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Chapter 139

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Those blood red bats flew very quickly, and in a moment they had already gotten close. Their eyes were blood red, and having discovered their target, they made gaagaa noises, exposing sharp teeth. More than a thousand blood bats beating their wings produced a stinking wind, immediately bringing Tang San and Hu Liena swaying.

Tang San moved very quickly, swiftly untying the cord at his waist, he turned his hand over and stretched around Hu Liena’s waist, winding the cord around her again, then swiftly tying it to his own waist. Like this, the two would be unable to separate even if they wanted to, formly bunching them together.

Their butts were pasted together, but at this time none of the two had any unrelated thoughts. Confronting the blood bats coming closer and closer, their minds were completely focused.

Hu Liena didn’t have any dissatisfaction with Tang San’s actions. She knew that Tang San was doing this to use their combined weight to resist the force of the wind. Two people tied together was better than one alone.

Moreover, immediately after she felt Tang San behind her stand as firm as a mountain, without swaying the slightest. Because she was already stuck to Tang San’s back, she automatically stood firm as well, and could focus her mind.

The Clear Sky Hammer appeared in the grasp of Tang San’s left hand. With the five hundred jin weight of the Clear Sky Hammer, plus the combined weight and spirit power control of two people, even though the wind was strong, it was still unable to move them a fraction.

With Tang San having settled the troubles in the rear, Hu Liena’s mind rose greatly, the killing intent stored within her abruptly releasing, the flicker of ice cold light reflected in the daggers. Drawing a deep breath, her eyes gradually grew pink. Even though spirit abilities were suppressed, that didn’t influence her ability to release her spirit.

Those blood bats in the air seemed intelligent, and didn’t rush to launch any attacks on the two, but rather spiralled in circles in the air, surrounding the pair. Right now was the moment when blood bats prepared to attack from every direction around Tang San and Hu Liena.

Tang San’s fingers twirled, and a cold light nimbly shot out, flying straight at the closest blood bat.

Who could have expected that the blood bat would actually shift slightly in midair, actually dodging Tang San’s flying needle.

Tang San’s heart shivered. Hu Liena already said in a low voice:
“Bats aren’t like other birds, they have a kind of keen ability that lets them easily grasp enemies’ attacks, that’s a special ability that not even spiritual force can influence. Unless the speed surpasses the limits of their reaction, it’s very difficult to injure them.”

Tang San nodded, he also knew about this,
“That’s the issue I want to settle. When the battle starts, you just look after yourself.”

It wasn’t the time to discuss, but Hu Liena’s mind didn’t relax at all after immediately agreeing. If not for Tang San being at her side, right now she would perhaps already have had to endure immense mental pressure. In a place like this, with nothing underfoot, there was basically no space to display agility. Confronting so many blood bats was in itself a certain death situation.

Moreover, judging by the reaction speed with which the blood bat dodged Tang San’s attack just now, these bats should be different from normal bats. They were outstanding in both speed and attack, and might even be venomous.

Perhaps it was because Tang San’s flying needle had evoked their anger, but the next moment, the closest several dozen blood bats abruptly charged at them.

At this moment, Hu Liena suddenly felt a refreshing burst behind her, a familiar feeling rising involuntarily. Immediately afterward, she saw a pale blue light swiftly appear behind her. Quickly spreading open, it had already extended in a fifty meter range around them in the blink of an eye.

And those several dozen blood bats that had just now thrown themselves at them, had their originally forceful forward motion immediately become chaotic, even to the extent that several blood bats knocked collided with each other.

What was going on? Before Hu Liena could react, several dozen cold lights flew from Tang San’s hands. One cold light for each bat, not a single wasted flying needle. The flying needles shot into the eyes of the blood bats and entered the brain.

Along with a series of miserable shrieks, those leading several dozen blood bats immediately fell towards the abyss like falling stars.

After a brief shock, one word floated into Hu Liena’s heart, and she practically blurted it out,

Yes. The special ability of the blood bats wasn’t something spiritual force could interfere with (ultrasound scan). However, there was still one kind of ability that they feared the most. That was Domain.

Within a Domain, their special abilities would be affected, and moreover under such circumstances, Tang San could easily hit and kill them with common flying needles.

Hu Liena trembled slightly, her pert butt unavoidably rubbing against Tang San.

“Don’t move.”
Tang San’s low voice echoed, making Hu Liena swiftly control her body. She knew this wasn’t the time to ask, but even with her intelligence, for a moment she was unable to understand what ability Tang San used before.

Domain, how come he had it?

Let alone that it was impossible for him to be a Title Douluo, it was even more impossible to release a ninth spirit ring domain type ability. In this place, there was no way to spread any spirit abilities.

That only left one explanation, it was an Innate Domain. He actually had an Innate Domain?

Hu Liena suddenly recalled that it wasn’t the first time she felt that cool refreshing feeling. Before they entered the Hell Road, when her killing intent almost went out of control, Tang San also used this ability to help her come to her senses.

In that refreshing current, brimming with vigorous vitality, within this wicked and ice cold world, it was like a spring of life, nourishing her.

The fear in her heart gradually waned. Tang San constantly controlled that pale blue light to within a fifty meter range with him as center without spreading. The blood bats also launched two probing attacks, but they all suffered the same result without exception.

If they entered that pale blue world, their special abilities immediately lost effect.

Even controlling their flight became difficult, to say nothing of the attacks the two launched. In front of Tang San’s flying needles, not a single blood bat could approach within ten meters of them.

On the surface it might seem that Tang San was very relaxed right now, but in fact, he also endured enormous pressure. Even though things like hidden weapons were good, they had one major flaw, attack range. Even the most formidable hidden weapons grandmaster had a limited attack range without relying on mechanisms. For the current Tang San, the greatest attack range of his flying needles was only twenty meters.

Beyond twenty meters, it was very difficult to achieve enough killing power. The flying needles themselves were too light, and it was also impossible for to infuse them with his entire spirit power.

He had to draw the blood bats into his attack range to launch an attack, then he could gain the greatest result.

As for hidden weapons with greater volume and greater attack range, Tang San wasn’t particularly willing to use them. He basically hadn’t had anywhere to replenish his hidden weapons in Slaughter City, and even the greatest amounts of hidden weapons would be depleted over time.

Even though Tang San had already saved on his hidden weapons as much as possible while in Slaughter City, some were still damaged, and in many cases he was also unable to recover them, especially the smaller needle type hidden weapons.

Therefore, he had to save on his hidden weapons as far as possible on this Hell Road, who knew what crisis they would still encounter later on?

Those blood bats were apparently very intelligent. After the third probe, they no longer easily approached Tang San’s blue domain sphere, but they also didn’t agree to just leave, still circling around them, constantly beating their wings, blowing a stream of destabilizing air at the two.

Tang San would prefer that they attacked them instead, this kind of constant interference was even more difficult for the two to face. He tried withdrawing the blue domain somewhat, attracting the blood bats.

But those blood bats were extremely smart. As long as the blue light existed, they wouldn’t come forward.

Even though the damage to them hadn’t been small in their previous several attacks, there was still an enormous quantity, and Tang San and Hu Liena knew that even a single blood bat bite might prove fatal.

“These bats really are repulsive.”
Hu Liena said fiercely. But her main attack methods were all for use in close range, and right now she couldn’t help Tang San with anything.

Tang San said in a low voice:
“Don’t move, stand steady, guard your side. Since they won’t attack, we’ll just have to continue forward.”

As he spoke Tang San bent his back slightly, lifting Hu Liena from the ground, and started walking forward. This time, he didn’t keep an even pace, but rather dashed forward extremely quickly. The blue domain around him shrunk to a ten meter range or so, as he fully accelerated on the only half chi wide road.

Tang San’s sudden acceleration startled those blood bats, and the majority hastily chased after.

When they came closer the more they chased, suddenly, Tang San suddenly stopped running, turning and counterattacking, soaring into the air as Hu Liena cried out in surprise.

The originally only ten meter range blue domain abruptly expanded to one hundred meters, and countless cold lights shot out along with the blue domain spreading.

With Purple Demon Eye and sound localization, each of Tang San’s flying needles had its intended effect.

Ear piercing shrieks echoed constantly, because the at least hundred pursuing blood bats that entered the blue domain, under the flashing cold lights, fell like rain.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Hu Liena just felt herself soar like a cloud, and the next thing she saw was no longer that narrow road, but a pitch black abyss as far as the eye could see.

‘Is he insane?’ This was Hu Liena’s only thought. But just at this moment her body jolted, Tang San once again had his feet on the ground. The flock of blood bats had practically lost a tenth of their number. Tang San expressionlessly withdrew the blue domain, and this time, he didn’t even leave a bit of it behind, still swiftly rushing onward.

The blood bats had clearly been disturbed by what Tang San did just now. Even though they still didn’t give up, once they caught up, they did their best to keep a certain distance to Tang San and Hu Liena, not daring to come closer. Thus, the two had clearly become a bit safer.

“Tang Yin, stop a moment. Let me carry you instead. Like that you can deal with those bats better. We’ll take turns to reduce our exhaustion as much as possible.”
Even though Hu Liena was comfortable on Tang San’s back, she knew that with the blood bats keeping up behind them, with their minds highly focused, if she let Tang San tire himself out, the latter road would be more difficult.

Tang San also wasn’t polite to Hu Liena. Even though the present consumption wasn’t much to him, since the two were cooperating, they should complement each other. Right now the enemies suited Tang San’s way of dealing with things more, while rushing onward clearly suited Hu Liena better.

Leaping up, then falling again, Hu Liena’s heart equally leapt and fell in the process.

The two changed places. Hu Liena learned from Tang San’s actions before and bent her back, carrying Tang San and quickly advancing.

Right now, because the blood bats didn’t dare approach, the influence from the force of their wings naturally also grew less. Tang San subsequently withdrew his Clear Sky Hammer. Otherwise, Hu Liena would perhaps be unable to persevere for too long before she collapsed with the weight of Tang San and the Clear Sky Hammer.

Just as Tang San judged, the surrounding atmosphere began to grow hotter and hotter. The temperature rose continuously. Even though the blood bats behind them were a threat, the steam constantly rising from the abyss on either side made Tang San and Hu Liena even more on guard.

A comparatively large blood bat suddenly called out. Immediately afterward, the remaining blood bats began to issue piercing cries. Their voices were extremely sharp, and Tang San frowned as he listened.

And at this time, he suddenly felt Hu Liena’s steps behind him start to slow, gradually coming to a stop.

“We might be in trouble.”
Hu Liena said in a low voice. At the same time she directly straightened her back, letting Tang San’s feet to the ground.

Tang San quickly undid the rope around his waist and turned to look ahead of Hu Liena. He couldn’t help drawing a cold breath.

Just in front of them, under the narrow road, hung an enormous creature. Hidden from the dim red light around them, it released a dark golden light.

That creature’s body was more than four meters long, two enormous claws latched to the narrow road. Each claw was one meter or more in diameter, sharp talons sunk into the stone.

Amidst the shrieks of numerous blood bats, that deep golden figure slowly unfurled a pair of enormous wings, the terrifying wingspan actually reaching ten meters. The claws released sharply, the enormous wings beating down, and that tremendous body flew up. It was unexpectedly an incomparably enormous bat.

Its whole body was a deep golden color. Most frightening was that it had three heads. All the blood bats swiftly flew through the air, bunching together and hiding behind that enormous dark gold three-headed bat.

Tang San muttered:
“When hitting the little brother, it seems the big brother comes out.”

The Clear Sky Hammer reappeared, Hu Liena’s daggers suddenly emerged. The two stood there calmly, constantly moving their spirit power through deep breaths.

The central head of the dark golden three-headed bat issued a shriek, unfolding those frightful wings, it abruptly threw itself towards Tang San and Hu Liena.

Even before that enormous body flew forward, an incomparably intense imposing manner already hit them in the face, even more frightful than the wind from all the blood red bats before.

Tang San immediately estimated that the strength of this dark golden three-headed bat absolutely was above that of common ten thousand year spirit beasts.

If they could use spirit abilities, it shouldn’t be much of a problem for the two of them to deal with it together. But right now they couldn’t use abilities.

Confronting such an enormous, and furthermore flying, creature, also in this kind of terrain, was clearly extremely disadvantageous.

Hu Liena swiftly spoke. She suddenly put away one of her daggers, her empty hand grabbing the rope made from her clothes. And Tang San also did the same motion.

The two of them both understood that when confronting such a terrifying opponent, their teamwork had to be close to perfect in order to come out victorious.

Blue light emerged from Tang San’s body. At this moment, he knew he could hold nothing back. The blue light spread in a hundred meter wide area in an instant.

With the aid of this blue domain, Hu Liena’s mind roused, her gaze immediately turning sharp. Flinging back her head, her black hair immediately turned fiery red, gathering at her chest.

Pink rays of light erupted from her eyes, attentively watching the dark golden three-headed bat in the air.

Under Hu Liena’s gaze, the swiftly charging dark golden three-headed bat’s body suddenly swayed once, its speed clearly dropping. The next moment, it had already charged into Tang San’s blue domain.

Suffering the influence of the blue domain, the dark golden three headed bat swaying immediately became more violent, but it didn’t go out of control like its little brothers. Instead shrieking once, a deep red ripple spread from its heads towards Tang San and Hu Liena to cover them.

Hu Liena’s waist tightened, already held by Tang San’s hands. The next moment, her whole body was thrown backward by Tang San, and Tang San himself leapt after Hu Liena into the air, instantly throwing out the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand behind him, directly at the dark golden three-headed bat.

Honghong—— Two enormous explosions resounded simultaneously.

What Tang San and Hu Liena worried about the most happened. Struck by that dark red ripple from the dark golden three-headed bat, at the place where they stood before, a five meter long section of the road was thoroughly destroyed, countless broken rocks falling into the abyss.

Even though the two didn’t know how this narrow road was made, after coming here they basically didn’t have any way out. If this road in front of them was damaged too severely, then they would forever be unable to leave this place.

But at the same time as a part of the road below their feet was destroyed, Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer also accurately struck the large middle head of that dark golden three-headed bat. What kind of might did the Clear Sky Hammer hold? Despite the dark golden three-headed bat’s body being extremely durable, in front of that terrifying destructive force, its middle head was immediately crushed. With sad lamenting calls, it beat its wings in retreat.

Hu Liena had her feet firmly planted on the ground, her body swaying once before she could stand firm. Looking at the destroyed narrow road in front of her, she couldn’t help turning pale.

“It broke our road, what now?”
Hu Liena’s voice was low.

Making a prompt decision, Tang San first ran forward. Hu Liena didn’t dare delay, and hastily followed him to dash forward. But at this time, Tang San was shocked to discover that the dark golden three-headed bat had flown back to its flock of little brothers and swallowed three of them, and that middle head unexpectedly grew back.

Right now, Tang San and Hu Liena leapt, one after the other, falling towards that five meter gap. Only on that side could they continue forward, and the previous destruction would naturally also cease to be a problem.

However, they clearly underestimated the intelligence of that dark golden three-headed bat. Another dark red ripple was unleashed, and this time, it was even more powerful than before. It wasn’t attacking Tang San and Hu Liena, but rather directly blasted the place where they were about to land.

At the critical moment, Tang San was still calm. As a control system Spirit Master, keeping calm at any time was an essential quality. Fiercely pulling the rope in his hand, at the price of sending himself even faster downward, he suddenly flung Hu Liena up into the air.

Amidst the loud explosion, at least ten meters of the narrow road had fractured in front of the two, and Hu Liena had now been flung three meters or so away from the edge, impossible to get any further.

At this moment, Tang San’s gaze wasn’t watching that dark golden three-headed bat, but was rather completely fixed on Hu Liena. Because he was waiting for Hu Liena’s choice, also to make certain whether he could trust this temporary companion on the next part of the Hell Road.

Right now, Hu Liena only had two choices. One was to release the rope in her hand, drawing on the impulse from Tang San’s throw she could then reach the opposite narrow road. The other was naturally to go along with Tang San, and fall into the abyss.

If it was the former Hu Liena, right now she certainly wouldn’t hesitate to choose the former. But for some reason, at this moment, she only felt as if something was choking her heart, and she unexpectedly didn’t release the rope in her hand.

At this moment, Hu Liena’s own strength emerged. Her delicate body turned sharply in midair, an enormous fiery red fox tail swinging out behind her pert butt. The long fur of the fox tail instantly spread out, the whole tail unexpectedly extending a full three meters, the tip of the tail becoming a sharp point, the spear sharp tip abruptly stabbing out, firmly thrusting into the edge of the other side of the narrow road.

At the same time, Hu Liena wasn’t in any hurry to get up, but rather pulled on the rope with her full strength, exerting herself to throw Tang San up.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Right now was just when that dark gold three-headed bat was complacent, the middle head had also just grown back. Just then it saw Tang San shoot out from under the path, charging straight at it.

Previously it had taken a major loss at Tang San’s hand. That wasn’t due to a question of strength, but rather because of carelessness. But not this time. The enormous wings stretched open on either side, making its body suddenly halt in midair. Watching the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hand come flying at it, its leftmost head suddenly issued a golden wave of light, not to affect the opponent, but rather to affect itself.

The next moment, along with the effect of a golden mist, the dark gold three headed bat’s enormous body unexpectedly abruptly burst, turning into several hundred golden little bats that scattered in all directions. Despite their flight not being unaffected under the influence of the blue domain Tang San released just now, the Clear Sky Hammer truly struck only a few little bats.

Splitting. Tang San’s heart shivered. He landed on the ground, and those dark golden little bats suddenly issued sounds that made people anxious.

Those blood bats from before immediately moved. Their target wasn’t Tang San and Hu Liena, but rather threw themselves at the narrow road in front of them. Each blood bat that charged the narrow road began to use their sharp teeth to gnaw at it.

Frighteningly, the solid rock was unexpectedly turned into rock powder under their fierce teeth, and a fifty meter stretch of the narrow road was swiftly being damaged under the gnawing of several hundred blood bats.

By now having climbed up, Hu Liena cursed. Having been forced to the edge of life and death by these bats several times, this most outstanding young woman of the Golden Generation was already thoroughly infuriated.

“”I’m coming.”
Hu Liena moved, her speed instantly reaching the limit. Covered up by her fiery red long hair and that enormous fox tail behind her butt, she seemed just like a ball of flame.

Tang San discovered that Hu Liena’s current speed was even a bit faster than what he could currently produce himself. Even though it was without the help of spirit abilities, Hu Liena’s speed wasn’t unlike agility attack type Spirit Masters of the same level. But Tang San also understood that she was clearly the same has him. Suited to be a control system Spirit Master.

Hu Liena was truly angry. Holding the fox tail behind her high, its length unexpectedly increased again, reaching five meters. Moreover, on the originally not particularly bulky looking fox tail, right now each strand of fur stood erect, just like steel needles. It seemed like a five meter long enormous wolf fang mace.

Swiftly dashing to where the narrow road was being gnawed, Hu Liena’s body seemed to flicker like an illusion. The fox tail behind her swept out, and that fox tail unexpectedly also produced force that shocked even Tang San. Where it passed, blood bat after blood bat was struck away in all directions, and each and every blood bat that was struck was shattered like a rag doll, exploding in midair.

Hu Liena barely paused, swinging her terrifying large tail all over like sweeping dust with a broom. Blood bat after blood bat were constantly swept away. Even though they gnawed quickly, Hu Liena swept even faster. In just a few eyeblinks, that fiery red silhouette had swept past, smashing at least a hundred blood bats to death.

Spirit bone. Tang San could be certain. That was the force of a spirit bone. However, he hadn’t thought that there would be one among the six orthodox spirit bones that could change a tail into this kind of offensive weapon. Even if Hu Liena’s own spirit was a Bewitching Fox, it was still impossible for the spirit to have this kind of might. In terms of offense, right now that five meter long enormous fox tail of hers could only be described as terrifying.

Let alone the blood bats, even if the little golden bats the dark golden three-headed bat were lashed by her right now, they would also be blown off several dozen meters. Even though their bodies were a lot more durable and likely wouldn’t be smashed, they would still be struck into confusion, basically unable to approach Hu Liena.

With screeching sounds, the remaining gnawing blood bats swiftly flew up, not daring to continue their work. But despite this, in this one brief time, Hu Liena had already lashed to death twice as many blood bats as Tang San killed with his hidden weapons before.

Intense killing intent filled the air from Hu Liena’s body. Seeing that the blood bats were no threat, she stood there, drawing deep mouthfuls of breath. Clearly, this slaughter just now had also exhausted her quite a bit.

Tang San swiftly approached to several meters behind Hu Liena. The remaining distance was the perfect space to let Hu Liena’s fox tail exhibit its maximum attack power.

With a peng sound, golden mist rushed out, and the golden little bats once again fused into one, once again becoming the dark golden three-headed bat. No, it should be better known as the dark golden three-headed bat king.

Three heads, six little eyes fixed on Tang San and Hu Liena. Clearly, it was also furious. Seeing so many of its little brothers injured and dead, strange shriek after shriek issued simultaneously from all three heads of the dark golden three-headed bat king.

Hu Liena’s expression changed, saying in a low voice:
“It should be about to use some powerful ability.”

Right now, the dark golden three-headed bat king was still some fifty meters from them, just where Tang San’s ordinary hidden weapons were unable to reach, and Hu Liena was also unable to display her attack power.

Tang San frowned:
“This fellow can regenerate. If I guess correctly, the ability it’s using right now should be giving it a boost. If we let it complete its amplification, we’ll be in trouble. I just can’t find its vitals.”

Hu Liena said:
“Its vitals should still be those three heads. Even though they can regenerate, I don’t believe they can still grow back when after all three are smashed. Without a head, what will it use to swallow its little brothers?”

Tang San’s eyes brightened,

While speaking, he swiftly pulled out the Godly Zhuge Crossbow box from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges and wound the mechanism.

Hu Liena looked doubtfully at Tang San, not knowing what he was doing.

Tang San’s gaze began to turn sharp, saying to Hu Liena:
“Tie the rope to my feet, and the other end to your tail. Afterwards, throw me. Get me as close to it as possible. The closer the distance, the better the chance I can destroy it.”

Hu Liena said astonished:

Even though her mouth issued a question, she was already doing as Tang San asked.

Tang San nodded,
“I’ll try. It should work.”

The dark golden three-headed bat king’s voice was already becoming more and more resounding, and the light on its body also became more and more dazzling. Tang San exploded with a shout,
“Do it.”

Hu Liena’s fox tail fiercely twisted around Tang San’s waist, and again forcefully threw him out.

Only when truly experiencing it did he know how powerful Hu Liena’s tail was. The five meter long tail, and the seven meter long rope, besides the length to tie them together, there still remained more than ten meters.

It also let Tang San close to within forty meters of the dark golden three-headed bat king.

Hu Liena concentrated her attention to watch Tang San’s movements. From within the black box in Tang San’s right hand, with sonorous noises, sixteen streaks of cold light shot out, aiming directly at the dark golden three-headed bat king’s right head. And at the same time, Tang San’s left hand also moved, the Clear Sky Hammer slipped out, rotating in an arc of black light, directly at that creature’s left side head.

Just when Hu Liena guessed Tang San would use some method to attack the dark golden three-headed bat king’s middle head, two azure rays of light abruptly shot out from Tang San’s eyes. The last to fire arrived first, directly blasting that dark golden three headed bat king’s central head.

Tang San had already thought it over before acting. The reason why the dark golden three headed bat king had pulled open the distance to start its incantation was clearly because it’s body wouldn’t have an ideal defense in the process. Otherwise he wouldn’t easily have taken the risk.

At the same time, choosing this method was also Tang San’s second test for Hu Liena. In the previous trial, Hu Liena had relied on her bizarre fox tail to pull the two of them out of trouble, and Tang San hadn’t seen her true intentions.

But this time was different. Being thrown out by Hu Liena with the other end of the rope tied to Hu Liena’s fox tail, was equivalent to Tang San handing over his safety to her.

If Hu Liena felt she could have evil intentions without threat after Tang San killed the dark golden three-headed bat king, she could immediately withdraw her tail to throw Tang San into the abyss.

Hong, hong——

Without the least suspense, the bat head shot by the Purple God Light and the bat head struck by the Clear Sky Hammer ruptured one after the other, and before the dark golden three-headed bat king could scream, its final head had already been pierced by sixteen refined iron crossbow bolts.

Making Hu Liena dumbstruck was that after Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer smashed a bat head to fragments, it unexpectedly turned in a circle, once again crushing the bat head pierced by the Godly Zhuge Crossbow bolts, smashing the already turned into a sieve bat head into powder.

This strike by the Clear Sky Hammer could be described as absolutely brilliant. Tang San couldn’t be sure whether the dark golden three-headed bat king’s body was resilient enough to withstand the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s attack, and therefore used this miraculous technique.

Golden light instantly spread, and with a peng sound, large quantities of golden liquid spread in all directions. Each blood bat nearby that was splashed with that golden liquid, immediately screeched and died.

Tang San felt his feet tighten, and his body was already pulled into the air by Hu Liena’s enormous fox tail, settling on that narrow road.

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