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To Act as the Regent Queen [1]

“Prince of Zhong Yi, where are you? Where are you?”

The sound was dragged out and is transmitted throughout the vast grassland.

Behind Liu Yue is 500,000 Bei Mu and Ku Sha cities’ troops that is yelling. When the yelling is combined with hundreds of thousands of cattle and sheep, the sound is deafening.

Her eyebrows increasingly wrinkled, what happened? Why are they looking for her so urgently?

“Master?” Du Yi has been wordlessly following Liu Yue. But at this time he also heard the urgency in the voices so he couldn’t help but call out to Liu Yue.

She turned around and looked in front of her. If she advances three more miles, then she’ll reach Ao Yun’s mountain pass. Then she would be able to see Xuanyuan Che who has been deeply hurt by her.

Liu Yue turned the other way and looked behind her. Behind her, there are hundreds of thousands of troops who are calling out for her. Their voices make people tremble with fear. What happened?

As Liu Yue clenched her teeth, she shook her hand. A flying smoke signal soared to the dark sky of the grassland and blossomed.

That is the ten Ku Sha cities’ smoke signal. Liu Yue stood where she was and frowned.

Although going to see Xuanyuan Che is urgent, the thing that has happened here is even more urgent. Since she had brought these 500,000 troops out, then she must naturally bring them back safely. What’s more, she has never heard such large-scale screaming.

Wait for me Che, after she solves the problem here, she’ll go find him right away.

And in the opposite direction, Xuanyuan Che was heading in the direction of Liu Yue. He also heard the shouting and the smoke signal.

It was close to him.

Xuanyuan Che immediately picked up his speed and headed towards the direction of the smoke signal.

It seemed as if his horse was flying. The horse left black clouds rolling in his wake.

Behind Liu Yue, the Ferghana horse rushed through the grassland and headed straight towards her.

Although she was still far away, she was able to make out to people heading in her way due to the torches of the people who were close to her.

Ku Za Mu, the first general of Bei Mu.

In a flash, Liu Yue’s expression became cold. Isn’t he with Empress Dowager Xiao and Emperor Yelu Hong? Why is he here?

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