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Chapter 123

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

After launching Paragon Golden Body, all attacks of any level were completely ineffective. Internal strength doubled. Three second duration. For every ten spirit power ranks, the invincibility and strength boost time would increase by one second.

Three seconds would seem very short, but very often it was enough to take control of the crucial moment. This fourth spirit ability nevertheless traded time for a formidable effect. No matter what attack it faced, it would be invincible for three seconds. This gave Xiao Wu ample time to get in close.

Long hair twisted around her opponent’s neck, Xiao Wu had already dodged behind Dai Weisi. Both of Dai Weisi’s palms struck back in the final second of Paragon Golden Body, the intense backlash making his palms numb.

Tang San had long ago told Xiao Wu that he didn’t like seeing her use her body to twist around the opponents, she was after all a girl. Consequently, Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill had already changed a lot by now. The braid that had twisted around Dai Weisi’s neck tightened abruptly; and, having dodged behind Dai Weisi, her one foot supporting on the ground, Xiao Wu planted her other foot on Dai Weisi’s waist.

First spirit ability, Waist Bow, launched.

Xiao Wu’s entire body braced for a moment in that golden ring of light, just before erupting with her full strength.

The effect of Paragon Golden Body had doubled her strength, and the Waist Bow boost doubled it once again. The force her seemingly slender body could exert right now was enough to induce terror. Even a sixtieth rank Spirit Master would still find it impossible to resist when controlled by her.

Dai Weisi shot out like an artillery shell, slamming directly into his comrades.

And at this moment, with a tiger’s roar, Dai Mubai finally moved. Three White Tiger Light Waves shot out, and under the amplification of White Tiger Vajra Transformation, it forcibly obstructed the other several Star Luo Academy Spirit Masters from unleashing their spirit abilities.

However, strangely, from the start of the match, the Shrek Seven Devils had never shown any intent of charging in to attack.

The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda suddenly added another radiant stream, attack power boost; altogether two streams of light condensing on Zhu Zhuqing.

With an immense sound, Zhu Zhuyun was shocked flying by Zhu Zhuqing’s instantly increased attack cat claws. Right now her face had already become extremely unsightly. She wasn’t losing to Zhu Zhuqing, but rather to the combination of Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong.

The Shrek Seven Devils were always as one, and right now, these two sisters were both taking an equal share in scars and bruises.

“Seven Devil riot.”
A shout in a steady voice came from Tang San. Having constantly stored power, he finally moved. Left foot taking a step forward, that right fist stored full of deep blue radiance smashed the floor with a loud rumble.

At the same time, behind Tang San, Oscar threw out altogether four stimulating pink sausages from his hands, each reaching Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu, and Ma Hongjun’s hands. He had naturally never stopped making sausages while Tang San stored power.

Faint light flickering, Tang San’s face revealed a tyrannical expression, deep blue rays of light bursting from his fist in a flash.

Being thrown by Xiao Wu, Dai Weisi was completely unable to control his body, and three of his companions had to join hands to catch him; but at this moment, time seemed to slow by half.

Hong—— Chi——

Along with a bizarre sound, a circle of deep blue hazy light quietly spread with the Star Luo Academy team at its center. The moment that hazy blue light had spread to its limit, suddenly, countless strands of Blue Silver Grass broke through the ground and shot up within the range of that hazy light, completely pushing all the Star Luo Academy team members into the air.

Before this critical moment, the Star Luo team’s members only had time to release their protective spirit abilities. Right now, of the seven, only Zhu Zhuyun was slightly separated from the team; the other six were practically all together.

The defense protected them, but, the Blue Silver Grass that stabbed them into the air seemed to have a peculiar stunning effect. The seven Star Luo Academy team members all sunk into a brief period of dizziness.

Thousand Hands Asura Tang San, fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison variant ability, Blue Silver Thrust, launched.

This was the result of Tang San’s focused research. When Blue Silver Prison was used in live combat, it was Blue Silver Grass suddenly erupting from the ground, trapping the opponent within a cage. Since it was like this, what would the effect be if his entire spirit power was completely released on the Blue Silver Grass bursting from the ground?

This made the Blue Silver Grass of the Blue Silver Prison extremely hard. If the opponent was a bit weak, he would be directly pierced through. It was also impossible for stronger opponents to escape this kind of area attack.

Through experimentation, Tang San discovered that when his spirit power was condensed to a certain degree, Blue Silver Thrust could cause a brief stunning effect. The duration of this effect depended on the opponent’s strength.

However, even more powerful opponents would still be stunned for at least a second.

This discovery made Tang San expend a lot of effort to study this spirit ability. After all, it was a ten thousand year spirit ring’s ability, how could it be so simple? Blue Silver Prison itself had a stun effect, but it required the opponent to break open the cage to take effect; even so, the effect was exceptionally faint. When large numbers of Blue Silver Prisons erupted densely, the stun effects overlaid, immediately becoming clear.

At present, Tang San’s research into this spirit ability still wasn’t completely mature, but he still had some certainty of restraining his opponents.

In order to strengthen the effect of the spirit ability, Tang San had, from the start, used Ning Rongrong’s spirit power amplification and the attribute boost from Oscar’s stimulating pink sausage. Like this, the effect of his Blue Silver Thrust reached its maximum level the first time it was used on the battlefield.

Even an opponent like Dai Weisi with much higher spirit power than him, would be stunned for more than three seconds right now. Moreover, even though all the opponents had blocked Blue Silver Thrust’s attack, they were still injured.

Seven Devil Riot had begun the instant Tang San swung his fist.

Bathing Fire Phoenix, Phoenix Ascension, two great spirit abilities simultaneously flashed from Ma Hongjun, this was his moment to shine.

The fat body was covered with flame and soared up, leaving behind a trail of distorted light.

Blue Silver Thrust disappeared the moment Ma Hongjun was about to land, and the place Ma Hongjun had picked was just perfect, just at the center of where Dai Weisi’s six people were gathered. Evil Fire Phoenix’ fourth spirit ability, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, launched.

With a distorted explosive sound, the terrifying effect of the follow-up restraining ability erupted.

It was very difficult for the follow-up restraining ability to take effect, because of the small range necessitating proximity, generally speaking, it was very easy for the opponent to dodge.

But when truly hit by it, the duration of the follow-up restraining effect would be a lot longer than the initial restraint.

Unleashing the first part of Phoenix Cry Sky Strike made the almost sober Dai Weisi and the others instantly sink even deeper into dizziness.

Immediately afterward, the ground and the air erupted practically simultaneously.

White Tiger Meteor Shower rained from the sky, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike’s second part surged from the ground. The two great fourth spirit abilities simultaneously enveloped the six within their attack range.

Yellow green light dispersed from Tang San’s palm. Due to the support of Ning Rongrong’s spirit power amplification, even after the enormous spirit power consumption of Blue Silver Thrust, he still had an abundant reserve. Ma Hongjun’s follow-up restraint encompassed all but one person, and this person was naturally left for Tang San.

Spiderweb Restraint twisted around Zhu Zhuyun’s body the instant before she recovered from the stun, basically leaving her without the opportunity to save her comrades.

Within the tremendous explosive rumble, miserable shrieks echoed from the location blasted by White Tiger Meteor Shower and Phoenix Cry Sky Strike simultaneously.

In terms of burst power, what could be more powerful than the combined attacks of Phoenix and White Tiger?

However, all this still wasn’t over.

White Tiger leapt up, flickering with golden light, fusing together with that faintly black lit Civet in midair. The enormous Hell White Tiger once again appeared in front of everyone, and right now, the other two capable of using the same spirit fusion ability were trapped in different restraints.

The violent pain made Dai Weisi sober from the dizziness, but he discovered with overwhelming shock that his White Tiger Vajra Transformation had already consumed a frightening degree of his spirit power, and two of the companions beside him had already lost consciousness.

Consecutively erupting several major spirit abilities had already completely overdrawn Dai Mubai’s spirit power, but he and Zhu Zhuqing were still determined to use the Hell White Tiger. In this final moment, his and Zhu Zhuqing’s full potential erupted completely. The emotions suppressed for several years finally released. The enormous Hell White Tiger advanced with world dominating strides, becoming a flowing and enormous surge of light in the air.

Grandmaster had also heard Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s story. Before going up, he had given the Shrek Seven Devils some simple directions.

The Grandmaster of a generation, Yu Xiao Gang had not only researched spirits, but was still a Grandmaster in Spirit Master tactics. He saw the opponents’ biggest weakness with a glance.

Underestimating the enemy.

At least, to the teams advancing from Star Luo Empire, it seemed that the reason Shrek Academy could advance to the third round was mostly related to their luck with the draw. From Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s descriptions, he immediately judged that it would be even easier for Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun to have an attitude of underestimating the enemy.

It was just because of this that Grandmaster told Tang San to go all out, showing no quarter. His directions to the Shrek Seven Devils was to erupt instantly, destroying the enemy.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Grandmaster’s directions naturally had a purpose. If they let the opponents completely unleash their strength, then even if the Shrek Seven Devils could obtain the ultimate victory in the match, it would be a pyrrhic one.

At least the spirit fusion ability of the high spirit power Spirit Masters Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun could inflict heavy casualties on the Shrek Seven Devils.

While underestimating their enemy, the opponents certainly wouldn’t reveal all their trumps from the start, but the Shrek Seven Devils did.

From Tang San’s amplified fourth spirit ability Blue Silver Thrust, to the twin slaughter by Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai, and again to this final Hell White Tiger attack.

The Shrek Seven Devils undoubtedly revealed the peak of their strength.

With the simultaneous amplifying effects of Oscar and Ning Rongrong on their comrades, the burst strength at this moment made the entire audience change color.

Hong—— Without the least suspense, the already heavily injured six members simultaneously flew out of the ring from the Hell White Tiger’s powerful strike. The Hell White Tiger turned a beautiful circle in midair.

The final claw struck heavily on Dai Weisi. The sound of the bones of Dai Weisi’s shoulder shattering spread clearly to the entire audience. Before he even had time to scream in misery, he was already unconscious in midair.

This was still Dai Mubai holding back. Otherwise, this one claw would have struck his chest, taking his life. No matter what was said, the opponent was still his big brother. The other side might not recognize this affection, but Dai Mubai had to inwardly admit to the blood relation.

The enormous Hell White Tiger turned into two once again. Because of his overdrawn spirit power, Dai Mubai directly fell limply into Zhu Zhuqing’s arms.

By no means should this brief encounter be underestimated. In this short period of time, both sides had exhausted frightening amounts of spirit power; especially the Shrek Seven Devils, who had gone all out without holding anything in reserve, giving them this chance.

With a ripping sound, Zhu Zhuyun finally threw off Tang San’s Spiderweb Restraint by relying on her sharp cat’s claws, but she was already completely dumbfounded.

No matter the Shrek Seven Devils’ current condition, there were still seven of them standing in the ring right now. And of the entire Star Luo Imperial Academy team, only she alone remained.

Zhu Zhuqing’s ice cold gaze observed her older sister. Xiao Wu, Ma Hongjun, and Tang San slowly stepped up. They had all eaten one of Oscar’s recovery sausages each. And behind them was still the hazy light of Ning Rongrong pouring all her strength into spirit power amplification.

Three against one, that was no contest. Especially in front of Tang San’s formidable control capability.

However, Zhu Zhuyun was unresigned. Even now, in her heart, she still shouted that it was impossible. She had never imagined that she would actually lose to her still not fifteen years old little sister. Moreover, losing so miserably. How could she be resigned to it? How could she want to concede?

With a sharp whistle, bringing a mournful mood, she charged fiercely at the three. At this moment, she still left behind a series of phantom images.

However, her forward charge hadn’t gotten five meters before she stopped. Blue Silver Grass quietly appeared from her body, Blue Silver Grass seeds having fallen on her as early as the Blue Silver Thrust. Thousand Hands Asura Tang San, second spirit ability, Parasite.

The immense forward momentum turned Zhu Zhuyun’s body into a rolling bottle gourd. If not for her mood having suffered such immense agitation, perhaps she still wouldn’t have cut such a sorry figure now, but, right now her heart was in chaos.

A flickering silhouette quietly appeared at her side, the paralysing and corroding toxins on the Blue Silver Grass already starting to invade her body.

Xiao Wu bent directly, and in just a moment’s work, her Waist Bow displayed its effect, throwing Zhu Zhuyun’s agitating figure into the air.

Tang San’s gaze turned to Zhu Zhuqing, revealing a trace of questioning. He was asking Zhu Zhuqing how to deal with this big sister of hers. At this moment, Zhu Zhuyun was already trussed for slaughter. Tang San wouldn’t hesitate even if Zhu Zhuqing wanted to kill her. There was nothing more important than the friendship of them Shrek Seven Devils.

Secretly sighing, Zhu Zhuqing still shook her head. Hanging her head and pulling Dai Mubai into her embrace, two sparkling and translucent teardrops unconsciously flowed from the corners of her eyes.

The victory had come so quickly after so many years of hope and expectations, even she herself didn’t know whether to express happiness or sadness right now. No matter what was said, that was after all her big sister!

Tang San helplessly shook his head, gesturing to Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu soared up, her feet tangling around Zhu Zhuyun’s feet, Waist Bow launching once again, directly throwing her body out of bounds.

The match ended in absolute silence. The Shrek Seven Devils all stood on the stage, slowly gathering together. Even the disoriented Dai Mubai was supported by Zhu Zhuqing to keep a straight back. Yes, they had won, they had obtained true victory. They had used one complete victory to declare the arrival of kings. Without one person suffering serious injuries, the Shrek Team had kicked out one of the three great seeds, the Star Luo Imperial Advanced Spirit Master Academy.

As the referee declared the victory, the Shrek Academy resting area was already cheering. Even Grandmaster’s face revealed a gratified smile. Even the best tactics had to be implemented by people. Without these prodigious children, how could his tactics have been displayed so perfectly?

Walking off the stage, Dai Mubai was immediately caught by Flender, Jiang Zhu’s healing rings of light spread, helping everyone recover their strength and treating their injuries. Oscar made his big recovery sausages with a big smile across his whole face. The complete Spirit Ancestor strength now attracted the gazes of all the combatants. Even the Spirit Hall bishops were no exception.

A party of people walking past Shrek Academy’s side suddenly halted. Tang San sensed a gaze on him, and raised his head to look.

This group was precisely the representative seed team of Heaven Dou Empire, Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team, and the one looking at him was the team captain, with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit, Yu Tian-Heng.

“I didn’t expect you to already have become so powerful. I truly am astonished.”
Yu Tian-Heng watched Tang San with a burning gaze.

Tang San smiled calmly, saying:
“You’re also pretty good. It seems you’ve all made great progress.”

Yu Tian-Heng sighed,
“Originally I planned to have a proper fight with you in this tournament, but now it seems we won’t have the chance. Only, remember to avenge us. It seems to me that if there was any team that could threaten the Spirit Hall Academy team, then it wouldn’t be us or Star Luo Imperial Academy, but rather you. Watch our next match closely. Even if we lose, we will still make them reveal as much of their strength as possible.”

Tang San looked somewhat distracted. In his impression, Yu Tian-Heng was a person who would never admit defeat. At the same time he also saw that Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team’s strength was a bit lacking compared to the Star Luo Imperial Academy team from before, only five or so of them having truly reached the fortieth rank.

Being completely suppressed in strength, made Yu Tian-heng lose confidence. The next confrontation between two great seeds was actually already without any suspense.

Spirit Hall, were they truly so formidable? Brilliant light suddenly flashed from Tang San’s eyes,
“Yu Tian-Heng, don’t let me look down on you. Without trying, how would you know it’s impossible? As captain, if you lost your confidence, then, in this lifetime, you will never be suited to be my opponent.”

“What did you say?”
To the side, Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Master Dugu Yan’s anger reached the heavens, but she was stopped by Yu Tian-Heng.

A faint flame began to spread in Yi Tian-Heng’s eyes, he was completely aflame from Tang San’s words. Fixing his eyes on Tang San, he raised his right hand and swung it forcefully,
“Wait and see. I’ll let them learn about trouble.”

The most attention-grabbing match finally began. As two of the three great seeded teams, when Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team and Spirit Hall Academy team took the stage, the entire audience quieted down.

The previous match had already shocked them too much, and the next fight should be even more marvellous.

In the second round match, the seven members the Spirit Hall Academy team sent up lacked those three people who had obtained the Purple Record Medal, and they had still won easily.

But confronting the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team was clearly different.

Among the Spirit Hall Academy team were also three new faces.

These three unhurriedly walked furthest ahead of the Spirit Hall Academy team. Even though their appearance would seem very common, and their mood also very tranquil, the feeling they gave people was like three wolves poised to spring.

The three oozed with imposing manner and confidence. Tang San saw that only experiencing countless victories, defeating countless opponents, would instill this kind of mental superiority.

The Spirit Hall Academy team uniform was white, spotless white all over, embroidered with the six emblematic designs of Spirit Hall. The three people walking in front all wore a purple book shaped badge on the left sides of their chests. That was their honorary emblem.

The one walking furthest ahead was a man, his height approximately over one meter ninety, short neat black hair standing erect like steel needles, his expression very serene, his entire body seeming to burst with intangible conviction.

Slender forceful hands hung at his sides, watching Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master Yu Tian-Heng across from him with an indifferent gaze.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Compared to him, Yu Tian-Heng’s mood was clearly somewhat excited. Provoked by Tang San’s words, by now Yu Tian-Heng’s mood was already thoroughly agitated.

On either side of that short-haired man were one man and one woman. That man had a head of fiery red long hair, draped over his shoulders and back. Even his eyes were deep red. He was equally plain, but just like that previous short-haired youth, he exuded that intangible temperament.

The only woman among them had long black hair, her appearance somewhat resembling the man furthest in front. The expressions of the three were all like cast from the same mold. This girl wasn’t particularly beautiful at first glance, but of one observed carefully, one could sense a kind of peculiar charm from her.

A familiar voice sounded next to Tang San’s ear,
“Watch these three carefully.”

Tang San turned his head to look. At some point, Dugu Bo had already arrived at his side. Dugu Bo also attentively gazed at those three. Right now, the four other team members walking behind them had completely turned into props. But those four still clearly all possessed strength over the fortieth rank.

“These three are acclaimed by Spirit Hall as the three geniuses of the Golden Generation. The black haired youth furthest ahead is called Xie Yue[1], fifty second ranked power attack system Battle Spirit King, his spirit is Moon Blade[2], a tool Spirit Master. The red haired man behind him is called Yan[3], fifty second ranked flame attribute power attack system Battle Spirit king, his spirit is Flamelord[4]. The woman on Xie Yue’s other side is his little sister, called Hu Lena[5], fifty first ranked control system Battle Spirit King, her spirit is Fox[6]. Xie Yue and Hu Lena followed each of their parents’ names and inherited each of their parents’ spirits. Among the three, besides paying attention to the two power attack system Battle Spirit Kings, you must also pay particular attention to that Hu Lena. Hu Lena possesses extremely powerful charming capabilities, and her spirit abilities all rely mainly on charm.”

Listening to Dugu Bo, Tang San nodded silently, recording every word Dugu Bo said in his heart.

Grandmaster also silently listened to the side, but his gaze had already floated over behind the stage, to that lofty Supreme Pontiff Palace. ‘Bibi Dong, is this the subject you give me?’

With the referee’s declaration, the match began.

Despite Yu Tian-Heng’s fighting spirit being aroused by Tang San, as he saw the other side’s spirits comprehensively release, he still couldn’t help being sluggish.

Of Xie Yue’s trio standing furthest in front,each had two yellow, two purple, and one black, five flickering spirit rings. Moreover it was a peak spirit ring configuration. The three condensing their formidable pressure made Yu Tian-Heng’s aggressiveness immediately weaken somewhat.

The first to move of the Spirit Hall Academy team wasn’t captan Xie Yue furthest in front, but rather his little sister, Hu Lena.

With light steps, Hu Lena only seemed to make a turn before she already stood furthest in front, a faint smile appearing on her face. She seemed to have become beautiful along with releasing her spirit, and moreover a big bushy tail appeared behind her.

Faint red rays of light appeared from her body, looking at Yu Tian-Heng with light softly flashing in her eyes, the just preparing to unleash his spirit abilities Yu Tian-Heng came to a halt once again. But his combat experience was after all abundant, and he hastily shouted,
“Don’t look her in the eyes.”

“Not looking me in the eye won’t do what? Others call me Heavenly Fox.”
Hu Lena’s voice sounded somewhat rough, but that rough voice carried a kind of special charm. Ever since she stepped out and used that expression, until these words, not one of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team had actually moved.

A strange scene had appeared. Hu Lena’s five spirit rings flickered extremely rhythmically, first that black spirit ring, then followed by the fourth, third, second, directly until finally that yellow first spirit ring. As each spirit ring fluctuated, the red light over her body became richer, and Xie Yue behind her also moved.

Xie Yue’s Moon Blade wasn’t one blade, but two. Two blades, blood red all over, curved just like half moons, one Moon Blade held in each hand. Along with his body moving now, both his arms unfolded, and he unexpectedly body tackled his little sister’s back.

A screen of red light suddenly appeared, spreading. The instant Xie Yue and Hu Lena collided, that red light unexpectedly wrapped the two of them together. At the same time, that red light also erupted in a flash, spreading just like a sphere of light, covering close to half the stage. Naturally it also enveloped the seven opponents within.

“Spirit fusion ability?”
Tang San practically blurted out.

The other five Spirit Hall Academy team members, including Yan, apparently didn’t plan to do anything. Yan even withdrew a few steps, standing together with the other team members.

The red light flickered, and the originally two people had turned into one. A person with lightly floating long hair, and apparently indistinguishable gender.

Hair having turned red, this silhouette formed from Xie Yue and Hu Lena danced quietly. Two Moon Blades having doubled in size, cut with splendor like flowing rainbows.

Indeed, this was their spirit fusion ability, Charm Demon[7].

This Charm Demon ability was different from Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell White Tiger.

Hell White Tiger specialized in attack, and this Charm Demon specialized in control. Within the range of the Charm Demon’s control, everyone’s senses were reduced by fifty percent, spirit power suppressed by fifty percent, and all actions slowed by fifty percent.

For Yu Tian-Heng and the others, within that intense red light, it became extremely difficult even to see their opponent.

The red light abruptly grew stronger, tremendous energy fluctuations blossoming momentarily. It was already basically impossible to see the situation inside from the outside.

Muffled grunts came unceasingly from behind the isolating red barrier. Figure after figure was thrown out from inside.

Scarlet blood burst forth along with the silhouettes being thrown out. Next to Tang San, Dugu Bo’s expression had already become extremely unsightly.

“They don’t want their opponents to see their strength clearly. Even though they used the spirit fusion ability, they’re only showing it off in front of you.”

Very soon, five of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team’s seven members had been thrown out. Only Yu Tian-Heng and Dugu Yan’s sharp hisses came from that red light barrier.

Along with the sharp hiss, a neither male nor female malicious voice echoed within the red barrier,
“Poison, in our domain, is just as ineffective. Dugu Yan, your poison still isn’t enough to affect me. Leave.”

Dugu Yan flew out with an explosive sound like a thunderclap. She didn’t have any scars or bruises, but blood was already spurting out wildly, the explosion directly throwing her off the stage.

Along with a final explosive sound, the red light screen finally retreated, and that hermaphrodite like figure returned to being two people.

Yu Tian-Heng stood across from them, and those two dragon formed arms trembled constantly.

“Out of consideration for your clan, we’ll spare your life.”
Xie Yue’s faint voice floated out. The Moon Blades in his hands swung lightly, and as if his body was pulled by a string, Yu Tian-Heng’s valiant figure loudly collapsed to the ground. The dragon scales on his arms scattered in all directions, blood splashing.

Slowly raising his Moon Blades, Xie Yue’s gaze floated over to the Shrek Academy team’s side, as if provoking them.

Tang San hardly feared meeting opponents, his pupils contracting, purple golden rays of light shot out.

Xie Yue’s eyes revealed a brief absentmindedness, his body swaying lightly once.

The purple golden radiance in Tang San’s eyes was only one flash. Xue Yue reacted very quickly, cold strict light flashing through his eyes, he raised his right hand and made a cutting motion across his throat, issuing a gesture of slaughter.

If Shrek Academy’s difficult victory over Star Luo Academy had shocked people, then the Spirit Hall Academy team’s main force appearing gave people an impression of overwhelming superiority. Confronting another seeded team, they actually only needed two people, defeating their opponents by relying on one spirit fusion ability. What kind of gap in strength was this?

Nobody would doubt their strength again, and even fewer would ponder over it. Plenty of people had frozen expressions. At this moment, besides Shrek Academy, no other team held any hopes for victory.

The two highlight battles gave people entirely different impressions. Shrek Academy’s display was admittedly eye catching, but with Spirit Hall revealing those three Spirit Kings, nobody was optimistic about them again.

But, the Shrek Seven Devils didn’t care, they cared about the victory today. This battle belonged to Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, and also to all of them.

When they returned to their residence, Dai Mubai had already woken up. He and Zhu Zhuqing were so excited they couldn’t calm down until nightfall.

The third round of matches had ended, and in the entire tournament only six teams remained. Two of the seeded teams had unexpectedly washed out in today’s matches, leaving only the Spirit Hall Academy team.

No need for doubt, among all the remaining six teams, the Spirit Hall Academy team’s strength counted as number one. Following closely behind, was the Shrek Academy team and the Godwind Academy team. Even though the other three teams had also broken through to the final six, they were little more than foils.

Tomorrow’s lot drawing would be very troublesome. Nobody wanted to be the first to face the Spirit Hall Academy team, that would mean running up against a wall.

[1] (邪月) “Evil Moon”

[2] (月刃) “Moon Edge”

[3] (焱) “Flames”

[4] (火焰领主)

[5] (胡列娜) The “hu” in her name is pronounced the same as the “hu” in Fox (狐).

[6] (狐狸)

[7] (妖魅) Either character can mean either charm/bewitch or demon/monster.

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