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Great Danger at the State Banquet [6]

Below, some officials had immediately raised their cups. Liu Yue is toasting for Bei Mu. Looking from the angle of a royalty, all the officials need to drink.

A small number of officials had raised their cups. However, the majority of those officials were looking at the person sitting on the third level, the first seat from the left, Yelu Ji.

When the few officials that had raised their cups saw this, they immediately retracted their hands.

In a flash, Chen Lan Hall fell into a strange silence.

Liu Yue’s eyes swept across the various officials, they each have a different expression on their face. The corners of Liu Yue’s mouth slowly lifted up into a sneer. They really aren’t giving her any face. She had just sat down, they’re already giving her a show of strength.

She had just thought that, when as expected, Yelu Ji, who is sitting on the first seat from the left, arrogantly raised his head and look at Liu Yue. Under the crowd’s gaze, he said:

“To celebrate for Bei Mu, not everyone can do that.”

“Oh,” Liu Yue stretched out the sound. She raised the wine cup and unhurriedly took a sip. Liu Yue leaned back on the chair, with a smile, she looked at Yelu Ji and said: “This prince doesn’t have the qualifications. Then I ask you, Prince Qin, who has the qualifications?”

When Yelu Ji saw that Liu Yue was calm and composed, without the slightest fear, he couldn’t help but coldly snorted. He had already torn his face off, he’s not afraid of losing face.

With a wave of his sleeve, he stood up. Instead of facing Liu Yue, he faced towards the officials and said: “The emperor of Bei Mu is young. The Regent naturally have the power and qualifications.

However, not anyone can become Regent. That person must exceed everyone’s expectations. This person has to risk their life for Bei Mu, done great deeds for Bei Mu, have experience, and is a capable person of Bei Mu. Only then, they are qualified.

Otherwise, even if that person has entered this stage, that person won’t be able to sit stably on the seat.”

Below, many of Bei Mu’s officials immediately nodded their heads in agreement. A few of them were in cahoots with Yelu Ji, shouted loudly in praise: “What you say is right…”

“What Prince Qin said is extremely true…”

“That’s right. Bei Mu isn’t a place where anyone can become the Regent…”

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