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Destroyer of Ice And Fire Chapter 6: Impetuous freshman and Teacher Notebook

St. Dawn Academy’s Thinker’s Stone Forest’s predecessor was St. Dawn Academy’s old arena. They talked about alterations, but in fact it was merely clearing out some unneeded gravel. The damaged circular grandstand had naturally shaped into a perimeter wall. The huge rocks inside had been erected up, naturally dividing the inside into several fields each hidden from view of the others. A few vestiges of former battles had been left behind, becoming a training ground with a complex topography.

The naturally grown weeds and trees hadn’t been meticulously tidied up inside the fields separated by pieces and pieces of erected huge white rocks. The whole stone forest was full of a verdant atmosphere.

The red-haired Moss appeared very eye-catching even in this grade with more than a hundred freshmen already gathered inside the Thinker Stone Forest.

"He ate so much? That should be impossible. Even I can’t eat that much."

He looked at the three or four persons around him, extremely skeptical. Now the people around were all spreading a matter, apparently there was a new student who could eat even more than wild beasts from the jungle. He’d eaten ten pork chops in succession, and among them there was even one chop that was simply as super big as half a pig.

Moss questioned the truth when he heard. A thin and tall student beside him immediately said with certainty, "It’s absolutely true, I even saw it with my own eyes. On top of that it even disturbed teacher Lister in the end, it’s teacher Lister who personally took him away."

Moss frowned and said, still a little disbelieving, "This grade of freshmen come to foundation class all together. Moreover it’s teacher Huston’s class, the one most concerned about face and who dislikes most people arriving late. No one would dare not come. If what you said is true, shouldn’t that guy be here too?"

At this time, Ayrin’s and Belo’s figures appeared beside a few great giant-like white boulders, coming inside.

"It’s him!"

The thin and tall student beside Moss couldn’t refrain from uttering a low cry of surprise when he saw Ayrin’s face. This whole field also rose in uproar. There had been obviously quite a few people who recognized Ayrin.

"Little shorty, it’s you?!"

Moss also immediately shouted incredulously as soon as he saw.

Ayrin stood beside Belo, in the middle of observing the Thinker’s Stone Forest’s environment and the people inside the field. He also immediately saw Moss when he suddenly heard such a big shout and said with some puzzlement, "What’s me?"

"Little shorty, are you the great belly king from the rumors?" Moss went through the crowd of people and walked in front of Ayrin. "You ate ten pieces of giant fried pork chops?"

"Ah? Even you know about it." Ayrin scratched his head and laughed a little embarrassed.

"How is it possible!" Moss immediately shouted. He stretched out his finger and pointed at Ayrin. "Even I can’t eat so much, how can a little shorty like you be able to eat it?"

Every freshman inside the field looked at Ayrin’s thin and small appearance. They also all had a disbelieving expression.

Ayrin merely felt a little awkward. Belo pushed his glasses beside him and turned his head around, asking, "This red-haired kid is your friend?"

"How could that be!" Moss had already shouted before Ayrin could even answer.

"It’s easier if it’s not your friend." The very refined and gentle Belo immediately laughed out loud. He leaped at once in front of Moss, looking at Moss with a feverish expression brimming with interest. "Dude, little shorty this little shorty that, you’re so rude. And this great lord is standing here but you actually didn’t even spare a glance for me, as if this great lord doesn’t exist. Hurry up to kneel down and lick this great lord’s feet! Or else I’ll beat you up until no one will recognize you!"

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Ayrin thought back to the gazes from these people on their way here and immediately felt as if there was something terrible about happen.

Moss was also frozen blank.

"Hurry up to kneel down and lick this great lord’s feet…"

He could also be regarded as an arrogant person in ordinary times, but he’d never seen someone dare to act so rampant in front of him, who could speak even these kinds of words, speak them so smoothly and naturally at that.

"It’s Belo!"

"Is he the "Impulsive Freshman" Belo?"

Inside the uproar, Moss also realized the other party was that "Impulsive Freshman" Belo who was rumored to be entirely different from his outer appearance.

It was said this Belo looked very delicate, gentle and refined, but he was in fact arrogant and fanatical, acting impulsive at the drop of a hat. Plus, he would become very excited as soon as he thought of something he felt was interesting, and then he wouldn’t only act full of spirits without any care for consequences, he would even incite others to act together with him. Rumors said he used to be a second grade student, but he’d been retrograded a grade because he did something out of bounds that wounded both the teacher and himself.

It was very easy for new students to injured themselves, but St. Dawn Academy’s teachers were all powerful arcane masters, so a freshman like this who could even injure a teacher could only be described with the word "dangerous."

Moss finally realized why the gazes of some freshmen when looking at Belo were strange.

"You actually dare to talk to me like that, you want to die!" Although he found out the opposite party was a rumoredly dangerous character, Moss still couldn’t help shout out loud and make a ruckus after staying stunned for a bit.

Belo didn’t even pay attention to a Moss so angry he’d directly shouted childishly, but looked at Ayrin beside him instead, saying excitedly in incitement, "How about we hit this guy at the same time?"

"No need for that right?" Ayrin shook his head, sweating a little and very flabbergast already by Belo’s change. "Everyone’s classmates…"

Even Moss’ nose was about to become crooked by anger. He wildly shouted out loud, "Great, you come try it, it’s fine even if you both come together."

"If you don’t go I’ll go first."

Belo said such words to Ayrin, then bunched his fists, his two eyes already sparkling with light in extreme excitment, looking like he couldn’t wait.

Someone’s voice suddenly came at this precise moment, "Don’t fight, teacher Huston came."

Ayrin turned around and saw a young male teacher wearing a set of pale blue school uniform coming their way. This young male teacher had an average height, a round face, skin very white, and the thing that most attracted the attention was the excessive grease rubbed on his head full of short hair, making tuft and tuft of hair harden and stand erect in shiny black glory.

"Hmph." Belo humphed once when he saw this teacher appear. He pushed his glasses and once again transformed into his usual gentle refined self.

Moss’ teeth itched in hate, but he could also only forcibly hold it in when he saw teacher Houston coming.

"There’s a lot of energy."

Houston wiped a handful of hair and glanced at Belo and Moss. He flung his head back and laughed. "I like it best when there are energetic young people."

The vast majority of freshmen immediately felt a burst of evil chill inside, because they’d all heard before coming that the teacher Houston in charge of the foundation course was extremely dangerous and very much liked face, even if he couldn’t be said to be particularly powerful. If you’re the slightest bit careless and provoked him, you’d be recorded in his small notebook, and then you’d suffer. The most critical was that he was also extremely petty. The vast majority of people simply had no idea how they actually offended him before finding their names already noted down in the small notebook.

Houston tossed his head as he saw everyone seeming very lovable. He felt this round of freshmen were still pretty cute, so he cleared his throat, and let everyone find a place to sit in front of him, then began the lesson.

"There are countless dreams under Doraster’s starry sky, while our St. Dawn Academy is precisely a place allowing you to start pursuing your dreams."

After using signboard-like opening words he himself found very classic and very provocative, Houston’s eyes first stopped on Belo. "This classmate, what is your dream?"

"As expected, he’s already been noted down."

Almost everyone’s gaze immediately focused on Belo.

"Everyone under the starry sky knows of famous arcane masters," said Belo with eyes flashing under his glasses.

"Then that’s only possible by beating many powerful arcane masters, you’re ambitious." Houston laughed. He turned his head and looked at Moss. "Classmate, what about you?"

"It’s fine as long as I become an arcane master a bit more powerful than him," said Moss fiercely after glancing at Belo.

"I very admire this kind of emulating enthusiasm." Houston wiped a handful of shiny bright erect hair and laughed out loud. Then he looked at Ayrin, "What about your dream?"

"What’s my dream?"

In fact Ayrin had been thinking on and off about this question from the moment he saw St. Dawn Academy’s great gates.

Back in Cororin, what he thought of everyday was to dig a lot of ores and feed himself together with old Ginns. Now he could suddenly go to school without worrying food, but that actually made him confused. What did he want to do in the future?

The so-called dream should be something he very much wanted to do, but was also something very difficult to achieve, right?

Ayrin felt that no such thing had appeared inside his mind for now however.

So he shook his head facing this question from Huston and said awkwardly, "I don’t know."

"Don’t know? You don’t even know your own dream?" The corner of Huston’s mouth tilted up in a sinister curve.

"Right." Ayrin scratched his head. "I haven’t thought of any dream yet."

An uproar.

"Then wait until you think of one before telling me." Huston glanced at Ayrin and said kind words, but he felt inside Ayrin was embarrassing him on purpose. He already decided he definitely needed to record Ayrin in his little notebook.

"No matter what the vast majority of your dreams ends up to be, in every academy, including our St. Dawn Academy, the premise of the main program is to instruct the students to become arcane masters in every case. In the legendary era of war of the dragons, it had precisely been the mightiest arcane masters of each race who’d defeated the evil dragons and spared Doraster from being ruled by them. In the peaceful present, the amount of arcane masters is still the embodiment of a kingdom’s national strength. It’s absolutely no exaggeration to say that it’s the power of arcane masters from various countries that preserves the balance. An arcane master’s power comes from…"

Huston still liked the teaching job very much. He himself became more and more excited along with the unceasing torrent of words, starting to gesticulate in a flurry of hands and feet while demonstrating the exercises himself.

"This is our St. Dawn Academy’s famous "Explosive Blazing Fist." It’s only an arcanist martial skill, but the power is quite a lot stronger than ordinary arcanist martial skills…"

With a "Boom," along with a deep shout from Huston, they saw three afterimages trailing out from his figure. His entire right arm ignited with a red flame and he struck out with a lightning punch. The red flame loudly flowed to all sides and exploded, revolving around his fist and shaping itself into a fiercely blazing cloud of fire.

Huston maintained the pose, then took his fist back. He looked at the freshmen whose vast majority had a face full of astonishment and veneration. He said, looking as if he hadn’t had enough of that yet, "Did you get a good look…"

At this moment, a snore neither loud nor light interrupted him.

Everyone looked full of disbelief toward the source of the sound. They saw Ayrin with his head lowered, a trail of saliva even already flowing down along the corner of his mouth. His shoulders continuously shrugged up and down along with rhythmic snores.

Huston’s face immediately filled with black lines 1!

"He actually dares to sleep in teacher Little Notebook Huston’s class?"

Every freshman felt as if burst after burst of chilly winds were suddenly blowing all around.

Black lines are mentioned several times. It’s the anime expression, here expression frustration and scowling:
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