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The Silly Emperor and the Unconventional Eunuch

Feng Yu Heng felt her head swell. Anywhere that this Emperor went, the people would not be left feeling at ease!

“Weren’t things going quite well earlier? How come they’re fighting now?” She asked the servant and increased her pace toward her own yard.

The servant was clearly extremely frightened. For a maidservant of a manor, to be able to see the Emperor once was already a grand occasion, yet she was actually shown a scene of the Emperor fighting with someone. This servant immediately came up with a thought- “Young miss, do you think that his Majesty will kill all of us?”

Feng Yu Heng wiped her forehead, “If he wanted to kill us, those two would not have begun fighting.”

The servant patted her chest and let out a long breath, “So scared, so cared, young miss, you did not see it. This fight really began out of the blue! In truth, those two were just discussing whether or not the old master would return to the imperial physician’s group and return to his former position. As they spoke, they began to fight. The old master slammed a door, and his Majesty threw a teacup. When this servant came over to report, his Majesty was in the middle of threatening the old master, saying that if he did not return to the imperial physician’s group, he would sanction a marriage for him, telling him to get a second wife after the death of his first.”

“… Mean!” Feng Yu Heng felt tangled for a while, feeling that this description of the Emperor was too fitting. This old emperor was truly too mean! She was completely unable to think of how horrifying it would be if Yao Xian was to find her a grandmother in this Da Shun country.

Feng Yu Heng prepared herself mentally as much as possible to try and advise them; however, when she entered the courtyard, she did not hear the sounds of a fight. In fact, even the Emperor’s cursing and shouting could not be heard. She looked at the servants in confusion and saw that the servant was also puzzled, “Could it be that they got tired of fighting and went to rest?”

The group decided to quietly sneak in and check out the situation. As a result, they saw the Emperor and Yao Xian staring at each other under a large tree in the yard.

At this time, the Emperor’s left calf was still on top of Yao Xian’s right thigh. Yao Xian’s hair was a bit messy, and his collar was a little loose. Even his belt was undone.

As for the Emperor, he did not seem to be any better off. Even his gold crown had fallen, while his sleeves had become torn at the seams. One of his shoes had been lost, and even a sock had partially fallen off.

Zhang Yuan was seated on a small chair to the side, holding the Emperor’s gold crown in his hand. Speechless, he asked the blue sky: “You know that the two were fighting, but those that don’t,” He glanced at the current condition of the two, and his lips twitched. He was truly unable to hold back and said what he thought: “Those that don’t know will assume that someone took advantage of the other.”

Yao Xian quickly backed up upon hearing these words. He even kicked the Emperor a couple times, “Get away! Move your leg!”

“I will not!” The Emperor applied more pressure.

Yao Xian became anxious, “Then do something about that eunuch. Don’t let him continue speaking nonsense like that.”

The Emperor rolled his eyes, “If I could control him, would he dare to say it? Hah, I will just ask you. Will you return to the imperial physician’s group or not?”

“I will not!” Yao Xian replied frankly.

The Emperor angrily gritted his teeth and wanted to continue fighting, but he was truly lacking in physical strength, as he could only remain seated by leaning on his arms. If he could not move his arms, he would just move his mouth. He began to reason with Yao Xian: “Look here! With you leaving for a few years, the imperial physician’s group has always lacked a leader. We have never thought of finding another person for the position. As long as you return, you will be the head of the imperial physicians. You will be the model for all of the doctors in the world!”

Yao Xian was unmoved, “I still will not!”

“Then tell me, why will you not?” The Emperor had lost, “Why?”

Yao Xian glared at him, “I hate being forced to do things the most. Everyone should live independently. You were just providing me with a job. If I like it, I will do it. If I don’t like it, I won’t. You can choose to keep me, but when I say no, you have no right to force me to stay.”

The Emperor felt that Yao Xian’s words were like tongue twisters. He pondered for a while before coming up with anything: “You mean to say that you will do what you want to do, and you cannot be controlled by anyone? Even if it’s Us, it’s no good?”

“Correct!” Yao Xian nodded, and his three views from the 21st century surfaced once more, “Freedom of work, freedom of marriage, freedom of life!”

Feng Yu Heng could not help but sigh inside when hearing this. It really was her grandfather that was most amazing! He came to the ancient era and spoke about human rights to the Emperor, and he had done it so boldly. With with the beating, cursing and threats, her grandfather was truly an eccentric that was only seen every thousand years.

At this time, the Emperor said: “I say, how have you developed so many problems. In the past, when you were not yet discovered, did you have so many problems?”

Yao Xian was slightly stunned and remained seated on the ground for a while, reacting to this. Just as Feng Yu Heng was a little worried that it might be exposed, Yao Xian finally spoke up: “People will always grow up.”


What else could she say? Even the Emperor was speechless.

Following this, even Yao Xian felt that his words had been a little too exaggerated, thus he quickly explained for himself: “My meaning is that people will always change. After all of these years, I am growing older with each year. Haven’t you heard that as a person grows older, it’s easier for them to have explosive tempers. Think about yourself, isn’t your temper more explosive than it was when you were young?”

Before the Emperor could speak, Zhang Yuan spoke up: “Lord Yao’s words are incorrect. His Majesty’s temper now is much better than when he was young. At the very least, if he wanted to fight you when you were younger, you definitely could not defeat him. Unlike now, when you can manage a few rounds with him.”

The Emperor waved his hand: “A hero does not speak of his past glory.”

The corner of Yao Xian’s mouth twitched, as he discussed with the Emperor: “In truth, it’s not that I don’t want to return to the imperial physician’s group because of you. Most importantly, I have promised to help Heng with opening a few more hospitals around Da Shun. To allow the citizens of Da Shun experience advanced medicine as soon as possible. This is also sharing a burden for you!”

The Emperor was not an unreasonable person. Once Yao Xian said these words, his eyes immediately lit up, and he immediately recalled that Feng Yu Heng had indeed said something similar. Someone had already reported to him about the Hundred Herb Hall in the capital. Not only were the doctors very skilled, but they also had a number of odd medical pills and tablets. There was a young doctor named Le Wu You that knew something called “surgery.” There were many incurable illnesses that were only curable at Hundred Herb Hall. Of course, he knew that those medical pills and tablets were personally made by Feng Yu Heng. The medical skills were also taught by Feng Yu Heng to the doctors. In fact, even that person named Le Wu You was just Feng Yu Heng dressing as a man. That girl doing this was in hopes of doing her best to reduce the suffering of the common citizen. This was indeed sharing a burden with him!

Yao Xian could see an opening in the Emperor’s thoughts and quickly put in an extra effort, saying: “Just based on the relationship that we have had over the years, I must help share some of your burden! I must help you keep the peace in the world! Yes, I have returned. When we have nothing to do, we can get together and drink a little, but is drinking more important or is the world more important? Isn’t it important to think about what’s truly important?”

Zhang Yuan praised Yao Xian’s words greatly and quickly said: “Lord Yao is concerned about the world. This is what a true divine doctor is like!”

The Emperor rolled his eyes at him and was still a little unhappy; however, as a whole, he could accept it. Zhang Yuan quickly helped the two up then took care of tidying up the Emperor’s clothes. Only then did they call for the servants to bring them into the room to sit.

At this time, the wine and food prepared by the chef had arrived. Very quickly, the sound of chatting between friends could be heard.

Feng Yu Heng let out a sigh of relief. It was good that her grandfather managed to pass this trial. At least the Emperor did not suspect. SHe was truly afraid that the Emperor would be as sensitive as Yao shi. If he noticed that something was off, that would truly be horrible.

But she did not think about it before. Given the Emperor’s personality, he became good friends with Yao Xian many years ago. Thinking about it, the original Yao Xian had a very similar personality to the Emperor, and her grandfather’s personality was also the same. Only like this was he able to make it seem as though there was no difference between the past Yao Xian and the present!

While she was thinking about this, she walked into the courtyard. Zhang Yuan noticed her very quickly and saluted. Feng Yu Heng asked Zhang Yuan: “Those two drinking inside will be fine, right?”

Zhang Yuan spread his hands: “If something happens, there’s nothing that we can do. His Majesty will not allow servants to take care of them. He chased all of us out.”

Feng Yu Heng furrowed her brow and looked at the door. She then waved to Zhang Yuan: “Come with me!”

Thus Zhang Yuan followed Feng Yu Heng then hunched over to press his ear against the wall to listen. Very quickly, they heard the clinking of cups come from the inside. At the same time, the sound of the Emperor’s voice was mixed in: “I say, old brother Yao, it’s not that I don’t understand your desires as a medical practitioner, but what’s important is that you understand me. Say, for me being alone in the palace over these years, my dearest imperial concubine Yun ignores me, and old ninth went out to fight in a war for two years. The other people are like wooden logs, or they are that group of chattering imperial concubines that I think all look the same. I cannot even tell them apart. Hah, there’s not even a person to come and speak to me. These days have been exceedingly boring!”

Zhang Yuan wanted to rush in upon hearing this. Feng Yu Heng managed to stop him with great difficulty, and he angrily bounced around: “Don’t tell me that I have wasted my time talking to him over the years? He can’t just dismiss the work that I have done upon seeing lord Yao!”

Feng Yu Heng comforted him, “Father Emperor has drank too much. Eunuch Zhang, don’t lower yourself to his level.”

Zhang Yuan’s face turned red with anger. Feng Yu Heng saw him like this and knew that he would most likely express this anger at the Emperor after returning to the palace. During the evening, he got into a fight with an imperial physician in the imperial daughter’s manor, and he would get into a fight with his eunuch after returning to the palace at night. Over the course of this day, he would spend most of it fighting.

At this time, Yao Xian’s voice came from inside the room. First, he corrected a serious mistake made by the Emperor: “Old brother Yao? I say, what sort of background do you have? My granddaughter is your son’s fiancee. I am one generation older than you!”

The Emperor explained to him: “It cannot be thought of in that way. I have many sons, and my eldest son is in his 40s. Your granddaughter is just 13. If we were to think about it that way, it would become a mess. We should think for ourselves. You are a little older than me, thus I call you old brother.”

Yao Xian thought for a while then nodded, “Alright! You can call me whatever you like. Either way, you are the Emperor.”

The Emperor’s nose became crooked from anger, “You know now that I am the Emperor?”

Yao Xian was also dissatisfied: “What is it? As I see it, you aren’t doing much for an Emperor! Even that eunuch at your side, is he quite weird too?”

The Emperor waved his hand: “Him! He’s been like that since he was young. If he’s weird, he’s weird. Normally, I can only rely on that weird guy to relieve my boredom. Otherwise, I would have died of boredom.”

Yao Xian suddenly felt that being the Emperor was truly unfortunate. It was completely different from what the common people thought of the imperial harem! He raised his wine cup, “Here, old friend, don’t think about the unhappy things. Think about some entertaining things, for example, Feng Jin Yuan, who is still kneeling in the front yard and slapping himself. Isn’t that quite entertaining? Come, drink!”

The Emperor raised his cup: “How about I send someone to call him over and have him continue to slap himself while kneeling here? Just treat it as something to drink to!”

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