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Chapter 105

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

The shrek Academy group naturally didn’t know what this fellow intended, but how couldn’t repeating the same words every single day arouse their suspicions?

Actually, Feng Xiaotian’s goal was quite simple. They hadn’t met Shrek Academy in the qualifiers, therefore what he wanted to see the least was Shrek Academy losing even once. Only if everyone entered the finals would they have the chance to fight. This was a rare chance to woo Huo Wu! He wouldn’t give up as long as there was still hope.

Feng Xiaotian also became comparatively familiar with Shrek Academy over these days,
“Little sister Xiao Wu, don’t be like that. Big brother just came to cheer you on!”

Xiao Wu snorted unhappily,
“Who’s your little sister, don’t worm your way into being friends.”

Tang San patted Xiao Wu’s shoulder. Walking over in front of Feng Xiaotian, he said with a smile:
“We’ll do our utmost. If senior Feng hopes we can meet in the finals, then don’t lose in the later competitions either. Like that, we will definitely encounter each other.”

Even though Feng Xiaotian was still all smiles, a trace of radiance flashed in the corners of his eyes, perfectly caught by Tang San’s outstanding eyesight.

“Since you say as much, is your Shrek Academy’s goal the championship?”

Tang San countered:
“Don’t tell me it isn’t for your Godwind Academy?”

Against everyone’s expectations, Feng Xiaotian actually shook his head, saying:
“Of course not. We’ve never hoped to be champions. Nobody could defeat those Spirit Hall freaks.”

Dai Mubai’s heart twitched. As they didn’t have any information on Spirit Hall’s competing team, he couldn’t help asking:
“Are those Spirit Hall representatives very strong?”

Feng Xiaotian grinned, saying:
“I also don’t know the specifics. Anyway, in order for us to meet, first pray you don’t encounter them. The matches are starting, I’ll leave first.”

Watching Feng Xiaotian’s quickly departing back, Dai Mubai’s evil eyes revealed a somewhat peculiar luster,
“This Feng Xiaotian definitely know something, but he’s not talking.”

Tang San muttered to himself:
“Godwind Academy is already very powerful. In this competition, besides not meeting us, they even defeated the first ranked Thunderclap Academy. If not for once being defeated by the fourth ranked Blazing Academy, Godwind Academy’s record would be straight wins. Even if this doesn’t prove they’re the strongest in the competition, they should definitely be more difficult to handle than Blazing Academy and Elephant Armored Academy. Such a strong team unexpectedly doesn’t have any belief in defeating Spirit Hall’s representative team. It seems that the opponents we’ll face in the finals will be rather difficult to deal with.”

The two looked face to face, their faces somewhat serious.

If it was in a competition between their peers, the Shrek Seven Devils wouldn’t fear anyone’s challenge. But the upper age limit for this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was twenty five.

Even though talents were rare, that absolutely didn’t mean there were none. What kind of place was Spirit Hall? It was the holy land of all Spirit Masters. How could the people in a team representing Spirit Hall be lacking in strength?

While the Shrek Academy group was pondering the strength of future opponents, not far away from them was a group of young women watching them attentively.

“Eldest sister. Look, Shrek Academy’s Dai Mubai is so stylish! I heard his nickname is Evil Eye White Tiger, his eyes have double pupils.”
The speaker was a young woman with a goose egg face[1]. She appeared about twenty, built petite, with short dark green hair that seemed extremely spirited.

These women all wore blue uniforms, precisely the opponent Shrek Academy was about to face, Skywater Academy.

The five great elemental academies all had their own special requirements for enrolling new students. For the Elephant Armored Academy’s criteria, first was that body weight had to exceed three hundred jin[2], while the next were requirements to the spirit.

The other four elemental academies mainly had criterions relating to spirit properties. Students enrolling in Blazing Academy had to have spirits with fire attributes, and for Skywater Academy that was naturally water attributes.

Among the five great elemental academies, Skywater Academy’s examination requirements were the most pitiless, because apart from having a water attribute spirit, they still had a few extra requirements.

First, they only accepted female students. Second, non-beauties weren’t accepted.

But they also had a humane side. Among the five great elemental academies, Skywater Academy was the only one that accepted commoners. In this respect they were the same as Shrek Academy.

Consequently, not only were the members of Skywater Academy’s team all female students, but each and every one was beautiful.

The speaking short dark green haired young woman appeared to be the youngest of the seven members, her face still somewhat childish.

“Seventh girl, when did you become so starry eyed? If this goes on, won’t you be throwing the match later?”
A goose egg faced red haired young woman teased.

“Alright, don’t be noisy. The match is about to start, Shrek Academy are very difficult to deal with. From the start of the qualifiers, they actually haven’t lost a single match. It was no coincidence both Blazing Academy and Elephant Armored Academy lost to them one after the other. Prevailing over them won’t be easy. Even if we’re already in the clear, if we lose to them today, they will have a psychological advantage over us in the finals. Therefore, in the match today, everyone have to go all out.”

Compared to the previous two girls, this girl’s voice was a lot calmer. Among all the Skywater Academy’s seven competing members, she absolutely wasn’t the oldest, and might even be the youngest, as she didn’t seem to have reached twenty. But when she spoke, the other six girls clearly moderated their expressions a lot, and even looked at her somewhat respectfully.

This woman’s height was about one meter sixty five or so, her figure exceptionally well proportioned, neither exaggeratedly ample or petite.

A head of ocean blue long hair scattered over her back, and her face was decorated with exquisite features. At first glance she might not seem so outstanding, but at closer look one could constantly discover her beauty. A beauty like a rising moon.

She was the Skywater Academy’s team captain, and also the team’s eldest sister, Shui Bing-Er[3]. Skywater Academy’s team members weren’t ranked according to their age, but according to their strength.

Therefore, even though Shui Bing-Er was the youngest, the sisters of the team sincerely called her ‘eldest sister’.

Her position in the Skywater Academy team was even more important than Tang San’s in the Shrek Academy team.

At this moment, it finally became their turn to enter the arena as the last round of matches.

When the five great elemental academies and Shrek Academy entered, the entire Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena boiled. Today was the last day of the qualifiers, and also the last round of matches.

For the grand occasion of seeing the competitions of the five great elemental academies and Shrek Academy alike, today the prices for tickets was several times higher than before, but despite this they were still hard to find.

The Shrek Academy team and the Skywater Academy team climbed the central stage from separate ends.

Perhaps it was because of last time’s fight between Shrek Academy and Blue Sunshine Academy turning out as a great disgrace for the commentator in the VIP seats, but over these days of competition he had restrained himself a lot.

“The final round of matches of these qualifiers is about to start. First of all, let us turn our gazes to the left stage, Elephant Academy versus Pondering Peak Academy, ……, and finally, let’s turn our gazes to the central stage. This is also the most anticipated match of the day. Already certain to pass the qualifiers, Shrek Academy and Skywater Academy will stage the final spectacle of this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament’s qualifiers. On one side is this year’s dark horse, on one side a veteran team. Who will obtain the final victory in the end? Let us wipe our eyes and see.”

Climbing onto the central stage, as Shui Bing-Er saw Shrek Academy’s final troop arrangement, she couldn’t keep from frowning. Just like Blazing Academy’s Huo Wu, inwardly rose an equal anger.

The other two fortieth ranked Spirit Masters that Shrek Academy had revealed in previous matches didn’t appear among their members for this match.

‘Are they actually looking down on our Skywater Academy, still thinking this kind of formation is enough to deal with us?’

The referee indicated both sides salute each other.

Both sides lined up, Shui Bing-Er and Dai Mubai opposite each other. Clearly seeing Shui Bing-Er’s appearance, Dai Mubai also couldn’t help starting slightly. He had seen a lot of beautiful women, but this kind of characteristic girl was still rather rare, especially even though Shui Bing-Er’s aura wasn’t powerful, the wise and farsighted look in her eyes was something he couldn’t help but associate with Tang San’s expression.

Dai Mubai immediately judged that this was a very intelligent girl.

In order to temper the Shrek Seven Devils’ adaptability, before the start of each match of the qualifiers, Grandmaster didn’t give them any detailed introduction of the opponents. Everything was up to Tang San’s management. This made the results of engaging in these kinds of real combat exercises even better.

“Shrek Academy team captain, Dai Mubai, forty fourth ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Master.”
The counterpart was after all a girl, so Dai Mubai would clearly be a lot more polite than when confronting other teams in the past. Announcing his name and level expressed his esteem for the opponents.

Even though Shui Bing-Er was inwardly somewhat angry, she didn’t show it on the surface. Seeing Dai Mubai take the initiative to express his respect, she also immediately announced herself,
“Skywater Academy team captain, Shui Bing-Er, forty third ranked control system Battle Spirit Master.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

She was a control system Spirit Master? Hearing the opponent’s words, Dai Mubai couldn’t keep from glancing at Tang San next to him, inwardly saying, ‘Little San, this time you seem to have met your opponent.’

Tang San was still undisturbed. Making out anything from his face wasn’t easy.

“Shui Yue-Er, thirty sixth ranked agility attack system Battle Spirit Master.”
Standing next to Shui Bing-Er, with a somewhat similar appearance, the short haired young woman who was excited over Dai Mubai before, took the initiative to announce her own name. She and Shui Bing-Er were paternal siblings, related by blood despite the different hair colors.

Ah? Dai Mubai stared blankly, and Shui Bing-Er was also in a daze. The captains of both sides announcing themselves was already enough to show respect. This was a match, not an exchange of pointers. Shui Yue-Er’s words immediately seemed a bit abrupt.

Shui Yue-Er also discovered her mistake immediately after speaking, her face turning a shade red. But this girl was clearly rather easygoing, and her big eyes fixedly looked at Dai Mubai, hardly concealing her interest.

If it was before, Dai Mubai definitely wouldn’t have rejected such a beautiful woman, and moreover a Spirit Master. But now it was different, the Hell Civet was still watching from the audience. Their relationship had with great difficulty eased a lot, and if it broke down again, Dai Mubai really didn’t know how he would pass his later days.

Therefore, confronted with this unprovoked friendliness, Dai Mubai could only look down, taking the appearance of an upright gentleman.

In order to keep their counterpart from being too embarrassed, Tang San lightly nudged Xiao Wu next to him, who immediately caught on,
“Xiao Wu. Thirty eighth rank agility attack system Spirit Master.”

The referee also didn’t drag it out further,
“Both sides get ready. You can release your spirits.”

Dai Mubai and Shui Bing-Er raised their heads practically simultaneously. Light flashed through the four pupils of Dai Mubai’s evil eyes, his imposing manner immediately changing, suddenly releasing pressure just like a fierce tiger coming down a mountain. With the difference in spirit power, the seven young women in front of him immediately shivered.

The Shrek team immediately took their positions. It was still a trio of power attack in front, Tang San in the middle, Xiao Wu and Jing Ling on his left and right, and Jiang Zhu supporting from the rear.

But the formation of the opposing Skywater Academy team was unexpectedly quite similar to their side. Three girls in the front, Shui Bing-Er in the middle, Shui Yue-Er and another agility attack system young woman to her left and right, as well as a young woman with long black hair and a somewhat pale face in the rear.

Both sides released their spirits practically simultaneously, their full strength immediately emerging.

Making Dai Mubai and Tang San somewhat startled was that Skywater Academy’s strength was even a bit above theirs. Because of competing every day, they’d basically not had the time to observe their opponents, and Grandmaster deliberately didn’t give them any information. That’s why they only knew that Skywater Academy was made up of female students, and that they all had water attribute strength. Basically nothing else.

Now, when both sides simultaneously released their spirit rings, Skywater Academy’s strength immediately emerged.

Besides the forty third ranked Shui Bing-Er, there were another two fortieth ranked Spirit Masters. One was one of the three power attack system Spirit Masters standing in front, and the other was the black haired young woman who stood furthest in the back.

Even though the colors of the spirit rings were different, the spirits of the seven Skywater Academy team members all had the same color, all water blue.

Shui Bing-Er was completely enveloped in a layer of hazy blue light, a ring of dazzling blue light somewhat beautifully vague hanging behind her back. Even Tang San couldn’t see just what her spirit was, he only felt it had a very formidable aura.

The three power attack system Battle Spirit Masters in front all had very strange spirits as well, they all had some places covered in fine scales, not dragon scales, but rather like fish.

And of the two agility attack system Spirit Masters, Shui Yue-Er’s spirit made her skin shining as if glazed, and the other agility attack system Spirit Master’s skin turned completely blue.

The Shrek Academy team all looked at each other. It was the first time they had encountered this kind of opponent where they actually couldn’t even see what their spirits were. Even though they still hadn’t started, they already understood they were at a disadvantage.

When the referee saw that both sides had released their spirits, he immediately announced.

A very simple word. Under Tang San’s direction, Dai Mubai, Tai Long and Huang Yuan simultaneously charged. Unable to see what the opponents’ spirits were, they would probe it by fighting. In battle, they could make a clearer judgement.

Xiao Wu and Jing Ling simultaneously detoured around either side, while Tang San followed close behind the three attackers, five strips of Blue Silver Grass simultaneously tying around the five peoples’ waists. Even if the opponents had powerful burst attacks, he could still instantly help his teammates retreat.

Along with the frontal charge of Dai Mubai’s trio, Skywater Academy’s three power attack system Spirit Masters also moved. But neither side unleashed their spirit abilities right away, rather meeting their opponents with pressure.

Two attentive eyes drew in Tang San. The instant his gaze met those eyes, inwardly he immediately felt somewhat unreassured. Without guarding himself, he directly launched his first spirit ability, Binding.

Three Binding’s released simultaneously, their targets the three power attack system Spirit Masters in front. Since last time when he sensed the aura of the wild blue silver grass, his own Blue Silver Grass had become a lot stronger than before.

This first spirit ability could even more instantly reach any corner within the range of his spirit power control.

Just the moment Tang San launched his first spirit ability, Shui Bing-Er’s first spirit ring had also already brightened.

Watery blue light flashed, and Tang San only felt his whole body go cold and his advance suddenly coming to a standstill, as his entire body was encased in a block of solid ice. At the same time, Dai Mubai, Huang Yuan, and Tai Long were stopped the same way.

Even though this was only the first spirit ability, instantly sending four proved the power of Shuo Bing-Er’s spirit power control.

The power attack system Spirit Masters of both sides were restrained simultaneously, the difference was that on the Shrek Academy side even the control system Spirit Master was restrained.

Shui Bing-Er’s second spirit ring flared close after the first, discharging altogether five rings of ice, separately enveloping Skywater Academy’s three power attack system Spirit Masters and two agility attack system Spirit Masters.

A miraculous scene appeared, the Spirit Masters enveloped by the five rings of ice suddenly grew a layer of sparkling blue armor, and along with the three power attack system Spirit Masters using force, the Blue Silver Grass around them already began to rupture.

Hong—— Great puffs of ice powder flew in all directions. A moment like this could show who had the greater strength. Before the three opposing power attack system Spirit Masters threw off the Blue Silver Grass, Dai Mubai had already turned his restraints into ice dust. With a great roar, the two abilities White Tiger Barrier and White Tiger Light Wave unleashed simultaneously.

White Tiger Barrier was for himself, but the White Tiger Light Wave directly passed by the three power attack system Spirit Masters, going straight for Shui Bing-Er.

“Xue Wu[4], begin.”
Shui Bing-Er faced Dai Mubai’s attack with composure. After first giving orders, she used her second spirit ability on herself as well, and was immediately covered in a layer of ice armor.

When Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Light Wave struck her body, the blue light previously released behind her suddenly fused together with Shui Bing-Er’s ice armor.

With a peng sound, Shui Bing-Er only took a step back, but didn’t suffer any injuries.

The Blue Silver Grass was thrown off, and Huang Yuan and Tai Long also struggled free of the solid ice, one after the other. The speed with which Tang San shed his restraints was still a lot faster than them, but the instant he had just struggled out of the solid ice, Shui Bing-Er’s first spirit ability descended once again. Basically without being given the chance to stall, Tang San was already icebound again.

Tai Long was a strength type Spirit Masters. Facing his opponent, a tall female Spirit Master, he swung his big hands, directly grabbing towards his counterpart. The opponent was after all a girl, and he’d be embarrassed to act heavy handed. His strength erupting, he believed that there was no Spirit Master on the same level that could compare to him in strength. Of course, even Tang San had to rely on technique to prevail over his strength.

The female Spirit Master he confronted equally raised her hands without dodging. Strong blue light releasing from her body, the first spirit ring flaring, the scales that originally only appeared on her cheeks spread across her body in a flash, and at the same time her second spirit ring also brightened, a ball of intense blue light rising from her chest and shooting directly at the pit of Tai Long’s stomach.

Confronted by the opponent’s attack, Tai Long changed his grab to a strike, swatting at the opponent’s shoulder. Because his spirit abilities were completely internal, the speed with which he launched them was faster than any other Spirit Master. The same moment the opponent’s attack completed, his hand also struck her shoulder.

A strike was a strike, but making Tai Long feel very baffled was that it was like striking a block of slippery ice, dispersing the majority of his strength. But that sphere of blue light also struck his chest, violent impact force immediately blasting Tai Long’s massive body flying.

That young woman also didn’t get off easy, she had still underestimated Tai Long’s strength. Even though she had substantially weakened Tai Long’s attack by relying on her first spirit ability, a part of the force still affected her.

With a muffled groan, she fell back several steps, half her body already turned numb.

At the same time as both sides began fighting, that black haired girl in the Skywater Academy’s rear also began moving. Bizarrely, she didn’t attack, but rather started dancing in place.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Black hair fluttering, dancing lightly and gracefully, her four spirit rings glittered in turn, circle after circle of hazy blue light spreading out along with her dance. As she danced, a black cloud unexpectedly formed over the central stage, just enveloping the platform. Immediately afterward, pea sized drops of rain began to fall, turning into a torrential downpour.

These drops didn’t fall on the Skywater Academy girls. When they got close, they would quietly slide off. But it wasn’t that easy for the Shrek Academy team members. In just a moment, besides the still icebound Tang San, the other six already looked like drowned rats.

Peng—— The ice seal shattered once again. This time Tang San didn’t pause, his fourth spirit ring already flaring. Seven circles of Blue Silver Grass immediately rushed out of the ground, instantly turning into Blue Silver Prisons and enveloping the seven opponents.

He didn’t have any other choice. He could still see the battlefield situation even when icebound. Before he broke free, Shui Bing-Er had already used her ice bindings three times one after another on his teammates. The entire battlefield was already completely suppressed. Especially after Jiang Zhu was icebound. She didn’t have the strength to break the ice, and breaking free by only relying on spirit power would take a very long time.

Therefore Tang San didn’t spare his spirit power, instantly launching Blue Silver Prison.

Shui Bing-Er clearly hadn’t thought Tang San could use his spirit so quickly. She basically didn’t pay any attention to the Blue Silver Prisons on her side, raising a hand and waving it, another ice binding fell on Tang San.

Even though this was only Shui Bing-Er’s first spirit ability, it still gave Tang San endless headaches. This ability wasn’t just instant, but also basically couldn’t be dodged and affected the body directly. As long as Shui Bing-Er mentally locked on him, he would inevitably be icebound.

Only this time he was prepared, and the instant he was icebound, Tang San immediately released a Blue Silver Prison on himself, enlarging the range of the ice binding a bit. When the ice binding was complete, he used his control to immediately revoke the Blue Silver Prison Again, using the force of the recall of Blue Silver Prison to immediately break the ice.

Dai Mubai hadn’t been cooperating with Tang San for just a day or two. When suppressed, he didn’t have room for any tender feelings. His opponent finally restrained by Blue Silver Prison, Dai Mubai immediately launched his third spirit ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation.

An originally already majestic body swelling up once again, terrifying force spreading outward, Tai Long raised his strength to the peak at the same time as him. Under their present conditions, Shui Bing-Er’s ice binding was already unable to stop them at all.

Making Tang San somewhat depressed was that his Blue Silver Prison not only couldn’t stop Shui Bing-Er from continuing to use her spirit abilities, but it couldn’t stop the black haired young woman from dancing either. Even though Blue Silver Prison’s restraining range was small, that black haired young woman could fully use the small space for her dance, and the rain falling from the black clouds was growing colder and colder.

Countless Blue Silver Grass rushed out from Tang San’s body, becoming a forest of vines, completely sheltering him within. In order not to be restrained by Shui Bing-Er’s ability, he had no choice but to protect himself like this. At the same time, his voice also spread from within the Blue Silver Grass.

By now, Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy had both finished their matches already. The two great teams’ burst power really was too strong, and their opponents basically couldn’t even put up a fight before they were defeated.

They were in no hurry to withdraw, but rather each followed the central match closely from their stages.

Huo Wu said to Huo Wushuang:
“Ge, it seems Shui Bing-Er’s ability just restrains Tang San. See how sorry he’s looking.”

Huo Wushuang nodded, saying:
“Your Defying Flame Ring ability just restrains Shui Bing-Er. Skywater Academy really is very powerful this time around. Especially Shui Bing-Er and Xue Wu.”

On the Godwind Academy side, Feng Xiaotian helplessly watched the battlefield,
“Fortunately Skywater Academy are all women. Even if Shrek Academy loses, they still won’t snatch my Huo Wu. Ai, poor Shrek Academy, it really isn’t easy confronting a group of girls. Originally I also just managed to use wind to blow them off……”

“Boss, do you think everyone’s brains are as filled with women as yours?”


“Mubai, Meteor Shower, Blue Silver Prison, power attack left and right.”
Tang San used the most succinct words possible to conduct the battle.

A purple spirit ring flashed with light, and dazzling splendor rose above Dai Mubai’s head, the power ful fourth spirit ability finally taking the stage, White Tiger Meteor Shower.

Dazzling meteor after meteor fell from the sky. Those meteors weren’t aimed at the fortieth ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Master in front of Dai Mubai, but rather struck each of Tai Long and Huang Yuan’s opponents.

Seeing the White Tiger Meteor Shower striking their side, Shui Bing-Er’s expression immediately changed somewhat. But what came after was even more unexpected.

The targets of the meteor shower weren’t the two young women who still hadn’t struggled free of the Blue Silver Prisons, but rather the Blue Silver Prisons surrounding them.

A series of loud explosions followed.

The Blue Silver Prisons shattered in response, but that formidable impact also sent the two Skywater Academy power attack system Battle Spirit Masters flying, throwing them directly off the stage.

Tang San’s calculations were extremely precise. If the White Tiger Meteor Shower attacked that fortieth ranked Battle Spirit Master in front of Dai Mubai, unless it struck her directy it would be very difficult to defeat her. But their opponents were all girls, and using killing moves was naturally no good.

But if it struck the Blue Silver Prisons, under Tang San’s coordination, shooting the two somewhat weaker power attack system Battle Spirit Masters off the stage, it would weaken the opponents.

At the same time, Tang San’s Binding ability launched, its target that still dancing black haired young woman.

“Too late.”
Though Shui Bing-Er was alarmed, she wasn’t panicked. Just as Tang San’s Binding ability launched a ring of ice blue light erupted from her body, the result unexpectedly the same as Huo Wu’s Defying Flame Ring, though by different means.

Tang San only felt an ice cold strike before his Binding ability was unexpectedly forced back. Under the instantly blossoming effect of the ice ring, even though it didn’t break Tang San’s Blue Silver Prison, it still forced the Shrek Avademy side’s members to all retreat.

The Blue Silver Prisons trapping Shui Bing-Er and Xue Wu instantly broke, ripped apart by her full strength third spirit ability.

Shui Bing-Er moved, not advancing, but rather retreating, turning in the ice rain to rush back to Xue Wu. And the other three people gathered quickly, blocking in front of the two.

“Not good, it’s a spirit fusion ability.”
Tang San immediately came to the realization when he saw Shui Bing-Er’s actions.

But just as Shui Bing-Er said. Too late.

Blue hair and black hair fused together in a flash, merging into a dazzling pillar of blue and white light that shot into the black clouds above. Shui Bing-Er and Xue Wu’s bodies disappeared simultaneously, as their spirit fusion ability finally emerged.

From the start of the competition, while Shui Bing-Er used her full strength to restrain Tang San, this spirit fusion ability had been prepared. When that ray of light shot into the black clouds, even if Shui Bing-Er and Xue Wu were defeated, it still wouldn’t stop the power of the spirit fusion ability from being unleashed.

Tang San shouted. Since it couldn’t be stopped, they could only endure.

Under the pull of the Blue Silver Grass, Dai Mubai, Huang Yuan, Tai Long, Jing Ling, and Xiao Wu were simultaneously drawn in, moving everyone near the icebound Jiang Zhu.

Right now Tang San wasn’t able to deal with others, pulling Jiang Zhu to the middle and crowding him and the other five tightly around her.

“Healing scepter, full strength. Quick.”

Jiang Zhu caught on immediately, directly planting the healing scepter on the ground.

The rain in the sky changed, the ice rain becoming snow that danced in the air, just that each snow flake was as sharp as a blade, and as they spun and drifted down, a whirlpool of ice and snow engulfed the Shrek Academy team.

“Concede if you’re unable to persevere, we will stop.”
Shui Bing-Er’s voice sounded from outside.

Tang San answered her with action. Blue Silver Grass, Binding, launched. This time the target was the six people with him. Twisting tightly, it didn’t leave a trace of a crack.

Fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver prison, launched. Altogether seven Blue Silver Prison’s rushed out frantically from the ground, becoming seven protective barriers.

Finally, Tang San used his almost exhausted spirit power to create a Spiderweb Restraint outside of the Blue Silver Prisons. Of his four spirit abilities, Spiderweb Restraint was doubtless the most durable.

Drifting Snow, a very beautiful name, but this beauty contained inexhaustible killing intent. How powerful was a spirit fusion ability used by two fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestors? Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing had revealed it as early as their match against Elephant Armored Academy. But this time, the Shrek Academy team had become the defenders.

This was the first time since the start of the competition that Shui Bing-Er and Xue Wu used this spirit fusion ability, this was also their hidden card. They hadn’t used it when facing the five elemental academies, but they absolutely weren’t willing to lose against Shrek Academy.

The audience saw that dancing snow tornado, but the Shrek Academy team members also heard a toothache inducing grinding sound.

Could Tang San’s spirit abilities resist this Drifing Snow spirit fusion ability? Could they still obtain victory in the final match of these qualifiers? Within that storm of snowflakes, all this became uncertain.

Nobody knew. Not even the powers in the VIP seats could say for certain.

[1] A face shape considered very beautiful in China.

[2] 300斤 = 150 kg

[3] (水冰儿) “Water Icelet” - The last character is a diminutive suffix

[4] (雪舞) “Snow Dance”, the same wu as in Xiao Wu or Huo Wu.

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