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Destroyer of Ice and Fire Chapter 8: The Fairy Girl

"What are these three guys doing standing there without moving?"

"What could they be doing, you can tell with a look they’re three freshmen, they’ve surely offended Huston and been punished to stand."

"Their courage is really worthy of praise. This must even be the freshmen’s first class right, they actually dare to offende Teacher Notebook…"

Outside the Thinker’s Stone Forest, the St. Dawn Academy students going hither and yon pointed their fingers at the three of Ayrin, Belo, and Moss standing beside the road.

"Little shorty, what’s actually inside your head! Anyone knows what kind of person teacher Huston is, you actually fell asleep in his class." Moss was so angry even his teeth were itching. He felt like he was losing an exceptional amount of face.

Belo shot a glance at him with a lot of disdain. "Isn’t it just standing, what’s the big deal."

"Isn’t it just standing?" Moss couldn’t resist yelling as soon as he heard. "You think it’s as simple as being punished to stand? Do you know how sinister Teacher Notebook is rumored to be? We can’t listen to the rest of the content from his lecture standing here. Tomorrow we again won’t be able to follow, so he’ll easily find another pretext to continue punishing us."

"Isn’t it very interesting like this?" Belo said full of zest, "I want to see how many tricks he’s really got."


Moss was already thoroughly speechless. Then he almost directly fainted in anger when he turned his head around and looked at Ayrin.

Ayrin’s eyelids dangled asleep, and he looked like he was soon going to snore.

"Are you really a pig! You can fall asleep even standing!"

Moss really couldn’t hold it in anymore. He pounced and clutched Ayrin’s neck, wishing nothing better than to choke Ayrin dead.

"Cough cough…" Ayrin was choked awake and burst in a series of coughs.

Belo calmly looked at Moss. "Don’t be impulsive. We’d be out of luck if it attracted Teacher Notebook out and he found out we haven’t been properly standing."

"I’m impulsive?" Moss looked in disbelief at Belo. "You’re the Impulsive Freshman, you still call me impulsive, don’t tell me I’m more impulsive than you?"

Ayrin nodded strongly and said very honestly, "That’s right, now you look very impulsive."


Moss felt that he’d be angered to death if he were to keep talking with abnormal people like Ayrin and Moss. Hence he forcibly resisted the urge to puke out blood and turned around, forcing himself not to even look at Ayrin and Belo.

Ayrin seemed not so drowsy anymore after being woken up by having his neck grabbed. But then he felt himself become more and more hungry as time went on and on.


A noise came from inside his belly near noon. He started to be so hungry he didn’t have any strength left anymore, so he glanced inside the Thinker’s Stone Forest and said, "Why isn’t teacher Huston coming out yet, I’m hungry."

Belo saw that Ayrin’s face had gone all white and his forehead had started to drip with abnormal sweating. He couldn’t resist asking with some curiosity, "Didn’t you eat a lot of stuff this morning, how can you be so hungry like this already?"

Ayrin feebly opened his mouth. Sound after sound came nonstop from his stomach before he had time to say anything.

"I…" Moss still felt alright at first, but he also felt hungrier and hungrier when hearing the gurgling noises coming continuously from Ayrin’s belly, because he hadn’t had time to eat too much in the morning for fear of arriving late. Then he turned his head and saw Ayrin looking like he was about to drop at any time. He immediately became more anxious and started to yell at once, "Little Shorty you just stop harming people now. Teacher Huston could be coming out at any time now, if you don’t properly stand and he finds out when he comes out later, you’ll surely involve us and we’ll be made to keep standing."

Belo pushed his glasses and looked at Moss, but he didn’t say anything and merely looked toward the Thinker’s Stone Forest.

His movements made Moss believe that Huston was precisely walking out at this time. But when he anxiously turned his head around, he saw that it wasn’t Huston who was coming out from between these great white boulders standing tall like giants, but a female student wearing a set of blue school uniform the same as them.

The sunlight seemed especially dazzling in Ayrin’s eyes at this moment. This caused the girl’s blue school uniform to seemingly sparkle with a peculiar radiance the moment he first caught sight of her walking out from between the giant stones. He strongly blinked his eyes and clearly saw this was a female student with long black hair and a sheen of shiny perspiration covering her exquisitely beautiful face. Her school uniform was also drenched in sweat, and water continuously dripped down even from the tip of her hair.

As Ayrin was observing this girl in a little daze, this girl had actually also noticed their existences. She walked toward them.

"What, you’ve been punished to stand here by teacher Huston?"

This female student seemed to have already realized what had truly happened by merely casting a look at the three’s appearance. She waved her hand in the three’s direction and said these words.

What answered this girl first thing was a series of noises from Ayrin’s stomach.

Ayrin was a little embarrassed, but this seemingly very imposing girl actually smiled at Ayrin and said, "Hungry? You haven’t eaten much this morning? However even if teacher Huston came here soon, he’d still let you continue to stand. He’s in fact deliberately making people starve through a meal when he punishes them to stand. That’s the method he uses the most often to handle you freshmen."

Moss was already feeling hungrier and hungrier to begin with, now even his face immediately blanched when he heard this girl say this. At this time Ayrin saw thick bandages completely wrapping around this girl’s left hand, and he immediately said asked with good intentions, "What’s up with your hand, you’re wounded?"

"No big deal, merely an injury I got trying to block during training." The girl gathered her damp hair and looked at Ayrin, all smiles. "You’re really a pretty good person, you yourself are already hungry like this but you still worry whether I’m wounded or not. You guys continue to carefully standing here and wait for me."

"Wait for you?"

Ayrin didn’t understand what she meant but this girl had already turned around and walked out a great distance.

The shadow of this girl’s back vanished from their lines of sight, but she again very quickly appeared once more in their visions.


This girl tossed a big pile of things to eat in front of Ayrin and the others and then immediately sat on the grassy ground beside them in a carefree manner. She casually grabbed some foodstuff and started to eat. At the same time she directed the three still dazed boys, "My treat, let’s eat together."

"Teacher Huston is deliberately starving us, but now you give us things to eat, aren’t you afraid teacher Huston will see and give you a hard time?" The three of them were all a little stunned.

"He’s not teaching me now anyway, plus he can’t beat me either." The girl very carelessly made a face and waved her fist. "Why would I be afraid of him?"

"He can’t beat you?" Moss actually sucked in a mouthful of cold air and watched this girl with disbelief. Teacher Huston indeed couldn’t be regarded as very powerful among all the teachers in the academy, but that was merely comparing them between themselves. Even the worst teacher in St. Dawn Academy could probably handle at least two or three ordinary arcane masters alone.

"You guys slowly eat, I still have to go practice inside the Thinker’s Stone Forest. I can also help you stall Huston in passing if he’s coming out." This girl actually didn’t care in the slightest about Moss’s astonishment. She casually grabbed some things to eat, then stood up and went in the direction of the Thinker’s Stone Forest.

"Thank you." Ayrin subconsciously said a couple words.

The girl didn’t say anything and didn’t turn around either. She merely lifted her hand and waved.

Sunlight shone on her body and made the figure of her back appear very pretty. Then Ayrin immediately remembered he hadn’t asked her name yet.

"Eh, what’s your name?" At this time, Belo had actually already pushed his glasses and yelled to the girl.

Ayrin and Moss hadn’t noticed the odd solemness inside his eyes from the moment this girl said Huston couldn’t beat her.

"Keris." The girl’s voice spread to them from far away.

"It’s indeed her, the Fairy Girl." Belo’s eyebrows lifted up while talking to himself.

"Fairy Girl?" Ayrin and Moss both stared blankly. "What does it mean?"

"It means her." Belo looked at Keris’ back and nodded. "I heard she trains harder than anybody, that’s why even if it’s only her third year, she’s already the most powerful among all the students in St. Dawn Academy. Even some teachers aren’t her match. It’s only that she’s got severe facial blindness, and even more peculiarly she’s hanging the slogan of dominating the great national school competition in her mouth at all times, that’s why she got the title of the Girl Away With The Fairies in our St. Dawn Academy, abbreviated to Fairy Girl."

"The Fairy Girl is the girl away with the fairies?" Ayrin sweated and watched at Keris’ back with great curiosity. "What does facial blindness mean then?"

Belo said, "That means she very easily forgets what someone looks like. For example just now even if we told her our names, when she sees us a bit later she’d only remember our names and wouldn’t distinguish who’s who between us. Maybe she’ll call you Belo, and maybe she’ll call me Ayrin."

"Is it really like this?" An astonished Ayrin continued with another question, "What’s the national school competition then?"

"You don’t even know this?" Moss immediately whipped his head around. He felt himself once again on the verge of fainting to death. "Little shorty you’re really a pig! We only talked for a few sentences, how much stuff have you eaten already?"

Ayrin hadn’t been still during these mere few sentences. The several meat pies in front of him had all been entirely eaten already.

Remembering Ayrin rumored astounding capacity for food, Moss didn’t have time to bother cursing again. He also immediately sat down and started to gorge himself on food.

"The national school competition’s full name is Cup of Starry Sky Academy Braves." Belo tore a piece of ham and ate it, actually neither slow nor hurried as he calmly explained, "All the academies in our Eiche Kingdom will participate in the tussle of this competition."

"Then since all the academies participate in this competition, there’s nothing strange about her wanting to snatch the title of champion right? Why would they call her the Girl Away With The Fairies because of this?"

"That is because there are really too many powerful opponents out there. Our St. Dawn Academy hasn’t been able to step out of St. Lauren for four years straight. We can’t even defeat the few other academies in St. Lauren. But she actually keeps repeating her slogan of defeating opponents from every academy, that’s why they say she’s a girl away with the fairies."

Aryin suddenly understood somewhat. He thought about it a bit. "So that means our St. Dawn Academy can’t be regarded as a strong academy?"

"The power of an academy and this kind of competition are entirely two different things. Our St. Dawn Academy is one of the academies with the longest traditions in the Eiche kingdom. It can definitely be ranked in the front if we’re talking about the entire strength of the academy. It’s only that in this kind of competition between schools, the most important thing is whether there are powerful students." Belo looked at Aryin and continued to say, "Because this is a competition between teams of five. You can say the strong students in our St. Dawn Academy have precisely been few in number, that’s why our achievements were so bad."

"A competition between teams of five?"

"Right." Belo pushed his glasses and glanced at Ayrin. "There will be a preselection play-off match in three days if I haven’t counted wrong. Our St. Dawn Academy’s opponent is the Southern Monsoon Academy. Our St. Dawn Academy will only have the qualification to participate in the formal qualifier for a quota from St. Lauren if we win this match. If you’re interested, I can take you there to watch. I’ll talk about it by then, you’ll very easily understand the rules of this competition."

Ayrin said without taking any time to think, "Ok."

Huston took the rest of the freshmen out of the Thinker’s Stone Forest from another exit, then went back inside the stone forest after the meal, and then lectured a lesson concerning basic training. Only after that did he leisurely go through the stone forest and appear in front of Ayrin, Belo, and Moss.

"How is it, are you hungry?" Huston felt his own mood become a little better when he saw the three of them looking withered under the sunlight.

"Gurgle…" Ayrin’s stomach made noises again.

"Remember to abide by the class discipline next time. However for this once, better you still keep standing here until the end of class today. Remember to practice the Explosive Blazing Fist when you go back. You also have to do a full hundred squats, a hundred backward leapfrogs, and one hundred full speed sprints… Of course it doesn’t matter even if you don’t practice or don’t do it fully. There will be tests sooner or later during class anyway. If you can’t pass them, you should know the results already eh."

Huston was even more satisfied when he heard the gurgling sounds from Ayrin’s belly. He turned around and after saying these, all high and mighty.

"Little shorty, I couldn’t tell before you were pretty good at scamming people." Moss sighed in relief when Huston’s figure disappeared for good. He turned his head and told Ayrin, "You can actually even fake the sound of a hungry stomach, now he definitely believes we’ve really been starving all the way until now."

"I wasn’t deliberately faking it." Ayrin said a little distressed, "I’m really a little hungry."

"I…" Moss almost fainted to death at once. "You’re really a pig right! You ate even more than both of us combined. How much time has it been since, you’re actually talking about being hungry again?!"

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