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Chapter 124

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

By now the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was considered reaching the end, and at the same time reaching white hot intensity. The ones capable of remaining behind were no doubt the most powerful of the young generation.

Especially Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation allowed people to truly see the potential Spirit Masters could reach.

Of course, this was under the condition that nobody knew the Shrek Seven Devils’ true age.

After dinner, the Shrek Academy students each returned to their rooms to rest.

Spirit Hall had arranged excellent residences. Each person had a room to themselves. The opponents in tomorrow’s match would be decided by lots, but no matter who they faced, they couldn’t go wrong by maintaining their peak condition.

Tang San was just preparing to meditate when a knock sounded at the door.

He asked somewhat astonished. Everyone had just returned to their rooms, who would come here? Xiao Wu?

A gloomy voice gave Tang San the answer.

Opening the door, Tang San saw the still somewhat pale Dai Mubai outside,
“Mubai, you should be resting and recovering your spirit power, why did you come here?”

Dai Mubai sighed lightly,
“I want to talk to you.”

“Come inside.”
Tang San let Dai Mubai into his room.

Walking into the room, Dai Mubai sat in a sofa to the side. His facial expression had already calmed a lot. As Tang San closed the door, Dai Mubai sighed, saying:
“Little San, thank you.”

Tang San smiled faintly, saying:
“If you say thanks, you should thank everyone. It was everyone’s joint efforts that gained us the victory today. What’s more, between us brothers, what’s the need for thanks?”

Dai Mubai relieved leaned back in the sofa, smiling:
“Little San, haven’t you already guessed something?”

Tang San still wore a smiling expression,
“You tell me? Your Highness. Besides the imperial family, I don’t know what clan would have such fierce internal struggles. Even having brothers killing each other. What you called ‘inheriting the clan’, should refer to the title of Emperor.”

Dai Mubai sighed,
“You found out? There’s no good hiding it between us brothers. That’s right, I’m Star Luo Empire’s third prince. Dai Weisi whom we beat today is my older brother. His strength, talent and age, all made him the first ranked heir. Actually, what Zhuqing said today was a bit exaggerated. If we lost, perhaps I wouldn’t die for certain, but my spirit power would definitely be crippled, and I’d be sent to some fringe region to live out the rest of my days.”

Tang San’s brows tightened slightly,
“How’s that different from death? Is the imperial family really so cruel?”

The corners of his mouth displaying a cold smile, Dai Mubai said:
“You aren’t a member of the imperial family. You don’t understand the complexities. The two great empires on the Continent, do you know how they differ in strength?”

Tang San blankly shook his head. He’d never had any concern for matters of politics.

Dai Mubai smiled coldly:
“If not for Spirit Hall blocking it, perhaps this world would already be ours. In national strength and military strength, our Star Luo Empire far exceeds the Heaven Dou Empire. Even if we also have several internal kingdoms, the imperial authority isn’t as scattered as in Heaven Dou Empire. And all this originates in this special method of competition in our imperial family. Even if it’s cruel, this way each generation’s regent has grown up to be outstanding in all ways. Heaven Dou Empire really can’t compare. Heaven Dou Empire’s only advantage is that it has the three upper sects within its borders. Among the three upper sects, even though the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan and your Clear Sky School have never participated in political struggles, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School has always supported Heaven Dou Empire. And then there’s Spirit Hall blocking between the two great empires. Otherwise, there might already have been a war. Until the last few years, Heaven Dou Empire’s development has been a bit faster, and some internal problems had appeared in Star Luo Empire. The strength ratio between the two great empires started to level out.”

Tang San said:
“This is what Spirit Hall wants to see the most?”

The corners of Dai Mubai’s mouth slanted,
“Of course. To an existence like Spirit Hall, balance between the two great empires is most beneficial to them. The number of Spirit Masters grasped by Spirit Hall is really too frightening. The two great empires added together aren’t equal to it. But if the two great empires became one, unified into one integrated powerful empire, then Spirit Hall wouldn’t be able to continue to exist. After all, no kind of centralized imperial power would allow this kind of organization to exist.”

Tang San somewhat astonished said:
“Even if the two great empires became one, don’t tell me it could deal with Spirit Hall? Don’t they have large numbers of Spirit Masters? On the battlefield, with overwhelming numbers of Spirit Masters, it should be possible to directly control the outcome.”

Dai Mubai smiled faintly, saying:
“I’m not your equal in talent, but your understanding of political battles isn’t equal to mine. It would be impossible for Spirit Hall to become the ruler of the Continent. Even though they hold Spirit Masters, all they hold is Spirit Masters. There are ten billion people on the continent. All Spirit Masters come from the two great empires. Even though Spirit Hall can conduct them, they can’t make them commit treason. As a result, no matter what angle you look at it from, Spirit Hall can only constantly expand their influence, it’s never been possible for them to rule.”

Tang San suddenly understood. He had never before thought that there would be such complex relationships involved.

Dai Mubai stood, stepping in front of Tang San and raising his hands to hold his shoulders, his evil eyes firmly locked on Tang San,
“Little San, by now you’ve already drawn the attention of Spirit Hall. They won’t let you off. With Spirit Hall’s attention on you, in the future you won’t be able to take a single step on the Continent. Even if school master Ning can protect you for a time, it’s impossible to always follow you. Unless you join Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.”

Tang San nodded silently. Of course he understood what Dai Mubai was saying.

Dai Mubai continued:
“At the end of the tournament, we’ll also officially graduate. Me and Zhuqing will return to Star Luo Empire. Come with us. Bring Xiao Wu. I possess the qualifications to fight with my big brother over the throne now. In Star Luo Empire, the imperial family’s strength is more ferocious than in Heaven Dou Empire, and Spirit Hall also doesn’t dare be too forceful. I truly don’t want to some day see the news of your death.”

Dai Mubai’s eyes were brimming with a sincere light. If it was someone else, perhaps one might think he was doing it to recruit Tang San, but Tang San sensed that Dai Mubai’s words were completely for his protection, and without any other intentions.

“Big brother, thank you. No matter what the future is like, you’re my big brother. But I still need to think about this. I can’t decide rashly. I want to hear Teacher’s opinion. You also know that Spirit Master cultivation is like rowing a boat upstream. Going to Star Luo Empire, I’m afraid……”

Dai Mubai resolutely said:
“What’s there to fear, in my domain, whatever resources you need for cultivation, don’t tell me big brother can’t provide? With us brothers joining hands, if I sit on the throne in the future, you will be my commander in chief, my imperial chancellor. That Xue Qinghe has always wanted to recruit you, I’ve seen it. However, listen to your big brother, the authority of Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial family is too scattered. Even if he became regent, gaining any great achievements wouldn’t be easy. But in Star Luo Empire, as long as I sit on the throne, matters of the imperial household would be mine to decide alone.”

Tang San said:
“Boss, I still can’t promise you right now. I understand what you mean. If I really want to pick a side to join in the future, then your place would absolutely be the first choice. If you have any trouble in the future, if you need me, as long as you send word, no matter a thousand mountains and ten thousand rivers, Tang San will be there.”

Dai Mubai didn’t try to persuade him further. The two bumped fists, and even though they didn’t truly pledge, this was already equivalent to an oath between them. Even more binding than any promise.

The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament fourth round began after a day of rest.

Beyond anyone’s expectation, after the bitter last round, this round became ordinary.

The final six teams decided their opponents by drawing lots.

Among them, the teams who were clearly the strongest, Spirit Hall Academy Team, Shrek Academy Team, and Godwind Academy Team, none drew the other two teams. The three great powerful teams each drew opponents whose strength wasn’t considered that great.

This also meant that the fourth round ended without any suspense, the final three were astonishingly the three strongest. At this moment, they had at last entered the final moments of struggle.

The three great teams basically had intact fighting strength.

In the finals at present, they were only one step away from the final victory.

The bright sunshine fell on the vast land. Under the light of the sun, Supreme Pontiff Palace seemed even more splendid, like the abode of immortals.

In front of Supreme Pontiff Palace were two rows of temple knights arrayed down the hill from the doors of Supreme Pontiff Palace. The bright silver armor and heavy knight swords made the entire Supreme Pontiff hill even more imposing.

The eliminated teams had already left, not even allowed to watch the battles of the final day. Only the true young powers had the qualifications to set foot in the plaza before Supreme Pontiff Palace.

At dawn, the three teams entering the final round were already quietly waiting in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace. The teachers of the three great academies weren’t allowed to stand in the plaza, and could only wait on the outskirts.

Altogether twenty one team members participating in the finals stood straight in the plaza, all waiting for this final moment to arrive.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

With Xie Yue in the lead, the Spirit Hall Academy team members had the most relaxed expressions, but the light of faith still flickered in their eyes. Faith in Spirit Hall, faith in the Supreme Pontiff.

Shrek Academy kept the lowers profile, the seven of them standing in a light, from left to right they were Dai Mubai, Tang San, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong, and Zhu Zhuqing.

The size of the platform in the plaza in front of the Supreme Pontiff Palace wasn't a bit smaller than the one used before. The plaza was surfaced with a special rock, and by careful observation one could discover that this stone held a faint gem like luster. Even though it wasn't truly gemstones, it also wasn't common rock. This showed how dreadful the financial might of Spirit Hall was.

A group of people walked out the gates of Supreme Pontiff Palace, altogether twelve red robed cardinals whose position was second only to platinum bishops slowly walked over. They walked directly in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace, separating to the left and right, six on either side.

The one in the lead said loudly:

The three cheers resounded through the entire Spirit City, like a landslide or tsunami.

That wasn't just the shouts from the temple knights arranged neatly on Supreme Pontiff Hill, but at the same time the shouts of all the Spirit Masters in Spirit City who couldn't get close to Supreme Pontiff Hill. To them, the Supreme Pontiff was the highest object of faith.

The enormous gate slowly opened, the symbols on the two great doors gradually separating.

Everyone's gazes unconsciously turned in the direction of the opening gate. Even the seven members of the Spirit Hall Academy team couldn't keep their pulse from accelerating.

Even as Spirit Hall's Golden Generation, they had only met the Supreme Pontiff when they were awarded the Purple Record medal.

Wearing a resplendent golden formal long dress from head to foot and a purple gold crown, holding a staff of authority, with a solemn expression, Bibi Dong took the lead out of Supreme Pontiff Palace. She gave a kind of unreal impression, as if infinitely lofty.

Nobody even noticed her beautiful appearance. At this moment, she represented only the dignity of Spirit Hall's Supreme Pontiff.

The resplendent long dress was extremely close fitting. The dazzlingly beautiful ceremonial dress flashed with the gemstones, having more than a hundred red, blue, and golden gemstones. The purple golden hat was even more splendid with ten thousand rays of light. At this moment, all this light condensed on one person.

All the Spirit Hall subordinates knelt on one knee on the ground,

In the indescribable atmosphere at this moment, even people with unswerving will like Tang San and Dai Mubai, surrounded by noisy shouting, couldn’t help but feel an impulse to prostrate themselves in worship.

Even though it wasn't expressly stipulated that Spirit Masters must make obeisance to Spirit Hall, at this moment, the Shrek Seven Devils no doubt appeared unconventional.

Bibi Dong's gaze turned directly to these seven youths, and all of Spirit Hall's subordinates were glaring angrily at the Shrek Seven Devils.

Standing behind Bibi Dong, Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Gang's lips buzzed in her direction, and Bibi Dong's gaze immediately found Tang San among the Shrek Seven Devils.

The instant her gaze fell on him, Tang San clearly felt as if his soul would be pulled out. Trembling lightly he had no choice but to immediately rouse his Purple Demon Eye.

Purple golden rays of light flashed more than a chi out of his eyes, then blocking Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong's gaze. But his actions were undoubtedly noticeable, far from able to compare with Bibi Dong's ease.

"Bold, daring to disrespect the Lord Supreme Pontiff."

"You are Grandmaster's disciple Tang San? "

Tang San started inwardly, he hadn't expected that this illustrious Supreme Pontiff would also know his Teacher.

"Yes, your Holiness Supreme Pontiff."

"You're very good, as expected with the strength of character of your teacher in those days."

The kneeling Spirit Hall Academy team and Godwind Academy team members couldn't help being shocked. After the Supreme Pontiff appeared, the first she spoke to was unexpectedly Tang San, and moreover seemed to know his teacher. To them, this really was difficult to understand.

Tang San, conforming with the norms of society, said:


All the kneeling people waited for this moment to rise. Because of the Supreme Pontiff deigning to talk to Tang San and what seemed like affirmation, their gazes at the Shrek Seven Devils weren't so angry.

A smiling expression appeared on Bibi Dong's face, and her gaze swept from left to right across all the twenty one young Spirit Masters participating in the top three finals.

"From you, I find hope. Before Supreme Pontiff Palace, I hope even more to see your full talent and strength. The final victors, will receive Spirit Hall's biggest reward."

Except from the people who already knew about it in advance, who could have expected it to be three spirit bones? Judging by the light, these three spirit bones were each of outstanding quality. Even among Spirit Hall's people, each and every eye revealed a covetous light.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

If Supreme Pontiff Hall wasn’t here, if not for the deterrent of several Title Douluo, perhaps someone would long since have been unable to restrain their greed and rushed out to snatch them.

Tang San had also obtained a spirit bone when he killed with Yama’s Invitation, therefore as he first glanced at these three spirit bones in front of him, even his staunch will couldn’t help swaying a bit.

These were spirit bones! The most precious thing to Spirit Masters. They could be found but not looked for.

Spirit bones were also sorted by distinction, their quality extremely important. The higher the level of the spirit bone’s spirit beast, the more useful it was. Apart from external spirit bones, of course.

Because external spirit bones were the least common, their ability to grow was also the most precious among spirit bones. In the whole scheme of things, they were second only to hundred thousand year spirit rings.

But there were altogether six types of common spirit bones: head, torso and the four limbs. Among the six types, the most precious was torso, followed by head, again followed in sequence by right arm, left arm, left leg, and right leg. As the quality of spirit bones were different, their price also varied.

Even though the spirit bones Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong pulled out this time didn’t have the most precious torso spirit bone, there was still a head bone. The value of the right arm bone was also second only to head and torso bones. Even the that left leg bone still wasn’t the lowest valued among the six types of spirit bones.

And these spirit bones were all clearly from spirit beasts over the ten thousand year level.

To Spirit Masters, they were top quality goods.

Ghost Douluo Gui Mei standing behind the Supreme Pontiff said in his deep voice:
“The three spirit bones are each thought focusing wisdom skull, burst incineration flame right arm, as well as fast movement windchasing left leg. These three spirit bones are all from ten thousand year spirit beasts. Among them, the thought focusing wisdom skull is even from a spirit beast that just reached fifty thousand years, personally killed by a Supreme Pontiff. In spirit bone quality, it is second only to external spirit bones and first rate spirit bones from hundred thousand year spirit beasts.”

The Supreme Pontiff said indifferently:
“There can never be more than one victor, and this goes for the champions as well. Consequently, these three spirit bones will all belong to the winning team. I hope that all you top three academies can make an all out effort to obtain this special glory.”

No matter what level the Spirit Master, they all had a red light in their eyes as they looked at spirit bones. To say nothing of there being three. Intense fighting spirit practically burst from the twenty one competing Spirit Masters.

The Supreme Pontiff continued:
“This morning is a knockout competition for the seven members of all your three teams. The team remaining in the end will hold a decisive opportunity, directly entering the fight for the championship tomorrow. The two defeated teams will fight over the other place in the finals in the afternoon. You can now dispatch your first members to the stage.”

It was like the knock-out competition in the ranking competition, but there were three teams participating. Even though this wasn’t the final struggle for the championship, it was equally important.

Capable of winning didn’t only mean entering the top two, but also being able to wait at leisure for an exhausted enemy in tomorrow’s battle.

In this top three phase, there wasn’t any substantial difference in strength. Continuously competing for a day would no doubt be substantially exhausting, and there might even be injuries. It would be practically impossible to recover to peak condition for the final finals tomorrow. Therefore, the winning team in the next competition, would very possibly be the final champions.

Spirit Hall taking out three spirit bones no doubt made the competition even fiercer. Even if Spirit Hall seemed selflessly impartial on the surface, anyone with eyes could naturally see that these three spirit bones were prepared for the Spirit Hall Academy team.

The Spirit Hall Academy Team had a practically overwhelming advantage. Even though Shrek Academy’s Tang San possessed a ten thousand year spirit ring, in fact, the Spirit Hall team’s three Spirit King level experts fifth spirit rings were also of the ten thousand year level. The difference in one spirit ring was no doubt an enormous gap in strength between Spirit Masters, to say nothing of there still being a difference of three people.

All members of the three teams had strength over the fortieth rank, this made the three fiftieth ranked powers Spirit Hall possessed seem even more outstanding. If there was only one, perhaps there might still be a lucky fluke, but the three lined up, judging by the strength they displayed when defeating the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team, they were terrifying.

In that fight, only two of them fought, settling the battle with one dazzlingly beautiful spirit fusion ability. Even though they used the spirit fusion ability, since people couldn’t see the circumstances inside due to the particular nature of this ability, it also had an even more opaque meaning. The actual effect was deterrence by force.

Even the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team members who were there only had a vague impression of that spirit ability. Yu Tian-Heng came to find Tang San yesterday, but he couldn’t give any constructive suggestions either.

When speaking of the Spirit Hall Academy team, his expression was helpless. Even though there was a gap between them and the opponents, in that fight, they basically couldn’t display even their own strength.

This was also where the Spirit Hall Academy team was most terrifying. They relied on their tyrannical strength to suppress the opponent, leaving them unable to display their strength, thereby controlling the outcome. Meticulous minds, tacit cooperation, this Spirit Hall Academy team was extremely formidable even to opponents of the same level, to say nothing of the opponents about to confront them in the finals who didn’t have even one fiftieth ranker.

Whether to them or all the spectators, the victors of this tournament would without doubt be them. Of course, the three fiftieth ranked Spirit Kings still had an additional mission: to seriously injure Shrek Academy’s Tang San in the competition, or even kill him.

Even though the tournament rules prohibited killing, with the enormous difference in strength, they had a lot of ways to create situations where the opponent would have an accident. Just like the spirit ability backlash when the Shrek Seven Devils confronted Blue Sunshine Academy.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong had thought it over for a long time after Grandmaster left, then passed down this order. Even though the relationship between her and Grandmaster was extremely complicated, and Grandmaster personally coming by to visit had caused enormous waves within her heart, she was after all the Supreme Pontiff of the noble Spirit Hall, a long time leader, governing Spirit Hall ideally, with the ambition of accomplishing her predecessor’s incomplete goal, how could she let her private feelings influence the overall situation?

On the surface it might seem like one genius Spirit Master didn’t matter much, Spirit Hall had never lacked for geniuses.

But the more formidable a Spirit Master’s strength, the more it became clear how terrifying the influence and destructive power of a true genius was. If saying Tang San’s talent drew Spirit Hall’s attention, then his background in Clear Sky School and his identity as Tang Hao’s son undoubtedly made Spirit Hall certain he had to die.

Even if this kind of killing intent couldn’t be revealed openly, in the most recent Spirit Hall conclave of elders, all the elders had already unanimously come to this decision. THey wouldn’t permit the appearance of a second Tang Hao, or an even more formidable enemy than Tang Hao.

Twin Spirits alone made them place Tang San’s talent above Tang Hao. Even more, Tang San still relied on only a trash Blue Silver Grass Spirit to gain his current achievements. Who could see his future clearly? For Spirit Hall’s overall situation, they wouldn’t allow for this variable to appear.

A row of gilded large chairs was arranged in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace, and at Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s indication, sitting with her in the middle was Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s Ning Fengzhi and Sword Douluo Chen Xin on the left, and Ghost Douluo Dui Mei and Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan on the right.

The three academies each dispatched their first members on stage. Sent out from Godwind Academy was the original team captain of Blazing Academy, Huo Wushuang, Spirit Hall Academy sent a forty something ranked Spirit Master. On Shrek Academy’s side, the one Grandmaster dispatched first really wasn’t one of the Shrek Seven Devils.

Among the Shrek Seven Devils, two people were Support Spirit Masters who naturally couldn’t participate in this individual competition, but Grandmaster’s first pick to go up also wasn’t the most powerful among the substitute members, Tai Long, but the agility attack system Spirit Master, still not fortieth ranked, Jing Ling.

These three people drew lots, thereby deciding which two academies would fight first, the winner continuing to fight according to this sequence.

Shrek Academy’s luck was extraordinarily good, and Jing Ling drew the empty lot. Sitting out the first round meant that Shrek Academy’s members could appear after, and could not only wait for the enemy to exhaust themselves in the first round, but could also see their strength even more clearly, this was no doubt the winning lot.

However, something nobody had expected occurred. After the drawing of lots had finished, Huo Wushuang and that Spirit Hall Academy team member walked into the center of the ring, the Spirit Hall Academy team member suddenly turned around, bowing in salute in the Supreme Pontiff’s direction, saying:
“I concede this fight.”

Concede? Even though there weren’t a lot of people that could observe the battles here, they were still all powers of the Spirit Master world. The Spirit Hall Academy team unexpectedly abstaining from the first round, this was something the majority of people hadn’t expected.

After being dazed for a short time, the cardinal in charge of refereeing immediately declared that Huo Wushuang obtained the victory in the first round. The second round was between Godwind Academy representative Huo Wushuang and Shrek Academy representative Jing Ling.

On the Shrek Academy side right now, Grandmaster and Tang San practically simultaneously pursed their brows. Master and disciple looked face to face, and neither could help displaying a trace of anger.

And when their gazes turned to the members of Godwind Academy, including Feng Xiaotian and Huo Wu, none of the members dared meet their eyes, clearly of a guilty conscience.

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