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Pain and Confession [9]

She had to say those things because she didn’t know how many people were from the island when they were at Ao Yun’s city gate. What’s more, besides her is a main character from the island.

She can’t allow Xuanyuan Che to continue to be exposed. Until she has prepared a surefire plan, she won’t do anything stupid.

The words that Empress Dowager Xiao had said, she remembered them clearly.

If she wants to harm someone, she needs to express her love even more. But if she really loves someone, then she can only hide in deep in her heart.

However, she’s really worried. She must go see Yi.

Therefore, she had sent Ouyang Yu Fei away tonight with Han Fei and the others. Now no one is capable of following and know what she will do.

She waved her hand towards Du Yi who was standing next to her tent. She hasn’t blown out the fire of the oil lamp yet when a warm and elegant voice sounded outside: “Liu Yue, I know you haven’t fallen asleep. Come, I have something I want to tell you.” The gentle and refined voice combined with that naturally born smile, if it’s not Ouyang Yu Fei then who else could it be.

Liu Yue frowned as she pulled the fiery red fur coat around herself. The fiery red fur coat covered the black clothes underneath and she stepped out.

Outside the tent, Ouyang Yu Fei was wearing a white fox coat. He was smiling under the dark night sky. He stared fixedly at her as the night sky as the night wind gently blew his long hair. He was exuding magnificence from his entire body.

“You still haven’t left,” Liu Yue said indifferently.

Ouyang Yu Fei faintly smiled as he stared at Liu Yue: “After I finish talking, I will leave.”

He smiled deeply as he looked at Liu Yue. He said slowly: “My dearest fiancée, you seem to know who I am.”

When Liu Yue heard that, her heart moved slightly. He is very keen, to be able to just guess that from a few words.

He didn’t wait for Liu Yue to respond as he smiled and waved his clothes. He slightly bent towards Liu Yue as he said in a low voice: “Then let me reintroduce myself. The dark island’s second clan, the Ouyang clan. I am currently the head of the clan. I am the fiancé that you haven’t seen or known since you were seven.”

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