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To Act as the Regent Queen [9]

“Take care of yourself. As long as you don’t want to die, I have a way to save you. Although your injury is dangerous, it can absolutely be healed. You have to believe me.”

Liu Yue didn’t wait for Empress Dowager Xiao to reply. Liu Yue was holding Yelu Hong with one hand, and the other hand was holding onto Empress Dowager’s hand.

Empress Dowager Xiao looked at the serious expression on Liu Yue’s face. She blinked her eyes to express that she had heard her. At the same time, she opened her mouth, her hoarse voice said: “Prince of Zhong Yi… Liu Yue… receive the imperial decree.”

“Here,” Liu Yue immediately said in a loud voice.

At the same time, the head of the government who had been beside Empress Dowager Xiao’s bedside since the beginning took out a golden yellow imperial edict from Empress Dowager Xiao’s pillow. With a ‘hua’ he unfolded the imperial edict and said in a loud voice: “Representing the god’s will, Prince of Zhong Yi, Yelu Liu Yue has been blessed by many gods. She is loyal and devoted to Bei Mu and has done great services to the Bei Mu country. The Heaven bear witness to this.

With her talent, she is able to bring peace and stability to the country. With her ability, she is able to open up new territories.

The emperor of Bei Mu is still young, yet Bei Mu is at its troubled times. So it is a special order that Prince of Zhong Yi, Yelu Liu Yue will granted the title, the regent. Before the emperor grows to adulthood, Yelu Liu Yue will be guiding the emperor.”

When the imperial edict was proclaimed, the people of the main hall become absolutely silent.

Prince Qin, Yelu Ji, and Prime Minister Xiao Chen looked at each other. They weren’t able to hide the shock on their face.

In Bei Mu, the rotation of qualification for the regent in regards to bloodline and power would’ve never fallen on to Liu Yue. No matter how good she is, she is just an outsider.

Yelu Ji and the others knew that Empress Dowager Xiao has been holding onto the last strand of her life to wait for Liu Yue. So they all thought that it must be a very important command that she’ll give her. However, they would’ve never thought that she would’ve given her this command.

This meant that she has given all the monarchial power of Bei Mu to Liu Yue. From now until the emperor of Bei Mu comes of age, Bei Mu would belong to Liu Yue.

Has Empress Dowager Xiao become muddle-headed? How could she make such a command?

Yelu Ji’s brows were wrinkled. He took a step forward, wanting to speak.

Empress Dowager Xiao forced her eyes to stay open. She didn’t look at Yelu Ji. Instead, her eyes were fixedly looking at the kneeling Liu Yue in front of her. She said in a slow but clear voice: “If anyone disobeys my order, Liu Yue, I will allow you to kill those who resist.”

T/N: I want to apologize if imperial edict doesn’t make sense. It’s a real struggle every time to translate imperial edicts. 😭

P.S. I will make up the remaining three chapters that I owe you guys because I missed the update last week.

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