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Pain and Confession [11]

“You can rest assured. I, Ouyang Yu Fei isn’t a small person. I won’t borrow the Dark Island’s power to eradicate outsiders or use military force to get rid of my rival in order to obtain the person I admire.

To obtain someone like that, it’s beneath my dignity.

Since I already said this, I will definitely compete against him in a fair competition. You don’t need to worry about me doing anything in the dark.

However, I hope you know that I’m unselfish. Today, I’m not jealous enough to do something but if it’s another day, I won’t be so sure.

You should also know that when a man becomes jealous, he can’t be reason with.”

When Ouyang Yu Fei said up to this, he laughed. His outstanding temperament in the dark night almost makes people’s heart jump.

He slightly nodded his head towards Liu Yue who remained calm and collected. Ouyang Yu Fei said with a smile, “Since I’ve finished saying the words I’ve come here for, I will immediately go make arrangements for the ten Ku Sha cities. I will see you in Sheng Jing.”

After he finished, he turned around and left.

In the night, the white figure quickly melted into the boundless darkness. However, it was impossible to conceal the fact that he had once stopped at this space before.

The expression on Liu Yue’s face was slightly cold, her two eyes felt heavy after he talked about her weak point. This Ouyang Yu Fei had really given her an honest and blunt introduction.

This old fox isn’t easy to handle.

Her heart pounded quickly, even if he’s hard to deal with she needs to do what she had originally planned to do tonight. After being delayed by him, the remaining time she has isn’t much.

She turned around and entered the tent. Liu Yue waved her arm and extinguished the lights.

Liu Yue and Du Yi, with lightning fast speed, headed towards the direction of where the rear army was stationed. She only has one night’s time, which is too short.

The horses raced past the ten Ku Sha cities’ military forces, heading straight to Ao Yun’s Deep Blue mountain pass.

Everyone thought that since the two people were so bold and out in the open that they’re their own people patrolling the area. Hence, they didn’t pay any attention to them.

Liu Yue had wildly rushed through the path, she couldn’t help but wish that she could fly over.

If she isn’t able to reach him today, then tomorrow she’ll be farther and farther away. If she wants to return to Ao Yun’s mountain pass, time won’t allow her.

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