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Chapter 8

Riding A Horse (Part 1)

Several individuals were standing inside the spacious stable, one of them was Murong Xing Hun who had an excited face and was going around a red brownish fine horse, he stroke the horse’s head for a moment, and also patting the horse’s buttocks for a while, he felt extremely satisfied.

“The horses here are not bad ah!” Pei Che was looking around at this spacious and bright stable, every horse was very well-built, tall and straight. He looked and came to a conclusion that all of them were very rare colts. The horses looked so healthy that there was no doubt that they could go at least 800 kilometers, if not 1,000 kilometers, and they unexpectedly had more than fifty horses.

Xuanyuan Yi was also looking around the stable, he did not expect that the backyard of Murong’s manor had this huge stable. Murong Xing Hun was holding this rarely seen red brownish horse, that was running smoothly and quickly, this was a very rare colt, and his ‘fighting spirit’ was equally matched. (The word Hun in MXH’s name means spirit which is the same hun in the fighting spirit and it’s possible that XY’s own horse is called zhan hun aka fighting spirit).

“Xing Hun, are you satisfied?” The person who spoke was a man, who was leading along a dark horse and walking slowly, he was wearing a plain cotton clothing and looking ordinary. His long and narrow eyes were slightly smiling, but one could tell that he was a skilled person with a lot of confidents.

“Master Feng, I am very satisfied, when do we start learning ah?!” Murong Xing Hun saw Feng Qi Xuan came, and was eager to give it a try, and wishing that he could start learning right away.(The master in Master Feng is actually from shifu words or more like teacher so it’s different than the word Master that the maids call Xing Hun, which is from shaoye words).

This person was the person whom Xing Hun was always fawning over, Master Feng? Xuanyuan Yi was slightly sizing up the man in front of him, he could not tell that this person came from a training family, as his image looked like a scholar. But the person who was right in front of him, was not simple, his imposing manner was unconstrained, but he did not expose any edges. (In ancient times, the people were usually either scholars, military/training, common people/pheasants. So FQX looks like a scholar but he’s actually more like a martial art person).

“You can learn it now.” Feng Qi Xuan walked to Murong Xing Hun, seamlessly looking one glance at Xuanyuan Yi and Pei Che, and smilingly spoke to them: “These two Gongzi are the noble guests at the manor, right! How about you ride the horses to the back of the mountain together?”

“Very good ah! I have not ridden a horse for a while, my skill is somewhat not good, moreover, the horses here are very precious, I can nicely ride it today.” Pei Che was speaking, and he arrived at the side of a white horse, he had been fancying this horse earlier. The color of the fur was even, its whole body was white, there was no trace of any colors, its four hoofs were firm, a very good horse!

Xuanyuan Yi walked toward the deepest end of the stable, Feng Qi Xuan was looking at the direction where Xuanyuan Yi walked to, the corner of his mouth raised up, and showed an interesting smile.

There was one big horse stable in the deepest end of the stable, Xuanyuan Yi only relied on his intuition to walk over to this area. But when he looked at the horses inside, his entire body was frozen, his eyes were flashing with bright rays, and his breathing was slightly quicker. Pei Che had not seen this kind of Xuanyuan Yi for a long time, so he walked over to follow him.

One shining black fine horse was right in front of him now, this horse was extremely tall. Xuanyuan Yi’s tall figure was standing in front of it, but it did not even reach its shoulder, the four limbs were slender, the shinning black’s fur was gentle and there was a faint red color among its fur. The most special was its eyes, that was probably the reason to see Xuanyuan Yi’s reaction, with its domineering sight, and it looked directly at him face to face. The inside of its eyes were bright if one looked closely, even so much that there was a faint of ridicule?? This was an extremely intelligence horse! It was enough to make a hero from the whole realm felt impassioned.

“I want it!” Xuanyuan Yi closely stared at it, his eyes had an absolute desire to conquer (the horse).

“Xuanyuan Yi dage ~~~~ you should pick another one, ok, Bing Po’s (ice soul) temper is fierce, it will not let people to ride it.” Murong Xing Hun anxiously looked at it, that horse already refused to acknowledge them, and was busily drinking water on its own.

“Bing Po? Haha, good name. I want to ride it today.” In Xuanyuan Yi’s eyes, whatever stuffs that he wanted, he would get it, and only the stuffs that he did not want, he would not get it.

Stepping on his steady pace confidently, Xuanyuan Yi arrived at the side of Bing Po, Bing Po that was bowing his head to drink water indifferently, sensed a person who was approaching at him closely, its figure turned around immediately. Towards Xuanyuan Yi who was walking forward in front of it, its nose was puffing with anger, and it sent out a muffled sound. The pair of its eyes were staring straightforwardly at Xuanyuan Yi, its eyes were filled with unruliness.

The horse’s sharp and indignant made Xuanyuan Yi even more excited, he had not had this kind of feeling for a long time, he was feeling fired up immediately. A person and a horse were confronting each other, even though the horse stable was very huge, but using it to tame a horse was a bit too small. And Bing Po also had a complete wild nature, so Xuanyuan Yi did not have any way to approach it for a while. Perhaps detecting Xuanyuan Yi’s aggressiveness, Bing Po could not relax at all, both of them did not want to yield. The atmosphere appeared to be very heavy.

“Did everyone eat breakfast yet?” A female voice that was not in a hurry or slow, echoed. Everybody turned around, the two people (MXH & FQX) appeared to accustom to (what they saw), contrary to the other two people (XY & PC) who were astonished for a period of time. Murong Shu Qing was wearing a black clothing, her face was relaxed, and she was leaning against the pillar that was behind them.

“Shu Qing’s dress, hehe (chuckling), is very unusual ah!” It was indeed unusual, it was resembled a man’s clothing, but it was even simpler, her upper body had nothing other than a man’s clothing, her lower body only had a pair of trousers. Then, she had a pair of boots, her hair was rolled up in a bun just liked a man’s hair, it did not have any hairpin that bound it up to resemble a woman right now, it was only combed together and using a headband to tie it up. The most important thing was her whole body was in black. Pei Che, except saying that it was unusual, he did not know what to say anything more either?

“It is convenient, and durable of the dirt!” Murong Shu Qing raised up her eyebrows, and walked over to Bing Po.

Murong Shu Qing’s intervention, immediately broke the intense atmosphere inside the horse stable, the corner of Xuanyuan Yi’s mouth carried a smile when he was looking at her, it was really very convenient, durable of the dirt. Saying that she was dressed as a man, he was afraid that it would treat her unjustly, her upper garment was not high to begin with, her bright neck attracted people’s line of sights. One look, one would know that there was no adam’s apple, her long hair was bound highly at the back of her head. He had no choice but to admit, this odd black color dress to ride a horse really suited her fair skin, and made people unable to shift their eyes.

Bing Po looked at Murong Shu Qing who just came over, and it was leaning on her intimately. Its head went down, and straightforwardly rubbed lightly at her bosom, there was no untamed appearance from a moment ago.

“Acting like a spoiled child is also useless, you can only eat two roots, otherwise you will bleed from the nose.” Murong Shu Qing smiled and patted on Bing Po’s head. Her hand pulled a couple of ginseng roots.

Bing Po was also blunt, his body was neighing happily, and gnawing the ginseng that was on Murong Shu Qing’s hand.

Pei Che was staring with his big eyes, he felt suspicious towards Bing Po and Shu Qing’s intimacy to each other, was it possible that this crabby horse that was in confrontation with Xuanyuan Yi, was actually her horse? Then again, what was she feeding the horse with? If his eyes did not have any problems, that was indeed a couple of ginseng roots, each root had about two to three fingers in thickness. Was there someone who used ginseng to feed a horse? It was possible that he was mistaken. Nope, he was certainly mistaken, it could be white radishes.

“It likes to eat ginseng!” Xuanyuan Yi was clearly calmer than Pei Che by a lot, looking at Murong Shu Qing who used ginseng to feed a horse, he barely raised his eyebrows. Could it be that this good horse was fed ginseng?

“En, I only give it to eat a couple of ginseng roots every 8-10 days now, if it eats too many, it will suffer from excessive internal heat.” Murong Shu Qing was caressing and stroking Bing Po’s head gently, while she answered.

“Yes ah, yes ah, nobody could take care of it at the beginning, it wanted to eat 7-8 roots every day, afterwards, it was bleeding from the nose continuously, and really scared us to death!” Xing Hun also loved Bing Po’s strict love, but when elder sister was not around, he did not dare to approach it, its temperament was considerably not good.

7-8 roots every day??? How much money did the Murong’s family have?!! Pei Che’s gaze was casted towards Murong Shu Qing again.

Sensing Pei Che’s probing gaze, Murong Shu Qing raised her head, and gave him a faint smile, then she moved her gaze to Bing Po, her eyes were filled with indulging love.

“Where did you get this horse from?” Xuanyuan Yi’s mind was still at this horse, this kind of good horse, it was impossible to buy it at the market, any man would want to get it.

“At the common borders of Cang Yue and Dong Yu, Lin Feng Guan, where there was snowfall on the mountain through out the year, Bing Po was found at the foot of the mountain.” At that time, Bing Po was running crazily during the snowfall, and it made her stunned. For Bing Po, she stayed for almost half a year at that extremely cold place.

“Then, what method did you use to tame it, from that extremely cold place to this warm southern part, how did it adapt (to the change)?” Pei Che was inevitably curious. It was confined inside the horse stable for so long, even if it still was not tamed completely, it was obvious that Bing Po who was used to live in the snowy mountain, would be completely coarse and wild.

“At the beginning, I was also worry that it would not adapt, at the snowy mountain, it was alright for Bing Po to eat 10 ginseng roots every day, but it could not (eat that many) anymore now. But it is almost two years, it seems that Bing Po has adapted to the weather in the southern part. As to how to tame it ——~ just use mouth!! Hehe (chuckling).”

Used mouth??! This was just to skimp him ah?

“Do you not say that you want to go and ride a horse? Go, ok!” Bing Po had already eaten its fill, Murong Shu Qing patted its bottom, it did not have any reins to keep a hold on, just liked a bow string of a double-edged sword, it crossed over everyone, and sped up.

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