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Chapter 33

Part 1

Although Tang San was impatient to save Xiao Wu, he still hasn’t lost his mind. He knew, he needed to recover to a certain degree before he could absorb the spirit ring in front of him.

Now, he has no time to care about any possible danger anymore. Sitting there, he breathed heavily, getting a bit of much needed rest, then cultivated to recover some spirit power.

At this moment, the thing Tang San worried about the most happened. As the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring slowly appeared above its corpse, three unexpected guests flashed out of the forest.

Though it wasn’t the most dangerous case, a strong spirit beast, but when Tang San saw the three people, he couldn’t help but feel his heart sink.

Of the three spirit masters, Tang San recognized two of them. These two were the people that just left not long ago, Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang and the beautiful young girl Meng Yiran.

And beside them stood a third person, a tall and skinny elder. The elder looked at least over seventy, with a head of silver hair just like Chao Tian-Xiang. In his hand was a light silver Dragon Headed Staff over four meters long. The dragon head of the staff was lifelike, appearing extravagant and intricate. A face covered with wrinkles showed his age. On him was unbelievably eight spirit rings oscillating up and down slowly.

Two yellow, three purple, three black. Although judging by quality, he only had one thousand year spirit ring advantage on Zhao Wuji, he had eight spirit rings. This meant he was a rank eighty and above Spirit Douluo. No need to ask, Tang San knew who this person was. He was Serpent Grandmother’s husband, Meng Yiran’s Grandfather, Dragon Duke Meng Shu.

The entire family of three was finally together. Dragon Duke didn’t even need to release his spirit power. Merely with the eight spirit rings, Tang San felt like he couldn’t breath.

Even if Zhao Wuji and everyone else were all there, they would still be at an absolute disadvantage.

The Unrivalled Dragon Serpent family didn’t notice the cultivating Tang San at first. Their attention fell onto the dead Man Faced Demon Spider first, and instantly their faces became twisted.

Meng Yiran even shouted out loud,

“No, how is it like this. Why, why? Who? Who killed my demon spider?”

Meng Yiran had changed into a tight green outfit and looked heroic, but Tang San wasn’t in the mood to appreciate that. Hearing Meng Yiran, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly in the dark. How could coincidences be that untimely.

Some things might not happen in your entire life, but when fate decides to play with you, it can happen twice in a short period of time.

Of course, Tang San wouldn’t hope that the family couldn’t find him. With the Dragon Duke’s spirit power, he only needed to slightly pay attention to hear Tang San’s breathing, or even heartbeat. Running was definitely not an option, and Tang San didn’t plan to run either. Real men dare to admit what they do. [1]

“I killed it.”

This moment, his stamina had recovered slightly. Holding the tree beside him, he managed to stand up.

Tang San’s voice instantly attracted the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent family. Meng Yiran saw the unkempt Tang San. At first she didn’t recognize him, but then tears started circling in her eyes.

“You………...again it’s you.”

Tang San smiled wryly:

“I don’t know why coincidences like this happen, but this time it truly is me again. Was this Man Faced Demon Spider your prey as well?”

Meng Yiran still stared at Tang San, her entire face growing bright red, obviously angry to the extreme.

Seeing Tang San, Serpent Grandmother also frowned, whispering something into the Dragon Duke’s ears. Right after, Tang San saw the Dragon Duke’s eyes.

Dragon Duke appeared to be old, but his eyes were unbelievably bright. Tang San had never seen such bright eyes.

From where he was standing to where the Dragon Duke was, there was at least thirty meters, but the Dragon Duke made him feel like they were but cun apart.

“You are Tang San?”

Dragon Duke Meng Shu said coldly. His voice sounded very clear, not a bit like an old man.

Tang San nodded.

“Then do you know, to kill this Man Faced Demon Spider, we’ve already been chasing for an entire day. If not for its annoying spider webs, it would’ve already become Yiran’s spirit ring. Man Faced Demon Spiders are very scarce, because it isn’t welcomed by any other spirit beast. Even in this Star Dou Great Forest, it is rarely seen, a lot more valuable than a Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.”

Tang San’s face had lost all its color, but he didn’t show any sign of fear. He indifferently said, “I know everything you said. But, I had to defend myself. If a Man Faced Demon Spider suddenly appeared in front of me, are you saying I should stand still and let it kill me?”

Meng Shu frowned,

“You are saying, you killed this Man Faced Demon Spider by yourself?”

Tang San nodded.

Dragon Duke and Serpent Grandmother looked at each other, both seeing the astonishment in each other’s eyes. Even though the Man Faced Demon Spider isn’t an overly powerful spirit beast, in the thousand year category, it’s attack power is definitely ranked very high.

Though it didn’t have its spider webs, with its attack and defense capabilities, it still was slain by the twelve year old in front of them. How this happened was truly beyond the old couple.

Serpent Grandmother’s impression of Tang San was already high, but she couldn’t help but to raise her impression even more. Before, when Meng Yiran lost to Tang San, she didn’t think much about it. But now she realized, her grand daughter really wasn’t this child’s worthy enemy.

Dragon Duke Meng Shu’s Dragon Headed Staff flicked upwards, a stream of white spirit power thrown out of the butt of the staff, flipping over the Man Faced Demon Spider.

He saw the damaged eyes immediately, and couldn’t help but nod in his mind.

Though he didn’t know how Tang San did it, from the fact that Tang San could attack this Man Faced Demon Spider’s weakness, he could tell the child’s ability to remain calm in front of strong enemies. Looking at Tang San again, Meng Shu couldn’t help but show some of his admiration.

“Grandfather, you have to stand on my side on this!”

Meng Yiran was only sixteen years old after all. Seeing another strong spirit ring stolen, especially by the same person, how could she possibly keep her anger in?

Meng Shu patted his granddaughter on her head, gesturing her to not worry. Looking up at Tang San, he said:

“Tang San, I’ll give you two choices. I, Dragon Duke Meng Shu, have been going around the Spirit Master world for a long time, and I’m not unreasonable. Against a Man Faced Demon Spider, anyone has to protect themselves, so killing it is within reason. But, the two times you stopped my granddaughter from getting a spirit ring isn’t going to be over just like that.”

Tang San was trying hard to recover his stamina and spirit power, while lightly fiddling with the chi long black box in his hand.

This black box wasn’t only fireable once. In the entire box were forty-eight arrows, so it could ve fired three times, but every time you need to reattach the elastics. In Tang San’s previous life, this unnoticeable black box was very famous. It had a name that everyone knew well ----Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

The rectangular black box had sixteen holes on one side, and it could simultaneously shoot out sixteen crossbow arrows with no tails. Within fifty meters, it could strike through gold and rock, extremely potent.

In the past, Tang Sect once displeased another clan. When they sent people to their clan to fight, not even the inner sect students came out.

With only a hundred outer sect students each holding a Godly Zhuge Crossbow, they easily slaughtered all the enemies, leaving no one alive. After that, the name of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow became widespread.

Among all mechanism type hidden weapons, other than the top Buddha Fury Tang Lotus,Torrential Rain Pear Blossom Needle, Peacock Tail Feathers and other rare ones, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in Tang San’s hand was the strongest.

Tang San of course knew, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow was not enough to be a threat to the Dragon Duke or the Serpent Grandmother, but it wasn’t something that Meng Yiran could block. He already thought everything through. If they wanted to push him too much, he could always use this hidden weapon to bring someone down with him.

“What are the two choices you give me, elders?”

Tang San asked indifferently.

The Godly Zhuge Crossbow in his hands was almost ready. He only had to lengthen the conversation a moment longer before he could have the chance to fight before he dies.

Not to say, he still had a lot of other hidden weapons on him. If they wanted to kill him, it wouldn't be easy.

Meng Shu said:

“My choices for you are very simple. First choice, you join our family and become one of our family members. As you will be our family, the fact that you stopped Yiran from getting a spirit ring, and wasting this precious Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring will be forgiven.”

Joining the family? It sounded simple, but if he really joined, then it would be a lifetime commitment. For any Spirit Master, the moment they join a family, they could never betray them. They had to become a part of the family.

Everything you do after that in your life will be restricted by that family.

Of course, spirit masters that join big families were treated very well.

There were exceptions of course, but the precondition was that you had to be powerful to a certain degree. With Tang San’s current situation, If he joined a family, then he would forever be only a person of that family. Meng Shu fancied Tang San’s talent. Prodigies such as Tang San were very rare.

Tang San shook his head,

“Sorry, elder. I’m used to being free, I don’t like being restricted. And there is one part of what you said that was mistaken. Though the Man Faced Demon Spider was killed by me, it’s spirit ring won’t be wasted. If not for you appearing, I might have already started to absorb the ring.”

Part 2


Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang cried out in alarm, her gaze at Tang San immediately becoming strange. At the same time quietly using her hand to touch her husband once.

Unrivalled Dragon Serpent had been together for several decades, Meng Shu naturally understood his wife’s meaning.

“Tang San, surely you also understand, if it is without my approval, it will be impossible for you to absorb this Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring.”

Meng Shu spoke indifferently. Although his tone didn’t vary much, the vaguely revealed killing intent still greatly increased the pressure on Tang San.

Tang San said:

“If it is like that, this Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring truly will have been wasted.”

Meng Shu said:

“To us, such a good spirit ring, even if it’s wasted, we still wouldn’t easily give it to an outsider to absorb, in this Spirit Master realm, this in itself is already a kind of unwritten rule. If you join my clan, I will not only let you absorb this spirit ring, but can still protect you. How about it?”

With the Dragon Duke’s position, twice inviting Tang San in succession, could already be considered good natured, he and Serpent Grandmother really were taken with Tang San’s talent. After all this child was now still young, his future prospects would basically be immeasurable.

Tang San suddenly spoke up:

“Having me join your family still isn’t impossible. But, you must promise me one thing.”

Meng Shu’s brows creased,

“What conditions are you qualified to put to us right now?”

Chao Tian-Xiang again touched her husband once, scrambling to say:

“What condition, say it.”

In Tang San’s eyes showed a sad expression,

“Previously we came across a formidable spirit beast, it snatched my companion. If the two seniors are able to help me retrieve my companion, I promise to join your clan. If my friend is dead, then I ask the two seniors to help me take revenge.”

“Only killing a spirit beast?”

Meng Shu somewhat surprised looked at Tang San.

Chao Tian-Xiang’s mind was a bit more careful than her husband’s,

“Was Zhao Wuji not together with you? Don’t tell me that he also was unable to stop that spirit beast?”

Tang San nodded.

Meng Shu snorted disdainfully,

“Zhao Wuji being unable to defeat it doesn’t mean I also won’t be able to. Let alone us together, in this Star Dou Great Forest, are there any kinds of spirit beasts able to contend with us? Tang San, what kind of spirit beast was that?”

Tang San eagerly said:

“It’s a Titan Giant Ape. It’s roughly over the ten thousand year level.”

Meng Shu was the highest level Spirit Master he had ever met, if he agreed to act in saving Xiao Wu, then naturally it would be much easier than him saving Xiao Wu. How could Tang San agree to let an opportunity like this slip by.

But, when the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife heard the three words ‘Titan Giant Ape’, the two simultaneously stiffened at once.

The strong disdain in Meng Shu’s eyes faded away. With a somewhat awkward expression, Chao Tian-Xiang frowned even greater, shaking her head with a sigh, her words making Tang San extremely disappointed,

“That’s impossible for us.”

“With the two seniors’ strength, don’t tell me it’s still impossible to deal with that Titan Giant Ape?”

Tang San eagerly said.

Meng Shu snapped:

“What do you understand, the Titan Giant Ape is a different kind of ancient, great strength, let alone us, even a Title Douluo wouldn’t dare speak of obtaining victory. Furthermore, according to what I know, in this Star Dou Great Forest there is only one Titan Giant Ape. Its cultivation age can’t be as simple as ten thousand years, until this day it has at least surpassed sixty thousand years cultivation. It’s truly the overlord of this forest. Moreover, the Titan Giant Ape still has an even more terrifying elder brother. Unless it was the Title Douluo of both Great Empires assembled here, otherwise, who would dare speak of killing them?”

Chao Tian-Xiang said towards Meng Shu,

“Old codger, we must also leave immediately. Didn’t expect a Titan Giant Ape to appear in the outskirts now. This could not be a good omen. However, it would appear its mood isn’t bad, without even massacring Spirit Masters. Otherwise, Tang San this kid also could not stand alive before us.”

The Unrivalled Dragon Serpent clearly understood this Star Dou Great Forest even more than Zhao Wuji, Tang San also knew with his status it was basically impossible to cheat them. But, Meng Shu’s words also made him approach despair.

His estimation of the Titan Giant Ape was very high, but hearing what Meng Shu knew, his estimation was still insufficient. That Titan Giant Ape compared to his imagination was even more formidable. Furthermore unexpectedly still had a compared to it still more difficult to deal with brother, requiring all the Title Douluo to have the capability to kill them. How this couldn’t be equivalent to giving Xiao Wu a death sentence, right now Tang San didn’t understand why such a formidable spirit beast would unexpectedly appear in the outskirts of Star Dou Great Forest.

Regarding him being unable to deal with the Titan Giant Ape, Dragon Duke Meng Shu seemed somewhat resentful,

“Kid, don’t you blame the Titan Giant Ape to make fun of me. I don’t have the time to waste with you. If you join my family, I will help you absorb this spirit ring. Otherwise, you can only pick the second option, leave behind one arm as compensation for my granddaughter and you can leave.”

Tang San sobered from his despondency, raising his head towards the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife, he deeply knew, the difference between him and the other side was really too far, even without speaking of the other side’s seniority. But at this very moment, in his heart stubbornness had already risen, he was also unwilling to compromise at this point.

Slowly raising the Zhuge Soul Crossbow,

“Since you can’t help me accomplish my wish of returning Xiao Wu, I naturally also can’t join your clan. If you want my arm, you come and take it.”

Although his spirit power hadn’t recovered, Tang San had already regained a bit of physical strength. At least launching a mechanism type hidden weapon was no problem.

Meng Shu didn’t expect a minor Spirit Grandmaster to dare disobey him, the Dragon head Cane in his hand stomped on the ground, issuing a rumble like an earthquake, if Tang San wasn’t leaning his back against a tree, perhaps he would directly have collapsed from the powerful spirit power.

“Since you want to die, I will let you accomplish it.”

Meng Shu’s eyes were filled with killing intent, since such a talented youngster couldn’t be useful to him, then, it also wasn’t necessary for him to stay in this world.

At the moment Dragon Duke prepared to launch his attack, suddenly, a deep hoarse voice echoed,

“Senior Dragon Duke, do not be too strict.”

A line of silhouettes quickly arrived, in the lead, was precisely Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji, behind Zhao Wuji, the Shrek students swiftly arrived, each and every one appeared somewhat tired. In order to look for Tang San’s trail, they had all along not rested.

Previously the Man Faced Demon Spider’s strict cry which had drawn the pursuing Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife in the vicinity, also gave them a direction. But because they were too far away, the couldn’t directly find it. Dragon Duke’s cane striking the ground finally once again showed them the way, and Zhao Wuji brought the group to swiftly rush over.

Seeing his comrades arrive, Tang San’s mind immediately relaxed somewhat, body in a moment almost falling. Fortunately Dai Mubai swiftly reached his side and supported him, just enough to keep him from falling.

In the fight with the Titan Giant Ape Tang San’s injuries had not been light, although he had eaten a Recovery Sausage, he still had not healed completely, adding the consumption of the rushed journey, as well as the battle of wits and bravery when dealing with the Man Faced Demon Spider, one could say his spirit power and physical strength were completely drained. If he wasn’t for the support of his willpower, he might have collapsed long ago.

Oscar also hastily ran over, directly handing Tang San two fresh sausages to eat.

The Recovery Sausages’ warmth diffusing in chest and stomach, Tang San immediately felt much more comfortable. Along with Oscar advancing to the Spirit Elder realm, the effect of his Recovery Sausage also improved somewhat, although with two in his stomach spirit power recovery did not stack, regarding physical strength recovery the support would nevertheless be much greater than with one.

On seeing Zhao Wuji appear, Dragon Duke Meng Shu’s facial expression did not alter at all, the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife pair were both there, naturally would not fear Zhao Wuji alone.

Seeing the Dragon Head Cane in Meng Shu’s hand, Zhao Wuji was also secretly grumbling, especially those eight spirit rings, had a great shocking effect to him. Before he already used Spirit Avatar once, right now he only had fifty percent of his peak condition. Let alone Meng Shu, even if it was just Serpent Grandmother Xhao Tian-Xiang he still wouldn’t be able to handle her.

“This must be senior Dragon Duke, it is an honor to junior generation Zhao Wuji to meet you.”

What is called ‘an outstretched hand will not strike a smiling face’, Meng Shu glanced at Zhao Wuji,

“Motionless Bright King, there is no need to stand on ceremony. Do you not teach your disciple, nobody bullies our Meng family? Not content with the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent, your disciple also killed my granddaughter’s prey the Man Faced Demon Spider, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

Zhao Wuji said:

“Senior, I see there has been a misunderstanding. Furthermore, although I am these children’s teacher, Tang San can’t be considered my disciple, his master is someone else, I dare not take credit.”


Meng Shu looked blank a moment, in his heart secretly trembling. Thinking to himself, ‘that youngster called Tang San’s strength is this astonishing, then wouldn’t his master be…...’

Zhao Wuji was somewhat shrewd, immediately saw the hesitant expression on Meng Shu’s face, quickly saying:

“Dragon Duke senior, is it possible to speak a step away?”

Meng Shu’s brows knitted minutely, but still nodded once, right now he held the overwhelming advantage, naturally he wouldn’t fear any plot of Zhao Wuji’s. The Dragon Head Cane poked the ground, already carried him twenty metres distant.

Zhao Wuji hurriedly followed, saying something to Dragon Duke in a low voice.

Just in the beginning Meng Shu’s face displayed an extremely astonished expression, gradually, his complexion looked somewhat unsightly.

Zhao Wuji’s expression on the contrary was very serene and polite, in a moment, the two had already finished their conversation.

Meng Shu walked back to his wife and granddaughter, saying several sentences to Serpent Grandmother in a low voice, Serpent Grandmother showed an equally astonished expression, as the old husband and wife pair’s gazes once again shifted to Tang San they already became somewhat different. But all this, naturally also fell into Tang San’s eyes.

Part 3

What did teacher Zhao say to them? Did he tell them he was Grandmaster’s disciple? But, although Grandmaster was very knowledgeable about spirits, his own power wasn’t outstanding, seemingly insufficient to cow the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent.

As expected, Meng Shu said:

“So he’s Grandmaster’s disciple. Didn’t expect that Grandmaster’s theory finally has a chance to come true. Today on account of Grandmaster, I will let you go once. However, remember kid, if something similar happens again, I won’t care who your master is. We’re leaving.”

Finished speaking, he turned about to leave.


Meng Yiran looked at her grandpa and grandma about to leave, immediately worried.

“Grandpa, twice he robbed my spirit beasts, will you let this be?”

Meng Shu somewhat helplessly looked at his granddaughter, saying:

“Then what do you still want? Grandpa is so old, we can’t have the old take unfair advantage of the young. Better let it be.”

Meng Yiran obstinately looked at her grandpa,

“No, I can’t let it be like this. If I can’t have it, then I absolutely can’t let him have it. Since you’re unwilling to act on my behalf, then I’ll do it myself. Tang San, if you are a man, have another contest with me.”

Tang San frowned,

“You still want to compete with me? Have you forgotten you lost to me once already?”

Oscar’s sausage was indeed special, in a short time, Tang San’s spirit power already recovered to three tenths, his physical strength had returned even more substantially, his complexion already became much better looking. Meng Yiran nodded firmly,

“Yes, I must fight you again. Don’t think because you won last time you can beat me again. I also won’t take advantage of your currently lacking spirit power. We’ll fight in another way. You’ve twice robbed me of spirit beasts, so this contest’s contents should be my decision.

Tang San drew a deep breath. Feeling his internal condition had already greatly improved, he unhurriedly strolled forward,

“What is the bet?”

If it was only Meng Yiran, he had enormous certainty, although his spirit power was lacking, he could still use hidden weapons to contend against her. The Godly Zhuge Crossbow in his hand was already a top notch mechanism, although he knew right now after his compromise with the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent he couldn’t kill Meng Yiran, he could still rely on hidden weapons in many ways to be able to take away Meng Yiran’s ability to fight.

Meng Yiran hatefully glared at Tang San, saying:

“If I win, you can’t absorb this Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring. If you win, it naturally is yours.”

Regarding the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, Tang San could be said to be determined to win. Just by obtaining it, he would be able to extremely quickly recover his physical strength to search for Xiao Wu.

“Fine, what do we compete in?”

The Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife were not currently in any hurry to leave, standing to the side without interrupting, supporting their granddaughter. The two husband and wife occasionally muttered a few sentences with unknown contents.

On the Shrek Academy side, Zhao Wuji wrinkled his brows, he had not thought this time Meng Yiran would be a new branch grown out of the knot[2]. In order to have Dragon Duke let Tang San off, he had already told Meng Shu some secrets, otherwise, with the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent’s tyranny, how would they leave so easily?

Meng Yiran was just about to speak, when previously at Tang San’s side, Oscar rushed to speak:

“Wait a minute, this is unjust.”

Everyone looked at Oscar, Oscar wandered up to Tang San’s side, speaking frankly with assurance,

“This Man Faced Demon Spider was clearly killed by Tang San. Even if you previously injured it, it still could only considered be one person killing half. Right now also only Tang San is able to absorb this spirit ring. This bet of yours clearly isn’t fair.”

A baleful air flickered in Meng Yiran’s eyes,

“Then what do you want?”

Oscar smiled darkly, saying:

“It’s not what I want. If you lose, you naturally can’t obstruct Tang San absorbing this spirit ring. Simultaneously, shouldn’t you also pay a bit? What we ask isn’t much, at that time, you only need to kiss Tang San once.”

“Little Ao.”

Zhao Wuji groaned, he didn’t want the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent to be infuriated once again.

But what surprised Zhao Wuji was, Dragon Duke Meng Shu suddenly spoke up:

“Good. It’s decided. Young people must always have a bit of passion.”

While speaking, on this Dragon Duke’s face for the first time revealed a smiling expression, and at his side Serpent Grandmother’s face faintly blushed.

Oscar had no idea that this proposal of his made the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent before them recall a scene from their youth. At that time, when Dragon Duke Meng Shu first met Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang, it was with a bet he gained Chao Tian-Xiang’s company. At last in the end walking together they admittedly still had all kinds of fortune. But originally making that bet played a crucial part. At that time, the conditions Meng Shu proposed were unexpectedly exactly the same as what Oscar said now.

In Dragon Duke and Serpent Grandmother’s eyes, although Tang San’s appearance was a bit common, far from being able to compare with Dai Mubai, both his talent and what Zhao Wuji just now told Meng Shu, made them look extremely favorably on this child. Regarding their granddaughter’s future, this old husband and wife had already planned ahead properly. They also wanted to see, under these kinds of conditions, whether Tang San was able to once again best their granddaughter.

Regarding grandpa’s decision Meng Yiran couldn’t help but be somewhat astonished, but she didn’t refuse, since she had absolute confidence in the method of fighting she was about to propose.

Tang San was only impatient to obtain the spirit ring and not concerned with other matters, anyway this bet wasn’t of any harm to him. Raising his hand towards Meng Yiran he made an inviting gesture.

Resolutely glaring at Tang San, Meng Yiran just raised her right hand, on her flawless wrist a suet white jade[3] ring twinkling with faint gloss, in a flash of light, a long cloth bag had already appeared in her hand. Clearly, that ring was also a spirit tool.

The cloth bag’s length was about two chi[4] or so, its width approximately half a chi. Meng Yiran separated her hands, the cloth was already split into two halves, and when she turned around the cloth, everyone clearly saw that on the cloth strip hung a many identical in shape and size short blades.

The short blades lacked hand guards, to Tang San’s professional gaze, those were clearly throwing knives. Only these throwing knives in Meng Yiran’s hands were somewhat simple and crude, apart from two blood grooves, they didn’t have any special characteristics. The knife handles were about three cun[5] long, the blades five cun. The material was pretty good, flickering with faint light.

“I have here thirty six Spirit Cleaving Knives[6]. You and I will each have eighteen. Later I will have grandpa shake a tree twenty metres away, making the leaves fall. You and I will act at the same time, throwing Spirit Cleaving Knives. The one piercing the most tree leaves wins. But no matter how many leaves are hit, the Spirit Cleaving Knife has to in the end stick in the tree trunk, Spirit Cleaving Knives that don’t hit the tree don’t count in the final score.”

Meng Yiran confidently declared her method of competition, after she finished speaking the last sentence, she discovered the Shrek Academy group before her had become somewhat strange.

Motionless Bright King stared at her wide eyed, blinking incessantly.

The two pupils in Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai’s Evil Eyes actually momentarily became a single pupil.

Oscar used his hand to cover his wide open mouth.

Ma Hongjun staggered, almost falling on the ground.

The chill on ice cold Zhu Zhuqing’s pretty face retreated, leaving only a stunned expression.

Ning Rongrong giggled, laughing out loud.

But Tang San face to face with Meng Yiran, on his face was an expression like a smile yet not a smile. Since Xiao Wu was snatched by the Titan Giant Ape, this was still the first time his expression had relaxed, even turning his wrist, returning the Godly Zhuge Crossbow to Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges at his waist.

“Are you all fools? Or don’t you dare take up the challenge?”

Meng Yiran seeing the expressions of everyone on the Shrek Academy side, with a kind of mocking feeling, immediately angrily said to her opponent.

Oscar used his hand to close his wide open mouth, resisting laughter saying:

“How couldn’t we accept the challenge? Your competition method is very good, truly very good.”

Right now he was already thinking about where on Tang San he should make Meng Yiran kiss.

Comparing hidden weapons with a Tang Sect disciple, was indeed very good. Right now, even Zhao Wuji’s face displayed a smiling expression.

Meng Yiran naturally didn’t know what everyone was thinking, looking at Tang San,

“Aren’t you resting again, I can’t be said to bully you.”

Tang San naturally wasn’t as sly as Oscar, helplessly shaking his head, saying:

“It’s fine as long as you later don’t say I bullied you. Can we begin?”

If the contest was something else, Tang San san might truly have had to recover another moment, but Meng Yiran was proposing to compare hidden weapons with him who had cultivated Tang Sect hidden weapon secret lore inherited techniques since childhood. Let alone the spirit power he already had somewhat recovered, even if he currently didn’t have a trace of spirit power, Tang San would still believe there was no way he could lose to Meng Yiran.

Meng Yiran threw one of the cloth bags in her hands to Tang San, currently she was still brimming with confidence. Pointing at a large tree roughly twenty metres distant, saying:

“We’ll use that as a target.”

Tang San shot glanced at that tree, saying:


The handles of the Spirit Cleaving Knives in the cloth bag in Meng Yiran’s hand were all tied with red silk ribbons, the ones in Tang San’s hands were all tied with blue silk. No worries of mixing them up.

Meng Yiran couldn’t see the expressions on the Shrek Academy students, but how could Meng Shu and his wife not see clearly. But what they in their hearts didn’t comprehend, was why these Shrek Academy people looked like they already held certain victory.

Meng Yiran had since childhood liked every kind of weapon, especially short weapons. These thirty six Spirit Cleaving Knives, Dragon Duke Meng Shu had after careful thought specially found someone to make for her, Meng Yiran were extremely fond of these throwing knives, frequently practicing. Within thirty metres she could hit the target one hundred percent of the time. Of course, she was only able to throw eighteen knives in a short time. Her proposed contest restrictions were just at her limit.

[1] 大丈夫敢作敢当: Roughly translated it’s “Big Husband (manly man) dare to do, dare to be.”

[2] Idiom “a new branch grows out of the knot”: side issues keep arising.

[3] Literally “Sheep Fat White Jade”, a kind of pure white jade.

[4] 2尺 = ⅔ m

[5] 3寸 = 10cm

[6] (破魂刀) “Break/Split/Destroy Spirit Knife”

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