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Chapter 171

(TL by Bagelson)

The formidable effect of the hundred thousand year spirit bone undoubtedly manifested here. Even though teleportation movement would consume a certain amount of spirit power, when used with the spirit bone, Tang San’s teleportation didn’t need time to charge.

Tian Ya sensed an oppressive power descend on him, and even though E Kao didn’t have Tian Ya’s speed, his reaction wasn’t any slower, dropping and rolling in place, he was already flipping over and away. Even though his head and face were filthy with grime, at least Tang San’s hammer swing at empty air.

Despite not hitting either of them, E Kao and Tian Ya’s faces were both deathly pale.

Neither understood why this youth in front of them, without even a spirit ring, could fully use a frightful ability like teleportation, and still that hammer with those formidable spirit power fluctuations gave them even more of an irresistible impression.

They were basically without a way to fight. They weren’t without large scale attack abilities, but under the constantly increasing effect of the Deathgod Domain, their originally frail fighting spirit had already completely collapsed.

“Bu Le, retreat. For a nobleman to take revenge, ten years isn’t too long.”
E Kao shouted somewhat mournfully.

However, even if Bu Le wanted to retreat now, it wasn’t that easy.

The giant covers Bu Le threw out descended towards the top of Ma Hongjun’s head. Back then, he originally used these covers to block Ma Hongjun’s phoenix flames, afterwards trapping him, giving him a beating. But Ma Hongjun hadn’t been that little fatty for a long time now. Over so many years of practical learning, under the help of the Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower, and the true awakening of his phoenix, how could that sticky phoenix flame be blocked by common spirits?

Firelight abruptly flashing, Ma Hongjun met Bu Le’s two covers without dodging or sidestepping. Bu Le’s spirit was called Heavenly Gauze Twin Covers. It was a kind of strangely shaped spirit. Perhaps it was because this fellow’s disposition was too lewd, but this spirit was basically evolved from certain female essentials.

It was in itself exceptionally durable, especially under the amplification of spirit power, and its uses were diverse. Among control type Spirit Masters, it was also considered a kind of marvel.

Unfortunately, what he met today was Ma Hongjun with completely awakened phoenix flames.

Pink light flashed. Ma Hongjun was already covered by the two overlaid Heavenly Gauze Covers, and Bu Le immediately exulted. His third spirit ring brightening, the Heavenly Gauze Cover immediately constricted. He was also charging in Ma Hongjun’s direction with extreme speed.

‘Damn fatty, this time you’re dead. The first thing I’ll do is remove that toy of yours, and have you also feel the pain of not being able to be a man.’

However, before he could approach, suddenly, a violent scorching hot feeling abruptly rose in his heart. Immediately after, this scorching heat rushed up his throat, and with a vomiting sound, Bu Le spit out a mouthful of blood, his steps forward immediately slowing.

He looked on, overwhelmed with shock, as his Heavenly Gauze Twin Covers unexpectedly turned fiery red, tongue after tongue of flame starting to penetrate them, a red hot feeling constantly attacking his body and mind.

The spirit and Spirit Master were one integral whole. As the spirit suffered damage, the Spirit Master would also suffer a certain amount of the attack. Bu Le’s spirit was also only this Heavenly Gauze Twin Cover, not as inexhaustible as Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor. While turning pale with fright, his mind had also awakened from fury somewhat, and he hurriedly withdrew his Heavenly Gauze Twin Covers without the slightest hesitation.

With a cry, a pair of enormous phoenix wings dazzlingly unfolded. The enormous phoenix wings extended behind Ma Hongjun’s back, and even though he himself was chubby, these phoenix wings at least were dazzlingly beautiful, the touching beauty and that scorching hot flame making the surrounding soldiers, as well as the Strength Clan’s clansmen, filled with a shocking feeling.

Those four Strength Clan clansmen had originally only taken Ma Hongjun for Tang San’s attendant, and Ma Hongjun this little Fatty was also comparatively easy going, never paying much attention to things like status, and didn’t explain anything on his behalf. As he now spread his phoenix wings, using his third spirit ability, Phoenix Ascension, these Strength Clan members learned just how powerful he actually was. But the force from this spirit already made these equally leveled Spirit Masters feel formidable pressure, let alone Bu Le currently confronting Fatty.

The Heavenly Gauze Twin Covers Bu Le withdrew were already damaged. Watching Ma Hongjun unfold the phoenix wings, he knew he might not be able to get a good outcome today. E Kao and Yian Ya’s voices echoed at this moment, however, how would retreating be that easy?

Ma Hongjun grinned,

The immense Phoenix Ascension wings behind him flapped, suddenly bringing his plump figure flying, shooting straight for Bu Le. Along with his increase in spirit power, the time that Phoenix Ascension could suspend him in the air was growing longer and longer. Even though it wouldn’t seem fast, the phoenix flames bursting from Ma Hongjun rigidly targeted Bu Le, leaving Bu Le with no choice but to focus on confronting him.

If Bu Le wanted to retreat now, how could his speed match up to Ma Hongjun in the air? If he was caught from behind, his outcome would be even more miserable.

Helplessly, Bu Le could only hold his still scalding Heavenly Gauze Twin Covers in front of his chest with both hands, his expression grieving and indignant. Of course, it really was difficult for people to sympathize with the grief on that vulgar face.

“Bu Le——”
E Kao threw himself in Bu Le’s direction without the slightest hesitation, and Tian Yu also equally moved. They both saw that Bu Le was unable to resist. If Ma Hongjun got in close, he would definitely die.

“Your opponent is me.”
Tang San’s third hammer blow struck down, the hammer slightly askew. After evolution, the Clear Sky Hammer was even more overbearing than before, and under the complementing effect of the Deathgod Domain, was swinging three successive swings of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method. even though Tang San was constantly teleporting, this still didn’t influence the overlaying force of the hammer.

Tian Ya and E kao’s eyes were already somewhat red,
“I’ll fight you.”

E Kao’s sixth spirit ring suddenly brightened, that was also a ten thousand year spirit ring, the swan wings instantly turning black, his whole body rotating, amidst surging black light, a powerful and sharp energy pulse erupted from the wings, meeting Tang San’s Clear Sky hammer.

“Swan Asura Blade.”

No matter what was said, he was still a Spirit Emperor over sixtieth rank. Even if he couldn’t defeat Tang San, his full strength attack was still fairly dreadful.

Tian Ya also took advantage of this moment to leap up, swiftly moving in front of Bu Le, the broken blade in his hand held high, his six spirit rings simultaneously releasing dazzling light. His broken blade unexpectedly started to grow, turning four chi long in the blink of an eye. Swinging the long blade in the air, several hundred blade lights converged into a barrier in the air, blocking Ma Hongjun’s charge attack. It was Tian Ya’s sixth spirit ring, Broken Blade Hundred Chop.

With an explosive sound, Tang San was thrown flying under the effect of the tremendous impact, his whole body spinning three times in midair before falling to the ground.

But E Kao was equally sorry, despite Tang San’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method only having the force of three swings, Tang San’s spirit power was higher than his, and the Clear Sky Hammer weight eight hundred jin. Therefore, even without the amplification of spirit abilities, the attack power of Tang San’s hammerblow was considerably frightful.

As a chief of tool spirits, what kind of might did the Clear Sky Hammer have? E Kao only felt his arms about to break, his internal organs as if on fire, his calfs already sunken into the ground.

Tang San was also surprised, since he hadn’t expected the cowardly E Kao and Tian Ya to actually instantly erupt with such power. E Kao’s Swan Asura Blade had extremely potent attack power, even though he had the Clear Sky Hammer for blocking, the ice cold blade energy had still cut his right shoulder. Fortunately he had reacted extremely quickly, and he wasn’t seriously injured.

This one blade was undoubtedly Tang San’s wake up call, and also made him blame himself. Clearly his strength was above the opponent’s, but he was still injured, this only pointed to one problem, that he had carelessly underestimated him. E Kao absolutely wasn’t powerful in the Spirit Emperor level, but he had still underestimated him, leading to him almost being seriously hurt.

At the same time as Tang San and E Kao separated on their side, Ma Hongjun’s side had also reached a result. A cloud of dense flame erupted in mid air, turning into countless fiery red balls of fiery red light that blasted out, several hundred balls of flame seeming like dazzling fireworks, but each ball contained tremendous explosive force and incomparably scorching hot phoenix flame.

Confronted with that Broken Blade Tian Ya’s sixth spirit ability, Fatty also finally used his fifth, Phoenix Meteor Shower[1].

Even Tang San didn’t dare meet this spirit ability of Fatty’s. When the spirit ability launched, half the sky had already turned scarlet. The spirit’s own advantage became more and more clear along with spirit power rising. As one of the most formidable beast spirits, Ma Hongjun’s Fire Phoenix constantly rose to higher levels. Even though this was only a fifth spirit ability, it was still Fatty’s one ten thousand year spirit ability. Unexpectedly it was hardly at a disadvantage when it came into contact with Broken Blade Tian Ya’s sixth spirit ability.

Tai Tan shouted to those soldiers watching the fight,
“If you don’t want to die, run farther!”

The soldiers were long since scared stupid by such a vast scene, but reacted once they heard Tai Tan’s lion like roar. One by one they frantically ran away while crying for their dad and shouting for their mom.

Just at the same time as they began to escape, the two great spirit abilities also smashed together.

A series of explosive bursts resounded in the air, one phoenix meteor after another striking into Tian Ya’s blade light. Both sides shattered simultaneously, collided again, shattered again.

In terms of spirit power, naturally Broken Blade Tian Ya had some advantage as a Spirit Emperor, but could his spirit compare to Ma Hongjun’s? Amidst a succession of violent collisions, the broken blade in Tian Ya’s hand became extremely scalding, the tremendous pressure hitting him head on leaving him less and less able to breathe. His Broken Blade Hundred Chops were already gradually retreating, soon about to be unable to withstand the Phoenix Meteor Shower.

That Ma Hongjun could skip a level to fight him, besides his spirit and spirit abilities, don’t forget that he still had a spirit bone. Just the overall added attribute upgrade this spirit bone gave him was already enough to make up for the not very large difference in spirit power between him and Tian Ya. Under such circumstances, how could Tian Ya block his offensive?

Bu Le’s face had already become extremely unsightly. The Heavenly Gauze Twin Covers spread out, blocking in front of him and Tian Ya. Ma Hongjun’s tyrannical Phoenix Meteor Shower was already something he couldn’t get involved in with his strength, what he could do was only help him and Tian Ya defend as far as possible.

Finally, along with an ear piercing shattering sound, Tian Ya blood madly spurted from Tian Ya’s mouth, his Broken Blade also finally turning back into a broken blade. The spirit being injured directly injured him.

But right now, Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Meteor Shower still had at least fifty or sixty balls left.

E Kao’s qi and blood roiled. Even though he saw what was happening, it was already too late for him to save them. Unable to hold back the great anxiety in his heart, he couldn’t help spitting out a mouthful of blood.

However, what nobody expected was that Fatty’s final several dozen phoenix meteors didn’t land, but rather suddenly changed direction, arcing towards the sky, gradually growing fainter in the air.

The eyes of the originally standing before certain death Tian Ya and Bu Le were brimming with disbelief. On the other side, E Kao was also already stupefied.

However, equally shocked was also Tang San. He wasn’t amazed that Fatty would hold back at the last moment, but rather because of the injury on his shoulder.

The original wound made him feel a stab of pain, however, as he turned his head to look at the wound, he saw a layer of faint golden light flickering over it. Immediately afterward, his right leg grew warm. As that golden light disappeared, the wound on his shoulder had unexpectedly recovered completely. If not for the torn clothes on his shoulder, there wouldn’t even be a way of telling there had been any damage.

Just in this split second, Tang San finally felt effect of the other ability of his Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone. His memories couldn’t help returning to the scene when he destroyed his right leg in order to forcefully extract the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone by suicide, the hot itch that spread throughout his body from his wounds, that seemed to be the joint effect of the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone and his blood. Just that at the time the only thing on his mind was Xiao Wu, and so he hadn’t paid attention. Now that he remembered it, he finally understood just what the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s second ability was.

As the heir to the blood of the Blue Silver Emperor, after obtaining the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone, the effect of this hundred thousand year spirit bone should be even stronger than Xiao Wu’s to Tang San. Only now did Tang San finally understand where its power lay.

The Phoenix Ascension behind Ma Hongjun’s back was still outstretched. By now he had already landed in front of Tian Ya and Bu Le, his face revealing a smile,
“I really didn’t expect you to still have some feelings of camaraderie while looking so vulgar.”

The big cigar at the corner of Tian Ya’s mouth was already missing. He spoke with a hoarse voice:
“Why didn’t you kill us?”

Ma Hongjun pursed his lips,
“You want to die? The matter between me and Bu Le was already settled back then. He beat me, I roasted him there. There’s no hatred between us. Why would I kill him? What relation does your robbery here have with us? I don’t like killing people, alright? Just hurry up and fuck off, get out of the way so we can pass.”

Bu Le looked somewhat lifelessly at Ma Hongjun. Clearly, he hadn’t thought that Ma Hongjun would say something like this. For a moment, even though the light of hatred in his eyes didn’t decrease, it still wasn’t as venomous as before. Looking at those Phoenix Ascension wings behind Fatty’s back, there even seemed to be something in his eyes.

E Kao quickly walked over next to the two, pulling their clothes, Bu Le and Tian Ya simultaneously got up. Without saying anything else, Bu Le waved to the distant soldiers,
“Let them pass.”

How would the soldiers dare be neglectful, that they had the courage to be impudent before was because of Bu Le and the other Spirit Masters supporting them. Seeing the ones they counted on all unable to resist, they hastily moved the barrier aside, opening the road.

Tang San walked over to Ma Hongjun. Without saying anything further, even though the four Strength Clan members were somewhat dissatisfied, the expression in Tai Tan’s eyes still hinted they return to the carriages.

Ma Hongjun grinned at Bu Le, saying:
“You can find me in Heaven Dou City later. I’ll keep you company anytime.”

Bu Le looked face to face with Tian Ya, then suddenly said to Ma Hongjun:
“Little Fatty, I have something to say to you.”

Ma Hongjun stared blankly,
“If there’s something then say it.”

Bu Le sighed, suddenly reaching out to hold the arm of Tian Ya next to him,

“Actually, I don’t really hate you either. When you just burned my darling treasure, I was simply in such pain I wished I was dead. But later, as my injuries healed, I suddenly discovered that being a woman is quite good.”
As he spoke, he deliberately leaned his head against Tian Ya’s shoulder, his expression charming.

Of course, a person with such a vulgar appearance as his, exuding a charming feeling, one could imagine what kind of feeling that was.

In particular, the expression in Bu Le’s eyes was still from time to time aimed at Ma Hongjun’s lower body, his butt twisting a few times, his tongue licking his lips, as if hungering for something.

Bleargh—— Fatty finally couldn’t bear it, directly vomiting. Even though Tang San’s fortitude was a bit stronger, he also immediately moved back towards the carriage.

Ma Hongjun almost fell over himself running, yelling while running back to the carriage,
“Quick, quickly leave, I can’t stand it.”

Watching the two carriages speed off, Bu Le then released Tian Ya’s arm, snorting,
“Damn Fatty, if I can’t beat you, I’ll nauseate you to death. Humph humph, you’re still soft.”

The corners of Tian Ya’s mouth twitched,
“The problem is, you didn’t just nauseate him. I’m equally sick.”


The carriages rushed ten kilometers without Ma Hongjun calming down, from time to time leaning out the carriage window to vomit. He vowed never to see those three people again in his life.

Tang San was a bit better. After he and Tai Tan began to discuss hidden weapons again, the churning feeling in his stomach gradually settled.

Rising Dragon City was situated in the north of Star Luo Empire, less than two hundred li from the common border of the two great empires, it was truly a frontier city.

Rising Dragon City in itself wasn’t directly under the administration of the Star Luo imperial family, but rather the territory within the borders of a subordinate kingdom. Because of trade, this not at all large city was still flourishing, visitors coming and going endlessly.

Kingdoms and duchies, on the surface these powers belonged to the two great empires, but in truth they hadn’t been under imperial control for a long time, and moreover still controlled a lot of economically strategic towns, and behind them was the secret backing of Spirit Hall, competing with the empires as equals. Even though conflicts weren’t common, along with imperial authority gradually being undermined, especially after the recent destruction of the two great sects, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, the kingdoms and duchies had also acted increasingly aggressive. Some had even started to openly expand their territory. Even though the scope wasn’t large, it could already reveal a great many problems.

But extraordinarily, the two great empires completely disregarded their restless stirring. Everything seemed very calm, even to the extent that there were no signs of military movement. Perhaps it was because those kingdoms and duchies lacked confidence, but the silence of the two great empires instead frightened them, and for the moment they didn’t dare be too unbridled.

The Strength Clan’s two carriages entered Rising Dragon City after passing a simple inspection at the gate. Of course, the taxes for foreign merchants entering the city were indispensable. The people were counted accordingly, but most astonishing was that even the horses counted as people. Each person was one gold spirit coin, the carriages three spirit coins, and further adding eight healthy horses, they had to pay tens of spirit coins.

Even though everyone were Spirit Masters, they didn’t belong to Spirit Hall, and in order to avoid trouble, they might as well pay and smoothly enter the town.

“Elder, what are our arrangements?”
Tang San asked Tai Tan. These days he and Tai Tan had always been talking hidden weapons, to the extent that they hadn’t even thought to talk about the four clan gathering.

Tai Tan carefully gathered up the blueprints in the carriage and placed them in his spirit tool,
“We’ll head directly to the Defense Clan’s place. Since they’re the hosts, naturally they’ll stand for the arrangements. Actually, each gathering is only everyone meeting again after a long time, chatting about what’s happened recently, looking out for each other. There are no fixed procedures.”

Tang San nodded at that. Softly caressing Xiao Wu’s soft fur, his face revealed a somewhat pondering expression. Having arrived in Rising Dragon City, he should start to consider how to confront the four single attribute clans.

Tai Tan didn’t disturb him either, he sat in the carriage resting with his eyes closed. After their exchange on this whole journey, if he only appreciated Tang San before, then now there was already a bit of admiration.

Tai Tan thought of himself as already being a peak level character in the forging world, but when talking with Tang San he would frequently sigh in admiration because of his intricate way of thinking and those elaborate hidden weapon designs. From his point of view, Tang San not only remembered the hidden weapons plans, but moreover had an extremely deep understanding of them. When the two disagreed, after careful analysis, it would frequently be Tai Tan compromising, and not this youngster.

In this period of exchange, Tai Tan grew increasingly convinced that his choice was correct. He understood that the Clear Sky Clan had perhaps produced another alarmingly talented genius. To the extent that he was even more talented than the one who had been called the Continent’s youngest Title Douluo, Tang Hao.

Even if Tai Tan was rough on the outside, his mind was meticulous enough, otherwise he couldn’t have had such a deep understanding of his forging art. He could of course guess Tang San’s objective in coming along on this trip. Originally he wasn’t a bit optimistic, but through his exchange with Tan San, he discovered the unique charm of this youth. Just as expected of a control type Spirit Master, he could frequently very easily control the overall situation. He basically wasn’t like a barely twenty youth.

The more one was polished on the grindstone, the sharper one got, perhaps this was related to his experiences. After enduring immeasurable pain and expending immeasurable effort, he had his present talent. That wasn’t something that could be obtained by just relying on talent.

Rising Dragon City was far smaller than Heaven Dou City, and the two carriages pulled by eight horses very soon reached their destination.

The carriages stopped outside of a large house. When Tang San stepped down from the carriage and looked towards the great gate of this courtyard, his face couldn’t help revealing a smiling expression. This unexpectedly seemed quite similar to the Strength Clan’s mansion, just that the inscribed board above the gate had the word ‘Defense’.

Tai Tan smiled:
“Our four clans’ buildings were designed by the Defense Clan. That’s why they’re very similar. Even though the construction seems quite crude overall, inside are actually concealed a lot of mechanisms suitable for defending. The Defense Clan’s position in the construction field isn’t a bit lower than our Strength Clan in forging. It’s said that this Rising Dragon City lord’s mansion was also remodelled by them. It’s also because of that project that they could lay their foundation here.”

When the two carriages stopped, two robust men were already running out from the great gate. Compared to the Strength Clan clansmen, they seemed a bit shorter, but gave people an even more massive impression.

One robust man hastily saluted deferentially,
“Hello, respected clan chief Tai Tan, the Strength Clan is welcome to our clan.”

Tai Tan waved his hand, laughing out loud,
“No need to be polite. Isn’t the old rhino at the clan?”

The two Defense Clan big guys responsible for greeting smiled wryly at each other, secretly thinking, ‘perhaps nobody other than you dares nickname our clan chief ‘old rhino’.’

Even though they silently cursed in their hearts, they didn’t dare show it on their faces, one of them saying:
“The clan chief is here, just waiting for all the seniors to arrive. We sent someone to report as soon as we saw the Strength Clan’s carriages.”

Before he had finished, a deep voice echoed from within the Defense Clan’s mansion,
“You old orangutan. I could hear that loud windpipe of yours without even leaving the house. You actually dare call me names, haha.”

Hearing this voice, Tai Tan immediately laughed heartily without restraint,
“Dissatisfied, huh, if you’ve got the skill we’ll compare strength. After you beat me, I won’t call you old rhino. How about it?”

Between the wide open gates, an old man half a head shorter than Tai Tan walked out. This person’s face was like a heavy date, steel needle like short hair already grizzled, his face ruddy, a pair of bell sized eyes bright and full of expression, extremely broad shoulders. Even though the robes he wore were very spacious, his build filled with incomparable power and grandeur was still visible in his movements. If Tai Tan was like a towering mountain, then he was like a wide and solid fortress.

When the two old men saw each other, they spread their arms practically simultaneously, their solid chests firmly knocking together,         issuing a loud thump. That noise was so loud it made Tang San jump, showing just how much effort they put into it.

Tai Long standing next to Tang San said in a low voice:
“It’s custom. Among the four single attribute clans, us and the Defense Clan have the best relationship. Grandpa and grandpa Niu are best friends, they grew up together. They’re like this every time they meet.”

Sure enough, after their violent collision, the two men tightly embraced each other, laughing loudly simultaneously. Judging by the veins on the terrifying muscles of Tai Tan’s arms, they didn’t seem to just be hugging.

“You old orangutan, you’ve grown a bit stronger again! Only, even if I’m not stronger than you, don’t even think about snapping these old bones.”

Tai Tan snapped:
“Who doesn’t know how thick your skin is? Tai Long, come here. Greet your grandpa Niu Gao[2].”

Tai Long hurriedly strode forward, deferentially saluting the Defense Clan chief,
“Hello, grandpa Niu.”

Niu Gao grabbed Tai Long’s arm,
“What greetings, we’re all one family, why so many customs? En, Tai Long, you’re quite robust, you have the bearing of your grandpa back then. Last time it was your dad and grandpa who came. I think that your future accomplishments will surpass your father’s. Tai Tan that kid is still a bit petite.”

Hearing this, Tang San couldn’t help inwardly wiping his sweat. Someone built like Tai Nuo was still considered petite? Then there was no justice!

Tai Tan didn’t introduce Tang San to Niu Gao, this was by Tang San’s own request. His identity as a child of the Clear Sky Clan could very easily cause trouble, he had to first observe the circumstances, then choose how to confront the other three single category clans.

Tai Tan said:
“Let’s go. We still haven’t gone inside. Don’t tell me we have to drink the wind here!”

Niu Gao grinned,
“Think I’ve forgotten in the excitement of seeing you? Let’s go, come inside. I’ve prepared you the liquor you like best, tonight us brothers won’t return without getting drunk, if you don’t dare, you’re a soft egg.”

“Dog farts, when wasn’t it you who got so drunk you crawled back. Come, I’m afraid you won’t succeed. Eh, right, old rhino, those two fellows aren’t here?”

Niu Gao said:
“Not yet, you’re the first. You’re so energetic every time. There’s still another two days till the gathering.”

Tai Tan laughed out loud, saying:
“Doesn’t matter, we’ll drink heartily first. Best is if all the wine is finished when they arrive, let them drink water.”

Tang San always observed coolly as he followed the two clan chiefs with Tai Long and Ma Hongjun. The four Strength Clan disciples as well as the two disciples acting as coachmen followed behind them.

Through observation, Tang San discovered that this Defense Clan chief Niu Gao really had a very good relationship with Tai Tan. If he was approached through this relationship, it should be a bit easier. He just didn’t know how to move this old man.

Just as Tai Tan said, the Defense Clan’s architecture was almost exactly the same as the Strength Clan, giving a familiar feeling on entering.

The old brothers Tai Tan and Niu Gao walked arm in arm, their cheerful laughter almost never stopping. Only when they reached a wide hall did they separate as host and guest. Of course, both Tai Tan and Niu Gao sat in the seat of honor.

Tai Long didn’t sit in the place of the first guest, but rather left this seat for Tang San, he and Ma Hongjun sitting below. This action immediately drew Niu Gao’s attention. People capable of becoming clan chief didn’t just possess great strength. Niu Gao’s character was somewhat similar to Tai Tan. Seeing Tai Long’s actions, he couldn’t help asking Tai Tan:
“Old orangutan, you didn’t introduce us, who is this young man who’s as pretty as a lady? Eh, and that fatty. This doesn’t seem like the style of your Strength Clan!”

Hearing Niu Gao’s interrogation, Tai Tan couldn’t help looking at Tang San, inwardly pondering deeply a moment, then saying:
“These two are my grandson’s friends from school. I brought them to have a look this time.”

Hearing this, Niu Gao’s gaze instead grew even more questioning. In fact, the gathering of the four single attribute clans was an extremely secret affair, how could outsiders be allowed to casually participate? Judging by the expression with which Tai Long looked at Tang San, he clearly saw a respectful mood. How would that happen with youngsters of the same age?

Niu Gao wasn’t a person to mince words, snapping:
“Old orangutan, don’t tell me you still have to hide things from a brother? Just who is this kid? Why would you bring him to the gathering?”

Hearing Niu Gao ask this, Tang San knew that if he didn’t stand up now, even if his identity was revealed in the future, he would inevitably receive Niu Gao’s contempt. Confronting such an outspoken senior Spirit Master, it would be better to get it done with at once.

Immediately, Tang San stood up, saluting slightly to Niu Gao,
“Senior Niu Gao, hello. Myself am Tang San.”

Niu Gao stared blankly,
“Your surname is Tang?”

Tang San didn’t hide it,
“My father is Tang Hao.”


“Old orangutan, what’s the meaning of this? Don’t tell me the Clear Sky School hasn’t caused us enough harm? If not for that Tang Hao, how would we have fallen to this state?”

Tai Tan’s brows creased slightly,
“Old rhino, calm down a bit. Don’t tell me that Spirit Hall would have let the Clear Sky School off without my master’s matters back then? I hate the Clear Sky School just as much as you do for treating us subsidiary clans as disposable. But how is this related to Tang San? With your age, can’t you settle down a bit?”

[1] Phoenix Meteor Shower - (凤凰流星雨)

[2] Niu Gao - (牛皋) “Bovine Marsh”

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