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Chapter 146

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

In order to defeat Tang San, Hu Liena had spent these five years completely on bitter training. Not only did she brave dangers alone, entering Slaughter City to obtain the Deathgod Domain, her own efforts had also garnered enormous results. She already surpassed her elder brother Xie Yue in spirit power, reaching the fifty ninth rank, only the final bottleneck to the sixtieth rank.

As Bibi Dong saw her this hard working she once said that losing really wasn’t always a bad thing, as long as one could transform the pain of defeat into momentum for cultivation like Hu Liena, defeat would turn from bad to good.

Even though the loss of three spirit bones was originally painful for Spirit Hall, as the holy land of the Continent’s Spirit Masters, these things were still within their tolerance.

At least Hu Liena hadn’t let her down, returning as a holder of the Deathgod Domain.

With these two matters made clear, the present Spirit Hall senior members were all somewhat disapproving. These two matters were basically unrelated to them, and generally speaking, it would only require an imperial order to notify them.

Was there a need to mobilize all these people and gather them here? In fact, the people here were gathered from the width of the continent, some travelling more than thirty days.

Of course, the people in the know all knew that the most crucial item of this meeting was still the third.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s gaze gradually became serious,

“With the passage of time, the strength our Spirit Hall possesses becomes more and more tremendous, there are constantly new outstanding Spirit Masters joining. But there is also a constant drain of Spirit Masters. On the Continent, even though we are the largest gathering of Spirit Masters, we’re not the only one. Far from all Spirit Masters will listen to Spirit Hall’s dispatches. Especially some powers, who pay even less attention to Spirit Hall. In order to improve these circumstances, to unite all factions of Spirit Masters even further, I have decided to begin the Spirit Hunting Operation. To deliver a fatal strike to those who have the courage to pay lip service to Spirit Hall. At the same time, the seven great sects that have existed for so many years, should also be readjusted.”

The words Spirit Hunting Operation, were like throwing an explosive spirit tool into the meeting, the entire conference room was immediately like a bursting pan. As the most senior echelon of Spirit Hall, the altogether more than twenty people present had all previously heard about this Spirit Hunting Operation.

Originally, it was raised when Bibi Dong had just assumed her position, only to be forcefully suppressed by Elder Hall.

The old business of twenty years ago was raised anew. Looking at the expression in Bibi Dong’s eyes, they understood that this time this operation might truly be carried out. Her Holiness wouldn’t shoot without aim, she should already have prepared everything in advance.

With a thump, Bibi Dong sharply slapped the table, formidable pressure immediately erupting from her.

Under her accumulated might, the meeting hall immediately quieted down.

The light of power radiated in Bibi Dong’s eyes,
“Calling you here today isn’t to have you discuss it, but to declare orders. I have already discussed this matter with the elders of Elder Hall. The Spirit Hunting Operation will formally begin in one month. It will rely mainly on people dispatched by Supreme Pontiff Hall, each Spirit Temple and Master Hall will move strictly according to the orders issued by Supreme Pontiff Hall, there must be no mistakes. I will personally participate in the implementation process of this Spirit Hunting Operation. If there is any careless mistake, don’t blame me, Bibi Dong, for being merciless.”

Having waited patiently for twenty years, Bibi Dong would finally begin to move. Slowly raising her head, looking at the luxurious domed ceiling of the meeting hall. ‘Teacher, in those days you died at the hand of Clear Sky School’s Tang Hao, it’s time to avenge you.’

‘This time, nobody can stop me again. Seven great sects, Clear Sky School, hmph, I will let you learn who the true master of this Continent is.’

Star Dou Great Forest.

Shaded by the trees, the vast forest was brimming with a fresh and clean atmosphere. Just at the heart of this world famous great forest, there was a not very large lake. If one didn’t actually come here, it would be very difficult to believe that there was actually such a marvel in the middle of the forest.

The lake wasn’t very large, only a hundred meters in diameter or so, but the crystal clear mirror-like surface reflected the trees on either side.

On the side of the water was still an even more bizarre scene.

A young woman in a white dress sat quietly under a large tree, holding her knees. She stared foolishly at the water in front of her, her thoughts unknown.

Her glossy black supple long hair was draped over her shoulders and scattered, scattered across the grass. The sight of her was touching.

Her delicate features wore a gentle expression, her appearance so beautiful, so perfectly in harmony with the surrounding beautiful scenery, that she was like the crucial focus of a painting.

Behind this gentle and beautiful young woman, quietly crouched an incomparably enormous chimpanzee. Its giant body crouched there like a mountain. By comparison, the beautiful young woman was delicate and tiny.

The gaze of this giant chimpanzee was very soft, always focused on the young woman in front of it. It was they that formed the bizarre part of this picture.

The young woman sitting there was Xiao Wu, and behind her was naturally the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming[1].

In five years back at Heaven Dou Great Forest, besides dry and dull cultivating, she liked sitting by the lakeside, quietly watching the water. As for what she thought, only she herself knew.

At this moment, suddenly, with a loud splash, an enormous head shot out of the lakewater in front of Xiao Wu.

That was a bull head, at least four meters in diameter, two eyes the size of lanterns flickering with light. Strangely, connected behind this bull head wasn’t the body of a bull, but rather a dark cyan enormous snake body, even even thicker than a water barrel.

Even though most of it was still soaking in the water, the part exposed above the surface was enough to shock anyone.

Looking at this suddenly appearing bullhead, Xiao Wu didn’t feel any sense of astonishment. Sensing the deep concern in those lantern sized eyes, her charming face revealed a faint smiling expression,
“Da Ming[2], why did you come out now?”

The bull headed serpent bodied monster issued a low growl, unexpectedly spitting out human words,
“Xiao Wu-jie[3], I really don’t like it when you look this lonely. It’s been five years, but you’re always like this. Don’t tell me the human world really is so good?”

This bull headed serpent bodied monster was the Star Dou Great Forest’s emperor, the Sky Blue Bull Python. It was just like the Titan Giant Ape, its cultivation already having reached the hundred thousand year level, only they didn’t choose to take human form.

They also very rarely revealed their true strength in the Star Dou Great Forest.

Of course, practically no humans could come to this place. As the Star Dou Great Forest that held the most formidable spirit beasts, this central area was forbidden ground.

Xiao Wu looked distracted a moment, lowering her head and chuckling,
“No, I’m not thinking about the human world, but rather about my friends there. Da Ming, Er Ming, don’t worry about me. I’m alright.”

Even though she said this, in her innermost heart, she was filled with longing, ‘Ge, are you still well right now? I don’t know how long before I can see you again. Don’t worry, I will work hard at cultivating. Once I’ve reached the mature stage, I’ll definitely go find you.’

The Titan Giant Ape Er Ming crouching behind Xiao Wu said in a low voice:
“Xiao Wu-jie, those humans we ran into in the forest not long ago escaped and went back. No matter how much you long to return to the world of humans, don’t leave the Star Lake for now. Here, me and big brother can protect you better.”

The Sky Blue Bull Python snorted coldly,
“Let them come. If we weren’t away back then, how would aunt have……”

Hearing his words, Xiao Wu’s face suddenly became pale, and Da Ming hurriedly stopped speaking, anxiously gathering its big head in front of Xiao Wu,

“I’m sorry, Xiao Wu-jie, I didn’t mean to worry you.”

Xiao Wu silently shook her head,
“It’s been so many years. It’s alright. However, I’ve already found the enemy that murdered mother. One day, I will definitely personally kill her and avenge mother.”

The Sky Blue Bull Python’s big eyes blinked,

“Xiao Wu-jie, tell us a story about your time in the human world. Is the human world really so interesting?”

Even though they were the most formidable spirit beasts in this Star Dou Great Forest, they had never left the forest.

Spending every day absorbing the essence of Heaven and earth, they were just like Xiao Wu when she had just left, their hearts like blank paper.

Er Ming also sat down, equally expectantly looking at Xiao Wu.

Seeing their naive appearances, Xiao Wu couldn’t keep a giggle from escaping. Who could have imagined the king of the forest and the emperor of the forest looking like this.

Her eyes revealing fluctuations of emotions, she seemed to see in front of her the scene of the time she first met Tang San. With a faint smile, she began her tale.

To her, the less than ten years together with Tang San were far, far more wonderful than her past hundred thousand years of cultivating.

The two big shots of the spirit beast kingdom, the Sky Blue Bull Python and the Titan Giant Ape listened quietly. They were already immersed in Xiao Wu’s story.

Dressed in white, Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges fastened to his waist, and the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse hanging from it. This was Tang San’s complete attire.

If not for the directions of the map his father gave him leading here, Tang San really would have found it very difficult to believe that the Spirit Master world’s number one sect, the Clear Sky School, would actually be in a place like this.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

The distance from Heaven Dou Empire’s capital wasn’t far, roughly three hundred li east of Heaven Dou City. Behind him was a ring of mountains, and in front of Tang San was a small village not much different from the Holy Spirit Village he once left.

Smoke rose in spirals from chimneys all over the village, it would soon be time for lunch. At the entrance to the village, a few children were playing, and in the fields to the sides, a number of people were putting their tools in order, preparing to return to the village to eat.

Spreading the sheepskin map in his hands, Tang San looked it over carefully. He could be sure that he hadn’t found the wrong place. Just here, illustrated by the map, the Clear Sky School was unexpectedly this little village in front of him.

Once the number one sect under heaven, had actually degenerated to this?

Actually, let alone him, even if Tang Hao came here he would be equally shocked. After the Clear Sky School declared itself sealed, it had moved. That map was something Tang Yue-Hua had given Tang Hao, but he had never had the chance to return, and naturally didn’t know the circumstances here.

Thinking that since he was already here, he could only accept it, Tang San put away his map, and walked towards this seemingly unremarkable mountain village with big strides. At the same time, he also felt a kind of indescribable sadness.

Not so long ago, the Clear Sky School had still been the Douluo Continent Spirit Master world’s number one sect.

But now it had degenerated to hiding in a mountain village. Even if this was a very good way to hide, to a clan with such a formidable history, this was an enormous setback. This was perhaps also the cause for his father’s pain.

Bringing disaster to the sect was admittedly his father’s mistake, but what choice did he have?

Tang San also understood that he was Tang Hao’s son, so he would naturally be partial to his father in this. But things change, and now wasn’t the time to investigate whose fault it was, but rather how to raise the sect again, if the disgrace from those days were to be washed away.

All kinds of thoughts spinning in his mind, Tang San had already walked up to the mountain village entrance. Just as he thought to step inside, several middle aged villagers just returned from farming blocked his way.

“Please leave, we don’t welcome outsiders here.”
The speaker was a thick and strong built middle aged man. He sized up Tang San as he spoke, his gaze somewhat suspicious.

Tang San sighed inwardly, standing straight,

“I’m no outsider, I’m only returning home.”

The middle aged villager stared blankly,

“Returning home? We haven’t had any noble young master like you around here. We’re all country folk. What home are you returning to?”

Tang San didn’t need to look with his eyes to sense that the other villagers nearby began to grow apprehensive, their grip on the farming tools in their hands clearly tightening. Their feet shifted slightly, faintly with the intention of surrounding him.

Unwilling to waste time here, Tang San slowly raised his left hand, black light surging out of his palm. With a grave and powerful aura, the Clear Sky Hammer quietly appeared. Tightening his left hand around the handle, Tang San smiled slightly,
“Can this prove it?”

Seeing the Clear Sky Hammer, the several middle aged people first stared blankly, but the mood very quickly relaxed a lot. As they looked at Tang San again, the only thing remaining in their gazes was respect.

The middle aged man Tang San spoke with before probed:
“Dare I ask which family you’re from? I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

Tang San didn’t want to get tangled up here,
“My aunt is called Tang Yue-Hua, she had me return.”

With these words, the villagers didn’t dare be neglectful, and hastily let Tang San into the village. What kind of status did Tang Yue-Hua have? In the entire Clear Sky School, besides the sect master, she had the highest position. She was also the sect master’s blood related little sister.

Rather than saying that this little mountain village was the Clear Sky School, it would be more apt to call it the Clear Sky School’s outpost. Even if the Clear Sky School had fallen, it still wasn’t to this extent. The ones living in the mountain village were all the subordinate collateral relatives of the Clear Sky School, and the sect’s true strength wasn’t here.

However, these collateral relative sentries were still fairly cautious. Even if Tang San had obtained some trust by taking out the Clear Sky Hammer, they still didn’t bring Tang San directly to see the people of the sect.

They rather invited Tang San to rest in an empty house, while they sent people to inform the sect.

After waiting for approximately an hour, there were sounds of urgent footsteps outside. The door opened, and a few grey clothed men appeared in the doorway.

The man in the lead had wide shoulders and a broad back, his nose straight and jaw square, short hair like steel needles, seeming to be around thirty or so, bulging muscles hidden under his long grey jacket, he was like a lion ready to spring, brimming with a vigorous forceful feeling.

“You’re Tang San?”
The grey clothed big man asked. A sharp light glittered in his eyes, and after looking Tang San up and down, beside curiosity, his expression held some hostility.

Tang San could be certain that he didn’t know this person, and also didn’t understand why he would be this hostile, but still simply nodded,
“That’s me.”

The grey clothed big man waved his hand to his two companions,

“Follow us.”
Without saying anything further, he took the lead to turn around and head outside.

In terms of the etiquette Tang Yue-Hua had instructed Tang San in, these three people were clearly a bit rude. They didn’t even announce their names. But Tang San didn’t mind, his return was in itself to atone for his crimes. His father owed the sect too much, and it was up to him to repay it. He sensed a familiar tyrannical aura from the three grey clothed men, without need to ask, they should be directly related disciples of the Clear Sky School.

These three were very strong, especially that thirty year old big man. Seeming to be around thirty, his spirit power was still above Tang San’s, and should already have broken through the sixtieth rank. Breaking through the sixtieth rank at this age, he should be considered fairly outstanding in the young generation of the Clear Sky School.

And the other two whose ages seemed about the same as him should have strength somewhere between the fiftieth and sixtieth rank.

Even if the Clear Sky School had sealed its gates, he could tell how formidable the sect’s true strength was by these three directly related disciples.

After all, this was the number one sect under heaven!

Following the three out of the room, those three didn’t wait for Tang San’s opinion before simultaneously extending their legs, speeding towards the back of the village.

Even if they didn’t use their spirits, with spirit power at their level, if they fully unleashed their speed, it was still quite astonishing.

Tang San smiled calmly, then set his feet in motion, his figure abruptly becoming illusory. After so many years of cultivation, his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Stem had long since reached perfection. Even more, his right leg still had his mother’s remains, the blue silver emperor right leg bone.

Even if he didn’t actually use its flight capability, his speed still wouldn’t be inferior to agility attack type Spirit Masters of the same level.

Consequently, even though the three people ahead were fast, he caught up as if strolling up to people standing still. Not only didn’t he fall behind, there wasn’t even the slightest amount of influence on his grace, not the slightest fireworks, as he constantly kept a ten meter distance to the person in front.

The leading grey clothed person turned his head to look towards Tang San. When he discovered that Tang San had actually come close without him sensing anything, he couldn’t keep his expression from changing slightly.

Once again increasing his pace, he seemed to want to meticulously inspect Tang San’s speed.

Unfortunately, the first to be unable to keep up wasn’t Tang San, but rather his two companions. After the leading grey clothed big man’s speed reached a certain degree, those two grey clothed big men already began to fall behind somewhat.

They also knew how competitive that leading grey clothed man was, and couldn’t keep from feeling a burst of helplessness. ‘Boss, even if you want to compete with him, there’s no need to be so anxious.’

Just as those two grey clothed men clenched their teeth to speed up, but the distance began to open up, suddenly, they simultaneously felt a gentle force pushing them from behind. The two immediately felt their bodies become a lot lighter, and their speed abruptly increased, recovering the distance they had lost in practically a few eyeblinks.

As they turned around to look, they found Tang San smiling and nodding to them. Clearly, that force came from him.

Amidst their feelings of gratitude, the two grey clothed men were simultaneously shocked. How old was he? Not only could he keep up with the boss with his physical capability alone, he could even help the two of them.

No wonder, no wonder…...

The party of four had very soon left the back of the village. In front was a mountain peak. The mountain wasn’t high, but extremely precipitous. The entire mountain wall was almost perpendicular to the ground, and moreover extremely smooth. There were no plants, it was actually a rock mountain.

The leading grey clothed person didn’t show the slightest intent of slowing down. Already seeing the mountain in front, he stepped off from the ground, soaring up, leaping directly up at the mountain wall.

Tang San was inwardly slightly shocked. No matter how you put it this mountain wall was at least five hundred meters high, did he plan to directly climb this smooth rock wall? If it was relying on jumping alone, Tang San also wouldn’t be able to do it.

After all, he still needed some purchase to display the marvels of the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step.

However, very soon the questions in his heart were undone. Clearly, it was impossible for that leading grey clothed man to climb it directly. As he ascended to a place about twenty meters or so, the tips of his toes poked the mountain wall, and he ascended once again.

Tang San focused his eyes to see. As it turned out, this smooth as a mirror rock wall had depressions every ten meters or so that could be used for bracing.

His face revealed a smile. It seemed that this seal of the Clear Sky School really was thorough. This precipitous rock wall in front of him wasn’t something Spirit Masters below the fortieth rank were able to climb.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Even with sufficient strength, one would still need the courage to act. Even more, if someone launched attacks from the top of the mountain, even sixty or seventieth ranked powers might not be able to ascend. This was absolutely a defense on the level of a heavenly moat.

The other two grey clothed men equally soared up. They weren’t as aggressive as the leader who leapt twenty meters with each purchase, and ascended the standard ten meters each time, swiftly soaring up to chase after.

Tang San also didn’t make himself conspicuous. All along following behind these two grey clothed men, he also exerted himself every ten meters, swiftly climbing up.

Very soon, the leading grey clothed man had already reached the mountaintop. Turning his head to look down the mountain and seeing Tang San following in the rear, there was some praise in his eyes. After waiting for the three to all reach the top, he set off once again. Through the entire process, he didn’t say one word to Tang San.

On top of the mountain, the view ahead suddenly opened up to a wide panorama. On the other side of the rock mountain the view was no longer so monotonous, as far as the eye could see were instead several mountains covered in large amounts of green vegetation.

Four people, one in front and three behind, moved into the mountains.

Tang San discovered through observation that this mountain range was very unusual. The majority of the peaks were all extremely precipitous, and moreover the valleys between the mountains were filled with mountain streams. In order to enter the mountain, if one had to go climbing up and down, it would not doubt be extremely exhausting. If defenses were installed on each peak, then it would be like passing through one heavenly moat after another. Even if the attackers outnumbered the defenders ten to one, they still might not be able to force their way inside. This terrain was really too vicious.

Without continuing on very long, they had reached the end of the mountain top they stood on. At five hundred meters high, there was already curls of cloud and mist. Shocking Tang San was that the grey clothed man furthest ahead actually leapt up, leaping directly towards the deep mountain stream ahead, instantly disappearing unseen into the clouds.

Of the two grey clothed men walking in front of Tang San, one turned his head and gave Tang San a smile, reaching out and pointing ahead below his feet, then leapt towards the mountain stream.

Tang San looked carefully, and couldn’t help laughing in spite of himself. Originally, at the end of the peak there was actually an iron cable as thick as an arm, extending in a straight line into the distance. Undoubtedly, it should be connected to another mountain. Floating in the clouds and mist, it was very well concealed. Without watching carefully, it would be very difficult to discover.

Even though the iron cable swayed in the air, as long as one had a certain level of strength and could keep one’s balance, one could naturally walk it. This part could also be easily accomplished by thirtieth ranked Spirit Masters.

Tang San immediately understood the purpose of this installation. If enemies invaded, when they couldn’t be completely held off at the first pass one could retreat to the second mountain via the iron cable, then afterwards cutting the cable behind oneself. Like this, not only would one gain a buffer of time, one could also continue resisting the enemy from the cover of the second mountain. This kind of plan could be called ingenious.

Tang San hadn’t even feared the circumstances of the Hell Road, to say nothing of this little iron cable in front of him. Leaping up, his feet moved lightly, and he landed on the iron cable. The cable inclined upwards as it went, clearly the mountain it connected to was higher than the previous one. Tang San relied on his spirit power to slide forward as if stuck to the iron cable.

The two peaks were very far apart, close to kilometer. As they advanced and gradually entered the middle section of the iron cable, under the influence of the mountains, the iron cable beneath their feet also began to move more and more violently, swinging back and forth almost ten meters from side to side.

The grey clothed man furthest ahead paused a moment, turning his head to look at Tang San. seeing him smoothly keeping up, he continued forward. Clearly, he wasn’t as unreasonable as he made himself out to be. At least he was still concerned about Tang San’s circumstances.

Seeing this scene, Tang San couldn’t keep from revealing a smiling expression. They were after all people from the same sect, and even if he was an outsider, they were still related by blood. Perhaps the hostility should be because of his father.

The next part of the road was like an endless repetition, only the chasms between the mountains became deeper and deeper. As they successively passed four mountain peaks connected by iron cables, the condition of the cable had already begun to change. Along with the cold and humidity, the iron cable spanning from the fourth to the fifth mountain was covered by a layer of ice, slippery and gripless, making the difficulty of advancing increase substantially.

This time, the dark clothed man in the lead didn’t hurry to rush ahead, but rather halted, pulling out a harness from his chest, connecting one side to his waist and the other to the iron cable. The other two grey clothed men also did the same.

“For you.”
The grey clothed man in the lead threw over the same kind of harness to Tang San.

With Tang San’s strength and his Blue Silver Grass, he naturally didn’t need such things to protect himself, and even less now that he could fly. But he still tied himself to the iron cable like the three grey clothed men, continuing to keep a low profile.

With the harness tied properly, the three grey clothed men’s gazes were somewhat nervous. Clearly, this part of the road wasn’t so easy to travel. The leading grey clothed man gave a long whistle and leapt up. This time he clearly restrained the height he leapt to and the distance he advanced. Toes touching the iron cable, he leapt up once again, each leap bringing him roughly ten meters.

Only when he had moved fifty meters did the second grey clothed man move out, copying his manner to find purchase on the iron cable.

Their harnesses slid along the iron cable without influencing their movements, while still providing a measure of safety.

Tang San was still last. He of course wouldn’t be nervous, and also didn’t copy the skipping of the three people ahead. He understood that the three grey clothed men chose to do so to reduce the contact with the iron cable as much as possible. After all, it was impossible for the icey areas to all be the same, and any change could cause them to lose balance.

The height of the fourth peak already surpassed two kilometers. If falling from here, as long as one couldn’t fly, even Title Douluo would find it difficult to survive.

The final stretch also seemed especially long. Very soon, the four had all disappeared in the clouds.

As Tang San leisurely continued forward, suddenly, an indescribably sense of crisis attacked his mind.

The sense of crisis appearing, he first of all thought it was the leading grey clothed man furthest ahead. Purple Demon Eye launching in a flash, he looked ahead. But he saw that the grey clothed man had already climbed up the other side, and just like before, was waiting quietly for them there.

However, the sense of crisis suddenly grew more intense. At this moment, Tang San naturally wouldn’t begrudge using his spiritual force, intense spiritual fluctuations unleashing, then did he discover the true source of the danger.

An enormous monstrous bird was flying through the mist on one side, and its route forward would pass directly through the iron cable.

A bird capable of flying at an altitude of two kilometers was naturally frightfully strong, and the iron cables had also become very brittle after being frozen. If they collided, the result would be obvious.

It really wasn’t that Tang San’s senses weren’t sharp, but rather that the influence at this altitude was too great, the temperature, clouds, wind, movement of the iron cable, as well as observing the three grey clothed men, while focusing on all these tasks, discovering that monstrous bird with spiritual force wasn’t very easy.

At the critical moment, Purple God Light instantly activated, two deep blue lights shooting from Tang San’s eyes. At the same time he shouted loudly,


Tang San’s reaction couldn’t be called slow, but in the end he was still one step too late. At the same time as that Purple God Light bombarded the monstrous bird, completely destroying its head, that monstrous bird’s giant body also heavily collided with the iron cable.

Faced with the enormous force, the close to a kilometer long iron cable snapped with an ear-piercing rupturing sound.

Despite Tang San’s previous warning, those two grey clothed men still on the iron cable reacted too slowly. Suddenly in free fall, they could only grab the harnesses at their waists. It was already too late to grab the iron cable.

The grey clothed man already on the other side was immediately anxious, but right now he also didn’t have any way to help.

Stepping in emptiness, Tang San felt far from reassured. Strong blue light shot from his right leg, and he instantly stabilized himself. Without pause, a strand of Blue Silver Emperor quietly swung out, directly twisting around the iron cable on the opposite bank, another two strands also instantly shooting out to accurately twist around the waists of the two falling grey clothed men.

At this moment he formed a bridge in between.

Those two grey clothed men were also both of the elite of the Clear Sky School’s young generation. Their waists tightening, they knew someone had saved them. Without time to look, the two hastily held their qi to lighten themselves, lessening the strain on Tang San as far as possible.

Under the impetus of the iron cable, the three were simultaneously flung towards the mountain wall. Seeing the mountain wall approaching, Tang San bent his right leg, kicking up a gale, retarding his momentum. at the same time the Blue Silver Grass twisted onto the iron cable above swiftly tightened.

If someone now could see where the Blue Silver Emperor and iron cable were connected right now, they would be shocked to discover that the sparkling and translucent Blue Silver Emperor had grown fine blue thorns, piercing deeply into the iron cable, completely averting the risk of slipping from the icey iron cable.

The Blue Silver Grass on both sides tightened, pulling close the distance between Tang San and the iron cable and the two grey clothed men below. And now that grey clothed man on the edge also reacted. Exulting, he gripped the iron cable with both hands, swiftly pulling in the trio.

[1] Er Ming (二明) “Second Bright”

[2] Da Ming (大明) “Eldest Bright”

[3] Jie (姐) - Fragment denoting an older sister type person, equivalent to ge (哥).

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