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Pain and Confession [10]

His faint voice was firm yet gentle.

Liu Yue folded her hand against her chest, her expression was neither cold nor happy. She didn’t say anything as she coldly stared at Ouyang Yu Fei.

When Ouyang Yu Fei saw this, he smiled and straightened his body. He looked at Liu Yue and said: “Although I didn’t lie to you in the past, I didn’t tell you the truth. So today, I have come to apologize.”

That day he responded to Liu Yue’s question by stating that he had said he went to the dark island before and saved someone from that island.

He is from the dark island so he had been there. He also had saved someone from the dark island. Although he didn’t lie to her, he was skirting the line between deception and telling the truth.

“You came here just to tell me this,” Liu Yue asked. She showed no expression or emotions.

“No, of course not.” Ouyang Yu Fei laughed: “Tonight I haven’t come to talk about my deception nor is it to find out who had told you my identity. I am just reintroducing myself to you by using my real identity.”

When Liu Yue heard this she frowned as her face was filled with impatience.

“Okay, I already know.” With a wave of her sleeve, Liu Yue turned around and headed inside her tent.

Behind her, Ouyang Yu Fei faintly chuckled and said: “Then as Nalan Liu Yue’s fiancé, I am stating that I, Ouyang Yu Fei admire and has taken a fancy to my fiancée, Liu Yue. In the future, in order to embrace the beauty, I will do everything in my power.”

If he’s chuckling then it’s not considered serious. But it’s just from this kind of chuckling intonation that allows people to be able to clearly hear his underlying determination.

Liu Yue stopped her steps and slightly wrinkled her brows. She slowly turned around and narrowed her eyes as she looked at Ouyang Yu Fei.

With a smile on his face, Ouyang Yu Fei didn’t wait for Liu Yue to respond. He said: “I just said my thoughts, I’m not asking you to accept it immediately.”

After a pause, he looked at the cold expression on Liu Yue’s face and gathered both of his hands.

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