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Chapter 104

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

The tournament committee’s investigative team was formed even faster than Flender had imagined. A group of more than ten people bustled into Shrek Academy.

Flender was shocked to recognize the two people in the lead, he had never expected that the tournament committee would take this matter quite so seriously.

The organizational committee for Heaven Dou City’s qualifiers was formed by Spirit Hall and Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial family, so the two leaders naturally also came from both sides. What astonished Flender was that the leader representing Spirit Hall was actually Heaven Dou City Spirit Temple’s hall master platinum bishop Salas. And representing Heaven Dou Empire was unexpectedly Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi.

Later all the Shrek Academy people would learn of Ning Fengzhi’s status as the crown prince’s teacher. Relying on this status, he could also be considered a part of the Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial household.

Even though the Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven members turning into idiots wasn’t a small matter, it absolutely wasn’t to the degree that it could disturb two big shots like Ning Fengzhi and Salas. The reason the two of them had come to Shrek Academy together was somewhat funny.

Originally Salas had also only wanted to send a subordinate, he had long ago already made plans to deal with Shrek Academy team’s exceptional performance and their tentative relationship with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, but as Spirit Hall’s senior member in Heaven Dou City, he of course wouldn’t act as rashly as Brutal Dream Spirit Master Shi Nian. Therefore he always waited for an opportunity. The Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven people turning into idiots had doubtless given him the best excuse, and this exceptionally sly platinum bishop had immediately made preparations to kick Shrek Academy out of the tournament.

But would Ning Fengzhi let him do as he wished? When the organizational committee was assembling an investigative team, Ning Fengzhi immediately nominated himself to lead the inquiries into Shrek Academy.

Letting Ning Fengzhi go would doubtless be like folding, but Salas also wasn’t willing to give up. With his position, there was in the end still some distance to Ning Fengzhi. The relationship between Spirit Hall and the seven great school had always been extremely ambiguous. Helplessly, this platinum bishop could only go himself, coming to Shrek Academy together with Ning Fengzhi, hoping he could get a handle on things. If he did, even if Ning Fengzhi’s position was even higher, he still couldn’t obstruct the fairness of the organizational committee.

Therefore, these two lordly characters directly brought a cadre to Shrek Academy.

Ning Fengzhi could be said to be doing things as routinely as driving a chariot on a familiar road. When hearing they had arrived at the Academy gate, Flender hurriedly brought Grandmaster and Liu Erlong to meet them. Before going out, Flender warned Ning Rongrong not to acknowledge Ning Fengzhi later. Best was if she stayed out of the way.

“Dean Flender, we’ve taken the liberty to disturb you.”
Ning Fengzhi smiling nodded to Flender.

Even though there wasn’t much difference between their spirit power levels, their position in the Spirit Master world was nevertheless poles apart. Flender hurriedly returned the politeness,
“School master Ning is too polite. To have your presence honor our institution, brings light to our humble Shrek Academy!”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly and stepped half out of the way, making the introductions for Flender:
“This is Heaven Dou City Spirit Temple’s hall master, his eminence platinum bishop Salas.”

With Flender’s slickness, his face didn’t show a trace of change. He hastily bowed once again,
“So it’s lord bishop Salas. This one[1] is Flender. Please come inside.”

Salas gave Flender a slight nod, and the party of more than ten were guided into Shrek Academy by Flender’s trio.

Ning Fengzhi only brought Bone Douluo Du Rong, while that platinum bishop Salas has fully twelve people along. Among them were two red robed cardinals, as well as ten temple knights in resplendent silver attire.

Within Spirit Hall, besides clergy, there was still still an establishment of temple guard knights. Besides the Holy Emperor Warriors exclusive to Supreme Pontiff Palace and the Douluo Warriors exclusive to Douluo Palace, the Temple Warriors of the two great Spirit Temples had the highest status.

These Temple Warriors were all formed from outstanding Spirit Masters from within Spirit Hall, their strength astounding.

Reportedly, the threshold to enter the Temple Knights was fifty first ranked spirit power. Of course, the admittance requirements to the Holy Emperor Warriors and Douluo Warriors was even higher, reaching sixty first rank.

In other words, any Temple Warrior had at least Spirit King level strength, and Holy Emperor Warriors and Douluo Warriors were even more at the Spirit Emperor level or higher.

This was still only the most basic level requirements for the three great regiments.

For instance, the commanders of the Holy Emperor Warriors and Douluo Warriors both possessed Title Douluo strength. This showed just how deep Spirit Hall’s strength was.

Entering Shrek Academy, Salas’ gaze flickered slightly, completely imprinting the scenery in his mind.

In the past he would never have paid attention to a common advanced Spirit Master academy like this, but now it was different. The Shrek Academy team’s performance in this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was truly astonishing. Even though he still couldn’t see it clearly, at least it proved that this Academy fostered some elite talents.

Flender directly brought everyone to the first conference room in the teaching building, and both hosts and guests sat. Flender left the seat of honor to Salas and Ning Fengzhi, while he, Liu Erlong and Grandmaster respectfully took the end seats.

“Dean Flender, you should know our purpose in coming here.”
Salas raised the teacup in front of him, drinking a mouthful. His face immediately turned ugly. Even though the tea had only just been poured, the quality of the leaves were worse than he could have imagined.

As the Spirit Temple hall master, Salas had always lived like a prince, at what time would he have had such out of the ordinary tea as Stars In The Sky?

What was called ‘Stars In The Sky’, was used tea leaf grounds sprinkled into a cup of hot water, giving a feeling of being as sparse as stars in the whole sky.[2]

Only the poorest commoners would drink tea like this.

And the Stars In The Sky that Flender had prepared, was also the Stars In The Sky from Stars In The Sky……

Ning Fengzhi saw Salas’ expression and raised his tea cup to study it. Flender didn’t treat them differently, the tea in his cup was exactly the same.

With difficulty resisting a smile, Ning Fengzhi coughed once, saying:
“Dean Flender, your tea isn’t up to much!”

Given the chance of using this topic to make a fuss, Flender sighed, saying:
“Please excuse me. Our Shrek Academy really is too poor. All our funds are used to foster our students, painstakingly cultivating a few elite children. It was still several years before I took over the Academy that there would be money to drink tea.”

If Salas’ expression was ugly before, then now his complexion had completely turned ashen. If not for taking his position into consideration, he would already have spit it out. Several years old tea, and moreover such poor quality. Bursts of nausea made him want to retch. But watching Flender’s pitiful appearance, he still didn’t flare up. If others don’t have money, what can you say?

“Dean Flender, don’t change the subject. We didn’t come here to watch your theatrics.”
Salas’ voice was already very cold. No matter who it was, drinking a mouthful of that out of the ordinary Stars In The Sky, their mood would also be terrible.

Flender blankly looked at Salas:
“I still haven’t had time to ask. Just what matter brings lord platinum bishop and school master Ning to honor my academy with your presence?”

Even Ning Fengzhi couldn’t help inwardly gasping in admiration. Flender’s acting really was too well done. If he hadn’t met this dean before, and moreover vaguely guessed that it was Tang San who had crippled those Blue Sunshine Academy students, he too couldn’t have helped being convinced Flender knew nothing.

Salas’ brow wrinkled minutely,
“In the previous match, your academy’s students seriously injured their opponents, causing all seven of Blue Sunshine Academy’s participating team members to become imbeciles. Now the Blue Sunshine Academy has raised a stern protest. Consequently, the tournament organizational committee has formed an investigative group to conduct inquiries.”

“What? Blue Sunshine Academy’s students have all become imbeciles?”
Flender looked at Salas with ‘shock’.

Salas snorted coldly,
“You teach such good students. At a tender age, their methods are so ferocious. You should know the rules of the tournament. This kind of deliberate use of deliberate methods absolutely can’t be forgiven in the tournament.”

What he said sounded very ordinary, but they were all misleading. As long as Flender said one word wrong, he’d immediately grab the opportunity.

“An unjust accusation, lord!”
Flender stood sharply. Because of being wronged, his face was somewhat deformed.

Both his eyes were clearly reddened,
“Lord Salas, we’ve been unjustly accused! Those Blue Sunshine Academy bastards actually dare lodge a complaint? Six of our seven participating students are all seriously injured, three of them even life threatening, right now in emergency treatment by our Academy’s several healing system Spirit Masters. And they still have the nerve to protest? I intend to raise a protest to the organizational committee and apply for an investigation.”

Salas snorted coldly,
“You should know best whether it’s an unjust accusation. Even if you don’t know, call out the Shrek Academy students that participated today. We want to conduct our investigation and interview them separately.”

Flender’s ‘shocked’ expression didn’t show the slightest intent of weakening. He said resolutely:
“No, out of the question. The children's injuries are too severe. If they’re not treated promptly, let alone participating in the match tomorrow, I’m afraid it might affect their entire careers as Spirit Masters. What’s most important right now is treating them. How could they answer your questions?”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

A cold light flashed in Salas’ eyes,
“By saying this, are you opposing the organizational committee? I can take your actions as refusing to cooperate with the investigation. The tournament organizational committee will then have the right to strike Shrek Academy from this year’s Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament.”

“Wait a moment.

“Your eminence, legal doctrine can’t exceed reason. Shrek Academy’s participating students are seriously injured. It seems inappropriate to rashly make decisions before even investigating.”

Salas calmly said:
“Shrek Academy is currently refusing investigation of the participating students, this in itself is a significant issue. How do you believe it should be handled, school master Ning? If we can’t even make inquiries, how can we prove their innocence?”

Ning Fengzhi turned to Flender, saying:
“Dean Flender, are all of your noble institution’s competing members in serious condition? I recall that at that time there was still one student who was well. Is it possible to let him cooperate with our inquiries? This matter relates to the fairness of the tournament. I’ll ask you to cooperate.”

In agitation, Flender’s eyes were thoroughly red, seeming as if he was about to cry,
“Why must we be investigated? Since the tournament is fair, the judges should have seen the situation at that time. Blue Sunshine Academy’s competing members used a seven spirit fusion ability, don’t tell me that’s going easy? If our students didn’t block their attack, perhaps not even one could have returned alive. Everyone could see that our students only resisted passively, we never did anything wrong. If the tournament organizational committee still wants to expel us, we don’t have anything to say.”

A radiant light flashed in Salas’ eyes:
“You said it yourself.”

Flender glowered at Salas,
“Your eminence, what is the meaning of aiming at our Shrek Academy like this? Fine, I want to see how you’ll expel our Shrek Academy from the tournament. Xiao Gang, tomorrow we’ll go to the Holy City to visit the lord Supreme Pontiff, and have the lord Supreme Pontiff give us justice.”

Ning Fengzhi somewhat anxiously signaled Flender with his eyes. He didn’t know why the always shrewd Flender would suddenly become so impulsive. Could it be that those children really were injured, leaving Flender unable to control his temper?

Flender didn’t seem to have seen Ning Fengzhi’s signal, and while roaring at Salas, he repeatedly beat the table.

A Temple Knight stepped forward, and spirit power radiance flared over all the ten Temple Knights. The two cardinals also stood. As long as Salas gave the order, they would act immediately.

Salas also ignored Flender, turning his head to look at Ning Fengzhi to his side, saying:
“School master Ning. You’ve also seen it. Shrek Academy is this rampant, refusing the organizational committee’s investigation. Without due process, how can we justify ourselves to the other competing academies?”

Even though Ning Fengzhi wanted to help, right now he was powerless.

Salas then turned to Flender, sneering,
“You want to go appeal to the lord Supreme Pontiff? Then you can set out at once. As a result of Shrek Academy violating the tournament rules, I hereby proclaim……”

He had just said this when suddenly, a voice interrupted him,
“Wait a moment.”

This time it was Grandmaster who spoke up. Even though he wasn’t as agitated as Flender, his face was ashen,
“Salas. Think clearly before you make a decision.”

“Who are you to use the lord platinum bishop’s name directly?”
One of the cardinals immediately reprimanded.

Just when Salas was about to continue his speech, kicking Shrek Academy out of the tournament, Grandmaster suddenly flicked his hand, and something flew out of his sleeve, directly at Salas.

Without need for Salas to do anything, a Temple Knight swiftly stepped in front of him, one hand striking at that thing, spirit power suddenly erupting. At the same time, the other Temple Knights reacted quickly, instantly surrounding Flender, Grandmaster and Liu Erlong.

“Hold it.” One hand suddenly stuck out, blocking the hand of that Temple Knight, forming an incorporeal barrier that completely surrounded that spirit power strike. Bizarrely, there wasn’t a trace of energy collision, that Temple Knight’s spirit power simply faded away like melting snow.

The one to act wasn’t Ning Fengzhi, nor anyone from Shrek Academy, but rather platinum bishop Salas himself.

Seeing Salas act, the Golden Iron Triangle couldn’t keep from shivering at the same time. Even though the Temple Knights weren’t very strong compared to Flender and Liu Erlong, when that Temple Knight struck there had been five spirit rings glistening around him, he was clearly a Spirit King over fiftieth rank. But when Salas had acted after him, his strike had arrived first, and without using his spirit had easily dissolved his palm strike.

The Golden Iron Triangle could naturally also dissolve a Spirit King’s attack, but doing it as effortlessly as Salas had done was still impossible. Flender secretly thought that even if this guy didn’t have Title Douluo strength, he should already be extremely close. Spirit Hall really was unfathomably deep!

Salas used one hand to block that Temple Knight’s attack, while the other hand caught the thing Grandmaster threw at him. He looked at the surrounding Temple Knights with a face as calm as water,
“What are you doing, get out of here all of you. When did I let you move?”

The Temple Knights clearly didn’t understand why the platinum bishop suddenly was angry, but nobody dared refuse, and all ten immediately dejectedly left the room.

Salas didn’t even need to look at it to know what had landed in his hand. His back felt moist, and along with the Temple Knights leaving the room, a faint sheen of sweat appeared on his forehead.

His facial expression clearly somewhat moderated, he bowed to Grandmaster,
“Greetings elder.”

Grandmaster indifferently swept his eyes across him,
“Everyone sit down.”

Flender snickered inwardly, but Ning Fengzhi was extremely astonished. With his eyesight, he had naturally seen what that tile was. The highest warrant tile Spirit Hall issued to Spirit Hall staff, possessing six symbols, this tile also had another name: Spirit Pontiff Writ. Anyone holding this tile would possess the seniority of Spirit Hall elders, or even more like the Supreme Pontiff in person.

Even though Salas knew Grandmaster has some shady relationship with the holy court, he hadn’t expected him to actually hold the Supreme Pontiff Writ. In fact, Spirit Hall had altogether three Supreme Pontiff Writs outside, granted to each of the seven great schools’ three upper sects.

Even Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi next to him couldn’t casually take out this badge of the Supreme Pontiff’s authority. Who could have thought that Grandmaster would actually have this thing? Could it be that this was a fourth?

Some fragmentary memories appearing in his mind, Salas couldn’t keep his heart from suddenly dropping. He knew that he would be unable to get what he wanted here today, no matter what.

Right now there was still a Ning Fengzhi next to him. If he was the slightest bit disrespectful and it got out, then he wouldn’t stay a platinum bishop.

It might seem that a platinum bishop’s position in Spirit Hall was second only to the Supreme Pontiff, but in fact, even though they held a great deal of power, they still didn’t have the authority to truly make decisions.

Besides the Supreme Pontiff, Spirit Hall still had a hidden Elder Palace. That was the true heart of power of Spirit Hall. Major matters all required the decision of Elder Palace. In a vote, even the Supreme Pontiff only held three votes. But Elder Palace held as many as seven people. When necessary, as long as these seven were all in agreement, they could even depose the Supreme Pontiff.

And people with the Supreme Pontiff Writ, even though they couldn’t compare to true elders, they still had held the position of honorary elders, and had the qualifications to directly enter Elder Palace.

Even though the upper three sects of the seven great schools had always had some distance with Spirit Hall, they still held monumental power and stood together, therefore, even Spirit Hall didn’t dare lightly offend them.

Grandmaster wasn’t only born from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon school, but now he also had this thing. Salas didn’t dare be presumptuous.

Both hands clasping the Supreme Pontiff Writ, he deferentially handed it to Grandmaster,
“Please take it back, elder.”

Grandmaster took the Supreme Pontiff Writ but didn’t put it away, only leaving it in front of him, indifferently sweeping Salas with a glance,
“Taking out the Supreme Pontiff Writ isn’t with the intention of interfering with your eminence. I only hope our Shrek Academy can obtain fairness. Each student in the Shrek Academy team is a genius Spirit Master we’ve spent all our hearts fostering, I don’t want their injuries to grow more serious as a result of these inquiries, risking lifelong effects. If the lord bishop absolutely wants to interrogate them, then please wait until the condition of their injuries has improved.”

Even though Salas was unwilling, with the intimidation of the Supreme Pontiff Writ, what could he say? Unless the Supreme Pontiff or a member of Elder Palace were here, the Spirit Hall staff present didn’t have the qualifications to say anything.

“I was impetuous. Since it’s like this, this investigation is dismissed. I’ll take my leave.”
Salas was only using the issue for his own ends, the matters of Blue Sunshine Academy’s life or death was unrelated to him.

Originally he had wanted to pretend he didn’t know who Grandmaster was, but now that the Supreme Pontiff Writ had appeared in front of everyone, if he didn’t act tactfully and Grandmaster really went to Supreme Pontiff Palace to speak to the Supreme Pontiff, his later prospects would be bleak.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Let alone speaking of entering Elder Palace.

Flender’s face was already covered with a smiling expression,
“Lord bishop, don’t worry! Just now was also my bad, a bit too impetuous. What do you say? Among our students, Tang San’s injuries aren’t serious. It might be better if you ask him? He is after all the soul of the whole team. I think his knowledge of the match should also be relatively clear.”

Salas shot Flender a glance, anger building in his heart, ‘If you’d said so long ago, would I have had to see the Supreme Pontiff Writ? Since I’ve already sold my face, I can only sell it to the end. Even if I really found something, don’t tell me I could really cancel your tournament qualifications?’

“No need, no need. I already understand. Those Blue Sunshine Academy students should only have been injured by spirit ability backlash. Under such circumstances, what could be done to your noble institution’s students? I’ll take my leave.”

Finished speaking, Salas quickly brought his two cardinals away without paying any attention to Flender’s urging, even to the extent that he forgot to say anything to Ning Fengzhi.

Ning Fengzhi looked deeply at Grandmaster, then left with Bone Douluo following.

The Golden Iron Triangle trio saw them to the Academy gate.

“No need to see me further. I’ve troubled you today. Grandmaster, about the Supreme Pontiff……”

Grandmaster looked at Salas’ evasive gaze with a faint smile, saying:
“Don’t worry, your eminence. The tournament is exceptionally impartial this year.”

Salas’ face revealed a trace of satisfaction, then he nodded and brought his people away.

Ning Fengzhi was in no hurry to leave, and looked at Grandmaster with a smile:
“I truly didn’t expect that Grandmaster would actually be an honorary elder of Spirit Hall, Ning Fengzhi has been lacking in manners before.”

The expression in Grandmaster’s eyes was reserved,
“It’s only to scare some mediocre people, that’s all.”

Ning Fengzhi seemed like he wanted to ask something, but in the end he still held back,
“The children’s health is important, it would be better to forfeit tomorrow’s match. That would also give the organizational committee a way out.”

Finished saying this, Ning Fengzhi took his leave of the trio, turning and leaving with the Bone Douluo.

Following the two fading backs with his eyes, the fake smile on Flender’s face gradually faded,
“This school master Ning is worthy of his reputation. Only, Xiao Gang, even though you managed to scare off Spirit Hall’s people with a tiger’s roar this time, I’m afraid it’ll attract even more attention from them in the future.”

Before Grandmaster had time to open his mouth, suddenly, his ear twinged painfully. Liu Erlong’s somewhat ice cool voice rose,
“Yu Xiao Gang, you’re unexpectedly still in contact with that slut, speak, aren’t you……”

Seeing Liu Erlong display the power of her anger, Flender first looked distracted, then hastily said:

Finished speaking, he turned and ran without any semblance of brotherly spirit.

“Ouch, Erlong, let go. You misunderstand.
Grandmaster helplessly looked at Liu Erlong.

Currently, the rims of Liu Erlong’s eyes had turned red, teardrops forming,
“Misunderstand? That slut even gave you a Supreme Pontiff Writ, what’s there still to misunderstand? She has such an affair with you, and you won’t even admit it.”

Grandmaster’s face was stiff as a board,
“Don’t talk nonsense. Let go. She didn’t give me this Supreme Pontiff Writ.”

Even though Liu Erlong was a lot stronger than Grandmaster, when Grandmaster’s true anger still made her somewhat afraid. Releasing the ear she’d grabbed,
“Then speak, who gave you this Supreme Pontiff Writ? If your answer doesn’t satisfy me, I won’t let it go at that.”

Grandmaster helplessly said:
“Ah, you. No matter what your age you’re still so impulsive.”

Liu Erlong’s eyebrows shot up,
“You’re saying I’m old?”

“Eh…… You know that wasn’t what I meant. Don’t you want to hear the story of this Supreme Pontiff Writ?”

Liu Erlong then restrained her temper somewhat.

Grandmaster sighed lightly, saying:
“Little San’s father gave it to me.”

Liu Erlong wasn’t very familiar with Tang San’s background. Ever since Grandmaster had appeared, she’d set her entire heart on him alone. Now she couldn’t keep from astonished saying:
“Little San’s father? How is that possible, don’t tell me……”

Grandmaster took Liu Erlong’s hand, walking into the Academy. While walking, he slowly spoke four words:
“Title Douluo: Clear Sky.”


In order to prove that their students were indeed seriously injured, the next day, Shrek Academy announced that they would be forfeiting the next two matches to give the team members enough time to rest.

Shrek Academy’s undefeated golden record was also smashed with this. Moreover, the opponents they drew for these two days were unexpectedly the two great powers, Godwind Academy and Thunderclap Academy.

If Thunderclap Academy felt they were somewhat lucky, then Godwind Academy’s captain Feng Xiaotian was depressed.

Shrek Academy forfeiting admittedly directly gave them the victory, but Huo Wu’s anger clearly wouldn’t abate because of a victory like this. Feng Xiaotian hadn’t truly defeated Tang San, so he could only temporarily shelve his plans of bringing back the beauty.

The qualifiers continued with the momentum of wildfire. After Shrek Academy returned, their strength hadn’t weakened like some spectators had thought, and they continued playing their victory song. Very soon, altogether twenty seven rounds of the qualifiers approached their conclusion. Only the last round remained before the end.

At present, the top teams were ranked as follows:

Thunderclap Academy, twenty six fights with twenty five victories. Their only loss was against Godwind Academy.

Godwind Academy, twenty six fights with twenty five wins. Their only loss was against Blazing Academy. With a certain key character throwing the game, avoiding defeat wasn’t easy.

Shrek Academy, twenty six fights with twenty four wins.

Blazing Academy, twenty six fights with twenty three wins.

Skywater Academy, twenty six fights with twenty three wins.

Elephant Armored Academy, twenty six fights with twenty one wins.


Even though there was still the final round remaining before the conclusion, in fact, the passing teams were already decided. Those were: Thunderclap Academy, Godwind Academy, Shrek Academy, Blazing Academy, and Skywater Academy.

As one of the five elemental academies, Elephant Armored Academy had lost to each of the ranking five and was now hopelessly out of bounds.

In the final round, among the top five, Thunderclap Academy, Godwind Academy, and Blazing Academy were each facing weak opponents, and their victory was more or less assured.

But Shrek Academy had finally once again come across another troublesome opponent since Blazing Academy, and would settle the outcome of the final round with Skywater Academy.

Even though the match was unrelated to who would pass, it still bore upon their ranking in the qualifiers. Shrek Academy’s victory could preserve their third place.

If Skywater Academy won, then adding their previous victory over Blazing Academy, they would replace Shrek Academy’s position.

Therefore, at the final round, the organizational committee had arranged for the top five teams as well as Elephant Armored Academy to fight in the same round, as a brilliant representation of the final qualifying round to the spectators.

Shrek Academy facing Skywater Academy was no doubt the most important match, so they were naturally selected to carry it out on the central stage.

Every day there were fourteen matches, split over three rounds. As a result of the qualifiers already being settled by now, as well as it being the final round, the academies that had already washed out weren’t particularly zealous, and the first two rounds ended very quickly.

In the rest area, the five great elemental academies and Shrek Academy were quietly waiting to go up. Of course, there were still another four teams as foils.

Tang San and Dai Mubai sat close together in front of their team, quietly waiting for the match to begin.

Thinking back over these qualifiers, the only ones that had truly brought them any trouble was Elephant Armored Academy, Blazing Academy, and Blue Sunshine Academy. And Blue Sunshine Academy was dealt with by Tang San with his Purple Demon Eye alone.

The remaining powers, Godwind Academy and Thunderclap Academy, had passed while they forfeited their matches. The rest of the qualifiers passed without hindrance.

Even though there were hindrances among them, speaking overall, it still went smoothly. Today was the final round of the qualifiers. Even if their inability to become the champions of the qualifiers left Tang San somewhat frustrated, he had long ago secretly vowed that no matter what, the final championship of this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was set aside for Shrek Academy.

The outcome of today’s match might be without consequence, but neither Tang San and Dai Mubai had any intent of giving up. Only by unceasingly competing with powers could they increase their own strength.

Shrek Academy’s lineup was separately: Captain, Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai. Vice Captain, Thousand Hands Asura Tang San. Close combat power attack system Spirit Master Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, power attack system Spirit Masters Tai Long and Huang Yuan, agility attack system Spirit Master Jing Ling and healing system Spirit Master Jiang Zhu.

Same as their fight against Blazing Academy, there were only three people from their main force.

The start of the final match drew closer and closer. At this time, a cheerful silhouette surreptitiously came over. His gaze first swept across Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing, then landed on Tang San.

“Brother Tang, today is the final match. Work hard!”

Tang San and the others looked at the new arrival. It wasn’t a stranger, but the Godwind Academy team’s captain, Feng Xiaotian.

Looking at him, Xiao Wu couldn’t help frowning,
“Why did you come here? Can’t you say something new?”

In fact, before practically each match since Shrek Academy had defeated Blazing Academy, Feng Xiaotian had come over to give Shrek Academy a pep talk.

[1] Flender’s referring to himself as (在下), a very humble personal pronoun.

[2] Half guessing here, since (满天星) is also the name of a plant, Baby’s Breath in English. If anyone has a better translation of “茶叶末,先倒好一杯热水,然后撒一把进去”, let me know.

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