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Chapter 138

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang San smiled calmly,
“My goal in coming here, was to take a walk on that Hell Road. Slaughter King, I appreciate your kind intentions. Please open the entrance to the Hell Road. I wish to walk this trial along with Hell Emissary.”

The Slaughter King’s expression suddenly changed,
“You want to join up to walk the Hell Road? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten where you’re both from?”

Hu Liena smiled coldly:
“In this world, there are no eternal enemies, only eternal benefits. Rather than two people dying in the Hell Road, why not have both come out as true Deathgods? There is no need for you to worry about the matters between us. Mighty Slaughter King, please act according to the rules of Slaughter City.”

Halo after halo of red light released from the Slaughter King. If not for the misgivings in his heart, he would have long since ruined the two people in front of him. With Tang San and Hu Liena’s present strength, they were only like crickets in front of him. But he couldn’t do anything. Because he feared, feared the destruction of Slaughter City. Even though this world could be relied on, if the people behind Tang San and Hu Liena were provoked, perhaps it would still collapse.

“Since it’s like that, take a walk on the Hell Road. Keeping company on the Hell Road is also a pretty good journey. If you can pass the trials of the Hell Road and become a new generation of Deathgods, please pass along my regards to your elders.

The Slaughter King’s intonation had clearly become cold, even to the extent it held a mocking meaning. Hell Road, was it truly so easy to break through? ‘Even if there’s two of you, it still won’t be so easy.’

Dense red smoke abruptly discharged from the Slaughter King, the tremendous aura forcing Tang San and Hu Liena to swiftly retreat, directly withdrawing more than ten meters before they could manage to stand steady.

What the Slaughter King released really wasn’t killing intent, but rather an extremely vicious aura, making people’s bone marrow stiffen from cold.

The sinister cold red ripples slowly dispersed, in practically a few blinks of an eye, it had already spread through the entire arena.

Each and every one of the degenerates in the audience seats were extremely excited, they all wanted to see the opening of the Hell Road. However, what they didn’t know was that their own lives had already reached the end.

Besides the Deathgods and the Slaughter King, nobody had ever seen the opening of the Hell Road before. Because, the people who saw it had all died. Or one might say, they had all become the offering to open the Hell Road.

Tang San and Hu Liena very soon discovered that even though the red light emanating from the Slaughter King gave them great pressure, it really wasn’t directed at them, but at the surrounding stands.

The originally frantically cheering degenerates gradually grew quiet as the red light fell on the stands. The expression of each degenerate gradually grew lifeless, then from lifeless to blood congested red. Before long, the red light formed an enormous barrier over the entire Hell Slaughter Arena. Painful miserable shrieks began to resound from those first touched by the red light.

Influenced by the red light, those degenerates seemed to go half insane, doing their utmost to scratch their faces, their bodies……

Degenerates capable of surviving in the inner city had, for the most part, a certain strength. Right now their full strength was completely brought to bear on themselves. Even to the extent that those resounding screams still held a note of excited joy, as if obtaining unlimited pleasure in this self mutilation.

Skin rolling up, blood splattering all around. They even scooped out the internal organs from within their bodies. Completely insane. Stopping only once their life had completely left them.

This change spread and affected more and more, until it extended to everyone present.

Even though Tang San and Hu Liena had experienced immeasurable massacre here in Slaughter City, confronting such a large scale terrifying scene, their faces still turned pale, feeling as if the murderous spirit within them grew more and more difficult to suppress.

Looking face to face, Hu Liena caught a vicious current flash through Tang San’s eyes. As long as they were human, as long as they had a shred of humanity, watching this scene, they would also be brimming with loathing towards Slaughter City.

Blood spilled on the ground, and started to condense. The large quantities of blood were like little brooks, flowing down unremarkable little channels below the audience seats and spilled into the center of the Slaughter Arena. Countless streams of red liquid could clearly be seen flowing into the ring like little serpents.

Tang San’s fist unconsciously tightened, rich killing intent constantly bursting out within him, at any time risking to erupt.

“To be able to become the offering to open the Hell Road, is their honor.”
The Slaughter King called in a low voice. Right now, the screams had already gradually halted. Besides Tang San, Hu Liena and the Slaughter King, there was already no longer any other person here.

Blood flowed into the arena, but not into straight lines. At some unknown time, line after line of grooves had appeared on the ground, and the blood flowed into these. Gradually, they converged into an enormous red design on the floor.

Right now, Tang San and Hu Liena were within this pattern. It was very difficult to clearly see the entire design, but the two of them both had skull spirit bones, and their spiritual force far exceeded that of common Spirit Masters. By chance closing their eyes at the same time, their spiritual force released into the air, observing the circumstances of their surroundings.

They discovered that the blood condensed pattern was unexpectedly a creature similar to a bird, only seeming somewhat strange, it wasn’t as simple as a common bird.

What was this?

Just as Tang San was puzzling over it, suddenly, the eyes of that bird brightened. Tang San and Hu Liena’s spiritual force was crushed in practically an instant, an enormous red light soaring up, engulfing the two of them in a moment. Their perception of everything in their surroundings grew fuzzy, only the Slaughter King’s deep and sharp voice echoing by their ears.

“I wish you luck on the Hell Road.”

The instant his spiritual force was crushed, Tang San finally realized what that bird design was. A bat. That was a drawing of a bat.

Swallowed by that red light, Tang San and Hu Liena simultaneously felt the ground drop out beneath their feet, everything in their surroundings becoming illusory, all their awareness this instant sealed. That pain of having no control made a kind of indescribable fear rise in their hearts. What they didn’t see was that their killing intent condensed into a faint white layer that protected their bodies. If not for this killing intent, the instant they were covered in that red light, they would truly have been swallowed up.

Spirit power releasing, besides that layer of rippling white killing intent, Tang San still had a layer of faint blue hazy light. Compared to the ice cold, sinister, and vicious red light, although the blue light Tang San released wasn’t strong, it was still brimming with the breath of life. Tenacious vitality firmly protected Tang San within, not only isolating him from the red light outside, but even from that layer of killing intent.

Consequently, even though Tang San was unable to control anything in the outside world, his killing intent being temporarily severed relieved him of the need to endure that tremendous pressure, and he was a lot more comfortable.

After an unknown amount of time, accompanied by a violent jolt, all sensation returned once again, the blood red light in the surroundings gradually fading.

As Tang San and Hu Liena sobered completely, they discovered that they were on top of a round platform. This platform was only five meters across or so, not very large. The two both fell to the ground.

They awoke practically simultaneously, and therefore, their gazes also simultaneously fell on each other.

Tang San saw that Hu Liena’s body was releasing a layer of faint red mist, her eyes already turned completely red. Around her, white ripples were constantly growing stronger, and even though she was looking at him, her body was constantly spasming, as if she was enduring some tremendous pain.

Heart twitching, Tang San shouted in a low voice:

While speaking, he raised his right hand, pressing on the top of Hu Liena’s head. An abundantly pure breath of life transmitted through his arms into Hu Liena’s head, and under those faint blue light fluctuations, Hu Liena’s shuddering body gradually returned to normal, the red color in her eyes also subsequently fading.

There were no eternal enemies, only eternal benefits. The prospects of the Hell Road were unknown, and having one more companion was always better than letting her frantically pull him into ruin. At this moment, Tang San constantly told himself to lay down his rancor with Spirit Hall and temporarily cooperate with this Golden Generation beauty in front of him.

Spitting out this word, Hu Liena and Tang San were both shocked, because Hu Liena’s voice had unexpectedly already become somewhat hoarse.

Tang San replied,
“Crossing a river in the same boat.”

Looking at Tang San, there was clearly something in Hu Liena’s eyes, her gaze moving, she harmonized the breath in her body, then turned to look at their surroundings with Tang San.

They were both intelligent people, and naturally they wouldn’t act blindly. First observing the surrounding situation was clearly most important.

Looking carefully, the two couldn’t help drawing a cold breath. Their circumstances were even more perilous than they had imagined.

Everything in their surroundings appeared a faint blood red. Outside of the five meter diameter platform below their feet, was unexpectedly a bottomless abyss.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Apart from this, a less than half a chi wide, capable of supporting only two feet side by side, slender little road led into the unknown darkness, and this was also the one and only path leading away from the platform they stood on.

Looking face to face, Tang San and Hu Liena both couldn’t help puckering their eyebrows.

A light flashed in Hu Liena’s mind,
“I don’t know what’s below.”

Tang San’s heart twitched. Regarding the dangerous situation in front of, he inwardly wasn’t actually particularly worried. Even though the little path in front was completely suspended in midair, relying on Blue Silver Grass, Flying God Claw, as well as Eight Spider Lances, he could easily guarantee that he wouldn’t fall. Of course, that was under the premise that this little road didn’t fracture. But Hu Liena’s meaning was clearly to look for another way.

“I’ll take a look.”
Tang San crawled on the ground. He had no choice but to protect Hu Liena. Only sticking his head out over the edge of the platform, he looked down.

Below was pitch black and hazy, but that posed no problem for Tang San. Deep blue light spitting out of his eyes, the distance instantly pulled close.

Turning over and leaping up, Tang San’s expression seemed somewhat monstrous.

“How is it? Can you see it?”
Hu Liena calmly asked.

Tang San nodded,
“There’s blood down there. You might call it a blood reservoir. If I don’t guess wrong, that blood reservoir below should be the stored blood of all the people killed through all the years of Slaughter City. That is, what they call Bloody Mary and the offering for this Hell Road.”

Hu Liena appeared contemplative, and after a long time, said:
“By simpler analysis, this hell Road isn’t just the way out of Slaughter City, but at the same time it should also be the heart of Slaughter City.”

Just as she said this, she clearly discovered Tang San’s eyes brightening across from her, and the two people said in practically the same mouth:
“Or perhaps it might be called the source of that mysterious Slaughter City domain’s energy.”

Discovering the other side said exactly the same thing as her, Hu Liena blushed, turning her head. Tang San appeared somewhat embarrassed. At the same time he couldn’t help being secretly startled. This Hu Liena really was astute, worthy of being the Supreme Pontiff’s direct disciple. Hu Liena’s display also made him feel happy that he chose to cooperate. Having such an astute partner was clearly a good thing in terms of breaking through the Hell Road.

Hu Liena naturally didn’t know what Tang San thought, and continued her analysis.
“Tang Yin[1], haven’t you noticed that blood is what’s most important in Slaughter City? What’s called Bloody Mary seems to appear here. Just like you said, there’s slow poison in the blood here, but it can cause a certain stimulating effect. There are very many ways to control people, why does Slaughter City’s ruler always use blood? Just to give people a more mysterious impression? I think not, there’s definitely some secret to this.”

Tang San nodded, saying:
“My way of thinking is the same as yours. Even though we don’t know the true secret of this blood within Slaughter City now, we can be sure that if the source of the blood was lost, it would be an enormous blow to Slaughter City. Even so much that it might be devastating. I believe this kind of place should already have been extinguished long ago, but your Spirit Hall unfortunately takes a laissez faire attitude, don’t tell me it’s really in order to take in some criminals?”

Hu Liena’s expression changed, indifferently saying:
“These matters aren’t under my control. I know your Clear Sky School has a very high opinion of our Spirit Hall, but right now we should still first settle the problem in front of us.”

Nodding softly, Tang San looked at the distant darkness,
“This narrow road should be the so called Hell Road. I don’t know how long it is, but I can be sure that the Hell Road wouldn’t be so simple as just walking away. There’s a very large blood reservoir below, and it’s very possible there are some ferocious beasts or toxins within it. Going below wouldn’t be desirable. Our best way from here is still up top.”

Hu Liena nodded, saying:
“The medicine you gave me last time was very effective. Don’t you have any medicaments that can prevent toxins? Climbing down below there we can at least have a sense of ground under our feet. This narrow road gives me a sense of danger.”

Tang San shook his head, saying:
“The world has poisons in all sorts of fantastic varieties, there are no medicines that can resist all poison. I feel the same as you, this Hell Road really is dangerous. But, the feeling I get from down below is even more dangerous. I think it would still be better to unify our thoughts before starting out.”

Hu Liena didn’t hesitate a moment to say:
“I’ll listen to you. I only want to raise one proposal. Since we don’t have any method to defy poison, walking above is clearly our only choice. This is perhaps also the only choice accorded anyone who passed this Hell Road before. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information relating to this. Before coming, that Deathgod I know told me something. There are situations of all sorts in the Hell Road. Our experience would certainly be a bit different from hers. Rather than telling us the concrete situation inside, we’re better off having to do things slowly. Like this we will instead be even more cautious.”

Tang San inwardly thought that perhaps this was also the reason his father didn’t tell him everything about the Hell Road. The road was always one’s own to walk.

Right now, the quality of the pair’s solid willpower was revealed. To an ordinary person, coming to a strange place brimming with terror, all would be eager to leave at once. But Tang San and Hu Liena didn’t do so. The two sat down on the platform, calming their hearts and breath, harmonizing their breath. They didn’t know what crisis they were about to confront, so maintaining their peak condition was their best choice right now.

The pair spent a full two hours in cultivation. Within this Hell Road, their spirit power was still suppressed as if by an indescribable force, and they could only rely on the same self defense methods as in Slaughter City.

Opening their eyes with practically no difference in who was first or last, they stood at the same time. Hu Liena undid her belt, swiftly shedding her outer clothing, exposing the underwear inside.

Her undergarments were pink, the upper part a small pink sleeveless top, only the most important places covered. Below she had a just thigh length pair of pink hot pants.

Shedding her outer clothing like this revealed the secret of her body. Ordinarily entirely wrapped up in black clothing, Hu Liena’s body was hidden very well. Besides her tall stature, nothing else would be seen. But at this moment, her secrets were completely revealed in front of Tang San.

Hu Liena was about the same height as Xiao Wu, her fair skin set off by the dark surroundings, even more adding some charm. Her skin was so glossy and exquisite it even somewhat reflected the light. Two slender and perfectly straight thighs braced, revealing a gentle curve.

Her slender waist was bare, forming an astonishing arc with her plump butt, on her upper body the moderately sized bust under the cloth exposing a two small protrusions. No flaw could be found on her body.

Hu Liena’s motions when removing her clothes seemed very natural, throwing her clothes to the ground, afterwards combing together her long hair, her whole body seemed taut and nimble. Afterwards she began to tear up her discarded clothes.

Looking at Hu Liena, a warm flow couldn’t be stopped in Tang San’s lower abdomen. Hu Liena’s spirit was a Bewitching Fox, in itself extremely good at charm. And even though she didn’t fully use her abilities on Tang San right now, that perfect delicate body of hers was the best medium for charm. Despite Tang San knowing why she did what she did, for a moment, he was still somewhat dumbfounded. After all, this was the first time since he was born that he saw a young woman’s body like this.

Hu Liena might appear very natural on the surface, but in her heart she was actually still desperately nervous. Even though she was widely known for her charm abilities, she was in fact extremely pure. The Golden Generation’s Yan had already pursued her for a very long time, but she didn’t even agree to touch Yan’s hand. If the one she was cooperating with wasn’t Tang San, but was exchanged for someone else, she wouldn’t agree to let her body be seen like this even if she died.

“What are you still distracted by, still not taking of your clothes.”
Hu Liena said at Tang San. She kept her tone as calm as possible, covering up the embarrassment in her heart.

Tang San shook his head, saying:
“No need, one set of clothes is enough, the distance between us can’t be too far.”

Hu Liena glared angrily at him, in her heart thinking, ‘If there was enough clothes, why didn’t you take them off?’ Only, in her heart she was still very comfortable; astute people being together could save on a lot of needless exchanges. She undressed on her side, and Tang San understood her intention.

Just what is called, ‘do not fear a god-like opponent, fear a pig-like teammate.’ Clearly, through a short time of contact, both sides had ascertained that the other party was no pig. As for the gods or ghosts they may meet in the Hell Road, they could only walk and see step by step.

Tang San naturally saw the meaning in Hu Liena’s expression, and shrugged helplessly,
“You’re the one who moved too fast.”

Looking down at the clothing already torn to strips under her hands, Hu Liena had a feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. It seemed that her covering up was still insufficient. Having stripped too fast, now there wasn’t enough time to regret it.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Even though she thought this in her heart, the movements of her hands didn’t stop, swiftly tearing the clothes apart and weaving them together. In a moment of work, a braided seven meter long rope was completed.

That Tang San didn’t undress in this way didn’t mean his mind was any slower than Hu Liena’s, but rather that he subconsciously overlooked this method because he had Blue SIlver Grass. But of course he couldn’t easily pull out Blue Silver Grass in front of Hu Liena. Simultaneously possessing the Clear Sky Hammer and Blue Silver Grass, with Hu Liena’s intelligence, how couldn’t that raise questions?

“For you, are you walking in front or behind?”
Hu Liena handed over one end of the cord to Tang San. Forging ahead on such a narrow road would clearly become a lot safer with two people tied together. This was also why Hu Liena undressed.

Tang San didn’t hesitate to say:

He practically didn’t give these words any thought. In terms of safety, behind was clearly a bit safer than in front. But Tang San was helpless, letting him follow behind and constantly seeing Hu Liena’s criminal mistake inducing seductive figure, perhaps it would be all over even without the need to walk the Hell Road. He didn’t want to have any entanglements between him and Hu Liena.

Hu Liena seemed to understand Tang San’s way of thinking and smiled sweetly. She had complete confidence in her charm. As a result of her spirit’s characteristics, she had received special seduction training since childhood. Hu Liena thought that while there might be girls more beautiful than her, it was impossible for there to be any girl more attractive than her.

The two each tied an end of the cord around their waists. Tang San turned his head to glance at Hu Liena, just in time to see her adjust her bust. With her innate charm, even such a tiny movement made Tang San’s head heat up. Hastily turning around and moderating his spiritual force, he eliminated any distracting thoughts in his heart,

“Let’s go.”

Seeing Tang San hastily turn his head, Hu Liena couldn’t help snickering, thinking, ‘It seems you’re not really a rock!’ However, she very quickly restrained her intentions of provoke Tang San’s heart. Gaze turning cold, her mind completely focused, she followed behind Tang San towards that only half a chi wide narrow road.

“Don’t look down.”
Tang San warned Hu Liena. His pace wasn’t fast, but rather the distance covered with each step forward was very regular. The two were both outstanding talents of the young generation of Spirit Masters, neither with weak cultivation. Walking this kind of road didn’t count as anything. Further adding their mental qualities, as a result, they could still keep a steady pace after entering the narrow road.

Hu Liena followed behind Tang San, the two separated by about three to four meters distance. Inwardly she couldn’t help being even a bit more admiring of this man. The even steps and pace was no doubt in order to make it easier for Hu Liena behind him to grasp the tempo, maintaining this optimal distance.

And Tang San also couldn’t help inwardly sighing in praise over Hu Liena’s intelligence. Because when he walked forward, whenever he took a step with his left foot, Hu Liena would inevitably take a step with her right. Like this, when Tang San’s center of gravity was partial to his left, Hu Liena’s center of gravity would be partial to her right. If by some chance someone lost balance, the other person would still come to the aid by virtue of their center of gravity. Moreover, Hu Liena always held one hand on the end of the cord, ready to apply force at any time.

Even though it was their first time cooperating, the tacit understanding both sides imperceptibly formed made them loose a breath. The pair’s spiritual force began to spread. Neither dared release it too excessively, only within a fifty meter diameter range with themselves as the center. Even the movement of a wind blown blade of grass couldn’t be concealed from them.

Tang San walked forward, squinting slightly, Purple Demon Eye attentively watching in front. The distant darkness wasn’t any major problem to him, but despite having Purple Demon Eye, under this kind of light he could still only see a kilometer or so. Moreover, his vision also became vague in the distance. His hands hung naturally at his waist, caressing the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges. Right now, he and Hu Liena were a pair of grasshoppers tied together with string. If they encountered a situation, they couldn’t move too widely or they would hamper each other, causing a devastating catastrophe.

Maintaining such an even pace, the two slowly disappeared into the dark red. The platform behind them could already no longer be seen.

Tang San didn’t walk quickly, because as the person in front, the things he had to keep attention on far exceeded that of Hu Liena. Moreover, he also kept a certain alertness toward Hu Liena behind him. In their current situation, he understood that it wasn’t just him having hidden cards, Hu Liena certainly also did. Only, he didn’t know what cards she held. The longer they walked on this Hell Road, the greater the pressure on Tang San became, because he didn’t know whether Hu Liena would try to act against him when they left this place. After all, one more person with the Deathgod Domain would certainly be a very great threat in the future. Even if Hu Liena didn’t know he was Tang San, the identity inferred by the Clear Sky Hammer was still enough to let her determine that there was no friendly relationship between them.

As they walked forward, Tang San’s steps suddenly halted, and Hu Liena behind him halted at practically the same moment, without taking one more step, showing just how focused her mind was right now.

“What is it?”
Hu Liena asked in a low voice.

Tang San said:
“We’ve already walked three hundred sixty four steps, haven’t you noticed that the air has started getting hotter? Moreover, it seems it’s no longer quiet here, there are sounds around us. Even though it’s very faint, and still distant, their target should be us. Be careful.”

Listening to Tang San, Hu Liena couldn’t help being secretly shocked. Even though she knew that Tang San wasn’t weak, she hadn’t expected his spiritual force to actually be so formidable. Right now she still hadn’t noticed the sounds Tang San spoke of, while she did somewhat sense the temperature rising. This proved that Tang San’s spiritual force was above hers.

Looking at the youth in front who clearly wasn’t any older than her, Hu Liena silently nodded, flicking both her wrists, a dagger appearing in each.

Tang San didn’t summon the Clear Sky Hammer, but Hu Liena faintly saw something in Tang San’s hands, flashing with faint light in the dark red around them.

Gradually, those minute sounds also appeared in Hu Liena’s spiritual boundary. The sounds weren’t loud, but their frequency was extraordinarily high. Just as Tang San said, these tiny noises were approaching in their direction.

Suddenly, Tang San somewhat impatiently said:
“I know why it would feel hotter. The blood reservoir down there is closer to us.”

“Ah? How is that possible? We haven’t walked down any slope.”
Hu Liena somewhat shocked looked down the abyss to either side. She still didn’t see anything, as far as the eye could see, vertigo and dizziness attacked her. She swiftly composed herself to stand properly, not daring to look again.

Tang San lowered his voice:
“Previously the blood pool below us was a kilometer off or so, but right now this distance should have already closed to about nine hundred meters. That’s why I would feel the temperature rising. It seems that it might not be blood in that reservoir, but also possibly magma. If the temperature continues to rise as we go forward, then I’m sure that by the end of the road we’ll be submerged in magma. That’s also the truly difficult test of the Hell Road.”

Listening to Tang San, Hu Liena couldn’t keep her heart from shivering. A simple inward analysis also led her to the same conclusion.

Tang San said in a low voice:
“Let’s ignore that for now, no matter what, we still have to deal with the crisis before us first. It’s here.”

A droning sound grew louder and louder, and with Purple Demon Eye, Tang San could vaguely see some red shadows swiftly approaching. Very soon he understood why the frequency of that sound was so high to his spiritual senses. Because, these swiftly approaching creatures weren’t one or two, but a flock. A flock of at least a thousand.

As they came closer, those flying creatures could finally be seen clearly. That was one blood red bat after another, just like small scale prints of that blood colored design on the ground of the Hell Slaughter Arena before. The length of each blood bat was one chi or so, but their enormous wings spanned more than a meter.

One or two of these blood bats were of course no problem, but when more than a thousand appeared all of a sudden, they were like a red cloud, swiftly flying towards Tang San and Hu Liena.

Right now, Hu Liena’s face had become very unsightly. Putting away the daggers in her hands by her chest, she asked in a low voice:
“What now?”

Tang San calmly said:
“Counter soldiers with weapons, counter water with earth weirs. We’ll fight back to back.”

In such a situation, nobody would choose to run. Hu Liena swiftly turned around and arrived behind Tang San, her body leaning directly against Tang San’s back. Her outstanding pert butt stuck just below Tang San’s, and the suddenly appearing flexibility almost made Tang San’s rigorous will crack.

Clearly feeling Tang San’s slight dodging motion, Hu Liena also couldn’t help being shocked, slightly opening a bit of distance, not letting her and Tang San stick as close as before. No matter how outstanding she was, she was still a woman. In such an unknown frightening situation, in her heart involuntarily appeared a feeling of relying on Tang San.

[1] Tang Yin - (唐银) “Tang Silver”, same silver as in Blue Silver Grass and Ah Yin. I seem to recall reading Tang San introducing himself with this name in my original read through, but it’s nowhere in the RAW now.

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