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Great Danger at the State Banquet [7]

Drum sounds rang out in all directions. Some of the officials that were seated on the various platforms are agreeing, some remained calm and collected, while some are remaining secretive.

All of a sudden, everyone’s face was radiant with excitement.

The five-year-old Yelu Hong saw the crowd clamoring. He had seen this kind of scene before. But ever since he was kidnapped, his courage grew by quite a bit.

At the moment, he only slightly shrank back, immediately turning to look at Liu Yue.

Seeing that, Liu Yue smiled at Yelu Hong. Then she extended her hand and lightly patted Yelu Hong’s small hand, while her other hand played with the wine cup. She turned around at look at the standing Yelu Ji, she slowly said, “Prince Qin’s meaning is that you don’t recognize Empress Dowager Xiao’s imperial edict? You don’t respect the throne anymore?

Slow and leisurely, her word which seems to have no weight floated in the air. But it made the noisy crowd immediately quiet down.

The meaning behind her words is that Yelu Ji desire to rebel and wants to seize the throne for himself.

Even though Empress Dowager Xiao was heavily injured, she wasn’t dead yet. If Yelu Ji doesn’t listen to her orders and tried to deal with Liu Yue, the regent, he is rebelling and will become a traitor.

This crime was not something that could be taken lightly.

Silence reigned in the main hall. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Yelu Ji.

There was a huge difference between assisting the country and rebellion. The former is an official that has done great service while the latter is a person that will be cursed for eternity.

In ancient times, there was the example of Zhu Di, the ancestor of the Ming Dynasty. Even if he had contributed meritorious deeds for thousands of years, he would always be a rebel who stole his nephew, Zhu Yunwen’s throne.

Although Liu Yue wasn’t very familiar with the ancient history of China, she still remembered some of these famous people.

Liu Yue played with the wine cup in her hand as she smiled at Yelu Ji

In the absolutely silent great hall, Yelu Ji turned around to look at the smiling Liu Yue, She was looking at him without even the slightest trace of fear. His pitch-black brows raised as he gave a cold laugh.

He turned around to face an old man that sat opposite of him. The old man has a white beard and wore a python robe.

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