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Chapter 10

Lovely Guests

A delegation of people just stepped into the reception pavilion a moment ago, a pink silhouette straightforwardly threw herself at Murong Shu Qing. Xuanyuan Yi stepped forward one step, wanted to block in front of Murong Shu Qing, but Murong Shu Qing gently separated. At this moment, the head of the pink dress person was already in her bosom, due to the extreme force (of impact), Murong Shu Qing retreated one step. Xuanyuan Yi who was beside her, stopped Murong Shu Qing’s momentum, and helped her to be able to stand firm.

Murong Shu Qing gave a thankful smile to Xuanyuan Yi, fortunately, he took a hold of her, otherwise both of them would roll on the ground together, it would not be good.

The woman with a pink dress raised her head, her bright and beautiful big eyes were flowing with vibrant colors, they appeared to be in grievance, her rosy chestnut lips were slightly pouting. Her sweet voice that mixed with happiness and peeved, echoed: “Qing Qing, you finally come back, I want to live here permanently with you, I will never go back.”

“If it is possible for you not to call me Qing Qing, I do not mind it if you are staying here continuously.” Murong Shu Qing was helpless, this sound of Qing Qing really sounded very strange.

“But Qing Qing is very pleasant to hear ah, you do not like it, then, how about I call you Shu Shu?” The woman was puzzled, Qing Qing was more pleasant to hear than her name, Xiao Xiao, why did Qing Qing seem not liking it?

Uncle? (This is a joke using a different word that means uncle since the words 叔叔 means father’s younger brother, while the Shu Shu that the woman is using actually uses a different character 舒, which is Shu Qing’s name). A light laughter echoed inside the reception pavilion, Murong Shu Qing was dumbfounded and she asked the heaven.

“It will be better if you call me Qing Qing, ok!” Holding Tang Xiao Xiao to sit on a chair, and taking the jasmine tea that Lu Yi had already prepared, she drank a big mouthful of it, and said to Lu Yi: “Lu Yi, instruct the servant girls, to tidy up Cang (hide away) Xue (snow) pavilion, and arrange the room properly.”

“No need, I can stay with you at Sui Yuan.” The green ocean around Sui Yuan was rippling, it was extremely beautiful, she wanted to stay there.

“Believe me, you will be able to use it very quickly, speak, ok, what is going on?!” Someone would come over and seize this person every quickly, this was not the first time either. They were really a pair of enemies.

When Feng Qi Xuan came in early and saw Tang Xiao Xiao, he already knew what was going on, keeping his calm, he took Murong Xing Hun along to go to the stable and bathe the horse, leaving behind Xuanyuan Yi and Pei Che, with a forced smile. Those two women were chatting on their own, completely did not regard them at all, and made them unable to leave nor stay. He was forced to look for a stool to sit and drink some tea.

“Humph, this time, I will absolutely not go back, that pig is unexpectedly taking a woman’s hand very familiarly, I will not forgive him.” Causing troubles for her these past few days that caused her not able to eat food properly, she grabbed a mung bean lily cake that was on the table and bit it madly to vent her anger.

Murong Shu Qing also picked up a piece of mung bean lily cake, tasted it quietly. She looked at Tang Xiao Xiao’s childish anger at the cake, and shook her head funnily, it was a pity for her top-notch cake: “Since someone flips over the vinegar jar (jealous person), does the pig that is by your side, not only have young servant boys (by his side)? Which woman.”

Saying this was also laughable, one domineering and chilly man was actually pampering his wife as if it was his life, just because he was afraid that Xiao Xiao would be jealous, he replaced all of the servant girls with young servant boys, and he would remain at a respectful distance towards women. It was indeed an evil person turned around to possess another evil person.

“No way, I go to the mountain (called Rong) to visit master for half a year, he already fools around and brings a woman home.” Thinking that she was running hurriedly to return home to look for him, unexpectedly, she saw him talking and laughing with a beautiful and elegant beauty who looked like she was made by the heaven. The beautiful woman was stroking his face from time to time, patting his shoulder, Tang Xiao Xiao felt grievance and his mouth was deflated, her bright and big eyes were filled with teardrops, the cake that was on her hand, lost its flavor very quickly.

“Who is that woman?” Looking at Xiao Xiao’s reflections, it should really have this kind of affair, but according to her observation, Shen Xiao Yun did not look like this type of man.

“Eh ~~.” Tang Xiao Xiao stumped for words, at that time, she was preoccupied with her broken-hearted, how could she still go to find out who she was ah! Now that Murong Shu Qing asked her this question, she could not reply immediately, embarrassed, she did not dare to look at her.

“I will speak on your behalf, ok, you returned home to see him and a woman spoke together, and there was also accidental body contacts, so you did not even allow any explanations, did not pay any attentions to the reason and just run to come here. Is that true?” Murong Shu Qing looked at her appearance, and already knew what was going on, this girl’s hot-tempered was unable to be changed. She sighed in her heart.

“I saw it with my own eyes, what was the need to ask (him). I do not care, this time, I will never ever pay any attention to him again.”

Looking at her determination, and the way this foolish girl was standing and panting with rage in front of her, Murong Shu Qing gently shook her head, sometimes what one saw, was not necessarily the truth. There were many times that we would actually be deceived by our own eyes. But even if she tried to be excited now, it was useless to say anything, moreover, someone already came in just a moment ago, so there was no need to waste her saliva: “Fine, pay no attention to him, then, you just stay here with me for a lifetime, ok.”

“Ok ah!”

“Do not even think about it!” A violent rage roar’s sound echoed at the same time, a man with a navy blue reflection quickly entered the reception pavilion. Waiting to see clearly the person who just came, Tang Xiao Xiao was already embraced into his bosom.

After seeing the person clearly, Tang Xiao Xiao seemed to start to go crazy and she punched and kicked him: “What are you coming here for? You go away ah! I do not want to see you. Qing Qing, this is your home, drive him away.”

The man did not hide nor dodge, and allowed her to vent on him, just because he saw that she was in grievances a moment ago, with a pitiful appearance. His heart was throbbing with pain, he could only helplessly hug her tightly, and said in a whisper: “How can you not listen to my explanation and just run away to come here.”

Thinking about these two days’s grievances, Tang Xiao Xiao was unwilling to forgive: “I am not listening, why do I want to listen to what you say. You go away! You, lustful pig!”

Looking at these two people who were staging a complete performance in the reception pavilion, but there was no one who said something either, Murong Shu Qing’s family servants were already accustomed to this thing so they did not feel strange. They could only pursed up the corner of their mouths, and were afraid that their laughs would come out. Xuanyuan Yi and Pei Che would only look attentively to the powerful men who had very quick speed skills (meaning that they did not pay any attentions to the ladies at all).

Murong Shu Qing had a green tea on her left hand and a cake in her right hand, looking at that jolly situation, Shen Xiao Yun whose whole body was muscly should be practicing out, right? Thinking of this, Murong Shu Qing was gently laughing even more.

“You~~~! Borrow Cang Xue pavilion for us to use.” Shen Xiao Yun was in anger, especially seeing Murong Shu Qing’s face that showed a mischievous smile, it made him even angrier. He carried away his young wife who was still moving without stopping, and walked over to the back courtyard.

“Please make yourselves at home.” Her words had not finished yet, but the person’s shadow had already disappeared from inside of the reception pavilion.

“Qing Qing, save me ah ~!”

“Shut up!”

“Shen Xiao Yun, you are a barbarous pig ~~~~”

The woman’s shriek and the man’s bursting hiss were intersecting, how very lively ah.

Shen Xiao Yun?! When Xuanyuan Yi and Pei Che heard this name, they were startled, Xuanyuan Yi was watching the direction of the two people’s leaving, his serene eyes narrowed, but one could not see his mood. Pei Che whose hand was holding a tea, he lowered his head to quietly taste it, and he looked pensive. Feng (wind) Yu (rain) Lou (house/building), controlled and gathered the news in the whole world, and sold the news to make a living, there was no news that could not be dug out by them. Even more in Jiang Hu (the pugilist world, the literal translation is actually rivers and lakes, but it is known as a place where all the martial arts people gather), the Imperial court wanted to entice them as a partner, but the Feng Yu Lou was always independent in their actions, they only recognized money but not people. The master, Shen Xiao Yun, was known as a Jiang Hu’s legend who was grim and unreasonable, his martial arts were deep and unmeasurable, it seemed that it was really true today.

In the evening was the most beautiful moment of the day, the sunshine was no longer too hot, the fragments of the golden ray could still give warm to people, but it would not burn you. The red color of the horizon appeared to be in the desperate blooming of its own ultimate beauty, its own ultimate warmth. This red color was infected and filled by the incessant summer lotus on the pond, furthermore, the lake surface showed a trace of a white beautiful image.

Murong Shu Qing lied down on the grass by the lakeside, her shoes were already been taken off a long time ago, she liked the feeling of the slightly cold lake water that infringed on her legs. It seemed that this cool and refreshing feeling from her legs, could spread widely to her whole body, closing her eyes, she was enjoying the cool breeze that caressed and stroke gently, the lotus fragrant was fun.

Shen Xiao Yun walked to Murong Shu Qing’s behind, quietly watching her. He had known her for almost two years. He could not completely understand her all along, if he said that she was fond of powers, and mostly looking for fame and profit, then why did she want to put this much efforts to nurture Murong Xing Hun to take over the Murong family’s business. She was rarely showing her face in public, even when a lot of people did not know that she was the master of the Murong’s family. If he said that she did not care about fame and fortune, then, why did she want to repair Murong’s family again, wanted to control the whole nation’s economy, and controlled the news in the whole world?!

“You have coaxed her this fast?” A faint voice that seemed to almost fall asleep, interrupted Shen Xiao Yun’s train of thought.

“She is sleeping!”

Murong Shu Qing smiled, and opened her eyes, she lazily sat up, she kept her legs in the water. This robust and resolute man, appeared to have softer and gentler voice when he spoke about that woman. Sometimes love could change someone to be very soft.

“Oh ~~” She ambiguously sized Shen Xiao Yun up and down, “How can she sleep so quickly ah!”

Shen Xiao Yun’s robust face showed a trace of awkward red color. What was this wretched woman’s brain thinking after all ah!

“Who was that woman?” She was curious.

“My younger aunt.”

“Hehe (chuckling), no wonder, it is so quick that she is not angry anymore.”

Shen Xiao Yun forced a smile and shook his head: “Alas, her temper is always this impetuous, I really do not know what to do with her.”

“Are you not enduring the hardship gladly, if there is a day when she transforms her own self, to become gentle and noble, the first person who is unable to endure it, will be you. Besides, although her temper is very anxious, but she is not completely unreasonable either. She will always run towards me here, and wait until you come to chase after her. If she really does not want to listen to your explanations, according to her ‘thousand Guanyin’s faces’ (Tang Xiao Xiao is supposed to be a student from this teacher who is able to ‘change’ her face so nobody can recognize her/him), the only follower’s identity and ability, even if the martial arts are not equal to you, but she will rely on this outstanding world of Yi Rong Shu (which is a martial art about changing one’s appearance so nobody can recognize you), it will be absolutely not difficult to avoid you.”

“I also do not know why she always runs to you here every time.” Xiao Xiao always loved to stick on this Murong Shu Qing, it made him have an endless headache.

“Yes ah, how pitiful that I have to provide extra food for her to eat and a place to stay.” Finished speaking, Murong Shu Qing showed a pitiful expression at the same time.

Unfortunately, no one was buying it: “Do not say it with such a pitiful way, Feng Yu Lou helps you to investigate many news, when do you ever give me any money.” Bringing up this subject, Shen Xiao Yun was gloomy, every year, they earned less money. This woman was extremely shrewd, she always seized a fatal point, she would make you do her work like a cow and horse.

“I have helped you to find that flowery and beautiful wife, you think it is not worth it, then, I will let Xiao Xiao stay here permanently.”

“You dare!” This woman would wish for the whole world to be in chaos eternally. Unfortunately, she had this ability anyway.

Murong Shu Qing raised her eyebrows, her feet were lightly moving in the lake, the cloud was still clear as before and the wind was softly smiling. The lotus leaves were swaying gently by her side, the sunset was breezing, even though it would not be regarded as beautiful, but it was still aesthetically lucid and elegant, just liked a picture.

But Shen Xiao Yun showed goose bumps all over his body: “Alas, forget it, this time I come here to let you know, recently, there is someone who wants to buy some informations about many merchants from Feng Yu Lou, furthermore, this person wants to investigate your Murong’s family’s and An’s family. They handle it very secretive, to date, I only find out that they are from Yan Rui’s country, it appears that they come from a big family with many interests. You have to be a little careful.” Finished speaking, he did not wait until Murong Shu Qing was talking, he just flew back to Cang Xue pavilion, his young wife should wake up, as far as this woman’s concerns, he did not need to be anxious about her completely.

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