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Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 9: Riding A Horse (Part 2)

Riding A Horse (Part 2)

The warm sunshine was reflected on the lazy body, it made people think of taking a nap. Murong Shu Qing was leaning on the big tree comfortably, looking at the sky that had not been polluted. Feeling the fresh and cool breeze, Bing Po ran around in a circle happily, and was also quietly eating the grass behind Murong Shu Qing, a person and a horse, they were both very satisfied. If there was no heated gaze that was always staring at her ___ and the horse, everything was extremely perfect.

“Xuanyuan Gongzi, do you want to battle with Bing Po?” Closing her eyes, Murong Shu Qing lazily asked.

“I do have this intention!” Looking at Bing Po that was running in speed a moment ago, he wanted to tame it even more.

“Ok, Bing Po, do you want to meet the enemy heads-on?” Slowly standing up, and patting Bing Po’s head, she nevertheless, sought the horse’s opinion!

Sensing the two people’s gazes, Bing Po did not know whether it understood or not, but seeing that it walked to the front of Xuanyuan Yi, it was puffing its annoyance and stepping on the front of its feet, it showed insufferably arrogant appearance.

“Hehe (chucking), it clearly accepted (the battle), you two, please do as you wish.” Finished speaking, Murong Shu Qing walked back to the big tree, leaned on the tree trunk, and she was waiting to enjoy a good show.

Xuanyuan Yi also showed his good mood, and stood in front of Bing Po, he narrowed his eyes to stare at it, and slowly approached towards it. Bing Po was always making an adjustment on his own direction, standing right in front of Xuanyuan Yi, and not letting him to be near its body. Xuanyuan Yi’s movement was very slow, every step that he made towards Bing Po was very steady. His big and strong stature appeared to contain endless strengths, that imposing manner from the battlefield experiences showed up, impressive display of manpower that had not changed color yet, a domineering strength that could sweep 30 thousand catties (a unit measurement, 1 catty = about 1 1/3 lbs). It made the untamed and arrogant, Bing Po to be agitated, it made a long neigh and appeared to be restless, but at the same time, it was also vaguely excited.

Murong Xing Hun who was learning from Feng Qi Xuan not too far away, could feel the strong atmosphere from that side, and walked over to watch the battle. Pei Che already retreated to the tree earlier at the same time with Murong Shu Qing. Xuanyuan Yi had not showed his imposing manners like this for a very long time, it seemed that Bing Po evoked his desire to conquer it.
Suddenly, Xuanyuan Yi made a leap towards Bing Po and leaped away, when he was just about to leap on Bing Po’s back, Bing Po retreated fast and avoided Xuanyuan Yi’s first attack. At this moment, Xuanyuan Yi already approached the side of Bing Po, even though he had not succeeded to get on the horse’s back, but he stuck close to its body. Bing Po began to run and Xuanyuan Yi hugged its neck tightly, he would not let go at all, and quickly used his strength to leap on Bing Po’s back. Bing Po jumped violently, while it was rushing forward in lightning speed. Xuanyuan Yi was rocking up and down violently like this, but he had not been thrown down yet, however, looking at it, he was also making a supreme effort to step up his legs, and trying to maintain his balance. He nearly fell off the horse several times.

A person and a horse started the battle, Bing Po that was impetuous, was also not willing that it did not appear to be able to throw Xuanyuan Yi down either, the movement of its feet seemed untiring. This time, Xuanyuan Yi had already persevered for half a shichen (1 hour), but he was not willing to take it lying down either, and he seemed to stare at Bing Po. Slowly, Bing Po’s speed was slow, and gasping heavily, Xuanyuan Yi who was on the horse, did not look good either, his clothing was already completely wet with sweat, his face also showed exhaustion. But his starry eyes were still serene and persistent. When Xuanyuan Yi wanted to reach out his hand to gently stroke Bing Po’s mane, Bing Po suddenly stood up, its front feet were lifted high, and its body was almost vertical with the ground. Xuanyuan Yi did not expect this, and his body was already exhausted so it could not bear it. Thus, he was thrown down from the horse. Just before he fell down, he turned around, and pulled the front of Bing Po. Even though he was not thrown down embarrassingly, but it was a fact that he fell down from a horse.

A person and a horse were standing face to face, both were sweating profusely, but Xuanyuan Yi was laughing heartily, and walking to the side of Bing Po. Bing Po did not evade him either, it was looking at his eyes that did not have any disdain. Xuanyuan Yi patted Bing Po’s buttock with strength, to provoke Bing Po to lift up the back of its feet to kick him. Looking at them who appeared to be getting along rather harmoniously, Murong Shu Qing lightly smiled, this could exactly be the courtesy between a hero against a hero!

After he was having fun with Bing Po, Xuanyuan Yi walked to Murong Shu Qing, looking at her who was leaning on the tree lazily, faintly smiling at him, and he was unexpectedly dazzled (by her) for a split second! He did not understand, the black clothing that was on her made her even thinner, her facial features could not be regarded as remarkable because of her constant soft smiling expression, but it was not gorgeous. In theory, coming out to ride a horse, but she had been leaning on the tree lazily, leisurely basking on the sun. It appeared that she had this eternal lazy appearance. This kind of woman, how could he be dazzled? And even thinking that she was the kind who had an insolent bearing?!!

Looking at Xuanyuan Yi who was walking in front of her, but did not say anything except just looking at her, Murong Shu Qing had some headache. Even though those type of ocean like serene eyes that were gazing at her, could satisfy women’s vanity, but he was blocking her sunshine. Helplessly, she slowly took a seat: “Bing Po does not have a saddle and reins, otherwise you should not be thrown down today.” This could be regarded as comforting him, right!

“Good horse will never use a first rate saddle and reins to wait for people to tame it. And this kind of fierce horse will make people to boil over even more. It unexpectedly knows the art of war, to attack one who is not prepared. Very interesting, it will be mine.” Xuanyuan Yi sat besides Murong Shu Qing on the ground. How long had he not be this carefree dripping wet. That speed of the wind, strong endurance, bursted out with force, all made his body to hoot blood, he wanted to obtain it.

“He is mine now.” She finally understood, this man’s eyes did not have any desire, it was not because there was no desire to look for, but it was rather it seemed that he did not have anything that he could not obtain. So naturally, he did not have any desire to fight for something, but once he fancied something, he had ambition to have it.

“You have tamed it!” It was difficult to convince people about this.

“Please believe what you have seen.”

“Using ginseng?!”

“Haha, you can considered (it that way), two years ago, at the Lin Feng Guan’s snowy mountain, I discovered it, at that time, it was even haughtier, wilder in nature, and more reckless. At the snowy mountain, its speed looked like a black lightening, I stayed for half a year at the snowy mountain for it.” Recalling that time, Murong Shu Qing smiled, she did not dare to believe on her own that she unexpectedly stayed at that extremely cold place for half a year. Only for that haughty and unruly figure, that free and flying soul.

“Half a year!” When he heard her saying it inside the stable a moment ago, he thought that she was only joking. He had passed through that snowy mountain at the Lin Feng Guan one time, the foot of the mountain was already extraordinarily frigid, it would be even more frigid on the snowy mountain for the entire year. She unexpectedly could stay for half a year for one horse!

“Yes ah, half a year, I would stay at the foot of the mountain every night, went up the hill to wait for it during the day, and used the ginseng to coerce it to show up at my place. Afterwards, I spoke with it, so one could say that I used ginseng to lure it, and nagged by its side to follow me down.” At that time, Bing Po was impatient to hear her nagging, so once it finished eating, it would leave immediately, after a while, it would start hearing her nagging for 3-4 hours. At the beginning, she had to wait for more than half a day for it to show up everyday, after that, Bing Po would wait for her at the same place everyday. That half a year was the most tranquil days in her life. If it was not that her body was unable to endure it, and she was unconscious at the snowy mountain, and made Bing Po to carry her on its back to go down the mountain, it would not be bad to stay at the snowy mountain.

“Even though it was very fierce, but you could capture it.” According to her crafty and unruly tempers, she would look for 40-50 people to surround it, Bing Po would definitely not be able to run, there was no need to stay at the snowy mountain for half a year.

“If a horse is losing its spiritual nature and freedom, it will not have soul. I do not want that kind of Bing Po.” At that time, what attracted her was exactly that free and unruly soul. How could she be willing to suppress it.

“I have never restricted it, it has freedom, every year I still bring it back to the snowy mountain, if it likes to be somewhere, it can stay at that place, I take it as a friend. If it is willing to follow you, you can take it with you at any time.”

“If it really has a spiritual nature like this, it seems that it will be difficult to take it away with me. But, it will definitely be mine.” She unexpectedly raised a horse like this, no wonder that Bing Po had already departed the snowy mountain for two years, but it could still keep its own freedom, flying away untamed.

Still paying attention to Bing Po, Murong Shu Qing broke into laughter, if it was easy to give up like this, it was not Xuanyuan Yi. This type of man would not just talk carelessly: “Do you have any interest in accompanying me to compete for one race?”

Xuanyuan Yi raised his eyebrows: “Certainly!”

Just finished speaking, Murong Shu Qing lightly whistled once, Bing Po run over to her, turning over to get on it, Murong Shu Qing urged it to go. Xuanyuan Yi pulled up the white fine horse by his side, and chased after (her).

Behind ‘Xuanyuan Yi ~~ that was indeed my horse!’ Unfortunately, no one paid attention to him.

Behind Murong family’s large horse stable was a public road, Murong Shu Qing and Xuanyuan Yi competed there. When the horses were running on the borderline, nobody stopped either, they continued to gallop on the public road.

After they were running for not too long, the trees on the public road unexpectedly obstructed their way, 2-3 servants were moving the trees on the pavement, they were wearing dark blue clothing. At the time when Murong Shu Qing and Xuanyuan Yi just appeared, they raised their heads to look one glance, very quickly, they continued to finish their work, one could see that their skills had been trained properly. As the proverb said, meeting the servant meant to know the master. Murong Shu Qing was unable to look at the spacious chariot at the roadside. A 30 years old man who was wearing a black clothing, was sitting in the chariot, he did not appear to be a southern elegant man, but he looked resolutely stylish. His facial features were similar to a cut polished jade, completely stylish. When he was looking at Bing Po, even though he covered it up really well, but Murong Shu Qing could still see his heated eyes. Next to him was a woman who was wearing a light green dress, the woman was lovable and pleasant. Her eyes were like a kitten, that were staring to look at Murong Shu Qing. Besides the chariot was two black fine horses, the hair on their bodies were shiny, their four legs were strong and muscular. One look, and people could tell that they were good horses! Among them was an older man who was sitting on top of one of the horses, his facial features were somewhat similar to the black clothing man. The man’s temperament that was on the other horse seemed to be gentle, and did not stand out at all, but it made people to feel comfortable. Murong Shu Qing sensed it that since they began to appear, this man was always looking at her in silence.

Raising her head to show a trace of a shallow smile, and restraining her radiant eyes, she asked softly: “Do you need any helps?”

“Many thanks, it is almost done.” The man also returned a smile, did not lose any courtesy when he spoke.

Murong Shu Qing indifferently smiled, nodded her head a little, and raised her horsewhip towards Xuanyuan Yi who was beside her, Bing Po lightly jumped, and went forwards wildly. Xuanyuan Yi was looking one glance at them, and also urged his horse to catch up.

Murong Shu Qing had gone for a long time, Huo Zhi Qing had just recovered, and shouted in a loud voice: “Heaven ah! How cool oh!”

Huo Zi Xi knocked on her head once, laughed heartily and said: “You are foolish, one look, people will know that it is a woman, moreover, that appearance is too ordinary, what cool.”

“You are foolish! I certainly know that it is a woman, but her every gesture is very straightforward, completely at will, even though her appearance is ordinary, but it does not effect her charm even one bit ah, what do you understand.” Staring at Huo Zi Xi, while acting like a spoiled child by pulling on Huo Zi Qi’s hand to curry a favor, she said: “Eldest brother, say it, am I right?”

“You ~~~.” Huo Zi Xi dared to be angry but did not dare to talk, this girl relied on her eldest brother’s pampering on her, and did not even care about him, her younger elder brother.

“Yes, she is indeed a special woman.” Answering Huo Zhi Qing’s question, but his eyes were looking at Yan Hao Yu, they exchanged a meaningful glance with their eyes.

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