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Chapter 115

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)


“School master Ning, I don’t quite get your meaning.”

“School master Ning refers to tactics.”

“Indeed, Shrek Academy’s strength does surpass Thunderclap Academy. But it’s still not to the degree in front of us. The reason they can obtain this kind of advantage is completely due to the overwhelming advantage in the order their team members appear and the tactics they use. On the surface, neither side’s spirits counter each other, but in fact, Shrek Academy’s side has forced their opponents into being restrained due to all kinds of factors. It’s moreover a complete restraint. The clever use of tactics, the order their members appear, has produced the circumstances we’re looking at.”

Emperor Xue Ye’s gaze focused, giving Ning Fengzhi a questioning look.

Ning Fengzhi nodded,
“His Eminence Salas is correct. It’s because of tactics.”

Emperor Xue Ye baffled said:
“It didn’t seem like we saw Shrek Academy have such outstanding tactics in the previous matches. By what you’re saying, this clearly isn’t due to luck.”

Salas smiled calmly, saying:
“Of course it’s not luck. With that person at Shrek Academy, how would there be such a coincidence? It seems that the lord Supreme Pontiff’s choice was right. This person’s spirit research really is too profound. No wonder he would be allowed to become an honorary elder.”

Emperor Xue Ye frowned:
“Your Eminence bishop Salas, I’m not too clear on what your saying.”

Salas smiled slightly, standing up and saying:

Finished speaking, without waiting for emperor Xue Ye to say anything, he brought his several guards to leave the VIP seats.

A trace of angry light flashed in emperor Xue Ye’s eyes, and using a voice only he and Ning Fengzhi could hear said through the corner of his mouth,
“This Salas, he really is more and more rampant. School master Ning. What did he mean by what he said?”

Ning Fengzhi said:
“The person he was talking about is Tang San’s teacher. His spirit power isn’t high, about the thirtieth rank or so, but he has the status of honorary Spirit Hall elder. He is a person of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon School’s later generation. In all aspects of spirit research, I must also gracefully step down. The people familiar with him, all call him Grandmaster.”

Emperor Xue Ye had clearly also heard this name, and his face immediately revealed a pondering expression.

“School master Ning, regarding this Grandmaster. Give me your assessment.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, only quietly whispering a few things by his ear.

Radiance suddenly shot out of emperor Xue Ye’s eyes. In that moment, his body suddenly erupted with with a flash of imposing manner. Even though it was only for a moment, Bone Douluo sitting next to Ning Fengzhi used a hand to support Ning Fengzhi’s shoulder, imparting a trace of spirit power.

The aura that erupted from emperor Xue Ye was completely in front of him, and besides Ning Fengzhi next to him, nobody else sensed anything.

Suppressing the radiance, emperor Xue Ye’s expression recovered to normal. The royal aura that erupted just now had vanished completely,
“School master Ning, is that true?”

Ning Fengzhi gave him a certain nod,
“Even though he’s known as rubbish in the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, it seems to me that he’s even more important than the entire Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon family.”

Emperor Xue Ye drew a deep breath,
“After the end of this ranking competition, I’ll trouble school master Ning to help me recruit this Grandmaster.”

The words Ning Fengzhi gave emperor Xue Ye just now were very simple: Whoever obtains Grandmaster, obtains the world.

Ning Fengzhi sighed lightly,
“If Grandmaster was that easily recruited, he would be at Spirit Hall right now. I’ll give your Majesty a proposal. If you want to attract Grandmaster, start with Tang San. He’s the disciple Grandmaster cares about the most. It’s also only with him that you might decide Grandmaster’s direction. As for others, even if the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan’s clan chief was here, with Grandmaster’s temperament, he still wouldn’t submit.”

Emperor Xue Ye shared a look with Ning Fengzhi, loosing a long breath,
“I understand. I’ll arrange it.”

The match continued. Xiao Wu was still on the Shrek Academy side. But appearing from Thunderclap Academy was already their vice captain.

Lei Dong[1], forty third ranked control system Battle Spirit Master. Spirit: Thunder Spider[2].”

As the most formidable control system Spirit Master in the Thunderclap Academy team, even though his overall strength was a bit below the captain, he was still extremely powerful.

Spirit Body Enhancement.

A rupturing sound echoed from Lei Dong’s body as eight streams of lightning rushed out of his back, taking an appearance just like long spider legs. Even though they weren’t as long as Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances, they still seemed extraordinarily peculiar. Besides these eight thunder spider legs, there were no places of his body that showed any clear change. Two yellow and two purple spirit rings manifested his formidable strength.

Tang San himself also had spirit rings from spiders, and his only spirit bone as well, therefore, after seeing the counterpart’s spirit, he immediately paid extra attention, hoping to perhaps glean something useful from the opponent.

With the referee announcing the start of the match, Lei Dong raised both hands on either side of him, and pressed down again. His third spirit ring immediately flashed.

The eight long thunder legs simultaneously thrust into the ground, and circle after circle of round blue lightning released from his palms. Not towards Xiao Wu, but rather directly into the ground.

The blue color spread, forming a web, swiftly spreading into the surroundings. The area covered by the bright blue web of light grew with astonishing speed.

Xiao Wu carefully watched her opponent, but Lei Dong closed his eyes, clearly not willing to let Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion ability interrupt his third spirit ability.

Xiao Wu’s feet moved, noiselessly wandering in a circle. But Lei Dong’s body followed her movements accurately, always turning to face in her direction. His eyes were closed, and Xiao Wu’s movements were extremely graceful. Being able to track Xiao Wu’s position was undoubtedly an effect of his spirit ability. That blue web of light was like his eyes, grasping everything in his surroundings.

The ring was very large, and Lei Dong’s web of light stop spreading when its diameter was twenty meters. This was clearly insufficient to cover the whole ring, but it stayed this size. After the web of light had formed, he began to step by step walk in Xiao Wu’s direction.

Tang San suddenly understood. The tactics Lei Dong was using right now were very similar to what Huo Wu originally used against him. Even though the ability was different, and the method to release it was also similar, they both covered a range. Even though the effect of Lei Dong’s web of light wasn’t as direct as Huo Wu’s Defying Flame Ring, it was clearly even more dangerous. If Xiao Wu was enveloped in that web of light, she would clearly be in danger.

Xiao Wu began to accelerate. As she saw Lei Dong pressing in on her direction, she immediately began to run around the ring, pulling open her distance to Lei Dong as far as possible. Her way of dealing with it was very simple, no need for special achievements, just making sure not to make any mistakes. Maintaining a third spirit ability would consume a lot of spirit power.

However, Lei Dong clearly didn’t plan to give Xiao Wu that kind of opportunity. After pressing in a few steps, he suddenly halted, the empty hands facing the ground flipping over, palms facing up, simultaneously raising both arms.

A strange scene appeared. The blue web of light on the ground rose along with his arms, unexpectedly floating in the air like that.

Lei Dong suddenly opened his eyes, and with a loud shout, the blue web of light flew out, swiftly pursuing Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu was very fast, there was no doubt about that, but that attack was after all twenty meters in diameter. The split second Lei Dong opened his eyes, they instantly fell on Xiao Wu, his aura directly locking onto her body. The blue web of light spun, swiftly descending from the sky, enveloping the range of Xiao Wu’s position.

Leaping, Teleporting, Xiao Wu fully displayed her speed, in the hopes of being able to separate from the opponent’s attack. By her calculations, she could completely escape the opponent’s attack range by the time the web of light caught up to her.

However, Xiao Wu very soon discovered her mistake. As that web of light came closer and closer to her, she clearly felt an attractive force pulling on her body, one she couldn’t completely escape when using Teleport.

Xiao Wu had after all already fought twice, and right now she didn’t have much spirit power remaining, and was unable to continue Teleporting. When that blue web of light revealed its gravitational force, not only did she slow down, but the speed of that blue web of light also abruptly increased.

Raising both hands, blue threads of light rushed out of Lei Dong’s palms, his first spirit ring shining. Two threads of light struck at Xiao Wu’s body from separate directions. It was done just right, precisely in the path Xiao Wu had to take, and also when Xiao Wu had just used her first Teleport, the moment before she could continue using strength.

A control system Spirit Master’s ability to grasp the battle situation really wasn’t something power attack system Spirit Masters could compare to. The situation just now clearly showed that Lei Dong’s battle experience and situational awareness surpasses the previous Thunderclap Academy members.

What was to be done? Xiao Wu faced a choice. Facing the two scattered attacking thunder threads, Xiao Wu’s potential erupted.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Leaping up once again, the thunder threads moved accordingly, chasing after her slender figure. In midair, Xiao Wu suddenly twisted, and with her waist as center, made a movement that the human body was practically incapable of, unexpectedly rigidly passing within only a few cun of the thunder threads.

Right now, the thunder web above was already dropping, and Xiao Wu still hadn’t landed, leaving her unable to dodge. But at this moment, Xiao Wu’s head flung back, her long scorpion braid striking the ground. Exploiting the rebound force from this, she was once again flung several meters, putting off the moment before she was enveloped by the thunder web. And this time was also just enough to let her tumble to the ground.

Both arms supporting on the ground, waist bow launched. But this time, Xiao Wu didn’t dodge again. Her body shot up like a cannonball, flying directly towards the lightning web.

Both legs perfectly straight, right now she was like an arrow leaving the bowstring. Shockingly, the moment Xiao Wu shot out, her body was just perpendicular to that web of lightning. The place she chose to pass through was also just the biggest gap of the web.

With a hissing sound, Xiao Wu’s body moved in response, unexpectedly drilling straight through the web of lightning, but her body also brightened with a series of blue electric sparks.

Right now, outside the ring, Tang San was already standing, his hands closed into tight fists, but the situation in the ring clearly wasn’t something he could change. According to the plan, having persevered for this time, she should already have conceded.

Even Tang San hadn’t expected that Xiao Wu would unwaveringly choose to pass through her opponent’s third spirit ability like this, and Lei Dong had naturally imagined it even less. After Xiao Wu had passed through his web of lightning, it fell to the ground and disappeared unseen. Right now Xiao Wu was in midair. Lei Dong’s third spirit ability had disappeared. It was the awkward moment when the old strength was gone, but new strength had yet to be born.

If Xiao Wu was in perfect condition right now, perhaps she could have taken this chance to get close to her opponent and grab victory in one attack. But in fact, right now she was unable to do so. Even her body also returned to the ground in free fall.

The lightning web had been overcome, and moreover with the smallest possible damage. But, the supplemental thunder and lightning attribute in the lightning web had completely paralysed Xiao Wu who didn’t have enough spirit power. Her delicate body trembled. She was already unable to control herself, let alone taking the chance to attack.

Lei Dong suddenly drew a deep breath. Seeing Xiao Wu falling, he naturally knew it was caused by his thunder web. With a slow breath, two threads of lightning surged out of his palms once again, twisting towards Xiao Wu. As long as he used lightning threads to completely paralyse his opponent, this fight was his victory.

Falling, shooting. Lei Dong’s estimate was very good, but what Xiao Wu did was still a completely different solution. The moment she was about to land, the paralysis was finally dispelled. Using both hands to smack the ground, Waist Bow launching once again, she shot up smoothly, only just passing over the two threads of lightning, pouncing straight at Lei Dong without pause.

Lei Dong was shocked, how could it be like this? The paralysis of his thunder web shouldn’t have been this brief.

Yes, Lei Dong’s third spirit ability really had very powerful control capability. But don’t forget that before when Xiao Wu passed through his thunder web, it was at its weakest spot, and at that time Lei Dong was completely unprepared for her actions, and was naturally unable to completely focus his spirit power.

Covering a greater area also meant that attack power would certainly be smaller in that area. Even a thunder attribute spirit was unable to transcend facts. It was precisely because of this that the thunder attack Xiao Wu endured was far from what Lei Dong had judged. It was also because of this that she could spring up again the split second before she struck the ground.

Accurate judgement, this was the explanation perspicacious people gave. But in fact, even though Xiao Wu had made a simple calculation, secretly in her heart, she still called being able to get this kind of result a fluke.

The distance between the two people swiftly closed. Each time Xiao Wu touched the ground, she would strangely change direction. Even in midair, her soft as if boneless body could also make all kinds of inhumanly flexible movements to evade the obstructing attacks by the lightning threads.

Watching Xiao Wu come closer and closer, Lei Dong’s expression clearly became more frantic. As long as they had watched Shrek Academy’s previous matches, nobody would forget what Xiao Wu had done to those Spirit Masters she came close to. Lei Dong was naturally no exception.

Without any other choice, Lei Dong’s fourth spirit ring brightened. Right now there wasn’t enough time to set up another lightning web. All he could think of to immediately beat his opponent was this fourth spirit ability.

Intense blue light spread along Lei Dong’s arms and out, the eight blue long legs behind him shooting up, eight lines of lightning surging out and fusing together between his two arms. A ring, three meters in diameter and thick as an arm, appeared in front of Lei Dong.

This was Lei Dong’s fourth spirit ability, God Locking Ring. Just like Tang San’s fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison, God Locking Ring couldn’t be dodged. It could only be stiffly broken with spirit power.

Blue light flashed, and Xiao Wu’s strangely soaring figure suddenly stopped. She was already completely paralysed, the three meter in diameter God Locking Ring had already shrunk to the size of her waist, firmly binding Xiao Wu within.

Surge after surge of blue lightning flashed around Xiao Wu, making her face brim with a painful expression, her complexion turning pale.

“We concede.”
Grandmaster’s voice rose promptly.

The God Locking Ring’s light poured down, blending into the ground. The moment Xiao Wu was about to hit the ground, Tang San had already dashed out to her side, catching her.

Xiao Wu’s body was scalding hot, still twitching from the irritant of the lightning. Seeing her with her eyes tightly closed, Tang San’s heart ached indescribably.

Raising his head to look at the opponent, Lei Dong’s complexion had also become somewhat pale as a result of consecutively using his third and fourth spirit abilities.

If not for Grandmaster forbidding Tang San from participating in this match, right now he would immediately have stepped into the ring to return the fight on Xiao Wu’s behalf.

Carrying Xiao Wu, Tang San step by step left the ring. And the fifth representative of Shrek Academy, Dai Mubai, unhurriedly strolled in. The moment the two of them passed each other, Dai Mubai’s ear twitched once, his gaze meeting Tang San’s, giving him a forceful nod.

Dai Mubai didn’t walk quickly, but each step was deliberate. In his eyes, his evil eye double pupils flickered with a monstrous light, fixed on his opponent.

Watching the expressionless Dai Mubai walking towards him, for some reason, Lei Dong suddenly felt his heart twitch. Somewhat unable to breathe.

Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, spirit: White Tiger, spirit power, forty fourth rank. Power attack system Battle Spirit Master. Shrek Academy team captain.

A series of information flashed through Lei Dong’s heart. He knew that it would be impossible for him to win this match. In his previous confrontation with Xiao Wu, he had already consumed too much spirit power. And Dai Mubai’s strength was undoubtedly long ago already exposed in the previous matches. He understood that all he could do right now was what Xiao Wu had done against him, waste as much of the opponent’s spirit power as possible, creating conditions for victory for his last companion, Thunder Academy’s team captain.

Shrek Academy still had three fresh fighters right now, all with strength above the fortieth rank. The difficulty for Thunderclap Academy to obtain victory in this match could well be imagined. But they absolutely wouldn’t surrender. The ranking competition was only a touchstone for the finals, if they faltered now, then there would be no need for them to fight in the finals.

Faint light flickering, Tang San’s face revealed an ice cold expression, his hands folded across his chest. Each time light flickered in his eyes, the air around his hands would become somewhat congealed. Xiao Wu lay quietly next to him, her head resting on his lap, Jiang Zhu’s healing scepter releasing rays of light to treat her.

Just now when he had passed Dai Mubai, he had used a secret sound transmission method to tell him: Eldest brother, avenge Xiao Wu.

Tang San ordinarily only very rarely addressed Dai Mubai like this. From his voice, Dai Mubai could naturally tell how agitated Tang San was. For Xiao Wu, Tang San would do anything. Dai Mubai sighed inwardly, looking at the not distant Lei Dong. ‘Injuring Xiao Wu, counts as the end of your luck.’

“Match start.”
The ranking competition rules stated that the contestants couldn’t have time to rest. When Dai Mubai reached his designated position, the match started.

A cold snort echoed from Dai Mubai’s mouth, dense white spirit power immediately rushing out of his body, four intense spirit rings appearing. Toothache inducing sounds of snapping bones accompanied Dai Mubai’s body growing, Spirit White Tiger Body Enhancement completing.

Without any hesitation, the instant Dai Mubai’s Spirit Body Enhancement was complete, he was already taking large strides, dashing straight towards his opponent.

The pupils of Lei Dong’s eyes contracted. He knew that, this moment right now, the question was how long he could obstruct Dai Mubai. He could clearly see a contemptuous light in Dai Mubai’s evil eyes. ‘I’m still a forty third ranked Spirit Master, only one rank lower than you. Even if your spirit is innately better than mine, that still doesn’t let you hold me in contempt.’

After a moment of assessment, Lei Dong’s fourth spirit ring directly shone. His spirit power had been consumed by more than fifty percent by Xiao Wu, and he knew that if he released another several weaker spirit abilities, he might not have enough spirit power to use his fourth spirit ability even once.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

In order to have the greatest effect on Dai Mubai, he decided to use his killer blow.

God Locking Ring appeared in front of Lei Dong for a second time, but Dai Mubai didn’t even seem to see the radiance of the condensing God Locking Ring. His first ring shone, and a layer of white light covered Dai Mubai. Precisely Dai Mubai’s first spirit ability, White Tiger Barrier.

Lei Dong was furious, glaring at the onrushing Dai Mubai, as if he wanted to ask, ‘Don’t tell me you want to use your first spirit ability to block my fourth? You’re too arrogant.’

The God Locking Ring disappeared from in front of Lei Dong. The next moment, it already fully affected Dai Mubai. The thunder ring immediately halted Dai Mubai’s advance. Surge after surge of lightning burst out of the God Locking Ring, immediately extending over Dai Mubai’s entire body. Just as Lei Dong thought, how could a first spirit ring block the restraint of a fourth spirit ring?

Dai Mubai’s gaze didn’t show any change, the double pupils of his evil eyes still fixed on his opponent. After Lei Dong had fully used this fourth spirit ability, he showed clear signs of spirit power overdraft. His whole body swayed, and his face was white as paper.

The corners of his mouth revealing a trace of disdain, Dai Mubai suddenly faced upward, a ferocious roar erupting from his mouth. Immediately afterward, a scene that turned all the Thunderclap Academy teachers and students speechless appeared. Dai Mubai’s spirit rings still didn’t change, but the surface of his body still showed a glorious golden splendor, the white fur that appeared because of his Spirit Body Enhancement unexpectedly turning completely golden.

Ka-cha, with a breaking sound, all his muscles braced. His strength erupted in an instant. Dai Mubai’s evil eyes opened wide, and the God Locking Ring restraining him weakened with a groan.

Peng—— Specks of blue light scattered into the air, the God Locking Ring smashed to pieces. Dai Mubai, like a tiger waiting to spring, leapt forward.

How was it possible?

At this moment, not just Lei Dong, but all the Thunderclap Academy people’s minds were already blank. They didn’t understand how Dai Mubai, clearly without using any spirit rings, could break free of the restraint of Lei Dong’s fourth spirit ability. How come he wasn’t paralysed by the intense thunder and lightning of the God Locking Ring?

Dai Mubai naturally wouldn’t give them the answer. Once Thunderclap Academy’s teacher came to himself, Dai Mubai had already reached Lei Dong. Still without using spirit abilities, he only swatted down with one tiger paw, heavily sweeping across Lei Dong’s shoulder. The instant the tiger paw struck, the tiger claws ejected.

Lei Dong’s body was directly sent flying outside the ring like a scarecrow. Before he lost consciousness, he clearly heard the sound of his bones disintegrating.

The sharp tiger claws left behind five deep blood grooves on his back, and all the bones in his left shoulder were completely smashed to pieces. If Dai Mubai hadn’t held back, just this one paw would have taken his life.

Blowing away his opponent, Dai Mubai left as if there was nothing else to do, turning around and walking back towards the place where he started the match. His gaze met with Tang San’s, a faint purple energy flashing in his evil eyes.

Tang San’s face held a slight smile, making a thumbs up to Dai Mubai.

The exchange of expressions on this side wasn’t caught by Thunderclap Academy’s side. Lei Dong’s condition was extremely serious. Right now, his entire back was already dyed red with blood. He was unconscious, his left arm sagging limply. Dai Mubai’s strength was even more tyrannical than imagined, and along with the bones of his shoulder being smashed, there were also indications of several ribs being shattered. With such heavy injuries, let alone the last two rounds of the ranking competition, he might not be able to participate in the finals.

Thunderclap Academy’s teacher protested to the tournament committee practically instantly.

The referee ran over in front of Dai Mubai to question him, and Dai Mubai gave him a very simple explanation. Even though he held the advantage at that time, his opponent hadn’t conceded. He also hadn’t killed his opponent, only hit him out of the ring, he hadn’t violated any tournament rules.

The facts were as such. Whatever was said, Dai Mubai hadn’t killed his opponent, and at that moment the Thunderclap Academy’s side also hadn’t conceded.

Dai Mubai still stood proudly in the center of the ring, bowing his head to look at his right hand, in his heart he couldn’t keep a blood boiling feeling from welling up.

At last he didn’t need to hide his strength. The feeling of always holding back really wasn’t pleasant.

Ever since the start of the competition, at Grandmaster’s request, he had never used his full strength. As captain, seeing his companions obtain victory after victory in the ring, while the number of his victories remained modest, how could that be a comfortable feeling to a competitive person like Dai Mubai? Only Grandmaster could have made him do this.

Dai Mubai was the eldest of the Shrek Seven Devils, and he had also cultivated the longest. By now he was no longer forty fourth rank, but rather forty fifth. It was only the day before yesterday he broke through. The reason why he could break the restraints with only his first spirit ring absolutely wasn’t a fluke. Recalling this, Dai Mubai felt an intense gratitude to Tang San.

How could he accomplish it? Why didn’t the thunder paralysis have any effect on him? Very simple, because of an immortal herb. A Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum.

Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, eating it supplied energy to the four limbs, blood flowed through the eight meridians, perfected a vajra[3] immortal body.

‘Vajra immortal’ was clearly an exaggeration, but it also illustrated the effect of this immortal herb. Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Spirit and the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum could be said to bring out the best in each other. Ma Hongjun’s Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower had removed the threat of the evil fire, purifying his Phoenix Spirit. How couldn’t there be any advantages for Dai Mubai?

Right now Dai Mubai’s body could be called ‘vajra immortal’, powerful resistance in all attributes, even Zhao Wuji who walked the same path was full of praise.

Lightning paralysis wasn’t really ineffective to Dai Mubai, only that the opponent’s spirit power was less than his, and his physical resistance was so powerful, naturally it would substantially weaken the effect of the lightning. At least the God Locking Ring wasn’t enough to restrain his movements.

And the God Locking Ring’s greatest effect was in the paralysis it caused, it wasn’t all that durable in itself. Under circumstances where it was unable to establish its paralysing effect, how could it hold back Dai Mubai?

This was Dai Mubai’s true strength, with his physical condition after taking the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, let alone an opponent with the same number of spirit rings, even if it was one more spirit ring than him, the opponent still might not be able to injure him.

Abrupt violence, tyranny, these were Dai Mubai’s characteristics. Grandmaster’s instructions to him was to turn this tyranny into absolute world domination.

With negotiations having failed, Thunderclap Academy’s final member, and also their captain, finally went up.

Yu Tian-Xin[4], forty third ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Master, spirit: Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon. A direct disciple of the seven great schools’ Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. In the family tree, he was the older patrilineal cousin of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s Yu Tian-Heng. His strength was only slightly inferior to Yu Tian-Heng’s.

Watching Yu Tian-Xin walk up, Grandmaster’s brows wrinkled slightly. He and Liu Erlong were both born of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. Yu Tian-Heng was his direct nephew, and this Yu Tian-Xin was also a distant nephew of his. Even more, he was the grandson of Liu Erlong’s father, Liu Erlong was his direct aunt.

Seeing someone from the Clan, it was difficult for Grandmaster not to recall his and Liu Erlong’s situation. He had already told Dai Mubai that he didn’t need to hold back, as long as he didn’t violate the rules and killed his opponent. It wasn’t that he was unreasonable, but rather that he didn’t want his matters to influence the Shrek Seven Devils.

“You will pay the price for everything you just did.”
Yu Tian-Xin glared resolutely at Dai Mubai. As Thunderclap team captain, having seen his comrade so seriously injured, his eyes were already somewhat red.

Dai Mubai indifferently said:
“That depends on whether you have the ability.”

Snorting coldly, Yu Tian-Xian roared deeply, releasing his spirit.

A dazzling blue light suddenly lit up in the space between Yi Tian-Xin’s eyebrows, and immediately following, the blue light abruptly spread, from the space between his eyebrows over his whole body, ribbon after ribbon of blue purple violent electricity erupting like little snakes, revolving with him in the center. There was a blue lightning bolt symbol on his forehead. Different from Yu Tian-Heng at that time, his body had two places that were transformed because of his Spirit Body Enhancement.

The changes that appeared, were both his arms. The sleeves completely burst into ashes because of his arms swelling, the length of his arms growing by half a chi[5], both arms extremely bulky, covered with blue purple scales, his hands changing into claws covered by the same scales, each joint of his hand becoming extremely thick. Serpents of blue purple electricity revolving around his body was constantly coagulating on or fleeing from his arms. The two yellow and two purple spirit rings didn’t spiral around his body like other Spirit Masters, but rather spiralled specially around his arms, the two sides each having two spirit rings.

Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon spirit, starting from the thirtieth rank, each obtained spirit ring would make the body change like a dragon. At that time Yu Tian-Heng was only thirty ninth rank, and consequently only had one arm like this. The current Yu Tian-Xin was past fortieth rank, and thus both his arms were dragon shaped. Whether in aura or imposing manner, right now he was a lot more powerful than Yu Tian-Heng back then.

Watching his opponent, Dai Mubai amply felt the pressure his opponent gave off as if it struck him in the face. Originally, when he faced Yu Tian-Heng was the first time Dai Mubai felt this kind of pressure caused by the spirit. Right now, this kind of feeling was also given off by the opponent in front of him.

As one of the three upper sects, there was no need to doubt the might of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan’s spirit. However, Dai Mubai believed that after taking the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, his own White Tiger Spirit absolutely wasn’t inferior to his opponent’s.

Looking into his opponent’s reddened eyes, Dai Mubai’s evil eye double pupils grew even more abstruse. The two looked at each other like this, neither yielding a fraction.

[1] (雷动) “Thunder Move”

[2] (雷蛛)

[3] The original sanskrit word “vajra” means both diamond and thunderbolt, symbolizing both indestructibility and irresistible force.

[4] (玉天心) “Jade Heaven Heart”

[5] ½ 尺 = ⅙ m

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