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Chapter 116

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Grandmaster stood calmly in the Shrek Academy contestant’s area, attentively watching the two people about to start the match, his facial expression serene. Even though Dai Mubai wasn’t the last of Shrek Academy’s list of members today, to him, this was the final match.

Just as Spirit Hall platinum bishop Salas said, the reason why Shrek Academy could so easily defeat their opponents in this match, besides their own strength, was Grandmaster’s close to perfect strategy.

The collision between both sides finally began. Lightning serpents rushing out, Yu Tian-Xin roared, soaring up, leaping directly at Dai Mubai.

In battle style, with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit, he was undoubtedly the same as Dai Mubai, a power attacker among power attackers. Within the veins of all directly related Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan disciples flowed extremely aggressive blood. Attack was the best defense, only attack, this could most directly defeat the opponent.

Blue Lightning Dragon Claws erupted simultaneously, launched by Yu Tian-Xin were two dragon claw energies. This was what made the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit formidable. The spirit’s might would increase somewhat with each level it grew. Equal spirit abilities when used at different levels would receive the spirit’s own boost. As a first rate spirit, Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon doubtless possessed this kind of advantage.

Dai Mubai didn’t dodge. In this kind of battle, whoever dodged first would have lost the match. Therefore, he not only didn’t dodge, but on the contrary went to meet it with an even more tyrannical stance.

Both used their first spirit abilities, and under the effect of the White Tiger Barrier, white light rushed out. Sharp tiger claws ejected, and the four palms of dragon and tiger collided violently in midair.


Two silhouettes flew back practically simultaneously. Electric serpents coiled around Dai Mubai, his long golden hair fluttering without wind under the agitation of the lightning, the white tiger fur on his arms standing upright.

The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon’s thunder element wasn’t something the Thunder Spider could compare to. Having received these Blue Lightning Dragon Claws, Dai Mubai’s body was enduring a powerful attack of lightning.

But his opponent wasn’t any better off. Yu Tian-Xin’s dragon scaled palms each had five deep white scars, cracks already appearing in the scales. The sharpness and strength of the white tiger claws equally left their mark on him.

Judging by the first collision, both sides were apparently equally matched.

Faint golden light appeared from under the white tiger fur. The vajra immortal defense the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum provided Dai Mubai quickly dispersed the threat of the lightning. Both sides had practically only just landed before they shot out once again, again charging at each other.

Dai Mubai had consumed only a slight bit of spirit power in the previous fight, and his level was two ranks higher than Yu Tian-Xin, right now the two’s spirit power could be said to be exactly equal. This fight would be settled between both sides’ spirit and spirit abilities. The one with more combat experience, with the more powerful spirit, could obtain victory in this match.

Neither side hesitated, Evil Eye White Tiger third spirit ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation, launched.

Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon third spirit ability, Thundergod’s Fury, launched.

The strong white light turned golden, Dai Mubai’s body abruptly filling with power and grandeur, the white fur covering his body turning completely golden, that black ‘king’ mark on his forehead appearing clearly. Muscles brimming with explosive force, this time, even the sharp blades of his tiger claws were rendered golden. His attack power reached the limit of what he could handle right now. Under the effect of White Tiger Vajra Transformation, Dai Mubai’s might had doubtless grown to its most terrifying degree.

Yu Tian-Xin’s Thundergod’s Fury and Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Vajra Transformation were doubtless different tunes played with equal skill. Thunder abilities increasing a hundred percent, spirit power increasing a hundred percent. Doubtless the manifestation of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit’s power. The intense blue light completely turned blue purple, a layer of lightning forming just like armor over his body. That pair of dragon claws clearly became even larger, and the cracks left behind by the tiger claws completely disappeared.

This moment, both sides’ spirit power had already reached their peak, the true collision, began.

Outside the ring, whether it was the students of the academies, or those imperial household knights, right now there was no gaze that wasn’t focused in the ring. This was a collision of true powers, truly brilliant.

Even though both sides only had forty something ranked spirit power, the formidable spirits and their ruthless demeanors proved their terror to all. Even the Spirit Master world powers in the VIP seats with spirit power exceeding theirs couldn’t help being excited. Whether it was Yu Tian-Xin or Dai Mubai, their certain conviction in victory already infected all the observers.

“Fifteen Tons Of Thunder.”

“White Tiger Light Wave.”

Their second spirit abilities erupted under the effect of their third spirit abilities. A rich golden light sphere shot out, and meeting it was countless blue purple lightning arrows.

The split second the dazzling purple and golden light collided, the entire ring seemed to brighten to rival the sun.

The tremendous spirit power fluctuations made the entire heart of the ring shudder. Neither side used any technique, it was only a contest of pure spirit abilities. The more it was like this, the more dangerous it was. If either side was forced into a disadvantage, then the match would immediately end. Moreover, the losing side was bound to end up seriously injured.

With another loud sound, the colliding two once again flew out after contact, two bodies in different directions.

Wisps of blood trickled from the corners of their mouths. The strength of the two sides had reached an extremely terrifying degree. They didn’t seem to have changed much, but their heaving chests showed how great an influence the collision just now had on them.

Yu Tian-Xin gazed fixedly at Dai Mubai, and Dai Mubai also gazed fixedly at him. Dai Mubai’s opponent was no doubt the trump card among trump cards of Thunderclap Academy. In the young generation of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, Yu Tian-Xin and Yu Tian-Heng had always been considered the most outstanding twin stars. There had never been much difference between them in strength, only because Yu Tian-Heng was slightly younger than Yu Tian-Xin did he receive a bit more attention.

In order to overtake Yu Tian-Heng, in order to gain a bit more approval from his family, Yu Tian-Xin had never dared relax for a day. He had invested even more effort than his more talented younger cousin. Before joining this tournament he had already thought that he must definitely reach the finals to openly and upright defeat his cousin, to prove to the entire Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan that he was the most outstanding future heir of the clan.

Without even meeting Yu Tian-Heng, how could he lose?

Dai Mubai was doubtless one of Shrek Academy’s geniuses. Before Tang San arrived, even Ma Hongjun’s talent was inferior to his. Double pupil evil eyes, unusual disposition. As early as the day he was born, he was already destined to be out of the ordinary.

Coming to Heaven Dou Empire against his will, coming to Shrek Academy, was in order to become more powerful. Prevailing over opponent after opponent. In his heart, the word ‘defeat’ had never existed. He couldn’t lose, he wouldn’t lose. Confronting an opponent of the same level, his heart was brimming with thirst for victory and perseverance.

These two collided together like needle point to wheat awn. The outcome would only be decided by their ultimate strength.

Finally at this moment, with equal pride, even to the extent that they wouldn’t use technique, to them this match was also a battle of honor. They had to use absolute strength to defeat their opponent, and no technique. With extremely similar styles, they had both made this decision as early as when they first collided. Nobody could change their decision.

Without using spirit abilities, the two bodies collided once again. This time, it was a purely physical battle.

Tiger claws and dragon claws each struck their opponent’s body, each erupting with formidable force.

Dragon scales radiated in all directions, tiger fur flew into the air, the argument of dragon and tiger completely entering a white hot phase.

Each time they collided they would both inevitably be harmed, blood began to flow, line after line of scars began to appear on these two valiant men.

However, their gazes were still stubborn, hardly concealing their thirst for victory.


Dai Mubai’s palms struck his opponent’s chest, and Yu Tian-Xin’s dragon claws also struck his shoulder. The two once again flew out in response. Only this time, they couldn’t control themselves to stand firm, and practically simultaneously tumbled to the ground, rolling and leaving a wide gap.

Spirit power was rapidly consumed under the effect of their third spirit abilities. Dai Mubai crawled up, Yu Tian-Xin also crawled up, but he was still half a beat slower than Dai Mubai.

Their facial expressions could no longer be made out, and their clothes were even more stained with blood.

Sounds were issuing from Dai Mubai’s bones because of the exertion, and his evil eyes were already brimming with madness.

“Come, let us decide the outcome. Whoever can still stand here in the end will be the victor.”
His ice cold and monstrous voice was overbearing. Even though he was still only seventeen, right now he already appeared a man of indomitable character.

Yu Tian-Xin made his reply without the slightest hesitation. The two spit out a mouthful of blood practically simultaneously, their formidable spirit power once again condensing.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Outside the ring, Zhu Zhuqing’s gaze was already numb. She all along watched Dai Mubai attentively, and when she saw the wildness in those double pupil evil eyes, the agitation in her heart almost couldn’t be contained.

She and Xiao Wu were different. If Tang San was injured, Xiao Wu would definitely anxiously want to rush over immediately. But not Zhu Zhuqing. Even though she had never given any hints of it, in her heart, from the year she was born, the owner of those evil eyes was already destined to be her man.

Seeing her man reveal his power on the battlefield, she would never try to stop him. If she could, she would accompany him to fight together. If she was an observer, then she would only stay an observer. She wouldn’t worry about Dai Mubai’s outcome. If he won, she would treat his wounds. If he died, she would follow him. Her man, was the most powerful man, as she truly saw Dai Mubai’s character, she had long ago resolved that she would never let her tears become a factor to influence him.

Golden light again turned white, and sphere after sphere of light began to fill Dai Mubai’s surroundings.

The blue purple light vanished, again returning to blue, line after line of lightning snakes condensed, transforming into a one meter long serpent.

Evil Eye White Tiger fourth spirit ability, White Tiger Meteor Shower.

Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon fourth spirit ability, Blue Divine Dragon Envy[1].

This was the final collision to settle victory or defeat. Without any decorations, only a contest of full strength.

In the VIP seats, emperor Xue Ye was already standing. His face was very grave. When the regent stood, how could others remain seated? Including the teachers and students of all the academies, right now they also all stood to watch the final outcome of the match. Regardless of the outcome, the scene of these two people’s might would be imprinted in their hearts.

Their third spirit abilities were already on the verge of collapsing, only this final moment with it as base to launch their fourth spirit abilities was the key to victory or defeat.

Yu Tian-Xin knew it, Dai Mubai knew it. Therefore, they made the same choice. This moment when they launched their final attacks was also the moment the outcome of the match was settled.

When White Tiger Light Wave met Fifteen Tons Of Thunder, it was Dai Mubai’s spirit power that was the most condensed, the opponent’s scattered. And this moment, when White Tiger meteor Shower met Blue Lightning Divine Dragon Envy, it was just the opposite.

Countless white meteors rushed out, rendered completely golden as they flew through the air.

The blue serpent bared its fangs and moved, meeting that meteor shower to decide its destiny.

The violent collision made the entire ring groan lamentingly, large clumps of soil bursting into the air from the intense explosions. The split second the explosions began, nobody knew whether in the end the dragon would extinguish the meteors, or the meteors would break the dragon. The full outcome emerged after several breaths.


The dust from countless explosions hid the silhouettes of the two domineering men. In the ring, the blossoming earth condensed into a rising mushroom cloud. The blast wave caused by the violent spirit power forced the closest of the distant students to urge their own spirit power to resist it.

The Heaven Dou Empire flags around the ring flapped madly before this impact force.

It was over, everything was over.

As the dust settled, as all the dazzling light vanished, as dragon and tiger disappeared simultaneously, everything was already over.

The two were still standing. Two men riddled with scars and bruises, neither had collapsed. Standing there, they gazed at their opponent. Unmoving.

Yu Tian-Xin smiled, Dai Mubai also smiled. Even though their smiling expressions seemed very rigid, they were still brimming with sincerity.

“Very powerful. Even stronger than I imagined. Is this your true strength? It’s my loss.”
Even though he was unwilling, it had to be admitted. Yu Tian-Xin said this calmly.

Dai Mubai indifferently said:
“No, you didn’t lose. Even though this match is your loss. However, your heart didn’t lose to me. I look forward to the next time we collide again.”

The last word slipped from Yu Tian-Xin’s mouth. The next moment, he was finally completely unable to control his body, and like a collapsing golden mountain, or toppling jade pillar he loudly smashed into the ground. The dragon scales on his arms ruptured in the same instant, blood flying in all directions.

Dai Mubai still stood, his back perfectly straight, slowly turning with difficulty, his gaze first falling on Grandmaster, afterwards on Tang San, Ma Hongjun, Oscar, this group of companions. He seemed to say to everyone, ‘I won, Shrek won.’

His evil eyes finally fell on that ample beautiful figure, and Dai Mubai finally saw her smiling face, as if a glacier had melted. The next moment, that melting glacier transformed into a line of shadow that grew in front of him.

Everything became vague, as if seen through a layer of mist. Dai Mubai did his utmost to open his eyes wide, seeing clearly that shadow growing in front of him. However, several dozen blood arrows suddenly shot out of his body, his tall and robust body slowly toppling to the ground. Just into the embrace of that swiftly dashing over silhouette.

Blood stained their bodies. Zhu Zhuqing didn’t cry, she smiled, even though right now her smile wasn’t particularly good looking.

Pulling her man in close, she helped him straighten his back once again. Because she knew that her man would never surrender on the battlefield.

Just like this, with her practically carrying his entire weight, they step by step left the ring.

Shrek Academy versus Thunderclap Academy. Shrek Academy won. Twelve successive victories.

Even though this competition was already over, nobody could forget the scene of that bitter struggle for a long, long time. This match couldn’t be said to have a true winner. Because both sides participating were still young. They still had time. Their true contest should be in who could first touch the boundary of the summit.

The day’s matches ended. Tang San carried the already conscious Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing propping up Dai Mubai, and Shrek Academy prepared to return to camp. Worth mentioning was that Zhu Zhuqing refused to let anyone help her, insisting on supporting Dai Mubai by herself. Even though she didn’t cry, and she also didn’t say anything, her especially beautiful eyes were long since completely red.

“Tang San.”
One person blocked the Shrek Academy’s path back to the camp.

Ma Hongjun frowned,
“What’s up with this? Why is it every time someone stops us?”

This time it wasn’t Huo Wu, but rather that frequently laughing, trying to worm his way into being friends man. Skywind Academy team captain, Feng Xiaotian.

Tang San handed over Xiao Wu to the others, coming over in front of Feng Xiaotian. He could confront men a lot more smoothly than he could confront Huo Wu,
“What do you want?”

At the start of the ranking competition, Feng Xiaotian had frequently come strolling over the the Shrek Academy’s side, but afterwards he hadn’t been seen again.

Feng Xiaotian drew a deep breath, suppressing the emotions that threatened to burst out of his heart at any time,
“The draw ended just now. Tomorrow, we will be opponents.”

Tang San attentively watched Feng Xiaotian. Just like Grandmaster had judged, Shrek Academy’s luck was bad. Just after confronting Thunderclap Academy, they would right away confront another power, and moreover very possible the most powerful opponent in this competition apart from Shrek Academy.

Feng Xiaotian fixed his eyes on Tang San, his expression long since lacking that laughing smile,
“Tang San, today you just fought Thunderclap. I don’t want to take advantage of you. Tomorrow, I will go up first. I hope you will also be first. Let the two of us decide who is the final champion of the ranking competition. If I lose, Godwind Academy will concede.”

Tang San stared blankly. From Feng Xiaotian’s manner of speaking, he clearly sensed a somewhat harsh intent. He didn’t understand why the frequently laughing fellow in front of him would suddenly become so serious. But the feeling Feng Xiaotian gave people right now was somewhat restrained.

The Shrek Academy group’s gazes all focused on Tang San, nobody speaking up.

Tang San shook his head,

Settling the outcome in one fight didn’t have any disadvantages to Shrek Academy. Dai Mubai was injured, clearly unable to participate in tomorrow’s match. This was a huge disadvantage for Shrek Academy. But Tang San still didn’t agree.

“Don’t you dare?”
Feng Xiaotian’s gaze turned provoking in a split second.

“We are a team, I can’t make decisions for my friends by myself. I can only represent myself, I can’t represent the entire Shrek Academy team.”
Tang San calmly said.

Feng Xiaotian’s character suddenly became irascible,
“Tang San, you coward. I only want to straightforwardly fight you. Just like Dai Mubai did with Yu Tian-Xin today.”

Seeing Feng Xiaotian’s eyes gradually redden, even though Tang San didn’t know why he was like this, he also didn’t ask.

“Agree with him, little San. We trust you.”

“Give him a battle between men. If I’m not mistaken, his reason for raising this request should be related to Huo Wu.”

In successful conquests in matters of the heart, perhaps nobody in the entire Shrek Academy could compare to Dai Mubai. With his incisive gaze, these days as spectator had already let him long since see through Feng Xiaotian’s thoughts towards Huo Wu. And Feng Xiaotian also hadn’t reappeared since that day Huo Wu came to find Tang San. Connecting all of this could very easily explain Feng Xiaotian’s conduct today.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Grandmaster also nodded to Tang San,
“Since it’s like this, let one fight settle the outcome. In tomorrow’s battle, the final result will be decided by the two of you.”

Seeing each of his comrades nod to him, Tang San again faced Feng Xiaotian.

“Fine, I accept your challenge.”
At this moment, Tang San’s gaze abruptly turned severe. The aura accumulated within him erupted like a volcano, resolutely striking Feng Xiaotian.

Feng Xiaotian subconsciously retreated a step, but very quickly stepped forward again, their auras colliding violently.

“If you lose, afterwards I hope I won’t see you by Huo Wu’s side again.”
Feng Xiaotian spoke while practically gnashing his teeth.

Tang San coldly said:

Finished saying this, he held Xiao Wu and left with the Shrek Academy party without turning his head.

The smell of gunpowder on this side naturally attracted the attention of others, and this of course also included Blazing Academy.

Huo Wushuang looked at the somewhat lifeless little sister next to him,
“Is this what you wanted to see?”

Huo Wu vacantly shook her head,
“I don’t know.”

Huo Wushuang spoke with a deep meaning in his eyes.
“Then who do you hope will win tomorrow’s competition?”

Huo Wu blinked. She suddenly discovered that she didn’t really seem to thirst for beating Tang San.

Returning to camp, everyone gathered at Dai Mubai’s side. After careful inspection, Grandmaster, Flender and the others discovered that Dai Mubai’s injuries really weren’t so serious. For the most part it was only superficial wounds, his bones were very normal. With a few days of rest he would heal naturally. Spirit Masters had much better recovery ability than ordinary people.

But the news from Thunderclap Academy’s side was completely different. Yu Tian-Xin had suffered serious injuries, and let alone recovering, whether he could at all participate in the finals was an issue. Lei Dong was even more crippled by Dai Mubai’s single move, there was no hope of recovery without several months of rest.

There indeed wasn’t much difference between Dai Mubai and Yu Tian-Xin in strength, especially after the former had consumed some spirit power in advance were the two even more evenly matched. Only Dai Mubai himself clearly understood that his victory in this fight was thanks to that Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum. Vajra immortal. Not only did it help him block a lot of the damage from the lightning, it also protected his bones and energy channels. And his opponent, who should have had an advantage in defense from his Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon spirit was directly put at a disadvantage.

But he didn’t express any gratitude to Tang San. Friendship between brothers needed no words.

In order to let Dai Mubai rest, just like when Tang San was injured, they specially cleared a room for him. Even though nobody said anything, Zhu Zhuqing very naturally stayed behind.

“Do you want to eat something? I’ll go get it.”
Looking at the mummified Dai Mubai, the ice chill on Zhu Zhuqing’s face had long since disappeared, the gentle gaze making her big eyes seeme even more beautiful.

“I’m not hungry. Zhuqing, come here.”

Zhu Zhuqing walked over to Dai Mubai’s bed, pulling over a chair to sit.

Dai Mubai grabbed Zhu Zhuqing’s hand,
“Didn’t you always hate me?”

Zhu Zhuqing glanced at him,
“Why would I hate you?”

Dai Mubai smiled wryly:
“Because of my improper past. If it wasn’t for these matters getting back, how would you have come to find me? Honestly, I didn’t expect that your father would actually let you come to Heaven Dou Empire.”

Zhu Zhuqing calmly said:
“You really think I came to find you and stayed cool because of those love affairs?”

Dai Mubai stared blankly,
“Don’t tell me it wasn’t?”

Zhu Zhuqing shook her head,
“No. A man’s romance isn’t wrong, as long as it isn’t vulgar. That’s no big issue. But you’re different, you’re not an ordinary person. You should understand how much cruelty there is in your future. I don’t want my man to sap his will with trifles, some day dying under a woman’s skirt. Mom told me that if I can’t marry a true man, it would be better not to marry at all.”

Radiance pulsed in Dai Mubai’s evil eyes,
“You came in order to supervise my cultivation?”

Zhu Zhuqing looked at Dai Mubai, a somewhat cold intent in her eyes,
“If you can’t fulfill my expectations, not only won’t I marry you, I’ll kill you. Then kill myself.”

Dai Mubai laughed bitterly,
“You really are worthy of being his daughter, this is just your family’s style.”

Zhu Zhuqing indifferently said:
“What’s wrong with that? If I was afraid of this, your father also wouldn’t have let me become your fiancée. That day I became your fiancée, your destiny was already changed. Destiny can’t be changed by ordinary people. The marriage between us isn’t just about the two of us, it also relates to our clans and……”

Speaking up to here, Zhu Zhuqing suddenly stopped. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to continue, but rather that she had been pulled into Dai Mubai’s fierce embrace.

Heavily kissing Zhu Zhuqing’s lips, Dai Mubai was practically wildly demanding.

Zhu Zhuqing was purely cool, she would appear to still be calm, but her trembling body in his embrace betrayed her heart.

After a long time, their lips parted. Dai Mubai released Zhu Zhuqing, the latter’s breath already ragged, her charming face flushed,
“I really doubt whether you’re only fourteen.”

Zhu Zhuqing nibbled her lip,
“You’re one to talk. Of us, who appears to be like just teenaged children? Besides Ma Hongjun the dean picked up, and Oscar from a commoner’s background, who of us five doesn’t have a story behind us? I can’t see through Tang San, and Xiao Wu is equally impenetrable. Even Rongrong isn’t as simple as she would seem on the surface.”

Dai Mubai frowned,
“What are you saying this for, no matter what their backgrounds are, as long as you remember that we will forever be comrades, that’s enough.”

Zhu Zhuqing didn’t refute it, but rather quietly nodded. Being together through life and death several times, commonly resisting powerful enemies, even though the Shrek Seven Devils all had their secrets, that would influence their feelings for each other.

Regardless of how many wounds he had reopened from the previous exertion, Dai Mubai once again pulled Zhu Zhuqing into his embrace,
“Tell me, do you want to be my wife right now?”

Zhu Zhuqing went blank, raising her head to look at Dai Mubai’s penetrating gaze, silently nodding.

Dai Mubai suddenly smiled,
“I remember that you just said that a man’s romance isn’t wrong. As long as it isn’t vulgar. Right. You’re forteen, so I can’t do anything to you. I’ve already held back for very long.”

Zhu Zhuqing’s gaze suddenly turned severe, grabbing a pair of scissors used for bandages to the side, gesturing a few times towards Dai Mubai’s lower body,
“Try it. I don’t care about what you did before I recognized you as my fiancé, but now you’re my man, you can only be mine alone. If I learn you’ve gone out to do bad things, unable to keep track of that thing of yours below, I’ll help you get rid of it.”


The rotten smile on Dai Mubai’s face froze. Looking at Zhu Zhuqing, regarding this girl’s heart, he really didn’t know whether it was love or hate.


The thirteenth round of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was about to begin. To the majority of the participating academies, the final ranking as already settled and had already begun to throw the final few matches, ensuring as far as possible that their participating students wouldn’t be injured, starting to prepare for the finals. But, two academies still had a mood of swords drawn and bows bent. Those were Shrek Academy and Godwind Academy with twelve successive victories.

Each academy had to fight in fourteen rounds. Shrek Academy and Godwind Academy’s final round opponents weren’t powerful, and victory was practically without question. Therefore, deciding who would become the first ranked academy in Heaven Dou Empire would depend on this match today. A collision between two completely victorious teams.

And this match, since Feng Xiaotian’s challenge to Tang San yesterday, had already become a battle between two people.

The previous six matches of the day had already ended. As the highlight of the day, the Shrek Academy versus Godwind Academy battle had been moved last.

Godwind Academy’s team members stood in a line, Feng Xiaotian standing in front of them.

“Brothers, do you trust me?”
Feng Xiaotian asked in a low voice.

These team members capable of participating in the tournament were all the Godwind Academy’s elite students on the verge of graduating, they hadn’t been together with Feng Xiaotian for just a day or two. But this was the first time they had seen him make this kind of expression.

The leftmost team member said without the slightest hesitation:
“Captain, go. No matter the outcome, we will all support you. If you can’t defeat this Tang San, then it’s still impossible for us to win this ranking match. You’re our captain, you’re also our core. I support you.”

The others also nodded in succession.

Feng Xiaotian sighed,
“Tang San’s words yesterday made me think very deeply. Before, I always considered our team to be my own. But I was wrong, the team consists of all of us. Brothers, thank you for your support. No matter what, I will exhaust all I have in this match.”

“Captain, no matter the outcome, we will back you.”

When Tang San and Feng Xiaotian walked out from different directions, all the spectating academies were already in an uproar. They clearly hadn’t expected both Shrek Academy and Godwind Academy to dispatch their strongest members first.

Godwind Academy team captain Feng Xiao Tian, forty fourth ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Ancestor, spirit: Stormwind Doubleheaded Wolf[2].

Shrek Academy team vice captain Tang San, forty second ranked control system Battle Spirit Ancestor, spirit: Blue Silver Grass.

[1] (蓝点神龙疾) Not too sure on the translation here.

[2] (疾风双头狼)

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