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Chapter 118

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

The competition ended, undoubtedly with another impassioned boost and encouragement for emperor Xue Ye. Next, the finals would start very soon. That was the true battle to decide which academy was the most powerful on the Continent.

As regent, emperor Xue Ye naturally couldn’t leave Heaven Dou City unattended. After the end of his speech, emperor Xue Ye declared that crown prince Xue Qinghe would represent him as Heaven Dou Empire’s envoy, to take the task of judging the tournament. And Heaven Dou Empire’s fifteen teams would accompany him personally on the way to a city on the common border of the two great empires where the finals would take place. The finals would be arranged by Spirit Hall.

There would only be three days for all the teams to rest. After three days, the altogether fifteen teams plus teachers and an escort of five hundred imperial household knights, a party of more than a thousand people, would leave for where the finals would be held. Spirit City.

Originally the finals weren’t at all arranged by Spirit Hall, but for some reason, Spirit Hall suddenly issued an alteration. This tournament’s ultimate finals would be held in the main city of Spirit Hall. This city practically entirely belonged to Spirit Hall. Situated on the border of the two great empires, the empires had no authority over it. Most importantly, one of the two great palaces that symbolized Spirit Hall, Supreme Pontiff Palace, was located in Spirit City.

This recently constructed Supreme Pontiff Palace was reputed to be the grandest building in all the Douluo Continent. Spirit City had also become the holy land of all Spirit Masters due to the construction of this Supreme Pontiff Palace, making it like a capital city Spirit Hall had established for itself.

From Heaven Dou City to Spirit City was almost twenty days on the road. The finals wouldn’t last for very long, as it was a knock-out competition. Altogether thirty three teams could settle the outcome in less than ten days.

Spirit Hall attached extreme importance to the finals this time. While the ranking competition was ongoing, Spirit Hall had already started to set up the site for this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament finals. At the same time, Spirit City had decreed that non-Spirit Masters couldn’t enter to see the competition. Not even nobles. Like this, they increased the mystery of the finals somewhat.

Ordinary people wouldn’t feel particularly satisfied with Spirit Hall’s decree. After all, to ordinary people, Spirit Hall was a remote and exalted existence. Spirit Hall was the shrine, the holy land in their hearts. If the lord Supreme Pontiff had personally decreed it, who would dare say anything?

A crowd of more than a thousand people set off grandiosely. Even if the academies all had their own arrangements, they still all represented Heaven Dou Empire, compared to the previous qualifiers and ranking competition, the taste of gunpowder was somewhat fainter. Especially the academies with better relationships even travelled together.

Shrek Academy still drew the most attention, but those academies whose strength was lacking didn’t want to get close to them. And the four elemental academies also kept a much lower profile, perhaps because of their defeats in the ranking competition.

In order to let the competing team members rest even better, Heaven Dou Empire had arranged altogether fifteen enormous luxurious carriages, specially for the team members to ride in and rest.

These carriages even used some spirit tool technology as foundation, giving them extraordinary shock absorption. Riding them was unusually steady. Of course, the entire Douluo Continent’s spirit tool technology circulation was only clear here.

From the day they set out, Shrek Academy was one person less. One very important person. Grandmaster.

Even the Shrek Seven Devils didn’t know where Grandmaster had gone. Grandmaster didn’t even tell Tang San, only quietly leaving by himself the day after the end of the ranking competition. He also didn’t bring Liu Erlong. It made emperor Xue Ye who planned to invite him very disappointed.

“Xiao Wu, your adopted mother doesn’t seem to have been in a very good mood over these days! What’s going on?”

Sitting in the carriage, Ning Rongrong leaned forward to whisper a question next to Xiao Wu’s ear.

Xiao Wu helplessly shook her head, saying:

“I also don’t know. Only my mom’s character was bad from the start. Everyone better be a bit careful for a while. Don’t provoke her anger by any means, otherwise you’ll only be out of luck.”

Ma Hongjun said to the side:

“Who would dare provoke the tyrant dragon, and a flame breathing one at that?”

Dai Mubai unhappily gave him a glare,

“Be quiet, do you want to kill us? If my guess is correct, then teacher Erlong’s bad temper recently is related to Grandmaster leaving. However, since she still hasn’t flipped out, she should know where Grandmaster went. Really strange, little San, how come even you don’t know where Grandmaster is?”

Tang San smiled faintly, saying:

“I wouldn’t know what Teacher has to do. Boss Dai, recuperate properly. Otherwise you won’t be able to go on stage in the finals, wouldn’t that be painful?”

Dai Mubai snorted,

“Even if it’s just three or four days, my wounds have already closed. No matter what you say, defeating Yu Tian-Xin’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit this time was more important than anything. Alright, everyone don’t waste time. This carriage really is good, cultivating isn’t a problem. All of your spirit power has almost broken through. Cultivate quickly. Fight to gain a rank before the competition. Like this we can also increase our chances.”

Tang San nodded, his gaze sweeping across everyone,

“The true threat to us is still Spirit Hall’s hand picked team. Only by defeating them will we obtain ultimate victory. That is our greatest test since the forming of the Shrek Seven Devils.”

On mention of that team, everyone’s expressions dropped. They’d already heard from Tang San about the strength of their future opponents. Especially those three who had obtained Spirit Hall’s Purple Record Medal, opponents who had broken through the fiftieth rank before the age of twenty five. Even if the Shrek Seven Devils all had the potential to do this after taking the immortal treasure herbs Tang San had given them, right now they still hadn’t reached that kind of level.

Confronting that kind of opponents in the tournament was no doubt exceptionally difficult with their current strength. But the opponents already existed, so they couldn’t back down.

How to defeat their opponents had already become a subject they’d constantly considered over these few several days. But Grandmaster wasn’t here, and nobody provided them with any tactics, they could only drill with Tang San as center.

Tang San saw everyone’s heavy gazes and sighed lightly, saying:

“What I’m most worried about isn’t those three fiftieth ranked opponents. If they’d only assembled three fiftieth ranked Spirit Masters and four fortieth ranked Spirit Masters, then we wouldn’t have been without chance. My Eight Spider Lances and twin spirits should be able to withstand one. Boss Dai and Zhuqing’s spirit fusion ability should also be able to persevere against two. With Rongrong and little Ao’s assistance, we might not be without the strength to fight. What worries me the most right now is whether they possess spirit bones or spirit fusion abilities. If they still possess these abilities, then it hardly seems possible for us to win.”

Oscar said:

“Little San, didn’t you say before that Spirit Hall brought out three spirit bones as rewards for the champions this time? Since the rewards are spirit bones, it should be in order to encourage those Spirit Hall team members. This way it seems that the chance that they possess spirit bones is close to none. After all, spirit bones can’t just be seen everywhere. That Spirit Hall can bring out three is already very generous.”

Tang San nodded:

“You’re right. Therefore, what we need to pay attention to right now is the possibility that they can use a spirit fusion ability. In our tactics, we have to make sure to control this aspect.”

Faint light flickered, Tang San’s face revealing a trace of ice cold radiance, his hands folding across his chest. With each flicker of light in his eyes, the atmosphere would distort slightly. Faint purple gold color made the gazes of the other six Shrek Seven Devils focus on him, but nobody interrupted him. Everyone knew that Tang San had certainly thought of something.

“Blazing Academy brothers, can I come in?”

Feng Xiaotian followed alongside the Blazing Academy wagon, yelling inside.

After his match with Tang San that day, even though he had suffered heavy injuries, what Tang San said had undoubtedly also given him a bit of hope. In fact, as soon as his body could endure it a bit, he had run over to find the figure of his heart.

“Brother Feng, what’s the matter?”

The carriage curtains stirred, revealing Huo Wushuang’s face.

Feng Xiaotian smiled somewhat awkwardly,

“It’s nothing, is little sister Huo Wu here? I came to apologize to her.”

Huo Wu’s beautiful face appeared next to Huo Wushuang,

“What do you have to apologize to me for? You did nothing wrong.”

Seeing Huo Wu, Feng Xiaotian’s eyes first brightened, then his face immediately turned regretful,

“Little sister Huo Wu, I let you down! I couldn’t complete the task you entrusted me with.. I still lost to Tang San. I……”

“No need to say anything, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Huo Wu interrupted Feng Xiaotian,

“I didn’t expect that Tang San to still be hiding strength. He really was too strong. Only, since he’s a Clear Sky School descendant, a lot is explained. A loss is a loss. Right now I only want to see whether he can defeat the other opponents in the finals, what ranking he can obtain.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

On mention of Tang San, Huo Wu’s eyes revealed a somewhat peculiar luster. Her attachment to pursuing strength was in no way inferior to any male Spirit Master. Tang San’s strength no doubt held a great attractive force to her. Of course, it wasn’t the kind of attraction between opposite sex. The only thought in Huo Wu’s heart was how to surpass Tang San, defeat Tang San. Even if Tang San saved her life that day, she was still unable to expel that kind of thought from her mind.

Feng Xiaotian probed:
“Then, little sister Huo Wu, that matter between us……”

Huo Wu frowned, replying:
“What matter between us?”

“Eh…… This. I was talking about, the matter of us associating.”

Suddenly, Huo Wu’s eyes brightened, her gaze at Feng Xiaotian changing somewhat,
“Get on the carriage.”

Feng Xiaotian was already prepared to be rejected, but he hadn’t expected Huo Wu’s sudden change in mood. He hastily leapt on the carriage.

As he saw the charming Huo Wu sitting in the carriage, he couldn’t keep his pulse from speeding up.

Huo Wu said to Huo Wushuang:
“Ge, take everyone off for the moment. I have something to talk to Feng Xiaotian about.”

Huo Wushuang looked at his little sister, a questioning light in his eyes.

Huo Wu signaled him with her eyes.

When Feng Xiaotian heard Huo Wu wanted to talk to him alone, his pulse accelerated continuously. He who was always jocular, when he was sealed into this space with Huo Wu alone, he on the contrary felt cramped. Rubbing his hands, he didn’t know what he should say.

“Big brother Feng. I know you’ve always liked me.”
The first to speak up was nevertheless Huo Wu.

Feng Xiaotian feeble-mindedly looked at her, muttering:
“Your next line wouldn’t be, big brother Feng, you’re a good person, but we don’t suit each other. If it’s really a rejection, then don’t say anything. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to stand it.”

Looking at Feng Xiaotian’s feeble-minded appearance, Huo Wu couldn’t hold back a laugh,
“I give you some color and you start to paint the road. That wasn’t my intention.”

Feng Xiaotian pleasantly surprised said:
“Then you’re saying, you’ll agree to go out with me?”

“Pah, in your dreams. I asked you in to consult with you about something.”
Huo Wu snapped.

Feng Xiaotian grinned, his past appearance returning,
“Well said! Anything is fine. Speak.”

Huo Wu muttered:
“Big brother Feng, do you feel that the finals still have any meaning to us?”

Feng Xiaotian looked distracted a moment,
“What do you mean?”

Huo Wu said:
“Do you believe we can defeat Shrek Academy? Or the two teams from the two great empire academies, or those abnormals from Spirit Hall?”

Feng Xiaotian laughed bitterly,
“Want me to tell the truth? I’m afraid it’d be very difficult.”

Huo Wu snorted,
“Is it very difficult? Rather basically impossible. Shrek Academy’s depths are very deep. I think you also noticed that in the qualifiers, they basically didn’t use their full formation. Finally in the ranking competition, their number of fortieth rank Spirit Masters increased to four. And moreover it increased by that powerful fatty. Fire Phoenix Spirit is one of the highest level spirits.”

Feng Xiaotian sighed,
“After losing to Tang San, I didn’t consider these questions. Even as a team we still might not have much of a chance to defeat Shrek Academy. Their full strength is too powerful. Moreover the control capability Tang San revealed in the qualifiers as well as their teamwork, they basically won’t give us a chance. As far as I’m concerned, the finals might only be for experience.”

Huo Wu fiercely shook her head,
“No. Not necessarily. We still have a chance. This is also the reason why I asked to consult you. I want to let Blazing Academy give up on the qualifications for the finals.”

“Ah? Why?”

“Being able to reach the finals after so much effort, and you’re giving it up?”

Huo Wu indifferently said:
“Of course I’m not casually giving up. I want to let Blazing Academy and your Godwind Academy form an alliance. We’ll form a joint team for the finals.”

Listening to Huo Wu, the dream in Feng Xiaotian’s heart now disappeared completely, frowning,
“This seems inappropriate. We represent different elements. First let alone which academy everyone would compete under, I’m afraid it’d be very difficult to get it past the tournament organizational committee.”

Huo Wu smiled calmly, saying:
“You don’t have to worry about that. I’m only asking you, are you willing?”

Feng Xiaotian nodded without the slightest hesitation,
“Of course I’m willing. If out two teams could truly fuse together, then we could have a team with all members over fortieth rank. Moreover, our available formations would increase a lot. We could absolutely go at it with those powerful teams.”

Huo Wu nodded, saying:
“Since it’s like that, leave the rest to me. I’ll trouble you to return to convince your companions and teachers. Our Blazing Academy will renounce the glory for this and fight under Godwind Academy’s name. As for how to join, that’s also very simple. We’ll temporarily transfer to your Godwind Academy. I can make decisions for Blazing Academy’s side. The dean is my grandfather.”

Even though Huo Wu spoke very flatly, Feng Xiaotian could clearly grasp the wildness in her words. How much would a heart thirst for victory to make a decision like this?

Huo Wu looked at Feng XIaotian, saying:
“We don’t have a lot of time to practice. Only the remaining ten something days on the road. Talk it over with the people from your academy as soon as possible. If there are no issues, we’ll begin practicing our teamwork. Since you could create a spirit ability, then perhaps we can create a second.”

Feng Xiaotian’s eyes brightened,
“Like what you used in the competition before? A teamwork fusion ability?”

Huo Wu nodded,
“Even if it’s not a true spirit fusion ability, as long as our teamwork is good, our strength will shock everyone.”

Feng Xiaotian smiled wryly:
“My only concern is that the tournament committee would cause trouble.”

Huo Wu snorted disdainfully,
“What should they care about us transferring? As for the question about quota, I’ll handle it. It’s not difficult to speak to Spirit Hall. As long as we express to that platinum bishop that we’ll join Spirit Hall after the end of the tournament, what could they still object to?”

Feng Xiaotian suddenly calmed down, looking Huo Wu in the eyes.

“What are you looking at?”
Huo Wu somewhat discontentedly said.

Feng Xiaotian sighed,
“Huo Wu, are you really that thirsty for victory? To win, do you know how much you would pay?”

Huo Wu calmly said:
“I’m not only thirsty for victory, I’m also thirsty to become even stronger. If I don’t have even a chance, I’ll lose confidence, then how will I cultivate later? I will only ask you, are you willing to walk this road with me?”

Feng Xiaotian nodded forcefully,
“I am. No matter what you decide, I’m willing to follow at your side. But, I’ll declare one thing. I can only represent myself. After the tournament I can enter Spirit Hall together with you, but I can’t control my comrades.”

Huo Wu looked at Feng Xiaotian, something suddenly in her eyes. She of course knew about Feng Xiaotian’s place in the minds of the other Godwind Academy members. With his influence, he could completely convince his comrades to enter Spirit Hall. But he wouldn’t do it. Huo Wu suddenly discovered that Feng Xiaotian unexpectedly had a lot of good points she’d never noticed before. Even though he wasn’t equal to Tang San in strength, he was more handsome. For a moment, she couldn’t help being somewhat stupid.

Hurrying on, Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy quickly reached a cooperation agreement. Of course, this news was kept confidential to the other teams. They wouldn’t reveal it before the start of the finals.

The Shrek Academy group were on the contrary very pleased during this time, the Shrek Seven Devils gathering to cultivate in the carriage each day. Because Dai Mubai had recently gained a rank, he dealt with outside matters with Flender and the others. To them, teamwork wasn’t something they needed to practice much, it was more important to increase spirit power.

After so many battles, to these talented youths, besides combat experience, their spirit power had also grown. In a few days, those that had already reached bottlenecks broke through one after the other. Besides Xiao Wu who was still at the thirty ninth rank, the others all broke through one rank.

At present, the Shrek Seven Devils’ ranks were as follows: Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, forty five ranks. Big Sausage Uncle Oscar, forty two ranks. Tang San, forty three ranks. Ma Hongjun, forty two ranks. Xiao Wu, thirty nine ranks. Ning Rongrong, forty two ranks. Zhu Zhuqing, forty two ranks.

Looking at levels alone, perhaps they might not be too astonishing, but if their present age was included, it would be enough to shock any power of the Spirit Master world.

The youngest, Zhu Zhuqing, was just fourteen. The oldest, Dai Mubai, was also only seventeen. Oscar was sixteen. Tang San was also a few days short of fifteen.

This was such a young team! And they were completely able to participate in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. What abnormal degree could they reach in five years? Even Grandmaster was unable to estimate it. Because these children were all experts at creating miracles.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

The journey continued quietly, and very soon ten days had passed. They were already halfway to Spirit City.

An escort of five hundred imperial household knights was enough to compare to the emperor’s relatives. Wherever they went, every town would receive them with its best appearance, and they didn’t meet any troubles on the road.

Today was the eleventh day of travel. The only one of the Shrek Seven Devils that was still cultivating was Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu was already very close to breaking through to the fortieth rank. The others didn’t wish to disturb her, and so left the entire carriage for her alone.

Right now everyone hoped that Xiao Wu could break through the bottleneck before the finals, and afterwards find a suitable spirit beast and absorb its spirit ring as fast as possible. As long as Xiao Wu also reached the fortieth level, the Shrek Seven Devils’ strength would comprehensively increase.

“Boss Dai, why are you always looking at those knights, you’re not thinking of becoming a soldier?”
Ma Hongjun curiously asked Dai Mubai.

As a result of their outstanding display in the ranking competition, right now Shrek Academy was arranged in the middle of the entire Spirit City travel procession.

Dai Mubai said:
“We Battle Spirit Masters are originally the best warriors. What’s there to envy about this. I’m just observing. The imperial household knights are worthy of being known as Heaven Dou Empire’s trump card. Not only are they neat and orderly, but their discipline is superb. Being without a bit of haughtiness, this is difficult to find. Even though knights are the lowest order of nobility, being of the imperial household knights regiment, their status in Heaven Dou Empire is out of the ordinary. Being able to be so strict with themselves on the whole journey, that’s completely the result of peacetime drills.”

Ma Hongjun said:
“Well, since when did you become a military expert, I didn’t expect to hear that. There are still just ten days! Boss Dai, how about we go strolling among the teams. Even though there aren’t all that many female Spirit Masters, the majority are top quality. Especially those from Skywater Academy are top quality among top quality, don’t tell me you’re not interested.”

Dai Mubai gave Ma Hongjun a resolute glare,
“Shut your crow’s beak. I’m an honorable person, I’d never do that.”

Ma Hongjun turned his head to glance at the not distant Zhu Zhuqing, suddenly understanding:
“Understood. I understand. You’re an honorable person. Next time I speak I’ll definitely be a bit more quiet.”

“I’ll beat you to death.”
Dai Mubai could already feel a gaze flickering with ice cold light aimed at his back. These days the relationship between him and Zhu Zhuqing had had a heaven and earth overturning transformation, making Dai Mubai brimming with excitement. But he could still clearly remember what Zhu Zhuqing said to him back in the camp. He knew that Zhu Zhuqing was a person who would definitely do what she said, and he couldn’t keep his back from shivering.

Just as Dai Mubai planned to go over to Zhu Zhuqing to explain, suddenly, a cold aura suddenly arrived from not far away.

Their procession for the most part travelled on the official road, and could only rarely take shortcuts via some remote small roads. And right now was just when they were taking a shortcut. They were between two low hills, and reportedly they could save several dozen li by passing through here. Moreover, even though the road between the hills was a bit narrow, it was still flat, allowing the carriages to pass without problem.

The cold aura came from the hills on either side of the small road. Dai Mubai of course wasn’t the only one to feel it. The imperial household knights leading captain shouted loudly,
“Everyone be on your guard, there’s trouble!”

The imperial household knights guarding by the Spirit Masters immediately raised the lances in their hands. Those Spirit Master academy competing team members had relaxed expressions. With so many talented Spirit Masters here, what would they need to worry about? Even though these students were a lot fewer than the imperial household knights, in a fight, their strength wouldn’t be proportional to their numbers. Even more when the academy coaching teachers included powers of at least ten Spirit Masters of the sixtieth or seventieth rank. This kind of procession was enough to confront a large army of more than ten thousand troops.

Just at this moment, countless falling stones came tumbling down from the hills like rain. These stones didn’t only appear extremely suddenly, but also extremely orderly. Swiftly falling towards the ground.

The terrain before them was extremely unfavorable to the entire procession. That imperial household knight captain immediately passed down the order to speed up their advance, and also leaving those falling stones to the five hundred imperial household knights.

This moment demonstrated the intrinsic quality of the imperial household knights. Even though they weren’t Spirit Masters, their physical strength was extremely powerful.

The hills on either side weren’t too high, and this also made the impact of the stones something that really wasn’t impossible to deal with. The imperial household knights retreated a few steps, leaving a passage in the center, raising their lances high and meeting the falling stones.

Lances met stones, and they made use of their lances to constantly send rock after rock sideways. Five hundred knights’ lances formed a steel wall, and in such unfavorable terrain, for the moment unexpectedly not letting a single rock past them.

Watching this scene, Ma Hongjun who had previously not believed in what Dai Mubai said couldn’t help being shocked. The fifteen Spirit Master academies’ coaching teachers swiftly led the way outside the hills. In order to move even faster, they abandoned the carriages, all students hurrying along on foot. As long as they could leave this terrain, there wasn’t anything to fear.

Right now everyone wanted to know just what kind of person dared attack the imperial household knights regiment. This was Heaven Dou Empire’s domain. Could there really be bandits? Were they blind?

Xiao Wu had not choice but to stop her cultivation. The Shrek Seven Devils and the four substitute members followed close behind Liu Erlong and Flender.

Liu Erlong was basically of a mind to rush into the hills and slaughter everything, but was stopped by Flender.

“Boss Fu, what are you doing blocking me? It’s better to just let me kill blind vermin like these.”
Liu Erlong said resentfully.

Flender sternly said:
“It isn’t that simple. Don’t tell me you don’t feel it’s strange? Even if Heaven Dou Empire has some large gangs of robbers, they’re also very effective at gathering information. Someone dares attack a procession like ours, what would they rely on? Look at the stones, they were clearly prepared long ago. It really isn’t random. Whatever they want to do, it’s most important to first protect the children. Xiao Gang isn’t here so we can’t display our peak fighting strength, it’s most important to guard next to the children.

Hearing Flender’s words, even though Liu Erlong was inwardly a bit dissatisfied, she also didn’t argue.

The imperial household knights were gradually becoming unable to endure, some especially enormous rocks smashing into their ranks.

This kind of moment displayed the strength of Spirit Masters. These Heaven Dou Empire advanced Spirit Master academy elites basically didn’t show any confusion, each releasing their spirits. Auxiliary system Spirit Masters guarded inside, power attack system and defensive system pushed outside. The rocks that flew over were immediately smashed to pieces, to the extent that it didn’t even influence their pace forward.

Soon, this stretch of road between the two hills was about to end. Behind the imperial household knights were also already starting to break off and retreat.

At this moment, a whistle sounded from somewhere. On the hills on either side suddenly appeared thousands of black clothes people, charging down with astonishing speed. Right now the imperial household knights were still in the process of retreating, and the Spirit Masters of the fifteen academies could only rely on their own strength for their protection.

All kinds of dazzlingly beautiful light began to appear over the Spirit Masters, spirits releasing, spirit rings shining. They were already prepared for battle.

Even though there couldn’t be said to be any cooperation between the academies, each academy formed a small group, the appearance of enemies on the contrary stimulating their bloodlust. Not retreating but on the contrary advancing didn’t require anyone’s coordination. They swiftly faced the enemies and charged.

However, circumstances that the young Spirit Masters hadn’t expected appeared. When they thought they could easily smash the opponents, the opponents struck the first blow.

The teachers and students of the fifteen academies altogether numbered more than two hundred, and the number of bandits coming down the hills numbered approximately one thousand five hundred or so. The moment both sides clashed, these bandits unexpectedly displayed astonishing teamwork. Often there were three or four people besieging one, their attacks accurate and powerful, immediately catching the Spirit Masters unprepared. After all, their combat experience was still based on small scale fights, it was the first time for this kind of large scale battle.

Dazzlingly beautiful spirit ring abilities began to appear, but those black clothed people were extremely crafty, relying on fairly good speed and teamwork, it was unexpectedly very difficult for first or second rank spirit abilities to do anything to them. Moreover, there was unexpectedly also Spirit Masters among these black clothed people, at least thirty formidable Spirit Masters over fiftieth rank. As soon as spirit abilities appeared, they would immediately go up to push back. There were on average two Spirit Masters to deal with each academy. Like this, the bandits’ wolf pack tactics displayed a fairly large effect, and the scene completely sunk into a stalemate.

The appearance of the opponent Spirit Masters made Flender even more certain of his conjecture. This was an organized attack. Thirty fifteth ranked Spirit Masters, this was a formidable strength not just any power could dispatch. How many Spirit Masters did this world have? The total sum wouldn’t surpass a hundred thousand. Spirit Masters above fiftieth rank even more wouldn’t surpass five thousand. Five thousand sounded like a lot, but when distributed across the entire Continent, it was a pitiful number. A group of bandits that could launch such an organized attack, and moreover possess this many high level Spirit Masters, this was practically impossible to imagine.

What did fiftieth rank signify? Not only would their titles change to Spirit King, but it also meant they could obtain the first ten thousand year spirit ring.

“Conserve spirit power, defeat the opponents.”
Flender immediately passed down these orders.

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