second, third and fifth rings of light flared simultaneously. Confronting this tyrannical opponent, the Motionless Bright King immediately used four of his spirit abilities.

The light from four spirit rings simultaneously flaring was somewhat dazzling, Motionless Bright King Body protecting him, Gravity Control with Zhao Wuji as its center completely enveloping the Titan Giant Ape, Gravity Crush mobilising in concert with Gravity Control, as much as possible restricting the Titan Giant Ape’s body. At the same time, both his palms whirled, using Vigorous Vajra Palm at full strength, tyrannical energy fluctuations suddenly releasing, Zhao Wuji took advantage of a tall tree to the side to leap high into the air, both hands whirling, not in the least sparing spirit power, throwing himself straight at the Titan Giant Ape.

“Tang San, you cover everyone’s departure, I will assist teacher Zhao.”

Dai Mubai explained, dashing forward with a loud tiger howl to the sky. He naturally also knew that the Titan Giant Ape was formidable, therefore, he directly used not only his White Tiger Spirit, but simultaneously also in a flash started his most powerful third spirit ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation.

Dai Mubai’s body which had originally become full of power from White Tiger Body Enhancement swelled once again, the muscles themselves swelling exaggeratedly, the clothes over his body completely bursting, exposing a frightfully muscled silhouette, most strange was, on his skin appeared black horizontal stripes, and if it wasn’t hairless it would be no different from tiger skin.

A pair of hands again larger, the sharp blades ejected on the surface all became bright silver, most peculiar was, all over his body he was shrouded in an intense golden light, as if he was gilded.

Blood red eyes shining with bloodthirst, all over the whole body wearing that kind of king among beasts aggressiveness.

Attack and defense abruptly upgraded, Dai Mubai at once sending out that tiger roar sprinted with full power. Zhao Wuji’s goal was the top of the Titan Giant Ape’s head, but Dai Mubai’s goal were the forelimbs supporting the Titan Giant Ape’s body.

“You go. I have to help them and can’t leave.”

A warm and soft yet resolute voice rose, a dazzlingly beautiful Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda rotated out from the center of Ning Rongrong’s palm.

Over these days, her coordination with everyone had always conformed, without showing any errors, also without erupting into her young lady character, gradually becoming accepted by everyone.

Who couldn’t acknowledge that the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda indeed had its original position, being known as the foremost Auxiliary Spirit absolutely wasn’t false.

“Seven Treasure Words, first spoken: Strength.”

“Seven Treasure Words, second spoken: Speed.”

Following Ning Rongrong’s brief and clear voice, four lines of light simultaneously shot out, two of them falling on Zhao Wuji’s body just as he was about to attack the top of the Titan Giant Ape’s head.

The Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit’s most powerful trait was how its amplification disregarded the foundation. Ning Rongrong’s amplification effect was currently thirty percent, in other words, no matter how strong the subject was in itself, they would all have an amplification range of thirty percent. Thirty seventh ranked Dai Mubai had his strength and speed amplified by thirty percent, and seventy sixth ranked Zhao Wuji as well.

Indeed, under Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda amplification, Zhao Wuji’s speed suddenly increased, the spirit power over his two bear paws also strengthened somewhat, in a flash already having risen up over eightieth ranked spirit power attack power.

Of the altogether seven students, two already decided to stay behind, could the others truly leave? Over several days of cooperation, they had long ago already formed a good rapport.

Tang San did not even say anything, only clapped Fatty’s shoulder and dashed out, his meaning very clear, ‘the mission boss Dai handed over is up to you to complete’.

Tang San’s goal was the same as Dai Mubai’s, both were the Titan Giant Ape’s forelimbs, however Dai Mubai was attacking, but Tang San was binding, Blue Silver Grass without stinting in the least rushed out frantically, going directly for the Titan Giant Ape’s forelimbs, looking to as far as possible restrict its movements.

Because Tang San clearly understood that the Titan Giant Ape did not only have tyrannical attack and defense: although its body was enormous, its speed was still extremely terrifying.

Ning Rongrong fully displayed her auxiliary system Spirit Master effects, at the same time as Tang San quickly rushed out, two lines of light also attached to his body.

Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda’s support was definitely a kind of pleasure, physical strength and speed in a flash increased thirty percent, that kind of feeling was somewhat wonderful. Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass immediately became even more lush, firmly twining around the Titan Giant Ape’s two forelimbs, the sharp thorns on Blue Silver Grass strived even harder to sting, earnestly hoping to be able to rely on the poison to cause some harm to the Titan Giant Ape.

Part 2

Zhu Zhuqin’s body vanished at the same time Tang San rushed out. Of course she didn’t leave. Right now, she already soared to the tree that Zhao Wuji jumped off from, flying about, trying to find an opportunity to attack.

Fatty Ma Honjun muttered something unknown to himself. The two spirit rings on his body released a strong glow, his entire body engulfed in purple fire. His second spirit ability Bathing Fire Phoenix[2] was not only capable of protecting him, at the same time it could also amplify his first spirit ability Phoenix Fire Wire. A Phoenix Fire Wire as thick as an arm spitted out of his mouth, however, this fellow was very sneaky. His target was a certain area under the abdomen of the Titan Giant Ape.

Fatty of course didn’t know what gender the Titan Giant Ape was. He only knew that no matter the gender, that kind of place definitely was a weak spot.

Xiao Wu left almost at the same time as Zhu Zhuqing, but she chose a different tree.

Actually, dealing with the kind of fortified for combat creatures like the Titan Giant Ape was what she was least adept at, but Xiao Wu still rushed forward without hesitation. No one knows why, but her face instead looked somewhat relaxed. However, at times like these no one would pay attention to her expression.

Oscar didn’t charge forward, but his mouth repeated the same sentence over and over again. I your father have a mushroom sausage, striving to prepare everyone’s escape tool.


Zhao Wuji’s two Vigorous Vajra Palms, after thirty percent amplification, heavily slammed onto the Titan Giant Ape’s head. The instantaneous increase in power and speed made Zhao Wuji very satisfied with his attack this time.

He’s could be certain, other than activating his seventh spirit ring, this was already his peak strength.

But, a scene that made everyone horrified appeared. The moment Zhao Wuji’s two palms slammed into the Titan Giant Ape, his entire body bounced away as fast as a cannon ball.

However, the Titan Giant Ape seemed to underestimate Zhao Wuji’s strength. His entire head was slammed backwards. Soon after, this king of the forest burst out into a roar that could scare the sky.

Tang San, utilizing his Purple Demon Eye, clearly saw a wave of black erupt from the Titan Giant Ape. In the dark of the night, only he could clearly see this wave. Right after, no matter if it was Dai Mubai and himself attacking from the ground, or Zhu Zhuqin and Xiao Wu trying to attack from the trees, everyone was thrown flying by this terrifying black wave. The blue silver grass that was wrapped around the Titan Giant Ape was shredded into pieces and didn’t serve even the slightest use.

Because Tang San saw the black wave come out, his reaction was the fastest. Backing away swiftly, even though he still went flying off, he could control his body just enough to catch Xiao Wu, who was also sent flying.

Dai Mubai’s power was, other than Zhao Wuji, the strongest. But because he was too close to Titan Giant Ape, when he was sent flying, he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

The most unlucky was the sneaky Fatty. All the Phoenix Fire Wire he spit out got sent back at him by the black wave. Even though he was using his second spirit ability Fire Bathing Phoenix, he still got heavily hit by his own Phoenix Fire Wire, making him roll on the ground all the way until he got to Tang San’s feet and Tang San helped him steady himself. Fortunately, the fire was his own, so he didn’t get burned.

The Titan Giant Ape seemed enraged. At the same time as the black wave, its massive body finally moved drastically. With almost indiscernible speed it jumped up, its massive body falling from the sky, going straight at the center of everyone.

As of now, Zhao Wuji was still in the air. He was sent flying diagonally upwards. Even if he wanted to aid the students, it was too late.

Even though Tang San was alert of the Titan Giant Ape’s speed, he still underestimated the horrifying Forest King in front of him. The incomparably enormous body flew at him at unreal speeds. The terrifying pressure felt like a mountain on everyone, making everyone feel like they couldn’t breathe.

This key moment showed everyone’s varying reaction speeds.

Tang San reacted fastest. Years of training on hidden weapons made his reflexes far beyond normal people.  First throwing out Xiao Wo held in his arms, starting by getting her away from the Titan Giant Ape’s leap attack.

At the same time as throwing Xiao Wu, he kicked Fatty in his blubbery butt, making him slide away along the ground.

Simultaneously, using the force from the kick he rolled away horizontally. At the last possible moment leaving the range of the Titan Giant Ape’s impact.

The time provided to Tang San was way too short. Even though his reaction speed was amazing, he only had enough time to save the people beside him, Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun.

Dai Mubai’s reaction speed was second only to Tang San’s. The moment he saw the Titan Giant Ape jump into the air, he didn’t have Tang San’s speed to let himself and Zhu Zhuqin nearby leave the range of the Titan Giant Ape. But still he had his own ways.

Dai Mubai sharply stretched out his hand, the claws of the tiger paw extending as long as they could, just enough to pull Zhu Zhuqin into his arms. Although this left three gashes on Zhu Zhuqin’s back, there was no time to care about that.

At the same time, he hit the ground with his palm, making a giant pit. The moment Zhu Zhuqin entered his embrace, he immediately hugged her and fell into the pit.

At this life and death moment, Dai Mubai’s mind was very calm. He knew, no matter how big the Titan Giant Ape was, it would still hit the ground with a flat surface. As long as he was under the ground, he could avoid being squashed.

And the deep pit on the ground was just for that. Backing up a bit, even if he himself gets squashed, Zhu Zhuqin, who was under him, would be able to avoid getting hurt.

Even though Zhu Zhuqin is an agility type spirit master, when she fell into Dai Mubai’s embrace, her mind blanked. At the same time the stinging pain from her back came, everything became black. Right after, giant quakes went through her entire body, the vibrations almost causing her to faint.

Oscar’s reaction was undoubtedly the slowest, but he wasn’t stupid. In fact, he was smarter than Dai Mubai.

He didn’t have the power to create a pit in the floor, but he jumped out at almost the same time as Dai Mubai. Dai Mubai needed to use his tiger claws to pull Zhu Zhuqin from afar into his embrace. Oscar, on the contrary, very bluntly pushed Ning Rongrong onto the ground under him, hugging her while falling onto the ground.

The Titan Giant Ape walked around with all four limbs, Oscar thought. If he landed with all four limbs as well, then as long as him and Ning Rongrong fell onto the floor, then they had a chance to survive. Even if he was really unlucky and actually got squashed, he would still die hugging a beauty. As the saying goes, “Die under a peony and be licentious even as ghost.”

Hugging a beauty from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School down to hell isn’t a bad deal.

Ning Rongrong of course didn’t know what Oscar was thinking. Her body wasn’t as sturdy as Zhu Zhuqin’s. Getting thrown onto the ground by Oscar, she fainted from the impact.


The Titan Giant Ape landed with a boom. What made Oscar happy was, just as he thought, the Titan Giant Ape landed with four limbs, and he and Ning Rongrong were just under the Titan Great Ape’s lower abdomen. Other than a strong quake, they didn’t get hurt whatsoever.

But at this time, Tang San, who rolled away the moment the Titan Great Ape fell, felt ice cold inside, because he clearly saw the Titan Great Ape’s forearm abruptly raise and catch Xiao Wu, who he threw into the air in an attempt to save her.

“NOO—— Let Xiao Wu GO!”

Watching Xiao Wu fall into the Titan Great Ape’s hand, Tang San’s eyes became red. Not waiting for his body to steady on the shaking ground, he kicked the ground and leaped upwards. Lending power from a nearby tree, he flew up. His hands passed over his belt lightning fast. Ten glinting weapons flew out, aiming straight for the Titan Great Ape’s eyes.

The eyes were one of the Titan Great Ape’s rare weaknesses.

Tang San’s heart had fallen down to the bottom already. He knew clearly, that with the Titan Great Ape’s strength, if it squeezed even slightly, Xiao Wu wouldn’t survive, no matter how flexible she was.

Part 3

Zhao Wuji had also finally landed, and he saw the same scene of Xiao Wu falling into the Titan Giant Ape’s grasp.

At this kind of moment, how would Zhao Wuji still hold back reserves, bellowing at the sky, the seventh spirit ring over his body abruptly erupted in deep black. Intense black light in a flash enveloped Zhao Wuji, immediately after, huge changes began to take place in his body.

After Vigorous Vajra Bear Body Enhancement, Zhao Wuji’s already magnificent body rapidly swelled like balloon, in an eyeblink, his height already surpassed five metres, the muscles over his whole body swelling to exaggerated shapes, brown hair growing like crazy, unexpectedly entirely becoming like a genuine giant bear.

As his body completely changed into a bear shape, the light brown fur discolored in a flash, sparkling with bright golden light. Incarnated as a bear Zhao Wuji without hesitation pounced as a Vigorous Vajra Bear at the arm that held Xiao Wu.

The seventh spirit ring of all Spirit Masters with spirit beasts after reaching seventieth rank was similar, that was Spirit Avatar[3]. Same as the thirtieth ranked Spirit Master bottleneck, seventieth ranked was also the same, for Spirit Masters with Spirit Avatar’s Beast Spirit, strength would substantially upgrade, at the same time, this ability could only be especially effective for them when their life depended on it.

What Zhao Wuji used right now, was his seventh spirit ring ability, it was also the most powerful spirit ring ability Spirit Avatar with the most potent side effect. What he revealed, was equivalent to the spirit Vigorous Vajra Bear itself.

Under the use of Spirit Avatar, he could limitlessly employ apart from Spirit Avatar the seven rings or lower for thirty minutes, at one hundred fifty percent of the original might. An additional terrifying property of Vigorous Vajra Bear’s Spirit Avatar was also to increase defense by two hundred percent. This was already Zhao Wuji’s last redoubt.

Of course, after each time using Spirit Avatar, the Spirit Master’s own attributes would weaken by fifty percent, requiring seven days to recover. Therefore, unless absolutely essential, Spirit Masters over seventieth rank would never easily use their Spirit Avatar.

Zhao Wuji fully using Spirit Avatar immediately received the full attention of the Titan Giant Ape, after all, in this situation Zhao Wuji was already capable of being a threat to it.

At the same time, the Titan Giant Ape only did one simple action, making Tang San lose the full strength of his unleashed hidden weapons, he closed his eyes.

Dingdingdingdingdingdingdingding……, in a concentrated string of successive clear sounds, all the hidden weapons flying at the Titan Giant Ape’s eyes were completely blocked by its eyelids. Simultaneously, the Titan Giant Ape suddenly stood upright, the hand holding Xiao Wu avoiding Zhao Wuji’s charging attack, but his other arm rigidly colliding with Zhao Wuji’s body.


Fully employing the Spirit Avatar ability Zhao Wuji was truly powerful, with defense increasing two hundred percent and with Vigorous Vajra Bear body. This time he was not directly thrown away. Despite this, as a physical strength type Spirit Master in the end the difference in strength with the Titan Giant Ape was too much.

With a loud sound, Zhao Wuji staggered back seven or eight steps before managing to stand firm, but to that Titan Giant Ape it seemed like the exchange hadn’t happened, mouth once again issuing a bellow.

As the black wave’s full strength hit, Tang San with his hidden weapons were blasted off together into the distance, heavily striking a large tree.


Xiao Wu seeing how Tang San was blasted off cried out in alarm.

The Titan Giant Ape lowered its head to look at Xiao Wu held in its palm, once again issuing a deep howl. This time, he did not pay any attention to Zhao Wuji pouncing again, abruptly leaping up, with just one rise and fall, it was already a hundred metres away, merging with the forest and disappearing out of sight.

“Xiao Wu——”

Zhao Wuji called out swiftly, wanting to chase after, but discovering his gap in speed compared to the Titan Giant Ape truly was too far.

But the power of the shock the Titan Giant Ape gave him just now almost broke his Spirit Avatar, right now his spirit power was substantially consumed. He knew that even if he caught up it would already be useless.

When Tang San slid from the large tree, the corners of his mouth were already completely blood stained, the injuries he had received clearly were not light.

Fatty Ma Hongjun stood up with his face filthy with mud and grime, massaging his butt kicked by Tang San.

Ning Rongrong had already awoken from fainting, with Oscar lending an arm to help her stand, but because she was still somewhat muddled, she half hung on Oscar.

Dai Mubai holding Zhu Zhuqing crawled out of the big hole he had blasted. Everyone looked at each other, all had a kind of feeling of a new lease of life.

If this was a squad just consisting of Spirit Masters, only losing one member when confronting the forest king Titan Giant Ape, this was already a matter deserving celebration. But, they were not just a Spirit Master squad. But rather students.

Zhao Wuji couldn’t accept not knowing the fate of his student grabbed by the Titan Giant Ape, Tang San was even more unable to accept it.

Resisting the acute pain within his body, Tang San crawled up off the ground, wanting to stand steadily, but with a vomiting sound belched up a mouthful of fresh blood.

The wave released from the Titan Giant Ape’s body, gave people an indomitable feeling, even though Tang San’s body was sturdy, such a heavy strike made his insides churn, as if his five viscera and six bowels[4] had all switched places.

Fortunately Mysterious Heaven Skill in itself possessed wonderful curative uses. Without him needing to drive it, it already very quickly calmed the qi and blood churning in his body.

Tang San silently walked up before Oscar. Oscar hastily handed over a Recovery Sausage to him, thinking to say something, but in the end did not find the words.

Tang San without the slightest hesitation swallowed the Recovery Sausage, under the effect of the sausage’s recovering power, the condition of his injuries was immediately relieved somewhat.

Oscar’s Recovery Sausage was after all his first spirit ring ability, although it had a certain effect for treatment and recovering physical strength, it could not in instantly cure any injury. Treatment required a process, the body simultaneously also needed to recover on its own.

By now Zhao Wuji already unable to continue maintaining his Spirit Avatar, now himself, his complexion ashen,

“How could a Titan Giant Ape appear at the outskirts of Star Dou Great Forest. I let everyone down, it’s all my failure, unable to stop him from snatching Xiao Wu. Tang San, you, your grief……”

No one could believe in the odds of Xiao Wu surviving being snatched by the Titan Giant Ape, including Zhao Wuji.

“No, I’m not blaming you. I was the one who didn’t protect Xiao Wu.”

Tang San since climbing up off the ground had continuously kept his head lowered, his voice was very calm, as if his mood was not at all disturbed.

Zhao Wuji sighed,

“Everyone first rest at once. Afterwards we’ll switch location and take our time making a decision.”

At this moment, in Oscar’s ears suddenly echoed a voice like a tiny mosquito, but also clearly inimitable sound,

“Little Ao, if you still are my brother, give me a mushroom sausage. Don’t make a sound, don’t let anyone see.”

Oscar was startled, he clearly distinguished this voice as belonging to Tang San. Only, not even Ning Rongrong supported by him reacted, apparently he was the only person who could hear this voice.

As he looked towards Tang San, Tang San also just raised his head, their four eyes meeting, Oscar lightning fast raised his hand to his face to cover his mouth, to prevent any sound of alarm.

Tang San’s eyes had currently become completely blood red, red as if bleeding, looking unspeakably monstrous. From his eyes, Oscar was able to deeply feel a kind of severe cold making it difficult to speak.

However, Oscar did not summon his mushroom sausage, because he knew what Tang San would do, precisely because he was Tang San’s brother, he even more could not let him go to his death. But, seeing Tang San’s blood red eyes, he was still unable to speak a single word.

The mushroom sausages he made previously when the Titan Giant Ape issued that black wave had already fallen who knew where, only by remaking them could he have new ones.

Fortunately, the previous time period was brief, he had not managed too many, and his spirit power consumption was not large.

The tiny voice once again echoed,

“Little Ao, if if was your little sister being snatched, what would you do? Even if it only was a hope, I still have to try it. I beg of you. If I don’t go right now, then, this will become my lifelong regret. Give me a mushroom sausage. As long as I don’t die this time, little San will forever remember your favor.”

“Don’t mind it.”

Oscar sighed. Although he didn’t know what he would do if he was in Tang San’s place, he currently clearly understood Tang San’s frame of mind. As a man, some matters had to be done. Oscar fiercely clenched his teeth, this was the first time it was so difficult to chant his vulgar spirit incantation.

Right now, his soft vulgar voice to Tang San’s ears was just like life saving heavenly music.

Tang San speaking to Oscar couldn’t be heard by other people, but Oscar reciting his incantation could not like Tang San conceal his voice.

[1] (泰坦巨猿)

[2] As an interesting side note, “Bathing Fire Phoenix” (yu huo feng huang 浴火凤凰)  is a homonym to “Lust Phoenix” (欲火凤凰)

[3] (武魂真身) “Spirit True Body”

[4] (五脏六腑) In Chinese medicine a classification for the internal organs. The five viscera (zang) organs are heart, liver, lungs, spleen and kidney. The six bowel (fu) organs are stomach, large intestine, small intestine, gall bladder, urinary bladder and san jiao.

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