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To Act as the Regent Queen [10]

Kill all the people who resist.

These four clear words, like thunder, struck the quiet main hall. The words carried absolute harshness in them so there was no doubt among the people.

No one dares to move without thinking.

Liu Yue understood the meaning behind Empress Dowager Xiao’s words. She also understands why Empress Dowager Xiao has given her the monarchial power of Bei Mu.

She immediately nodded her head and said: “This subject receives the imperial decree. I will absolutely not fail to live up to Empress Dowager’s expectations. As long as Bei Mu has Liu Yue here, Liu Yue will definitely not let anyone bully the people of Bei Mu. The wish that Liu Yue and Empress Dowager both have will also be fulfilled.” When Liu Yue’s word fell on the ground, she hugged Yelu Hong.

Even if Empress Dowager Xiao can be healed, she won’t be able to recover in a short time. She would also be unable to control the politics in the royal court since she’s injured. If the control of the politics of the royal court falls in another person’s hand, it might affect Liu Yue. Rather than that, it’s better for Liu Yue to accept this decree.

When Empress Dowager Xiao heard Liu Yue’s word, her mouth slowly formed a smile as she slightly nodded her head.

When the head of the government saw this, he immediately turned around and walked into the inner room. He returned with a reddish-gold sandalwood box in his hand. He walked next to Liu Yue and opened it.

Inside, there is a palm-sized tiger tally carved from blood jade. This is the tiger tally of the emperor of Bei Mu. This represents the supreme authority in Bei Mu. The one who possesses it, possess everything.

Liu Yue extended her hand and received the tiger tally. She slowly turned around.

Behind her, military general Li Kuo and Ku Za Mu were staring at her blankly. After quickly recovering from their initial shock, they kneeled down and loudly said: “This subject, Ku Za Mu pays respect to the Regent.”

“This subject, Li Kuo pays respect to the Regent.”

As a military general, their military powers are respected. However, Liu Yue’s strength is higher than theirs and she’s also capable. Serve. That is the only word they could think of. What’s more, both of them are very frank. They don’t have much power to start a conflict.

After seeing the kneeling Ku Za Mu and Li Kuo, Liu Yue’s eyes swept across Prime Minister Xiao Chen and Yelu Ji who were both hesitating.

Her eyes were ice-cold, showing absolute power and prestige.

Xiao Chen muttered to himself for a split second before reaching out his hand to slightly tug Yelu Ji. He kneeled down towards Liu Yue and said: “This subject, Xiao Chen salutes the Regent.”

“This subject… Yelu Ji salutes… the Regent.”

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