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Chapter 145

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Just like Tang San said, he hoped so much to see the scene of the family of three reunited!

“Wait a moment before we go, it won’t be too late if I first hand over something to you. Having waited for all these years, it won’t matter if I wait a little longer, there’s no hurry at the moment.”
Tang Hao was after all old, and his will was steady. Indicating Tang San first sit down, turning his hand, he pushed at the rock wall to the side.

With a ding sound, a black thing fell from above, landing in Tang Hao’s hand. Tang Hao handed it over to Tang San,
“Open it and see.”

That was a long, narrow black case, one meter fifty long, and one chi wide. It was extremely heavy in his hands, unexpectedly weighing more than two hundred jin. Lightly flicking it with his finger, it issued a muffled duoduo sound.

Due to casting hidden weapons, Tang San could also be considered somewhat knowledgeable about metals. He was astonished to discover that this long black case was made from lead.

There was no lock on the case, and Tang San placed it on his knees, slowly opening it.

When he had just opened it a fraction, he became completely immobile.

The lead case was only open a crack, but it left Tang San gobsmacked. A wave of incomparable aura surged out of that small crack, instantly making the surrounding space seem as if frozen.

The formidable aura was split into three parts, two of them brimming with tyrannical grandeur, and the other extraordinarily gentle. Three currents streamed out, and in front of that enormous energy, even Tang San was unable to move for a while.

Tang Hao seemed to have long since anticipated that something like this would happen. Raising his one arm, he placed his hand on Tang San’s shoulder and passed profound spirit power into him, helping Tang San adapt to these spirit power fluctuations as soon as possible.

After as much time as it takes to eat a meal, Tang San loosed a long breath. But the overwhelming shock in his eyes still couldn’t be concealed. Just what was so forceful that it could actually produce this kind of enormous pressure against him?

He opened the black case, almost impatiently.

The lead case opened. As Tang San saw the thing inside, he couldn’t help being stupefied.

Within that long narrow lead case lay three things. The leftmost was a shrunken right arm bone, black all over, with a reserved black radiance, but powerful and violent energy fluctuations that were enough to make anyone fearful.

On the right side of the case was a shrunken left leg bone, dark blue. Its energy fluctuations not anything like the right arm bone before. Indeed, these two were both spirit bones, and moreover extremely intact spirit bones.

Spirit bones were also classified in ranks. Generally speaking, among spirit bones for the same location, the more intact and the greater the energy fluctuations proved the quality was better, and that it came from a higher level spirit beast. The reason why the mind condensing wisdom skull bone Tang San got from Spirit Hall was so good, was because its integrity was extremely good.

But the other two spirit bones from that time were both incomplete, like Ma Hongjun’s flame right arm bone was only the forearm, and Zhu Zhuqing’s leg bone only had the calf.

Even though they were still out of the ordinary, they were still incomplete existences.

But the two spirit bones in front of him now were both extraordinarily intact, without the slightest flaw. The explosive energy they contained wished for release, and their quality was so good that they even exceeded Tang San’s mind condensing wisdom skull bone.

However, these two spirit bones weren’t what drew Tang San’s attention the most. What drew his eyes was the thing in the middle of the long narrow lead case.

That was a right leg bone. Among the six spirit bone positions, the right leg bone was no doubt ranked close to last. However, this right leg bone seemed to be special.

The whole thing was a sparkling and translucent piercing blue-golden color, and there seemed to be specks of starlight flickering inside. Most peculiar was that it gave Tang San a feeling of life, as if this right leg bone actually possessed a life of its own.

Even though any spirit bone would give people this kind of feeling, this sparkling and translucent blue spirit bone was especially distinct. An extremely familiar feeling seemed to engulf Tang San’s heart, making his heart constantly tremble.

It was also intact, but it was unexpectedly even more so than the two other spirit bones. Just by observing it with the naked eye, one could sense its highest quality attributes.

“This feeling of life can only be produced by hundred thousand year spirit beasts. This is what your mom left you.”
Tang Hao’s gaze was also completely fixed on that blue right leg bone, the expression on his face exceptionally soft.

His heart filled with shock that was difficult to express, raising his head to gaze at his father, Tang San couldn’t keep tears from rolling in his eyes. He of course knew that hundred thousand year spirit beasts would inevitably leave a spirit bone after their death, but had thought that the spirit bone his mother left behind had been used by his father. Then it appeared in front of him.

Again gazing at the other two spirit bones, Tang San could be certain that his father didn’t absorb his mother’s spirit bone back then.

“Your mom already gave me her most precious spirit ring. This spirit bone is what she left for you. Even if you couldn’t become worthy of it, I still wouldn’t have absorbed it, and just kept it at my side for remembrance. This lead case was originally made for it, until I stripped off the other two spirit bones to keep alongside it.”

Looking at Tang Hao, looking at that softly swaying blue silver emperor grass, Tang San’s hand, somewhat trembling, caressed that blue spirit bone. No wonder its energy fluctuations would be so gentle, it was the aura his mom left behind in it that sensed him!

He had never met his mom, but his mother’s aura filled Tang San’s heart this moment, without leaving for a long time.

Tang Hao sighed,
“The other two spirit bones are both the most precious assets passed on in our Clear Sky School for many years. They’re what your grandfather originally gave me. I’ve let down his expectations. Even though I can’t do anything more for the sect, they at least must return. Once you’re back at the sect, hand them over to your uncle.”

Tang San nodded his understanding. On seeing two such top quality spirit bones he could use for himself, an ordinary spirit master might have already impatiently wanted to take them for his own. But Tang San didn’t do it.

He knew that to his father, only fulfilling this wish of having the spirit bones returned, would calm his mind to accompany his mother.

Even more, since these two spirit bones belonged to the Clear Sky School, unless awarded by the sect, he wouldn’t even touch them.

“Absorb the spirit bone your mom left you. I think she would definitely be very happy to see it. To see her son receive her protection, your mom would definitely be very satisfied.”

Tang San raised his head to look at his father, his eyes revealing a hesitant expression. Deep in his heart, he even more wanted this spirit bone to stay by his father’s side. After all, this was also something his father had entrusted his heart with.

But at this moment, that softly swaying blue silver grass suddenly moved, a slender blade of grass slowly unfolding, twisting around Tang San’s right leg.

Tang San stared blankly a moment. Along with spiritual fluctuations, Tang San could clearly feel an urging intent from that blue silver emperor grass his mother had become.

‘Mom is urging me?’

Tang Hao smiled faintly, saying:
“Look, I was right. Your mom also wants you to fuse with it at once. Get to it. I’m looking forward to you bringing us to that place that can help your mom recover after you’ve absorbed it. Little San, did you know, ever since your mom passed, for all these years, today is the first time I’ve been this happy.”

Hearing his father’s words, Tang San no longer hesitated. Cautiously and solemnly placing the lead case on the ground, he took out that blue leg bone from within, then closed the case again, concealing the spirit power fluctuations of the two other spirit bones.

Holding the remains his mother left for him with both hands, Tang San’s eyes once again became moist. Since the time he was born, he had shed more tears today than in his twenty previous years combined. He sensed the gentle spirit power fluctuations within that blue spirit bone.

Tang San drew a deep breath, then stuck it to his own right leg.


With a soft humming sound, Tang San felt his right leg tremble slightly once, immediately afterward, a cool and refreshing aura drilled into his leg from all directions. That sparkling and translucent blue leg spirit bone quietly disappeared, turning into countless blue-golden streams that filled the air around his right leg.

Refreshing, comfortable, without the slightest hindrance. The absorption was unexpectedly completely different from the previous times when he absorbed the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances and the mind condensing wisdom skull bone. Not only was there no pain, it was even comfortable.

As if he was stepping in a resplendent blue vast ocean with his right leg.

Soaked in that gentle energy, Tang San felt the spirit power within his body slowly fluctuate along with its special attraction. Each time it fluctuated, the surrounding atmosphere became even more gentle. His spirit power didn’t increase, but it became even more pure.

He clearly saw how the originally white Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength within him became a faint blue color, then turned from blue once again back to white.

The entire process was very quick. Once the inner strength had returned to being white, it was already a completely different white.

If his previous inner strength was described as regular white, then the color of his current inner strength was a kind of textured white.

As if it contained mica powder, piercing, gentle, brimming with toughness.

Immediately afterward, the refreshing feeling in that right leg bone instantly spread through every part of Tang San’s body.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Violent sounds of bones creaking shook the cavern. Extraordinarily, Tang San didn’t feel any pain through the entire process. That refreshing blue current affected all the energy channels in his entire body.

Tang San was shocked to discover that all his energy channels had unexpectedly turned faintly blue, and the inner strength flowing through them had strengthened exponentially.

The stream gradually became a great river, but the energy channels didn’t weaken, rather growing even more resilient.

If the two years of forging under the waterfall could be described as polishing Tang San’s bones, and moreover completely fusing the effectiveness of the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot, then this hundred thousand year level blue silver right leg bone made Tang San’s energy channels expand to the limit. Absolutely neutral energy made the two great immortal herbs effectiveness perfectly aggregate.

With a slight breaking sound from his energy channels, but still no pain, Tang San clearly saw how the Governing Vessel that had always obstructed his path forward was wide open and connected.

The eight extraordinary meridians were completely connected, bridging heaven and earth. Instantly, Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength rushed out just like raging waves, circulating almost frantically within Tang San’s body. Tang San’s inner strength constantly strengthened, and each fluctuation made his body tremble fiercely.

Gradually, Tang San lost that crisp and relaxed feeling, his spiritual force gathering inside.

He had already lost all perception of his surroundings. The blue currents spreading over his right leg had already completely merged into his body, and that refreshing gentle aura was the all encompassing love of a mother, unceasingly comforting her child.

Tang San slept. This rest was unprecedentedly relaxed and at ease, because he was fast asleep in his mother’s embrace. A mother’s embrace was the warmest in this world, and there was nothing that could replace it.

He slept very, very deeply. His face didn’t have the slightest trace of burden, only a sweet smiling expression.

This rest lasted a full three days.

After three days, the refreshingly peculiar right leg slowly returned Tang San to wakefulness. Opening his eyes, the first thing he saw was his father sitting there, gently caressing the blue silver emperor.

The blue silver emperor his mother had become was already transplanted into a stone flower pot by his father.

“You’re awake?”
Tang Hao smiling looked at his son. He had already shed all his worries, and there was no longer any need for the previous solemn appearance.

When Tang San heard these words, he suddenly felt somewhat unwell. As he lowered his head to look, he discovered that his skin was covered in a starchy layer, appearing faintly grey.

“Let’s go. This time you’ve thoroughly shed your body and exchanged your bones. I’ve carefully inspected your bones and energy channels. In terms of your body alone, you can be counted among the top three in the entire Douluo Continent. If you still can’t endure the pressure of twin spirits in the future, then I don’t understand how that Bibi Dong could have done it. Don’t worry about cultivating. Once your Blue Silver Emperor has reached the ninth ring, go boldly to increase the spirit rings of the Clear Sky Hammer. As long as you don’t feel weird, I think you should be able to always continue cultivating.”

Father and son exited the waterfall, Tang San washing himself below. As he and his father left together, he clearly felt the changes in his body.

His whole body seemed to have lost weight. As long as he used force with his right leg, he had a kind of feeling as if floating in the air to fly. And the ability given him by the blue silver right leg bone, was Flying. Flying with very little spirit power consumption. It was also only hundred thousand year spirit bones that could produce such a top quality spirit ability.

Ten days later, they had reached the Sunset Forest where Dugu Bo originally lived, reached the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Sensing the portent energy fluctuations within the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, seeing the verdant and lush vegetation surrounding that little pond, as well as the excitement transmitted from the blue silver emperor in his arms, Tang Hao knew that this was the right place.

Tang San sternly said:
“Dad, this place doesn’t suit the life of any other organisms besides plants. That’s why there are no spirit beasts that dare intrude. I’ve eaten two immortal herbs, so I won’t be influenced, but if you stay here long, I’m afraid you’ll harm your body.”

Tang Hao waved his hand,
“As long as your mom’s fine, I don’t matter.”

Tang San pondered and said:

Keeping himself from displaying any sadness over his father’s broken body, Tang San’s mind turned like lightning, already with a plan.

“There should be no harm in the short term, let’s first let mom rest here.”

Tang San had wanted to help his father carry the blue silver grass on the way, but had been refused by Tang Hao. Despite only having one arm and one leg, he constantly persisted in holding his wife.

But now was different. Tang Hao really wasn’t adept at planting, and cautiously and solemnly handed over the blue silver emperor his wife had become to Tang San, repeatedly warning:
“Little San, don’t force it. It doesn’t matter if your mother can’t speed up her recovery if by some chance she’s harmed by being unsuited to the environment here.”

Tang San nodded. He cared even more about this than Tang Hao did. That was his mother! The only mother he had in two worlds, how could he not be careful?

Closing his eyes, Tang San’s spiritual force gradually spread. In a moment, he had already permeated the entire Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s surroundings. He looked for the most suitable place for a blue silver emperor to grow.

The blue silver emperor was a fairly neutral plant, therefore it had to grow on the shore where the hot and cold springs of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well converged. But Tang San didn’t want there to be the slightest error, so he relied on spiritual force to guide him to the most balanced point.

Very soon, his spiritual force had locked in on the target he was looking for. Tang San softly crouched down, cautiously using his palm to push the soil aside, then lifting the blue silver emperor from its flower pot and planting it in that balanced spot.

Throughout the entire process, Tang San cautiously sensed each change in the surrounding energy, his entire spiritual force focused on this narrow square meter area. If there was just the tiniest sense of something wrong, he would immediately pull the blue silver emperor from that soil.

Gratifyingly, the blue silver emperor seemed very fond of the atmosphere here, and through sensing with his spiritual force as well as the peculiar nature of the Blue Silver Domain, Tang San very soon discovered that the blue silver emperor had begun to take root.

Biting the middle finger on his right hand, Tang San let a drop of blood fall on the leaves of the blue silver emperor. Equally possessing the bloodline of the blue silver emperor, and moreover blue silver emperor blood already thoroughly fused with the two great immortal herbs Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot, this was undoubtedly the ideal tonic for the blue silver emperor in front of him.

Sure enough, as the blood fell, the blue silver emperor immediately issued a blue luster, the leaves growing quickly. Even faster than when it was touched by Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain before.

Tang Hao didn’t block his son’s actions. Seeing the blue silver emperor his wife had become growing quickly, he immediately exulted over the unexpected turn.

Just as Tang San prepared to once again squeeze out a drop of blood to nourish the blue silver emperor, a resolute mood rippled from the plant.

Sensing this distinct spiritual undulation, Tang San’s heart immediately skipped a beat, hastily stopping his movements. His mother was rebuking him. He knew that if he released more blood to nourish the blue silver emperor, perhaps his mother would not only be unable to absorb it, but it might even be violently rejected.

How could a mother not dearly love her son?

“Dad, there shouldn’t be a problem. This is the place that best suits mother’s growth. I know you’re unwilling to leave a step from mother’s side. I thought about it just now, and already have a way. I’m preparing to refine an elixir for you, after taking it, you shouldn’t be influenced by the atmosphere here. Of course, you still have to continue eating the dragon zoysia leaf I gave you, to solidify the foundation of your vitality.”

Tang Hao’s heart was very good as he saw his wife growing quickly, and smiled:
“Don’t think your father is weak. Even if I’ve stripped off two spirit bones, I originally found another four spirit bones back when I originally went wandering. If I didn’t have a complete set of spirit bones, how could I have withstood Spirit Hall? Even though I’m only seventy something ranked right now, I wouldn’t feel at a disadvantage even when faced with a Title Douluo like that Dugu Bo.”

Intangibly, the imposing manner of the Clear Sky Douluo was released once again. Seeing his father’s joyful appearance, Tang San naturally also felt very good and no longer said anything, walking over to the blazing hot yang side of the spring to take out his elixir furnace and refining tools to immediately start refining medicine within.

He had all kinds of drug ingredients at hand within the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Of course, he displayed this so called refining even more for his father to see.

At nightfall, Tang San was still refining, and Tang Hao sat in front of the blue silver emperor, quietly cultivating.

Even though his strength couldn’t recover, just as Tang San said, with just the hope of his wife’s recovery, he would keep waiting. Even more, Tang Hao’s hopes had already substantially improved next to this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Tang San quietly observed his father with spiritual force all along. Sensing that his father had already entered a suitable condition, he took out a dagger from the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges without making the slightest sound.

He really was refining, but he wasn’t refining medicine for Tang Hao to avoid the influence of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, but rather a medicine for strengthening vitality. He always waited for this opportunity. In order to let his father accompany his mother here, to adapt to the climate here, he needed a special medicine.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

The medicine was the blood of a person who took two great extreme immortal herbs he once ate.

The medicinal effect of the two immortal herbs had long since completely fused within Tang San, making Tang San’s blood the undoubtedly best medicine. He lightly cut open his wrist. He knew that if he made even the slightest sound, his father would wake up.

In order to keep the smell of blood from leaking out, he had even opened the Blue Silver Domain to conceal it.

Blood dripped into the cauldron like wriggling little snakes. Out of fear that the medicinal effect would be insufficient, Tang San let the blood flow until he felt faint and his vision blurred, then swiftly stopped the bleeding.

Just like Tang Hao said, in terms of body alone, Tang San could already reach the top three in the Continent. In just a moment, the wound was already completely scabbed over. Tang San knew that by tomorrow morning, there wouldn’t even be a scar left.

With the best ingredient, the following refining was only to be expected.

As Tang Hao woke up from cultivation early the next morning, Tang San already cupped a deep red pill in his hand.

“Dad, eat it. Afterwards there will be no need to worry about the environmental effect here, and you can always accompany mom.”

Tang Hao nodded slightly. Seeing his son’s somewhat pale complexion, he didn’t say anything, only swallowing the elixir.

Tang San stayed here another three days since he wanted to make sure his mom could adapt to the environment here.

Events were happy, the blue silver emperor grew quickly as Tang San anticipated. Making Tang San even happier was that after eating the pill he refined, Tang Hao’s health changed greatly. Because the turbulence in his qi and blood left behind by losing two limbs disappeared, the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well was also unable to influence him in any way.

“Little San, come here.”
Early morning, Tang Hao called over Tang San who had just finished cultivating his Purple Demon Eye.

“You start off in a moment. I’ll keep your mom company here, no need to worry.”
Looking at the seemingly refined and handsome son in front of him, Tang Hao’s eyes were brimming with gratification.

Tang San knew that he indeed couldn’t keep lingering here. He still had a lot of things to do. Even if his parents had already found a place to settle down, the responsibility on his father’s shoulders had already shifted to him.

“Dad, when can I go find Xiao Wu?”
Tang San probed.

Tang Hao smiled slightly, saying:
“You can go once you’re sixtieth ranked and need to get a spirit ring. At that time, she should also not be far from entering the mature stage. Once she’s reached the mature stage, as long as you disguise yourselves a little bit, you don’t need to fear being randomly recognized. Of course, before your strength is sufficient, try to appear in front of Spirit Hall as little as possible. Furthermore, before you go looking for her, first make the trip back to the sect to settle the matters I’ve left for you. I should say again that I believe you definitely can do everything I’ve asked you to. However, remember one thing. Even though your dad has very high hopes for you, you are my son.”

Tang San of course understood the meaning of his father’s words, nodding forcefully,
“Dad, don’t worry, I know propriety.”

“Go. There’s also no need to urgently return to see us. With your mom for company, this is the best place for me to retire.”

Tang San left. There were still far too many matters still remaining for him to do. When he left, he practically turned his head three times every step to see his father, and to see his mother.

His father’s lonely crippled silhouette, his mother returned to a plant, all this lay at the feet of Spirit Hall.

As Tang San left his father’s line of sight, his eyes had already become ice cold. He had not only inherited Tang Hao’s responsibility, but also his enmity.

The criminals who killed his mother couldn’t live under the same sky as him. The tragedy of his parents had to be repaid in blood.

At this moment, Tang San had already formulated his only life goal, the thorough destruction of Spirit Hall by his own hand.

Obtaining the blue silver emperor right leg bone didn’t increase Tang San’s spirit power, it only purified it one step further. However, connecting the Governing Vessel had given him enormous benefits. With the eight extraordinary meridians connected, Tang San’s spirit power had already directly risen to the fifty ninth rank. He only needed a bit of time to saturate his spirit power before he could start attacking the sixtieth rank bottleneck. At that time, he could also go find the Xiao Wu he hadn’t seen in five years.

Five years ago, he still wasn’t fifteen, but was already a world shaking member of the Spirit Master world’s young generation. Five years later he was twenty, harboring three great spirit bones, twin spirits, and two great domains, what kind of shock could he give the Spirit Master world now?

As Tang San stepped out of the Sunset Forest, the entire Spirit Master world had already begun to change.

Spirit City, Supreme Pontiff Palace, the meeting hall.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong sat in the seat of honor, the Golden Generation of Spirit Hall, Xie Yue, Hu Liena, and Yan, standing quietly behind her.

Five years ago the golden generation had relied mainly on Xie Yue. Five years later, Hu Liena’s accomplishments had already surpassed her elder brother’s.

Below the Supreme Pontiff around the enormous oval meeting table sat altogether twenty people. Each person was gorgeously dressed, their manner grave. Judging by the clothes they wore, these people were all the pivotal great characters of Spirit Hall. At least in the area of Master Spirit Hall officials.

The entire Continent had only two Spirit Temple masters, and every single platinum bishop was present.

If outsiders saw this scene, they would definitely understand that major events were taking place in Spirit Hall.

The gaze of each person present was focused on Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, waiting for her to address them.

Bibi Dong’s gaze swept across the subordinates present, and said in a low voice:
“Following discussions with the elders of Elder Hall, there are currently three great decisions to announce.”

Everyone swiftly sat straight, focusing their attention to listen respectfully to the words of this powerful Supreme Pontiff.

Even if the Supreme Pontiffs of all the generations had great authority, Bibi Dong displayed it especially distinctly. Even though she was a woman, she was always known for her iron fisted handling of Spirit Hall’s affairs.

Even the present Elder Hall wouldn’t lightly dare question her decisions. For at least a decade, there hadn’t been a dissenting voice in Spirit Hall.

Of course, this was also very greatly related to Bibi Dong’s ideal governance, making Spirit Hall’s influence grow more each day, even to the extent that it already exceeded the accomplishments of the two great Empires.

“The first matter. As Supreme Pontiff, I have already decided on my replacement. Following discussions with Elder Hall, I declare that from today on, Hu Liena is conferred the rank of Spirit Hall’s Holy Maiden, the first ranked successor to Supreme Pontiff.”

Most everyone had already long ago anticipated this decision. Even Xie Yue and Yan could both hide their jealousy very well.

After all, the upper echelons of Spirit Hall largely knew about Hu Liena smoothly leaving Slaughter City one year ago, obtaining the Deathgod Domain. Moreover, this well known figure of Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation was reportedly on the verge of breaking through the sixtieth rank.

And she still wasn’t twenty six years old. This was unique in the history of Spirit Hall. Consequently, even though she was the Supreme Pontiff’s direct disciple, nobody raised any doubts.

Bibi Dong’s gaze swept over the faces of all the participants. Even though her gaze was very calm, the upper echelons of Spirit Hall present naturally understood what Her Holiness was looking for. The tactful ones immediately nodded their praise, and even if someone was a bit slow to react, nobody showed the slightest look of discontent.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong said with satisfaction:
“Hu Liena was taught by me, but the honor she obtains today is all the result of her own efforts. I believe everyone has already heard, but I can tell all of you here that she really did leave Slaughter City, and moreover obtained the Deathgod Domain.”

Unsuppressable gasps echoed. Rumor was one thing, having it personally confirmed by the Supreme Pontiff was another matter altogether. Bibi Dong’s efforts to build influence for this disciple of hers could even be said to be painstaking.

Even though she herself wasn’t very old and could still hold the seat of Supreme Pontiff for a very long time, she would still establish her own authority over Spirit Hall one step further.

“The second matter. According to our several years of investigation, the whereabouts of that hundred thousand year spirit beast that once appeared in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament five years ago have already been basically ascertained. Not long ago, a small search party of ours discovered her tracks in the Star Dou Great Forest. We can be almost certain that she’s hiding there. Hundred thousand year spirit beasts can be discovered but not sought, and this hundred thousand year spirit beast is moreover still in the human form’s youngling stage, her strength still weak. This time, no miscalculations are allowed to occur. Therefore, I’ve decided to send Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo, leading a party of twenty cardinals of at least the seventieth rank, as well as Hu Liena, Xie Yue, and Yan, to search the Star Dou Great Forest. It must be found and brought back alive for me to deal with.”

Sitting below the Supreme Pontiff, Yue Guan and Gui Mei stood simultaneously, bowing in acceptance of the orders.

Standing behind the Supreme Pontiff, Hu Liena’s face revealed a difficult to inhibit excitement. She of course understood that her teacher wanted to catch this hundred thousand year spirit beast in order to obtain her spirit ring, but she simultaneously clearly understood that her teacher already had a full set of spirit bones, and didn’t need another.

And as the Spirit Hall’s Holy Maiden, the next Supreme Pontiff, this hundred thousand year spirit bone would inevitably belong to her.

Even disregarding this spirit bone, just the chance of taking revenge for the humiliation originally visited by the Shrek Seven Devils was enough to make her excited. If only she knew the whereabouts of Tang San, if she encountered him, she would definitely flay his skin and rip out his flesh.

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