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Pain and Confession [12]

The night is as dark as ink. If she crosses over the high slope in front of her, she’ll arrive at the Deep Blue mountain pass. Liu Yue whipped the horse, the speed of the horse getting faster and faster.

Just as Liu Yue was wildly rushing towards the direction of the Deep Blue Mountain pass, Xuanyuan Che, Qiu Hen, and Yan Hu rushed in the direction of Liu Yue.

“Emperor, how could you trust her so much? She hurt you…”

“I believe in her. However, I believe in myself more. The person whom I love isn’t someone who is indecisive or would easily fall in love with another.” Xuanyuan Che strikes the horse, urging it to go faster. His haggard complexion is nevertheless, determined.

“Emperor…,” Yan Hui clenched his teeth. If they go again this time and Liu Yue hurts the Emperor again, would he be able to take it?

This kind of ethereal trust, he can trust her once. But would he be able to trust her twice?

Trusting other people’s words, it’s the most unreliable thing in the world.

The two sides rushed from opposite directions towards the center.

Liu Yue speed became faster and faster. After she crosses the high slope in front of her, she’ll only have to travel about 3 more miles. Liu Yue’s hair practically flew in a straight line behind her head because of the speed she was traveling at.

The deep love and worry she has for Xuanyuan Che that was fully concealed before were now visibly present. She no longer hid it.

She can’t allow her Xuanyuan Che to receive that kind of hurt and return. Her heart was hurting.

“Prince of Zhong Yi…”

Just as she was about to cross over the high slope, suddenly, behind her, a wave of world-shaking scream resounded.

One wave continues onto the next wave, the voice was louder and louder. It sounded as if hundreds and thousands of people were shouting. But in the blink of an eye, the shout sounded as if tens of thousands of people were shouting.

The voices sounded anxious.

“Prince of Zhong Yi, quickly return, quickly return.” Thousands upon thousands of people’s anxious shriek resounded throughout the empty grassland.

Liu Yue heard the anxiousness within the shrieks, she couldn’t help but stop her horse. Her eyebrows wrinkled, what’s going on? What happened? Why are there so many people screaming at the same time?


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