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I Want to See Who Dares to Punish Nine Generations of the Yao Family

It was not that Feng Jin Yuan was shameless, he just did not know what shame meant. Being released from prison and brought back to the Feng manor, he immediately rushed over to the imperial daughter’s manor after washing up and changing clothes to place blame.

Coincidentally, Yao shi happened to be sitting in the front yard. She was unhappy from arguing with Feng Yu Heng and did not eat dinner. She just stared blankly at a plate of fruit. When Feng Jin Yuan arrived, the imperial guards happened to be in the middle of a shift change, and the gate that had been closed was open. This happened to allow him to sneak in.

In the end, he was still Feng Yu Heng’s father. The imperial guards did stop him, but they could not kick him out. Moreover, when Feng Jin yuan saw Yao shi, he took the initiative to talk to her. He said: “Since ancient times, women have always paid close attention to remaining faithful to their husbands. They all paid close attention to staying with the man that they married even if they were a cur. Yao shi, do you not feel that you are unsightly?”

Although Yao shi was able to beg for the Feng family’s forgiveness in front of Feng Yu Heng, she still absolutely despised Feng Jin Yuan. Hearing Feng Jin Yuan say this sort of thing, she really wanted to be extremely unrestrained in throwing a slap at his face. But she was still just Yao Qian Rou, not Feng Yu Heng. She did not have the courage nor nerve to do it. She could only endure and angrily stare at Feng Jin Yuan; however, she could not say a single word.

Feng Jin Yuan became spirited from speaking. Upon seeing Yao shi in her current condition, he became even more spirited; however, he did not continue to just insult her. Instead, he changed his tactics, saying in an emotional tone: “Thinking back to when you married into the Feng family, the family was quite well off. Although such a thing happened later on, but if you want to blame anyone, blame the Yao family for lacking determination. The trouble that they caused would have implicated you three. What relation would that have with the Feng family? Think about it, even if the family that you married into was not the Feng family, was there any other way of handling that matter?”

Yao shi did not understand why Feng Jin Yuan was saying such a thing to her, but Feng Jin Yuan’s words had succeeded in creating a not-insignificant stir in her feelings; however, Feng Jin Yuan continued: “If you still have the shame of a woman, just come back with me. I can act as though the previous things had not happened. You are still a concubine of my Feng family. If you truly do not come back, that’s also fine. Then I will bring Zi Rui away today. He is the blood of my Feng family. Logic dictates that he should live with the Feng family. He shall live and die with the Feng family.”

Once these words came out, Yao shi was immediately dazed. She could not even worry about the dastardly line “shame of a woman,” as her mind was filled with the thoughts of Feng Jin Yuan taking Zi Rui away. In her mind, Feng Yu Heng was already not her daughter, thus she only had one son left in Zi Rui. Now that Feng Jin Yuan wanted to steal him away from her, what should she do?

Yao shi knew that Feng Jin Yuan was correct. Zi Rui indeed had the blood of the Feng family. If Feng Jin Yuan requested for Zi Rui to return to the Feng manor, she would not be able to do anything to speak out against it. She did not have any right to say anything when it came to this matter. If she wanted to stay with Zi Rui, she could only return to the Feng family, but that Feng family…

Yao shi shuddered upon thinking of it. In her memory, the Feng family was one that devoured people, and it did not even spit the bones out. The people that could survive in that sort of large family, which of them was not a prodigy. She believed that she did not have that ability and feared that she would not even know how she died if she went back.

Feng Jin Yuan could see the hesitation in her eyes and knew that she was horrified of the Feng manor. At the same time, he could see that this woman had become moved at the thought of continuing to live with Zi Rui. Thus he gave it one last push, advising: “In truth, you don’t need to think so much. Currently, the Feng manor is no longer the same Feng manor as in the past. Chen shi has died, the elder madam has died, and even Jin Zhen has died. Oh right, there is also that guilty woman from Qian Zhou, Kang Yi, she also died. The current head wives of the Feng manor are the nieces of the Empress. I will not hide it from you, they are aligned with that daughter of yours. If you go back now, there are only people that will protect you. There is no more danger. Yao shi, think about it carefully.”

It had to be said that Feng Jin Yuan’s words were very enticing. Of course, Yao shi was clear on the Feng manor’s current situation. In truth, it was exactly as Feng Jin Yuan had said. The current Feng manor was different than it was in the past. She was also clear that with the Cheng shi sisters present, there would be no danger if she returned. There would not be a single person that dared to touch her.

Thinking like this, Yao shi’s gaze loosened up even more. Just as Feng Jin Yuan felt that his scam was about to succeed, he heard a sound come from the other side of the long hallway. It grew closer and closer. The voice was clear and crisp but also horrifying. it was a voice that he wanted to hear the least, as it was Feng Yu Heng saying to him: “Father, have you become addicted to resisting imperial decrees?”

Feng Jin Yuan’s heart trembled as a conditioned response, and his body also trembled. His appearance was as lacking in dignity as possible, but he was unable to control the horror that he felt when facing this daughter. With Feng Yu Heng walking over, a formless feeling of suppression surged forth. Even the male servants that he had brought with him took a few steps back.

He looked at Feng Yu Heng then looked at Yao Xian behind her. He quickly averted his gaze and deliberately avoided looking at them; however, he muttered under his breath: “This matter cannot be considered resisting an imperial decree. Cease your nonsense!”

“Nonsense?” Feng Yu Heng’s voice rose a bit, her tone seemed puzzled, “Father, could it be that you don’t want for Zi Rui to attend school anymore? Zi Rui’s teacher is Yun Lu Academy’s head teacher, Ye Rong. Even the Emperor acknowledges him as his junior disciple, but you want to force Zi Rui to stay in the Feng manor, no longer allowing him to attend school. If this is not defying an imperial decree, what is it?”

Feng Jin Yuan was startled then sneered, saying: “I did not say that I would not allow Zi Rui to attend school.”

Feng Yu Heng became even more puzzled. She especially looked at the stunned Yao shi then asked him: “Since you will allow Zi Rui to continue attending school, what are you using this damn thing to threaten my mother to return to the Feng manor? Zi Rui will be returning to Xiao Zhou in a little while. Over the course of a year, he will not be able to return many times. Will mother returning to the Feng manor be able to protect her son?”

Feng Yu Heng’s words immediately woke Yao shi up. She was shocked and subconsciously asked Feng Jin Yuan: “What is the purpose behind scamming me into going back?”

With his motive being exposed, Feng Jin Yuan’s faced turned red then white. It was truly a splendid sight. He just hummed and hawed for a while then suddenly said: “I want to marry your mother once again, is that not okay? I am missing her, is that not okay?”

Once these words were said, not to mention Feng Yu Heng, even Yao shi laughed. While laughing, she looked at Feng Jin Yuan as though she was looking at a fool, but she felt that she herself had also been a fool. If it was not for Heng arriving, she nearly would have been scammed. Zi Rui needed to attend school. This schooling period would last for many years, and the academy was in Xiao Zhou. Even if Zi Rui was brought back to the Feng manor by Feng Jin Yuan, how many days would that child spend in the Feng manor? Would he not still need to leave the capital to attend school. Feng Jin Yuan was clearly just using these tactics to bring her back. Yao shi was certain that Feng Jin Yuan had some sort of ulterior motive for these actions because she understood Feng Jin Yuan too well. That person never did anything without a motive. Every word that he said, and everything that he did would have some sort of goal. This time was the same.

Thinking of this, Yao shi asked: “Speak, what is your goal?”

Feng Jin Yuan was so angry that his eyes could shoot fire; however, he could not say a single word.

Feng Yu Heng looked at the person before her and felt that Feng Jin Yuan had also gotten old. He had just turned 35, yet he looked to be nearing 40. Especially after he had been demoted from the position of prime minister, this sort of old feeling became even more apparent.

Of course, she did not feel any sympathy over whether or not he looked old. She just could not understand why he gave up on a leisurely life and insisted on plotting against his own children and wives. In the end, what would this get him?

She spoke up in a cold voice: “What is the goal, does father not dare say it? Then allow Heng to say it for you! My mother and my younger brother are just two hostages for you. You want to have them at your side to keep me in the palm of your hand, thus you will be able to control me. Is that right?” Before waiting for Feng Jin Yuan to reply, she continued to say: “You have raised a lowly concubine from Qian Zhou outside. You are unwilling to allow that concubine to die and want to bring her back to the manor. Unfortunately, the entire family was against it. You wanted me to agree first because you know that if I agree, everyone else will also agree even if they do not want to. Is that right? Because of a woman and child outside, you are willing to use the women and children here. Feng Jin Yuan, could it be that you sometimes feel bored and want to remove the skin from the left side of your face and place it on the right side? That way, you will have no face on one side and two faces on the other?”

Her words were quite severe, and Feng Jin Yuan had become accustomed to them. His ability to endure had become refined. Otherwise, if it was anyone else, they would have vomited blood upon being cursed at like this by their own daughter.

Of course, this was all something that he had sought out on his own. If the parent is not kind, the child will not be filial. For a father that tried every possible method to kill his own daughter, Feng Yu Heng allowing him to live was already too kind.

Feng Yu Heng’s words caused Feng Jin Yuan to fall silent for a long time. It was not that he was reflecting. Rather, he was glad. Using Yao shi and Zi Rui to control Feng Yu Heng, this was indeed something that Feng Yu Heng had guessed correctly. He wanted to trade them to get Xiao Jing into the manor, this was also correct. But there was also one point that Feng Jin Yuan was thinking of. Amitabha, it was fortunate that Feng Yu Heng did not guess it. He wanted to keep Yao shi at his side for when Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming brought out soldiers to attack Qian Zhou, he would have one last trump card.

But he could not continue with this, at the very least, he could not for today. Because Feng Yu Heng already began to suspect. If he continued to insist, it was inevitable that this smart girl would figure it out.

Feng Jin Yuan deliberately put on an angry expression and turned to leave, but he truly felt unreconciled. He turned around and happened to see the similarly angry eyes of Yao Xian, causing the anger in his heart to surge forth once more.

He frankly turned around and pointed at Yao Xian, saying in a loud voice: “Yao Xian! Back then, your Yao family committed a heavy crime and was sent to Huang Zhou by the Emperor. Now, you have returned to the capital without an imperial decree or imperial instruction. For you to return to the capital so openly, you are the one defying an imperial decree! Your Yao family will have its nine generations punished! Punished!”


Suddenly, the imperial daughter’s main gate was kicked open from the outside, and a voice shouted: “Fuck, We want to see who dares to punish nine generations of the Yao family!”

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