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Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Hong Men Feast (Part 2)

Even though she already retreated several steps back, but Rong De Ren was still able to see her, he walked to the front of Murong Shu Qing, and smilingly asked: “Shu qing also comes ah! It has been a while since I have seen you!”

Rong De Ren was a former favorite student of Prime Minister Qi, that year, the Qi’s family Miss, Qi Yue, was a peerless talent, and famous within the capital. How many noblemen and lords, rich family’s noblemen admired her greatly, but in the end, she was hurriedly married to a family merchant, he still really regretted that at that time. When he took an office in Huadu district two years ago, it was also because Murong Shu Qing was Qi Yue’s daughter, so he paid a little more attentions to her. Who would have believed, that this woman really made him gain knowledge and experiences. A woman, who was overflowing with emotions, intelligent and brilliant, she managed such a big Murong family’s (businesses). Not only she did not make any mistakes, but she actually made the family richer and more powerful.

However, what made him startle and admire her the most was not these, but it was rather, her natural characters, self-confidence, and calmness. She was not even old, and had not reached 20 years old yet! But she already understood how to show some modesty, how many people would not be able to learn this for a lifetime, or maybe, even saying that they understood, and was actually not able to do it.

Because of Rong De Ren’s words, Murong Shu Qing became everyone’s attentions again, so she was forced to laugh and say: “Yes, my body is not so good recently!”

Rong De Ren shook his head secretly, what health problems, it was more like she did not feel like having any social interactions, right. But looking at the skinny woman who was in front of him, he still said: “Then you need to have more rests, do not be too tired.”

Murong Shu Qing lightly nodded her head, and did not speak anymore.

Fu Bo Wen who was by the side, stepped forward to give courtesy, and welcome Rong De Ren to sit on the master’s seat, everyone hurriedly stepped forward to give courtesy and exchange conventional greetings.

But Murong Shu Qing always set her sights to the person who was standing beside Rong De Ren, about 50 years old elderly man, with medium stature, ordinary appearance, his face already showed the traces of his years. He was wearing a plain cotton clothing, but his waist and back were very straight, his expressions were sharp. Even though Rong De Ren was already sitting, and everyone was talking, but they were still looking at him from time to time, they could actually somewhat guess his identify.

Just when she was looking, her sight run into him, Murong Shu Qing did not evade either, and nodded her head to show her courtesy. But the elderly man did not respond, and looked at her up and down for a moment, then moved his sight away. Murong Shu Qing did not mind it, and smilingly turned towards elsewhere.
Around the winding corridor, the family servant came in with two men, one (man) with a white cheongsam clothing, with an insolent demonic charmed, the corner of his mouth had a faint smile that was very attractive, the other (man), his hand was shaking a folding fan lightly, he was outstanding and confident.

It was him!? Murong Shu Qing was looking at the person who was strolling in the main hall, the two people came in slowly. She bowed her head smilingly and sighed, today was really very lively!

Clearly, Fu Bo Wen also looked at them, he cupped his hands in greetings and said: “Eldest An Gongzi, I have not seen you for many years, you are still amazing, handsome and bright ah!”

Unexpectedly, the eldest son of the An’a family,

An Qin Xuan, had come back after leaving for five years, and still agreed to come to the invitation!

An Qin Xuan smiled with his clear voice for a moment, then he said: “Master Fu (the actual words were Laoyezi so it was more formal than Laoye), you are still healthy!” This old fox wanted to scheme on him, but he was still inferior a little.

An Qin Xuan gave courtesy to Rong De Ren afterwards, then acted on his own initiative, he walked to the low table in front of Murong Shu Qing, and sat next to her. She was wearing a purple dress today, very elegant, the high hair made her appear to look noble and charming. Picking up the scattered long hair that was behind her back with his fingertips, twisting and stroking them lightly, he said in a low voice: “You are very beautiful today!”

What did he think he was doing?! Even though she was already sitting down, and nobody was looking at them, Murong Shu Qing still pulled her hair around. Bowing her head to look at her dress, Murong Shu Qing really wanted to smile, what was this? Did she run into peach blossom fortune this year? (meaning luck in romance). First, it was Xuanyuan Yi, now, it was An Qin Xuan! Facing this person who emitted a demon charm anytime and anywhere, so gorgeous that he made people unable to look straight at him, Murong Shu Qing helplessly did not have any alternative but to force a smile in the end.

It seemed as if it was silk-like hair, the feeling was really better than one could imagine, but An Qin Xuan did not understand why she frowned her eyebrows and forced a smile. According to his understanding with a woman, when she was praised, she would like it. Even if she was not ecstatic, but she would accept the praise gladly. Her reaction was really unusual ah! But it was very good, it was even more interesting!

Looking at them who were chatting softly, Fu Bo Wen whose face showed some aging, flashed through a trace of haziness, he invited them to come, it was not for them to chat happily. But in an instant, he raised up a nice smile soon afterwards, drank a toast and said in a loud voice: “Today is Laofu’s (he addresses himself as Laofu aka old man) 60th birthday, I am indebted to everybody who gives me the honor, Laofu offers this respect first!”

Everyone was echoing one after another, Fu Ming Shuang who was always standing behind Fu Bo Wen, walked to the middle of the banquet, curled upwards to pay respect, and said with a delicate voice: “Ming Shuang will present this dance today, I wish father to have happiness, longevity and good health, long life until 100 years.” For a moment, the amorous feeling and pleasant voice made people to become intoxicated even more.

Rong De Ren heard that Fu Ming Shuang said that she wanted to dance, so he was smiling happily and saying: “I have heard it earlier that the Fu family’s Miss is talented and good looking, her dance skill is outstanding ah!”

“You are flattering her, she (actual words actually use a term that lowered one’s status) has a small skill, Rong Daren is mocking her!” Although Fu Bo Wen declined modestly, but his face showed his pride that could not be covered up.

Soon after, a music echoed, a sound of a soft silk flute, was floating inside the huge banquet hall, and attracted everyone’s attentions. Several women with red dresses were covering their faces with the light muslins, they only exposed their bright and beautiful big eyes. Pandering to the music, they twisted their long and wonderful waists. A layer upon layer of drum beats were echoing, the young ladies with the red dresses were falling down on the floor, a slender figure who had always been blocked by them, came out in front of everyone now.

For a moment, a startling sound of smoke echoed from all around, Murong Shu Qing also felt that bright shine that was in front of her. Then it changed to Fu Ming Shuang who was wearing a red dress, beautiful, alluring and luxurious. And this red dress was also the reason that made everyone sighed startlingly, the color and luster was a fresh crimson brocade. On it, its embroidery was a rich and elegant colorful peony, the colors matched perfectly. It looked like every flowers were grown on this brocade, was shown on this brocade. Fu Ming Shuang’s dance was really exquisite also, it was conforming to the strong and weak’s drum beats, or spinning, or jumping, or doing a gymnastic type move, they were as if the moves were very natural and flowing naturally, the music was enchanting. The person on the red dress was more beautiful than a tender flower, the beauty was also brought out her ingenuousness. They really brought out the best in each other.

Fu Bo Wen looked up and down at Rong De Ren’s expressions who was sitting on top, from time to time, also that elderly man with a pain cotton clothing who was behind. He had been in the business world for several decades, that elderly man was absolutely not an ordinary person. Looking at the two people who had satisfying gazes, this chess match’s moves of his were right.

Looking at An Qin Xuan, An Qin Yu, these two brothers, one of them was reclining by the side of the low table, one hand was holding a wine cup, and the other hand was striking the table to follow the rhythms, the corner of his mouth captured that evil smile from beginning to end. The other (brother) was still lightly shaking the paper fan, with a cultured and refined smile to watch the show.

No matter which one of these two brothers, if they took a fancy on Ming Shuang, it was the same for him. Although he did not want to provoke the An’s family, but when it was necessary, that was the best support.

From the time when Fu Ming Shuang was on the stage, Murong Shu Qing already saw Fu Bo Wen’s intentions, this killed two birds with one stone, it was really not bad. She would not even say what kind of expressions that the two honor people (RDR & the other elderly man) who were sitting on top, had now, these two people (the An’s brothers) who were by her side, were trapped by the beauty obediently! (The actually words used honey trap, a trap that’s being set up using a beautiful woman). Unfortunately, this kind of beauty, no matter how many years she was doted on, she was actually just being exploited for the purpose of today.

Murong Shu Qing picked up the green tea that was on her hand, the tea was sweet smelling, but it was not the long dan tea that she liked!

Along with a heavy hammer, the dance finished.

“Her reputation is indeed justified!” Rong De Ren complimented first, everyone was following after and cheering eagerly.

With a head full of thin sweats, but with even more delicate and charmed, Fu Ming Shuang slightly saluted, and answered: “Thank you for Daren’s compliments!”

Finished speaking, she turned around to withdraw, and looked at An Qin Xuan affectionately, with a flowery smile on her face, she left over-glowingly.

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