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Chapter 125

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Jing Ling was equally shocked because of the situation in the ring. Just as he was preparing to oppose the clearly stronger than him Huo Wushuang with his full strength, Grandmaster stood up from the Shrek Academy rest area, looking at the Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong sitting in front of the distant Supreme Pontiff Palace.

“Please delay the start of the match.”

Just as the cardinal referee was about to rebuke Grandmaster for interrupting the competition, he was stopped by the Supreme Pontiff’s raised hand. Bibi Dong’s gaze at Grandmaster was very serene, but whether her heart was as calm, only she knew herself.

“Please explain your justification.”
Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong said calmly.

Grandmaster smiled coldly,
“My justifications are that Shrek Academy renounces the first half of the finals, voluntarily entering the contest of the losers in the afternoon. Jing Ling, come back.”

If people could still accept that previous Spirit Hall Academy team member suddenly conceding, then Grandmaster now suddenly declaring that Shrek Academy gave up on the individual competition no doubt alarmed everyone present. Even among the Shrek Seven Devils, apart from Tang San, the others all had shocked and vacant expressions.

Clearly, they hadn’t known about Grandmaster’s decision in advance.

The eyes of Ning Fengzhi sitting next to the Supreme Pontiff displayed a flash of understanding, and at the same time a furious glint. He couldn’t keep his gaze from falling on the Supreme Pontiff by his side.

Bibi Dong was still unflustered, calmly saying:

Grandmaster stood with his hands behind his back, looking up at the Douluo Palace behind Supreme Pontiff Palace,
“Regardless of why, I think, it should be our right to concede.”

Grandmaster’s extremely calm words echoed as if earth shattering in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace. There wasn’t any issue with what he said in itself. The issue was who he spoke to, these words were undoubtedly contradicting the Supreme pontiff.

The highest ruler of Spirit Hall.

As long as those present were Spirit Masters above sixtieth rank, they could all see that Grandmaster wasn’t powerful, absolutely under the fortieth rank, but a Spirit Master with this kind of lacking strength actually dared contradict the most authoritative figure of the Spirit Master world.

But what people had expected even less was for Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong to slowly stand, nodding to Grandmaster,
“You’re right. This is your prerogative. Blame me for asking. My apologies, elder Yu.”

Grandmaster and Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s dialogue was held in front of numerous powers of Spirit Hall, as well as countless Spirit Masters sticking their heads up to watch the fight from below. The Supreme Pontiff uttering the word ‘elder’, meant only one thing: Grandmaster was a Spirit Hall elder.

And everyone knew the kind of authority Spirit Hall’s elders held. Even Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo sitting next to Bibi Dong had only entered Elder Palace for ten years. And with Grandmaster’s age and strength, he clearly shouldn’t possess this kind of authority.

If someone else had called him a Spirit Hall elder, perhaps it would have been laughable, but when the speaker was Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, who dared refute her?

Hearing Bibi Dong say this, even Grandmaster couldn’t help looking distracted. The reason he had contradicted Bibi Dong naturally wasn’t because he was secure in support due to their relationship, but because of his fury. As Bibi Dong spoke, Grandmaster understood that this Supreme Pontiff was protecting him.

Contradicting the Supreme Pontiff, even if the Supreme Pontiff didn’t mind herself, would the countless Spirit Masters who worshipped the Supreme Pontiff disregard it?

Even if Grandmaster had the protection of powers by his side, capable of forming the Golden Iron Triangle, the chance of dying from violence in the street would grow enormously.

But when Bibi Dong’s words had recognized him as elder, naturally nobody would dare do anything. Spirit Hall elders saying something to contradict the Supreme Pontiff wasn’t any major event.

Actually, even Bibi Dong didn’t know how Grandmaster had an elder’s warrant tile, she’d only found out from her subordinates after Grandmaster left.

Grandmaster’s waist suddenly ached, and immediately afterward his left arm was pulled into a soft and flexible embrace. Turning his head to look, he saw Liu Erlong demonstratively looking at the Supreme Pontiff.

The expression in Bibi Dong’s eyes swayed briefly, but very quickly returned to normal. She said to the cardinal referee:
“Since Shrek Academy has decided to renounce the morning’s competition, continue with the individual matches.”

At this moment, Godwind Academy’s coaching teacher also stood. After first bowing to the Supreme Pontiff, he said with a smile:
“The Spirit Hall Academy team is formidable. Our Academy resigns itself to not being their match. Rather than reduce our strength here, it would be better to contend with Shrek Academy for the other place in the finals this afternoon. Therefore, we also give up on the individual competition.”

The dramatic changes caught a lot of people unprepared. The Spirit Hall Academy team won without a fight, directly entering tomorrow’s finals.

Without a single fight, the finals were already half finished. Even though Spirit Hall Academy got their wish to enter the final battle, Shrek Academy withdrawing from the individual competition still left the organizers somewhat embarrassed.

The Shrek Academy party didn’t stay longer, and swiftly left under Grandmaster’s guidance. In the afternoon, they would fight with Godwind Academy for the other place in the ultimate finals.

Nobody said anything on the way, most of them soaked in the thoughtful and oppressive atmosphere.

The disadvantageous situation swayed the Shrek Seven Devils’ confidence somewhat.

After all, this afternoon they had to confront the allied forces of Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy, and tomorrow they even more had to confront the formidable Spirit Hall Academy team after only one night of rest.

Returning to the residence, Grandmaster called the Shrek Seven Devils to his room.

His gaze sweeping across the seven, Grandmaster indifferently said:
“Aren’t you very baffled as to why I would suddenly withdraw from the individual competitions?”

None of the seven said anything, but apart from Tang San, the other seven all seemed a bit puzzled.

Grandmaster’s rigid face flushed, an almost severe light flashing in his eyes,
“Even I hadn’t expected Spirit Hall to actually use this kind of contemptible method while holding this kind of advantage. Little San, explain it for everyone.”

Tang San nodded, speaking in a low voice:
“Our first member on stage was Jing Ling. Jing Ling’s draw was exceptionally good, letting our side hold the last position in the competition, allowing us to observe our opponents even better. But this time, the Spirit Hall Academy team member on stage suddenly conceded. This had two effects, one was that the Spirit Hall Academy team member kept his full strength intact, without any exhaustion. The other was that Huo Wushuang also kept his full fighting strength to deal with Jing Ling. If I guessed correctly, after Huo Wushuang defeated Jing Ling and confronted the second Spirit Hall team member, he would also immediately concede. Consequently, it would be like their two teams joining hands to deal with us. It would basically be impossible for us to have a chance at victory in the individual competitions. Each loss would be fine, if we won, we would definitely suffer their revolving battle.”

“When Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy merged before, I still didn’t understand why Spirit Hall would agree to their request, but now it’s clear. They reached an agreement with the Spirit Hall Academy team for the support of Spirit Hall.”

Tang San fell silent after explaining. The mood in the whole room turned silent, but the flames of rage constantly spread; no wonder Grandmaster would call Spirit Hall contemptible.

While holding such an advantage, still cooperating with Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy to deal with them, if that wasn’t contemptible, what was?

A sneer appeared on Grandmaster’s face,
“They think to stop our march forward like this? Then, they’re still underestimating us too much. Originally I didn’t have that much desire for victory, but when they’re like this, then our goal is also only one.”

Before the competition in the afternoon, the Shrek Seven Devils stayed in Grandmaster’s room the whole time, even when taking their meals. Flender and Liu Erlong kept guard outside, keeping anyone from approaching.

Of course, in the Shrek Academy residence, there was still a power like the Poison Douluo.

The early morning air was cool and refreshing. In the afternoon, as the sun rose to its zenith, that coolness was replaced by scorching heat. Even though it still wasn’t the height of summer, the temperatures were still high.

The seven Spirit Hall Academy team members stood quietly to the side. In the plaza in front of Supreme pontiff Hall, the two semifinalist teams gazed at their counterparts.

Tang San and Dai Mubai stood furthest ahead of the Shrek Seven Devils, looking at those familiar faces not far in front, they revealed a trace of disdain.

The trio of Feng Xiaotian, Huo Wu, and Huo Wushuang, made up the core of the team, looking face to face with Tang San and Dai Mubai.

Huo Wu took a step forward, looking at Tang San, and coldly said:
“Do you know why we did this?”

Tang San didn’t reply, only the contempt in his eyes deepening somewhat.

Huo Wu suddenly discovered that she really disliked having Tang San look at her like this, and her explosive temperament immediately appeared,
“What I did was all in order to determine the winner with you again. Even if I have to give up the chance of being first, I still definitely have to fight you again.”

Tang San smiled calmly,
“If it was only for this, then you’ve already fallen behind. Lost in strength and discipline, in this match, you already don’t stand a chance.”

Huo Wu was indignant,
“That will be shown by the facts. Don’t think I’d start off leniently because you saved me. What I owe you, I’ve already repaid.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Hearing Huo Wu say this, Tang San couldn’t help recalling her appearance that day when she’d rushed into his arms like a ball of flame to kiss him.

Regarding this daring to love and daring to hate girl, he really did admire somewhat. Unfortunately, he wasn’t willing to endure her temperament, and therefore they were destined not to become friends. Even though there were a lot of people like Feng Xiaotian who would patiently endure a beautiful woman, Tang San was still a grown man in his bones.

Even though none of the others of both sides spoke up, the smell of gunpowder was already rich in the air. The cardinal referee had clearly grasped the appropriate timing, and at this moment, declared the start of the match.

Feng Xiaotian dodged in front of Huo Wu in the first instant, protecting her behind him. The flame instantly erupting from Huo Wu became like a backdrop to him. The other team members, under Huo Wushuangs lead, also released their spirits one after another.

However, something they hadn’t expected happened.

The Shrek Seven Devils didn’t take an the orthodox formations like they had in past competitions, but rather swiftly retreated just as the referee declared the start, forming a circle.

There were two people inside the circle, Ning Rongrong and Oscar. The other five began to swiftly revolve around them. Among all the seven, right now none had taken the initiative to release their spirit, but intense spirit power fluctuations permeated the air around them, frantically condensing towards the center.

What was this?

Sitting upright in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace, the eyes of Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi, as well as the three Title Douluo, couldn’t help revealing alarm. As outstanding talents of the Spirit Master world, even they didn’t understand what the Shrek Seven Devils were doing.

Tang San, Dai Mubai, Xiao Wu, Ma Hongjun, Zhu Zhuqing. The pace of the five was exceptionally identical, as if they followed a kind of special rhythm, and the spirit power fluctuating around them also formed a special orbit, constantly revolving around them and filling the air.

At the center of the formation, Ning Rongrong and Oscar stood hand in hand with their eyes closed. What soared up from Ning Rongrong’s body was nine colored gem light, and appearing over Oscar was a faint red light. The two lights spiralled and soared towards the sky.

Even though the Shrek Seven Devils right now hadn’t released their spirits, these new tactics of theirs still gave their opponents enormous pressure.

“Feng Xiaotian, ascend.”
Huo Wu shouted strictly.

Godwind Academy’s seven people immediately changed formation, a pair of enormous cyan wings unfurling from Feng Xiaotian’s back, and at the same time, cyan light and shadow condensed behind him, the appearance of the Stormwind Dual Headed Wolf.

Set off by that tremendously dazzlingly beautiful light, Feng Xiaotian soared into the air. The wings on his back only beat once, drawing support from the currents in the air, he shot up into the sky. What he used right now was the second spirit ability Dual Wolf Body Enhancement and the third spirit ability Stormwind Wings that he originally used against Tang San.

Under the effect of these two great spirit abilities, Feng Xiaotian’s fighting strength suddenly reached its peak.

At this time, Huo Wushuang had already taken Feng Xiaotian’s position in front of Huo Wu, and together with him were still two Godwind Academy power attack system Spirit Masters. The three of them formed a wall, sheltering Huo Wu.

The two people behind Huo Wu wasn’t those two fortieth ranked agility attack system Fire Crane Spirit Masters, but rather the two less than fortieth ranked fire attribute support Spirit Masters that greatly shocked Tang San when they originally appeared in the qualifiers. Countless fiery red specks of light condensed on Huo Wu with astonishing speed.

Huo Wu’s expression was very serious, slowly raising her hands as if lifting fifteen tons, red hot flame condensing into a white light in her palms. At this moment, her four spirit rings unexpectedly all brightened, and her painful expression revealed the pressure she endured right now.

Perspicacious people could all see that right now the Godwind Academy’s seven members were adopting the tactics of five defending two. Two auxiliary type Spirit Masters suporting Huo Wu, three power attack system Spirit Masters defending. Among the seven, the key members were Feng Xiaotian spiralling in the air, as well as Huo Wu using the ring merging ability to condense her entire spirit power.

Tang San shouted.

The Shrek Seven Devils formation changed, the original circle suddenly turning into a line. Tang San stood in front, and close behind Tang San were Dai Mubai, followed by Ma Hongjun, Xiao Wu, and Zhu Zhuqing.

Standing furthest in the back were Ning Rongrong and Oscar.

The change in formation made the spirit power they had just released abruptly twist, and at this moment, Oscar suddenly grabbed Ning Rongrong from behind, the faint red rays of light he was releasing abruptly turning pink and frantically rushing into Ning Rongrong.

The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda rose in front Ning Rongrong, clapping her hands forward with a serious expression. Just like Huo Wu, her four spirit rings brightened simultaneously.

Huo Wu wasn’t alone in possessing the ring merging ability, this was originally also one of the special capabilities of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. As the only daughter of the school master, how couldn’t Ning Rongrong know it?

Only, ring merging required consuming tremendous spirit power, and wouldn’t be used easily.

For substantial nine colored hazy lights blossomed from the four lower layers of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, shooting directly into Zhu Zhuqing in front.

Roused by that enormous support spirit power, Zhu Zhuqing naturally raised both arms, placing them on Xiao Wu in front of her.

A bizarre scene appeared, those nine colored rays of light abruptly grew a bit stronger, pouring into Xiao Wu from Zhu Zhuqing’s hands, and Zhu Zhuqing’s entire body was already pervaded by a layer of nine colored light.

Xiao Wu’s circumstances were practically identical to Zhu Zhuqing, and that rich nine colored light became ever more intense as it continuously transmitted forward.

As the rays of light reached Dai Mubai, Dai Mubai fiercely slapped both palms on Tang San’s back. In that instant, Tang San’s body trembled violently a moment. What appeared from his body wasn’t any nine colored light, but an incomparably enormous pressure.

Sitting upright in the main seat, Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s eyes brightened,

After speaking, her eyes unconsciously turned to the calm Grandmaster standing outside the fighting area.

Even though it wasn’t a Heaven-opposing seven spirit fusion ability, the strength of seven people fused together to use an ability alone was already an extraordinarily astonishing feat. In fact, no spirits were the same, they all had differences.

Generally speaking, this kind of fusion ability would only appear for Spirit Masters with spirits and spirits abilities that were extremely similar, like the seven members of Blue Sunshine Academy from before.

But the Shrek Seven Devils were different, they each had entirely different spirits, and stressed different directions.

These seven people with completely different spirits could unexpectedly still use a seven fusion ability, even the eyes of the Supreme Pontiff and the Title Douluo were brimming with incredulity.

However, the Shrek Seven Devils had done it. When that seven colored light connected the seven people, this seven fusion ability was already completed.

Even though Ning Fengzhi scowled when he saw Oscar embracing Ning Rongrong’s waist from behind, as he saw this seven fusion ability complete, the expression in his eyes still fluctuated with astonishment.

Whether it was him or Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, they both knew that this seven fusion ability wasn’t credited to the Shrek Seven Devils, but rather to their teacher, the masterstroke of the not distant Grandmaster.

How could they know that what the Shrek Seven Devils were putting to use right now was precisely a spirit variant ability from Grandmaster’s Spirit World’s Ten Great Core Competing Strengths. A lifetime of spirit research, perhaps only Grandmaster himself and his direct disciple Tang San fully understood his accomplishments.

If even a fellow like Shi Nian could teach disciples to use seven spirit fusion, how could Grandmaster not?

Both were fusion abilities, but the difficulties were as different as heaven and earth. This was a Grandmaster, a true Grandmaster.

Feng Xiaotian in the air had the clearest view of what the Shrek Seven Devils were doing, and was also the most shocked. That Ning Rongrong and Oscar would appear in the Shrek Academy team wasn’t unexpected, they had already appeared in the previous match with Star Luo Academy.

Even though Oscar hadn’t revealed any formidable strength at that time, it had still drawn his attention.

But this seven fusion ability was still something he had never expected. In the previous competitions, no matter how difficult, the Shrek Seven Devils still hadn’t used this kind of ability.

If it was used right now, he knew, he didn’t stand a chance.

With a long whistling sound, Feng Xiaotian moved, dropping from the sky like a meteor catching up to the moon. In the whole process, his large body and unfurled wings didn’t make a single sound. The pervading cyan light completely introverted. At this moment, his body and wings were aligned at a perfect angle.

This was the start of Feng Xiaotian’s created spirit ability, Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive Chops.

And the moment Feng Xiaotian dropped from the sky, piercing obliquely was abruptly a stream of red hot white light, catching up to him in an instant, and immediately completely merging into Feng Xiaotian’s body.

That line of white light was shot by Huo Wu, without a middle part, but rather like a bridge that connected the two. Under the support of the white light, Feng Xiaotian’s entire body seemed to be brimming with explosive force.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Frantic energy constantly erupted from his body, streams of air so red hot they seemed about to roast the earth.

Even more shocking, that white light gradually condensed over his body, forming a bizarre incandescent suit of armor, covering both him and the knife sharp stormwind wings.

This of course wasn’t a spirit fusion ability, but after Huo Wu joined Godwind Academy, she had researched a two person fusion ability together with Feng Xiaotian. Even though it was impossible for their fusion to display the tremendous might of a spirit fusion ability, this fusion wasn’t only between the two of them, but also the two auxiliary type Spirit Masters behind Huo Wu. The power of four people focused on Feng Xiaotian, no doubt made both his attack and defense reach its peak.

His speed rising sharply, Feng Xiaotian’s target as he fell from the sky wasn’t Tang San furthest in front of the Shrek Seven Devils, but Ning Rongrong and Oscar furthest in the rear.

Relying on keen perception, just as the Shrek Seven Devils’ seven fusion ability was about to complete, he had seen that originator of this fusion ability was Ning Rongrong in the back. And the foundation of the origin, was Oscar providing Ning Rongrong with tremendous spirit power. As long as these two were dealt with, the Shrek Seven Devils’ fusion ability would collapse.

The suddenly accelerating Feng Xiaotian no doubt made the Shrek Seven Devils start, even the spectating Grandmaster couldn’t help displaying a praising light.

The combination of Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy was undoubtedly a good match. Wind fanning the flame, flame borrowing the force of the wind. Capable of focusing the strength of four people and relying on Feng Xiaotian’s created spirit ability to release it would undoubtedly push the resulting attack power into the realm of terror.

However. The calm on Grandmaster’s face didn’t falter. Because the Godwind Academy side’s fusion ability only had four people, and the Shrek Academy side had seven equally talented people, and moreover followed the strongest control of Tang San.

Confronting the suddenly accelerating Feng Xiaotian, standing furthest in front, after a brief moment of astonishment, the faintly trembling Tang San immediately raised his left hand.

The Clear Sky Hammer he originally used to break Feng Xiaotian’s Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive Chops appeared once again.

But as the Clear Sky Hammer appeared this time, it floated over Tang San’s palm.

Surging black light rushed out of Tang San’s left palm. This moment, he fiercely raised his head, purple golden rays of light shooting from his eyes. That wasn’t any mental attack, but in order to see everything more clearly.

Under the effect of Purple Demon Eye, everything before Tang San seemed to slow down, immeasurable data converging in his brain. The next moment, his left hand moved.

Under the pull of that black light, the Clear Sky Hammer turned upside down and flew out.

The hammer didn’t have any rotation, but flew straight in one direction, but at the same time as it acted, a thunderclap like explosive sound echoed from the Clear Sky Hammer. In a moment that originally small hammer suddenly rose sharply against the wind in midair, and the instant it turned, that hammer head became the size of a water jar.

A magnificent veined pattern flashed from the body of the hammer under the sunlight. A frightening aura blossomed with black light, dragging a black tail of flame in the air.


The black Clear Sky Hammer collided with Feng Xiaotian’s incandescent armor in midair with a loud explosion.

An ear piercing shattering sound spread through all of Spirit City.

The shattering came from the wings. Feng Xiaotian’s right wing turned nonexistent in practically an instant, and at the same time his incandescent suit of armor was smashed, turning into specks of white light and rupturing in a flash. Feng Xiaotian screamed miserably, and under that enormous impulse, he was completely sent flying, thrown directly to the Supreme Pontiff Palace plaza, his survival uncertain.

Including Huo Wu, the six students on Godwind Academy’s side were stupefied at this moment. How could they have expected that their captain, Feng Xiaotian, would actually be unable to withstand a single strike.

Even that one versus one with Tang San had lasted a long time before the outcome was settled, but at this moment, in just one exchange, he was already utterly crushed.

Having lost Feng Xiaotian, this match no longer held any suspense. But what they couldn’t understand, was why this kind of situation would appear.

In fact, only Tang San himself knew why Feng Xiaotian would be defeated so miserably. This was actually a combination of several factors. It wasn’t that the support Huo Wu gave Feng Xiaotian was weak, but rather because right now Tang San was too powerful, and also restrained Feng Xiaotian too much.

First of all, behind Tang San was the united support of six teammates. And behind Feng Xiaotian were only three.

Both sides being fusion abilities, the amount of spirit power decided the overall magnitude of the ability on either side. No need for doubt, Tang San held the absolute advantage.

Second, Feng Xiaotian’s biggest mistake was to use Stormwind Demon Wolf Thirty Six Successive Chops again.

The first time he used it against Tang San he had no doubt given Tang San enormous pressure. But after the end of the match, how could Tang San not have carefully studied the opponent’s ability?

After careful research, Tang San had immediately understood that both Stormwind Demon Wolf Thirty Six Successive Chops and his own Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method had a flaw, a similar flaw. That was, as long as one could interrupt the ability when it first started, it would basically be unable to display its might. And letting him continue unleashing it, the constantly layering force, was where this ability was at its most terrifying.

So what Tang San did, relying on Purple Demon Eye’s precise calculations, the place where he threw the Clear Sky Hammer was at the optimal timing when Feng Xiaotian’s full strength still hadn’t emerged. With his Tang Sect hidden weapon techniques and precise judgement, all of Feng Xiaotian’s movement trajectories had already been accurately calculated in Tang San’s mind, it basically wasn’t possible to dodge.

This was still the result of Tang San starting off leniently. If Tang San hadn’t attacked Feng Xiaotian’s wing, but rather his chest, then the only result for Feng Xiaotian would have been instant death.

Only Tang San himself knew just what level his strength had reached. Relying on the superpositioned boost of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, relying on the support of his partners’ spirit power, the spirit power Tang San had accumulated right now already surpassed the seventieth rank. Even if he had faced seven seventieth ranked Spirit Sages right now, he still wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

How could the seven fusion ability resulting from Grandmaster’s research be something the Blue Sunshine Academy could compare to? This kind of fusion ability wasn’t as formidable as the spirit fusion ability, but it could join everyone’s strength. Since it was like this, the best choice was to focus everyone’s strength to erupt on a single point.

And Blue Sunshine Academy’s biggest mistake at that time was to use the strength of seven connected people on what was similar to a barrier, that was then broken by Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye.

The Shrek Seven Devils naturally wouldn’t make the same kind of error. Grandmaster wouldn’t let his disciples make that kind of mistake.

Consequently, as the seven’s spirit power condensed together, after passing the amplification of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, the strength Tang San possessed had right now grown by several levels of terror.

Moving baselessly, having beaten Feng Xiaotian flying, that Clear Sky Hammer returned to Tang San’s left hand anew. The hammer hadn’t returned to its original size. Held in Tang San’s hand right now, the hammer was even bigger than his entire body. But held in that left hand alone, it was still extraordinarily stable.

Godwind Academy naturally weren’t willing to give up at this point. Huo Wushuang and two Godwind Academy team members charged simultaneously, and behind them, Huo Wu also began to store strength for a second attack.

Closing his eyes, Tang San slowly raised the enormous Clear Sky Hammer with a single hand. The lines of light on the hammer’s body suddenly erupted completely, deep red lustre incomparably dazzling. This moment, it was as if an incomparably tyrannical voice roared frantically. And Tang San himself, like the handle of the hammer, seemed to completely merge into one with the Clear Sky Hammer.

Seeing this scene, even Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong was unable to stay seated, a bewildered expression flickering in her eyes. The scene before her eyes was only too familiar to her.

“Tool Spirit Avatar.”
Ning Fengzhi sitting next to Bibi Dong already cried out in alarm.

After a Spirit Master possessing a beast spirit reached the seventieth rank, the seventh spirit ability of the seventh spirit ring would invariably be Spirit Avatar, incarnating oneself as the spirit itself, possessing tremendous burst strength, might increasing geometrically.

But a Tool Spirit Master’s circumstances were different from Beast Spirit Masters’. Their seventh spirit ability was Tool Spirit Avatar. Using themselves as the soul of the tool spirit, it made the might stressed by the tool spirit reach its pinnacle. If one possessed a tool spirit that was frightening on its own, then the Tool Spirit Avatar erupting would be even more terrifying than the Spirit Avatar.

Before the seventieth rank, Beast Spirit Masters were undoubtedly a bit more formidable than control type Tool Spirit Masters, but after reaching the seventieth rank, they would instead be surpassed by Tool Spirit Masters relying on Tool Spirit Avatar.

Who could have anticipated that, in this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament semi finals, there would actually appear the rarest Tool Spirit Avatar of the Spirit Master World. Moreover the Tool Spirit Avatar was actually launched by the tool spirit reputed as the world’s number one, Clear Sky Hammer.

Actually, even Tang San himself hadn’t expected that he would actually be able to unleash the might of the Tool Spirit Avatar. As his might surpassed the seventieth rank from the spirit power boost, when he held the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand, he did it practically unconsciously.

The tremendous force constantly emanating from him formed a bizarre cycle with the Clear Sky Hammer, as if those forces would break the body and erupt.

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