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I Thought You Were Going to Dig Up my Family’s Grave

The old emperor’s voice that had appeared out of nowhere nearly caused Feng Jin Yuan to piss himself out of fear. Watching the person in plain clothes that could not hide his domineering aura walk from the entrance toward them, Feng Jin Yuan’s legs trembled before he dropped to his knees.

His face also turned white, his calves tightened up, and a cold sweat began to pour down. He even found it hard to breathe. He bowed his head to the ground. Before he could even say long live, he felt a small breeze blow past his side. The corner of a certain very powerful person’s robes scraped past his face then hastily passed by his side.


Feng Jin Yuan was stunned and turned to look. There, he saw the Emperor’s figure continue forward.

At this time, Yao Xian, who had been standing behind Feng Yu Heng, felt his scalp turn numb and said: “Girl, I will be going back first.” Before he even finished speaking, he turned to walk away.

No, it should be said that he turned to escape. A wind was created by his footsteps. If he knew qinggong, he most likely would have used it now.

Unfortunately, the Emperor was faster than him. That person had practically run over, and he used some inner strength. With just a few steps, he managed to catch up to Yao Xian. He then reached forward and grabbed Yao Xian’s collar. Using some strength, he pulled him back.

Feng Yu Heng facepalmed and quietly began to pray for her grandfather, hoping that he wouldn’t be strangled to death!

The running Yao Xian expressed that the pressure was very high, and he was a little afraid to face the Emperor. In the memories of the body’s original owner, this old emperor got along with him quite well. Even if he was sent to Huang Zhou back then, there was a goal in mind. First, it was to prevent the interested parties from taking action. Second, Huang Zhou was actually a good place!

Upon thinking of this, he heard the Emperor’s voice come from behind his head. It was still loud and full of energy, “Old man Yao, what are you running away for when seeing Us?” After saying this, he leaned forward and quietly asked: “You shouldn’t have wasted all of the profits in Huang Zhou, right?”

Yao Xian’s lips twitched, “I’m not that dumb, but you should test my intelligence too much. The matters over there cannot be taken care of in just three to five years.”

The Emperor nodded. Turning his hand, he turned Yao Xian completely around. Like this, the two were face to face, and he then said: “Either way, you’ve come back. There is no need for you to leave. The rest can be left to the children to handle. You should stay. Return to the imperial physician’s group. My dearest is still missing you.”

Upon mentioning imperial concubine Yun, Yao Xian felt a little troubled. The original owner did not have any memories regarding imperial concubine Yun. He just remembered that the original person had gotten rid of some scars for imperial concubine Yun. He could also recall some memories of imperial concubine Yun being very respectful towards the original owner. But this would not be a reason for an imperial concubine to want to see him after all of these years.

The Emperor saw that Yao Xian did not speak for a long time and felt a little dazed. Puzzled, he asked: “What is it, are you unwilling?”

Yao Xian helplessly shook his head, “It’s not that I am unwilling. Rather, it’s when I left the capital that year, I was met with an accident along the way. I fell ill, and when I woke up, my mind was not as clear as before. There are many things that I have forgotten.”

“Well, shit!” The Emperor leaped up, surprising Yao Xian. He then heard the Emperor loudly say: “You damn old man, you should not have forgotten about Us, right?”

He leaped around in a very undignified manner, and Zhang Yuan had to go forward and advise him: “Calm, calm down a little.”

The Emperor shouted: “How can I calm down? I can’t calm down! Fuck, Yao Xian, you damn old bastard, if you dared to forget about Us, We… We will…”

“Will what?” Yao Xian pulled at the Emperor’s fingers to get him to release his collar. Unfortunately, he was completely unable to, and he did not dare use too much strength. If he ended up breaking one of the Emperor’s fingers, it would become one hell of a story.

The Emperor did not have any self-awareness. The more that Yao Xian pulled at his fingers, the tighter he held on then replied: “If you dared to forget about Us, you are definitely not permitted to leave the capital. We will arrange to have a few more of the old guys from before to help recover your memory.”

Yao Xian’s lips twitched, and he was truly unable to hold back, saying: “Pulling such a grand stature out, I thought that you were going to dig up the Yao family’s grave!”

The Emperor was feeling a little tangled, asking Yao Xian once more: “Then do you remember Us or not?”

Yao Xia nodded, “I do. It’s just that when you said dearest, I don’t have too much of an impression. I just know that it’s an imperial concubine.”

“Ah!” The Emperor let out a sigh, “It’s fine. If you can remember Us, that’s enough.” While saying this, he pulled Yao Xian toward the inner courtyard.

Zhang Yuan could not bear to continue watching and quickly tugged his sleeve and pointed at the people on the ground: “They are all still kneeling. In any case, you should say something!”

The Emperor stomped his foot, “I nearly forgot about that.”

Feng Yu Heng helplessly rolled her eyes. Say, you kicked down my manor’s gate and put on such grand airs. As a result, you didn’t take care of any important matters. Father Emperor, can you be a little more reliable?

The Emperor saw Feng Yu Heng roll her eyes and apply pressure on him. He finally let go of Yao Xian but did not forget to remind Zhang Yuan: “Keep an eye on him. Don’t let him escape.”

Yao Xian was so angry that he wanted to flip, but Zhang Yuan continued to give him meaningful glances, leaning forward and saying: “He is the Emperor. Give him a little leeway.”

Yao Xian snorted and did not say anything. Zhang Yuan wiped away some sweat from his forehead. Damn, these two old guys were really more troublesome than the other!

While everyone was complaining in their minds, the Emperor had already walked over to Feng Jin Yuan, he circled him a couple times before an animalistic look appeared on his face. He asked Feng Jin Yuan: “This old one wants to understand, whether or not to exterminate nine generations of the Yao family, when has it ever fallen on you to decide?”

Feng Yu Heng heard this and felt her head hurt. This wasn’t the important part, alright?

Fortunately, the Emperor immediately turned the topic back, pointing at Feng Jin Yuan and asking: “What are you doing, coming to the imperial daughter’s manor and acting wildly? Are just bored from overeating?”

Feng Jin Yuan’s heart became a mess. He was dazed and did not know which question to answer first. He also felt that neither was easy to answer, thus he simply lay on the ground and did not say a single word.

Him not speaking caused the Emperor to become even angrier. He raised his hand and wanted to hit Feng Jin Yuan, but he also felt that it was not interesting. Putting down his hand, he raised his foot then felt that it was a little undignified, thus he simply stood in place and set his hands and feet in place. He very seriously told Feng Jin Yuan: “You, slap yourself!”

Feng Jin Yuan did not say anything, as he raised his hand and “smack smack” slapped himself twice across the face. The slap was quite energetic.

Yao shi and the others remained kneeling on the ground. Even Feng Zi Rui had arrived in the front yard at some point. The child looked at his father kneeling on the ground and slapping himself across the face. He did not think that it was particularly odd. He just quickly walked over to the Emperor and saluted, calling: “Senior disciple Emperor.”

The Emperor really liked this child, Zi Rui. Pulling him over, he pinched his chubby face, “You’ve gotten chubby.” He then said to Feng Yu Heng: “I heard that you have a chef from Refined Deity Building here. Quickly, have him prepare some dishes. We want to drink a bit with your grandfather.”

Feng Yu Heng frowned: “Weren’t you told not to drink?”

The Emperor lost it, “Who said it? Who didn’t allow me to?”

Feng Yu Heng said: “Xuan Tian Ming.”

“On what basis does he not permit drinking? On what basis should We listen to him? No, we must drink today. We have not seen your grandfather for many years. Just tell old ninth that this is a celebration between two old friends. This is something that cannot be done without wine.”

Zhang Yuan glared at him: “Why do you not say it yourself? Insisting that imperial daughter do it.”

The Emperor talked big, “If I dared say it, would there be a need?”

Seeing that the Emperor was acting like nothing was happening while speaking and laughing, even wanting to go drinking, Feng Jin Yuan’s psychological defense collapsed. He felt that the Emperor was wanting to forget about him. That meant that he would need to remain there, slapping himself. In front of his ex-wife and children, in front of the servants, he would need to continue slapping himself for all eternity!

But he did not dare speak, and he did not dare beg for forgiveness on his own behalf. If the Emperor became furious, it would not just be slaps to the face, it would be his head.

Reality proved that the more he felt afraid, the more it continued. Feng Jin Yuan was expecting that the Emperor would speak to him before going into the courtyard to drink. Even if it was locking him up, it would be better than leaving him like this! But the Emperor’s movements moved toward the area that he feared the most. He truly ignored him, only focusing on pulling Yao Xian toward the inner courtyard. He had completely forgotten about him.

Feng Jin Yuan continued to slap himself. It was Feng Yu Heng that slowed her steps, but this slight pause was not for him. It was for Yao shi.

Feng Yu Heng personally went forward to help Yao shi up from the ground; however, it did not have the joy that it did in the past. It seemed a little more distant, as she said: “Mother also saw it, his Majesty’s attitude toward maternal grandfather and toward the Yao family. You also saw his Majesty,” She pointed at Feng Jin Yuan, “his Majesty’s attitude toward the Feng family. Whether or not you want to go back with him, and whether you should hate the Feng family or Yao family, think it through carefully! If you insist on wanting to go back, I will not stop you. The Feng family will be moving out from next door. When that time comes, this imperial daughter’s manor will also be far. If something were to happen, I would not be able to do anything. You would need to take care of yourself.” After saying this, she turned and left with her servants.

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan sighed repeatedly, comforting her from time to time: “Young miss, don’t take it to heart. Perhaps madam was foolish for a moment.

Feng Yu Heng smiled bitterly, foolish for a moment? That was not it. Yao shi could not be more aware!

As the mother of a daughter that she had carried for ten months, not a single change could escape her eyes. In truth, Feng Yu Heng could understand Yao shi. No matter who it was, when they found out that their daughter had suddenly changed, it would be inevitable that there would be a stir in their feelings. It was just that Yao shi was not smart enough. She did not know how to take care of this matter. She did not think about the cause and effect. She did not investigate the reasoning behind these things. She just assumed, guessed, rejected guesses and continued to suspect. In the end, she forced herself into this situation.

But then again, this cannot be blamed entirely on Yao shi. If it was herself, if there was a day when she felt that her own child had suddenly felt off, she would do her best to think but would be unable to find out the reason. If she went to ask the child, the child would rather be bitten to death than speak. Even if it was Feng Yu Heng, she would also go insane to the point of collapse, right?

But what should she say? Could this sort of thing be said? She could not tell Yao shi, your daughter has already died. I am a different soul that has inhabited this body, but I will treat you and Zi Rui well.

Was that possible? Once this was said, regardless of whether it was her previous life or her current one, there would only be two end results. One, the people from the 21st century would treat her as some sort of scientific specimen to test on and research. The second, the people of Da Shun would view her as some sort of monster. Everyone would end up wanting to catch her then burn her to death.

She could not say anything. She could only watch Yao shi slowly go insane. At the same time, she suffered too.

Helplessly sighing, she went toward the kitchen to tell the chef to prepare some food. Just after giving the order, she saw a servant from her courtyard rush over in a hurry. With a face on the verge of tears, she grabbed her sleeve and said: “Young miss, quickly go back and look. His Majesty and the old master are about to fight!”

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