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Chapter 170

(TL by Bagelson)

But the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus and the other two great hidden weapons were somewhat different. The greatest difficulty of making the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus was the gunpowder recipe. It had to be concentrated in order to produce a sufficient effect. That instantly erupting power needed such capability. And among these three hidden weapons, the Peacock Plume had the highest demands regarding production, the kind with the most difficult requirements of skill. And the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle had the most pitiless material requirements. The three great hidden weapons could be called victors in their own arena. The ranking was established according to the power they produced. As for dodging these three great hidden weapons, that was of course impossible.

Tang San’s face revealed a faint smile,
“When that moment comes I’ll trouble you elder. If the Peacock Plume can be successfully produced, even a small number will be equally capable of being a formidable deterrent. Unfortunately……”

Tai Tan asked:
“Young master, what’s unfortunate?”

Tang San sighed, saying:
“Unfortunately, there are still two kinds of hidden weapons that might not be made. If those two hidden weapons could be created, even Title Douluo would be killed or injured.”

“What? There are still such hidden weapons?”
Tai Tan turned pale with fright, looking at Tang San, the expression in his eyes couldn’t help turning somewhat monstrous. If such hidden weapons really did exist, then what would Spirit Masters still cultivate? Before such hidden weapons, wouldn’t that be certain death without reprieve?

Tang San said:
“There are, but creating them is too difficult. They’re the most powerful single target attack Torrential Pear Blossom Needle, as well as the most powerful group damage Buddha Fury Tang Lotus. These are temporarily not within our considerations.”

Tai Tan puzzled asked:
“Why? Don’t tell me making these two hidden weapons is even more difficult than the Peacock Plume you just mentioned?”

Tang San smiled wryly:
“It’s not more troublesome than the Peacock plume. These three kinds are the top three mechanical type hidden weapons. The Peacock Plume is number three among them. The Torrential Pear Blossom Needle is second. The most powerful is the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus. But in terms of local attack power, the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus isn’t above the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle. I’ll just explain it simply, and you’ll understand why I say making these two kinds of hidden weapons is difficult. Like the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle, not only the main part, but the twenty seven Pear Blossom Needles it fires must all be made from the silver source of deep sea sunken silver. Deep sea sunken silver is a metal ten times more valuable than profound iron. As for its silver source, it practically doesn’t even exist, let alone speaking of buying it.”

Even in the legends of his previous world, there had only been one appearance of the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle, it was the material that prevented the manufacture of this super hidden weapon. If it was made from common materials, it couldn’t even be wound successfully. The greatest feature of the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle was that instantly erupting burst power. The firepower of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow was already very powerful, but if it was compared to the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle, it was like a firefly before the bright moon.

Tai Tan drew a cold breath once again, let alone seeing it, he hadn’t even heard of something like deep sea sunken silver, and even less of silver source. For a moment, he couldn’t help being greatly disappointed. At the same time his gaze at Tang San also grew somewhat admiring. At such a young age, not only was he accomplished as a Spirit Master, he was still so erudite.

Tang San smiled:
“Elder, my plans are like this. To us at present, what’s most important is to make a hidden weapon that can contend against common Spirit Masters. Among these, most practical is to rely mainly on the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. With the support of enough metal, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow can be mass produced. Furthermore, the making the components isn’t all that difficult, all skilled blacksmiths can do it. But we have to keep the assembly techniques secret, they can only be known by you and a small number of Strength Clan clansmen to complete that final procedure. In the future, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow will become our most principally produced hidden weapon. Next, we’ll create some elaborate hidden weapons. Not only powerful, but also useful. As for high end hidden weapons, I’ll trouble you for that. We’ll research it carefully, as long as we can make a few within a short time we will. Not only can they be sold for a high price, at the same time they can be used to safeguard the sect. Among these we’ll rely mainly on the formidable Peacock Plume.”

Listening to Tang San, Tai Tan nodded again and again. Tang San’s vision was very practical, and he had also seen the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Even though the artistry was notable, and the material was also the refined iron more costly than gold, to the Strength Clan, refining iron wasn’t any difficult matter. As for the Peacock Plume, Tai Tan was already somewhat obsessed thanks to Tang San’s introduction. If he didn’t have to participate in the approaching gathering, he really would like Tang San to immediately draw out the designs so he could start trying.

To a blacksmith, what could move his heart more than producing formidable weapons?

In the Douluo Continent, this world belonging to Spirit Masters, weapons had never been regarded as important. If he could change this through hidden weapons, then, just like Tang San said, the Strength Clan’s future was unlimited.

Impatiently, Tai Tan began to question Tang San for the concrete details of making the Peacock Plume. These manufacturing methods were already branded in Tang San’s mind, so he might as well give Tai Tan a detailed explanation in the carriage.

Pitifully, Ma Hongjun and Tai Long were directly driven by Tai Tan over to the other carriage, giving Tang San enough room to explain. They couldn’t understand what they were hearing anyways, so they could only be in the way here.

Once they reached a rest town on the way, Tai Tan impatiently went to buy pens and paper, without caring anything for master and servant relationships, had Tang San start drawing out the designs for him right in the carriage. He then began to ponder how to make it. He didn’t want to let even a bit of the details slip past.

Tang San was also extremely cooperative. Even if the carriage would shake a bit, with his strength, he naturally wouldn’t be influenced a bit. From Tai Tan, he seemed to see himself from his last life. Besides respect for his senior, the relationship between the two grew more and more familiar.

When the two nerds came together, time passed with lightning speed. When Tang San and Tai Tan’s research was in full swing, the destination of their journey, Rising Dragon City, was swiftly approaching.

Tai Long called out outside the carriage.

Tai Tan resentfully and angrily said:
“Didn’t I say not to come bother us.”

Outside the carriage, Tai Long couldn’t help a wry smile. In close to half a month of travel, besides necessities, Tang San and Tai Tan hadn’t even stepped out of the carriage to eat. Even late at night, the two could still be heard loudly haranguing, even to the extent of argumentative tones. When faced with some key problem of manufacturing, neither old or young would agree to compromise. Tai Long thought to himself that, if someone didn’t know better, they might think it was Tang San who was his grandfather’s grandson.

“Grandpa, we’ve already reached the imperial border, you have to come out. The border guards will inspect the carriages. I’ll have to trouble you and young master to leave the carriage a while.”

Tai Tan raised his head to look eye to eye with Tang San. Even though the two of them hadn’t rested much in these days, their minds were still better than anyone. In these more than ten days, whether Tai Tan or Tang San, both had been thrown into a kind of fanatical world. This was the first time Tang San had this kind of feeling since coming to this world, the once hard working researching, the once zealotry appearing once again. Even though the two were frequently at odds, often arguing, the counterpart’s unique point of view would give them both a kind of feeling of a wide panorama opening up. Their only current thought was regret for not having met earlier.

Tai Tan laughed out loud, saying:
“I should step down to stretch a bit, these weary old bones can’t match up to you. Let’s go, little San, we’ll go out into the sun.”

Due to the two fiercely arguing the light of heaven and depth of the earth amidst their research, their terms of address had also subsequently changed. Tai Tan had at that time called Tang San ‘little brat’, and Tang San had without any trace of politeness also called him ‘old orangutan’. What they debated at that time was whether to use composite materials to make the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle.

Tang San’s point of view was that they couldn’t, Tai Tan’s was that they could. He had researched composite materials for many years, and was completely confident in them. However, the final winner of the debate had still been Tang San. After Tang San gave Tai Tan a detailed account of the forces the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle would have to bear when wound, Tai Tan had made careful calculations, discovering that his thoughts had been somewhat simple. It was also when he saw these equations that he truly came to understand just how frighteningly powerful the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle was.

Of course, he still wasn’t convinced, and Tai Tan’s final words at that time was that this thing wasn’t something that could be made by humans.

Opening the carriage door, warm sunshine fell on them. The Star Luo Empire was in the south of the Continent, and temperatures were a bit higher than in the northern Heaven Dou City. Stepping down from the carriage, Tang San and Tai Tan unconsciously made the same action, spreading their arms and exerting themselves to stretch.

By now, the two carriages had arrived at the frontier checkpoint. Blocking them was a small patrol unit of a hundred Heaven Dou Empire soldiers. Of course, these so called imperial soldiers didn’t really belong to the Heaven Dou Empire, but were rather directly subordinate to some subordinate kingdom. Only these days Tang San had always been shut in the carriage lost in research with Tai Tan, without paying any attention to the outside. He didn’t know where this was, or which kingdom those soldiers belonged to.

A few soldiers walked over, climbing over the carriage Tang San and Tai Tan sat in, starting to inspect it. They of course wouldn’t find anything. Tang San had long since placed all the plans in the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges.

Softly caressing the fur of Xiao Wu in his arms, Tang San said in a low voice:
“I’m sorry, Xiao Wu. I’ve wronged you over these days, not even going out in the sun. I’ll definitely pay attention later.”

Whether because she spent the majority of her time eating and sleeping or not, Xiao Wu’s body had grown a size plumper, and the aura of life she exuded had also grown richer. At the roots of that shiny fur, there was already a faint golden color.

The Yearning Heartbroken Red was top quality among immortal herbs. Even though it couldn’t return Xiao Wu’s soul, it still constantly transformed her body. In terms of breath of life, even though Xiao Wu was currently only a rabbit, she already wasn’t weaker than ten thousand year old mythical beasts. This was undoubtedly a good foundation preparation for her future resurrection.

In the sunshine, Tai Tan’s face gradually appeared a bit exhausted. Even though his cultivation was deep, he had after all already stepped into his old age, how could he compare to the abnormally transformed physique of Tang San in energy?

“Little San, what do you think about that plan to strengthen the Godly Zhuge Crossbow?”
Tai Tan couldn’t help continue discussing some issues the two of them were researching.

Tang San nodded, saying:
“The theory is sound. But if it’s remodelled, the cost of that alloy of yours won’t be low, even several times higher than refined iron. But it’s still hard to say concretely how strong it will be. It’s not only the crossbow mechanism being changed, the crossbow bolts are equally being remodelled, otherwise, no matter how powerful the firing force, it’s useless if the fired crossbow bolts can’t withstand it.”

Tai Tan grinned, saying:
“That’s for sure, I already have some ideas, not only will the crossbow bolts be converted to alloy, moreover, I still plan to carve blood grooves on top, according to the designs of your Bone Piercing Needles. Like this, the penetrating power can be displayed to its greatest degree. I think that, let alone fortieth or fiftieth rank, when the time comes, even sixtieth ranked Spirit Masters will be threatened.”

Tang San laughed in spite of himself:
“Then if moving on, aren’t you next going to say that we’ll replace the material for the Peacock Plume with your alloy?”

Tai Tan scratched his head,
“That doesn’t seem like it’ll work, the weight of my alloy really can’t compare to black lined iron. The impact force will be lacking. After all, the Peacock Plume needs to simultaneously hold as many as three hundred sixty five hidden weapons, weight is still extremely important.”

Tang San laughed out loud, saying:
“Transforming the Godly Zhuge Crossbow isn’t impossible, but making it will be even more difficult. I believe the original Godly Zhuge Crossbow should still be kept, after all, for large scale production, the single unit cost can’t be too high. We can also give the alloy version Godly Zhuge Crossbow a try. But, after the fiftieth rank, with each level a Spirit Master advances, his strength will be fundamentally different. I’m afraid the killing power of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow won’t be as good as you imagine after remodelling. But Spirit Masters of the fiftieth rank or so shouldn’t be any major problem.”

Tai Tan somewhat unaccepting said:
“Putting into practice is the only standard for evaluation, once we’ve tried it we’ll talk about it again.”

Tang San smiled:
“Even though the room for improving the Godly Zhuge Crossbow is limited, after hearing what you just said, I have a new thought. Besides the internal mechanism, a large part of the difficulty of making the Peacock Plume lies in those twelve kinds of unusual needles. The needles are small, making them is also extremely meticulous work. I think, we can not only convert those Godly Zhuge Crossbow bolts into the Bone Piercing Needles you mention, but equally convert into another few kinds of needles, just changing the needle to a bolt. After increasing the volume, making them will be a lot easier. Like this, we can have twelve different versions of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Further adding the firing strength increase from the alloy, it can catch people even more off guard.”

“Good kid, this plan is good. We’ll properly figure it out later. Like this, our Godly Zhuge Crossbow won’t be so singular. Oh, right, why didn’t I think that, through using different crossbow bolts, the power and properties will change. When manufactured, as long as the firing troughs are adjusted, if twelve different kinds of Godly Zhuge Crossbow bolts shoot, wouldn’t that be a large version of the Peacock Plume? Perhaps the fire power wouldn’t be as great as the Peacock Plume over short distances, but the range would be longer, its effect would definitely be even better when dealing with large groups of enemies.”

Standing nearby, Tai Long as well as the dumbstruck listening Ma hongjun now couldn’t help a trace of helplessness. They again saw a burning light in Tang San and Tai Tan’s eyes. Ma Hongjun couldn’t help saying:
“It’s over. It seems we still can’t sit in the front carriage. One old and one young, why are they both so crazy when talking about hidden weapons?”

Tang San heard ma Hongjun’s words, and raised a fist at him,

“Fatty, you don’t understand this. There’s always been a fine line between genius and madman.”

At these words, everyone couldn’t help laughing. Those Strength Clan clansmen following Tai Tan to participate in the gathering this time couldn’t help clicking their tongues in wonder, they hadn’t seen the old clan chief so happy in a very long time. The affection with which he looked at Tang San was simply far stronger than for Tai long. That signature grandson was already forgotten at the back of his mind.

At this moment, the soldiers inspecting the carriage had already stepped out, gaze flashing across Tang San and the others, one of the soldiers said:
“You, you, and you all. Hand over your magic tools, we’ll inspect them for contraband.”

This somewhat abrupt voice blocked everyone’s relaxed and cheerful mood, and Tai Tan frowned:
”Since when did the frontier guard have a rule like that? I’ve never heard of inspecting spirit tools.”

Only nobles and Spirit Masters could possess something like spirit tools. Used to carry important items, how could they be casually revealed?

The speaking soldier snorted once, raising his hand and waving, immediately all the soldiers at the border station encircled them with shouts. The more than one hundred soldiers immediately assumed and appearance of bows bent and swords drawn. The two carriages with Tang San and the others were completely surrounded.

That speaking soldier seemed to be the captain, coldly snorting,
“I’m the one with the final say here. You didn’t hear about the rules before? You have now. Hand over your spirit tools at once, otherwise, don’t blame me for being blunt.”

Who was Tai Tan? The Strength Clan chief, the Strength Clan never had good tempers, least of all him. Laughing coldly,
“Fine! Got guts. Dare move on me. I want to have a look at how you’ll collect our spirit tools today. Let them see who we are.”

Including Tai Long, the five the five Strength Clan clansmen simultaneously gave their reply, rich spirit power abruptly releasing from their bodies, instantly expanding as if inflated, terrifying muscles tearing the clothes on their upper bodies, in the blink of an eye revealing a frightful aura of strength.

The Strength Clan were pure strength Spirit Masters, with terrifying strength. None could be their equal among equal level Spirit Masters. Five Spirit Masters, four Spirit Kings and one Spirit Ancestor. The powerful imposing manner immediately forced those soldiers crowding around them to retreat again and again.

Instantly, the expressions of all the soldiers changed greatly, the hands holding their weapons already starting to tremble somewhat.

Tang San looked somewhat pondering at these soldiers, thoughts linking up in his mind. Generally speaking, even though border inspections were strict, it absolutely wasn’t to the degree of inspecting spirit tools. Even though people with spirit tools could be nobles, they could also be Spirit Masters. Could it be these soldiers weren’t afraid of running into Spirit Masters? Wrong. There was some reason for this.

Before Tang San could inquire further, just at this moment, a strange cold voice echoed,
“Yo, so many Spirit Masters! Four Spirit Kings, one Spirit Ancestor, no wonder they dare refuse inspection. But don’t you know that refusing border inspections and forcefully charging the border is unpardonable?”

Altogether three people walked out from the barracks to the side with heads swaying. Seeing these three people, that captain from before seemed to loose a breath as if relieved of a burden, swiftly running over, saying something in a low voice to the three people.

Even though these three were also dressed as soldiers, their attire seemed somewhat crooked, and they were all over fifty. If one had to describe their appearance, it could only be said to be vulgar beyond vulgar.

The speaker was a slightly plump middle aged man, his skin appearing dark yellow, short hair, a face with a cheap appearance, seemingly a bit effeminate. With a soft voice, also making gesturing with his hands as he spoke, he seemed rather awkward.

The middle aged man in the middle had what was considered the best appearance of the three, and he was also the tallest, tangled hair hanging to his shoulders. A brandy nose, small eyes, swollen like a goldfish. One look gave the impression of an excessive love of wine.

The middle aged man on the right looked the most vulgar. Built slim, especially his wasted face, crooked mouth, swaying shoulders, holding a cucumber thin large cigar at the corner of his mouth, an appearance as if shaking a tail from side to side that made people want to whip him.

Seeing these three, everyone couldn’t help their brows creasing. Very clearly, these three fellows weren’t any good creatures, and they were still at ease in in front of the spirit power released by five Spirit Masters, this made clear they were also Spirit Masters.

Tang San and Ma Hongjun looked face to face. The expressions in both their eyes became a bit eccentric, especially Ma Hongjun whose facial expression grew extremely strange, the appearance of restraining laughter.

Even the red eyes of Xiao Wu in Tang San’s embrace fell on that leftmost person. Even though there was no expression in her eyes, she still blinked constantly.

Very quickly, the three vulgar middle aged men had walked over, that peculiar fellow on the left saying:
“Causing trouble. So what if you’re Spirit Masters? If you want to pass through here, leave behind the things in your spirit tools. Don’t haggle with me, otherwise, you won’t even keep your lives.”

As he spoke, three spirit power fluctuations simultaneously erupted from the trio.

This leftmost fellow surged with a vague pink luster, immediately afterwards, a pink thing appeared over his head. It seemed like two covers, both round. Resting on his head, they were strange beyond strange.

Only, attracting everyone’s attention was that he also had five spirit rings, one white, one yellow, three purple. Even though the spirit ring allocation wasn’t up to much, he seemed very proud.

The vulgar middle aged man in the middle also grew very strange. Under the effect of his spirit, his his neck suddenly grew, his mouth stretching forward, countless white feathers growing on his arms. Spreading his arms, his belly also grew very large, only those swollen eyes still kept their original appearance.

In terms of spirits, the right hand middle aged man was still the most normal, a blade appearing in his hand, but it was a broken blade.

The right hand and middle two middle aged men both had six spirit rings, also roughly the same configuration, but with one more black ten thousand year spirit ring than the one on the left. They were unexpectedly two Spirit Emperors.

No wonder they wouldn’t pay attention when confronting four Spirit Kings and a Spirit Ancestor, they had some strength.

Tai Tan snorted furiously. Even though it had really come to this, their side might not lose. But seeing the unbridled and vulgar appearance of the opponents he couldn’t hold back, about to release his spirit and let those vulgar fellows see who was stronger here.

But, he was stopped by Tang San. Tang San smiled:
“Leave this to me and Fatty. We also have some history with that guy on the left. Fatty, I’ll leave him to you.”

Disregarding the opponents being three, and moreover two with spirit power higher than Ma Hongjun’s, with Tang San backing him up, what would he still be afraid of?

Ma Hongjun already couldn’t wait, at once taking a sudden step forward,
“Bu Le, do you still recognize little gramps?”

The leftmost Spirit Master immediately looked distracted when Ma Hongjun called out, his unbridled burning energy also lowering somewhat. Originally, these three fellows were the three vulgar cheap customers from back then. The peculiar person on the left was Ma Hongjun’s one time love rival, whose vital area had finally been cooked by Ma Hongjun, Bu Le. That fellow in the middle was called E Kao. The rightmost person was called Tian Ya. The vulgar aura of these three gathered together was enough to alarm heaven and earth, and make ghosts cry.

However, it was also just because of their vulgarity and pettiness that no sect would shelter them. As a matter of fact, not long ago these three fellows had thought of a way to make money, relying on their Spirit Master identity to join the army, robbing at this border post.

No matter who, as long as they passed here, these people would rake off a layer of skin. The trio’s spirit power level wasn’t low, and could even be certain when meeting ordinary Spirit Masters. This then led to the current scene.

“Damn fatty, how do you know my name?”
Bu Le asked puzzled with his peculiar voice.

Ma Hongjun grinned,
“Did you forget the flavor of roast chicken from back then? Should I call you transvestite Bu Le?”

Hearing this, Bu Le’s expression immediately changed. His gaze at Ma Hongjun became completely different, his eyes seemingly about to shoot flame,
“Bastard, you’re that little fatty?”

Ma Hongjun, immensely proud with himself, said:
“That’s right. Last time I burned that broken stick of firewood of yours. What do you plan to have me burn this time?”

“I’ll fight you.”
Bu Le’s hot blood had already rushed to his head, charging at Ma Hongjun regardless of anything.

Bu Le’s lewdness counted as number one among the three vulgar cheap customers, and since having his treasure destroyed by Fatty, he had never gotten back up, his spirit power cultivation had also lagged further and further behind his two peers. In terms of talent, these three vulgar fellows were originally still pretty good. Back then when he suffered Xiao Wu’s sneak attack, he had already been close to the fiftieth rank.

Now hearing Ma Hongjun admit who he was, the flames of hatred combusted. He only had one thought in his heart, and that was to thoroughly cripple a certain part of this fatty, to let him also experience what he had once suffered.

However, it had been a long time since Ma Hongjun was that little fatty he had so easily bullied. Watching Bu Le throw himself at him, an intense phoenix flame immediately rushed out, the suddenly rising temperature immediately distorting the air.

Two yellow, two purple, one black, five spirit rings appeared out of nowhere. Even though both their spirit power wasn’t far apart, in terms of spirit rings and the quality of their spirit itself, Ma Hongjun was far too powerful.

Unfortunately, Bu Le was already blinded by anger, unable to pay attention to anything. With a shake of his right hand, those two pink covers on his head immediately flew up, going straight to envelop Ma Hongjun. The covers grew larger in midair, seemingly still having some true imposing manner. Bu Le’s five spirit rings glittered practically one after another, using his full strength.

When E Kao and Tian Ya heard Ma Hongjun’s words they immediately knew who this fatty was. Back then they had searched for Ma Hongjun for a very long time, but had to give up when they didn’t find him. Now seeing the colors of the spirit rings Ma Hongjun released, these two vulgar fellows didn’t care about any rules, immediately charging behind Bu Le.

Unfortunately, they ran into Tang San. With a flash before their eyes, there was already a person there. Overbearing and tyrannical imposing manner spread out. Extremely ice cold killing intent barred their way forward just like sharp knives. Tang San’s Deathgod Domain suddenly erupted. There was unexpectedly a faint white mist in the air. Right now, Tang San had already returned Xiao Wu to the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

A chill from the bottom of their hearts made E Kao and Tian Ya’s steps forward screech to a halt. Looking at the handsome youth in front of them, their eyes revealed an intense overwhelming shock.

They were both slick customers of the Spirit Master world, and they could naturally feel that the almost tangible killing intent Tang San released wasn’t something that could be obtained by just cultivation. That was something accumulated through vast amounts of blood! Even though they didn’t see any spirit rings appearing, this surging ice cold killing intent already made them think of retreating.

The dense white mist gradually spread, enveloping the three people within. The ice cold feeling continued to grow, and E Kao and Tian Ya both discovered their bodies were a bit more sluggish than usual.

With a flash of black light, the Clear Sky Hammer had already appeared in Tang San’s hand. He didn’t use his Blue Silver Emperor spirit in order to keep his hundred thousand year spirit ring from being seen by the opponents. Killing these three vulgar fellows was nothing, but he couldn’t kill all the soldiers here. Therefore, he chose to use the Clear Sky Hammer.

Despite this, Tang San’s strength still didn’t weaken by much. First disregarding his Tang Sect secret skills, with the power of four spirit bones as well as the Clear Sky Hammer itself, that wasn’t far short of the Blue Silver Emperor.

Let alone when he still had the power of two great domains.

The lines of the Deathgod Domain carved onto the Clear Sky Hammer released white brilliance, and under Tang San urging it with his full strength, the domain’s effect constantly grew stronger.

E Kao shouted, forcefully beating his two arms transformed into wings, countless white feathers rushing out, turning into a hurricane of white feathers, shooting at Tang San. Each feather was like a sharp blade, flickering with a faint metallic luster. This was already his fourth spirit ability.

When Tang San released the Deathgod Domain, these two fellows had already begun to beat the drums of retreat. After all, there were still another five Spirit Masters behind Tang San and Ma Hongjun, not lacking cultivation. They knew that they had kicked an iron panel here today.

However, attack was the best way to cover a retreat, they’d still first beat back Tang San, then they could escape easier. Moreover, even though they were a bit vulgar, the feelings between the three brothers were still deep, they’d leave with Bu Le.

At the same time as E Kao launched his attack, Tian Ya scurried along fiercely, at high speed moving past next to the hurricane. In the same instant as he accelerated, his broken blade was already swinging, a faint green afterimage smeared directly towards Tang San’s neck.

The vulgar three cheap customers were pretty good as a group of Spirit Masters. Bu Le was a control type Spirit Master, E Kao was power attack type, and this Tian Ya was agility attack type.

However, could they really have their wishes fulfilled?

Despite Tang San not having entered the Spirit Emperor level for long, with his current spirit power and all sorts of skills, within the range of this level, he had no opponents.

As if he basically hadn’t seen E Kao’s hurricane, watching Tian Ya’s broken blade afterimage already in front of him, Tang San suddenly disappeared without the slightest warning.

His sudden disappearance didn’t only shock Tian Ya, E kao’s hurricane also immediately lost its target.

Tian Ya suddenly felt an incomparably oppressive force behind him, as if a mountain was toppling over him. He didn’t dare turn around, his feet suddenly accelerating, leaping forward. In terms of running away, this fellow could be said to be rather accomplished.

The Clear Sky Hammer struck empty air, but Tang San didn’t pause, immediately swinging the second blow. This time, his hammer was swinging at E Kao. At the same time as he swung the hammer, he also arrived behind E Kao.

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