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Great Danger at the State Banquet [5]

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Beside this throne, there was a large leopard leather chair. This was the Regent’s chair.

“The Emperor has arrived, the Regent has arrived.”

The loud shout immediately interrupted the small talk in Chen Lan Hall.

All the officials present quickly stood up from the outer hall to the inner hall like a wave. They bowed towards Yelu Hong and Liu Yue and said, “This subject pays his respect to the emperor and to the regent.”

Some voices sounded first, some later. This made the voices rang out in a continuous line as it winded above the entire Chen Lan Hall.

Liu Yue held Yelu Hong’s hand. With a smile on her face, she calmly and unhurriedly walked towards the tiger-skin chair on the highest level.

Along the way, all the officials bowed to each other respectfully.

The fire crackled and burned, warm as summer.

With a wave of her sleeve, it gently flitted across the fire at the side of the stairs. Something within Liu Yue’s sleeve fell into the fire and quickly melted. It happened so quickly that no one noticed it.

The fireworks swirled around as it flew up the sky above Chen Lan Hall.

She slowly climbed onto the highest platform. Liu Yue pulled Yelu Hong to sit on the tiger chair, while she herself sat sideways on the leopard chair. Ouyang Yufei stood diagonally behind Liu Yue.

She swept her gaze across the officials below.

The national banquet was where all the civil and military officials would bring their wives and children to attend. Today, however, only the civil and military officials are present. There wasn’t a single woman or child present.

Especially the people on the third floor, all of them were from the imperial family of the Bei Mu Dynasty.


“Officials, rise. Today is the end of the year, everyone is celebrating. There is no need to stand on ceremony.” Yelu Hong waved his small hand as his crisp voice sounded. His speech was the same as he had said the previous year.

“Thank you, your majesty.” Everyone shouted in unison as they all sat down slowly.

Liu Yue reached out for the wine cup on the table before her and raised the wine cup. She raised the wine cup towards the officials and said slowly: “The old year has already passed and it’s the end of the year. I don’t have much to say. With this, I just wish Bei Mu will become more and more prosperous with this toast.”

When her voice fell, Liu Yue raised her cup again to toast.

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