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Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Hong Men Feast (Part 1)

The bone segments were strong, unintentionally ended by themselves.

Going through numerous wild winds and sudden rains, the peacefulness was turned upside down with difficulty.

The four seasons were still greenish-blue color, but all the color of the flowers were lacking.

Deep inside the bamboo forest, Murong Shu Qing was leaning on a sturdy bamboo, through the bamboo leaves, she looked up at the sky, and was enjoying the tranquil night with a cold breeze that gave her a comfortable feeling. Her black long hair was tangling with the cool breeze, floating and flying with the bamboo leaves. She always liked bamboo, but she had not had the opportunity to own this kind of wide bamboo forest in the past. Afterwards, she came here, found this bluish-green bamboo, and she became intoxicated by it.

After a few ups and downs, one black shadow came out now, not too far away behind Murong Shu Qing, he bowed, cupped his hands and said: “Master!”

Not opening her eyes, Murong Shu Qing lightly asked: “How is the situation about Yan Rui country now?”

“The health of the current Emperor of Yan Rui country is not as good as in the past, the current affairs of the nation is basically having the crown prince, Hong Fei; Prince (Qin Wang) Rong; and the 4th Prince, Hong Song; they handle the country’s affairs jointly; the three powers have already been fighting for a long time. After last month, the Emperor’s health got worst and the situation is getting worst and worst. The 7th Prince whom Master has asked me to investigate, has not appeared to make any movements yet. But he had been coming to the various regions frequently to go on scenic tours for these several months, and arrived in Yan Rui’s capital about half a month ago. Except entering the Imperial palace to visit the Emperor from the outside everyday, he stays at home.” A muffled and firm’s voice echoed in the dark night at the bamboo forest, it made people to feel an inexplicable gloominess and coldness.

It seemed that Yan Rui’s internal fighting was unavoidable, she had only met with the 7th Prince, Hong Ming, once two years ago. He was graceful and elegant, it made people to have an unforgettable impression, rumor said that this person was respected and wise, gentle and polite, he was famous, modest and a person of noble character in Yan Rui. This kind of person should make people to feel as if they were bathing in the spring breeze, but that pair of crescent-like eyes when he smiled, nevertheless, made her scared witless! This kind of person, how could he feel contented with not trying to fight for the throne.

No matter who would have the victory in the end, she was afraid that a rain of blood would be unavoidable, and also afraid that this would implicate Dong Yu.

“Watch closely Yan Rui’s situations, investigate if there is any connections between Yan Rui’s Imperial households and the people from Jiang Hu.” These Jiang Hu’s people spearheaded a few attacks to the merchants, if the Imperial households were somewhat linked together, it was necessary to protect (her business). “Furthermore, pay attention to the Huo’s family also!”

That party from today, was surely the Huo’s family from the north, there was no doubt about it, they just left Yan Rui recently, and came to Huadu district now, it was definitely not coincidental and this simple.

“Yes!” The shadow quietly disappeared in to the bamboo forest without any sounds, and returned the peacefulness to Murong Shu Qing.



The sunshine was warm in the morning, it passed through the white cotton muslin, the haziness came in, the cool breeze brought a distinct eleg

ant fragrant from the bamboo forest, and the moisture from the earth, to give the midsummer morning a trace of fresh and cool feelings.

“Miss, why did you wake up so early ah!” Hong Xiu was carrying some folding clothes, she carefully entered the bedroom, looked at Murong Shu Qing who already got out of the bed, and was just in time to fiddle with the white cotton muslin at the window.

“En!” Murong Shu Qing lazily answered Hong Xiu. She also did not have many opportunities to see the view in the early morning, the only reason was because she loved to sleep in. These servant girls could not be blamed that they were surprised to see her waking up this early.

The second day of the Qi Lian Festival, Xuanyuan Yi had already returned to the capital, he did not come to say goodbye, and she did not go to send him off either, as if anything that was between them, did not happen at all. Only that green lotus was still accompanying her by her side.

Putting down the clothes that were on her hands, Hong Xiu walked to the side of the window, and pulled the light muslin up smoothly to make the sunshine entered and shined the bamboo house. Pulling Murong Shu Qing to sit down in front of the table, she took a towel and basin of water that were already prepared by Lu Yi at an earlier time.

“Miss, what do you want to wear today? This red clothes is not bad, very festive: this gold color is also very good, luxurious; or this one, the light green color of skirt that you like the most?!” Picking up the clothes, Hong Xiu was gesturing on her left and right, every one of the clothes was very nice-looking, it was really hard to pick ah!

Murong Shu Qing finished wiping her face, and just looked at Hong Xiu who looked like a young sparrow again, with her incessant ruckus, she laughed, shook her head and said: “Ok la, do not have to be too choosy, just pick one clothes, it will be alright!”

Carrying the pile of clothes, Hong Xiu called out flutteringly: “How can it be, you have to go to the Fu’s family, many merchants, shop owners and high officials will be attending today, you must dress up in splendid and flowery dress, then it will be alright!”

Hong Xiu’s excited face turned red, she was still holding a variety of colors of clothes, she was quickly submerged by those clothes. Looking at her sorry figure and funny appearances, Murong Shu Qing and Lu Yi could not help but laughed.

Really a foolish servant girl, external stuffs, even if it was magnificent, but it was only an exterior appearance, one might get praises with these exterior appearances, and win favor from somebody else, receive admiring gaze, and these stuffs for her were simply inconvenient things. But looking at the excitement from this servant girl, if she (MSQ) did not choose the clothes, she (HX) would just cry in front of her, so she had no alternative but to say conveniently: “Good, what you have said, is justified, I will just wear that light purple dress that has the gold cloud embroidery on the side, ok!”

“Yes!” Hong Xiu found the clothes happily, in order to dress Murong Shu Qing neatly.

Lu Yi was also combing Murong Shu Qing’s hair with a simple but exquisite hair bun. Then she inserted an exquisite jadeite jasper hairpin. She still wanted to stick another purple jade and gold hairpins, but (her hand) was blocked by Murong Shu Qing. Combing her hair with this high bun like this was already very heavy, and she (LY) wanted to insert more head ornaments again, her neck could break (because of this).

Lu Yi was not reluctant either, Miss originally only used a wooden hairpin to bind up her hair in a bun and it was good, this kind of ornament today was already very formal. Holding the accessories that she already prepared properly on her hand, she came to the front of Murong Shu Qing, and waited for her to choose.

Murong Shu Qing had a headache looking at the bright pearl jewelries on the accessory platter in front of her, she knew that these were treasures, premium products, and priceless. But her hand already had that purple bracelet that she could not get off, her neck had that white jade new lotus necklace that Xuanyuan Yi gave her, she did not want to be decorated like a Christmas tree completely. (Does this sentence remind anybody who’s the other character who doesn’t want to be dressed up like a Christmas tree also?). So waving her hand, she said to Lu Yi: “Well, these are not needed!”

Lu Yi smilingly nodded her head, and put away the accessories, she just knew that Miss would not wear them.

“Miss, the chariot is already prepared properly!” Zi Yuan came in to report, but she was startled to see Murong Shu Qing who was dazzling in front of her. The light purple skirt was really dazzling like luster of gems on her fair skin, it looked like it was shining. A jasper hairpin was on the top of her head, simple and elegant. She knew all along that Miss’ appearance could not be counted as beautiful, she did not have Miss Tang’s lovable, charming and sweetness; she also did not have Miss Wan Ru’s graceful, subdued style and good-looking. But her indolent and elegant, Miss’ gentle and peacefulness, nevertheless, would make people unable to shift their line of sights.

Murong Shu Qing patted the foolish Zi Yuan, smilingly said: “Let’s go, ok!”

She knew clearly how her own appearance was, how they could exaggerate like this! Really a group of foolish girls.



The Fu’s manor today, was colored with decorations brightly, antique calligraphy and paintings, glittering jewels filled the eyes, very exceptional and magnificent. Some of the merchants who came early, were expressing their goodwills to Fu Bo Wen one after another, and chatting with him. After all, the Fu’s family could be regarded as a rich household in Huadu district.

Murong Shu Qing showed up, and became everybody’s focus immediately, since they had business dealings with the Murong’s family, needless to say, they stepped forwards to meet and give courtesy one after another. Even the merchants who did not have any business relations with the Murong’s family, since she was the Miss from the Murong’s family, and due to the business influence from the Murong’s family, they also wanted to step forward to express goodwills.

Fu Bo Wen looked at Murong Shu Qing, his sharp eyes flashed through a brilliance ray, he stepped forward smilingly, and said with a clear voice: “Miss Murong, welcome, welcome ah!”

Murong Shu Qing returned the politeness, and smilingly said: “Master Fu is too polite, I wish you a longevity life!”

“Hehe (chuckling), thank you!” Fu Bo Wen patted the young girl at the prime of her youth who was beside him with a benevolent face, he smilingly said: “Ming Shuang, come, meet Miss Murong!”

Fu Ming Shuang was looking up and down at Murong Shu Qing carefully, ordinary appearance, meager stature, ordinary dress, this was the Murong Shu Qing whom her father was always saying over and over?! There was nothing special about her! She was cursing silently on her heart, then she slightly bend over to give courtesy and said: “Murong jiejie, I have always heard my father speaks about you all the time, I finally have an opportunity to meet you today!”

This Fu Ming Shuang really had a demeanor of a girl from a wealthy family, her style of conversation was stylish, multifarious bearings, she was also born with a flower countenance and face like the moon (beautiful woman), but unfortunately, she was too young, and did not comprehend how to restraint her manner, and control her mood. Murong Shu Qing smilingly returned a politeness: “Miss Fu is too polite!”

“Rong Daren has arrived!”

When the two people were exchanging conventional greetings, a loud and clear voice echoed and attracted everyone’s attentions, Murong Shu Qing also took advantage of this situation to move towards the side, and evade from the curiosity of this group of people who always tried to curry favor.

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