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Chapter 103

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Suddenly, only that dazzling light remained on the stage, every trace of the Blue Sunshine Academy seven members gone.

“What’s going on?”

“This, could this be a seven spirit fusion ability?”

To the side, Ning Fengzhi’s expression was also serious, but he still shook his head, saying:
“It shouldn’t be. As far as I recall, there has never been anyone able to complete a seven spirit fusion ability. But even if it’s not, it should still be a kind of fusion ability, even if it’s not a true spirit fusion ability, it’s still bound to be far more powerful than their own strength. This Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament truly lets me widen my horizons. The youths of today are indeed more formidable than we were.”

As the number one support Spirit Master on the Continent, his spirit knowledge was quite extensive, and he had especially studied this kind of gem spirit. After all, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was a kind of sublimation of gem class spirits, only sublimated in a support direction.

Even though Ning Fengzhi wasn’t sure how an ability so similar to seven spirit fusion ability would appear, but he vaguely guessed that this should be the result of a certain fit between the Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven members’ spirits, managing to launch a combined group ability with special spirit abilities after obtaining their spirit rings.

And at this time, perceptive people could also see the cultivation route of the Blue Sunshine Academy seven. And this also left a lot of people extremely stunned. Because, the Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven members were unexpectedly all control system Spirit Masters.

One team with seven controllers, this was the first time in all Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournaments that this had appeared.

The pillar of condensed rainbow-colored light spread in a flash. In an eyeblink it had filled the whole arena, all kinds of gem light spreading from within. That dazzling light didn’t seem to have any attack power, but the audience in the stands were already completely attracted, a dazzled and stunned feeling making a lot of ordinary people bewildered.

Shrek Academy’s team of seven still hadn’t moved, because Tang San didn’t let them.

But they had also changed somewhat. Besides Tang San, the other six now all had their eyes closed. Their formation had also changed, unexpectedly somewhat imitating the opponents, six people standing in a circle with Tang San at the center, watching that seven colored light approach.

“Shrek Academy fools, you should feel honored, because you will be the first opponents to taste our Seven Asura Dreamland. Die from your own pain. Goodbye.”

The seven colored light suddenly expanded, instantly covering the whole stage. The stage was round, as was that seven colored light pillar. At this moment, that soaring light practically lit up the whole stadium.

The indistinct luster was brimming with a bizarre atmosphere.

The Shrek Academy team’s seven had already been completely enveloped, or perhaps it should be called swallowed.

The entire audience was absolutely mute, and the commentator in the VIP seats was even more unable to say a single word. From the start of the competition, who could have anticipated something like this? Even the four matches to the sides halted.

That seven colored beam of light was really too dazzling. Not just these competing students, but even the coaching teachers were unable to hide their shock.

Was this really a match between academies? Even Spirit Hall’s Continental Spirit Master Ranking Competitions shouldn’t have something like this?

Not just emperor Xue Ye thought of the name ‘seven spirit fusion ability’, but the others who did lacked a Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master to explain it to them.

With circumstances reversed, the seven colored pillar of light became a symbol, the symbol for the sudden rise of Blue Sunshine Academy.

Even though the match still hadn’t ended, those tremendous spirit power fluctuations changed the way all spectating Spirit Masters looked at the battle.

And the audience’s way of looking at it was even more direct. That tremendous and dazzling light was the most magnificent since the start of the competition. Even though a lot of people inwardly supported Shrek Academy, spectators were after all spectators, only figures of power could remain in their hearts.

Right now, not only didn’t anyone cheer for Shrek Academy, but a lot of people even silently contemplated Blue Sunshine Academy’s name.

What was a seven spirit fusion ability? Wasn’t it the formidable ability launched by the completely integrated spirits of seven people? This was a legendary formidable spirit ability. It was also a major reason why Ning Fengzhi said it had never been seen.

Consider, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing using the spirit fusion ability was already enough to completely reverse heaven and earth against an equally matched opponent. Grandmaster, Flender and Liu Erlong’s trinity spirit fusion ability had made them world famous.

And if it truly was a spirit fusion ability used by seven people?

What kind of amplification would that be?

Even if Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi launched his Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda effect with all his strength, he would still be inferior. Enough to kill any Title Douluo.

If that truly was a seven spirit fusion ability, then, there would be no need to continue with this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. Let alone the participating academy teams, even veteran Spirit Masters wouldn’t stand a chance.

Unless it was a team of three or more Title Douluo, who would dare say they could prevail over that kind of legendary spirit ability?

Indeed, it was a divine ability. Seven spirit fusion ability was publicly recognized in the Spirit Master world as a divine ability.

In the stands for the competing academies, Flender and Liu Erlong were already on their feet. Liu Erlong was somewhat better, but Flender anxiously wanted to rush out, even rush onto the stage.

“Flender, calm down.”
Grandmaster exerted himself to grab Flender’s arm.

Flender furiously said:
“Calm down your farts! Don’t you see that’s a seven spirit fusion ability? This thing can’t be controlled so easily. Don’t tell me you want to let little San and the others die? At worst we’ll give up on the tournament, but we have to save them first.”

Grandmaster curled his lip,
“Flender, what do you take a seven spirit fusion ability for? If it could be casually used by seven people, how could it be called a divine ability? Even though Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven students are pretty good, it’s still far from enough to use this kind of divine ability. What they’re using is only a seven fusion ability. Blue Sunshine Academy really is lucky to find seven students whose spirits fit so well.”

Flender looked distracted a moment,
“Seven fusion ability? Isn’t that the same?”

Grandmaster smiled calmly, pulling him back in his seat,
“Oh, Flender. Ignorance isn’t scary, what’s scary is not knowing your ignorance. Seven fusion ability and seven spirit fusion ability are as far apart as heaven and earth. One relies on the fit of each person’s spirit ability to fuse, one is the complete fusion of spirits, a sublime divine ability. Could those be the same?”

Right now Flender couldn’t take Grandmaster teasing him, and questioned closer:
“Then can little San and the others resist it?”

Grandmaster shook his head,
“Even though the seven fusion ability by far can’t compare to the seven spirit fusion ability, it can still combine the strength of seven people to launch an omnidirectional attack. Even though it looks like seven against seven, as long as the control is enough, it will even give little San and the others the feeling of each fighting seven against one. Under ordinary circumstances, with the strength and teamwork of the seven on stage now, it would be very difficult to resist.”

Flender cursed in rage,
“Isn’t that the same result? Don’t you know that little San and the others had a conflict with Blue Sunshine Academy? If those Blue Sunshine brats were allowed to do as they wished, do you think they would let little San and Mubai and the others off easily?”

Without waiting for Grandmaster to speak up, Liu Erlong to the side also sat back down in her seat, embracing Grandmaster’s arm, smiling:
“Boss Fu, don’t you see? If there was danger, Xiao Gang would be even more anxious than you. He regards little San as a son. Look at his expression. He’s clearly playing with you.”

What was called confused out of concern, Flender, always astute, came to his senses at Liu Erlong’s reminder. Grabbing Grandmaster’s neck, he said fiercely:
“Tell me the truth quickly, will little San and the others be in any danger?”

Liu Erlong swatted away Flender’s hand,

Finished saying this, she couldn’t keep a giggle from escaping.

Grandmaster held Liu Erlong’s hand, leisurely saying:
“If it was another seven fusion ability, perhaps it would be very difficult for little San and the others to resist, depending on how much fighting strength they could issue. But these seven Blue Sunshine Academy students still aren’t capable of that. Flender, didn’t you see their cultivation direction?”

“Of course I saw, they’re all control system Spirit Masters. How’s that related?”

Grandmaster indifferently said:
“It’s greatly related. It’s just because they’re control system Spirit Masters that I can say they can’t do it. Since you saw they followed the control system route, didn’t you see what kind of control?”

Flender finally came to himself,
“You’re saying…… But can little San and the others really resist?”

Grandmaster shot him a sideways glance,
“You must trust the professionals.”

Flender rolled his eyes,
“Alright, I already know you’re the symbol of Spirit Master world professionals. But if the little monsters have any accidents, I’ll come looking for you.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Right now the situation at the center of the stage was invisible to everyone. All that could be seen was that dazzling seven-colored pillar of light.

Tang San stood quietly in place as the opponent’s voice echoed from all directions,
“You’re too naive, do you think closing your eyes can block our Seven Asura Dreamland? We’ve already waited far, far too long for this day. Endure the filthiest world you can imagine. Your repressed feelings will leave you especially suffering, until you go insane, this is the price you pay for insulting us. Don’t worry, we’ll go easy, we’ll leave you alive.”

Apart from Tang San, the other Shrek Academy members still had their eyes closed. Tang San sighed lightly, indifferently saying:
“The naive ones should be you. Do you believe such a simple illusion can trap us? Compared to Shi Nian’s Nightmare, your seven fusion ability is still quite lacking.”

Indeed, even though this seven fusion ability would appear magnificently dazzling, and right now all kinds of illusions had already begun to rise from everyone's hearts, compared to when Shi Nian tried to assassinate Tang San, this dreamland spirit ability of theirs was too artless. Essentially lacking.

The seven colored light shuddered once, and even the illusions at the depths of everyone’s minds became somewhat vague. Clearly, Tang San’s words had been a full hit to the opponents.

“You…… Where is teacher Shi Nian?”
Even though he couldn’t be seen, they could tell from the voice that Blue Sunshine Academy’s captain was anxious.

Tang San said indifferently:
“You’re his students, want to find him? I won’t give you the chance. Don’t worry, I’ll go easy. I’ll leave you alive. That’s why you won’t see him.”

At just about the same time, Tang San suddenly moved. His figure soared into the bright light, successively kicking six times, but not at the enemies, but rather at the backs of each of his companions.

Six bodies simultaneously flew in six directions, spewing a mouthful of blood at the same time. And in the air, Tang San’s eyes had already turned purple gold. Chi[1] long rays of purple golden light shot out, flashing in seven different directions.

Miserable shrieks rose practically simultaneously. When Tang San fell from the air, he lightly swatted his stomach with a palm, and immediately afterward, a trickle of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

The bright light vanished, and everything in the surroundings became clear again. That enormous seven colored pillar of light had disappeared without warning, but of the originally fourteen people on the stage, only one still stood. That was Tang San.

The appearance of the other six Shrek Academy team members spitting blood was just caught by the audience as the pillar of light disappeared. Seeing them fall to the ground one by one, they had clearly lost all fighting strength.

But their opponents, the Blue Sunshine Academy team’s seven members had long ago already left their previous positions, separating in seven directions on the stage. Right now these seven were also on the ground, but different from the Shrek Academy team, these seven were convulsing violently, spitting foam, eyes rolling.

Just like an epileptic attack.

Tang San’s face appeared very pale and his steps were unstable, swaying from time to time. But his gaze was still unyielding, seemingly telling everyone that he was the final victor.

An uproar. Whether it was the audience or the VIP section, right now everyone were in disorder.

Especially those Spirit Masters who had thought Blue Sunshine Academy had fully used a seven spirit fusion ability were even more unable to conceal their shock right now. When that brilliant light had enveloped the Shrek Academy group, they had all already though the match was over.

But who could have guessed that Shrek Academy would surprise everyone once again. They hadn’t lost even to Blue Sunshine Academy’s ‘divine skill’.

When the referee declared the final result, he was trembling somewhat. After the participating members of Blue Sunshine Academy had been examined by qualified specialists of the Spirit Master world, the verdict was spirit ability backlash.

Even though the rules of this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament expressly stipulated that you couldn’t cripple or kill your opponents, who could be blamed for spirit ability backlash?

Blue Sunshine Academy’s participating members were brought from the stage by their own people, while on the Shrek Academy side, Oscar, Ning Rongrong, and Ma Hongjun swiftly ran over. When Ning Rongrong wanted to release her spirit to boost everyone regardless of being revealed, she was stopped by a look from Tang San.

The four of them together managed to help the six on the ground off the stage.

Meeting them was an audience cheering as if welcoming heroes. The Shrek team had yet again defended their position with their own strength. Twelve successive victories was a record to regard with pride.

Just below the stage, being supported, Dai Mubai couldn’t help saying:
“Little San, you’re too ferocious.”

Right now Dai Mubai, helped by Ma Hongjun, could with difficulty manage to walk. Of course, the “with difficulty” part was staged by himself. With his head lowered, nobody could see his expression.

Next to Dai Mubai, Ning Rongrong helping Xiao Wu also lowered her head, unable to keep from saying:
“Boss Dai, what are you saying! Little San didn’t use any strength, wasn’t that blood forced on our own? Don’t tell me he was especially attentive to you?”

Dai Mubai inclined his head slightly, looking at the expressionless Tang San,
“I’m not saying he was ferocious towards us, but rather to those seven Blue Sunshine students. Those seven are perhaps crippled.”

Whether the Shrek Seven Devils or the four substitutes headed by Tai Long, inwardly they couldn’t keep from shivering simultaneously.

Tang San used a voice only the others could hear:
“They were destined to never become our friends. Since it was like that, how could I let these threats exist at our side? If someday I wasn’t here and you ran into them, what would happen? Grass cut above the roots will grow with the spring wind.”

Of course, there was still another reason. With Tang San’s intelligence, from the time these Blue Sunshine Academy members acted he understood that these seven very possibly were the direct disciples of the Brutal Dream Spirit Master Shi Nian he had killed. The impression Shi Nian had made on him really was too deep, and even though he had successfully killed him, he could never forget Xiao Wu’s tragedy in that illusion. He couldn’t allow that to happen for real.

It might appear that he had easily destroyed Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven fusion ability, but if he hadn’t had an ability that just restrained the opponents, the ending would have been completely different.

The conflict between the two sides could no longer be resolved, and if by some chance these people learned Shi Nian had been killed by him and would never return, then they would definitely come take revenge for their teacher.

Taking all this into consideration, Tang San then acted ferociously.

One reason was to eliminate future trouble. The other was his belief that if he started off leniently, the Blue Sunshine Academy seven could figure out his close connection to Shi Nian’s disappearance.

But now, they would never be able to reveal this secret. Not even the other six Shrek Academy team members could completely understand just what had happened within that seven colored light.

Naturally he wouldn’t reveal this secret either.

Just when Tang San saw their opponents’ seven fusion ability he had also been extremely shocked. As Grandmaster’s disciple, he had instantly determined that it wasn’t a seven spirit fusion ability, but the seven fusion ability the opponents had used could still bring them enormous trouble.

However, his heart had settled very quickly.

Seven Asura Dreamland, in the end it was just an illusion. Purple Demon Eye’s ability to eliminate all illusions left him completely certain of victory. That’s why he wasn’t in any hurry to let his companions act.

Compared to Shi Nian’s Nightmare, the Seven Asura Dreamland the Blue Sunshine Academy seven used was still quite lacking. As a result of the enormous spirit power drain of this ability, they were unable to exhibit the kind of meticulous control Shi Nian had that even manipulated the feelings of the victims.

It seemed that the dazzling seven colored light was the best screen to hide Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye.

When Tang San had his companions close their eyes, he had already quietly explained his tactics to them. His plan was very simple. He told each of his companions to force out a mouthful of blood when he kicked them away, assuming the appearance of serious injuries.

That was after all a seven fusion ability. If he let outsiders see their side winning easily, wouldn’t that expose everything they tried to hide? Showing weakness to their enemies, letting their opponents look down on them, that was the ideal choice.

Everything after that was logical. Seventy second ranked Spirit Emperor Shi Nian had been made briefly despondent by Purple Demon Eye, let alone these Blue Sunshine Academy team whose highest member was only at the forty first rank.

The instant Tang San set about it, Purple Demon Eye’s attack power had reached an extraordinary degree. In that moment, he had clearly grasped the mental states of each of the Blue Sunshine Academy team members.

Due to fully using Seven Asura Dreamland, the Blue Sunshine Academy seven had fully exported their spirit power to become mental strength, this was also their special ability. Under such circumstances, their mental defense could be said to be zero.

Moreover they were even weaker than when they didn’t use their spirits. After all, in the middle of such a powerful seven fusion ability, how could they have anticipated that the opponent could still launch a mental plane attack at them?

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Purple Demon Eye’s mental attack directly pierced the brain, causing spirit power backlash. True, the seven Blue Sunshine Academy members weren’t dead, but they had already become imbeciles. Certain neurological damage made them forever unable to recover. Even the best healing system Spirit Masters were helpless in front of the incomparably precise system that was the brain.

Tang San had never been a good hearted person, and he was even less like as ordinary as on the surface. Tang Sect itself was both just and nefarious, starting off leniently when facing an opponent that might become a threat would only lead to disaster.

From seeing the opponents’ seven fusion ability, to the opponents launching their attack, Tang san had informed his team members of the method to defeat the enemies within the bright light. This process was completed with the speed of lightning. With the force of thunder, a single strike. The decisive ferocity within it amply revealed the heart of an Asura under Tang San’s unremarkable surface.

It was also because of this that Dai Mubai would say Tang San was ferocious. As the strongest of everyone, at that time, apart from Tang San, he had suffered the least influence. Therefore he had vaguely guessed Tang San’s way of dealing with it. Regarding this companion, right now even this Evil Eye White Tiger couldn’t help but inwardly feel some respect and fear.

The first to express support of Tang San was unexpectedly Ma Hongjun. Fatty’s hands supported Huang Yuan and Jing Ling,
“Third brother, I support you, mercy to the enemy is cruelty to oneself.”

The gazes of the Shrek Seven Devils flowed together, and nobody made any more doubtful noises. Even though Tang San’s explanation was very simple, the feelings of brotherhood between them had no doubt manifested. They all thought of the same thing. If Blue Sunshine Academy had won, would they have gone easy on them?

Returning to the rest area, several hundred gazes fell on them practically simultaneously. When someone outside had shouted the words ‘seven spirit fusion ability’, the competitors in the rest area had all run out, and also saw the final conclusion.

Blazing Academy’s Huo Wushuang and Huo Wu had seen it, and Godwind Academy’s Feng Xiaotian had naturally also seen it.

The match hadn’t lasted long, and nobody had seen just how Shrek Academy had won. But they all saw the final result.

Not everyone had the insight of Grandmaster and Ning Fengzhi. The shock a seven spirit fusion ability caused all the competitors was difficult to describe in words. However, Blue Sunshine Academy had still lost. After using a seven spirit fusion ability, they had still lost. Moreover, everyone had clearly seen that Shrek Academy hadn’t even moved as Blue Sunshine Academy launched their fusion ability, just letting them store power.

Even though only Tang San was left finally standing on the stage, that Shrek Academy had finally prevailed over Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven spirit fusion ability was very difficult to accept for these competing academy members. Especially Huo Wu.

Feng Xiaotian looked at the somewhat staggering Tang San, and inwardly he couldn’t help a burst of nervousness. ‘Heavens, that was a seven spirit fusion ability. And that actually couldn’t beat them? This Tang San is too abnormal. Is he really less than twenty five years old?’

Originally he had complete confidence in himself, believed that Huo Wu would definitely become his girlfriend this time, but after the battle outside just now he was completely without confidence. Looking at Tang San he couldn’t help losing spirit.

Tang San indicated Ma Hongjun’s trio should release their ‘seriously hurt’ companions to the side, and let Jiang Zhu use her healing scepter. He himself turned to those hundreds of gazes, only calmly saying one thing.

“You don’t need to look at us like that. That wasn’t a seven spirit fusion ability.”

Ignoring those stunned gazes, Tang San sat down next to his companions and closed his eyes to rest.

Even though it was only a simple explanation, it still pulled him back from a godly position to the category of an ordinary person, and a lot of people had feeling of letting out a long breath.

At this moment, Grandmaster, Liu Erlong and Flender had already rushed over. After Tang San had exchanged a few words in a low voice with Grandmaster, they quickly left the rest area under mutual support.

Watching their disappearing silhouettes, countless competitors immediately started commenting. They all really wanted to believe Tang San’s explanation. After all, prevailing over an opponent with a seven spirit fusion ability in a situation where level didn’t differ much was impossible. What’s more, that seven spirit fusion ability was only a legendary divine ability.

The audience got a feast for their eyes, but the match today also left all sorts of different notions in peoples’ hearts. Powers on all sides pondered over just how the Shrek Academy team had obtained victory today.

Very soon, news came from the Blue Sunshine Academy side. All the seven students that participated in the fight had completely lost the ability to think. All had become imbeciles. They had moreover raised stern protests to the organizational committee, demanding severe punishments for Shrek Academy.

For this reason, Heaven Dou Empire and Spirit Hall jointly established a special investigative group, to separately make inquiries into both sides. At the same time, Heaven Dou City’s Spirit Temple dispatched two Spirit Sage level healing system Spirit Masters to specially treat the Blue Sunshine Academy seven team members.

But just like Tang San predicted, the brain was the most complex part of the human body. It wasn’t something that could easily be restored by healing spirit abilities, and nobody had still truly seen through the mysteries of the mental world. Spirit Hall’s treatment was naturally futile.

Returning to Shrek Academy, the Golden Iron Triangle directly gathered the Shrek Academy team’s all eleven members to a conference room.

Right now there was no need for anyone to keep acting, and the originally ‘seriously injured’ six people all returned to normal.

Flender’s face was somewhat serious, his gaze first turning to Tang San, and afterwards sweeping across the other six who had participated in the match today.

“If I’m not mistaken, then in less than two hours, the tournament organizational committee will dispatch an investigative team to our Academy to conduct inquiries into the match today. I don’t know how you did it, but Grandmaster told me just now that the opponents have completely become imbeciles.”

Everyone looked at each other, nobody uttering a word. Everyone’s gazes finally concentrated on Tang San.

Flender glared at Tang San, saying:
“You little monster, looking for trouble for me. The seven of you who participated in the match, later immediately go quietly cultivate. I will use your healing process to explain to the other side. Eh, no, little San, you stay behind. We still need someone to be investigated. At least on the surface your injuries were the lightest, that makes you the most suitable candidate.”


“The six of you leave now. Erlong, find them someplace hidden, have Zhao Wuji and Lu Ji Bin go there to guard them personally. Don’t let anyone see them. Oh, right, call over Shao Bin as well. That Sweet Pea Spirit of his is suitable to cover up their injuries. Jiang Zhu, you go too. Appearance is important, more healing system Spirit Masters is better.”

Right now Flender fully revealed the poise of a dean. Liu Erlong stood, smiled at Tang San, praise in her eyes, then brought Dai Mubai and the others away. She was originally the slaughtering corner of the Golden Iron Triangle, so of course she quite liked Tang San’s unwaveringly fierce way of dealing with things.

Once Liu Erlong’s group had left, only Flender, Grandmaster, Tang San, Oscar, Ma Hongjun and Ning Rongrong remained in the room.

Flender pulled out a chair and sat, but didn’t utter a word. He raised his hand to rhythmically tap the table, seemingly pondering something. Grandmaster sat to the side from the start, with a calm and easygoing appearance.

Before long, Flender raised his head, saying:
“Little San, if the investigators later ask you how you broke the opponents’ seven spirit fusion ability, how will you answer?”

Tang San sincerely said:

In battle his insight was boundless, but in this kind of scheming, he could never catch up to Flender.

Flender’s eyes brightened, saying:
“Good, remember that answer.”


“I’ll answer that I don’t know?”

Flender grinned, saying:
“That’s right, whatever they ask you, just say that you don’t know. Tell the investigators that because you couldn’t clearly see the outside at that time, you just constantly released your spirit abilities. Once the surroundings became clear again, everything was already over. You basically don’t know what happened.”

Tang San blinked,
“Will that work?”

Flender snorted coldly,
“Why wouldn’t it? Those investigator fellows are just making the rounds. Nobody actually saw what happened that time. As long as you stick to the three words ‘I don’t know’, they won’t be able to extort a confession. As long as there’s no proof, we’ll say those Blue Sunshine Academy students lost control of their spirit ability, and were turned to vegetables by the backlash. What can they do? Everything needs proof.”

Ma Hongjun behind Tang San thought out loud:
“Isn’t this villainous?”

Laughter escaped from Grandmaster to the side,
“Now you know, in villainy, who can compare to the grandmaster of scoundrels, Flender.”

Flender unhappily shot Grandmaster a glare,
“Don’t tear down my authority, ok? Little San, do you remember?”

Tang San hastily nodded, indicating he remembered. Wasn’t it the three words ‘I don’t know’? Replying ‘I don’t know’ whatever the question, wasn’t that simple?

[1] 1尺 = ⅓ m

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