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Chapter 144

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang San leapt up. He didn’t have his father’s profound spirit power, but he had his own ways. The Flying God Claw shot out, catching up to his father’s silhouette in midair.

Half the waterfall was directly rolled up by the Clear Sky Hammer, and Tang Hao pressed with his left hand on the rock wall behind it. Seemingly solid rock unexpectedly caved in, revealing a portal.

In a flash, he had already made his way inside.

Tang San had never imagined that there would actually be a place like that behind the waterfall, but right now his heart was already filled with the pain of his father’s lost limbs, and he followed directly inside without thinking about it.

Perhaps it was because of the waterfall just outside, but the inside of the cave was very damp. The cave was about three meters high, two meters wide, extending directly inside. Within was very dark. Tang Hao pulled out a faintly golden gem from his spirit tool, illuminating the interior.

Watching his father jump inside on his one leg, Tang San couldn’t hold back his tears. At this moment, his father’s back seemed so lonely, desolate.

Recalling past events, he suddenly deeply felt the enormous pain his father must have endured over all these years.

Walking furthest inside, the surroundings brightened. Raising his head, he saw a hole in the rock ceiling. And here was an only ten square meter stone room.

There were no decorations in the stone room, absolutely empty, but just below the hole in the ceiling, there was a small stone pot. In the pot, a slender blue silver grass swayed in the wind. That blue silver grass seemed a bit longer than ordinary grass, but most extraordinary was the thin golden line in the center.

“Little San. Come, kneel.”
Tang Hao pointed next to him, folding his one leg to sit.

Tang San’s heart throbbed violently. Taking a few steps forward, he knelt in front of that blue silver grass as his father instructed.

Raising a hand, the expression in Tang Hao’s eyes suddenly became extraordinarily soft. He extremely gently caressed that golden lined blade of blue silver grass,
“Ah Yin, I’ve brought our son to see you. Our son has already grown up now. He’s got your beauty, and he’s even more outstanding than me. Do you see? Our son is here.”

Tang San’s heart shook, stupidly watching that slightly swaying, distributing a gentle aura, blue silver grass. His heart trembled fiercely, and his Blue Silver Grass spirit released uncontrollably, scattering from him, instantly covering the entire rock room.

Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain also quietly opened in this situation, gentle spirit power fluctuations pervading this quiet space.

That blue silver grass swayed even a bit more sharply. Receiving the influence of the Blue Silver Domain, it seemed to grow quietly, the golden line on the blade moved slightly as if alive, golden light rippling.

Tang Hao was also somewhat lifeless. Seeing that blue silver grass grow with a speed distinguishable by the naked eye, he muttered to himself,
“I, I never imagine. Ah Yin, Ah Yin, don’t tell me, you really can come back to life? Ah Yin.”

Tang Hao wept. The Title Douluo of an era right now unexpectedly had a face covered with tears, his one hand trembling as it caressed that blade of grass, letting his tears moisten the soil.

Tang San’s gaze was still lifeless. At this moment he finally understood why his Blue Silver Grass would be so unique. Just like he loved Xiao Wu, the one his father had fallen in love with was actually a hundred thousand year spirit beast. Now wonder, no wonder his father would know so much about everything related to hundred thousand year spirit beats, even more than Grandmaster knew.

It turned out that, in his veins, flowed the blood of a half hundred thousand year spirit beast…...

Tang San also shuddering extended a hand, without restraint pouring all his spirit power into that constantly flowing Blue Silver Domain, turning this entire stone room a clear blue color.

That blue silver grass was originally one chi long, and now it had already gradually grown to two chi. But only to two chi, it didn’t continue growing.

Tang San’s hand also gently caressed a blade of that blue silver grass. At this moment, a strange scene appeared. Among that blue silver grass, the two longest blades unexpectedly slowly moved, one twisting around Tang Hao’s hand, and one twining around Tang San’s fingers.

Extremely gentle spiritual fluctuations quietly appeared, much stronger than ordinary blue silver grass, it seemed to transmit a most familiar feeling.

Tang San was no longer able to hold back, falling prostrate on the ground, he cried voicelessly. Even though he wasn’t originally of this world, when he truly felt the aura of his mother, how could he inhibit the waves in his heart?

Tang Hao’s lips trembled, but the excitement and joy in his eyes was something that hadn’t appeared for twenty years. He had never expected that the blue silver grass in front of him would actually grow so quickly in his son’s presence.

This growth was already more than the sum of the last twenty years!

Feeling that blade of blue silver grass rolled around his hand, Tang Hao suddenly felt very blessed. That deathly silent heart also gradually became a bit more alive.

In such an atmosphere, Tang Hao and Tang San, father and son, didn’t know how much time passed. Only when Tang San’s spirit power was no longer able to maintain the Blue Silver Domain, and the Blue Silver Grass stretching from him also slowly withdrew, did they gradually wake up.

That fantastic blue silver grass swayed softly. Tang Hao’s gaze had already become somewhat lifeless by now, sitting there, his face unexpectedly had a somewhat silly smile.

Tang San’s voice had become a bit hoarse from crying, as he called out for his father.

Tang Hao came back to his senses, looking over the blue silver grass in front of him, then again looking over Tang San,
“You understand.”

Tang San nodded silently.

Eyes somewhat perplexed, Tang Hao seemed to look into the past, and began to tell his story.

“When young, I was as outstanding as you. Among the directly related Clear Sky School disciples, me and my elder brother were the most outstanding two. And we were also the sons of the previous generation’s school master. Relying on outstanding talent and strenuous cultivation, very soon, we became the leading figures of the Clear Sky School’s new generation. The outside world called us the Clear Sky Twin Stars.”

“My elder brother is fifteen years older than me, and looked after and cared for me in every possible way. From childhood, I felt more deeply for my brother than for my father. Practically all my skills were cultivated under my brother’s instruction.”

“In talent, I was stronger than big brother. When I was twenty, I was already acclaimed as number one of the young generation. It was also that year that my father awarded me my first spirit bone. A sect heritage spirit bone. And my big brother was thirty the year he received that honor.”

“Our Clear Sky School always put strength first, and my father’s health wasn’t good. He was injured in his early years, and was already growing worse day by day. In order to support the Clear Sky School in the future, me and big brother never married, spending each day in assiduous cultivation. Until I was thirty, when I broke through the seventieth spirit power rank, and my cultivation had gradually caught up to my big brother. At that time, he was seventy eighth ranked. Even if there was still some distance to the sect elders, at that time we were already quite formidable.”

“Perhaps it was because your grandfather knew his body was growing worse, and he ordered me and big brother to go outside to gain experience for ten years. It was also at that time that I received the second sect spirit bone, and big brother didn’t. There are altogether three of our Clear Sky School inheritance spirit bones, and father giving the second bone to me was the same as declaring me the successor for next school master. His evaluation of big brother was that he was abundantly calm, lacking in drive. But not having left the sect for decades, if we didn’t experience the outside world, how could he be at ease in leaving the sect to us? Subsequently, me and big brother left the Clear Sky School, entering the teeming world of the Douluo Continent. Regarding father’s favor, big brother didn’t have the slightest complaint.”

“Relying on outstanding strength and the military fame of the Clear Sky School, very soon, we had charged out into the Spirit Master world and made it our own. Even though we still hadn’t broken through eightieth rank, at that time Clear Sky School was already regarded as one sect with twin Douluo. With our ages at that time, nobody knew which of me and big brother would be first to step into the Title Douluo level.”

“On our fifth year in the outside world, we met your mom. She was called Ah Yin, the Yin of blue silver grass[1].”
At this point, Tang Hao’s face softened again, as if seeing again the scene where he first met Ah Yin.

“Me and my brother had both focused fully on cultivation for decades. Even I was already thirty five at that time. Meeting your mom, we were practically attracted to her at the same time. You know? Your mom wasn’t only beautiful, but even more important was that fresh and clean aura she exuded. She was a fairy without the slightest impurity. Even the first time I met her, she had already captured my heart.”

“Big brother also liked Ah Yin at the same time. By chance, the three of us became companions. Ah Yin was very gentle, very good to both of us. After a crisis, we decided to become sworn siblings. At that time she announced that she was the youngest, therefore she was ranked third. We already called her Ah Yin, and also little three. Your name comes from there[2].”

The smiling expression on his face becoming even richer, Tang Hao’s gaze foolishly watched that blue silver grass in front of him,
“The next five years were the happiest days of my life. For three years, the three of us travelled to practically every corner of the Continent, and our friendship also grew even deeper. Being like a father, even though big brother and I equally fell deeply in love with the fairy like Ah Yin, he still decided to step down. One night, he quietly left us, returning alone to Clear Sky School. That night, me and Ah Yin talked for a long time. She also always hesitated, hesitated on what to do. It was just that night she told me her identity. She wasn’t human, but rather a hundred thousand year Blue Silver Emperor on the verge of entering the mature stage.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

“That day, I was stupefied. Of course I knew what a hundred thousand year spirit beast meant. But, the love I had for Ah Yin diluted everything. What about hundred thousand year spirit beasts? As long as she entered the mature phase, she would be truly human, not different in any way. Thus, I confessed my love to Ah Yin.”

“Your mom really was very kindhearted. The one she liked had always been me, but because of her own identity, as well as being afraid to hurt big brother, she’d never said anything. Where the water flows, a canal is born. I decided to bring her back home and formally introduce her to father. Even though I knew it would be very dangerous, your grandfather was a Title Douluo, and could completely see through Ah Yin, I still didn’t want to wrong Ah Yin in any way. I believed that your grandfather would understand. As long as we stayed hidden after marrying and let Ah Yin quickly cultivate to the mature phase, nobody would be able to tell that she was a hundred thousand year spirit beast again. Then, she would be truly human.

At this point, Tang Hao’s voice halted, looking at the blue silver emperor in front of him, his heart seemed to tremble slightly.

“But, on our way to Clear Sky School, we ran into major trouble. Originally, as early as when the three of us started travelling the Continent together, we’d already drawn the attention of Spirit Hall. After all, me and your uncle represented the new generation of Clear Sky School, how would Spirit Hall fail to notice us? And they also noticed Ah Yin who was travelling with us. I was thirty five that year, but my spirit power had already reached the eighty fourth rank. The one who came from Spirit Hall was a Title Douluo. Even though his spirit power was more formidable than mine, against my Clear Sky Hammer, he couldn’t gain an advantage, and I destroyed his leg. I brought Ah Yin to swiftly run far away. I knew that we couldn’t return to Clear Sky School.”

“Sure enough, before too long, Spirit Hall’s Supreme Pontiff at the time sent down orders, condemning Clear Sky School. Demanding the Clear Sky School hand over me and Ah Yin. At that time, your grandfather’s disease had already attacked his vitals. Suddenly learning about this, and moreover being unable to find me, in a fury, he passed away. I also couldn’t see him before his final moment.”

At this point, Tang Hao couldn’t keep from shivering, a profound pain and regret visible in his eyes.

Tang San silently listened from the side. He could completely understand how his father felt at that time.

Unable to return home, hesitating at a loss. Not knowing how to confront his family.

His grandfather’s passing was no doubt an extremely heavy blow to his father.

After a long time, Tang Hao’s mood quietly calmed.

“Despite big brother just having cultivated to the Title Douluo level at that time, and there was also no lack of powers among the clan elders, even if we were the number one sect under Heaven, having lost your grandfather’s control, all influences under the sect still grew restless. Facing the step by step coercion of Spirit Hall, even your uncle could be said to only make progress with great difficulty. Fortunately, our Clear Sky School’s might was valiant, and even Spirit Hall absolutely wouldn’t dare act blindly without thinking.”

“Me and your mom got married. But our days were also ones of fleeing to the east and hiding in the west. Despite knowing I wronged her like this, despite very much wanting to return to see the sect, I couldn’t. With this matter gradually settled with much difficulty, I couldn’t return to stir up trouble for the sect again. I couldn’t even go pay my respects to your grandfather. Even afterwards, I never returned. Because I wasn’t qualified to pay my respects to father. I was a disgrace to the sect.”

Hearing this, Tang San couldn’t help speaking up,
“Dad, no matter what you owe the sect, I will definitely repay it double on your behalf in the future.”

Hearing his son’s words, Tang Hao’s face revealed some gratification, continuing:
“That time, fortunately I still had your mom at my side. Even if I gave up everything for her, I’ve never regretted it. If I could choose again from the start, I would still choose her, but I would also return to protect the sect.”

“One day twenty one years ago, your mom was pregnant. With you. At that time I truly felt very blessed, I no longer had thoughts of fighting for victory, I only wanted to live properly together with your mom. I don’t know if it was because I was together with your mom, but in those days my spirit power advanced by leaps and bounds, and that day you were born, was just the moment my spirit power reached the eighty ninth rank. And your mom, had also finally entered the final mature human form stage. But it was that day, that Spirit Hall’s people came to find us.”

Baleful anger leaked from the space between Tang Hao’s eyebrows, and his remaining left hand tightened into a fist,
“Spirit Hall truly put on a great parade. The Supreme Pontiff of the time led them personally, and there was still two Title Douluo, as well as a large number of Spirit Hall experts. They surrounded the place me and your mom stayed at. At that time, your mom had just given birth to you, and the foundation of her vitality was greatly weakened, her strength greatly discounted. The Supreme Pontiff proposed to let me and you leave, but he would take your mom. How could I let him have his wish fulfilled? An unavoidable battle ensued.”

At this point, Tang Hao’s eyes had already become deep red. Tang San didn’t need to ask to guess how bitter the battle of that time must have been. Having just stepped into the ninetieth rank but not yet having obtained the ninth spirit ring, his father would have confronted three Title Douluo, including the Supreme Pontiff.

Even if he also had two spirit bones, how could the Supreme Pontiff not have the same?

“Very soon, I was seriously injured. The conclusion already seemed settled. It was at this moment that your mom walked out holding you. That moment, she seemed very calm. Seeing her walk out of the house, Spirit Hall’s people stopped fighting, watching her quietly. Your mom indifferently asked them, did they know what ability a hundred thousand year Blue Silver Emperor possessed? Did they know what the highest mystery of the Blue Silver Domain was? The Supreme Pontiff was stumped by her question.”

“Your mom told them that the highest secret of the Blue Silver Domain, was immortality. Nobody could kill her. Even fewer could obtain her spirit ring and spirit bone. Unless she killed herself. Afterwards, she proposed to the Supreme Pontiff that, as long as they agreed to let me and you off, she would come with them, and moreover kill herself to offer her spirit ring and spirit bone. It was me, it was all my fault, I didn’t have the strength to protect her. The Supreme Pontiff didn’t seem to want to thoroughly offend the Clear Sky School, and very quickly, he agreed to your mom’s proposal.”

“At that time, my injuries were so serious I wanted to die, even to the extent that I couldn’t speak. I could only watch helplessly as your mom walked over to my side, placing you in my arms. That moment, I really hated that I couldn’t die immediately. Ah Yin, you really were silly, why would you pick that choice?”

Tang Hao’s body shook violently because of the agitation, teardrops once again flowing uninhibited.

“Your mom’s voice echoed in my ears. She said, she would be mine forever, never to be possessed by others. The next moment, in front of me, she killed herself……”

Intense grief instantly pervaded every corner of this narrow cave. Tang San’s body shook just like his father. He could naturally imagine that moment, how his father suffered, how helpless he was.

Suppressed by three great Title Douluo as well as countless Spirit Hall experts.

Watching the death of the one he loved the most in front of him. What could be more painful than this?

Tang Hao’s lips trembled, for a long time unable to speak another word, only softly caressing the blue silver gras his wife had become in front of him.

Tang San also didn’t speak. Tears flowing down his cheeks, he knocked his head against the ground nine times towards the blue silver grass in front of him.

He knew that his mother had passed in order to protect him and his dad. And all of this, everything, was because of Spirit Hall.

An unknown length of time later, Tang Hao’s mood recovered slightly,
“The death of a hundred thousand year spirit beast will produce a formidable magnetic field. Even Spirit Hall didn’t have a hundred thousand year spirit ring, and therefore, they didn’t know. Your mom didn’t deceive them, with the Blue Silver Domain, she was originally immortal. The highest mystery of the Blue Silver Domain, called: Wildfire Blows Without End, Spring Wind Blows Rebirth. No matter how serious the injury, she would still come back to life within forty nine days after her death. However, she chose to kill herself, used her own hundred thousand years of cultivation as the price to kill herself. Moreover, unconditionally pouring herself into me to become a spirit ring. She, truly merged with me.”

“Under the effect of the formidable magnetic field your mom’s death left behind, Spirit Hall’s numerous experts attacked simultaneously, but were still unable to harm me. They could only helplessly watch me and Ah Yin’s spirit ring fuse together. To become the youngest Title Douluo on the Continent at that time. A Title Douluo possessing a hundred thousand year spirit ring is basically another concept than ordinary Title Douluo. At that time, not only did my body heal, but my strength rose dramatically. Ah Yin’s death, made me insane. That fight continued for a full three days and three nights. I held you in my arms, pouring out strength to attack. I don’t know how many of Spirit Hall’s experts died in my hands, and of the two Title Douluo the Supreme Pontiff brought, one died and one was injured, and he himself was seriously wounded from my strike. My injuries were also equally sustained at that time.”

“Your mom had died, but she didn’t leave a corpse. All that remained was her spirit bone and a seed. After seriously wounding my opponents, I gradually came to my senses. I knew that if I kept fighting, perhaps I would be able to kill them all, but that wasn’t what Ah Yin wanted. There was still you, I couldn’t ignore you. You were the flesh and blood of Ah Yin and me. Therefore, I brought you away. Dragged my injured body away. Found this place. This was the place where me and Ah Yin originally got married, it was she who brought me here. I planted the seed she left behind, I knew that this was her, just her without the hundred thousand years of cultivation. In this life and this age, it was impossible for me to see her human form again, but I would always protect her.”

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

“Not much later, I received the news that the Supreme Pontiff had died from his wounds after returning to Spirit Hall. Spirit Hall has always written this debt in my name, and also the Clear Sky School. The Supreme Pontiff’s death no doubt produced enormous troubles for the sect. In order to preserve the sect, your uncle had no choice but to declare me thoroughly struck from the rolls of the sect, and in order to avert Spirit Hall’s reprisals, he sealed the sect. It was from that time that, while our Clear Sky School had the reputation of first sect under Heaven, in fact, all the factions that originally adhered to us quietly scattered. Only the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan still kept some contact.”

“You know all about what happened later. I planted your mom’s seed here, then brought you to the not distant Holy Spirit Village. Living in confusion. What you sensed at that time was right, my old injuries are very serious. Originally, I planned to end my life like that. Unable to return home, unable to protect my wife, what kind of man was I? The Supreme Pontiff was also dead, so I could be considered having avenged Ah Yin. As for Spirit Hall, even though I was of a mind to retaliate, I really didn’t want to cause even more trouble for the Clear Sky School. Therefore, the father you saw was a blacksmith, a drunkard. A drunkard indulging in shoddy alcohol every day.”

“Until you told me that the spirit you awakened was Blue Silver Grass, that it was the Clear Sky Hammer. Twin Spirits. That moment, I awakened a bit. You were very sensible from childhood, I didn’t take care of you, on the contrary it was you who took care of me. I knew that it was impossible for me to reverse the circumstances of the sect or thoroughly avenge your mom with my body in this condition. However, in you I saw hope. Therefore, starting from then, I sent you off to Nuoding Academy, secretly observing your growth. You were even more outstanding than I could have imagined, you also had a good teacher. In a short ten something years, the core of your strength was already formed. Even though I never said it, when I saw you lead your Shrek Seven Devils to smash the Spirit Hall team, my son, I was proud of you.”

The previous Tang Hao had never praised Tang San like this, but saying it under circumstances like these, kneeling there, it would be difficult for Tang San to be more moved. Fiercely embracing his father’s broken body, he cried bitterly and voicelessly while trembling.

Tang Hao raised his one arm, lightly patting his son’s back,
“Silly kid, don’t cry. A man of character doesn’t always go weeping. I think your mom has perhaps already recovered some awareness in your Blue Silver Domain. Seeing what you look like now, she’s definitely very, very happy. No need to feel sad for me. I’ve gone through even more difficult moments. I didn’t lie to you, that arm and leg, I really cut them off myself. That was something I had to do. Because, I hope to be able to live a few more years. To see how you return the sect to glory, how you avenge me and your mom.”

Raising his head to look at his father, even though Tang San’s eyes were hazy with tears, the will he displayed right now was unprecedentedly resolute,
“I will. I definitely will.”

Tang Hao sighed,
“You should have sensed that the old injuries in my body have already faded. I used my spirit power to force the murky blood clots into the arm and leg I cut off, thoroughly severing the trouble of the injuries. Even though only a third of my spirit power still remains, I feel kind of relieved. I did it soon after bringing you to your aunt’s place. If I waited for you to return, I knew that anyhow or anyway, you wouldn’t let me disable my body. Therefore, I just chose to do it while you weren’t here.”

“Dad, was it really worth it? Didn’t I tell you? Maybe I could find a method to help you recover.”
Tang San couldn’t help saying.

Tang Hao silently shook his head,
“The one who made the error should take it on himself. I’ve let down the sect for so many years, I have to account for myself somewhat. Originally, the two spirit bones I received from the sect were in the arm and leg I cut off. Getting them back should also be considered settling accounts. As for the influence my actions had on the sect, I can only rely on you to redeem me. Even though I’ve become a cripple, since losing my arm and leg, I’ve felt a lot more relaxed. Because I can finally lay down everything to keep your mom company. Despite only having a third of my spirit power left, my strength is still seventieth ranked. Enough to defend myself. There’s no need for you to worry either. I won’t leave your mom again hereafter, I’ll spend my last years accompanying her like this.”

Tang San stupidly watched his father,
“Isn’t it said that, after a spirit bone fuses with the body, they’re inseparable? Only through death can they separate from the body.”

Tang Hao shed a smile,
“That only goes for ordinary Spirit Masters. To Title Douluo, as long as we want to, spirit bones can still be removed. But the price is also equally heavy. Naturally nobody would choose to do it. Among the six spirit bones, the skull bone and torso bone really are inseparable, but the spirit bones of the four limbs can be cut out by cutting off the limb and moreover permanently losing ten ranks of spirit power. Consequently, my spirit power has now dropped to the seventy fifth rank. But don’t worry, the two spirit rings I got rid of were only the two lowest ranked ones. Even if only thirty percent of my spirit power remains compared to before, in this world, it would require at least a Title Douluo level to be able to put me to rest. The military glory of Clear Sky can only continue with you in the future.”

Having told his son everything, Tang Hao seemed a lot more relaxed, raising his hand to wipe the tears from his son’s face,
“I don’t want to see you crying again afterwards. I’m very well right now. I’ve placed my burden on you. Perhaps, this is somewhat heavy for you.”

“No, dad. I’m your son.”
Tang San used his most resolute tone to make clear his determination to his father.

Let him repay the debts of his parents. Right now, he was already gradually recovering from the pain of his father’s handicap, because he also discovered that, right now, Tang Hao really had become different from before. His entire person became relaxed, and the pain also gradually grew more distant.

Tang Hao nodded,
“Good. Once I’ve finished my accounts, you return to the sect. I will never be able to go back, but you must. Take my place to offer sacrifice to your grandfather. Take my place to kneel before his tomb for three days. Return to the sect to know your ancestors and clan. Listen to your uncle for everything. You can do as you see fit with the enmity with Spirit Hall. After all, I’ve already killed the main instigator long ago. However, you must reawaken the Clear Sky School at any price. The sect fell because of me, I want you to help it rise again.”

Tang San promised respectfully.

His face revealing a faint smiling expression, Tang Hao looked at Tang San and said:
“Perhaps I was too strict with you in the past. In the future you can return here every year to see me and your mom, and tell me about the matters of the outside world. I won’t be leaving this place again. I won’t injure my body again, because I still have you to entrust with my hopes. And I still have your mom for company.”

Suddenly, Tang San seemed to think of something, looking at his father:
“Dad, mom lost a hundred thousand years of cultivation and needs to regrow, then, if outside growth speed factors influenced her, wouldn’t that cut down on her cultivation time?”

Tang Hao stared blankly a moment, then sighed:
“There’s no need of it. Only by cultivating thousand years can she have true intelligence, a hundred thousand years to be able to take human shape again. I won’t have the chance to see her in this lifetime. I can only leave it for the later generations. Once I’m gone, the task of looking after your mom will be left to you.”

The expression in Tang San’s eyes suddenly became excited,
“No, dad, listen to me. I know a place that can let plants grow thousands of times faster. Only I haven’t seen a plant type spirit beast there, all that grew were some heavenly treasure type plants. Perhaps, perhaps mom might recover? After all, she cultivated to the hundred thousand year level once before. Even if it’s recultivating, it should be a bit different from ordinary plants.”

“Thousands of times?”

“Is that true?”

Tang San nodded firmly,
“That place is known as one of the world’s three great treasure bowls, it’s called the Ice And Fire Yin Yang Well. It’s the place Poison Douluo Dugu Bo planted his herbs before. Ordinary people are unable to live there, but to plants, it has enormous benefits. All plants that grow there will mature in a short period of time. Even if I’ve never seen a plant type spirit beast there, with the profound qualities of the Ice And Fire Yin Yang Well, perhaps mom……”

Tang Hao’s originally calm eyes began to display an excited luster. His wife’s death was the greatest blow to him in his life.

If speaking of his wife returning alive, even if it was to let him see her face before he died of age, he had no other requests.

Eyes moist, he gazed at that flourishing blue silver grass,
“Ah Yin, did you hear? Our son said that there might be a way to help you recover. Do you know how much I’ve wanted to hear your voice again? Ah Yin, let’s go. I’ll bring you there.”

Tang San somewhat excitedly pulled on his father’s hand,

“Dad, wait a little bit, then we’ll leave at once.”
While speaking, he took out a dragon zoysia leaf from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse and stuffed it into his father’s mouth,

“What I have here is dragon zoysia leaf. You’ve severed two limbs, your vitality is greatly injured. Dragon zoysia leaf can solidify the foundations of vitality. Eat one each month hereafter, and in one year, your body should have recovered its health. Dad, you have to stay alive for mom as well. I truly hope there can be a day when our family of three can reunite.”

Tang Hao swallowed the dragon zoyzia leaf in one gulp.

His son’s words had brought him enormous hope.

[1] Ah Yin (阿银) shares the silver character yin (银) of blue silver grass (蓝银草)

[2] Three from “Little three” (小三) or “third youngest” is the same character as san in Tang San (唐三).

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