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Destroyer of Ice and Fire Chapter 7: A group of three punished to stand


Huston kicked up a patch of grass and smashed on Ayrin’s face with dead accuracy.

But what made even more people petrified was, Ayrin still didn’t show signs of waking up and was still snoring rhythmically even after the patch of grass fell from his face.

"Wake him up at once!"

Huston was almost couldn’t bother about maintaining his own image. Saying he didn’t know what his own dream was just now was nasty enough already, now he actually dared to directly fall asleep. Did he really think he didn’t exist?

"He dares to sleep even now, interesting!"

Belo immediately became impulsive again. He grabbed Ayrin and immediately made a series of abrupt shakes, he even excitedly gave Ayrin a kick.

Ayrin finally woke up with great difficulty, his eyes droopy.

Huston controlled his temper about to explode. He wiped a handful of shiny greasy hair and asked with a fake smile, "Classmate, do you feel my level is too low, what I’m saying is too boring?"

Looking at Huston’s insidious appearance, every freshman knew Ayrin’s outcome would be very miserable. But what made them even more on the verge of fainting was, the Ayrin not yet completely awake at this moment asked with some confusion, "What?"

"You just fell asleep." Huston looked very coolly at Ayrin and said, "That’s why I asked you if my level is too low and what I’m talking about is too boring."

Ayrin immediately shook his head.

In reality he was certain it was again the bloodline power’s shady doings. On the way here he’d eaten breakfast to his fill, and as a result that inexplicable drowsiness had suddenly struck again right now. He’d fallen asleep before he even had time to resist.

"If it’s not you thinking the quality of my lecture is too low, then it must surely be because your learning is already decent and don’t need to study?"

Huston smiled coldly seeing Ayrin’s headshake. "If that’s the case, then repeat for me the content I just spoke about. First start from the power of arcane masters. From which two powers does the arcane master’s power come from? Hurry up and tell us!"

Ayrin weakly answered, "Body power and arcane power…"

"Be a little more detailed. There’s also the difference between arcanists and arcane masters I talked about!"

"Body power is divided into two parts. One part is the power stored inside each tiny particle of our bodies, called physical power. The other part is the power of our spirit’s will. As to arcane power, it’s the power from external elements we can sense after awakening. People who can only use sole body movement to let body power and arcane power achieve a certain degree of integration are called arcanists. Only those who can train body power and arcane power into "primordial arcane particles" and store them inside their bodies can be called arcane masters. There are in total seven "arcane gates" able to store "primordial arcane particles" inside an arcane master’s body. We can open these "arcane gates" after going through training, tempering, and even fighting. The more "arcane gates" we can open, the more "primordial arcane particles" we can store, and the more powerful the arcane master."

"There’s something even more fundamental for an arcane master, what is it?"

"It’s bloodline power. Pure giant bloodlines have astonishing innate physical power and extraordinary strength. Pure beastmen bloodlines are born with the power of wild changes, with an inconceivable instant explosive power…"

"Very good."

Huston hadn’t thought that Ayrin had already remembered these things from the inside out when he was still in Cororin. But he merely smiled when he saw Ayrin able to repeat them so clearly and completely. "Since your learning is truly good, then the "Explosive Blazing Punch" is also very easy for you, better come out and demonstrate."

"The little shorty is screwed."

Moss started to delight in someone else’s misery as soon as he heard Huston’s words.

Every St. Dawn Academy teacher trained in different martial skills. Secret skills like the "Explosive Blazing Punch" were only studied by a small amount of teachers like Huston. That was why although the parents of many freshmen present at the scene were arcane masters, with some of them even former students who’d come from St. Dawn Academy, the teachers they’d met were different and the martial skills they’d learned were also different. Added to that they were sent to St. Dawn Academy to learn the basics as soon as they awakened. That was why Moss could be certain there might not even be one person or two who’d learned this "Explosive Blazing Punch" in advance, not even mentioning this shorty who came from Cororin.

Ayrin helplessly stood up and walked in front of all the freshmen, lack of confidence written on his face.

He’d only heard Huston’s explanation at the beginning. He hadn’t even completely seen the scene of Huston firing a punch out afterwards before already falling asleep.

"Charge swiftly with quick steps and trample down… bring up a flow of wind as much as possible… When you feel the brush of the wild winds, match it with the chant and focus your spirit at high speed, then use arcane power…"

Now there was really no way, Ayrin could only bite the bullet. Under Huston’s proud eyes, he thought back at flying speed to Huston’s explanations about the "Explosive Blazing Punch," then he charged out forward.

"Explosive Blazing Punch!"

Everyone saw the moment his punch flowed out, that following Ayrin’s swift shouting chant, his entire right arm ignited with red blaze that quickly wrapped around his fist then assembled into a fiery cloud that exploded with a rumble.


"He actually really blasted out a blaze and used the Fire Rend Storm Punch?!"

"What’s his origin really, how can he comprehend this kind of arcane skill in one try?"

Freshmen immediately exploded in disarray. There was even an expression of adoration to be found now inside the eyes of many girls when they looked at Ayrin.

The Moss who was still delighting in someone else’s misery a few seconds ago was thoroughly frozen.

The proud expression on Huston’s face also instantly stiffened.

How was that possible!

The "Explosive Blazing Punch" looked simple and sounded simple when explained, but many key points, even the most basic circulation speed of arcane power, were impossible for beginners to achieve without going through repeated practice. Even he himself had only forcibly displayed the "Explosive Blazing Fist" after a full ten days of practice back in the days. Moreover he couldn’t even guarantee success every time.

Ayrin was a little dumbfounded himself. It was only that he vaguely felt this move didn’t seem very difficult for him.

This wasn’t a coincidence!

Pure freshmen couldn’t possibly achieve this kind of arcane power manipulation speed!

Huston came back to his senses and felt that there was one possibility. That was Ayrin had already learned the "Explosive Blazing Fist" before.

"You actually dare to provoke me on purpose, you’re dead for sure!"

He’d already decided with gnashed teeth inside to record Ayrin a hundred times in the small notebook, but he actually put on an expression of praise on his face. "This classmate, since you’ve learned the "Explosive Blazing Punch," then next I might as well teach you the ‘Ardent Whirlwinds’ next."

"The secret of this ‘Ardent Whirlwinds’ is to very quickly condense arcane power in both your hands, then coordinate the actions of the ten fingers, swing your two hands, and instantly burst out ten spinning wind whips. This is an arcane skills that snatches victory in close range thanks to speed and the scope of its area. An opponent of the same level will usually be injured even if they can barely manage to block it. This arcane skill is actually much more powerful than the Explosive Blazing Fist."

"Watch carefully!"

Huston had already completed his explanation before Ayrin had time to say anything. His two hands stretched forward like lightning.

His upper body and shoulders were almost entirely still, but his arms seemed like whips that vibrated and crisscrossed.


The deep explosive sound made everyone’s scalp tighten.

Ten vortexes visibly spun in tornadoes in front of him, wildly overlapping and whipping around with the crackling sounds of genuine long whips.

"Really powerfull, this is even more powerful than the Explosive Blazing Punch!"

"What a cool secret skill!"

"It seems like there’s suddenly ten transparent fox tails in front of you. How can someone facing it escape, they’d be whipped for sure!"

A chorus of astonished voices immediately rose up.

Huston became once again proud of himself amidst such amazed voices.

He looked all smiles at Ayrin and said, "Did you see clearly? This time it’s your turn."

Everyone’s gaze immediately gathered on Ayrin once again.

"Really powerful, let me try!"

Ayrin glanced at Huston in wonder. He copied the way Huston did it and stretched his hands out.

Ayrin had an inexplicable feeling the moment he stretched his hands out. He felt that no matter what movement he made or what thing he learned, it oughtn’t be so smooth for him in ordinary times. But now he seemed to be naturally imitating Huston’s motions the moment he stretched his hands out.

This feeling that he was different than usual made him slightly distracted.

"Ardent Whirlwinds!"


The sound of the wind rose between his fingers the moment he became slightly distracted.

The arcane power gathering at high speed on his hands spread out along his fingers, then suddenly charged out and triggered wind flows. However these wind flows weren’t like the ten spinning ones like Huston, but several scattered gusts. There were even two of them that collided together in front of him. The fierce wild winds rushed to his face.

There came an "Ah." Ayrin cried in pain. He covered his eyes and almost sat back on the ground butt-first.

Quietness reigned on the entire field.

"Haha!" Moss stared blankly, then he couldn’t resist laughing out loud. "Little shorty, this is actually the first time I’ve seen someone get his face slapped by his own secret skill and almost fall. Can you be a bit even more hilarious?"

"How’s it possible!"

The Huston originally standing proudly with his hands behind his back now looked at the Moss who was laughing great laughs at Ayrin’s sorry figure. His sleeveless undershirt was soaked with cold sweat.

He’d very clearly seen that Ayrin merely had an issue with the interval of his fingers and their flicking speeds at the end.

The hardest part of this "Fierce Whirlwinds" was to gather arcane power at top speed and compress it to a certain degree during the extremely short time the five fingers were clenched into a fist.

Don’t mention a new student who’d only just awakened, even students who’d already studied for half a year in St. Dawn Academy wouldn’t necessarily be able to achieve this point. And the most critical was, this "Ardent Whirlwinds" was a secret skill transmitted in his own family and had never been taught in St. Dawn Academy before.

Could this guy truly be genius?

Even if you’re a genius, you still dare to sleep during my class!

"You can get your own face slapped by even such a simple martial skill, yet you still dare to sleep in my classroom?" The corner of Huston’s mouth was trembling a little on its own as he tried his best to stay calm and collected. He said, "Go stand on the road outside the stone forest. It’s your punishment, properly reflect on your actions!"

"Teacher, this "Ardent Whirlwinds" is simply not any kind of simple martial skill. I think it should be impossible for anyone here to use it the first time?" Belo’s voice sudden came.

"Is it?"

Huston looked at Belo whose face was full of challenge and impetuousness, then smiled ominously as he watched all the freshmen. "Who else feels this isn’t a simple martial skill, you stand out for me."

Every freshman could tell this "Teacher Notebook" was trying to find trouble for Ayrin on purpose. Now Huston’s gaze gave them the willies straight away as it swept by them. Who would still dare to stand out.

"Look at that, it seems there’s no one else who feels the same as you do. Also, who allowed you to talk as you please?" Huston stretched out a finger and pointed at Belo, then pointed again outside the stone forest. " You and him go stand together. Let the students outside have a look what’s the result of not complying with my class’ discipline."

Moss delighted in the misfortune of others at once, thinking, you be impetuous again, shout again about making me lick your feet… But he only had a few seconds of happiness before Huston’s finger already pointed at him. "There’s also you, red-haired kid. Who allowed you to laugh so loudly earlier, you also go out and stand for me!"

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