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Chapter 169

(TL by Bagelson)

Hearing Tang San say this, Tai Tan’s eyes immediately brightened,
“Good plan, really good plan. In terms of Spirit Masters, no matter how hard we try, we still can’t catch up to Spirit Hall. If we can use equipment to close the gap between ordinary people and Spirit Masters, then, Spirit Masters won’t have such an unconditional advantage. Especially low level Spirit Masters, when confronting troops with large scale deployment of such killing weapons, they’ll definitely be miserable. Young master, was this thing invented by you or master?”

Regarding Tai Tan’s question, Tang San had long ago already thought of an answer.
“I accidentally obtained a secret book. Weapons like these are collectively called hidden weapons. Their greatest characteristic is suddenness. As an example, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow is only rated as mid level among them. But the more powerful the hidden weapon, the more complicated the manufacturing. I’m establishing the Tang Sect with the plan to develop hidden weapons with hidden weapons as capital and using Heaven Dou Empire as trade partner. I think they’ll definitely be exceptionally interested in our equipment.”

Tai Tan smiled. His big hands blurred in front of him, and those scattered components magically reassembled, at such speed that it was at least ten times that of Tang San’s own assembling speed. In just the time of a few breaths, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow was already in its previous condition, the degree of skill making Tang San gasp in amazement.

“It seems young master’s sect not only won’t have me spend money, but on the contrary profit enormously. No wonder you would say ironworkers wouldn’t continue being so lowly. This is a turning point for the entire industry!”

If Tai Tan’s decision to support Tang San earlier could more importantly be described to be due to the relationship with Tang Hao and Tang San’s potential, then right now his support was completely sincere, his gaze at Tang San even brimming with admiration. Carrying forward the blacksmith industry was the life long cherished wish of great strength god Tai Tan; he was even more excited than Tang San. If not for his son and grandson being here, he wouldn’t even be able to keep from dancing and clapping his hands.

Tang San pondered, then said:
“We have to conduct all this in secrecy. For the moment our path can’t cross the Heaven Dou Empire. As for the manufacture of hidden weapons, I’ll move over as soon as possible. Afterwards we’ll begin the operations of the Tang Sect. I’ve already reached an agreement with school master Ning of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, he will support the Tang Sect with a large amount of financial resources. In return we are required to manufacture hidden weapons, therefore, there’s no need to worry about funding. But some rare metals we will have to gather on our own. Our Tang Sect hidden weapons absolutely aren’t only aimed at those low level Spirit Masters. We want to let Title Douluo level opponents tremble in fear, this is my true goal.”

Tai Tan grinned, saying:
“There’s no need for young master to worry about this. I still have the position as vice president of the continental blacksmith association. Buying uncommon metals won’t be a problem. We just need some time. In a few days, once the Tang Sect has settled, I’ll personally go to Gengxin City[1]. That’s the location of the blacksmith association's headquarters, and has the greatest metals exchange. From there, we should be able to get a lot of good things. We might even hire a group of ironworkers. How about this? Young master, once I’ve dealt with an important matter, we’ll carry out allround modifications here. Since we’re doing it, we’ll go all out.”

Hearing Tai Tan’s words, Tang San first of all felt at ease. Establishing a sect absolutely wasn’t a simple matter, but with the backing of Tai Tan’s Strength Clan, as well as Tai Tan’s forging skill, everything down the line would be a lot easier.

“Elder, at that time I’ll make the trip to Gengxin City with you. I also want to see the grace of this city of metals.”

Tai Tan nodded, saying:
“Young master, today you came just in time. If you came tomorrow instead, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have seen this old man.”

“Eh? Elder is going out on a journey?”
Tang San puzzled asked.

Tai Tan sighed lightly, saying:
“Now that you mention it, this is still related to the Clear Sky School. Originally, before the Clear Sky School was sealed, when it was the number one sect under Heaven, there were large amounts of subordinate Spirit Master factions under it, most of all our four great single attribute clans. Apart from my Strength Clan, there was also the Defense Clan[2], the Speed Clan[3], as well as the Breaking Clan[4]. Along with the later accidents of the Clear Sky School, the sect declared itself sealed, and we also withdrew from the Clear Sky School in succession. But our four great single category clans always looked out for each other, consequently, every two years, we’ll all gather for a meeting. This year is the time of the meeting. Spirit Hall has recently been active, and will again choose seven great sects in one year, hence our gathering this time is absolutely necessary. I’ll be setting out to participate in this gathering tomorrow. I’ll be gone for at least a month. Young master please don’t blame me. The Tang Sect is in its early stage of development. I’ll leave behind Tai Nuo to work with you. If you have any thoughts, just let him carry it out.”

Tang San’s heart twitched,
“Elder, if I wanted to go along with you, I don’t know whether it would be inconvenient. I understand that the four great single category clans had no choice but to separate from the Clear Sky School back then. These years because of the conflict between the Clear Sky School and Spirit Hall back then, perhaps it might be unwanted. But I want to try to get into contact with them. Perhaps……”

Tai Nuo waved his hand, smiling wryly:
“Young master, you coming with me isn’t any problem. Only, the other three clan chiefs have even deeper resentment for the Clear Sky School, and moreover, they’re all extremely stubborn contemporaries. These years haven’t been as simple as unwanted; it’s us practically not daring to reveal our faces due to being pushed aside. Even if the Clear Sky School broke the seal, they still wouldn’t serve the sect again. If you hope to gain their support, I’m afraid it might be wasting your breath.”

To the side, Tai Nuo interjected:
“Their resentment towards the Clear Sky School is deep, especially the Breaking Clan. Because of their relationship with the Clear Sky School, they were once attacked by Spirit Hall, with almost half their clansmen injured. Even now their strength hasn’t recovered. But at that time the Clear Sky School was already sealed, preoccupied with self-defense, cold to everyone.”

Tang San sighed. He knew that sealing the sect really was the Clear Sky School’s mistake. However, at that time the Clear Sky School faced an enormous crisis. His father and Spirit Hall were in conflict, and his grandfather the old sect master had passed away. His uncle hadn’t inherited the sect master position for long, and the inside circumstances of the sect were extremely unstable. In order to protect themselves, the sect was finally sealed. But that was to the bitterness of these adhering little clans. When Spirit Hall couldn’t find the Clear Sky Scet, they naturally vented their anger on them. He could imagine the difficulties they had gone through over the years, not only days of dodging to the east and hiding in the west, the circumstances like the Strength Clan’s might still be those best off.

“It’s the Clear Sky School that let them down. Elder Tai Tan, let me go with you. I should dissolve or at least try to dissolve it. Even if they won’t return to the Clear Sky School in the future, I still hope to do something for them, to as far as possible make up for the injuries they’ve suffered over these years. What do you think?”

Tai Tan looked at Tang San, somewhat astounded. His expression couldn’t help softening,
“Compared to master in those days, young master doesn’t lack in drive, but you’re even more comprehensive than master was. With these words from young master, this old man will definitely do his utmost. Only, it’s better if young master doesn’t hold too much hope.”

How could it be proved impossible without trying? Tang San stood, saying:
“Then we’ll do like this first. I’ll leave first, the matter of establishing the Tang Sect is postponed. I’ll come meet up with you tomorrow morning, then we’ll participate in the four single attribute clan meeting together.”

Tai Tan’s trio delivered Tang San straight to the door, then followed his departure with their eyes.

Tai Nuo looked at his father, then again at his son. He couldn’t help saying:
“Young master’s conduct is steady, he really isn’t like a just twenty years old youth.”

Tai Tan smiled slightly, saying:
“I really hope to see the Clear Sky School emerge thanks to young master. Young master establishing the Tang Sect is also a good thing, we won’t return to the Clear Sky School either, hereafter the Strength Clan is only part of the Tang Sect. Tai Long.”

Tai Long replied deferentially.

Tai Tan said:
“Tomorrow you’ll also go participate in the gathering with young master. You have to follow next to young master, learn from young master. As long as you can learn from young master to some degree, later I can also be at ease in leaving the Strength Clan to you. You’re considered possessing rare talent in the clan, you can have some accomplishments in the future. See how much you can learn from young master. Tai Nuo, after we’ve left, the clan will be in your hands. While we’re away, you remodel the interior of the clan buildings, we’ll go back and talk over the initial remodelling procedures.”

“Yes, father.”

Returning to Shrek Academy, Tang San came straight to the residence, by now there was already the four of them living in the log cabin. Tang San naturally wouldn’t hide anything from Oscar and the others, and simply explained his plans and the Strength Clan’s support.

“Little Ao, you and Rongrong have finally reunited with great difficulty, you stay at the Academy. Fatty, you going with me tomorrow?”

Ma Hongjun grinned, saying:
“Alright, staying idle is staying idle anyway. Besides, later I’m also a Tang Sect vice sect master.”

Ning Rongrong smiled:
“Third brother, you can’t favor one and discriminate against another. You let Fatty be the vice sect master, I want to as well.”

Tang San somewhat helplessly said:
“Do as you wish, as long as uncle Ning doesn’t object, I approve.”

Oscar said:
“Little San, let’s all go with you tomorrow. Since you know the resentment between the four single attribute clans and Clear Sky School is very deep, just in case they’re unfavourable to you, it would be better for all of use to go together.”

Tang San shook his head, saying:
“You stay. Even if the four single attribute clans had even deeper resentment, the Clear Sky School can still be said to be their birthplace, they won’t do anything to me. Moreover, this side still needs some preparatory work. Rongrong, I’ll trouble you to let uncle Ning know that I’ll hurry back, in one month at the earliest, two months at the latest.

Ning Rongrong nodded agreement,
“Third brother, take care as you go. Will you still bring Xiao Wu along?”

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu in his arms, nodded and said:
“I won’t leave Xiao Wu again. Don’t worry, I have the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, if I meet danger I’ll protect Xiao Wu first.”

Oscar pondered, saying:
“The effect of my mirror sausage is limited for you, but if used, it’ll screen your own abilities. I’ll make you some. Little San, if you still have something to deal with on this side, just leave it to us. We’re brothers, you don’t need to be polite. Spirit Hall is our common enemy.”

After five years of learning from experience, Oscar was a lot more stable than before.

Tang San pondered, saying:
“There’s nothing at the moment, you continue cultivating at the Academy. If you have time, you can go take a look at the auction house, bring back some rare metals. Find uncle Ning for the money. Uncle Ning will back us all out financially.”

After Tang San said goodbye to Grandmaster, Flender and the others, the next morning, he and Ma Hongjun came once again to the Strength Clan.

Tai Tan was ready since earlier, and after talking over the Strength Clan’s interior remodelling plans with Tang San, he left them for Tai Nuo to implement. The party then got under way.

Tai Tan didn’t bring a lot of people. Besides Tai Long, there were still four disciples from the same second generation as Tai Nuo. They were all over forty, Spirit Kings with spirit power over the fiftieth rank.

Tang San still held Xiao Wu to his chest. When there was no danger, he was reluctant to leave Xiao Wu alone in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Even though Xiao Wu’s body had no awareness, it was still extremely cute, and also hated parting with Tang San. perhaps it was because the Yearning Heartbroken Red still hadn’t been completely assimilated, but what it liked the most was laying in Tang San’s arms, sleeping.

Eight people setting off couldn’t walk the whole way, so Tai Tan had specially transferred two carriages from the sect. He and Tai Long, Tang San and Ma Hongjun were in one, the four clansmen in the other.

Even though everyone’s statures were very imposing, the Strength Clan’s carriages were hardly small, pulled by four horses, four people sitting inside was still extremely spacious. As for food and drink, everyone carried spirit tools, so there was no need to take up space in the carriages.

Whether Ma Hongjun or Tang San, it wasn’t the first time using carriages, but sitting in this carriage was extremely smooth, padded with soft thick cushions. This was a clear and refreshing autumn day, the air outside cool and refreshing. Pulling open the curtains, a cool breeze swept by, exceptionally enjoyable.

Sitting in the carriage, Ma Hongjun couldn’t help sighing:
“Elder, these carriages of yours really are comfortable, how come I don’t feel any bumps?”

Tai Tan said somewhat proudly:
“This was made by us, the carriage’s base is made with refined iron, and below are sixteen thick springs that can filter out the bumps, most suitable for long journeys. Were it not for the cart itself being so heavy, it wouldn’t need to be pulled by four horses. The carters are also clan disciples.”

Tang San smiled:
“Before I really had eyes but failed to recognize Mt Tai, I didn’t think you really were a grandmaster blacksmith. I haven’t had time to ask you, where are we meeting the other three clans this time?”

Tai Tan said:
“This time the road won’t be short, we have to pass through half the Heaven Dou Empire, and enter the borders of Star Luo Empire, we’ll meet with them in Rising Dragon City not far from the border. The gathering will be hosted by the Defense Clan this time, they’re rooted in Rising Dragon City, apart from our Strength Clan, they’ve gotten along the best. Young master still doesn’t have an understanding of the four great clans. This journey will be leisurely, I’ll tell you about our four single attribute clans.

This was also what Tang San most wanted to know right now. Immediately focusing, he listened to Tai Tan.

Tai Tan said:
“The four single attribute clans really weren’t established at the same time. Considered subsidiary sects of the Clear Sky School, the first clan chiefs were all related outside relatives of the Clear Sky School. Like our Strength Clan, was considered established the earliest of the four clans, my great grandmother was considered a directly related disciple of the Clear Sky School, and my great grandfather’s strength was considerable, close to Title Douluo. He was himself interested in forging, and under the support of the Clear Sky School, established the Strength Clan, subordinate to the Clear Sky School. Afterwards it gradually became one of the important economic sources of the Clear Sky School. Any one clansman of the four single attribute clans isn’t very powerful, young master should also have seen that the only merit of our Strength Clan is great strength, when meeting Spirit Masters with controlling spirit abilities, we basically don’t have any means. This is also why Spirit Hall hardly cared about us. Frankly, the Strength Clan’s great strength and blocking characteristics are more or less the same as the Defense Clan, only we’re more partial to forceful attacks, while they’re more partial to tough skin and thick meat. In terms of defense, the Defense Clan absolutely isn’t inferior to the Elephant Armored School of the seven great sects, their spirit is the Plate Armored Giant Rhinoceros, just that their attack power can’t compare to the Elephant Armored School.”

“The other three were all established within a hundred years, their history isn’t as long as our Strength Clan, but each clan all has their own strength, thereby making up the deficiencies of the Clear Sky School. Like our Strength Clan is expert in forging, the Defense Clan is expert in construction. Originally, when the Clear Sky School grounds was being built, it was all done by the Defense Clan. And what the Speed Clan is good at is scouting, because they cultivate speed with all their heart and soul, they’re astonishingly quick, they can be said to be the best scouts. And the Breaking Clan relies mainly on attacking, they’re actually expert in making medicine.”

“At present, our Strength Clan has set roots in Heaven Dou City, considered the best adapted. Even though the losses of the Breaking Clan were disastrous back then, any country would welcome their medicine refining, therefore their circumstances are roughly the same as the Defense Clan. Only the Speed Clan is currently the most miserable, they don’t want to join other Spirit Master clans, on their own they also don’t have any good trade skills. If not for our other three clans frequently supporting them, I’m afraid the Speed Clan would have waned even faster.”

Hearing Tai Tan say this, Tang San had an initial understanding of the four single attribute clans, secretly thinking that it was no wonder the Clear Sky School was number one under heaven back then, when these four subsidiary single attribute clans were already so outstanding. Unfortunately the sect was sealed too impetuously back then, without asking these talents to stay. Otherwise, it would be a lot easier for the Clear Sky School to rise again.

“Elder, you just said the Breaking Clan was experts in medicine, what medicines can they refine?”
Tang San asked.

Tai Tan said:
“I’m not to clear on the details either. It seems they’ll refine medicinal drugs, but will equally refine poisons. Among the four clans, the Breaking Clan could be said to be the most mysterious. Back when they originally attached themselves to the Clear Sky School, they were the ones most distantly related to the sect, and moreover kept their clan’s drugs confidential. The old sect master once got dissatisfied with them. But they were nevertheless most severely implicated with the sect. Could be said to be truly unfortunate.”

The corners of his mouth revealing a faint smile, Tang San secretly already had some plans.

“Elder, how many clansmen does the four clans have right now?”

Tai Tan said:
“Our Strength Clan has more than two hundred directly related disciples, the total number of family members exceeding five hundred. Of the other three clans, the Defense Clan and the Agility Clan is more or less the same as us. The Breaking Clan’s directly related disciples should be just a hundred. Their vitality is far from recovered.”

Tang San said somewhat pondering:
“That means the four single attribute clans added together has close to a thousand people.”

Tai Tan said:
“Back when the Clear Sky School was like the sun at zenith, the directly related clansmen were still only three hundred, but the subsidiary Spirit Masters still numbered more than five thousand. They were also split into a number of small clans, and our four single category clans were the leaders among these clans. The Clear Sky Clan going into seclusion lead to the monkeys scattering when the tree falls. Only a tiny handful really stayed behind. Our four clans directly suffered Spirit Hall’s formidable pressure and couldn’t get the backing of any sect, compelling us to collapse and fall apart, those small clans scattered even faster, there were a lot of them who chose to accept being incorporated into Spirit Hall. You might say that even though the Clear Sky School and Spirit Hall didn’t have a true battle, the sect being sealed was already a major defeat. If not for being forced, who would want to give up on their homeland and separate from their sect?”

At the end, Tai Tan’s voice clearly grew heavy. One could imagine, when a former big player of the Spirit Master World fell from the heavens without even a fight, what kind of heavy blow it was to these subsidiary clans.

It was quiet in the carriage, but the atmosphere was somewhat heavy.

After a long time, Tai Tan spoke up once again,
“Actually, I know the sect’s choice really was the smartest. The old sect master was dead. The new sect master had just taken the position. The master had also killed the Supreme Pontiff. There was already rigid hatred between our Clear Sky School and Spirit Hall. Spirit Hall even had enough reason to forcefully invade. Even if the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan wanted to help us, there would still be more than a seventy percent chance of the Clear Sky School being exterminated. And choosing to live in seclusion could undoubtedly preserve the Clear Sky School’s true strength. Even if the subsidiary clans scattered, the sect wouldn’t lose its own force. If the sect stood again in the future, still with the force to resist Spirit Hall, would there be any lack of Spirit Masters joining?”

This old man’s voice was filled with bleakness. He was secretly telling Tang San that common Spirit Masters and clans were only chess pieces for those great powers. When they had to be abandoned, they would be kicked and trampled. This was also an important reason they had such resentment towards the Clear Sky School.

Drawing a deep breath, Tang San didn’t know how he should comfort the old man, empty promises held no meaning.

“Young master. I have a request.”
Tai Tan’s gaze suddenly grew fiery.

“Elder, speak.”
Tang San hurriedly said.

Tai Tan lowered his voice:
“If the Clear Sky School truly returns again, and you want to join with the Clear Sky School, please let me lead the Strength Clan to withdraw from Tang Sect.”

Tang San said resolutely without the slightest hesitation:
“That won’t happen. Tang Sect is Tang Sect, Clear Sky School is Clear Sky School. Even if I’m a Clear Sky School descendant, I’ve always wanted to establish the Tang Sect as a Spirit Master Sect. Impossible to merge with the Clear Sky School.”

Hearing him say this, Tai Tan’s expression clearly relaxed somewhat,
“When young master says so, I’m relieved.”

Tang Sect was Tang Sect, those were all of Tang San’s memories of his last life, raising and developing the Tang Sect in another world was the only though he had when he just came to this world, how could he easily leave the Tang Sect to others? Let alone merging with the Clear Sky School, leaving authority to the Clear Sky School.

In order to keep Tai Tan from sinking into painful memories again, Tang San said:
“Elder, you’re a leading scholar of the world of forging, the road is long, it would be better for us to discuss some hidden weapons.”

Hearing the words ‘hidden weapons’, Tai Tan’s spirit was immediately roused, gasping in praise:
“Those blueprints young master found could be said to be art surpassing nature, even though I can roughly understand them, if you had me design them, there would definitely be no designs.”

Tang San smiled slightly saying:
“Actually, there are still a lot of hidden weapons more tremendous than the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Among them there’s one kind of hidden weapon that’s quite small, equally only one chi, but it’s cylindrical, if it could be made, by conservative estimates, it could at least split open the defense of Spirit Sage level Spirit Masters, including Spirit Avatar. Even if it was Title Douluo, if caught off guard, might still be seriously injured.”

Tai Tan’s eyes brightened, crying out:
“There’s still such tremendous hidden weapons?”

Tang San nodded with certainty:
“Just that manufacturing them is seriously difficulty. Not only are the material demands extremely high, but the manufacturing skill needs to be even more perfect, with just a hair fine error, it couldn’t be made.”

Tai Tan was the celebrity of a generation in the forging world. Hearing Tang San say this, he immediately had an itch that was difficult to scratch,
“Young master, what’s this hidden weapon called, do you have the designs? I don’t dare speak of other things, but on the Continent, in terms of skill, if I can’t make it, perhaps no one can.”

Tang San said:
“Back then I recorded all the plans in that secret book in my mind, I can easily give you an introduction. When this hidden weapon is fired, it’ll be like a peacock spreading its tail, gloriously brilliant, but while the eye is dazzled, it will take your life. Therefore it’s called Peacock Plume.”

Tai Tan sighed:
“Good, good Peacock Plume, if it’s like you say, and we can make large quantities of Peacock Plume, how Spirit Hall will shiver.”

Tang San smiled wryly:
“It’s not that easy. Even though the Peacock Plume’s power is out of the ordinary, not only are the demands for skill extremely difficult, but furthermore, the material demands are also extremely high. Otherwise, how could it break Spirit Sage level defenses? Making the Peacock Plume requires profound iron. Only mechanical and spray hidden weapons made from profound iron can reach that kind of power.”

Tai Tan looked distracted a moment,
“Profound iron? What metal is that? How come I haven’t heard of it?”

Tang San’s heart twitched, thinking to himself that what was called profound iron in his previous world might not be called the same in this world,
“Profound iron is a kind of extremely rare metal, several times heavier than the same volume of ordinary iron, as long as a smidgen is included in hidden weapons they can become sharper. If weapons were made from pure profound iron, it could practically restrain any other metallic weapon.”

Tai Tan’s eyes revealed a trace of pondering light,
“Don’t tell me what you call profound iron is black lined iron? Black lined iron seems to have roughly the same effects as the profound iron you speak of. It’s really also extremely rare. Its price a lot higher than gold, it’s always forged the king of metals.”

Hearing Tai Tan say this, Tang San immediately exulted. What he most feared was that this world didn’t have profound iron. That it was rare was very ordinary, but as long as it existed, there was the chance of creating the Peacock Plume.

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:
“It seems that after this four great single attribute clan gathering, I really have to go with you to metal capital Gengxin City. I hope we can reap some harvest.”

Tai Tan’s interest was already completely drawn out by Tang San,
“Young master, tell me quickly, what are the designs for this Peacock Plume?”

Tang San said:
“Peacock Plume, it’s one of the most formidable kinds of hidden weapons recorded in the secret book. It’s shape is cylindrical, one chi long, the cross section diameter three cun. Two buttons on top. The first button is used to wind the mechanism. The same principle as the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, they both fear the mechanism being wound for too long, leading to wear. Only winding the Peacock Plume’s mechanism is a lot more intricate than the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, it only needs one push to instantly complete the process. And the second button is used to shoot, difficult for supernatural beings to escape. The entire Peacock Plume has altogether three large sections. The plume, the internal mechanism, as well as the fitted hidden weapon. Among them, the most difficult to produce is the internal mechanism. It’s extremely complex. The Peacock Plume holds altogether three hundred sixty five hidden weapons, shot at once. If ejected, it can cover an area of several dozen square meters. The three hundred sixty five hidden weapons are divided into twelve types, due to volume, they’re all needle shaped hidden weapons. They’re each made from profound iron, still with some special qualities. The reason it uses profound iron, besides the hidden weapon’s own killing power, is because weight is also extremely important. Without a certain weight, after the hidden weapon erupts, its might will naturally be limited. After ejection, its might will be greatest within a thirty meter range, past thirty meters, its power will gradually drop, reaching fifty meters at most. The twelve hidden weapons included are each Bone Piercing Needles, Thunderflame needles, Armor Breaking Needles, Blade Splitting needles, Devil Subduing Needles, Overlord Needles, Deep Yin Needles, Dragon Breaking Needles, Lust Drowning Needles, Dragon Beard Needles, Meteor Extermination Needles and Seven Murder Needles.”

“These twelve types of needles practically include all the most representative and most powerful of needle type hidden weapons. Each kind is made in a different way, their style and materials used also all different. For example, the Bone Piercing Needle’s effect is mainly puncturing, the front thin and back round, made entirely from profound iron, there are eight grooves on the tiny needle. The distance between each must be exactly the same. Possesses extremely powerful puncturing capabilities. The Thunderflame Needle contains an explosive substance, its outer shell is also made from profound iron, but the explosive substance within must be highly concentrated, the explosion can shatter the profound iron at impact, vastly increasing killing power. The Armor Breaking Needle’s effect is somewhat similar to the Bone Piercing Needle, but the Bone Piercing Needle is directed at protective spirit power, and the Armor Piercing Needle aims at physical defenses. Like the Elephant Armored School’s tough skin would be completely ineffectual against the Armor Breaking Needle. Others like the Deep Yin Needle are highly poisonous, the Dragon Breaking Needle momentarily paralyses the enemy, instantly increasing blood circulation speed tenfold. If they’re not given treatment, their heart will burst. The Dragon Beard needle is made from the hair gold of the best crystals, after entering the body it will instantly curl up, making the opponent prefer to die. As for the most powerful Meteor Extermination Needle and Seven Murder Needles, they can instantly take a life. If these twelve kinds of needles are instantly fired, unless the opponent’s defense is already at a level where the Peacock Plume’s twelve needles is unable to break through, as long as one hits, they will definitely die.”

Tang San’s account really was very plain, but it still made the listening Tai Tan’s scalp tingle. When Tang San began to talk about how the Peacock Plume could destroy Spirit Sages he still didn’t believe it, but after hearing Tang San describe these twelve kinds of needles, he suddenly felt that he previously might have been viewing the sky from the bottom of a well. If this hidden weapon really could be made, then, let alone Spirit Sages, even Spirit Douluo like him might be unable to block it.

“No wonder young master says making this hidden weapon is extremely difficult, this old man has truly had his eyes opened. Just making these twelve kinds of needles is already difficult beyond difficult, let alone making the Peacock Plume capable of holding them all. Making this thing would require extremely detailed plans. At the same time, all types of rare metals are equally indispensable. Even in the Strength Clan, perhaps only me and another two brothers have the skill to make it. Funny, just now I wanted to mass produce them. In order to produce immense power, one must pay an equally immense price!”

Tang San smiled slightly. In fact, if he was given enough time, this Peacock Plume could also be made. The Peacock Plume was originally ranked third of the Tang Sect’s three great lost mechanical hidden weapons kings, ranked second was the Torrential Pear Blossom needle, and ranked number one was the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus.

He could even research the production of the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus by himself, if he was given time, making the other two wouldn’t be impossible.

[1] Gengxin City - (庚辛城) geng and xin refers to the seventh and eighth of the ten heavenly stems, and by extension are used to denote the seventh and eighth items in lists, thus a translation might be GH City, or VII-VIII City, or 7-8 City.

[2] Defense Clan - (御之一族) or “Only Resistance Clan”

[3] Speed Clan - (敏之一族) or “Only Agility Clan”

[4] Breaking Clan - (破之一族) or “Only Splitting Clan”, the character refers to all sorts of things related to breaking things.

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