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Chapter 117

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

The two people didn’t walk quickly, both following a certain rhythm, their gazes all along fixed on their opponent. Even though the match still hadn’t started, they were already looking for weaknesses in the opponent. Even though they were only forty something ranked, at such a young age they already revealed the demeanor of grandmasters.

Four eyes, met two hearts trembling simultaneously. As outstanding young Spirit Masters, they could both see something of their opponent’s element. They both understood that this match inevitably wouldn’t be simple.

The referee indicated that both sides could release their spirits.

Raising his right hand, the familiar blue light issued from Tang San’s palm. His appearance still didn’t hint at his talent, his expression calm.

Feng Xiaotian issued a shrill howl, a layer of faint cyan light rushing out of his body. Along with the appearance of the cyan light, his body clearly changed. With the sound of cracking bones, his muscles and bones swelled simultaneously, his body clearly growing larger. His long hair was also rendered cyan, and most peculiarly, a wolf’s head protruded from his left shoulder.

The cyan wolf’s head had a cold gaze, staring fixedly at Tang San, traces of cold air constantly being released.

Stormwind Doubleheaded Wolf, a variation of Stormwind Demon Wolf. The Stormwind Demon Wolf was a kind of high level spirit, but it’s variation also became a two-headed wolf, already turning it into a kind of close to top level spirit.

It was precisely by relying on this variant spirit that Feng Xiaotian had attained the record he had today. Forty fourth rank at twenty four made him a genius among geniuses. If not for Tang San’s many turns of fortune, and also the growth assistance of the immortal herbs, as well as the boost of the orthodox school internal strength method Mysterious Heaven Skill, his talent also might not come out any stronger.

Feng Xiaotian’s already wasn’t as impulsive as yesterday, his appearance as calm as Tang San’s.

“Tang San.”

“Feng Xiaotian.”

The two addressed each other.

Feng Xiaotian gazed at Tang San,
“This year I’m twenty four, at my spirit awakening when I was six, I had innate full spirit power. My achievements today are all what I have put aside, bit by bit. I admire your strength. But today I must beat you. Whether for my Godwind Academy team, or for Huo Wu, I cannot lose.”

Tang San smiled calmly, looking at his opponent without comment. But the staunch light in his eyes still told Feng Xiaotian that he also wouldn’t renounce the match. He clearly carried the glory of Shrek Academy.

“Match start.”
The referee declared. The two people in the center of the ring moved practically simultaneously.

Feng Xiaotian accelerated in practically an instant, charging directly at Tang San, cyan light and shadow playing behind his back, his speed strangely incomparable.

Tang San was alarmed. According to what he knew, Feng Xiaotian should be a power attack system Spirit Master. But right now, the speed Feng Xiaotian boasted wasn’t inferior to a fortieth ranked agility attack system Spirit Master.

How come?

Tang San didn’t spend much time thinking about it. The instant Feng Xiaotian launched himself at him, his first spirit ring was already brightening, sharp wolf claws ejecting from his palm, a sharp pitiless gaze locking on Tang San. Before he even arrived, his wolf claws were already swinging, ten half crescent wind blades splitting the air, sealing all Tang San’s routes of escape.

Stormwind Demon Wolf’s first spirit ability was Wind Blade, but Feng Xiaotian with the Stormwind Doubleheaded Wolf spirit’s spirit ability was Wind Blade Burst[1]. With ten times the quantity, it could clearly be seen how much more powerful his first spirit ability was compared to ordinary Stormwind Demon Wolves. This was the innate advantage of high level spirits.

Did the burst truly seal all directions? Tang San’s movements gave the answer.

Feet moving lightly, dashing forward simultaneously, his figure moving in swift flashes. Nobody could clearly see Tang San’s footwork as he instantly transformed into a flash. Feng Xiaotian was startled to discover that he was actually unable to lock down Tang San’s aura.

Leaning east, turning west. The originally seemingly undodgeable ten wind blades were unexpectedly penetrated by Tang San, without the slightest injury.

Feng Xiaotian’s gaze focused. Right now there was less than five meters until they clashed. At this range, there was only enough time for one move.

Tang San didn’t release his Blue Silver Grass, but rather simultaneously cut out with both hands, directly grabbing for Feng Xiaotian’s body. But Feng Xiaotian also didn’t use his spirit abilities again, and his wolf claws rose to meet Tang San’s swatting hands. They both unexpectedly chose to depend on their spirit power to fight without spirit abilities.

From this alone, Tang San saw Feng Xiaotian’s confidence and strength. Spirit Masters had limited spirit power, and no matter what level spirit ability, all would consume some spirit power. But in a purely physical fight, the spirit consumption would be a lot less. In attacking without clearly understanding the opponent, the one to attack first would be at a disadvantage. That they didn’t use spirit abilities right now didn’t mean that they weren’t prepared to use them. If the opponent’s spirit ability launched, they could also certainly instantly launch their own spirit abilities to counter.

Tang San’s right hand cut at Feng Xiaotian’s right hand. Feng Xiaotian’s wrist turned, sharp wolf claws already scratching Tang San’s palms. He possessed a Beast Spirit, so his physical boost would clearly be more powerful than Tang San with a Tool Spirit. As his wolf claws scratched Tang San’s right hand, even Feng Xiaotian was somewhat astonished. He believed that in circumstances where their levels didn’t differ much, if Tang San’s hand was injured by him, then he wouldn’t have any chance.

However, as the two hands directly touched, Feng Xiaotian discovered his mistake.

Tang San’s hand was lustrous like jade, even the most beautiful girl couldn’t possess hands like these. But this lustrous like white jade palm was even harder than steel, and the wolf claws only struck a series of sparks on Tang San’s palm, without leaving even a mark.

The pain from the rebound of the wolf claws made Feng Xiaotian’s heart shiver, and with plentiful combat experience, he immediately launched his first spirit ability once again.

Facts proved that Feng Xiaotian’s choice was correct. Tang San’s Mysterious Jade Hand could already feel his pulse, and if Feng Xiaotian had reacted a beat slower, allowing his hand to fall into Tang San’s Mysterious Jade Hand’s grasp, this fight would immediately have lost all suspense.

Five wind blades burst out. The distance between the two was really too close. The wind blades impacting in Tang San’s Mysterious Jade Hand suddenly resounded with a series of brittle sounds.

Separating in a flash, Tang San and Feng Xiaotian retreated simultaneously. But at this moment, a strand of Blue Silver Grass also quietly stretched up after Feng Xiaotian’s feet.

Tang San’s feet hit the ground, already shooting up once again, he basically didn’t plan on giving Feng Xiaotian any time. Relying on the incomparably solid Mysterious Jade Hand, under the assistance of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, he approached once again. This time, he was completely striking at Feng Xiaotian’s chest.

Feng Xiaotian was currently indescribably shocked. He hadn’t expected that Tang San’s physical fighting strength would actually be at this level. He had the intense premonition that if Tang San launched an attack close to his body, then he would be chanceless.

In this crisis, Feng Xiaotian reacted with matchless speed, fiercely leaping back, pulling open the distance between the two of them in an instant. Not only did he escape Tang San’s attack, but also the Blue Silver Grass Binding coming at him from below in the key moment.

‘Such speed’, the expression in Tang San’s eyes grew serious. He already understood a lot from Feng Xiaotian’s speed. As Grandmaster’s disciple, regarding variant spirits, Tang San also knew a lot. What Feng Xiaotian revealed right now seemed to be the capability of an agility attack system Spirit Master. Was his title as power attack system Spirit Master bogus? No, of course not.

From Feng Xiaotian’s speed, Tang San had already vaguely estimated that with the Stormwind Doubleheaded Wolf, the benefits produced by both heads perhaps lay in both power attack and agility attack. The attack and defense of a power attack system Spirit Master, further adding the speed of an agility attack system Spirit Master, could it be he was that powerful?

Since understanding the true essence of the spirit, and after figuring out those questions in his heart, Tang San’s attack method had a great change compared to before. As a control system Spirit Master, his spirit abilities were almost all used for controlling enemies. However, he was also a Tang Sect disciple. Was there any difference between Tang Sect’s martial abilities and those spirit abilities? No, of course not. Even though right now the inability to use hidden weapons and poison enormously weakened the strength of Tang San’s Tang Sect martial skills, Tang Sect’s capabilities were even more practical than that. As for those control spirit abilities, they would be better to steel the edge at the crucial moment. No need to use normally, as long as they were used, they would have to be released like an arrow, to cause the opponent the biggest attack.

At the same time as Feng Xiaotian retreated, he no longer hesitated again. After a brief probe, he had already discovered that even as a power attack system Battle Spirit Master, it would be very difficult for him to get an advantage over Tang San in a physical battle. Right now wasn’t the time to wonder why Tang San’s hands were so solid, but rather how to obtain the victory in this match.

Therefore, when Feng Xiaotian retreated, his second and third spirit rings brightened simultaneously.

A pair of enormous cyan wings extended from Feng Xiaotian’s back. And at this moment, cyan light and shadow condensed behind his back, the appearance of the Stormwind Doubleheaded Wolf. Set off under that enormous dazzling image, Feng Xiaotian soared into the air, the wings on his back beating only once, using the wind, his body already shot straight up, rising more than fifty meters in the air. That was a distance Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass couldn’t even hope to reach.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Looking at this scene, all the Shrek Academy members’ faces couldn’t help changing. In the previous matches, even though Godwind Academy had a lot of members that could fly, as the captain as well as a power attack system Spirit Master, Feng Xiaotian had never done so. Right now, suddenly soaring into the air, with enough spirit power, he had clearly already placed himself in an invincible position. Without using hidden weapons, it seemed very difficult for Tang San’s attacks to influence him.

Seeing Feng Xiaotian’s sudden flight, Tang San didn’t panic. While staring fixedly at his opponent, he unhurriedly walked into the center of the ring.

Feng Xiaotian’s wings spread easily in the sky, gazing at Tang San below him,
“Tang San, you’re even more formidable than I had imagined. However, even if you were more formidable, today I’ll still definitely beat you. Next, I’ll use attack you with my own created spirit ability. Careful. The spirit ability is named: Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive Chops.”

Listening to his opponent, Tang San took a firm stance with half angled feet, replying to his opponent with one word,

The words ‘created spirit ability’ no doubt shocked everyone present. In fact, even though created spirit abilities couldn’t form naturally the way spirit abilities from spirit rings did, any Spirit Master that could create their own spirit ability would be alarmingly outstanding of their generation. Created spirit abilities appeared as a combination of all one’s circumstances, and consequently, they were even more practical.

The doubleheaded wolf image behind him gradually merged with Feng Xiaotian, that was his second spirit ability, Double Wolf Body Enhancement. Under circumstances like these, his attack, defense, and speed would all increase by fifty percent. Further adding his third spirit ability, Stormwing Wings, his condition was boosted to its peak. It was also only under the assistance of these two spirit abilities that his created spirit ability could be revealed. In some sense, his created spirit ability wasn’t much different from his fourth spirit ability, and moreover it consumed a bit less spirit power.

With a long howl, Feng Xiaotian moved. His body dropped from the sky like a meteor from the heavens. Strangely, those enormous unfolded wings didn’t make a sound as he descended. The cyan light filling the air was completely withdrawn. Right now his wings were perfectly angled.

A lack of wind sound meant that the drag resistance was even smaller. Only a wind element Spirit Master like him could find the best angle in the wind like this. The knife sharp edges of the wings glittered with a deep cyan light in the sunshine. Those so called Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive Chops would clearly issue from the edges of these wings.

Blue Silver Grass soared up, forming countless vines, directly twisting at the descending Feng Xiaotian.

Feng Xiaotian’s seemingly courageous advance through the air deflected slightly, changing direction the instant he was on the verge of coming into contact with the Blue Silver Grass.

Light appeared over the wings, Blue Silver Grass snapped. Those twisting Blue Silver Grass were unexpectedly completely unable to stop him for even a moment. Cutting one after another, he went straight for Tang San.

Tang San made an extremely brazen act. Both fists swinging, he simultaneously struck at Feng Xiaotian’s wings, at the shoulder.

The instant before the attack, Feng Xiaotian’s wings had completely merged with his arms, this was also a significant reason why his wings had such tremendous attack power.

Feng Xiaotian couldn’t spare his fuel, seeing Tang San’s fists attack, he also wanted to see just how solid Tang San’s hands actually were. Adjusting his body slightly, his shoulders bizarrely pulled back, making the knife sharp edges of his wings meet the lustrous white fists of Tang San.

With an explosive sound, Feng Xiaotian soared up. Tang San’s hands weren’t the slightest bit injured, and under the boost of the second spirit ability, Double Wolf Body Enhancement, Feng Xiaotian also didn’t suffer any injuries.

An ache reaching the marrow of his bones made Feng Xiaotian’s gaze turn monstrous. Were those really hands? He clearly knew that when he fully used thirty six successive chops to attack with his wings, he had once cut open a one meter thick block of granite.

Feng Xiaotian was struck flying, and Tang San didn’t feel any better. His feet had completely sunk into the ground, and his face had a faintly reddish tint, his qi and blood bubbling up.

Their trains of thought flashed through their minds like lightning. Feng Xiaotian’s attack wouldn’t stop, and Tang San’s defense continued.

Feng Xiaotian with the ability to fly didn’t return to a high altitude like Tang San had imagined, he only made a large turn in the air, then his right wing once again chopped down. This time it was in a batch. Feng Xiaotian’s single wing flashed successively, constantly changing trajectory in order to dodge Tang San’s fists. That his fist was solid didn’t mean that his body was. If that powerful guillotine like blade hit his body, perhaps…...

A purple gold light appeared in Tang San’s eyes. He only quietly watched that brandishing wing. When the wing was less than a meter away from him, both his hands rose once again, blasting out simultaneously once more.

With a peng sound, Feng Xiaotian was inconceivably sent flying once again. He couldn’t understand how, under his utmost control, Tang San could still find the trajectory of his wing. This was practically impossible.

How could he know that Tang San, born of Tang Sect, had eyesight that someone of this world basically couldn’t compare to. Let alone the edge of his wing, even if it was countless hidden weapons coming from all directions, Tang San could still shoot down each and every one.

Feng Xiaotian was shocked, but Tang San was also equally shocked. Because he discovered that under Feng Xiaotian’s second chop, even though it was only one wing, in fact, the force of this attack was even greater than before. This discovery immediately made Tang San inwardly somewhat suspicious.

Their astonishment didn’t have the slightest effect on their battle. Feng Xiaotian flew another turn in the air, his wings alternating to attack, starting the third and fourth chops.

Tang San also simultaneously used his Mysterious Jade Hand to receive the two attacks.

The facts proved that Tang San’s judgement was correct. These two attacks of Feng Xiaotian’s, one was stronger than the other. Even though the increase in strength wasn’t much, Tang San’s arms were already stinging. His Mysterious Jade Hand had, after all, still not been cultivated to its peak, and the opponent’s successive attacks made Tang San’s hands ache.

Tang San suddenly smiled. Who could have thought that he would actually still smile at a moment like this. In four attacks his calves had already sunk into the ground, and previously Feng Xiaotian had said that this Stormwind Demon Wolf chop would strike altogether thirty six times. At present, not only did Feng Xiaotian’s attacks grow stronger and stronger, but the attack speed was also increasing. Speed and power were directly proportional, his created spirit ability’s foremost feature was that it exploited speed and gravity to constantly boost his attack power.

Tang San understood that even though Feng Xiaotian could complete thirty six chops, at the end, if he could truly continue to stiffly take the attacks, perhaps Feng Xiaotian’s wings would directly snap under the force.

Feng Xiaotian’s spirit power was two ranks higher than Tang San’s, and further adding this growth, how could Tang San continue to take his attacks? Right now, an extremely sharp spirit power was already breaking out in Feng Xiaotian’s surroundings, and even if Tang San wanted to launch his second spirit ability, Parasite, it still wouldn’t have any effect. Even his third spirit ability, Spiderweb Restraint, might be cut under the constantly growing sharp blades. What could Tang San do now? Release Eight Spider Lances and fight back?

No, Tang San wouldn’t do that.

Feng Xiaotian’s attack made Tang San recall something in his past, recall the time when he sometimes wouldn’t have any food, the least glamorous time.

In the crack between Feng Xiaotian’s fourth and fifth chop, black light rushed out of Tang San’s right hand, an unremarkable little hammer appearing in his grasp. Just at this moment, there was suddenly a bursting sound under Tang San’s feet, as the ground where his legs were stuck suddenly collapsed into a large hole.

Half turning, Tang San grasped the hammer with both hands, calves generating strength, spreading through his legs to his waist, through his waist to his back, from his back to his arms, fully half turning, that only one chi[2] long little hammer in his hands rising from below, directly meeting Feng Xiaotian’s fifth chop.


This time Feng Xiaotian flew out especially high. If they could be seen, then this time one could definitely spot a tiny fracture in his wing. The violent pain already turned Feng Xiaotian’s face deep red.

At the same time as his body turned, he looked with shock at the little hammer that had appeared in Tang San’s hands. At this moment, there wasn’t enough time to think about how his opponent suddenly had a weapon. The referee hadn’t called for a halt, that proved that his opponent hadn’t broken any rules.

Actually, how could he have known that the referee was already staring stupidly.

The two rotated practically simultaneously, only one was in the sky, one was on the ground. Feng Xiaotian’s wings struck down once again, and the little hammer in Tang San’s hands swung up once again. Violent collisions resounded repeatedly like rain against palm leaves.

Whether it was Tang San or Feng Xiaotian, they were both turning faster and faster. In a moment, there had already been more than ten collisions.

In the judges’ seats, emperor Xue Ye’s gaze was frozen. Platinum bishop Salas’ gaze was frozen. One might say that as long as they were sixtieth rank or over, Spirit Masters more than fifty years old, right now their hearts were shuddering.

What was that? What was that black little hammer? What did it represent? None lacked absolute clarity in their hearts.

That wasn’t a weapon, at least it wasn’t a weapon one carried, it further wasn’t something stored in a spatial spirit tool. That was a spirit, a true spirit, a spirit that had produced immeasurable glory in the Spirit Master world. The peak existence on the pyramid of tool spirits. It represented a sect, represented countless powers. It represented the most powerful force and attack.

That was, the Clear Sky Hammer.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Blue Silver Grass and Clear Sky Hammer, one heavenly, one in the dirt. But these two spirits appeared simultaneously on one person.

Nobody knew how this was possible, nobody knew. But the only thing that appeared in their minds right now, was just one term. Twin spirits.

Clear Sky School, Clear Sky Hammer, twin spirits. Three phrases in the Spirit Master world vocabulary that shocked the nerves of each person.

Even though Tang San didn’t make it clear, what he was using right now was the sect spirit ability possessed only by the Clear Sky School, Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

Reportedly, at its peak, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method could be swung nine times nine, eighty one times, the force of the hammer increasing with each swing. Even a true god would be unable to withstand the eighty first and final swing.

Even though the Clear Sky Hammer was so small in Tang San’s hand, and also seemed so ordinary, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method belonged to only this family. Right now, there was basically nobody who doubted his identity.

A directly related Clear Sky School descendant. Only directly related Clear Sky School disciples could learn the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

The word ‘genius’ was apparently already insufficient to describe the youth in the center of the ring, the glory he carried was even more brilliant than the light of his four spirit rings.

Emperor Xue Ye was extremely regretful. Regretful that his little brother would let such a person slip by. The people of the Clear Sky School hadn’t appeared on the Continent for many years. With great difficulty managing to meet one, and a directly related disciple at that, if he could rope him in, then……

The shock in Salas’ eyes gradually turned into a cold light. Twin spirits. It was unexpectedly twin spirits as well. No, this absolutely wasn’t something such a lowly peasant could possess. Moreover he was still from the Clear Sky School. No matter what, this boy had to die. No matter what.

At this moment, there were no longer a trace of doubt in his heart.

When Tang San unleashed the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, Feng Xiaotian’s destiny was already fated to be tragic.

It had to be said that Feng Xiaotian was an exceptionally talented Spirit Master, and the might of this spirit ability he created was also out of the ordinary. Escaping danger by a hair’s breadth, launching Thirty Six Successive Chops from midair was enough to defeat opponents even stronger than him.

Unfortunately, he was facing a monster. A monster among monsters from Shrek Academy.

Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method could be said to be a peak existence among amplifying spirit abilities. Standing on the ground, it was a lot easier for him to issue strength than for his opponent.

With each of Feng Xiaotian’s chops, the amplification depended on speed and the force of gravity. But with each of Tang San’s swings, the amplification relied not only on these, but also on his physical strength.

In gravity, could Feng Xiaotian’s body weight compare to the already five hundred jin[3] heavy Clear Sky Hammer?

Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method had always been used by Tang San for forging. He had practiced it far, far too many times already. In the previous several clashes, Feng Xiaotian could still compete equally with Tang San, even so much that he held the upper hand. But after the tenth swing, he could only step by step retreat in defeat, just like a piece of iron forged by the Clear Sky Hammer, constantly pounded, flying up. By now, the arms fused together with his wings were already completely numb.

Feng Xiaotian wanted to stop. But he discovered that he was unable to accomplish it. Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer seemed to be sticky, pulling at his body. Even if he didn’t want to continue using Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive chops, he couldn’t do anything about it.

At this moment, Feng Xiaotian revealed the demeanor of a power. When he was about to use the nineteenth chop, with a shrill howl, cyan light rushed out of his whole body.

With a loud bang, clouds of blood rained in all directions, Feng Xiaotian had unexpectedly forcibly shocked his own wings to pieces.

Countless pieces of blood and flesh attacked straight at Tang San with a powerful energy, and because he didn’t have wings to control the air streams, Feng Xiaotian’s body flew out at an angle under the enormous momentum.

A hero breaking his wrist[4], truly a hero breaking his wrist. Even if the wings weren’t part of his four limbs, they were still condensed by Feng Xiaotian himself. Breaking the wings wasn’t something that could be recovered in just a day or two.

But it was also just this that saved Feng Xiaotian’s life.

Tang San could control the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method himself, but he couldn’t clearly see the opponent’s condition. With Tang San’s current strength, he could at most use the Disorder Splitting Wind hammer method forty eight times. But after thirty six times, it would already be something he couldn’t control. Moreover, this was only the first time he used this hammer method with the Clear Sky Hammer, and as he did, he discovered that the Clear Sky Hammer would emit a kind of peculiar force field. With the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method in perfect harmony with the Clear Sky Hammer, the resulting might was more than he could imagine.

But there was also an issue. The Clear Sky Hammer was too heavy, ten times heavier than ordinary forging hammers. Thus, even though he could control the rotation, stopping was a lot more difficult. In fact, when using the Clear Sky Hammer, once he reached twenty four swings it would already be very difficult to control that terrifying force. At that time, Feng Xiaotian stuck in the Clear Sky Hammer’s forcefield would practically certainly die.

Right now Feng Xiaotian broke his wings and fell, and the flesh and blood from his shattered wings also couldn’t injure Tang San. The Clear Sky Hammer’s whirlwind type swings engulfed those onrushing fragments and sent them out, throwing them directly to the ground. And Tang San also relaxed his body, swinging around and around more than ten turns before he managed to find his balance, his face pale.

Even though Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer didn’t have any spirit rings, his spirit power was still forty first rank. That using the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method with such spirit power was still so difficult, clearly showed how terrifying this Clear Sky School’s sect spirit ability was.

A dizzy feeling constantly assaulted Tang San’s brain. He withdrew the Clear Sky Hammer in practically the first instant, since he was already practically unable to hold on to that frightening tool spirit.

By now, Tang San’s spirit power consumption was enormous, and the burden on his body far exceeded what it did before.

The two were more than ten meters from each other. Even though one stood and one had fallen, neither’s body was in particularly good shape, gasping for big mouthfuls of breath.

Gazing at each other, they didn’t have any intent of giving up.

Actually, it really wasn’t that Tang San wanted to use the Clear Sky Hammer, but rather that at the time, if he didn’t use it, he basically couldn’t think of any way that could block the opponent’s Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive Chops, even Eight Spider Lances might not have any effect. After all, this created spirit ability’s attack power grew constantly, and with the boost from two spirit rings, it was Feng Xiaotian’s certain kill technique.

Tang San had thought of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, and used it immediately. This was also the result of his combat experience. He had made the best decision in the shortest time. It was precisely because of this that he could successfully defeat his opponent.

Even though they had used up about as much strength, Feng Xiaotian’s injuries were serious after breaking his wings. The competition between these two was about to end.

“Twin spirits, yes?”
Crawling up with difficulty, Feng Xiaotian’s voice sounded somewhat bitter.

Tang San sighed inwardly. When he used the Clear Sky Hammer he had already understood that it would be impossible to keep this secret. But he didn’t regret it. At least he had won this fight, and brought Shrek Academy to the summit for the first time. At the same time he also more and more felt the importance of the Clear Sky Hammer. Even though he couldn’t give it any spirit rings right now, always hiding it didn’t have any advantages to him. Therefore, he didn’t regret it. At least, right now he also had Grandmaster there, with powers like Flender and Liu Erlong to protect him, as well as the attention and support of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Even if someone went after him for his twin spirits, it wouldn’t be so easy.

Tang San had already thought about it. Once this tournament was over, he would follow Grandmaster to find an uninhabited place and cultivate assiduously. Not being able to acquire some achievements didn’t bother him. Once that time came, at least he would have the strength to protect himself. At least he would also refine some of the more terrifying Tang Sect hidden weapons for self protection.

Nodding, Tang San didn’t deny it,
“A hammer called clear sky.”

“Clear Sky Hammer?”

“It seems my loss wasn’t an injustice. It’s no wonder Huo Wu would choose you over me. I’m no match for you. Perhaps I won’t be able to get a better record even in the finals. I’ve lost. Godwind Academy concedes.”

Tang San sighed, saying:
“Actually you didn’t really lose to me. You only lost to your own created spirit ability. Your Stormwind Demon Wolf Thirty Six Successive Chops was just countered by me. Otherwise, to whom the deer would fall in this match might still be hard to say. Moreover, there’s something I have to tell you. There’s no relationship between Huo Wu and me. Even so much that we’re not even friends. If you like her that’s your matter, don’t get me involved.”

“What did you say?”
Feng Xiaotian’s eyes opened wide, even to the extent that he had already forgotten about the pain of his broken wings.

Tang San smiled indifferently,
“I never lie.”

The match ended. Because of the previous bet, Godwind Academy directly declared that they gave up on the match. And in the match on the next day, Shrek Academy’s opponent also directly forfeited.

Fourteen rounds of the ranking competition, fourteen successive victories. Among all the fifteen teams, Shrek Academy ranked number one, obtaining the peak position in the Heaven Dou Empire region. This time, Shrek Academy had one after the other beaten Blazing Academy, Botanic Academy, Skywater Academy, Thunderclap Academy, as well as the Godwind Academy. Their record proved their true strength. There was nobody who called into question who Heaven Dou Empire’s strongest academy team was. And such a glorious achievement, was the result of the common efforts of the entire Shrek Academy team.

[1] (风刃列阵) “Wind Blade Arranged as a burst”

[2] 1尺 = ⅓ m

[3] 500斤 = 250 kg

[4] When a warriors wrist is bitten by a poisonous snake, he should cut it off to prevent a worse fate.

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