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Chapter 102

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Everyone habitually rested in a corner. Eleven successive victories had no doubt long ago made them an existence like a crane in a flock of chickens among these competing academies, and scenes like at the start of the qualifiers when they were jeered at wouldn’t appear again.

Even though a lot of people looked at them from all around, it was rare that anyone came close.

In the Spirit Master world, strength meant everything, and it was the same among Spirit Master academies. The feeling Shrek Academy gave everyone was of a team without any features, but it was this kind of team that had become a headache for each team they faced.

Tang San with the ten thousand year spirit ring had become the most favored competitor for Most Valuable Spirit Master in these qualifiers. At present, he already held more than half the votes.

As long as he wasn’t defeated, he would without a doubt obtain this distinction. However, defeating a Spirit Ancestor with a ten thousand year spirit ring was easier said than done for these competitors.

The Shrek Academy group gathered leisurely, Ma Hongjun, with a difficult to scratch itch in his heart, said to Tang San:
“Third brother, why not let me go on stage today. I won’t use my fourth spirit ability, alright?”

Tang San shot him a glance,

Along with everyone spending more and more time together, they participated in more and more fights.

Tang San’s authority among the Shrek Seven Devils had already imperceptibly influenced everyone’s hearts, especially those four younger then him, besides friendship, they all felt some respect for him.

Right now his position in the team was no lower than Dai Mubai’s, or even higher.

Zhu Zhuqing stared blankly a moment,
“No problem.”

Oscar puzzled said:
“Little San, that’s not needed. We didn’t dispatch Zhuqing even when we faced Blazing Academy. Is it needed to deal with trash like that Blue Sunshine Academy?”

Tang San said in a low voice:
“Blue Sunshine Academy might not truly be trash. You haven’t paid attention to their record. From the start of the competition until now, Blue Sunshine Academy has only lost three times, and that was each against Elephant Armored Academy, Thunderclap Academy and Godwind Academy. When confronting others, they’ve won. Right now they’re even above Elephant Armored Academy in the total ranking. Moreover, don’t forget that dean Flender once warned us that their coaching teacher isn’t ordinary. Right now Blue Sunshine Academy has lost to the Elephant Armored Academy, and later in the competition the powerful opponents they’ll confront are us, Blazing Academy and Skywater Academy. In these three matches, they have to obtain at least two victories, the chance to advance to the next phase of the competition is in their hands. Further adding the grudge between our teams, I dare say that in today’s competition they will inevitably go all out. I’m letting Zhuqing go up in order to ensure our victory.”

Dai Mubai nodded:
“Good, we’ll follow little San’s plan. Aren’t those Blue Sunshine kids too arrogant? Today we’ll let them know trouble. Advancing to the ranking competition, that’s lunatic ravings.”

“Hey, are you Shrek Academy’s team members?”
As Tang San began to prepare for the match, a sudden voice interrupted him.

Everyone turned their heads to look. In a cyan uniform, a youth with a somewhat handsome appearance looked at them with a smile.

Dai Mubai frowned,

“That’s right, we’re Shrek Academy, who are you?”

The youth grinned, saying:
“I’m called Feng Xiao Tian, perhaps you haven’t heard my name. That doesn’t matter, we’ll come across each other in the tournament later. I’ve come to encourage you. Definitely make an effort. Destroy that Blue Sunshine Academy.”

En? Dai Mubai and Tang San looked face to face, both somewhat astounded.

Even though they hadn’t seen their opponents’ matches, judging from this fellow’s uniform they could tell he should be from Godwind Academy.

Altogether twenty eight teams participated in the qualifiers, everyone wanted to win, and all wanted to enter the next stage. It was very rare that they interacted. Since the start of the competition, this was the first time anyone took the initiative to be friendly.

Tang San nodded, saying:
“We will.”

Feng Xiaotian smiled:
“You must be Tang San. I believe in your strength. However, you have to be a bit careful. Our Academy once fought Blue Sunshine Academy. Even though their strength is quite ordinary, when they fought us, I always felt they didn’t use their full strength. It seemed they were careful to cover something up. I think highly of you. At least until you meet our Academy, you definitely can’t lose. Alright, you rest, I’ll leave first.”

This fellow left as quickly as he came, leaving behind a pile of words making everyone mystified, and quickly departed. Even if everyone from Shrek Academy were astute, they still couldn’t figure out just what Feng Xiaotian wanted, and even less why he would come over to encourage them.

Only Feng Xiaotian knew the answer to this. Finished speaking, he very quickly returned to the side of his team mates.

“Captain, what were you doing?”

“I went to encourage Shrek Academy!”
Feng Xiaotian stated with a smile.

“Encourage them? Captain, you represent our Godwind Academy, in front of so many people……”

Feng Xiaotian made no secret of it,
“What’s there to fear, as long as I can marry the beauty, everything else is fleeting as clouds.”

One Godwind Academy team member baffled asked:
“How’s encouraging the Shrek Academy related to you marrying a beauty?”

Feng Xiaotian said:
“Of course it’s related, did you forget? Huo Wu said that as long as I beat Tang San, she’ll be my girlfriend. If by some chance someone else beats Tang San before me, won’t she also agree to their proposals? Therefore, before meeting us, Shrek Academy can’t lose, this is called taking preventative measures.”

Looking at Feng Xiaotian’s somewhat idiotically proud appearance, all the Godwind Academy students couldn’t help choking speechlessly……

Even though the matches still hadn’t started, the teams waiting in the rest area could hear the din of the cheering spectators outside.

What drew the most attention from the audience, was without exception the most popular candidates.

But in order to make the competition exciting, these teams would all appear in different rounds each day. Only like the day before when Shrek Academy faced Blazing Academy, would two powerful teams appear in the same round.

Tang San stood quietly, watching the Blue Sunshine Academy gathering quietly in a distant corner and talking about something. Adjusting his breathing, he let the Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength warm up to peak condition.

All kinds of tactics constantly appeared in his mind, they were all already prepared for the battle.

Without waiting too long, the second round matches ended, and it was time for the teams participating in the third round to appear.

Shrek Academy moved away from the rest area together with Blue Sunshine Academy, the members on both teams watching their counterparts carefully. Compared to the proud Shrek Academy, the Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven members all expressed a cold air, a fierce light flickering in their eyes as if they wanted to bite the Shrek Academy team.

Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven members were all male, all wearing moon white uniforms, their auras all reserved. Just like Tang San judged, these opponents weren’t so easy to deal with.

At the same time as they entered the passage, the Blazing Academy team returning after just finishing a match. Tang San didn’t pay any attention to them, but Blazing Academy’s members all focused their gazes on them. Especially Huo Wu, who instantly picked out Tang San’s silhouette among the Shrek Academy team.

Yi? Huo Wu’s heart twitched, her face immediately showing fury, looking fiercely at Tang San, a burst of angry pain in her heart.

It was also no wonder she was angry. Their research into Shrek Academy was already rather incisive, and seeing that Shrek Academy’s formation was somewhat different from yesterday, Huo Wu immediately recalled the members constituting Shrek Academy. They had replaced an auxiliary system Spirit Master with a fortieth rank Spirit Ancestor. ‘Tang San, you bastard, you only had two Spirit Ancestors when confronting our Blazing Academy, now you’ve changed to three, don’t tell me we’re not even equal to this Blue Whatever Academy?’

The more Huo Wu thought, the angrier she got. With a ferocious meaning in her eyes, she deliberately stumbled, her shoulder striking straight at Tang San.

Both teams were passing each other when Tang San suddenly felt a strong with towards his shoulder. Practically subconsciously, his body reacted instantly.

Dropping his shoulder and staggering his pace, his shoulder first shifted back, letting Huo Wu strike and largely neutralizing the force, then, the moment the old force had faded but no new had been born, his shoulder practically stuck to Huo Wu’s shoulder, his strength suddenly erupting at the last moment. With a cry of surprise, Huo Wu was directly sent tumbling.

Fortunately this was only Tang San’s subconscious reaction, using something similar to the Clothed Eighteen Drops technique[1]. If she had touched Tang San’s poisoned hidden weapons, perhaps she wouldn’t have come off so easily.

Seeing his little sister being sent flying, Huo Wushuan hastily moved to catch her. The Blazing Academy team immediately stopped, barring the way for Shrek Academy’s seven participating members, glaring at them.

The Blue Sunshine Academy team naturally saw it and stopped as well. Not only did they find it entertaining, but it seemed like it could get out of hand at any moment.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

At this moment Tang San had already reacted. Seeing Huo Wu sent tumbling, his brows furrowed minutely, wrist wiping across Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, a Godly Zhuge Crossbow appearing with a flick. His movements were so fast that in practically a split second, with a sonorous mechanical sound, it was already wound.

Tang San did this because he had no choice.

Right now, Shrek Academy’s seven were just between Blazing Academy and Blue Sunshine Academy. If by some chance Blue Sunshine Academy ambushed them from the back when Blazing Academy acted, it could very easily lead to casualties.

But with the Godly Zhuge Crossbow it was different. It could guarantee that as long as Blazing Academy dared violate the tournament rules, attacking in the rest area, he could lead his team to kill them instantly, then turning to deal with Blue Sunshine Academy.

Tang San could be certain that at such close distance, the Blazing Academy team members absolutely couldn’t resist the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s attack without first releasing their spirits. Even more, they had come straight from a match and were bound to have used up some spirit power.

Tang San’s actions were aimed at the whole team, and the moment he flicked out the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, Xiao Wu who had the most tacit understanding with him, had also completed the same action. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing also pulled out their Godly Zhuge Crossbows immediately afterward, pointing four Godly Zhuge Crossbows at the Blazing Academy team.

Even though they didn’t know what it was, the moment the Godly Zhuge Crossbows were pointed at them, everyone in the Blazing Academy immediately felt an ice cold killing intent from the Shrek Academy seven.

Tang San calmly said:
“If you’re looking for trouble, we’ll be happy to accompany you.”

Hu Wushuang glared coldly at Tang San. Even though he felt anything but reassured, as Blazing Academy’s captain, if he shrunk back at this time, how could he be a part of Blazing Academy later? Just when he was about to flare up, he was stopped by Huo Wu.

Huo Wu shot a glance at the chi long black box in Tang San’s hand,

Finished speaking, she forcefully pulled her big brother into the rest area.

The Shrek Academy seven didn’t act, and the Blue Sunshine Academy members all revealed disappointed expressions. If Shrek Academy and Blazing Academy fought, let alone breaking the rules, just the spirit power consumption alone would give them an advantage against Shrek in the match.

A faint light flickered, as Tang San’s eyes revealed an ice cold expression. Huo Wu’s expression as she stared fixedly at him before leaving made him somewhat uneasy.

Dai Mubai walked forward once again. While walking, he said to the Blue Sunshine Academy captain next to him:
“You must be disappointed we didn’t fight.”

The Blue Sunshine Academy captain looked to be about thirty. If it wasn’t for the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament being impartial, Dai Mubai would really have thought he was already too old.

The Blue Sunshine Academy team captain snorted coldly, glancing at Dai Mubai, then striding forward with his head held high.

Cold light flickered in Dai Mubai’s eyes, ‘Later, on the stage, I’ll let you know about trouble.’

Immediately after both sides entered the ring, cheers rose like wildfire. And these cheers naturally weren’t for Blue Sunshine Academy. As the greatest spectacle of this round, the place where Shrek and Blue Sunshine Academy fought was of course the central stage. Shrek Academy had long ago already became frequent visitors here.

“Get rid of them. Kill those guys, long live Shrek……”

“Twelve successive wins, twelve successive wins……”

All kinds of cheers constantly transmitted from the stands to the ring, and right now the target of the special commentator in the VIP seats were also directed at this battle.

“The third round matches of the twelfth day are about to begin. I believe everyone has already seen that Shrek Academy will fight in this round. Their opponents, with a record of eight wins and three losses over eleven fights, is Blue Sunshine Academy. Judging by their present record, Blue Sunshine Academy still has a chance. Of course, compared to the Shrek Academy team, their strength is clearly inferior. After all, when they previously confronted a few powerful enemies, they were always at a disadvantage. Today Blue Sunshine Academy faces Shrek Academy. In my estimation, the outcome of this fight isn’t in any suspense. The question is only how long Blue Sunshine Academy will be able to hold out under Shrek Academy’s attack.”

The introduction was no doubt sharp and unkind. As a special commentator, he didn’t have any bias of his own. His bias would only change according to the mood of the audience, and at this moment all the spectators no doubt favored Shrek Academy, and what he said was doubtless to fan the mood in the arena.

“Ah, let’s have a look at who the Shrek Academy team formation has exchanged today. It’s no longer the auxiliary system Spirit Master Jiang Zhu, but rather the agility system Spirit Master who once fought with Elephant Armored Academy. Let me look over the material. Oh, she’s called Zhu Zhuqing. If I remember correctly, she should also be a fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestor, moreover, in the fight against Elephant Armored Academy, she joined hands with Shrek Academy team captain Dai Mubai to use this tournament’s first spirit fusion ability, and it was just that spirit fusion ability that reversed the situation, letting Shrek Academy turn defeat into victory. Having her in Shrek Academy’s formation today, don’t tell me they think Blue Sunshine Academy is even more powerful than Blazing Academy? We didn’t see her in yesterday’s fight!”

“Eh, I understand, perhaps it’s because they’ve already attained a record of eleven successive wins, and in order to be on the safe side, Shrek Academy is letting their team members be even a bit more powerful, in order to avoid stumbling over a hidden ditch. Playing it safe like this, worthy of being the kings of the division. I truly am looking forward to their display in the finals. I have a premonition that Shrek Academy will definitely bring a great deal of trouble to some great powers, right?”

This kind of explanation no doubt made the audience even more enthusiastic. In fact, as a result of the qualifiers gaining the audience’s massive interest, the ticket prices had already doubled compared to the first day.

However, the explanation no doubt also made the hearts of two teams brim with fury.

One was naturally the Blue Sunshine Academy he said would certainly lose. The other team that had to restrain their anger, was the Blazing Academy that had just entered the rest area.

In the rest area, Huo Wu kicked a chair flying,
“They’re too rampant.”

Her shoulder was still aching dully, but what she could tolerate the least was that Tang San’s strike had not only hit her shoulder, but also the edge of her ample chest. Besides the pain, right now she still had a kind of inexpressible numb feeling that left her even more bitter.

Since childhood, nobody had ever hit her, not even when exchanging pointers with other Spirit Masters, since as a control system Spirit Master, she was never attacked by people like that. Her hatred towards Tang San had no doubt already reached the peak.

Sometimes observing someone’s words and gestures was very important, but some people wouldn’t do so. For instance, a certain someone from Godwind Academy’s team.

Feng Xiaotian saw the Blazing Academy party return to the rest area, and immediately welcomed them with a smile. Huo Wu’s words yesterday had set his heart aflame, and even though Huo Wu’s expression was angry right now, he still couldn’t help coming over to be friendly.

“Little sister Huo Wu, what is it? Who provoked you? Big brother will vent in your place.”

“Huo Wu resolutely glared at Feng Xiaotian,
“It was you.”

“Me? Little sister Huo Wu, don’t joke with me.”

Huo Wu furiously said:
“Why wouldn’t it be you? If not for you still not having met Shrek Academy and defeated them, how would we receive this kind of humiliation. Didn’t you hear what they said outside?”

Feng Xiaotian said helplessly:
“Fine, fine, blame me, isn’t it enough to blame me? I heard it, I heard it. But that kind of comment is only sensationalism, don’t pay any attention to it.”

To the side, Huo Wushuang said in a low voice:
“Even though he’s sensationalist, what he said wasn’t wrong. Today Shrek Academy’s formation has one more fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestor. Isn’t this still looking down on us? As one of the five great elemental academies, are we still lower than a Blue Sunshine Academy? Just now that brat Tang San deliberately struck my little sister.”


“Little sister Huo Wu, where did he hit you? Quick, let big brother see.”

“Fuck off——”


On the stage, both sides had already entered. The referees on the five competition platforms simultaneously declared the matches started.

What did the audience like seeing the most? As laymen following the crowds, the start of the competition when the Spirit Masters released their spirits was no doubt the most dazzling. The appearance of spirit rings one by one, the effects of different spirits. The dazzlingly beautiful splendor would each time sufficiently incite the audience’s mood.

Three fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestors, plus four thirtieth ranked Spirit Elders, even at the very start of the competition, Shrek Academy’s spirit power levels completely suppressed their opponents.

Of the Blue Sunshine Academy, only their captain was a Spirit Ancestor with fortieth ranked strength, precisely that thirty years old looking fellow. The others were only thirty something ranked.

Moreover one of them didn’t have an optimal spirit ring configuration, three spirit rings were yellow.

The Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven appeared very cautious. The moment the referee declared the release of their spirits, the seven quickly gathered together with their captain furthest out in front, adopting a strange formation.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Besides the captain, the other six were gathered in a hexagon, vigilantly watching the Shrek Academy seven.

Tai Long laughed out loud, unable to keep from saying:
“Isn’t Blue Sunshine really nobodies? There’s even someone who doesn’t have optimal spirit rings.”

Right now, even Dai Mubai felt that Tang San having Zhu Zhuqing coming on stage was a bit paranoid. The Blue Sunshine Academy team members in front of them weren’t even on the level of the several weak advanced Spirit Master academies they’d faced before. This battle basically didn’t seem to hold any suspense.

Perhaps the only one who didn’t relax his vigilance was Tang San.

He had already become alert even when the two teams had left the rest area, because he had discovered that among Blue Sunshine Academy’s members today were four people who hadn’t appeared in previous battles.

The gap to the list of names Grandmaster gave him was very large, and among them included that member without optimal spirit rings.

Changing four people? What did this mean? There were only two possibilities. One, Blue Sunshine Academy were preparing to forfeit the match. The other was that they had substantially hidden their strength in previous matches. From the aura the seven Blue Sunshine Academy members who appeared on stage displayed, Tang San discarded the first possibility. Then, that left only the second.

Right now, even though the seven opponents appeared extremely cautious, and moreover seemed to somewhat fear their side, Tang San couldn’t catch any true fear in their eyes. Relying on Purple Demon Eye, his perception exceeded that of normal people. He wouldn't let a single detail slip by.

Tang San called.

Even though the Shrek Academy team members didn’t understand why he would issue an order like that, they swiftly gathered around Tang San. Six peoples’ waists tightened as the familiar Blue Silver Grass twined around them.

“Young master San, letting us rush in and destroy them wouldn’t take long?”
Tai Long was the most temperamental, and couldn’t help asking.

Tang San didn’t open his mouth, the spirit power within him already promoting to the peak, and their opponents still didn’t move.

The five matches started simultaneously. On the other four stages everyone were already fighting, only on this central stage was the match still deadlocked. Both sides eyed each other, nobody taking the initiative to act.

Seeing that Shrek Academy didn’t directly launch an attack, the Blue Sunshine Academy team captain clearly looked distracted. Tang San clearly caught a trace of disappointment deep in the corner of his eyes.

Tai Long didn’t understand why Tang San wouldn’t let them attack directly, but Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing didn’t voice any doubts. Everyone had been together for so long. They had complete confidence in Tang San’s directions. At least so far, Tang San had never made any major mistakes in directing the team.

Right now, on Shrek Academy’s side, Dai Mubai stood in front of Tang San, and on either side of him were Tai Long and Huang Yuan. On Tang San’s sides were separately Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing, with Jing Ling guarding the rear.

“Both teams please start the match.”
The referee’s voice echoed.

In the VIP seats, the commentator couldn’t help saying:
“What’s going on? Why isn’t Shrek Academy attacking? Don’t tell me they would be afraid of this kind of opponent? Blue Sunshine Academy is clearly inferior to them, just casually sending out a few spirit abilities should take the victory.”

Sitting upright in the front row of the VIP seats, emperor Xue Ye asked Ning Fengzhi next to him in a low voice:
“School master Ning, in your opinion, why are they still not fighting? Both sides seem excessively cautious. There doesn’t seem to be any comparison between both sides’ strength.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled faintly, saying:

At this point, he subconsciously paused, still with a smile on his face, but without saying anything else.

To the side, platinum bishop Salas concentrated his attention to listen, but as Ning Fengzhi suddenly paused at the crucial moment, a resentful expression flashed through the corners of his eyes, but nothing showed on his face.

Under the referee’s admonishment and the booing of several tens of thousands of spectators, both sides on the central stage finally moved.

The first to move wasn’t Shrek Academy, but rather Blue Sunshine Academy.

The Blue Sunshine Academy captain seemed to have given up on hiding, his back suddenly straightening, his feet shifting, he retreated one meter, just entering the hexagonal formation of the other six.

When he retreated, the other six simultaneously took a step, their originally crowded hexagonal formation suddenly expanding one size. Bizarrely, even though they had already expanded their formation, the hexagon wasn’t in any disorder. The length of their steps was unexpectedly exactly the same. And after retreating, that Blue Sunshine Academy captain’s position was right in the heart of this formation.

Clearly, this was a formation they had already practiced for many years, and immediately afterward, Shrek Academy’s members could clearly see how each of the the seven Blue Sunshine Academy members raised their right hands.

When they released their spirits before, their bodies hadn’t shown any changes, even to the extent that nobody could make out what their spirits were. This was also a significant reason for Tang San’s caution. He had researched the spirits of the three who had appeared in previous fights, but what the spirits of the four members who appeared only today were, nobody knew.

Now, the spirits of Blue Sunshine Academy’s team members finally appeared in front of everyone.

The moment their spirits truly emerged in front of everyone, as long as anyone who knew anything about spirits saw them, they couldn’t keep the pupils of their eyes from contracting.

Appearing in the palms of the Blue Sunshine Academy seven team members, was each a gemstone.

The shape and appearance of the gems in their palms were all different. Round, rhombic, triangular, even drop shaped. Their colors were also like a rainbow. But the instant these seven gems appeared, a dense bright light immediately rose from their bodies, completely enveloping all seven of them.

Gemstone Spirit, it was absolutely a kind of extremely uncommon spirit, but they couldn’t be called very powerful. Just like Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass, spirits of fairly good quality like this possessed enormous flexibility.

They were different according to the spirit rings they obtained, able to grow in any direction. With power, they could be control system, agility attack system, or even auxiliary system. Everything was up to the spirit rings.

They could be said to be a spirit most dependant on spirit rings.

In the Spirit Master world, more powerful spirits were naturally better, but generally speaking, the majority of spirits were already fixed when they awoke, already possessing a most suitable development path.

But gem type spirits were just the opposite, among all spirits they were the most indeterminate.

Of course, this kind of spirit was also extremely uncommon. The sudden appearance of seven Spirit Masters with gem type spirits on the stage, how couldn’t that make people astonished? Even more, these seven were all from the same team.

The Shrek Academy team members finally understood the reason for Tang San’s caution, right now they could also see Blue Sunshine Academy wasn’t as easy to deal with as they had imagined.

Dense gem light flickered, the Blue Sunshine Academy captain looked coldly at Tang San,
“You’re very calm. However, this is still useless. In front of absolute strength, all tactics and abilities are useless.”

Dai Mubai snorted disdainfully,
“Do you think your absolute strength can overpower us?”

The Blue Sunshine Academy captain suddenly smiled, his smile seeming very monstrous, as if four hours after poison was released in the body. Indeed, they had already waited for a very, very long time, waited for this moment to approach.

They would use Shrek Academy’s defeat to prove their strength, to tell everyone that they were the most outstanding competitors in this tournament.

“You’ll learn very soon.”
With that monstrous smile, the Blue Sunshine Academy team captain slowly raised his right hand, raising the gem in his palm up high. His spirit was a round silvery gem, and also the core of the formation.

When he raised the gem up high, his fourth spirit ring also brightened. This was also the only fourth spirit ring in the Blue Sunshine Academy team.

With the same movements as him, the other six team members also raised the gems in their hands, but what brightened were their third spirit rings.

“Little San, let me go.”
Dai Mubai had extremely rich fighting experience. The opponents were clearly storing power, and even though the opponents’ strength clearly wasn’t up to their side, looking at their appearance, they were definitely relying on something. If they didn’t take advantage to smash the opponents now, once they had stored up enough strength it would be difficult. Just in case they stumbled over a hidden ditch, how could the gains make up for the losses?

Tang San said in a low voice:
“No, wait for them to store up strength. Since they dare store strength in front of us so brazenly, how couldn’t they have some plan. Don’t move rashly, listen to my orders.”

As he spoke, there was a peculiar expression in Tang San’s eyes. If Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven members could have seen his gaze right now, they would definitely have caught a trace of disdain and a bit of loathing.

Seven bright rays of light soared up practically simultaneously, with the Blue Sunshine Academy captain as the center, they condensed into a rainbow colored pillar of light in a flash. The pillar of light broke the air more than thirty meters and spread, completely enveloping the seven members in the formation.

[1] (沾衣十八跌) Not sure if there’s an official translation, but it’s an ancient Han martial style, based on Shaolin boxing.

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