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Chapter 137

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Everyone who came to Slaughter City struggled on the line of death each day, and all would subsequently be corrupted. Especially men. Because under this enormous pressure, each person needed a way for relief. But Tang San didn’t. After the fights ended, he would always cultivate in a cabin. He only left to go to Hell Slaughter Arena.

It was unknown how many women wanted to throw themselves into the arms of this Asura King, but what met them was only Tang San’s ice cold murderous spirit.

Long ago when Tang San had reached twenty victories, Hu Liena had been certain that this man was here for the same purpose as she had. To temper himself.

Before she had always thought that her big brother was the most outstanding among the men she had seen, but after the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament ended, even if she didn’t want to admit it, Tang San had also joined this ranking. And this man in front of her was the third. He was also the one she believed to be most outstanding.

He wouldn’t compare himself, his handsome appearance, his unswerving rejection of the lure of depravity. Each quality profoundly attracted Hu Liena.

A woman liking a man, frequently had a great many reasons. Hu Liena knew that she already liked this man. Even though they hadn’t exchanged a word since they talked on the first day he came here, she was still completely certain. Besides him, there was already no others in her heart.

Hu Liena sighed deeply. Unfortunately, he was a Clear Sky School disciple. Born of Spirit Hall, how could Hu Liena fail to recognize the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hand? She even disappointedly wondered why all outstanding men were from Clear Sky School. Tang San was so. This 9528 was so.

Just as thoughts constantly bubbled up in Hu Liena’s mind, Tang San moved in the arena.

Nine people, attacking from nine different directions, but there wasn’t the slightest bit of confusion in his mind. His figure flickering as if illusory, there seemed to be springs under his feet. Tang San had already dodged in front of a shuddering opponent in a split second.

The next moment, the steel knife in that man’s hand was already embedded in his neck.

Turning, kicking, hands flying up.

Countless bright crystal rays of light shot out of Tang San’s palms, brilliant steel needle after needle. Surging out, cutting through the air with ear-piercing sounds. Blood curdling screams rose and fell in succession.

Able to survive through Tang San’s hidden weapons, were only three people.

It wasn’t because they could dodge Tang San’s hidden weapons, but rather because they had grabbed their companions as shields in front of them, or to be precise, their corpses.

Two sixtieth ranked, one seventieth ranked. Or two Spirit Emperors and one Spirit Sage.

If they could use spirit abilities, these three were enough to threaten the life of the only fifty something ranked Tang San. But this was Slaughter City. Passing the forging of three great immortal herbs and two great spirit bones, Tang San’s physical power was an unknown amount higher than theirs. Spirit power was admittedly important, but first came technique. Spirit power wasn’t absolute.

These three moved simultaneously. All held a body in one hand, a weapon in the other. Under the effect of their deep spirit power, they charged at Tang San from three corners. Their minds were already locked in on this sixty seven victory Asura King. They knew that the outcome lay in this one move, and they only had this one chance.

‘Want to block my hidden weapons? Fine, then I’ll let you die from hidden weapons.’

Body hastily rotating one turn, nobody clearly saw just what Tang San did with his hands. Nine thin as willow leaf arcing flying knives already flew out from him.

Tang Sect hidden weapons ninth rank, Phoenix Guides Nine Chicks.

Nine flying knives were like nine phoenixes flapping their wings and crying, swaying in the air.

After three seconds, this battle stopped. On Tang San’s shoulder was a blood scar. That was left behind by the Spirit Sage among the opponents. Unfortunately, before cutting Tang San, there was already a flying knife embedded in the center of his back, the two big arteries on the side of his neck were also simultaneously cut by the other two flying knives. Consequently, that dagger filled with spirit power only managed to leave a three cun[1] long wound on Tang San.

The battle was over, but Tang San was in no hurry to leave. He slowly walked over to each of his opponents, and stomped.

Skulls shattered like chicken eggs under his feet, but the white light emitted under his feet kept even a drop of gore from landing on him.

Previous battles told Tang San that as long as an opponent’s head wasn’t crushed, he couldn’t relax his vigilance. In order to learn this, he had once paid the price of three broken ribs.

He retrieved the hidden weapons one by one from the enemies bodies, storing them in Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges. This was Slaughter City, and he couldn’t replenish his hidden weapons, so he had to treasure the life saving cards he had.

A special splendor glittered in Hu Liena’s eyes. The instant she saw Tang San throw out the flying knives, she couldn’t keep her heart from skipping half a beat. If it wasn’t because she had special methods to see that Tang San absolutely wasn’t disguised, she would certainly have painted an equals sign between 9528 and Tang San.

‘How have I fallen in love? Have I fallen for his looks? His strength? Or everything?’

Sixty eight victories, this was Tang San’s current record. The distance to Hu Liena had closed by one more.

Slaughter City, a dark and expansive room.

There was an especially enormous chair, inlaid with blue and purple crystal. These crystals drew the outline of a drum tower shape[2]. Besides this chair, everything here was dark red.

“Asura King won another match.”
A gloomy and cold female voice echoed in the dark room.

“I know.”
A tall silhouette sat in the giant chair. His appearance couldn’t be seen clearly in the darkness, it was only apparent that he was slim.

“Great king. Won’t we start to contact him? Slaughter City already hasn’t had a true power join for a very long time.”

“Do you believe he is truly a power?”
The tall man sitting in the chair asked.

“At least in technique, he is. Asura King seems born for Slaughter City. His spirit power isn’t especially strong, but all his techniques are terrifyingly powerful. Even if there was a Title Douluo in Slaughter City, they still might not be able to kill him without use of spirit powers. I can be sure that Asura King has at least one spirit bone.”

The Slaughter King was silent a moment,
“Then do you believe he can complete one hundred matches and challenge the Hell Road?”

“Completing one hundred victories is only a matter of time. But as for Hell Road, perhaps he won’t be able to.”

The Slaughter King coldly said:
“No need to contact him.”

“Why? Great king, don’t tell me you don’t want our Slaughter City to grow more powerful? Even though we had a pact with Spirit Hall a thousand years ago, who knows whether they’ll tear it up one day?”

The Slaughter King coldly said:
“Spirit Hall doesn’t have time to care about us right now. One month ago, there was a visitor. Do you remember?”


“Yes. One of the two living Deathgods of the present age.”

“Don’t tell me, that Asura King and that Deathgod are related?”
The ice cold woman shuddered.

The Slaughter King indifferently said:
“You guessed right. If you’re speaking of true threats to Slaughter City in this world, then that isn’t Spirit Hall, but rather these two Deathgods. They, even I couldn’t offend. You should know that people who have passed the Hell Road can still use spirit abilities within the range of Slaughter City. And this Asura King was delivered there by the most terrifying of the two Deathgods. Just let nature take it’s course. Even if I don’t want another Deathgod to appear either, I’m even less willing to see that Deathgod’s fury.”

The ice cold female voice drew a deep breath,
“Mighty Slaughter King, I fear he will bring Slaughter City some unforeseen consequences. After all, the appearance of each Deathgod will be accompanied by a crisis for Slaughter City. Isn’t there an admonishment like that on our Slaughter City’s wall of legends? Deathgod descent, hell disaster. In the previous few times, each time a Deathgod appeared, there would be disastrous harm to Slaughter City, if there truly is another this time, I fear……”

The Slaughter King lowered his voice:
“I’ve anticipated this question as well. What you don’t know is that not only does the Asura King have a Deathgod backer, that Hell Emissary who has already reached seventy something victories is the same. She was delivered by the other existing Deathgod. If not for this, do you believe I would allow her to continue existing?”

“Mighty king, how about this? We’ll let Hell Emissary face Asura King, they will be……”

She still hadn’t finished speaking when two blood red lights shot out of the Slaughter King’s eyes, the surrounding air clearly becoming thicker, a thick scent of blood spreading in the air, that ice cold woman’s voice immediately issues a seemingly inhuman shrill scream, and in the corner, an inflated delicate body shuddered violently.

“Don’t think you can casually talk drivel just because I dote on you. Having passed the Hell Road, Deathgods can return to Slaughter City at any time. According to the rules of the Hell Slaughter Arena, degenerates with more than fifty victories in the ring won’t face each other. If any Deathgod learned about it, it would be a truly disastrous catastrophe for Slaughter City. Within their Deathgod Domain, any Spirit Master recovers the use of their spirit abilities. Otherwise, why do you think I would compromise with them?”

The blood red gaze floated into the air, and the Slaughter King muttered to himself:
“I only hope that under normal circumstances, they’ll be unable to persist to a hundred victories, and even more unable to walk the Hell Road. Otherwise, the appearance of two Deathgods simultaneously would perhaps herald calamity for Slaughter City.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

With a wave of a big hand, a deep red liquid flew out from in front of him. In the darkness in front of him was unexpectedly an enormous blood pool, filled with viscous blood.

Gaping and swallowing the blood, in that dim light, two fierce teeth were vaguely revealed.

Passing time waiting and cultivation, sitting crosslegged in his small cabin, Tang San’s entire body was constantly reached by burst after burst of chills. The tremendous murderous spirit continuously revolved around his body, and also influenced him.

He had already been here for close to two years, and the distance to the champion title in the Hell Slaughter Arena was only one final match. However, Tang San discovered that he was about to collapse.

In two years, the people who had died by his hands far surpassed a thousand. Even though those people were all evil and depraved, with each person he killed, Tang San would feel his own murderous spirit rapidly increase somewhat. And this killing intent also constantly imperceptibly influenced him.

The reason why it had taken two years to gradually approach the final one hundredth victory, besides the issue of the number of people, was even more because of Tang San’s own problem.

The constantly rising killing intent was nothing much when it just started rising, but as the number of people Tang San massacred here surpassed a hundred, he discovered that this killing intent began to influence his will. Just at the start, he would only occasionally display a blood thirsty state of mind, but as time grew longer, the slaughter aura also became ever more clear. It was as if he wanted to kill any living organism he looked at. Casually killing people was as simple as crushing ants.

Therefore, besides participating in the matches, Tang San’s cultivation was no longer mainly in the direction of increasing his spirit power, but rather to suppress the ever stronger murderous spirit. Fortunately his Mysterious Heaven Skill was the orthodox inner skill of the profound sects, and it had its own warding effect. He had also received the mind condensing wisdom skull bone, and its mental control capability was extremely powerful, and he wasn’t controlled by that idea of massacre.

At the same time, Tang San’s slaughtering in the matches could be considered a channel to vent.

Until not long ago, after Tang San completed ninety nine fights in the Hell Slaughter Arena, he faintly sensed that he was almost unable to contain the murderous spirit within him. At the same time, he also understood why Hu Liena had delayed without advancing the one hundredth match despite reaching ninety nine victories long ago.

In this Slaughter City, the two of them could be described as having filled fields of victims. It was also because of their abrupt rise in these two years that the number of degenerates daring to enter the Hell Slaughter Arena had become fewer and fewer. Even more people chose to use their previously saved matches to exist, and when the matches was exhausted, they still gave blood to survive. After all, compared to certain death, the majority of people would choose to struggle on at death’s door.

A peng peng knocking sound suddenly echoed from outside. Tang San’s restrained killing intent rose practically instantly rose, and the not very small cabin instantly turned ice cold. Under the oppressive murderous spirit, a heavy aura filled the air, the stink of blood imperceptibly releasing from Tang San.

Tang San asked in a low voice.

“It’s me.”
A pleasant voice resounded from outside. Even though Tang San hadn’t heard this voice many times, he still at once identified the owner of the voice as Hu Liena.

Brows wrinkling slightly, Tang San inwardly thought, why did she come?

With a casual wave, a stream of air rushed out and opened the door,

Not knowing Hu Liena’s purpose in coming here, Tang San suppressed the killing intent in his heart, but his vigilance had already risen to its peak.

The door open, a black clothed Hu Liena walked in from outside. Her face looked extremely pale, and she slowly sipped a cup of Bloody Mary held in her hand. This seemed to already have become a habit of the powers in Slaughter City. Apart from Tang San, practically every degenerate in Slaughter City with more than ten victories would drink blood taken from who knew where.

Glancing at the cup in Hu Liena’s hand, Tang San frowned slightly,
“What is it?”

Hu Liena didn’t approach Tang San, rather standing by the door. She clearly understood that in this world of slaughter, each person was extremely vigilant. She didn’t want to cause any misunderstanding with Tang San because of some inadvertent action.

“I hope to ally with you.”
Hu Liena directly stated her reason here.


“You’re not unaware of Hell Slaughter Arena’s rules. Each fight has only one victor. If we met, how would we ally?”

Hu Liena smiled calmly. A blood red light slipped into her eyes somewhat. Just as Tang San anticipated, Hu Liena was also always struggling in pain these days. Despite also having the aid of a skull type spirit bone, she only hadn’t gone insane, further adding that she also had an equally strong will. But compared to Tang San she was still a bit short. Today she had with great difficulty repressed her killing intent somewhat, and then come to find Tang San.

“It’s impossible for us to meet in a match. As long as we are past fifty victories, according to the Slaughter City rules, we won’t meet each other. Otherwise, who would still be able to rise to one hundred? I didn’t come to find you for this, but was rather hoping to ally with you when attacking the Hell Road.”

“Hell Road?”
Even though Tang San had heard this name when he just came to Slaughter City, the circumstances of the Hell Road were still completely unfamiliar to Tang San. At that time he had also asked that black masked young woman, but she hadn’t given him any answer, saying that the Hell Road was the greatest secret of Slaughter City, and that only champions had the authority to learn about it.

Hu Liena nodded conscientiously,
“Yes, the Hell Road. Even though you and me are on the verge of gaining a hundred victories in the Hell Slaughter Arena, our strength might not be greater than the opponents we once confronted. Just that we both have the capability to gain victory even without spirit abilities, and so walked to this point. To be exact, neither you or me are true degenerates. No need to retort. If my guess isn’t wrong, you should be the same as me, here for training, right?”

Tang San was secretly astonished. Hu Liena’s credibility was extremely high, at least he hadn’t heard any gaps. Moreover, even though Hu Liena was saturated with killing intent, right now the expression in her eyes seemed exceptionally sincere.

“How is this related to participating in the Hell Road?”
Tang San indifferently asked.

A streak of cold light flashed in Hu Liena’s eyes,
“Of course it’s related. If you aren’t corrupted, training until now, it should also be about time to finish. Naturally you will leave this place through the Hell Road. Moreover, there’s a gargantuan secret hidden in the Hell Road. Just relying on your or my strength, it’s impossible to pass alone. Only if we join forces will we have a chance to succeed.”

Tang San smiled indifferently,
“Then why would I believe you? Who knows whether you’ll put a knife in my back. Have you forgotten that this is Slaughter City? Nobody can be trusted casually.”

Biting her lower lip, even though Hu Liena knew that Tang San’s doubt was very ordinary in this place, she still had an uncomfortable feeling in her heart. Deep in her heart, she indeed liked this handsome youth, but her coming to find Tang San today was unrelated to emotions.

“If I’m not mistaken, you should be from the Clear Sky School. Even though there are no spirit abilities, your Clear Sky Hammer can’t be hidden from people’s eyes.”
Hu Liena stared fixedly at Tang San and said.

Tang San glanced at her,
“And so?”

Hu Liena said:
“In order to express my sincerity, I can tell you my background. I’m called Hu Liena, I’m from Spirit Hall. My teacher, is the present Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff.”

Hearing this, Tang San’s heart twitched. So Hu Liena was the Supreme Pontiff’s direct disciple, no wonder his father would say she was the most worthy of attention among the Golden Generation.

Tang San said:
“This can prove your sincerity? Where you come from has no relation to me.”

Hu Liena hadn’t thought Tang San would have such a thousand miles distant, rejecting of people manner. How would she know that the handsome youth in front of her, was the Tang San she hated the most. And Tang San’s first impression of her was no doubt the strongest.

“Cooperation benefits both. The Hell Road has no provisions for how many people enter at once. Whether you or me, one person entering alone will definitely die. How about this, I’ll tell you another secret. If we can leave the Hell Road, not only can we return here at any time, we can still obtain an enormous benefit.”


“Tell me about the circumstances of the Hell Road, perhaps I’ll consider working together with you.”

If it was the previous Hu Liena, she definitely wouldn’t so easily reveal her secrets, but a woman in love would frequently ignore reason, let alone nothing when the majority of her energy was focused on suppressing the murderous spirit.

Immediately, Hu Liena conscientiously said:
“The opening to the Hell Road is in the Hell Slaughter Arena. Each day we fight there, with each person who dies there, their blood and souls will actually be absorbed by the Hell Road. I also don’t know the specifics of what’s in the Hell Road. I only know that, entering that place, without the safeguard of a formidable killing intent, you’ll immediately be swallowed by the vicious energy there.”

“There are many hypotheses about the forming of Slaughter City, but the most reliable one is that it is a special domain left behind by a mighty power who broke through the hundred rank limit. And the name of this domain, is Deathgod Domain[3]. If one is able to break through the Hell Road, it’s equivalent to obtaining the approval of the Deathgod Domain. The Deathgod Domain absorbs your own aura of death, forming its own domain, adding to one’s spirit. It’s also known as a spirit’s innate domain. Obtaining this boost is equivalent to having one more ability than Spirit Masters that haven’t walked the Hell Road. Moreover, it’s also the most valuable domain type ability.”

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

“Are domain type abilities very precious?”
Tang San asked unenthusiastically. In fact, Hu Liena’s words raised a tempest in his heart.

As Grandmaster’s disciple, how could he not know about the effect of domain type abilities? Right now he truly realized his father’s goal in sending him here. Not only was it to experience death, refining his will in the darkest places, at the same time it was also for this Deathgod Domain.

Hu Liena somewhat anxiously said:
“I really don’t know how your teacher instructed you. Of course domain type abilities are significant. Generally speaking, only Spirit Masters who have reached the Title Douluo level can have them appear at the time of the ninth spirit ability. Moreover, the odds of one appearing is only one in ten. Domain type abilities are also known as top quality spirit abilities. Besides obtaining them at the Title Douluo level, they can only appear as a spirit’s innate ability. Within what can be considered one’s domain, one’s own strength will be magnified, and the opponent’s strength will be suppressed. If used appropriately, the result is extremely terrifying.”

Here, Hu Liena halted a moment, continuing in a grave tone:
“Moreover, innate domains will evolve along with the growth of the user’s strength. For instance, the Deathgod Domain will strengthen along with the growth of killing intent.”

Tang San’s expression changed,
“How do you know this so clearly?”

Hu Liena drew a deep breath, her eyes revealing a hesitant light. After a long time, she said:
“Because, I know a power who possesses the Deathgod Domain. She told me all of this. Otherwise, why would I be in this nauseating place?”

Tang San glanced at the cup of Bloody Mary in her hand,
“Nauseating? I see you’ve adapted quite well.”

Hu Liena’s elegant eyebrows wrinkled slightly, the blood colored light in her eyes clearly growing somewhat stronger,

“This isn’t adapting. Only drinking it will let my mood calm somewhat, without need to be so agitated.”

“Seeing as you’ve told me all this about the Deathgod Domain, I’ll return you a line. This Slaughter City, is poisonous in itself. The more you drink this thing, the deeper the poison will get. That’s a kind of slow poison hidden in the blood. I don’t know what the effect will be after leaving here through the Hell Road, but I’m certain that such a poison should be influenced by the Hell Road. Eight people have been able to leave here in a thousand years. This isn’t only the Hell Road being frightening, perhaps this poison will also have a considerable effect.

Pa—— The cup fell to the floor, scarlet bright liquid spattering. Hu Liena’s face immediately turned unsightly.

She looked at Tang San, somewhat not daring to believe.

Tang San indifferently said:
“I’ve studied it carefully. This poison doesn’t appear in the blood at the start, but is in the air. Receiving the influence of the poison in the air as well as the agitation from one’s killing intent, one needs blood to pacify the agitation. As time passes, perhaps it will become a habit. This poison within the blood will cause excitement, even to the extent that people will become even stronger. But if the agitation within the poison comes out, perhaps there is nobody who could withstand it. You haven’t been poisoned for long. Stop drinking blood, and you will be saved. If you continue, I’m afraid you won’t be my partner in the Hell Road, but rather an inconvenience.”

That he told Hu Liena this, was of course not because Tang San was grateful for her telling him about the Deathgod Domain. He heard from Hu Liena’s words that this Spirit Hall Golden Generation didn’t lie to him, and also didn’t have the intention to deceive him.

That Hell Road clearly wouldn’t be an easy time, and so Tang San told her about her already being poisoned.

In this place right now there were no enemies or friends. As long as her existence continued being advantageous to him, without the slightest hesitation, everything else could wait until they were out of here.

Taking out a pill from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse and throwing it over, Tang San said:
“If you believe me, eat it. Within approximately three days, you’ll have a some diarrhea, gradually emptying the poison within your body. If you don’t trust me, then in the Hell Road, there will be no need for us to cooperate. I don’t want to have a time bomb following at my side the whole way.”

Looking at the flat and constrained expression in Tang San’s eyes, Hu Liena took the pill and, without the slightest hesitation, swallowed it, then turned to walk out. While leaving, her final words floated over to Tang San’s ears,
“I believe you. I also ask you to believe me. Because we both need to leave alive.”

After three days, Hell Slaughter Arena.


The final opponent’s head exploded under Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer. Even he couldn’t help raising his hands high right now, without the slightest reservation releasing the terrifying blood reeking slaughter aura from his entire body.

One hundred fights. The agreement with his father was finally fulfilled. Close to physical killing intent formed an enormous whirlpool in the air. In the large area surrounding the ring, the numerous spectating degenerates were as quiet as crows and peacocks under the effect of the tremendous murderous spirit.

The two words Asura King were just like the emblem of the god of death. This point was completely different from the status of the winner of the previous match, Hell Emissary, in their minds.

Each person believed that the Asura King was the most terrifying existence, because his opponent’s never left behind intact corpses, or even heads. No matter alive or dead, the Asura King would always stomp the skull of each of his enemies to ensure his victory.

Perhaps killing intent and strength weren’t directly proportional, but right now, Tang San was the opponent anyone in Slaughter City was least willing to face.

“Congratulations, young Asura King.”
A deep and sharp voice suddenly came from every direction. The killing intent Tang San released unexpectedly was instantly poured in reverse by this voice, once again pressed into his body, immediately making Tang San’s expression turn pale.

The atmosphere in the Hell Slaughter Arena immediately rose to its peak, because in midair, a blood red silhouette just dropped from the sky.

“Slaughter King, Slaughter King, Slaughter King……”
The degenerates shouted until their throats were hoarse, without showing the slightest intent of stopping.

Tang San’s heart shivered, gazing at that scarlet figure in the air.

That was a tall man, his whole body wrapped up in an enormous scarlet cloak.

Pale face, a pair of completely blood red eyes, he descended gently from the air, apparently not suffering the constraints of any gravity.

Tang San had once seen the same sight with his father. He could be certain that this falling from the air Slaughter King was definitely a Title Douluo level power.

Floating in the air five meters from the ground, the Slaughter King stopped descending, looking down at Tang San from the air, that deep sharp voice echoed once again,
“Hell Emissary, please.”

The other great gate of the Hell Slaughter Arena opened. Right now with eyes already close to half blood red, aura clearly uneven because of her killing intent, Hu Liena slowly walked over. As her gaze fell on Tang San, her aura steadied somewhat.

The Slaughter King’s gaze fell on the spectators of the Hell Slaughter Arena.

“I’m very excited, to witness the birth of two Slaughter Arena powers here today. It has already been decades since the appearance of a hundred victories, now appearing in the form of two youngsters. Relying on their own formidable strength and terrifying murderous spirit, they make you tremble, yes?”

“Yes—— Yes—— Yes——”
The Slaughter King seemed to possess a unique charisma, instilling a close to berserk worship in all the degenerates who saw him.

From him, Tang San could catch a faint scent, a somewhat intoxicating scent. Unfortunately, this influence wasn’t very large on him and Hu Liena.

The Slaughter King lowered his head, looking at Tang San and Hu Liena,
“Asura King, Hell Emissary. Thank you for letting me feel the existence of passion. One hundred victories, very good. In order to honor your achievement, I’ve decided to make an exception and award you the title of Deathgod. From today on, you can both leave and enter Slaughter City as you wish. And moreover be treated as my ranking Slaughter City guests.”

No need to walk the Hell Road? Tang San looked astonished at Hu Liena, just in time to see Hu Liena looking at him. Both their gazes displayed doubt.

What sinister creature was this Slaughter King? Conferring the title of Deathgod without walking the Hell Road.

Tang San and Hu Liena were undoubtedly both astute people, both possessing skull type spirit bones, and they only had to exchange glances once to understand the Slaughter King’s intention.

Walking the Hell Road, was no doubt extremely dangerous.

But behind the danger, was the enormous lure of the Deathgod Domain. The Slaughter King in front of them clearly didn’t want them to obtain it.

Hu Liena took the lead to speak up,

“No need, mighty Slaughter King. You can’t destroy the rules of Slaughter City for our sake. I want to pass the test of the Hell Road and then obtain your reward. I hope to rely on my own strength to leave from here, to become a true Deathgod.”

The expression in the Slaughter King’s eyes grew serious,
“Perhaps you don’t know how terrible the Hell Road is. Hell Emissary, I hope you understand that people only live once.”

Hu Liena laughed grimly,
“Mighty Slaughter King, you speak with me about life, isn’t that a bit ridiculous? Here is the world of slaughter.”

An even stronger red light flashed in the Slaughter King’s eyes and passed, his gaze turning to Tang San,
“You then? Do you wish to accept my reward, becoming a distinguished guest of Slaughter City?”

[1] 3寸 = 10cm

[2] Drum tower.

[3] (杀神领域) Again, it’s read as “Killing God”, so not some psychopomp. Domain can also be read as “sphere”, “territory”, “field”, “area”.

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