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To Act as the Regent Queen [8]

Yelu Ji who was beside her didn’t wait for the servants to come forward. He immediately handed Liu Yue water.

Liu Yue slightly lifted her wrist and the pill slid down Empress Dowager Xiao’s throat.

Prince Qin (Yelu Ji), Prime Minister Xiao Chen, and Li Kuo held their breath when they saw this. Empress Dowager Xiao was no longer able to swallow any medicinal pills yet Liu Yue was able to make her…

“Big sister.” Just as Liu Yue had made Empress Dowager Xiao swallow the pill, Yelu Hong threw himself at her. He tightly hugged Liu Yue’s leg. Originally, Yelu Hong was just sobbing. But now, it seemed as if he saw a relative and immediately started bawling.

The atmosphere inside the palace was already solemn. But after Yelu Hong started bawling, Yelu Ji and the others all became teary as they clenched their fists.

“Don’t cry.” Liu Yue leaned over and tightly hugged Yelu Hong. She quickly said: “I have already instructed someone to quickly get Ouyang Yu Fei to return. He has good medical expertise. He will be able to save Empress Dowager Xiao. Don’t be afraid.”

“Really?” When Yelu Hong heard this, he immediately raised his teary face up. His teary face revealed surprise and deep hope.

“Really. Be good and don’t cry.” As Liu Yue stroke Yelu Hong’s head, she continues to tightly hug him.

It was silent in the palace hall. Compared to Yelu Hong’s surprise and trust, Yelu Ji and the others understand. The chances of saving Empress Dowager Xiao are very slim. What Liu Yue said is just to soothe the child.

“Liu… Yue….” A weak and almost inaudible voice suddenly resounded in the silent hall.

Liu Yue immediately bent over Empress Dowager Xiao’s bed and loudly said: “I’m here.”

Yelu Ji, Xiao Chen, and the other immediately moved to give Liu Yue space. The Empress Dowager has been holding onto her last breath in order to wait for Liu Yue’s return. At this moment, she must be instructing Liu Yue to do something big.

Empress Dowager Xiao’s eyes slightly trembled as she half-opened them. The brilliant lights that were usually in her eyes have faded away, leaving only a trace of light in her eyes.

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