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Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Hong Men Feast (Part 3)

“This dress is also dazzling and magnificent! It is presumably from Cai Yun Fang, right!”

Fu Bo Wen smilingly said: “Exactly, this dress was made by our 12 top-notch embroiderers, it took three months to create and complete it strenuously, it used all of the 99 different color of threads.” For this dress, he racked his brain, and wanted to gain the upper hands today.

Rong De Ren looked one glance at Lin Hang who was behind him, and he nodded his head: “En, no wonder, it is so exquisite and dazzling.”

Lin Hang came today to participate at this birthday feast, it was completely because Rong De Ren insisted to drag him to come along. He said that since the brocade that the Imperial family had been using, was from the Fu’s family for the last five years, so he could come to check it out. Feeling tired of those flattering and fawning, he simply came wearing a plain cotton clothing, and did not want to reveal his identity. He had looked at some of the handkerchiefs and fragrant bags, from the Murong family’s Su Ni Chang, that were embroidered for Madam Rong, they were really exquisite. This was also the other reasons why he came here, so he could see the mysterious master of the Murong’s family whom Rong De Ren had praised without stoping.

When he just barely entered the door, he already saw this neat and gentle woman. At this birthday feast, it would not be rare to come with a colorful and alluring dress, but she was simply standing there with a light smile and without any makeup, and she looked like a clear spring time and again, seeping into people’s hearts. Later, after listening to what they were saying, he only knew that she was the Master of the Murong’s family!? He was indeed surprise by this, and it made him to pay more attentions to her.

This Fu family hundreds peony flowers’ long skirt, it was indeed luxurious and magnificent, but the exquisite embroidery was only due to many people who completed it together, so each style (from the 12 embroiderers) was not uniform, and it looked somewhat chaotic. A good embroidery, not only it had to pay attention on the work of the embroidery, but it was also more important to put on the artistic mood. Therefore, the beautiful work would continue to be beautiful, but if there were many repetitions, the ingenuousness would lose a little!

In contrast, he favored the light purple scholar dress that was on Murong Shu Qing’s body more, there was only some cuffs, the embroidery on the front piece had a golden cloud design. The applying ink was not a lot, but it already showed the respectable and elegant points. Moreover, what made him stunned was, the embroidery on the right side of the shoulder, was a half flower and pure white lotus, it appeared to bloom completely, but one could not look at its view completely. The pure white thread only depended on the thickness of the different variations, but it still made this lotus flower looked refined and smart, and it reflected on Murong Shu Qing’s simple and elegant temperaments.

Rong De Ren was looking one glance at Lin Hang again, and looking at his pondering appearance like this, he did not bother him anymore, and said with a clear voice: “Today, everyone from the large merchant businesses are here, I will take this opportunity to remind everybody, due to the Empress Dowager’s big birthday, the Imperial household will be very cautious with the batches of the brocade embroidery. The Imperial household will use the chief weaving division from the capital, Lin Daren to filter them personally. The deadline to hand over the samples is three days later, all of you, please be careful.”

Inside of the banquet hall, a burst of small uproars rose up because of Rong De Ren’

s words, everyone was discussing it softly, guessing between Fu Bo Wen and Murong Shu Qing, these two people. Fu Bo Wen had already made the Imperial brocades for the last five years, which should be the most promising. But the Murong’s family should not be underestimated either, the products from Su Ni Chang were all delicate and unique, and became the things that were fought over by those children and nobility from the wealthy families and famous families. Fu Bo Wen’s face was still kind, Murong Shu Qing still had a light smile and sipped tea just like before, nobody could see anything from the two people’s faces. They could only wait for the outcome to be announced one month later!

“Shu Qing, when will Su Ni Chang deliver the sample ah?” This girl did not plan on participating again this year?

“We are still preparing it.” She did not have any ways either, who called out Su Ni Chang, that two people personally, not to arrive the least, and not taking out the sample!

“Good, then do not let me down ah!”

Murong Shu Qing got up, and lightly smiled and said: “Shu Qing will try my best!”

Looking at Murong Shu Qing who was smiling lightly and standing up, Lin Hang secretly sighed, a very calm and collected woman, not being frightened or insulted by the favor, and she still maintained her own bearing and self-confidence. He was really looking forward to see Su Ni Chang’s sample now! He wanted to see if this woman could still give him any pleasant surprise.

The banquet began officially, the wine goblets and gambling chips lied intertwined.

Once the banquet was half-way, Rong De Ren could not bear anymore alcohol, so he departed. Not long after Rong De Ren left, Murong Shu Qing also used an excuse that her body was unwell, so she departed the banquet in advance. The An family’s brothers were actually the last ones to leave. Before leaving, Fu Bo Wen brought along Fu Ming Shuang to send them off to the gate!

After they bid their farewell, the two people whipped their horses to go.

After traveling for a while, An Qin Yu pulled the reign slightly and said: “The Fu family’s intention is already very clear, how do you see it?”

An Qin Xuan raised his eyebrows and smiled, said unconcernedly: “No need to pay any attentions to him.”

“This is actually a good opportunity this time, we only need to control secretly, the Murong family’s power is very fierce now. If the Fu’s family can inflict some serious damages to the Murong’s family, that will certainly be the best, if not, they can also give her a few strikes!” Even though their businesses had not had any clashes at the moment, but the Murong’s family already became their biggest competitor. Sooner or later, they will have to face them.

“It is best that you do not act blindly without thinking.”

An Qin Yu asked with a mocking smile: “Is it possible that you take a fancy at Murong Shu Qing?” It was very possible, he and Murong Shu Qing were always chatting with a low voice today, he had not never seen that he would be so patience with any woman before.

An Qin Xuan faintly smiled and intimately caressed the mane of his horse, his long, narrow and elegant eyes slightly narrowed. The moonlight was shining on his body, his indolent bearing was overflowing during this tranquil summer night. A muffled and lazy voice echoed: “Her look is not that beautiful, and she does not have any passionate charms, it is not suitable to use her to warm the bed, that Fu Ming Shuang is actually not bad!”

Murong Shu Qing was more suited as his competitor, he wanted to personally break that calm and collected smile on her face, and her calm attitude, to look at her frightened and anxious appearances.

What their little sister was saying, was really right, eldest brother was really an evil spirit, a man would speed up his heartbeats, but a woman could not escape his demonic enticement even more. An Qin Yu shook his head and smilingly asked: “Then, what is the meaning of your words?”

An Qin Xuan took a seat, and said: “How do you think the Murong’s family brings about a change in their own fortunes for the last three years, we can say that they still control half of the Dong Yu’s economy at the moment? That is because Murong Shu Qing, not only has a brain, and has a courage and insight, but we can also say that she has captured two of the most extremely important business’ advantages, which are connections and informations. You have seen the people who are under her control several times, so you should know that those people are tremendous people. Moreover, you have seen it today also, that she and the Imperial household have maintained a good relationship with the officials. The most important thing is that she has her own sharp information network, with such a person to fight hand in hand, if you do not have a thorough grasp, you are destined to lose.”

Looking at An Qin Xuan whose expression became serious, An Qin Yu also collected his playful and noisy thought, and pondered deeply for a moment, then he said: “Then, we only have to watch the change quietly now!”

Being serious for just a moment, An Qin Xuan recovered that evil appearance again: “The old man’s Fu is not Murong Shu Qing’s competitor, he can not give or bring any benefits to us either, we do not need to take this kind of risks yet. Besides, I also do not want Murong Shu Qing to lose easily like this!”

“Why?” An Qin Yu was curious.

“She can only lose at my hand!”

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