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Chapter 122

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

The first round draw was undoubtedly extremely important. If one could draw a relatively weak opponent, it would be quite an advantage for any team.

Especially to a team like Shrek Academy that would skip the second round. If they could have an easy win in the first round, then they could preserve their energy to unleash it in the third round of the competition. The true contest started from the third round on.

Flender returned very soon, his expression clearly very good, a smile on his face. Seeing his enormously self-satisfied appearance, there was no need to ask; this draw was naturally very good.

Suddenly, Flender’s face turned blank, saying to everyone:
“I have one piece of bad news, and one piece of good news. Which do you want first?”

Everyone stared blankly, and Dai Mubai said:
“Then tell us the bad news first.”

Flender lowered his voice:
“The bad news is, your first round opponent is Blazing Academy.”

“Blazing Academy?”
Everyone indeed frowned. Blazing Academy had been researching methods to deal with Tang San as well as the other students over the fortieth rank ever since the ranking competition. They were already one of the strongest teams on the Heaven Dou Empire side. They weren’t far behind even Godwind Academy.

In the ranking competition it might have looked like an easy win for Shrek Academy, but in the qualifiers they had still suffered a bit.

Of course, Blazing Academy wasn’t enough to block their progress, but encountering such a standard of powerful teams in the first round, still counted as a bad draw.

Tang San couldn’t help saying:
“Why are we running into them in every competition, it’s too kharmic.”

Grandmaster said without batting an eyelid:
“Flender. Then what’s the good news?”

Flender grinned,
“The good news is, Blazing Academy has given up on the finals, they voluntarily forfeited.”

囧...... was the face everyone made.

Liu Erlong said:
“Blazing Academy spent a lot of effort to fight their way into the finals, why would they suddenly forfeit?”

Flender spread his hands, saying:
“Don’t ask me. I don’t know either. It was announced suddenly. But no matter what is said, it’s still a great opportunity for us. We’re skipping the first two rounds.”

Ning Rongrong giggled.
“That’s right. We’ve still entered the top ten without a fight.”

Flender said:
“The competition will start right away. You all watch your opponents carefully. This is an elimination competition, hiding your strength isn’t easy. The biggest advantage of skipping the first two rounds isn’t not fighting, but rather being able to grasp our opponents’ strength even better. The ones able to enter the third round won’t be weaklings, at least not below Blazing Academy’s level.”

The finals didn’t have a big opening ceremony as expected, everything was very simple. One of Spirit Hall’s cardinals went up on stage and declared the start of the finals, simultaneously declaring the list of the battling teams. Conducted by referees specially selected by Spirit Hall, the competition began.

The two sides in the first round weren’t particularly powerful, and the Shrek Seven Devils couldn’t help whispering among themselves in the rest area.

Oscar said:
“These finals don’t appear to be as grand as the qualifiers. There isn’t even an opening ceremony. There are also pitifully few spectators, at most a few thousand.”

Tang San said:
“Even though there are only a few thousand, don’t forget that they’re all Spirit Masters. Moreover, the overwhelming majority should be Spirit Masters belonging to Spirit Hall.”

Spirit Hall should have their reasons for not permitting ordinary people to watch the battles. Didn’t the teachers say that the finals between the final three powers would be held in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace. That was the true climax of the competition. The present dullness was very possibly to prepare for then.

The first match finished very quickly, the second match was Godwind Academy against Star Luo Empire’s Dragon Sunflower Academy.

As the Shrek Academy group saw Godwind Academy’s formation, they couldn’t help standing up in shock.

The center of Godwind Academy’s formation had shockingly changed four people, and these four people were unexpectedly from Blazing Academy.

The more than a dozen academies on Star Luo Empire’s side didn’t react, but Heaven Dou Empire’s side exploded. How were Blazing Academy’s team members now in Godwind Academy?

Grandmaster’s brows wrinkled tightly, and Flender couldn’t keep from saying:

Finished speaking, he immediately left with quick steps.

The uproar below didn’t affect the match above. With Huo Wu commanding from the rear, and Feng Xiaotian and Huo Wushuang standing furthest in front, when they suddenly revealed all their spirit rings, the opponents couldn’t help feeling ice cold.

No need to doubt it, the seven people representing Godwind Academy were all Spirit Ancestors above fortieth rank. The entire match was practically a one-sided massacre. Huo Wu didn’t even have to use Defying Flame Ring.

Dai Mubai asked Grandmaster:
“Wasn’t it said that participating teams can’t change out team members?”

Grandmaster’s eyes suddenly brightened,
“They should be exploiting a loophole. Participating teams can’t change out members, but this doesn’t mean that academies can’t exchange members that are already signed up. This part isn’t explicitly prohibited. Huo Wu’s several team members were originally on the list of people participating in the finals. As long as Spirit Hall agreed, it’s not impossible for them to change academies.”

Xiao Wu said:
“Then couldn’t we do it too?”

Grandmaster shook his head,
“Too late. The competition has already started, the final quota of members participating in the finals of each team has already been set. Moreover they will all compete today; after competing, it will already be too late to change academies again. Even more, which academy would give up their own chances in the finals? Blazing Academy has bet a lot this time, I don’t know what they did to have Spirit Hall be so accomodating.”

After a while, Flender returned with a gloomy face. The answer Spirit Hall gave was very simple: As long as it was within the bounds of the rules, the committee wouldn’t interfere.

Even though the two great academies had turned into one, they had after all given up one place in the finals. In some sense, Shrek Academy was still the beneficiary.

Shrek Academy weren’t alone in protesting. A lot of academies on the Heaven Dou Empire side protested equally, but they also finally experienced Spirit Hall’s unyieldingness for the first time. Spirit Hall only gave one answer: If you don’t want to participate, you can leave. The committee will be absolutely impartial.

Heaven Dou Empire’s official didn’t weigh in. After all, Godwind Academy was still on Heaven Dou Empire’s side even after strengthening, if they could obtain a good record, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for Heaven Dou Empire.

Right now the relationship between the two great empires and Spirit Hall was still harmonious at least on the surface. They definitely wouldn’t offend Spirit Hall for such a trivial matter.

The first two rounds finished very quickly, and the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was refined to ten powers.

The third round was on the verge of starting, and it was Godwind Academy and Star Luo Empire’s second ranked team’s turn to sit out. Shrek Academy also welcomed their first battle in the finals.

If saying that nothing unexpected happened in the first two rounds, then after the lots were drawn for the third round, the atmosphere in the finals abruptly became tense.

Shrek Academy had apparently already exhausted their luck in the first two rounds. Their opponent for the third round was Star Luo Imperial Advanced Spirit Master Academy. It was also the team selected by Star Luo Empire to be among the three seeds.

However, this still wasn’t what drew the most attention. Another match was even more shocking, Spirit Hall Advanced Spirit Master Academy versus Heaven Dou Imperial Advanced Spirit Master Academy.

From the side, the collision of two seeds apparently proved the impartiality of the finals.

Without a doubt, these two matches were of the highest priority.

There was still an hour before the start of the competition; the top ten teams had already entered the grounds to conduct their preparation and warm up before the start.

“Boss Dai, what is it?”
Ma Hongjun somewhat puzzled asked. Ever since learning the results of the draw, Dai Mubai had seemed extremely gloomy, not saying a word on the whole way from the residence to the competition grounds. Entirely different from his usual appearance.

Tang San had naturally also seen that Dai Mubai’s mood was abnormal, but his perception was different from Ma Hongjun’s. Even though Dai Mubai was taciturn, Tang San could still sense that he was preparing for something.

Erupting from silence, or withering in silence. Dai Mubai’s nature was undoubtedly the former. The fighting spirit he was accumulating inside had apparently already reached its peak.

Not only was Dai Mubai in an abnormal mood, Zhu Zhuqing was as well.. But Zhu Zhuqing’s expression was different from Dai Mubai’s, those ordinarily ice cold eyes were right now brimming with agitation.

Dai Mubai didn’t reply to Ma Hongjun, but Zhu Zhuqing stood up, bending her waist to bow to everyone.

“Zhuqing, why are you doing this?”
Grandmaster’s brows furrowed.

Zhu Zhuqing gave Dai Mubai a look,
“In this match, we must win. This is the only chance for me and Mubai.”

Oscar asked:
“What’s going on? Don’t tell me you have some personal enemies in that Star Luo Imperial Academy?”

Zhu Zhuqing shook her head, saying:
“No. This is an internal clan struggle. Mubai and I are from Star Luo Empire. We each belong to two great families. The relationship between our two clans is extremely close. There’s a custom of connecting by marriage. Within the clans, only the most outstanding people can become future heirs. Mubai and I aren’t the first children of our clans. My elder sister and Mubai’s elder brother have been betrothed since childhood, and me and Mubai are the same.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

“We four are each the most outstanding children of our respective clans. Mubai and I, the reason we came to Heaven Dou Empire, was in order to increase our strength. This Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was one chance our clans gave us. Since we aren’t the first children, our chances of inheriting are very small. If we can defeat our older siblings, we have the qualifications to inherit.”

Tang San said:
“You’re saying, your older siblings are in the Star Luo Imperial Advanced Spirit Master Academy team?”

Zhu Zhuqing nodded silently,
“Originally, I thought we didn’t have any hope. But, as I came to Shrek Academy, when I met all of you, I suddenly realized that, with your help, we have a chance of victory.”

Xiao Wu couldn’t help saying:
“Is authority really so important? Even if you can inherit your clans, will you really be happy?”

Zhu Zhuqing laughed bitterly,
“It would be nice if it really was that simple. Do you really think that we regard authority as so important? No, we don’t. Our clans both have extremely special rules. In order to make the future clan heirs even more outstanding, after choosing the children to compete, they will foster these children to treat each other as personal enemies. The winner can admittedly inherit the clan, but the loser will be extremely miserable. In order to to prevent internal strife, the loser will be directly erased. Therefore, we’re not only fighting for authority, but at the same time also for our lives.”

Saying this, Zhu Zhuqing’s mood clearly became agitated,
“Do you know why I’m always so cold to Mubai? It’s because I’ve always maintained the certainty that I will die at twenty five. Even to the extent that I won’t reach that age. Mubai’s brother is six years older than him, he has the advantage in both intelligence, wisdom and strength. My sister is also seven years older than me. In competing with them, we practically don’t have any effect. Therefore, after Mubai came to Heaven Dou Empire, he chose to fall into depravity, loitering among women. With him like this, how could we have a chance to live? I was angry that he wasn’t fighting.”

Dai Mubai finally spoke up,
“Fight? Fight how? Brother is six years older than me. He’s practically the certain candidate for clan successor. Choosing me as backup was only to give my brother more pressure and propulsion. Two years ago, when I saw little San, you, Xiao Wu and Rongrong entering the academy, I finally found hope. The clan gave me until the age of twenty five. Besides intellectual level, this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament is a test of my strength. Zhuqing and I have to prevail over our older siblings while they’re participating in the tournament. They’re both almost twenty five. This match is our only chance. If we lose, then we have to find some other respect to doubly surpass them to possibly gain approval. But when they’ve obtained a lot more backing than us, that’s practically impossible. I hate my clan, but, for Zhuqing, I still won’t go back to running away. In today’s fight, even if I die, I still won’t lose.”

Evil eyes blood red, the atmosphere suddenly became oppressive. Nobody had thought that Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing would have such enormous pressure and background behind them. That was a threat to their lives.

Tang San extended his right hand, looking into Dai Mubai’s blood red evil eyes, spitting out two words:
“Certain victory.”

Oscar followed immediately after, placing his right on Tang San’s. Ma Hongjun, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong one after another did the same. When Zhu Zhuqing and Dia Mubai’s right hands also folded over theirs, the seven practically simultaneously roared,
“Certain victory.”

So far in the tournament, the Shrek Seven Devils had still never gone up at the same time. As their complete formation appeared on the stage, the remaining several Spirit Master teams on the Heaven Dou Empire side couldn’t help freezing.

Huo Wu and Feng Xiaotian stood together, they had both guessed that Tang San, Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun would appear, but they hadn’t anticipated Ning Rongrong and Oscar.

Even though Ning Rongrong had acted when the bandits attacked, the scene at that time was in chaos, and not many people noticed her.

But there had still been some omens about her. After all, at that time she had thrown herself into her father’s arms, proving she was from Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

However, people couldn’t comprehend Oscar. From the start of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament until now, he had never appeared on stage. As he now leisurely followed next to the others to appear on the stage, shocked Huo Wu and Feng Xiaotian’s group enormously.

Could it be that this was Shrek Academy’s hidden expert? Always quietly waiting to appear.

Led by Dai Mubai, the Shrek Seven Devils stood in a line, quietly standing on the stage. Dai Mubai’s evil eyes were unprecedentedly serious, quietly looking straight ahead.

On the other side of the stage, seven people were equally slowly walking up. As Dai Mubai saw that person walking furthest ahead on the other side, he couldn’t keep his eyes from shining brilliantly.

Tang San had also taken note of that person on the other side. Long golden hair draped over his shoulders and back, his face with a lazy expression, a pair of pupils with a purple luster, but not really double pupils. His appearance resembled Dai Mubai to at least seventy percent, only his stature was even taller than Dai Mubai. Even though it was very casual, that smile of his still expressed a superior attitude.

Behind him followed a tall young woman, practically as tall as him, an extremely ample figure, sheep fat white jade type skin, equally with a smile on her face, and even in this competition grounds holding the arm of the former. This young woman was very beautiful, resembling Zhu Zhuqing even more than Dai Mubai did the former.

Only she wasn’t as cold as Zhu Zhuqing.

She completely seemed gentle. In this kind of gentleness, it was even easier to acknowledge her beauty.

The youth in the lead’s gaze flitted across Dai Mubai’s face, calmly saying:
“Mubai, I really didn’t expect you could reach the finals. Being able to challenge me face to face is actually already a success to you; but you should understand, doing this will force me to strike back at you.”

“Dai Weisi[1], no need to be so understanding; when did you ever stop striking at me? In the fight today, you and I are enemies. If you have the ability, defeat me first. Otherwise, who will inherit the clan still isn’t set.”

Dai Weisi looked somewhat astonished at Dai Mubai,
“Oh, our playboy’s unexpectedly changed. Fine, I want to see what you’ve learned in these years since you left, to actually dare speak to your big brother like this. Don’t tell me that girl Zhuqing is also together with you? It seems you are finally truly prepared to confront us?”

Gaze falling on Zhu Zhuqing, Dai Weisi’s gaze was somewhat serious. Looking face to face with the young woman beside him, an ice cold light simultaneously flashed in the corners of their eyes.

“Zhuqing, unless I misremember, you should still be less than fifteen. Being able participate in this tournament, and moreover crashing through to the top ten, I don’t know whether I should say your luck is good, or your strength. However, you will stop here. Actually, dad and mom really miss you, they just can’t violate the rules of our ancestors. After the tournament, come back together with me.”
The voice of the young woman next to Dai Weisi was different from Zhu Zhuqing’s, without the ice cold, but with a heartfelt charming flavor, the soft and gentle voice very easily drawing people in.

“Zhu Zhuyun[2], no need to be so understanding. If I didn’t leave home, perhaps I would already be dead by your hands. Miss me? In our family, where does such affection exist?”
Zhu Zhuqing’s voice became even colder.

To her and Dai Mubai, the sweethearts in front of them were older, and they possessed an indelible blood relationship, but under the pressure of their clans, only one of the two sides could survive.

No matter their purpose, they all had to fight with all their strength. At least, nobody would hope for their lives to be ended so easily.

The two sides on the stage made no effort to keep their voices down, and the hearing of the Spirit Masters below was much better than that of ordinary people.

When they heard Zhu Zhuyun say Zhu Zhuqing still wasn’t fifteen years old, even Spirit Masters with extremely high self confidence couldn’t help being in an uproar.

Especially those who had seen Zhu Zhuqing fight before, had expressions that even more brimmed with incredulity.

Huo Wu was already entirely lifeless. If saying that she had imagined she could still place above Shrek Academy after uniting with Godwind Academy, then, right now she was already deep in despair.

More than four years younger than her, but strength not inferior in any respect. These people, were they actually monsters?

Thinking of this also suddenly raised another question. She had never learned Tang San’s age. Could it be that he was also that young?

The referee stepped between the two sides,
“Prepare for the match. You can release your spirits. The rules are as before, the losers will be directly eliminated, the winners will enter the top six. Shrek Academy Advanced Spirit Master Academy team versus Star Luo Imperial Advanced Spirit Master Academy. Make ready.”

Dai Mubai and Dai Weisi, Zhu Zhuqing and Zhu Zhuyun, the eight gazes of the four people collided in the air.

Dai Weisi’s gaze abruptly turned overbearing, his entire body as if unfolding, wide shoulders, equally demonic mien, in this moment appeared exceptionally grand,
“Brothers, release spirits. Let us give them a surprise.”

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

The spirit power of the seven Star Luo Imperial Academy members released in a flash. Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun stood furthest in front, and their spirit power fluctuations were also the most tremendous.

Revolving in a blink, two yellow and two purple, four spirit rings appeared over them.

Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun’s spirits were the same as their younger siblings, White Tiger and Hell Civet. Judging by the spirit power fluctuations, of these two, Dai Weisi’s spirit power was at least already past the forty seventh rank, and Zhu Zhuyun was also at least over the forty sixth.

They were the most powerful enemies the Shrek Seven Devils had faced thus far in the tournament.

Even more shocking, as the five people behind Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun released their spirits, four were above fortieth rank. Including the two in front, the number of Spirit Ancestors in the Star Luo Academy team was six. Besides the ones that already appeared the day before to shock everyone, Spirit Hall Academy and the combined Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy teams, they were the team of the ones that had appeared so far with the most Spirit Masters over fortieth rank. Even more, Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun’s strength was so outstanding.

In terms of overall strength, they wouldn’t be below the combined Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy.

Star Luo Imperial Advanced Spirit Master Academy was different from Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. It couldn’t be entered by relying on status and money.

But, shocking Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun, the Shrek Seven Devils provided everyone an extremely frightful shock.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s bodies lit up, equally with two yellow and two purple, four spirit rings. Horrifying the bystanders into speechlessness even more, was the unassuming Tang San.

Two yellow, one purple, one black. Four spirit rings appeared in a flash. All the academies that had advanced on the Star Luo Empire’s side couldn’t help crying out simultaneously.

The shock still hadn’t ended, as next to these three, the other four had exactly the same spirit rings, all with two yellow and two purple, ideal configurations.

The Shrek Academy team that hadn’t appeared in the previous two rounds unexpectedly had seven Spirit Ancestors with optimal spirit ring configurations and strength over the fortieth rank. In just a split second, the pressure from the spirit rings greatly reduced the previous vigor of Star Luo Empire. Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun’s faces also finally changed.

Zhu Zhuyun somewhat forgot herself as she looked at Zhu Zhuqing,
“No, this is impossible. When you left home you were just twenty something ranked. In these two years, how could you have broken through the fortieth rank?”

When Shrek Academy reached the finals, they had already drawn the attention of Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun. But in their consciousness, they hadn’t really cared about their younger siblings.

After all, there was that age gap. With their innate talents not much different, how could they possibly catch up to the two of them? Even finding out that Shrek Academy members were the champions of the ranking competition didn’t change their way of thinking.

As one of the three seeded teams, the only opponent in their eyes was Spirit Hall Academy’s team.

But after Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing truly unveiled fortieth rank strength in front of them, Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun’s hearts were both shocked and brimming with killing intent. With such an age gap, but their strength already about to catch up, if they were given a bit more time, the result later would truly be uncertain.

Even if they violated the tournament rules, they still had to as far as possible end it in this match.

Dai Mubai looked coldly at Dai Weisi, and naturally read that killing intent from the eyes of this elder brother. In talent, Dai Mubai was originally a bit better than Dai Weisi, and with innate evil eye double pupils, he received even more attention since childhood. Otherwise he also wouldn’t have been chosen as Dai Weisi’s opponent.

At this very moment, even though the competition still hadn’t begun, his heart was already incomparably carefree.

Since childhood, each time Dai Weisi had seen him, there had been that thick disdain and contempt deep in the corners of his eyes, he had never been considered an opponent. But right now, he found seriousness and dread in Dai Weisi’s eyes. All this was something he had relied on his own strength to take.

“Begin match.”
Along with the referee’s shout, this attention-grabbing match finally began.

“Rongrong, give me spirit power.”
As they released their spirits, both sides already formed up. Tang San swiftly withdrew behind Dai Mubai, Xiao Wu took a step forward, taking Dai Mubai’s left side. Ma Hongjun was still as ever, protecting the two support Spirit Masters in the rear.

The loud shout came from Tang San. When Ning Rongrong released her spirit she was directly behind them. At least from the front the brightly colored light of her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda couldn’t be seen.

Hearing Tang San’s directions, a purple spirit ring flared concurrently. A line of dazzlingly bright light entered his body, and along with it was still a pink flash thrown from Oscar’s hand.

White Tiger Barrier already appeared over Dai Weisi. Their spirits were the same, and even though his spirit abilities weren’t exactly the same as Dai Mubai’s, the first three were still identical. After all, these three spirit abilities was the optimal conclusion their clan had obtained after countless revisions.

Tang San without the slightest hesitation threw the pink light from Oscar into his mouth. Instantly, a faint layer of pink light merged with the bright light that leapt up as Ning Rongrong poured it into him.

Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun moved.

Dai Weisi took the lead, tyrannical imposing manner releasing on all sides, White Tiger Vajra Transformation also launching at this moment, unexpectedly by himself suppressing Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu.

No need to doubt it, his spirit power was the strongest of everyone present. His choice at this time was the most proper. He was even more tyrannical than Dai Mubai, the imposing manner cultivated over several years in the top position wasn’t something Dai Mubai, this melancholy dreamless brother, could compare to.

Behind Dai Weisi, Zhu Zhuyun also moved. A supporting light shot into her from behind her back, and Zhu Zhuyun disappeared practically instantly. With a flicker, her entire body only left behind faint afterimages in the air, drawing an enormous arc, curving around the side, going straight for Tang San.

Clearly, they already considered Tang San’s black spirit ring as the biggest threat.

Tang San didn’t even seem to notice Zhu Zhuyun’s arrival, his face very serious, the light of his fourth spirit ring rushing out, dense black rising with all its strength under the boost of the stimulating pink sausage and Ning Rongrong’s fourth spirit ability spirit power boost. Instantly, he was completely covered in a black layer. At the same time, in his right hand, surging blue light completely condensed in his palm with hardly anything showing outside. His palm just slowly closed.

Ding—— Zhu Zhuyun’s illusory silhouette halted in midair, because an equally fast silhouette suddenly blocked in front of her.

Zhu Zhuqing and Zhu Zhuyun’s fierce collision in midair left behind a trail of sparks.

In terms of strength, Zhu Zhuqing was still very inferior to Zhu Zhuyun, there was after all still a gap of five ranks or so between them in spirit power. However, don’t forget that behind Zhu Zhuqing was still the unprecedented Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit Master Ning Rongrong, with speed amplification, using Three Aperture Governing Heart to focus on her, directly increasing her speed by forty percent. To agility attack system Spirit Masters, speed and attack power were directly proportional. Even though Zhu Zhuyun also had the speed boost from her companion behind her, how could the effect compare to the world’s number one support spirit?

Zhu Zhuyun’s shock didn’t make her pause, she of course saw that Tang San was just about to release that terrifying ten thousand year spirit ring ability. From Tang San’s storing power circumstances she clearly understood that this spirit ability absolutely wasn’t any small matter, no matter what she couldn’t let the opponents fully use it.

The two sisters continuously collided in midair like shooting stars, countless sparks glittering in the air from the collision of their claws.

The battle on the other side had already begun. Meeting Dai Weisi’s domineering pressure wasn’t Dai Mubai, but Xiao Wu. Figure flashing, Xiao Wu already appeared in front of Dai Weisi. Her second spirit ability, Demonic Confusion, released along with her eyes turning pink.

Dai Weisi snorted coldly, the radiance in his eyes suddenly growing sharply, unexpectedly completely disregarding Xiao Wu’s Demonic Confusion ability. Under the boost of White Tiger Vajra Transformation, a White Tiger Light Wave shot out at her. At the same time he sped up, tiger paws opening, his target still Dai Mubai.

However, in the end he still underestimated Xiao Wu. In just an instant, Xiao Wu shocked everyone.

Teleportation launched, dodging the White Tiger Light Wave attack. The next moment, Xiao Wu’s body was suddenly covered by a layer of golden light, and she wound directly around Dai Weisi.

As the chief heir to the clan, Dai Weisi possessed the formidable White Tiger Spirit, and prodigious talent.

His real combat experience was naturally extremely plentiful.

Faced with Xiao Wu’s sudden change, he wasn’t flustered at all, White Tiger Vajra Transformation with White Tiger Barrier instantly rising to the limit. Rich white light gushed out of his body, he wanted to use his own superior spirit power to directly bounce away Xiao Wu.

But, Dai Weisi miscalculated. The instant the white light over his body touched the golden light Xiao Wu released, the white light unexpectedly didn’t have the slightest blocking effect. The next moment, Xiao Wu’s scorpion braid already swept out, firmly twisting around his neck.

Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, fourth spirit ability, Paragon Golden Body[3], launched.

To Xiao Wu, there was no spirit ability that suited her better than this.

[1] (戴维斯) Could also be read “Davies”, but let’s keep family names consistent

[2] (朱竹云) “Vermillion Bamboo Cloud”

[3] (无敌金身)

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